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Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

19 March 2015

Dr. John Octavios S. Palina
VP Administration
This University

Sub: INVESTIGATION REPORT (Alleged Destroyed Panel Board and Missing Parts)

Dear Sir,

In reference to the above-mentioned subject which the Tyler Security Agency has conducted, our
University Electrician, Mr. Pio Binwag, reported to my office what he saw on that day, nothing more.
In fairness to my staff, we are not blaming anybody about this incident (concerned individuals, the
construction firm nor the security agency), just reporting the facts to your office so that everybody
involved may be informed and the truth shall come out.
Based from Mr. Binwag’s report, to wit:
1. There was a request from the Grade School Department to have the
floodlights be checked if it is working in order for this light to be used during
night time activities of the Faculty members and/or pupils.
2. Upon checking the lights, I noticed that the panel board’s circuit breakers
are missing in its box. Moreover, the feeder line connecting the panel board
to the kilowatt-hour meter was missing, too. This feeder line was located at
the front side (Dumlao Boulevard)
3. I could not restore the original condition of the floodlights if this feeder line
and the missing parts of the panel board are replaced.
4. I suggest that these missing parts be replaced back by those who removed
5. After all these thing are replaced, then I will re-install the connection of the
flood lights.
Based from the recommendation of the Security Agency, I believe that there is nothing to be corrected
on Mr. Binwag’s report about this incident.
This is for your information. Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Engr. Leonido A. Costales Jr.

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