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Springfield, Mass.











Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by




!n the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of Massachusetts.






by Mr. William G. Webster, with the co-operation of
Goodrich of Yale College, was first published in 1856.
While in a general way it was designed for use in the family, the office, and the countingroom, and among all who might desire to obtain a comprehensive dictionary of small size and
cost, it was, at the same time, framed with a particular reference to the wants of students in
our colleges, academies, and other advanced schools, and also of those engaged in private

This work,

originally prepared

the late Professor





present revision has been

made by Mr. William A. Wheeler, one of

the revised edition of Webster's Quarto Dictionary issued in 1864.


of the abridgment as just stated, he has not only brought the work into
the revised Quarto, but has considerably enlarged



the editors of

in view the plan

conformity with


and proportionally increased





present form, this volume comprises a copious and careful selection of English words

shows their correct orthography and pronunciation, gives
etymology in a concise manner, and exhibits their various shades of signification by
means of formal definition conveyed for the most part in brief descriptive sentences or clauses.
In some thousands of cases, a list of Synonyms, printed in a separate paragraph and in smaller
in actual use at the present day,




subjoined to the definitions


and, in addition, synonymous words, to the

number of

about seventeen hundred, are carefully discriminated in nearly six hundred distinct


Wood-cuts, selected and engraved expressly- for this work, have been freely introduced, not
as mere embellishments, but for the purpose .of leading to a better understanding of the terms

under which they occur.


Introduction contains a concise and authentic exposition of

subject of English orthoepy, a very full collection of Rules for Spelling,



of Prefixes and Suffixes, with appropriate examples of their



and an ex-



and range of the Appendix will be best understood by referring to the various Tables included in it, or by an inspection of the Contents on page v. Its leading object, however, is
to add to the value of the work as a popular manual of reference by presenting in a form
adapted for ready consultation pronouncing vocabularies of proper names, and brief explanations of certain other matters concerning which information is often desired by readers and

writers of every class.

Such are the chief features of the work, which,
ments, and enriched by





stands, revised in all its depart-

important additions, considerably exceeds


original limits,

the size of the page having been somewhat increased, and ninety pages added to the


contained in the former edition.


believed that this Dictionary can be advantageously used as a text-book for systematic

instruction in the English language,

and that

ing scholar engaged in the study of words.
will furnish materials for


will serve as


The preliminary

faithful guide to the self- teach" Principles of Pronunciation *

a course of exercises in English orthoepy, including the analysis of




ways of representing them, the effect of accent on the
vowel sounds, and the like while, under each head, the pupil can prepare, with the aid of
This mode of study may be occathe Vocabulary, extended lists of illustrative examples.
the elementary sounds, the various

by taking up

sionally varied

words embraced therein

made of

at pleasure certain portions of the

to the several principles

the " Rules for Spelling "

and has


Vocabulary, and referring the

which they exemplify.


