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Richard Watters

Information Literacy

The article theme I elected to elaborate on is Cyber Security. Missouri S&T was named states
only center of academic excellence in the pursuit of researching cyber security. National cyber
security is a promising domain for students concluding college by employers such as the federal
government. The high demand to remain competitive in regards to cyber security escalates the
field of research. Missouri has met the National Security Agency (NSA) expectations in the
ongoing pursuit of minimizing the threat level of public privacy. It is important to continue the
research of cyber security, The federal government alone has a current need for 20,000 new
cybersecurity experts, and that number is expected to continue to grow each year. says Dr.
Bruce M. McMillin. Acknowledging that their organizations and education quarters determined to
prevent a collapse of private information is an astonishing endeavor.
After researching my articles topic on dogpile and Bing search engines, I retrieved two
interesting articles that further elaborate on the significance of cyber research. The first article I
reviewed was located on Dogpile and it was in reference to the University of Marylands
Cybersecurity Center (MC2). In 2010 this center was developed to focus on research and
provided with premium technologies, its expectations is to provide a central location for the
countrys most distinguished researchers to explore cyber security. The next article I established
was researched on Bing search engine and it was pertaining to Troy University receiving the
award for the best security team in the United States. After three nominations Troy Information
Systems program excelled in the effort of researching cyber security in many aspects. After
reviewing both of the articles, it further explained to me the increasing need for cyber security
renovations. It was interesting to discover the immense attacks the country is enduring from
cyber threats. I am delighted to know that we have a strategic plan in place to defend the
website. I discovered Bing to be a better search engine rather than Dogpile. Bing was
uncomplicated to operate and in my opinion, was similar to Google.
Article on Troy University receiving award for the best security team in the United States, was
written on thursday, June 11, 2015. It has not been updated. It relates to my topic because it's
another example of the research of cybersecurity with intentions on making improvements. The
article was written by the Trojan News center. They are qualified to write this article, being
students and professors at Troy University. The information is trustworthy and the evidence is
this link of SC Magazine that shows the school recieving reward
( This article was written to inform and information is
objective with intentions of informing.
I retrieved to scholarly journal articles on the topic of Cybersecurity. The data base I used to locate these
articles was porquest. Some keys words I used to locate these articles after clicking the full text and
scholarly articles box, I typed cyber security. Once I receive the list of articles of elected the most recent
articles to research.
The journal articles was less challenging to locate information, in my opinion. In the future, I will
exercise this method to research rather than relying on Google to locate information for me. The material
in the journal entries are lengthy; however, it is extremely detailed information. The credibility of the
articles are verified at the bottom of the page by replicable sources, which verifies your research
information. The effort of time spent on accessing the information is improved, as aresult f direct acces

Richard Watters
Information Literacy
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