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G.O.No. 201, Dated 21st May, 2009
(Vaikasi-7, Thiruvalluvar Aandu 2040)

PENSION – Contributory Pension Scheme – Maintenance of accounts –

Instructions – Issued.


1. G.O.Ms.No.259, Finance (Pension) Department, dated

2. G.O.Ms.No.430, Finance (Pension) Department, dated
3. Government Letter. No. 54950/Finance (Pen)/2005,
dated: 29.09.05
4. From Director of Elementary Education D.O. Letter
No. 28466 / J1 /2008, dated 30.8.2008
5. Director of Local Fund Audit letter No. MA4/38641/
2007, dated 10.11.08
6. Commissioner of Government Data Centre, letter
No.0043/D1/09, dated 5.1.09


In the Government Order first read above a New Contributory
Pension Scheme based on defined contribution has been introduced for
all employees who are recruited on or after 1.4.2003. In the Government
order second read above, Government, inter alia, ordered that the
Accountant General will maintain the accounts for the Contributory
Pension Scheme as in the case of General Provident Fund and the index
number to the employees who join the Contributory Pension Scheme will

be allotted by the Accountant General on receipt of application from the

Head of Department / Heads of offices in the prescribed form.
2. It is now brought to the notice of the Government that there are
certain difficulties in maintaining the accounts of Contributory Pension
Scheme in respect of Teachers of Panchayat union schools/Teachers of
Aided Schools since the accounts of Teacher’s Provident Fund in respect
of these employees are not being maintained by the Accountant General.
3. In order to avoid such difficulties, the Government has decided
to entrust the work of assigning numbers and maintaining the
Contributory Pension Fund accounts under Contributory Pension
Scheme in respect of the following employees to Government Data
(i) Teachers of Panchayat Union Schools
(ii) Teachers of Aided Schools / institutions
(iii) Non-Teaching Staff of Panchayat Union Schools
(iv) Municipal Corporation and Municipal Employees
(v) Non-Provincialised Employees of Town Panchayats
(vi) Non-Provincialised Employees of Panchayat Unions

4. The Government accordingly direct that the Government Data

Centre shall assign numbers to the employees of the schools /
institutions referred to in para 3 above and maintain the Contributory
Pension Fund accounts.
5. The Government also direct that the amount recovered as
contribution from the Teachers of Aided Educational Institutions /
Panchayat Union Schools / Municipal Schools shall be credited to the
respective head of account ordered in the Government Order second
read above and as amended in the reference third read above by the
Treasuries / Sub-Treasuries. The amount recovered as contribution from
the Employees of Local Bodies shall be credited in the Government
Account ordered in the Government Order second read above and as
amended in the reference third read above directly by the Local bodies
every month. Contribution of the Local bodies / Panchayat Union shall be
assessed once in six months by Director of Municipal Administration,
Commissioner of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj and Director of
Town Panchayats and they shall ensure that the employer’s contribution
is remitted in to Government Account.
6. The Director of Local Fund Audit shall audit the accounts of
Contributory Pension Scheme in respect of the above employees after
the completion of each financial year. The Director of Local Fund Audit
shall issue a certificate every financial year to the effect that
subscriptions made by the employees and employer’s contribution for the
respective Department has been remitted in the Government Account.

7. The Head of Office shall send the applications of the above

employees to Government Data Centre for allotment of index number
and follow the instructions issued by the Government from time to time.
(By Order of the Governor)

Principal Secretary to Government

All Secretaries to Government
All Departments of Secretariat.
The Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Chennai -9.
The Governor’s Secretariat, Raj Bhavan, Chennai-25
Director of School Education , Chennai – 6
Director of Elementary Education, Chennai - 6
Director of Local Fund Audit, Chennai - 108
Director of Government Data Centre, Chennai - 32
All Heads of Departments.
The Accountant General (A&E), Chennai -18. (By name)
The Accountant General (A&E), Chennai -18.
The Principal Accountant General (Audit-II), Chennai –18
The Accountant General (CAB), Chennai -9
The Registrar, High Court, Chennai – 104
The Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Chennai - 2.
The Director of Pension, D.M.S. Complex, Chennai -6
The Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai –15
All District Collectors/District Judges / Chief Judicial Magistrates.
The Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai/Madurai/Coimbatore/
Tiruchirappalli / Salem/Tirunelveli.
The Pension Pay Officer, Chennai – 6.
All Treasury officers/Sub-Treasury Officers.
All State Government owned Boards / Corporations.
Copy to:
The Finance ((OP.I)/(OP.II)/(OP.III)/(OP/ Misc.)/(PGC)/ PC), Chennai - 9
The Secretary to Chief Minister, Chennai – 9
Stock File/Spare Copies.

// Forwarded by Order //

Section Officer