like use

can be

and the student who has familiarized himself with these

had the benefit of sufficient practice in writing out lists of examples, will
how soon he has become an adept in the difficult art of orthography. The
list of Prefixes and Suffixes, taken in connection with the etymologies given in the body of
the work, will enable a learner to investigate the structure of English words, to become acquainted with the significance of their constituent parts, and to trace the connection of their
primary, derivative, and metaphorical senses, a distinct knowledge of which is often the
condition of their appropriate use.
The interest and instructiveness of exercises in etymological analysis, and their importance as a means of disciplining the mind to thoughtful habits
can not be gainsaid. " There are cases," says Coleridge, " in which more knowledge of
more value may be conveyed by the history of a word than by the history of a campaign."
And again, as being of " especial aid ... in forming a habit of reflection," he says, " Accustom
yourself to reflect on the words you use, hear, or read, their birth, derivation, and history
for, if words are not things, they are living powers, by which the things of most importance
to mankind are actuated, combined, and humanized."
It is suggested to teachers that a certain number of prefixes or suffixes be assigned as a lesson for study, and that the pupil be
required to ascertain and explain the literal meaning of the examples appended to them,
including the root as well as the formative syllables. Additional examples may be taken
directly from the Dictionary, or from the spelling-book or the reading-book, as may seem most
Other useful modes of instruction will occur to the skillful teacher. The lists of
Synonyms, and the articles in which synonyms are distinguished, may be made available as
models to be imitated in the collection and discrimination of words of the same general
a practice highly valuable as leading to a ready command of language, and to
clearness and precision in its use.
In the arrangement of words in the Dictionary, while a strictly alphabetical order is followed,
are not treated in distinct
whether etymologically related or not
words of the same form
articles, but the definition of one immediately follows that of another in the same paragraph,
being separated from it only by a dash; as, " Ab'o-rig'i-nal, a. First or primitive.
A first or original inhabitant." This has been done to save space, but the inspector will find
that facility of reference has not been sacrificed to the necessity for compression*
In submitting this work to the judgment of the public, the Editor indulges the hope that the
protracted labor and unremitting care he has bestowed upon it have resulted in the production of a Dictionary which will be found to answer all the purposes for which it is intended.


be surprised to find

Dorchester, Massachusetts, January,







vii to xxii






























xxii to xxyi

xxvii to xxxi









elements of pronunciation of the principal modern languages of

487 to 495

continental europe,
explanation of abbreviations and signs,
Vocabulary of Modern Geograpihcal Names,
Vocabulary of Modern Biographical Names,



496 to 501

502 to 519




520 to 525

Names of Men,
Names of Women,



526, 527

528 to 533






535 to 538
539 to 541

542 to 548

549 to 560


Ale, Fate, Chamber, Gray.
Add, Fat, Have, RXndom.
Eve, Mete, Peace, Seizure.
End, Met, Check, Leopard.
Ice, Fine, Mire, Thrive.
Ill, FIn, Admit, Tribute.

J, A, long, as in
A, A, short, as iu
E, E, long, as in

£, E, short, as in
ZoHg, as in


I, 1, short, as in


I, I,


5, long, as in

Old, N5te, Loaf, Depose.
odd, Not, Torrid, Resolve
Use, Tube, Lute, FeudalUs, Tub, but, Study.
Fly, Style, Sky, Edify.


6, short, as in
u, long, as in
U, short, as in

Y, Y, long, as in
Y, Y, sAori, as in

Cyst, Nymph, Lyric, Abyss.

A, a, as in
A, A, Italian, as'in


A, as in



A, broad, as in


AIR, ShAre, PAir, BeAr.
arm, Father, Bar, Palm.
Ask, GrAss, Dance, BrAnch.
All, Talk, Haul, Swarm.






A, A, like short o,as in

What, Wander, Wallow.

E, E, like a, as in
g,E, like long a, as in

Ere, There, Heir, Where.
Eight, Prey, Obey.
Ermine, VErge, Prefer.





I, I, like




as in


I.I. like e, as in




Pique, Machine, Police.
Irksome, VIrgin, ThIrsty




like short

«,as in

0, Q, like long oo, as in
0,p, like short oo, as in

6,6, like broad
6*0, 6b, as in
66, 6b, as in

o, as in






Other, DOne, S6n, W6n.
Pkove, Do, Move, Tomb.
Bqsom, Wolf, Woman.
Order, Form, Stork.
Moon, Food, Booty.
Wool, FOot, Good.

y, preceded by r, as in Rude Rumor, Rural.
U,v,like short oo, as in Bull, Put, Push, Pull.
Urge, Burn, Furl, Concur.
U, U,asin








o, silent


Tok-en, Cousin, Mason.

Oi, oi, or

Oy, oy (unmarked),

Ou, ou, or


Oil, Join, Moist, Oyster.

as in

ow (unmarked), as in

Out, Hound, Owl, Vowel.


