I Will Not Hide In the land of the free, Home of the empty, So many ways to tempt me, Keep me away

from my true self, Among all the self righteous, I’ve been there too, Clouds hang just waiting for the time to rain, Betting games, Who will go home with empty pockets and then bitch about it, Another day to suck the meaning dry, I die a little bit each and every day, Doing my best though, To be born again, Cycles of the viscous list I file, Cycles of ignorance I cannot follow, I’m the demon you hide and quiver from, I’m the devil whispering sweet nothings into your eardrum, I’m the angel guarding the gates to heaven, I’m the God you tell yourself you cannot trust, I am above all a belligerent ghost of futures to pass, Red, White, and Blue, I blanket you in sheets of black, Red, White, and Blue, I cover you with the blood upon awakening, These days drain me, I must fill in the whole, These days waste me, I must be resurrected, I will correct this, A little each day in my fragile yet hardening mind, I will find my right of passage, I will outlast this, I will throw the emptiness into the fire, Under the bus, I will add more to the pile of mistrust to burn it, Out of sight, Out of mind, I turn my back on the hollow days that kill me inside, Today I will thrive, On internalized lessons, I will not hide! jABO

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