A Quest For
ty & Islam

One God,
Three Religions


✱ Judaism,
Christianity, and
Islam all began in
the Middle East
✱ All are monotheistic
religions, meaning
they believe in only
one God
✱ All share common


–Oldest of the 3
–Beliefs: laws of God
and words of His
–3 types:

–Founder: Abraham (about 2000


–Holy Book: Torah


–Followers: Jews


–Founder: Jesus
(about 30 AD)
–Holy Book:
–# of Followers:
about 2.2 billion
–Largest of 3 religions
–Beliefs: Teachings of Jesus
–3 types: •Eastern Orthodox •Roman Catholic

–# of
about 1.6
growing of
(about 610
the 3
–Beliefs: teachings
the last
–Holy Book:
–Followers: –3 types:



Use: http://www.uri.org/kids/world_juda.htm
to answer the following questions in your own words:
What are some symbols of Judaism and what does each represent? (add images)
✱ Star of David - 6 pointed star from King David’s shield; King David established Jerusalem as
the capital city of the Israelites.
✱ Kippah/Yarmulke - Worn when praying, some wear all the time; sign of being in the presence
of God.
✱ Shofar - Ram’s horn blown during Rosh Hashanah to remind people to be ready to live better
✱ Temple/Synagogue - Jewish place of worship
What are some Jewish Festivals and celebrations? Why do they celebrate them?
✱ Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year Festival; usually around September/October.
✱ Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement where Jewish people fast and ask God for forgiveness for
their sins; 10 days after Rosh Hashanah.
✱ Passover - In Spring, celebrates the Jews freedom from slavery in Egypt, God giving Moses
the 10 commandments, and the Jewish Exodus, or journey to Israel; a lot of rituals surround
What are some features of Jewish Synagogues?
✱ The Holy Ark - Contains Torah scrolls, covered by curtains. Eternal light sits in front, kept lit
at all times to remind Jews of the light which led them to Israel.

How did Judaism begin?
✱ How long ago? - 4000 years ago, with the Hebrews in the Middle East.
✱ Abraham - He and his wife Sarah were old and childless, God told them they would have
many children who would have a land of their own, “The Promised Land.”
✱ Isaac - Abraham’s child with Sarah.
✱ Jacob/Israel - Isaac’s son, reason descendants of Abraham and Isaac known as
What are some important points in the story (history) of Judaism?
✱ Moses - Chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, through the Sinai Desert, to the
Promised Land; given the 10 Commandments by God.
✱ Egypt - Where the Israelites were slaves.
✱ Mt. Sinai - Where Moses was given the 10 Commandments.
✱ Canaan - Original name of the Israelites Kingdom, was conquered by several other groups;
Jews moved all over as time passed, known as the Diaspora. Eventually, began returning to
the area to escape persecution; Israel formed after WWII.

What are the 10 Commandments?
1. Worship no other God but me
2. Do not make images to worship
3. Do not misuse the name of God
4. Observe the Sabbath Day, keep it holy.
5. Honor and respect your father and mother
6. Do not murder
7. Do not commit adultery
8. Do not steal
9. Do not accuse anyone falsely or tell lies about others
10. Do not envy or be jealous of other’s possessions
What is the difference between Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews?
✱. Orthodox - Believe all the laws of the Torah, if practical, must be obeyed; no exceptions.
✱. Conservative - Believe that the laws of the Torah must be adapted to modern life, more
focused on community practices than rituals.
✱. Reform - Allow everyone (men and women) to sit together; services in both Hebrew and local


Use: http://www.uri.org/kids/world_chri.htm
to answer the follow questions in your own words:
What are some symbols of Christianity and what does each represent? (add images)
✱ Cross - Symbol of Christ being crucifed; reminds Christians that Jesus died to give them life.
✱ Bible - Holy book containing New Testament (stories of Jesus) and Old Testament (same as
Jewish scriptures).
✱ Holy Communion - Bread and wine, symbolizing the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
✱ Church - Christian place of worship.
What are some Christian Festivals and celebrations? Why do they celebrate them?
✱ Christmas - Celebrates the birth of Jesus with nativity scenes and retellings of the story of his
✱ Lent - The time leading up to Easter, based on 40 days Jesus spent in the desert fasting and
praying; time of personal reflection.
✱ Easter - Celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, or rising, from the dead; eggs symbolize new life;
crosses with flowers on them symbolize Jesus’ victory over death.
What are some features of churches?
✱ Altar - Where the gospel book and bread and wine are placed.
✱ Nave - Where the people sit.
✱ Pulpit - Where the priest/reverend gives sermons.
✱ Baptismal font - Holds the water for baptisms; when a baby is brought into the church.