C, soft, like


sharp, as in

€, G, hard, like k, as in
Ch, ch (unmarked), as in
<^h, ch, soft, like sh, as in
€H, €H, hard, like k, as in

Qede, Qite, Mercy.
€all, €oncur, Success.
Child, Much, Touch,
(^haise, Marchioness.
€horus, Egho, Distich.

G, G, hard, as in
Get, Tiger, Begin.
G, G, soft, like./, as in
Gem, Engine, Elegy.
S, s, sharp (unmarked), as in Same, Yes, Rest.




S, §, soft

or vocal, likez, as in


Th, th, sharp (unmarked), as
T-H, ,TH flat or vocal, as in



Thing, Breath.
Thine, Smooth.

Ng, ng (unmarked), as in
Sing, Single.
N, N,(See §82), as in
Linger, Link.
X, x, like gz, as in
Exist, Auxiliary.
Ph, ph, like /(unmarked), as in Phantom, Sylph.
QU, QU, like kw (unmarked), s in Queen, Conquest.



WH, wh,







Zh, zh, as in




a: i


What, Awhile.


**.* When one letter of an improper diphthong, or of a triphthong, is marked, it is to be taken as representing the sound of the
combination, and the letter or letters which are not marked are to be regarded as silent; as in aim, clean, ceil, people, route, soul,
journal, tow, &c. The combined letters ce, ci, sci, se, si, or ti, occurring before a vowel in a syllable immediately preceded by an
accented syllable, are generally equivalent to sh ; as in o'eean, ceta'ceous, so/e«'al, logi/eian, suspi/cion, auspi-'eious, con/sct'ence,
nau/seous, controversial, dissen/sion, ini/tial, ora/ft'on, ficti/fious, &c. Such syllables are not always respelled, as, in general, they
will naturally be pronounced correctly by an English speaker. But in all exceptional, doubtful, or difficult cases, the appropriate




V For an explanation of

foreign sounds occurring in the Dictionary see pp. 602-504.

RESPELLING FOR PRONUNCIATION. — (1.) In respelling the French an, en, on, &c, the letters ng are not to be pronounced themselves, being designed simply to mark the vowel as nasal, that is, as pronounced through both the nose and the mouth
at the same time. — (2.) The respelling of a word when a number of related words follow, applies to all of them down to some other
word which is respelled.
ACCENT. — The principal accent is denoted by a heavy mark; the secondary, by a lighter mark; as in Su'perintend'ent.
In the division of words into syllables, these marks, besides performing their proper office, supply the place of the hyphen, except
in some compound and derivative words.


without the vanish; see § 2), and then pass fully and
strongly into the guttural vibration (ca/ur or ca'er), draw-


The vowel sounds in monosyllables and accented
ing the two as closely as possible into the same syllable
syllables are marked in the Dictionary by pointing the letso closely that Smart (not aiming at philosophical exactEach of the vowels will now be
ters according to the Key.
ness) speaks of the r as actually blending with the previous
considered under three heads namely, its regular long, and
vowel. In like manner, parent is sounded p&'ur-ent, or pa/,
short, and its occasional sounds, as heard in monosyllables
er-ent ; and fairy has the sound of fa'er-y, as the word was
and in accented and unaccented syllables.
§ 1.








NOTE. This sound of a is in most cases dipthongal,
having a slight " vanish " in e annexed to its k< radical " or
initial sound, as in pay, where the y may be regarded as
representing the vanish. Writers are not agreed as to the
nature of the radical part, some considering it to be the
sound of short e, while others assert that it is a distinct,
though very similar, element, being like the other long
vowels as compared with their true corresponding short
See § 11, and § 8,
sounds, of a slightly less open quality.

§ 3. Regular short sound, marked A, 5, as in add;
heard also in plaid, bade, &c.

