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The Job

Language level: Intermediate (B1) Advanced (C1)
Learner type: Teens and adults
Time: 60 minutes
Activity: Predicting the content of a
short film, watching a short film, and
speaking about jobs
Topic: Jobs and employment
Language: Vocabulary related to jobs and
Materials: Short film, infographic and
discussion questions and what criteria have been used. and the themes of jobs and employment. Step 2 The Job Show them the infographic of the top jobs in the USA. Go through the vocabulary and ask them if they agree with the ranking.Overview This lesson is based on an award-winning comedy short film called The Job directed by Jonathan Browning . Students predict the content of a short film. Ask them if they would like to do any of the jobs. Step 1 Write Top Jobs on the board and then ask your students what they consider the best jobs to be. watch a short film and speaking about by Kieran Donaghy 2 .

com by Kieran Donaghy 3 . Step 4 The Job Tell your students that they are going to watch a short film called The Job in which the people in this photo appear. 3 Put students into pairs and ask them to tell their partner what their perfect job would be and why it would be their top job.

youtube. The Job Link: them the following questions: What jobs do you think the people do? What do you think the film is about? What story does it tell? What images do you expect to see? Step 5 Show the students the film and ask them to compare their answers in Step 4 with what they see in the by Kieran Donaghy 4 . by Kieran Donaghy 5 . Step 7 Give your students the discussion questions about jobs and employment. Ask them what the message of the film is.Step 6 Get feedback from your students. www. and ask them to discuss them in small groups. The Job I hope you enjoy the lesson.