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Klaressa L.

Professional Growth Plan
Oakland University
Goal Setting
 What do you want to accomplish as a result of your Ed. Sp. Program?
My goal is to continue to build my leadership capacity skills so I can be an effective school
administrator that brings positive changes to my school district. I have 20 years of
educational experience and feel the need to employ my leadership capacity to build a
positive school culture and vision to ensure success for every student.
 Where to you want to be career-wise in 5 years? 10 years?
The coursework for my Education Specialist has prepared me for an administrative role in a
school district in need of an innovative leader. In five years, I want to be established as a
building principal leading a staff of teacher leaders. After gaining experience as a building
administrator, I would be interested to pursue a central office position such as a curriculum
director or a human resources director.

Your Platform

Our actions as leaders stem from our core beliefs. Respond to the following about where you
stand on these issues.

What are the most important aims of public education in America?
The purpose of public education is to create an educated populous so that they can
direct government in the direction that best suits their family and community’s needs.
Each child deserves the opportunity to increase their social, emotional, and academic
skills so they can achieve their goals of tomorrow.


What is your definition of effective teaching?
Teaching is a reciprocal process where the students and teacher are engaged in
meaningful activity relative to the learners educational goals. An effective teacher
recognizes that their instructional methods need to be varied to meet the needs of all
their students.


What are the most important needs of teachers?
We all need purpose to be fulfilled in our family and work lives. Teachers want to know
that their leader is competent and supports them in the journey toward a common

vision of student success. Teachers need to see passion in their leaders and feel that
they can trust them so they are confident to take risks.

What is your definition of a good school?
A school is made of brick and mortar, but the true fabric of a school is the people within
its walls. A good school has a clear mission that is evident through the actions of their
staff and students. The space is warm and welcoming with an efficient communication
highway where thoughts and ideas travel throughout the entire community.

Career Inventory
 What are your most significant professional accomplishments?
Middle School Counselor (Wolfe Middle School)
High School Counselor (Center Line High School)
Math & Science Teacher (Wolfe Middle School)
Elementary Teacher: Grade 4 (North Nodaway Elementary)
Galileo Graduate 2013-2015
Mentor for New Teaching and Counseling Staff
 How have you stretched beyond your professional zone? What have you done to develop
Enrolled in Oakland University’s Ed.S Program
Participation in the Galileo Teacher Leadership Consortium 2013-2015
Master Scheduling Training through the MISD
Certified Trauma Loss Consultant (TLC Level II)
 Who have you networked with, been mentored by, or been advocated for?
Eve Kaltz, Superintendent of Center Line Schools
Lisa Oleski, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Center Line Schools
Amy Maruca, Principal of Wolfe Middle School (Principal, Internship Mentor)
Colleen Berry, Counselor of Wolfe Middle School (Colleague)
John Daley, Social Worker of Wolfe Middle School (Colleague)
Maureen O’Connor, Student Support Coordinator at Academy 21

 Include a copy of your resume.


1700 Ridgecrest., Rochester Hills, MI 48306 |
248-601-1939 |

To put my 20 years of educational experience to work in a leadership
capacity to build a positive school culture and vision to ensure success for
every student.

August 2009
to Present

Wolfe Middle School Counselor, Center Line Public Schools

August 2006
to June of

High School Counselor, Center Line Public Schools

August 1998
to June of

Middle School Math, Science, Reading, and Health Teacher, Center Line Public Schools

August 1994
to May of

Elementary Fourth Grade Teacher, North Nodaway Public Schools

I have taken leadership roles within Wolfe Middle School through many changes in
curricular programs, always keeping students’ best interest at the forefront of decisions.
Worked collaboratively with mental health team, teachers, and administrators to support
students academically, socially and emotionally with a focus on achievement and college
and career goals and readiness.
Developed and presented Math and Science Curriculum for 7th and 8th grade students,
and facilitated a Reading Intervention Class to 6th grade students.
Taught Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Spanish to 4th graders.