Note. This is a distinct element from the long a.
Like the other shut or stopped vowels (e, I, 5, u, do), its
sound is exceedingly short, and has a certain abrupt, explosive character, which is hardly found in any language
but our own. With respect to its position in the scale of
sounds, it is a palatal vowel, intermediate between a and 8,
the tongue being raised higher than for a, and not so high
as for S.

Occasional Sounds of A.

same sound in a f"w words, such as


first syllable




§ 4. Sound of a before r, in such words as air, care, fare,
bear, prayer, parent, marked A, a.
The letter e has the





errors in opposite extremes are here to be avoided
1. That of the vulgar, who pronounce where, whar ; bear,
care'ful, car'ful, &c.
2. That of some among the
educated classes, who pronounce pair, parent, &c, as if
spelt pay'er, pay'rent, &c.
Some have considered the a in care as a distinct element
this, however, is not admitted by Smart, who maintains
that it is our long a in fate, and owes all its peculiarity to
the subsequent r. Such, also, is the statement of Dr Webster and most English orthoepists.
The sound of r in these
words is what Smart calls a "guttural vibration,"

out into long quantity, gives us there (thar) and er (the
in error) gives us ere or e'er (ar). Thus, in the
view here presented, the initial sound should always be that
of a in fate (the radical without the vanish see § 2), though
the final impression upon the ear is that of an open or
broad sound, in consequence of the " opening power " of
the r. In primitive words like fare, lair, pair, and the
others mentioned above, it is very important not to dwell
so long on the a as to make it diphthongal for, if the close
vanishing element of the vowel is retained, it is impossible
for the open r to blend with it in the same syllable.
in derivative words like flayer, layer, payer, it is essential to
preserve the terminational sound of the a, in order to keep
up a distinction between the two classes.
Some, however, especially in New England, give these
words a slightly different sound ; namely, that of our short
a before the r, in air, pronounced aer, with a somewhat
lengthened sound of the a. This sound is rather more open
than the one mentioned above, and is apt, in the mouths
of our common people, to become too broad and coarse.
If well executed, however, it is scarcely at all inferior to
the other in smoothness and grace. It is frequently heard
among the well-educated in England there is a tendency
in many to intermingle the two, and it often requires a
Dr. Webster, who
nice ear to determine which is used.
adopted the former in his own practice, once remarked to
the writer that he regarded the difference as unimportant,
provided the New England sound be given without coarse;

§ 2. Regular long sound, marked A, a, as in ale ; heard
also in pain, day, gaol, gauge, aye, break, veil, whey, &c.


Faery Queen." Smart
actually spelt by Spenser in his
refers, also, with approbation, to another mode of identifying the sound in question ; namely, that of prolonging our
Thus, ther (with the e as in thSn), drawn
short e before r.



sound which he represents by ur, and Dr. Webster by er.
In care we touch lightly on the a sound (the radical alone

ness or

undue breadth.

§ 5. Sound of the Italian a, marked A, a, as in drm,
father, far ; heard also in ah, hearth, aunt, guard, dre, &c.

Note. This sound occurs in monosyllables and in the
accented syllable of many words, before r final or r followed by another consonant (as in scar, tar, tart, yard,
de-bar 1 de-part'), and in the derivatives of such words (as
in scarred, tarry, of, or resembling, tar, debarring). But
when a occurs in an accented syllable, before r followed by
a vowel or by another r, in a word not a derivative, it has
its regular short sound, as in drable, b&rrow, t&rry, to






the most opea of all the vowel sounds.



