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We need air to live the gas in air which we need to breathe is called oxygen.We could not live
without oxygen. In contrast,carbon dioxide is a gaseous waste produced in uor body.
It is carried by blood to the lungstherte, it is expelled from our body.

Your respiratory system is made of boby parts that help you breathe in oxygen and breathe
out carbon dioxide. It includes these organ: Nasal Cavity, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi and
Lungs. Each organ has a definite function to perform.

When you inhale, air comes into your body that air moves through your Nose, Throat and
Trachea. Yourtracheddivides into 2 bronchial tubes, each of goes into a lung. Inside your
bronchial tubes branch out into smaller tubes.

Submitted to: Josephine Collado

Ann Bernadine Macabiog

Everyday your body needs food in order to stay strong and healthy. Trough digestion
this food is broken down into smaller substances that our body cells use.

Then, the oxygen combines with the digested food. This is called the burning food.
These waste products pass out of the cell and go to the blood.

It send blood through the blood vessels of your body by beating contstantly, about 6080 times every minute when you are at rest.

Submitted to: Josephine Collado