How did Christianity begin?
✱ Jesus Christ - Born in Bethlehem (modern Israel/Palestine) over 2000 years ago to a humble
Jewish family.
✱ Life/Teachings - Human form of God, so people could better understand God. Lived
among suffering and outcast people; healed the sick, told stories, preached sermons. 12
disciples who followed Jesus, then preached his word.
✱ Death - Scared powerful leaders; sentenced by Romans to death by crucifxion, nailed to
a cross.
✱ Resurrection - Christians believe that three days after his death, Jesus rose from the
dead; this shows that Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness were more powerful than
death and that by following Jesus’ teaching you are able to have eternal life (life after
What are Christians beliefs about Jesus and God?
✱ Trinity - One God, Three Parts
✱ Father - The creator
✱ Son - fully God, fully man; sent to redeem, or save, the world.
✱ Holy Spirit - God’s presence in the world.
✱ Jesus’ summary of the Jewish law
✱ 1. Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.
✱ 2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
✱ 3. Follow the 10 Commandments (see Judaism section)


Use: http://www.uri.org/kids/world_isla.htm
to answer the following questions in your own words:
What are some symbols of Islam and what does each represent? (add images)
✱ Crescent Moon and Stars - Moon for lunar calendar (calendar based on the moon), stars as
signs of Allah.
✱ Mosque - Muslim house of worship; no images of Allah, people, or animals allowed; this is why
Islamic art uses a lot of geometric patterns and shapes.
✱ Minaret - The tower of a Mosque; a muezzin, or person who calls Muslims to prayer, does it
from the minaret.
✱ Prayer Mat - Muslims pray 5 times a day; if not at a Mosque, they use Prayer Mat to make a
clean space to pray.
✱ Qur’an - Muslim Holy Book, originally written in Arabic.
What are some Islamic Festivals and celebrations? Why do they celebrate them?
✱ Hajj - Pilgrimage, or trip, to Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) to worship in the Ka’bah (see picture in
frst Islam slide); wear plain/identical clothes to show all equal in Allah’s eyes. Ritual uses the
number 7 multiple times, it is a holy number in Islam.
✱ Ramadan - Holy month of fasting

What are some features of Islamic Mosques?
✱ Sahn - Central courtyard with fountains that symbolize purity, where worshipers clean before
entering the mosque
✱ Mihrab - Empty arch that points in the direction of Mecca
✱ Minbar - Pulpit where the the Imam leads prayers and gives sermons
✱ Imam - Muslim prayer leader
✱ Zulla - Prayer hall
How did Islam begin?
✱ Muhammad - Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia around 570 CE. Worked as a shepherd and
merchant; loved to pray and meditate; in 610 CE, at about 40 years old he received a
revelation from God; began preaching his revelations to others.
What percentage of Muslims are Sunni? What percent are Shia? What do they disagree on?
✱ Sunni - 80%
✱ Shia - 20%
✱ Disagreement - Do not agree on the rightful leader of Islam after Muhammad’s death
What does Islam mean?
Surrender, submission, commitment and peace; achieve peace through willingly following God’s
Who is Allah?
Arabic word for God; sometimes prefered because it is neither masculine nor feminine and has no

What are Muslims’ 6 major beliefs?
1. Belief in one God
2. Belief in Angels
3. Belief in the holy books sent to all the prophets including: Torah, Bible, and Qur’an
4. Belief in all the prophets sent by God including Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.
5. Belief in Judgement Day and life after death.
6. Belief that God is all-powerful and nothing can happen without his permission, everyone can
choose good or evil, and will be judged on those choices.
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?
7. Shahadah or Declaration of Faith - Testify that there is no god except Allah and Muhammad is
His prophet/messenger.
8. Salat or Ritual Prayer - The fve daily prayers performed at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset,
and night; prayers in Arabic, said facing towards Mecca.
9. Zakah or Alms Tax - Giving 2.5% of one’s wealth to the poor and needy.
10. Sawm or Fasting - Fasting from dawn until dusk during Ramadan; reminds people of goodness
and shows equality with the poor; time of study and self-discipline.
11. Hajj or pilgrimage - Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once during their lifetime; visit the Ka’bah a
place built by Abraham and his son and restored by Muhammad.