August 2013
to June 2015

Educational Specialist in Administration and Leadership, Oakland University

August 1995
to June 1998

Master’s Degree School Guidance and Counseling, Northwest Missouri State University

August 1991
to December

Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Middle School Education with Math and Science
Minors, Northwest Missouri State University

August 1989
to December

Introductory College Coursework, Iowa State University


Mrs. Amy Maruca

Wolfe Middle School Principal, Center Line Public School District
8640 McKinley
Center Line, MI 48015
OFFICE: (586) 510-2300

Colleen Berry, Ed

Wolfe Middle School Counselor, Center Line Public Schools
8640 McKinley
Center Line, MI 48015
OFFICE: (586) 510-2311

Mrs. Eve Kaltz

Superintendent, Center Line Public Schools
26400 Arsenal
Center Line, MI 48015
Office: 586-510-2001

Mrs. Lisa Oleski

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Center Line Public Schools
26400 Arsenal
Center Line, MI 48015
Office: 586-510-2002

Dr. Judith Pritchett

Chief Academic Officer, Macomb Intermediate School District
44001 Garfield Rd.
Clinton Township, MI 48038
Office: (586) 228-3300

Leadership Knowledge, Skills, & Dispositions Inventory
 ELLC School Leadership Self Inventory Strengths and Needs:

During the past two years, I have been engaged in post-graduate course work through Oakland
University with the goal of building my leadership capacity and obtaining an Educational Specialist
degree. During this internship journey, I was able to learn the gold standard of a successful educational
leader as outlined in the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards. I have been
able to view my own leaders using the “ISLLC lens” and envision myself in this leadership role.
Additionally, I was asked to complete a self-assessment of my knowledge and utilization of the ISLLC

standards before beginning my post-graduate coursework, and then again at the conclusion of the Ed. S
program through a post-ISLLC survey.
After reviewing my pre-survey results, I discovered relative strengths in the ISLLC standards
one and three. Prior to my Galileo and post-graduate coursework experience, I had been a team member
of the school improvement process and had prior experience with creating and implementing plans to
achieve student and school goals. I was familiar with collaboration and the use of data to identify goals
to promote continuous and sustainable improvement. The second ISLLC standard that had beginning
competency skills was standard three that related to day to day operations and efficient procedures that
ensure a safe environment conducive to learning. As a school counselor, I have always looked to a
systems approach when ensuring that decisions are made fairly and equitably by following policies and
Upon reviewing this initial survey to determine areas of leadership growth needed, the two that
surfaced were within standard two and ISLLC standard four. When focusing on sustaining a positive
school culture, it becomes critical that professional development ensues for all stakeholders. ISLLC
standard four was identified as a weakness as well. I typically focus with individuals as they relate to
issues within the school building. Therefore, I needed more opportunities to engage and seek out family
and community partnerships to improve my understanding and appreciation for our district's diverse
resources to improve the educational environment.
As I reflect on my post survey results, I notice that my confidence in each of the four
aforementioned standards has significantly improved. These self-assessments are directly related to my
internship and the leadership opportunities that have been awarded to me through the pursuit of my
educational specialist degree.
An educational leader is a very public position. Shortly after making the commitment to grow
my professional skills through the Galileo program and pursue an educational leadership degree through
Oakland University, I was invited by Superintendent Kaltz to serve on multiple district initiatives such
as the Center Line Promise, District Student Panel, and our District Strategic Planning Committee.
When working on the Center Line Promise initiative, modeled after the Kalamazoo Promise, I interacted
with numerous local businesses through multiple organized events in an effort to build positive school
and business partnerships to mobilize community resources and gain valuable insight into the
perceptions and needs of our community. The Student Panel activities helped to increase my skill
development in ISLLC standard four as well by collecting data and information pertinent to the
educational environment by soliciting student voices.
Additionally, I learned that it takes a culture of collaboration layered in trust and high
expectations to promote a successful environment for all learners. And that building capacity in others is
essential when promoting school culture because an instructional leader cannot do it alone. Working on
the school improvement team the past three years, has given me an inside look at my principal’s drive to
make a difference in student achievement by empowering teachers through the school improvement
process. She recognizes strengths and approaches staff members to enlist their help by sharing strategies
or ideas with others in some way. This gift was awarded to me when she allowed me to take a leadership
role in developing protocol and procedures for Instructional Rounds during a PLC as well as presenting
crisis response information to staff during two school threat occurrences faced this year. Working on
creating a safe-environment for teachers to learn from one another was another pursuit that I engaged in
during my internship.
During the last two years, there has been an increased focus on closing the student achievement
gap. I was continually frustrated by not being able to analyze data efficiently. Our assessment data was
housed in different locations/programs and it was this frustration that led to the creation of an in-house