one of the extremes of the vowel scale, the other use one of the finest sounds of our language. This is the
extremes being e and oo. In its formation, the mouth and sound recommended in this volume, and marked A, a.
throat are opened widely, and the tongue is left in its nat- Some might possibly prefer one a little less open, verging
ural position of rest. It was formerly much more common slightly more towards that of a in an ; and there is cerThe loss of it to tainly room here for a diversity of taste and practice among
in English than it is at the present day.
bo great an extent has been an injury to our language, and those who agree in the main point of rejecting the extreme
shortness of Walker's sound. If it be proposed, however,
any further exclusion of it is therefore undesirable.
to give these words a sound intermediate in quality between
§ Q, Sound of a in certain words (chiefly monosyllables) the Italian a and our short a, one thing is important to be
ending in ff, ft, ss, st, sk, sp, with a few in nee, and nt, considered. Mr. Smart states, in answer to an inquiry on
marked A, a, as in staff, graft, pass, last, ask, gasp, chance, the subject, that, although he can exemplify such a sound,
he is not aware that any thing of the kind is used among
chant, &c.
the educated classes in England. The only alternative
NOTE. Down to the close of the last century, words of there seems to be between the Italian a and the extreme
this class were universally pronounced with the full Italian short sound of Walker
and it is natural and desirable
a. Some, especially among the vulgar, gave this too broad- that those among us who reject the latter should adopt the
ly, or with a kind of drawl (as pass like pahss, fast like same sound with those who led the way in that rejection
fahst), so that Walker, disgusted with this abuse, and upon the other side of the Atlantic.
Any one who heard
having a prejudice against intermediate sounds, marked the lectures of Mr. Thackeray during his visit to this counall such words in his Dictionary by the sound of short a,
try in 1855-56, and noticed his pronunciation with reference
giving the vowel in past, staff, &c, the sound of that in to this subject, must have been struck with the definite
It will not be surprising
pat, Staffa (the island), &c.
sound of the Italian a which he gave to all words of this
if we bear in mind the remark in § 3 on the extreme shortclass. He even gave that pound in the word answer, which,
that this change was though common in England, is comparatively rare in Amerthis
ness and abruptness of
strongly condemned by the orthoepists. Jones declared it ica. A gentleman who held for many years a high diploto be " a mincing affectation " and Mitford said, " No matic station at the court of St. James, told the writer
English tongue fails to express, no English ear to perceive, that, except among Londoners, he almost uniformly heard
the difference between the sound of a in passing and in the Italian a in such cases, especially among the officers of
No colloquial familiarity will substitute the one government, and the nobility and gentry with whom he
Still, the high character of Walker, and the
for the other. "
was led to associate. Such, also, is said by members of
increasing disgust for every thing like a drawl In speaking, Oxford and Cambridge to be the case now at those univergave currency to the change. It prevailed in London, and sities and some of the most eminent preachers of the kingin some of the larger cities of America, until there sprung dom, such as the Bishop of Oxford (Wilberforce), have been
up, on both sides of the Atlantic, what Smart has called a mentioned in confirmation of this remark. It is for such
" new school " and an " old school " on this subject. The reasons that the words in question are here marked
with a
extreme shortness of the a as marked by Walker, was still shortened or brief sound of the Italian a, in accordance with
objected to and Smart, in his Dictionary, first published the views and practice of Dr. Webster.
in 1836, censured Walker on this account, saying, "He
allows no compromise between the broad Italian a, with
§ 7. Sound of broad a, marked A, a, as in all, talk, haul,
which a vulgar mouth pronounces ass, and the sound nar- swarm ; heard also in sauce, awe, geCrgic, fork, groat,
rower (if possible) than the a in at, with which an effected bOught, &c.
speaker minces the same word." He therefore spoke of a
This has sometimes been called the German a,
" medium sound " of the a in words of this class, saying,
" We are apt, even in London, to give a slight prolongation but is a broader and more guttural sound, being formed by
of the larynx, and a consequent retraction of
to the vowel (a) which would, in other cases, be quite rus- a depression







