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Tanya M.


University of North Carolina at Charlotte
08, 2015

1329 Summit Greenway Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28208


University Center for Academic Excellence
Colvard 2300
Charlotte, NC 28223

Dear Search Committee,
I recently learned of the BEST office assistant position opening at the University of North
Carolina at Charlotte and am pleased to submit my materials for consideration. I believe my
composition of experiences in academic programming has made me a well-suited match for
the position you are seeking to fill.
In my current position as a Graduate Assistant for the Office of Adult Students and Evening
Services, I specifically work with the 49er Finish Program. I have gained substantial
experience in student outreach and program research. These tools have provided me with a
foundational knowledge in academic program support and development such as becoming
familiar with academic plans and university resources, communicating university offerings,
implementing design research in many different facets such as marketing of visual outreach,
and collaborating with a team for web design to reach students for academic and social
aspects in the most efficient way.
The BEST office assistant position is the appealing to me for many reasons. I am intrigued by
the opportunity to work with a program team that wholeheartedly supports the student
population that would be the first in their family to accomplish degree completion through
support, tutorial services and cultural events. Collaborating with an office that places great
emphasis on marketing, outreach, support, and personal interaction with students and their
family members inspires me to apply for this position. As a University of North Carolina at
Charlotte Alumna, I am knowledgeable and passionate about student success at this
institution. I believe my experiences in programming have provided me with many
transferrable skills that would make me an asset to the BEST program. I would welcome the
opportunity to work collaboratively at a transformational institution to help students thrive in
their areas of study and their future career aspirations, while enhancing the daily functions,
marketing and communication efforts of the office.
I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about this position and how I can best
support your team and students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Please feel
free to contact me by phone or by email as listed above. Thank you for your consideration.

Tanya M. Gusdorf

Tanya Gusdorf

1329 Summit Greenway Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28208