The Last King of Scotland

(Myth for myth/other)

The king’s orders fell from his lips
Like his orders for the girl That he once fell for in another life When the things he bought left him empty Hollow, to the timid touch of a fevered… But she adores him and so she breaches his security

The anger she drove, the romance she stole
Led the demon to the tank, unwind the divine Let the Scottish man have his drink and drink And drink some more ~ yes, he’s a whore For the things he lost, no, nothing more But for her, yes, she deserves to suffer for Atrocities through her shadows Reflections from her hollows And it’s all in his head She’s better off dead ~ Before the guards could seize her she spilled her bowls Me amore, why has thou giveth in – yes Me amore, a seven castle monolith dive – yes Me amore, - yes His body dismembered on the rocky road below his window – a symbol of his ignorance

Here lies the Last King of Scotland…

© David Powers February 16, 2010