This prolongation has passed into America, and is the tongue, which enlarges the cavity of the mouth posteextensively among the followers of Walker in riorly.
this country.
It is a kind of drawl on the a in such words
§ 8. Short sound of broad a, marked A, a, as in what,
Smart states, however, in a recent wander, wallow, &c. heard also in knowledge.
as last, past, fast, &c.
letter, that in England this prolongation is now wholly laid
This is the extreme short sound of broad a, and
aside. " Custom with us," he remarks, "is much changed.
It is no longer affectation to say ass; and grant, graft, &c, coincides with the sound of o in not. It differs, however,
at present indicate the pronunciation of well-educated Lon- in quality as well as quantity from broad a, being a more
don people under sixty-five or sixty years of age." In open sound that is to say, the aperture of the lips and
other words, Walker's extreme short sound of staff, like the internal cavity of the mouth, though of the same shape
Staffa, and pass like pSssive, is now adopted by many in both cases, are somewhat larger for the former (a) than
for the latter (a), while the position of the tongue remains
Londoners as the true and only proper sound.
The change introduced by Walker never had any great unaltered throughout. Nor is this difference peculiar to
currency in this country, except in a few large cities and a and a it also exists between the other pairs of vowel
in places immediately affected by their influence. Our sounds 'that have essentially the same organic formation,
leading lexicographers, Webster and Worcester, declared but differ in length or duration in each case, that which
against it. Many who were taught it in childhood have is the briefer in quantity is the more open in quality of the
since laid it aside and there is an increasing disposition two.
among our teachers and literary men to unite on some inThere is a sound of a, as heard in salt, although, &c,
termediate sound between the extreme broadness, or length, which is intermediate between that in awe and that in what.
of the a in father, and the extreme narrowness, or shortness No distinctive mark is used to indicate this intermediate


now heard






of the a in fat. That of Smart (mentioned above as now dis- sound, but the inquirer is referred to this section from all
used was intermediate in quantity ; and so also is another, words in the vocabulary in which the sound occurs.
which Fulton and Knight have introduced into their Dic- § 21, Note.
tionary, namely, a shortened sound of the Italian a. They
§ 9. An exceptional
give the word "lard'''' as an example of the long Italian
if they were spelled Sn'y, mtn'y, being the
sound (as in father, &c), and " last " of their short Italian many.' It is as
short sound of e.
sound and
now under consideration, such as staff, graft, pass, last,
ask, gasp, and a few words in nee and nt, as dance, and
chant. In this way they guard against that undue prolonmSte,
§ 10. Regular long sound, marked E, e, as in Eve,
gation of the a which offended Walker, and still retain in



