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SolarFlair Energy Inc.

190 Pleasant St, Ashland, MA

132 panels on our roof!

Our Mission at SolarFlair Energy Inc. is to:
 Empower individuals to make a switch to clean energy for powering their

home, business, or institution
Reduce our dependence on carbon based fuels such as oil and coal
Accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies so as to minimize the
impacts on the global economy
Reduce the effects of global climate change
Provide an opportunity for individuals that are passionate about these
issues to make a tangible impact on the energy usage of the communities in
which we live


500 solar projects completed

About SolarFlair Energy Inc.
We’ve always been local!
 Founded in Hopkinton in 2007, moved to Framingham in

2010 and now we have settled in Ashland
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer’s
Home Improvement Contractor License (HCL-175579)
Construction Supervisors License (CSL-106731)
10 Licensed Electricians:
 Master Electrician License (MA-16209A)
OSHA Construction Safety and Health Certifications for all
1 LEED Accredited Professional

We NEVER subcontract out your install

10 year install warranty!

Installation Process

How Does it Work?

Two Major Components: Inverter(s)
Photo-Voltaic Panels

Benefits of Solar
 Energy independence
 Job creation

 Reduces electrical demand during peak hours
 Clean renewable energy – good for the


What makes a good site for Solar?
 South facing installation area

 Limited Shading: may not qualify for PPA. Sun Access of
80% or higher qualifies for a PPA

Example of a Suneye picture

Accommodate at least 8 panels

Entire Roof Installation

Holden, MA

Multiple Roof Installation

Framingham, MA

Ground Mount Installation

Charlton, MA

Pole Mounted Installation

Mendon, MA

Small Commercial Installations

Rose’s Automotive - Sherborn

System Components - Panels

System Components – Inverters & Optimizers

 Modules: 25 Years
 Inverter: 10-25 Years
 Central inverter lifespan: 10 - 15 Years
 Central inverter replacement cost: $1,000-

 Micro inverter lifespan: 25+ years
 Workmanship: 10 Years
 Expected System Life: 25+ years
 NO Maintenance!

Financial Incentives for Owning a
Solar PV System
 Tax Credits
 30% of the total project cost will be credited to

you by the Federal government
 15%, up to $1000, will be credited to you by the
 SREC Revenue (SRECTrade)
 Net Metering

Tiered Pricing Structure

Increased Pricing Factors
 Site Specific:

Multiple roof arrays
Tilt racking
Flat roof
Pole or ground mounted system
Tree removal
Steep/Tall Roof
Structural Engineers Analysis
Reinforcing rafters
Line side tap
Electrical panel upgrade
Electrical sub-panel
Meter Upgrade/Change
Interior Conduit Run

System Upgrades:
 Automated Reporting

Extended workmanship
Suniva - black
Suniva - American
manufactured modules
SunPower 327W Modules


Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS)
• Beyond the value of the electricity produced, solar energy
has additional “clean” value because of its positive
environmental attributes.

• A certificate is minted for every 1,000 kWh that your
system produces.

• These certificates can be bought and sold on the market
for $285 per SREC for the first two years, this value is
slightly reduced for the following eight years.

• Demand for SREC’s will increase as utilities are required to
add clean energy to their energy supply.

Net Metering
If the solar panels are
producing more power than
the building needs, the
electric meter spins
backwards and you get
credit for the energy

(5100 Watt) SYSTEM

Includes: Structural Engineers Analysis, SolarEdge Optimizers with Monitoring
Assumptions: 5000 kWh annual production & Utility rate of $0.23/per kWh






Tiered Price






(Year 1)






Federal Tax






State Tax











< 5 Years

5 years

< 4.5 years

<4 years

3.5 years

Net Price

Power Purchase Agreement
 $0-$2000 down with a 2.9% escalator, a third party (Clean

Power Finance) will pay to install a system on a customer’s
The customer will pay for the energy produced by the solar
energy system
$.105 - $.135 per kWh
tier 2 - $500
tier 3 - $500
tier 4 - $750
tier 5 - $1000
20 year agreement which is easily transferrable
Good site conditions and credit score is required

Frequently Asked Questions
 What if my roof is old?

 Do I need to clean the panels or remove snow from

 Will the solar panels be able to withstand harsh
environmental conditions?
 How much weight do the solar panels add?
 Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

Next Steps!
 Step 1: Contact SolarFlair for a FREE site assessment
 Brian Hession 508-808-0350
 Step 2: Review SolarFlair Proposal
 Step 3: Sign a Contract
 Step 4: Installation


Thank You !