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Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love

Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love

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Published by: HundoArgento on Feb 16, 2010
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1. It has been my experience that many students of this method
soon begin to move their bowels with unaccustomed ease.

2. If you are infected with venereal disease, thoroughly cure your-
self before engaging in this exercise. Otherwise the pain will be
quite severe when you draw so much blood and power to the pubic

3. Some will pass an unusual amount of gas for a time and move the
bowels two or three times per day. In this way the body uses its
new resources to thoroughly cleanse and purify itself by com-
pletely natural means. The unusual number of evacuations and the
gas cease within one or two months.

4. This purgative detoxification is followed by regular bowel move-
ments and a deep sense of bodily purity and strength. The saliva
becomes lighter and sweeter. Improvement in bowel function
arises from the increased flow of vital energy into the entrails. This
energizes the involuntary muscles and allows them to function with
ease. There may also be a noticeable increase in burping, which is a
healthy exhalation of impurities and noxious gas within the body.
Burping also lessens after a time with the body much refreshed.

5. The Power Lock is excellent for curing hemorrhoids. Hemor-
rhoids are caused by sedentary life styles, accumulated heavy tox-
ins, gravitational pooling of blood, stressful bowel movements, and
depressed levels of chi energy in the Hui-Yin. In already existing
hemorrhoids, the Power Lock may cause increased bleeding for
two to four weeks. If the bleeding is not excessive, perform the
exercise at Vi strength. You will gradually be cured. The exercise
remedies specific causes of hemorrhoids. It evacuates stagnant
blood from the anal blood vessels. While performing the Power
Lock as a cure for hemorrhoids, you may use medication to speed
the healing process. Horsetail Grass, Equisetum Narvensis, is an
excellent remedy used as a tea and in Sitz baths. People who have
serious hemorrhoid problems should consult your doctor first.


Taoist Secrets Of Love

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