SAVES MALAYSIAN BABIES EFFORT In the Midst of Babies Abandonment and Rampant Teenager Sexual Intercourse In Malaysia From

2000-2007 it is reported that 200,000 plus child are registered without the father names, that's 28,000 plus child being born out side of wed lock!

Baby was found dead after being burned and dumped in dumpster!
Picture from

Pictures of Baby Injured In the head and found dead in front of a Mosque In Malaysia -Picture Berita Harian-

Above are only a few picture of child being born and killed by his or her own mother due to pressure or no place to send the child. While there is no exact figure as to the number of child being born or being aborted out side of wedlock, the trend is alarming and warrant immediate action from all side. If 20,000 plus dared to registered their out of wedlock child, the number of child being aborted, or killed should be much higher, we are not guessing but rationally that is the case.

Malaysia biggest population are the Malays which are Moslem and as such sexual intercourse prior to marriage is strictly forbidden and will definitely incur the wrath of immediate family. While I does not support sexual intercourse before marriage or promoting open sexual intercourse something must be done to protect and provide shelter to the fallen females and proper guidance and protection must be given amidst the fear of the religious environment.

Will Malaysian government pass a law which enables babies to be send to the closest hospital for safe havens or it will remains to be debated in the legislatures? Such effort and safe havens must and should be given as soon as possible without

resulting to political bickering. Where do we stand in all of this? It remains the same, for every life of innocent child being killed by deranged mothers, we are all accountable under heavens, and we also share the same guilt!

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