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Product Introduction
Digital Diagnostic Technology

along with OBDII Generic software. Transmission etc.EasyDiag We innovate your business Introduction The EasyDiag turns your Apple or Android Smart Device into a powerful OBDII diagnostic tool with access to full systems including Engine. SRS. for reading & clearing codes and enhanced Live Data* with full graphing capabilities for OBDII. European and Domestic Vehicles! *With Manufacturer Software Download 2 LAUNCH . Includes a Bluetooth OBDII connector. Customize it with additional software for over 30 manufacturers for Asian. ABS.

EasyDiag We innovate your business Features In addition to global OBDII. SRS.etc* • Manufacturer downloads available – Download just one manufacturer or All! *With Manufacturer Software Download 3 LAUNCH . Airbag. transmission and engine.* • Enhanced live data for full systems including ABS. transmission. SRS and transmission – while other competitive offerings have access to only OBDII generic. etc. European and Domestic manufacturers for enhanced capability • Reads & clears codes on full systems including engine. the EasyDiag has access to ABS. • Full OBDII generic code reader/scanner capability included at no charge • Read and clear OBDII generic codes with live data and color graphing • Includes Bluetooth OBDII connector – It’s all you need! • Intuitive interface and easy to use • Customizable software – choose from over 30 Asian. ABS.

engine and much more *With Manufacturer Software Download 4 LAUNCH .EasyDiag We innovate your business Coverage No other competitive offering has manufacturer enhanced coverage for ABS/SRS/Transmission*.

EasyDiag We innovate your business Functions Displays Trouble Code Definition 5 Customizable Datastream Customizable Graphs LAUNCH .

EasyDiag We innovate your business Functions ABS 6 SRS Transmission LAUNCH .

Riga. 7 LAUNCH . Latvia Tel: +371 29416069 Fax: +37167704152 www.EasyDiag We innovate innovate your your business business We Product name: EasyDiag Product available in december 2013 Contact to order: LAUNCH Diagtools LTD Pernavas 43A.