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Christopher Michele

EDU 704 Supervision & Evaluation
Classroom Observation

October 12, 2014

I observed a co-worker in my school by the name of Heather Soehngen. She teachers third grade
and has about 20 students in her class. I was able to come in and observe Ms. Soehngen for
almost my entire PREP period which is 40 minutes long. What I have learned was from third
grade through fifth grade the two teachers switch classrooms so she teachers a specific area and
the other teacher covers the other area. Ms. Soehngen does the subject English while Mrs. Ray
does Math. So they are in 90 minute blocks. I was able to observe the middle part of this block.
So Ms. Soehngen had already begun teaching for about 40 minutes and I caught the middle and
end of her lesson.
Framework of Teaching
I used Danielson Evaluations Domain 2: The Classroom Environment Component 2b:
Establishing a Culture for Learning. I also used Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
Component 2c: Managing Classroom Procedures. My last component I have to chosen to use is
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities, Component 4f: Showing Professionalism. I feel these
Domains were sufficient enough and coped with Ms. Soehngen’s lesson. I feel she did a
fantastic job with the area I was able to evaluate. She had total control over the class and had all
her students’ undivided attention throughout the whole lesson. Some other reasons why I chose
these domains is I asked Ms. Soehngen during our pre-observation meeting what areas she would
find interesting for me to evaluate her in. So I after looking over and comparing what she
suggested to evaluate her with it came down to these three areas of Danielson’s Domains.

Starting with Domain 2, Component 2b I felt Ms. Soehngen most definitely established culture
for learning. “Poorly managed classroom is easy to spot: it is chaotic,” (Danielson, 2007).
Soehngen most certainly had total control with her class and her students. She was able to
“convey genuine enthusiasm for the content, and student’s demonstrated consistent commitment
to its value,” (Danielson, 2007). For that being said and established during her lesson Ms.
Soehngen received a PROFICIENT grade. Continuing with the other areas of 2b I felt Ms.
Soehngen had stellar expectations for learning and achievement. When I first walked in the class
to evaluate Ms. Soehngen she had her students involved with a group activity. She was walking
around and asking her students questions relating to what she had just lectured them on. The
students were grouping words and sentencing with the correct NOUNS. So I felt she deserved a
PROFICIENT in this area as well. For the next part of her evaluation I felt Ms. Soehngen
received PROFICIENT in all areas of this Domain. Domain 2, 2c I felt she did a great job with
Management of Instructional Groups. It appeared that Ms. Soehngen had grouped together the
higher, more advanced students with lower less advanced students. That way they were all able
to understand and achieve the group activities faster and they learned from each other. “Small
group work is well organized, and most students are productively engaged in learning while
unsupervised by the teacher,” (Danielson, 2007). I feel her management of transitions was
equally proficient as her management of instructional groups. For the final Domain I chose she
excelled PROFICIENTLY as well. The one area I want to discuss is her service to her students.
I felt that she did a spectacular job in this component and she was “highly proactive in serving
students, seeking out resources when needed” (Danielson, 2007). She took the time to help
students in the areas they were having trouble in. She worked with students one on one until

they understood the lesson. After the students caught up with the lesson they jumped into their
groups again joined the activity. That is why she received DISTINGUISHED because Ms.
Soehgen did a wonderful job using this component.
If I had to figure out and suggest anything to Ms. Soehngen there isn’t much to do so. I feel her
lesson was outstanding and very proficient. I feel that she did a wonderful job for all her
students’ especially those who had difficulty with her lesson. I feel that she allowed herself to
teach and her students as well to help with the teaching. She was able to walk around the room
and observe her group activity as the over achieved students ran the groups. Again she was able
to work one on one with students who were having difficulty and then allowed them to rejoin
their groups. So if I had to choose an area to evaluate or an area to suggest improving I would
choose the use of technology. Ms. Soehngen was using the old tape cassette player for the
example part of her lesson. I feel she could have used her SMART Board more than she did with
this lesson. Other than that it was perfect. As for her students it was great to watch them want to
learn from her lesson. They were full of attention and were very involved with participation and
interest to her lesson. I thank Ms. Soehngen for allowing me to evaluate her and it was a
pleasure to watch and learn from a true professional.

Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice: A framework for teaching (2nd ed.).
Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.