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Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Woodbury Salterton Residents Association

Meeting held at Diggers Rest Woodbury Salterton at 7.30pm on 16/06/2015


Dave Rose, Geoff Jung, Stuart Honour, Ben Jones, Norman Gordon, Ian Hunt,
Tony Arnold.


Frank Mulholland, Nigel Edwards Diana Wackerbarth, Aran Brown, Pricilla


The Minutes of the last meeting on 12 05 2015 were agreed
Matters Arising
In the previous minutes it was stated that our Devon County Councillor Christine
from the Minutes Channon has arranged for the costs for a new sign to advise large vehicles at
the bottom of Toby Lane. Christine had also arranged for one to be erected at
the top of the lane, but as this was found to be outside of her ward and in
Bernard Hughes ward, it was agreed that Bernard would arrange for the costs.
The committee thanked the 2 County Councillors for their help on the problem of
large vehicles damaging the narrow lanes.
All correspondence will be dealt with in the body of the meeting
Bank Account

Stuart Honour reported that the bank account had 8703 in total.
There had been no expenditure for the month, and he reported that the
membership paid up for the year stood at 90 members.
The breakdown of the total 562 memberships. 7884 held in the fighting fund
and 257 held for the Parkhayes plantation.
It was agreed to have a more detailed breakdown of the accounts quarterly with
proceeds and expenditure.


Stuart reported that the Association will link up with the Woodbury
Salterton/Dumbuto Link Website.
Stuart also informed the committee that a local resident Bill Peaker has
contacted him regarding the Neighbourhood Watch scheme being linked to the
The committee agreed that these 2 additions to the website will be very useful.


Frank Mulholland was unavailable. He had confirmed that the new membership
forms had all gone out and the encouragement of standing orders seemed to be

Report on Village
Scene Projects

Woodbury Salterton Scarecrow Event.

The Secretary reported that the Scarecrow event raised just over 600 for the
Church funds.
The event was again a great success and Debbie Jung (Co-ordinator) thanked

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the many contributors and helpers, on behalf of the Friends of W/S Church who
again made it a successful community event.
A discussion took place on how to expand the event, and it was agreed to look
into extending the event with a Hog roast/Barbeque event on the evening prior to
the Scarecrow trail event.
Various Committee members will explore options and a group of committee
members and other interested residents will work on a joint group later in the
It was also agreed that proceeds from the evening event would be used to raise
funds for the Association and other community projects.
Parkhayes Plantation
David Rose reported that the inclusion of a mini hunt around the plantation within
the Scarecrow trail had been a great success with many comments and people
saying they would like to get involved.
David reported that they are now working on a lizard/ reptile habitation area.
Grass clippings are required as this has been found to be very successful in
protecting the young saplings.
A compost bin will also be constructed shortly which will store the compost and
cuttings, which will also attract wildlife.
Ben Jones told the meeting he was collating information and photographs and
continually changing information on the Notice Board.


Book Exchange
The book exchange also was included in the Scarecrow Traill which promoted
this successful project.
Other Village Scene Projects.
The committee agreed to carry out a stream clearance on Sept 19th

9.Update in
Planning and
Parish Issues.

Following a Greendale Liaison meeting the Secretary reported the recent issues
at the industrial park.
1. Aardvark Plant hire are moving from unit 53. (Next to Wood Yew Waste) and a
company from Exeter Event Hire Solutions are moving onto the site. A planning
application had been lodged with Devon County Council for an expansion of
Wood Yew Waste, but this application has now been dropped.
2. Wood Yew Waste Planning Inspectors hearing is being arranged in the next
few months. There are two issues to be heard, one is Devon County Council
refusing permission for chipping machinery to be worked outside (Environment
Agency recently took WYW to court for continually breaching noise levels and
fined 24000) and the other is the refusal to process a third stream of product on
site (Plasterboard)
3. Caravan on site off Hogsbrook Lane in breach of planning. Environmental
health is concerned for the family living in unsuitable accommodation. EDDC
Environmental health will work with other parties to assist.
4. There are a number of outstanding planning breaches regarding Greendale
Farm Shop. One issue is the signage which is still in place following attendance

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of the company at Exeter Magistrates Court in early 2013. Greendale understood

that the daily penalty fine for non-compliance was not active, but the
Enforcement Officer from EDDC understood it was still active. EDDC officers will
continue to investigate the legal obligations required to complete the courts
5. Greendale confirmed that the continued construction of the Cycle track was
continuing (This was included in the 2009 Conditions for the expansion of the
Business Park proposed a cycle way from the farm shop to Honey Lane). They
reported that the exit onto Honey Lane is now proposed to exit between 2
hedges on the corner of Honey Lane rather than cutting through the Devon
Bank. The completed section was down to a new bridge across the stream from
the farm shop and the completion will be in a few months time.
6. It was agreed that the Enforcement notice 13/F077 at Hogsbrook Farm
relating to one large cattle units rather than 2 smaller units requires a fresh
planning application for the whole unit and not just the infill.
7. The Enforcement Notice 15/F0010 at Sages Lea for a breach of planning for
the non removal of a track will be looked at if Greendale Investments decide not
to proceed with a Planning Appeal by 5th August.
8. Greendale Investments are in the process of a planning enquiry regarding a
refused planning application at Talaton for 22 houses. Depending on the
outcome of the Inspectors decision, the company will decide whether to apply for
an appeal for the 60 houses at Sages Lea in Woodbury Salterton.
9. It was confirmed that the earth works have stopped following the Enforcement
Notice 15/F0101 at Greendale. It was confirmed that a new Planning Application
will be forthcoming, regarding the proposed building of new units.
A member of the committee reported that hardcore was being placed on this
location. As this may contravene the Enforcement Notice the Secretary was
asked to check the Enforcement officer at EDDC.