student data spreadsheet. I played an integral role in the creation of this structural tool. It was immensely
valuable when evaluating the effectiveness of curricular and instructional school programs and
monitoring student achievement. Because the Student Data Spreadsheet was shared with all of our
teachers, this technological tool supported an effective method to self-monitor the teaching and learning
taking place in their classrooms.
Professional Development Resources Inventory
 What people are available to you and how can they assist in your leadership development?
Networking with colleagues is something I value, whether it is on the receiving end or the
sharing end. I will continue to utilize my building administrators, district administrators,
Galileo Cohort members, and Educational Specialist Oakland University cohort and
instructors. I also attend Student Assistance Networking Meetings at the MISD on a regular
basis and will continue my membership in the Michigan School Counselor Association
(MSCA) to network with other school counselors who hold leadership roles in their districts.

 Which web sites, books, journals, conferences, publishers and other resources are “on your
When pursuing my education specialist degree through Oakland University, I was
introduced to some excellent resources. I collected a number of books that I will continue
to utilize during my professional endeavors. Additionally, I was very impressed with the
JSD Learning Forward Journal, as well as the Educational Leadership (EL) publication
through ASCD. My mentor introduced me to these publications early in my post-graduate
program so I was able to access relevant research and articles on various school topics,
which I will continue.

 What resources outside of your professional life might be available & useful?
I was introduced with the study of Mindfulness by Dr. Karen Wells, Oakland University
Professor, during my Human Resources course. I plan to learn more about this practice in
order to continually improve my mental and physical health.

 What have you learned about yourself through personality type inventories or other

During the beginning of my internship, I took The Personality Compass inventory. This
inventory lists results in the four main cardinal points and subsequent inter-cardinal points.
My results showed that I was a South East whose key attributes are Friendly, Caring,
Structured, Detailed, and Organized. Within this personality test it lists jobs that fit the
personality type. It was interesting to see that a Human Resource director was among the
list, which is a job that I have great interest in.
 How do you perceive yourself as a leader?
As a leader, I work to gather as much information through collaboration and research
before making a decision. I value others experiences and input and work to maintain
positive working relationships with my colleagues. I strive to do things right the first time
by anticipating trouble areas through foreword thinking. I am proactive and work diligently
to seek solutions and put systems in place to make everyone’s efforts more efficient.
 How are you perceived by others? What feedback have you received from family, friends,
or co-workers?
Others have told that I have a way of taking care of hearts, while taking care of business. I
am very driven and work hard to ensure that tasks get done. I am calm during conflict and
am not afraid to make difficult decisions.
 What are your strengths and where do you want to improve?
My strengths are managing systems and monitoring their effectiveness and obtaining
necessary resources. I am also very capable of facilitating groups toward a common goal.
Keeping others trust is very important to me as well so I am mindful of my actions so trust
is maintained. I want to improve my technical skills so I am able to utilize current
technology to keep pace with increasing demands.

Leadership Development Activities
 Describe how you plan to become involved in the leadership development activities listed
 Mentoring or being mentored
Our district is hiring a new elementary counselor and I am going to request that I be
assigned as their mentor. We haven’t had elementary counselors for many years

and I appreciate that our district is allocating funds to fill this need for our K through
5 students.
 Peer coaching
This year I built a structure for Teacher Instructional Rounds with help from my
administration and another colleague. It was introduced mid-year and I plan to survey our
staff to find out what changes they might suggest so that this practice is utilized even
more in the 2015-2016 school year. I plan to expand the participation in this professional
learning practice by leading by example and inviting others to engage in this optional
professional development tool.
 Study Groups Involving Technology
This year I was instrumental in working with our technology department to find a way for
all core teachers to create PDF scans by using our existing copier features. This allowed
teachers to send copies of homework and assignments templates to our parents as
needed. The PDF scan feature had only been available for front office staff and counselors
before this year. Next year I want to continue to help staff members by researching new
technology that can be used in the classroom to improve student achievement and find a
nonthreatening way to present it to staff.
 Action Research & Professional Organization Activity
I plan to conduct an action research project and present it during our district research fair.
I would also like to present my “Mediation in the Middle” action research project that was
completed through Galileo at a State Counselor Association Conference.