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Unit 9 Final Project: Integral Health Concept Application
Tarry Keller
Kaplan University
HW420: Creating Wellness: Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing




Unit Nine Final Project: Integral Health Concept Application
As health and wellness professionals the development of our psychological, spiritual and
physical selves is vital. This development leads to our ever increasing ability to be the best
examples for the clients we work with. Having a sound and well-rounded mental, spiritual and
physical life enables us to connect with others while working through the path of human
flourishing ourselves. Using contemplative practice and intention to develop ourselves and
striving on the path to psychospiritual flourishing allows us to embody and gain health,
happiness and wholeness. It is when we are successfully working through these processes that
we are at our best to assist others through the process as well (Dacher, 2006).
The areas in my own life of which I need to further develop lies in the way of balance.
As I walk my own path of psychospiritual flourishing and recognize areas of weakness it is then
that I am able to hone the skills I do possess and incorporate more of the skills I struggle with to
foster growth. Meditation is one practice I struggle with. Even though I find peace in the
practice and can notice myself growing in my own integral health in doing so, I also recognize
that my days are typically packed with so many busy activities or work that I don’t always make
the time. Though as a physical aspect of growth of which I have incorporated some ‘quieting of
the mind’ time has been during early morning runs. I use this time to enjoy the stars, nature and
the quietness of the morning. I appreciate the waxing and waning of the moon phases and
embrace the connection of those phases with the phases of each individual life and how all are
unique and have our times of waxing and waning. This has become a time of contemplation,
prayer and meditation for me on a daily basis.
Each domain of my physical, spiritual and psychological being requires regular checks to
ensure the health of each area. As I continually analyze each I recognize development and



growth are unique to each while still working synergistically. Physically I have always, for the
most part, taken very good care of myself. During times of extreme stress or hardship I have had
tendencies to become lax in this area. It is during these times I typically find myself with an
illness. Currently I am active and run daily. I am incorporating very healthy foods which are
enhancing my life and I feel great. Spiritually I feel very close to God and recognize my
continual growth in this area as well as I feel very connected and close to Him. I attend church
weekly, participate in church activities which foster growth of children in the community as well
and notice that in helping others my spirituality finds much growth and satisfaction.
Psychologically I notice much growth as I continue my field of study to earn my bachelor’s
degree as well as learning new things at work. Periodically taking up new skills in my personal
life as well such as target shooting and reading new and challenging books helps to keep my
mind sharp. All three aspects of my life currently are healthy and growing and I would rate each
evenly at an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score.
Though my score in each domain is relatively high I know growth can still be found in
each and I strive to that goal overall. Though never becoming perfect at any, striving to be better
is vital. Goal setting and development is important to continual growth. Keeping my goals
attainable allows me to find success and encouragement. Physically my goal is to run the Omaha
half marathon again in September. Though I’ve run a half marathon each year since 1999 each
year presents new challenges. Last year I battled Achilles tendonitis immediately following the
run and have had to take time off to recover. I’m now running consistently again without pain
and in the process of working my way slowly to increased miles. Incorporating a regimented
daily weight training program again is another goal of mine. This also is a time issue so I will
need to analyze and prioritize things in my life, such as sleep, to begin this with dedication.
Spiritually my goal is to read through the entire bible while taking time to study each book. I



don’t want to read it just to say I did, I truly want to understand what it says with practical
application. Continuing with daily prayer, much of which I find time to do as I run and enjoy
God’s beautiful starry galaxy in the early morning hours. Psychologically my goal is to complete
my bachelor’s degree with honors and begin next steps towards my new career. Incorporating
new books which challenge my mind will also be a goal in this development area.
Strategies are important for implementing and fostering growth for physical,
psychological and spiritual development. For my physical growth and development I will
continue to get up early and incorporate daily runs before my working day begins. Each week I
will continue to add distance and work on my speed as my body allows and adapts. Recognizing
that I don’t have any records to break or races to win I will continue to pursue my goal and
embrace the beauty of my ability to do so. Spiritually I will set aside time each day to read
through at least one full chapter in one of the books of the bible. Though with this goal I will
also allow myself more time to complete that chapter if additional study is required for me to
understand it. Psychologically I will persevere through the last two terms of study to complete
my degree of study. Then looking into pursuing certification to adjust and pursue my new career
path. I will also continue to read challenging books and try new things to sharpen my focus on
my psychological well-being.
Being committed to my profession and integral well-being will help foster growth,
integrity and encouragement not only for myself but for those I work with. Working through my
goals will help with this commitment. Assessing each of my goals will allow me to see progress
or lack thereof and work through refinement or change to see those goals through in both the
short and long term. Physically I will be able to assess the progression of my goals by measuring
the time and distance of my runs. Success will also be found in consistency and perseverance in
getting up daily to run no matter the weather. Completing the half marathon in September will be



final success for this particular goal. Utilizing the Nike application on my phone to track my
miles and see my progress will help me maintain and continue building on my physical goals.
Where weightlifting is incorporated my physical appearance, feeling of wellness and strength
will be the motivation needed to pursue this goal consistently and to see long term goals.
Spiritually my goals will be measured on my consistency as well. Being able to track my
progress and not only have read through a good portion of the bible within the six months but
also knowledge gain should also be evident. Being able to better understand sermons and make
practical applications to my everyday life will be another indicator of success. Utilizing the
Bible application on my phone as well as varying websites to help me decipher what I read will
be key to working through the chapters efficiently and effectively. Moving on to other works
which further explain the bible and being in discussion groups will allow for long term growth.
Psychologically, obtaining my degree at the end of the program will indicate success in this area
within the next six months. Additionally, working through a recognized certification and moving
in the direction of my career path will also show progress. Working with other individuals in my
future career field will allow me to hone my skills and desired path to assist me in finding my
lifelong work. Whether it be helping others or helping myself become a better individual so I
can better help others and assist them in reaching their goals in health and wellness by way of
sound integral health.

Dacher, E.S. (2006). Integral Health: The path to human flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA. Basic
Health Publications, Inc.