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Ideas of Music

● Music is used mostly for entertainment in Singapore
● Music is considered pleasing when it is slow and
peaceful but different people find different kinds of
music nice
● Musicians can dress anyway he or she likes but usually
should turn up formally and dressed smartly if
performing or turning up for formal concerts.

. musical players dressed in ethinic constumes play the kompang to commemorate the happy occasion.Ideas of Music ● Music can be performed at anytime and anywhere for entertainment but can also come as a formal performance on special occasion when a recognised group comes to perform ● During Malay weddings. ● Different people has different cultures and preferences. Music evolves when people prefer one kind of music over another.

Composers/Musicians ● ● ● ● ● ● Dick Lee Kit Chan Zubir Said JJ Lin Stephanie Sun Loh Jun Hong (Violinist) .

Music Festivals/Events ● ● ● ● Chingay 新瑶 Xinyao Mosaic Music Festival Kalaa Utsavam.Indian Festival of the Arts AND MANY MORE  . .Music Organisations ● SSO ● Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music ● SCO https://www.

Performing Platforms • Esplanade • Marina Bay Sands .