Sacko 1

Mohamed Sacko
Debra Dagher
Writing and Inquiry Academic Context II
31 May 2015
End of Course Reflection
I was introduced to the idea of free writing for the first time in my Writing and Inquiry
Academic Context II class and I have to admit that it was a blessing. At first, I was much like a
chore to me and I was struggling through the assignment day after day. After the first week, I
realized that I was writing more freely and had more to say. When I look back at my first writing,
I can see how much I have improved when it comes to free writing and channeling my thoughts.
Another topic that was really helpful to me was researching. This course introduces me to a
research method that I had never seen before. It was like relearning how to conduct a research
and the transition was really smooth. When evaluating an article or book, I was asked to use a
double entry journal. I was a little skeptical since I believed it would be faster to write down the
main ideas and connect them. While this holds true for small articles, the double entry journal
was definitely the clear choice as far as longer articles were concerned. After writing the essay, it
was essential to find a way to communicate the findings in an effective way. This is where the
genre project comes into play. It was probably the simplest yet important concept that I have
come across during this whole course.
I am actually studying for my second bachelor after obtaining my first in Morocco. I have
never liked elective classes because they tend to be boring and time consuming. That’s what I
thought until I enrolled at UNCC. I have gradually learned that every class that you take is for a
purpose. Well, I wish that I had taken Writing and Inquiry Academic Context II earlier. The

Sacko 2
course taught me how to take a huge subject, start with an inquiry question, and find the answer
to the inquiry question while digging through the subject. I found myself with information about
the subject that I never knew where related to it. The whole process is exploratory and exciting
since I didn’t know what I would find in the end. I am doing Civil Engineering and I believe this
type of research will be really helpful given that most projects are exploratory. In addition, I
believe that applying the genre concept to my project will help me know the type of message to
send to my audience.
I have learned a tremendous amount of concepts in this course. I can’t help thinking
about all I could have learned if it was a regular semester. I have taken the course seriously
enough to understand those concepts. I have the feeling that I have missed in some concepts for
taking the course in the summer. If I had to do things differently, I would definitely take that
class during the Fall semester.
I believe that I gave it all in that class even though I was taking it with another class that
requires a huge amount of time. I took every single assignment seriously and I believe that I
deserved to have an A. At first, I wasn’t really hyped up about taking the course. In the end, I
was doing the assignments not for the grades but because I was learning a lot while doing them.