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Healthy Mouth

Campaign Project


Nichanan Suteeduangsamorn
Sirimon Thepchanakul
Pitiporn Prachayamongkol
Thanatcha Jantanapongpun


The pH scale goes

from 1 to 14. The lesser
the more acidic and if
more the number its
the most alkaline. The
pH of 7 is the most
neutral or most like

A pH of 5.5 is an important pH level for teeth as the

teeth begin to dissolve or demineralize at a pH in
the mouth below 5.5. At a pH above 5.5, the teeth
begin to remineralize.

Our mouth pH is about 7.4. The pH will be

decreasing to 6 or 6.5 after eating sweet or a
meal, the bacteria will work in fermentation,
decreasing the level of the pH.

The acid from bacteria causes the pH level in

the mouth to lower. This causes the teeth to
soften, which in turn reduces their resistance
to abrasion. Which the toothpaste is the base
and after brushing the teeth, it would raise the
pH level than only drinking a glass of water.

In this campaign, we took a test of a pH of

saliva in our mouth. We took a test before we
take a snack, after that we took a test every 5
minutes after we eat and we separated into 2
groups, 1 group brush their teeth and other
drink some water and again test the pH level.


If the food we consumed contain more sugar ,

then the pH level of our saliva would decrease

Line Graph

What cause Acidic Saliva

-Sjgren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease
that affects the glands that produce moisture
in the mouth.
-Chemotherapy side effects can cause acidic
-Smoking decreases saliva production.
-Eating Acidic Foods
-Sugary foods

What is the outcome

- it can damage your teeth.
- you will have bad breath.
- change your teeth color,it will become a
- destroy the outer layers of the teeth

How to treat acidic saliva pH

1. Eat less food that is highly acidic such as
meats, eggs and some daily products and
increase your intake of alkaline food such as
fruits and vegetables.
2. Avoid food and drinks contain lots of sugar.
3. Try not to eat very frequently because our
body will release the acid in our mouth every
time you eat.

Comparing 5 different foods

Raspberry (Highly Alkaline)

Quail eggs (Low Alkaline)
Maple syrup (Very Low Acid)
Cottage cheese (Moderately Acid)
Tabletop sweeteners (Highly Acid)


June, Kam, Gam and Namfon consumed

different type of food. As you saw in the chart,
you can see that Gam saliva pH decrease
very fast comparing to others.Because the
cookies she consumed contain lots of sugar.


But we cant really tell if the results support

the hypothesis or else because our group
members just eaten the lunch before doing
the experiment which may cause the result to
not be so reliable.