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FC Bayern


Players on the team

Arjen Robben

Manuel Neuer

Robert Lewandowski

Mario Gotze

Bastian Shweinsteiger

Thomas Muller

Franck Ribery

Xabi Alanso


David Alaba

Phillip Lahm

Jerome Boateng

Trophies and Awards

MostBundesligatitles won: 24
MostBundesligagames won (965) and points achieved (3246)
Most match-days at the first place of theBundesliga table(654)
Most average points per game in the Bundesliga: 1.97
Most Bundesliga goals scored: 3604
Most consecutive wins in the Bundesliga (matchday 9 to 27 of201314
season): 19
Most games won in a club's first Bundesliga season (196566): 20
Earliest point of time in a year for a team to be crowned champions: (25
March of201314season)
Highest number of games left when becoming champions: 7 by Bayern
Munich (201314season)
Biggest lead over second-place finisher (201213): 25 points
Championship with fewest points under the 3-point rule (200001): 63
Championship with the most losses in a season (200001):

Goalie Awards

Fritz Walter MedalU19 Silver Medal 2005[67]

Silbernes Lorbeerblatt: 2010[68]

Footballer of the Year in Germany: 2011,[69]2014[22]

ESM Team of the Year:201112,[70]201213[71]

UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament:2012

2013 UEFA Champions League Final: Fans' Man of the Match

IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper: 2013, 2014[72]

FIFA/FIFPro World XI:2013,[73]2014[74]

UEFA Team of the Year:2013,[75]2014[23]

UEFA Champions League Team of the Season:201314

UEFA Best Player in Europe Award Second place:2014

FIFA World Cup Golden Glove:2014[76]

FIFA World Cup All-Star Team:2014[77]

FIFA World Cup Dream Team:2014[78]

L'quipe's player of the year: 2014[79]

AIPS Athlete of the Year: 2014[80]

L'quipe Champion of Champions: 2014 Runner-up[81]

FIFA Ballon d'Or:3rd place 2014[24]






Full black (away)

Red and blue (home)

Stars on jersey represent title theyve won

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Video Clip

Some Goals and Celebrations by

Arjen Robben

Why I Like This Team

Amazing attackers

Outgoing Defense

Great Team work

From my favourite country (Germany)

Good Coach

Fun Facts About FC Bayern Munich

Theyve won four European cups

They are the most successful team in German history

They are the fastest champions

Team has been around for 110 Years

There arena brought the country together after the world wars

They have many rivals