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The shypyards

What are the shipyards?

According to the RAE: a plant for the
construction and repair of vessels.
Near the estuary of Muros and Noia
there are two:
-Astilleros Abeijn Hermanos.
- Astilleros Amado S.L. Barcos de
Pesca Profesional y Recreo en

How do they work? (I)

Shipyards Abeijn.
Founded in 1964 as a family business, they focused on the
production of small boats and rafts repair. Eventually tracks
were installed and ship repaired from 12 to 20 meters, also
incorporating services of shipyard overhaul, shipbuilding, wood
and polyester.
Today, Astilleros Abeijn Hermanos has 22 employees and
provides services related to the construction yard (wooden
boats for pleasure and fishing, bateeiros, galleons,
bucetas!, traditional and artisanal fisheries ...), repair (repair
of ships made of steel, wood and polyester), maintenance (full
fairing, painted, blasting ...), engines (engine sale, repair and
installation of engines and auxiliary engines), mechanical
(hydraulic systems, boiler, installation of engines ... ), etc.

How do they work? (II)

Shipyards Amado.
Shipyards Amado was founded in 1930 by Domingo Amado
Lopez, father of Manuel Amado Castieiras, current owner
of the shipyard, while the family tradition dating back to
Domingo Amado Frojn, which had a shipyard in San
Cosme de Outeiro, in the cove of Broa, in the Barbanza,
also in Galicia. Astilleros Amado S.L., focuses primarily on
building and repair of wooden craft, highlighting the
construction of a reply of the caravel 'Santa Maria' by
1987, which is currently in the Philippines, or the first boat
launched at O Freixo, the 'Anita' with a length of 7.5

How do they work? (III)

Shipyards Amado S.L. ship models built to 1:25 scale
water lines and trace them with gage, two or more
longitudinal, which used to check the fine bow and
stern. Used car to bounce and beach, although we
have previously used channel ensebada and eels
in the bilge, down 5th. Relatively recently we
released an additional ship, adjacent to our facilities
as always, we have dedicated to the production of
pleasure boats and fishing GRP, where we built,
among others, our models Motovelero yacht,
outboard or boat Cabinada.

Why are they a resource for

Noias estuary?
They are a resource for Noias estuary because they
help the shellfish and fishing. Noia estuary is well
known for the quality of its marine products.
without the help of the shipyard, when it comes to
creating boats for the collection of such products it
would be impossible to exploit these shipyards,
therefore, help the economy of this area.

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