10. It was confirmed that the Enforcement Officer will visit Hogsbrook Farm
regarding Enforcement Notice 15/F0342 regarding the conversion of 20 business
units from unused cattle sheds built 9 years ago (Only 2 units have planning
11. It was also confirmed that the Enforcement Notice15//F0344 for the
unauthorised use for Marquee Business at Hogsbrook farm will also be included
in the officers visit.
12. Planning application 15/0287/FUL for a distribution hub for DHL was
mentioned. It was confirmed that the planning application is not yet approved
and is with EDDC planning department for consideration. The issue of the
corporate colours of DHL being used (Yellow and Red) was confirmed to be a
concern as well as the proposed 24/7 proposal of operation.
The Secretary was asked to contact the members to encourage further letters to
be sent to DHL and the Planning Authority.
13. Variation of Condition. 15/1061/VAR Hogsbrook Farm.
The committee discussed this issue with concerns regarding the lack of clarity
regarding this proposal to the operational and design changes.
The committee agreed that no decision should be made on a suitable response
until the secretary could investigate these issues, and then report back to the
a. What changes to the travel arrangement will affect the Village?

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b. Requirement on a more detailed travel plan. There was agreement that traffic
should not use Whitecross Road, or enter the village.
c. The proposed changes to the landscaping seem to be reduced compared to
the agreed landscaping last year. It was agreed that the landscaping proposals
should be enhanced and not reduced.
d. Noise from the proposed dryer was a concern. Further details of when the
machine will be used and the noise levels expected. The placing of the dryer
close to a concrete retaining wall and no provision of soundproofing was a
concern for the committee.
e. The application documents does not make it clear if the Facility will be a
Hogsbrook Farm diversification, managed by Greener for Life on behalf of the
original owners of the facility Greendale or the site is to be sold to Greener for

Parish N.hood
Sages Lea
Fighting Fund


The Secretary reported that the new Steering Group for the N.hood Plan will
meet on the 17th June.

A discussion took place regarding the fighting fund and the previously agreed
suggestion of writing to the contributors.
The secretary reported that:
Greendale Investments are still informing the planning authority they may
register a Planning Appeal which must be lodged prior to 5th August.
However the Local Authority are now claiming they have more than a 5 year land
supply for new housing which would most likely mean that a planning appeal
would fail.
But the Local Authority Local Plan is yet to be approved and therefore the
housing numbers are not fully endorsed or ratified.
The worst case scenario is the Local Plan is again rejected under inspection and
therefore the housing numbers are again questioned meaning the Local
Authority could not then be able to demonstrate a 5 year land supply and this will
mean a return to developers using this same loophole as previously.
Another scenario would be if the developers proposed a similar or smaller
development, prior to the Local Plan being adopted. ( The estimate is now May
2016 for completion and adoption)
The Committee agreed as there is a threat of an appeal, and the lack of certainty
of the completion of the Local Plan the fighting fund should be retained.
The Chairman proposed to write an official letter to the contributors thanking
them for their contribution and informing them of the continuing concerns
regarding Sages Lea. This letter will be distributed to the committee prior to
being sent out to all contributors

Any other

David Rose asked if noise nuisance was the same for Agricultural or Industrial.
The Secretary reported that all noise if too load could be considered a nuisance
and can be reported to Environmental Health at EDDC. The Environment
Agency are only concerned with noise from Waste Facilities which falls into their

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Ian Hunt asked if the issue of litter bins have been resolved at the Play park.
The Secretary reported that this was discussed at the last Parish Council
meeting by Cllr Patrick Bricknell.
Tony Arnold asked about the track between Bonds Lane and Postlake. He
reported that the issue of the Green Lane being impassable was being dealt
with by Richard Spurway at Devon County Council. It was reported too
overgrown and deep ruts and puddles at the village end of the track
The Secretary agreed to follow this up at Parish Council and with Devon County
Council to see if this track could be improved.
It was also agreed that the issue of paths and rights of way will be dealt with in
more detail in future meetings.
Tony Arnold also reported that people were seen inspecting the drainage and
roadways on the recently completed sections of Sages Lea.
The Secretary reported that this was a most likely to do with the adoption of the
estate facilities to Devon County Council. He understood that the developers are
to carry out some remedial work to the estate before the adoption of the facilities.


Next meeting

The Chairman thanked the committee for the work on the AGM and although
turnout was disappointing the event was considered a success.

The Meeting closed at 9.30pm

The next meeting was arranged to be held on the 21st July at 7.30pm at the
Diggers Rest.
It was also agreed that there would not be a meeting in August due to holidays


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