Common Core

Pamphlet for

By: Christine Statzel


Resources for
Parents & Guardians
S tu de n ts, p a ren ts, an d t ea c he rs
w ill share the same e xp e ctat ion s
for stud en t le arn ing acros s the
co u nt ry w it h the C ommon C ore
st an d ard s in p lace . Le a rn more b y
p art ne rin g wit h y our c hild’ s
te ache r to disc us s y our child ’s
acad emic suc ce ss!

The Standards:
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Parent Road Maps:

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Parent Guides to Common
A chieve the core .o rg
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Collaboration: the standards


create a foundation for your child
to work collaboratively with their


Preparation: the standards will
prepare your child for college and
their career


Equality: the expectations are
consistent for all students

Clarity: the standards are clear,
consistent and focused

Applicable: the
standards are
relevant to the real
world, reflecting
knowledge and
skills your child
needs to be


Building Knowledge and Skills
to Succeed in Learning


Cutting into the Core!
The C ommon Co re St and ard s se t goals for stud en t maste ry in English lan guage arts
and in M at hemat ic s. The st udy of English lan guage arts in clud es read ing, w ritin g,
sp eakin g an d lis ten in g. Exp ec ta t ion s a re e stab lished fo r e ac h grad e across all subj ec ts
in clud in g scie nc e, his tory , an d te chn olo gy . The mat h s tand ards e mphasize t hat e very
st ud en t c an be go od in ma th. They se t good ma th hab its and strat egies for st ud en ts in
eac h grade whic h in clu d e p ro ble m s olvin g, pe rsiste nc e, pre cision , use o f so lid
p ro ce du res, an d chec kin g t o see if t he a nsw er ma kes s en se.

English Language Arts
* progressive development
of reading comprehension
* emphasis on text
* grade-level texts to
promote necessary rigor
* Different types of
writing: Opinion pieces,
explanatory writings,
narrative texts, research
* Infuses use of technology

* small-group, whole-class
discussions, range of settings,
formal & informal
* effective communication
* conventions for writing &
* Vocabulary through
conversation, direct instruction
and reading

* Make sense of problems and persist in solving
* Model with mathematics
* Use appropriate tools strategically
* Look for and make use of structure
* Construct practical arguments and analyze the
reasoning of others
* Reason abstractly and quantitatively
* Develop a strong concrete-to-conceptual
foundation in number

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