friend. thy. following words. § 17. folks. cloak. both. except wind. between a and oo. this element is radically distinct owe. wholesome. The observations e in words like ermine. &c. in respect to the . roam. the tongue is slightly relaxed from against its sides. revolt. as in eh. regard it as marked I. myrtle. as in 2nd. bear. in some parts of the United States. have the full sound of the o as heard in acor to recover wind or breath. as in o-pin'ion. holm. as in ermine. mirth. — See § 4. and § ference between the two sounds. and give to a number of them almost meaning air in motion. broken. material. Note — This not a short sound of long &c. whole. when the syllable retains its accent. is the same sound with that of a in care. erring. met. holster. hero. only. Regular long sound. sieve. and broke . This. I. turm for term. IX i. yeoman. Most § 15. gist can not but regard the true short o described in this section as an imjportant and legitimate member of the lamtfynph. but a diphthong. heard also in Ccesar. NOTE . but most orthoepists at the present day. as in ferry. heard also in many. &c. i. in child. o. this is the only difis sage through which a vowel sound can be uttered. shoulder. verge. sofa. rode. bolt. swollen (or swoln). Many have considered it as the shut or extreme short sound of long e . — In E — — heifer. identical distinct. door. molten. give the e in such words the full sound of u in urge. hope. road. colter. from both ft and &. coat. upholstery. thus making (as Smart observes) " a compromise between the two. beau. of hole to whole. Europe. marked I. the theoretic phonolo§ 16. . appropriately the sound of i in all foreign languages. to-bac / co. maternal. thzre. as in irksome. as bind. the formation of this element. both are intermediate between a. eying. heard also in earnest. and possibly a few others. most. I* is exceedingly common. &c. close. The provincialism here pointed out obtains. or the long sound. This sound. verging toward the sound of in urge. of poach to coach of moat to coat . e. of hone to bone and stone . while allowing it to be a nearly related sound. load. a. &c. beaufin. fair. soap. however. hoe. marked I. heard similarly in the other cases. and § 3. yoke. a and oo being the Occasional. &c. The case here contemplated is that of e before r. being slightly more open than the radical part of with that of e in ermine. story. coach. pole. vein. : comb. or in derivatives of such words. See § 2. peril. &c. women. as. dolt. as hum. This remark is important as bearing on a very prevalent error. in a word not derived as above. hold. and many cultivated speakers both in England and America. throat. thirsty. vie. and in monosyllables these words without the vanish. in a monosyllable or in an accented syllable in which the r is not followed by a vowel or by another r. poultice. and wind. with the a accented. as in herd. The vanish of the o is omitted in unaccented syllables. is .PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. leopard. It is essentially the same element as that described in the next section. toad. &c. § 19. the tongue is and is so regarded by the best orthoepists at the present raised convexly within the dome of the palate. &c. the tongue not being so much depressed as for the made under § 14 former. bolster. mild. murcy for mercy. therefore the closest lingual or palatal vowel. height. verging toward u in urge. I. having a slight " vanish " in oo annexed to the " radical " or initial sound. mercy. as is heard also in hautboy. marked E. to cause to lose the sound of short u. less palatal than the latter. § 14. goad. . machine. It has usually been considered as the shut or extreme short sound of the a in fate . and giving to the radical por- tion a somewhat more open quality but this practice is wholly opposed to English usage. busy. molt. open. — : — Occasional Sounds of E. § 20. 3. though closely allied. feather. field. Regular short sound. It is same prolongation of the sound. See § 10. poultry. and leaving only the smallest possible pas. I. wholly. prefer . aphceresis. e occurs before r. by dropping the vanishing element which belongs to the vowel. — . find. machine. &c. the *organs are placed in a position intermediate between that requisite for sounding ft and that for sounding e. in the most approved style of pronunciation. prey. jolt.the position assumed for producing e. it either has the short sound. oesophagus. e'er. as in below." In other words. though not in all cases with quite the NOTE. leisure. as bolt. composed of a and e as extremes. intermediate with respect to the mode of its formation. &c. err. asafxtida. rye. yolk. as in ill. and lacking the vanish NOTE. sol (the name of the note G of the musioriginally evolved. where the w may be regarded as representing the vanish. quay. perilous. grow. been. cented syllables. Regular short sound. as in old. § 13. but of a slightly less open quality. term. only.\. beard. nor raised so high toward the palate as for the ft. says. but should be given to home'. none. &c. marked 0. bone. element. to scent. choke. stone. cloak. — is Note This is not a short sound of the long e. key. &c. apply fully as to short latter. virgin. Note. sew. the extremes of the natural vowel scale. upholsterer. § 12. as vurgin for virgin. . &c. most. The radical part of the sound is a simple element. heritage. vulgar go further. — This sound of Note. as in period. Sound of e like a. to this sound of the i. to shorten the long o of certain words. Note. and the labial aperture greater than for oo. marked E. wrote. rogue. But. also in English.. coax. ken. § 18. deferring. colt. heard persons in New England sound the o in a part or all of also in aisle. ferule. in pint. marked I. NOTE. Sound of e like a (as in care. u — • NOTE. &c. namely boat. They should all. feet. — This Note. which will be mentioned in the next sec- tion. Sound of i like that of long e. from which it was doubtless sloth. J. Sound of e before r. 7 in this case is sounded by many speakers like a and e. When defer. guess. . See § 2. but it is really a distinct. kind. e. pressing time. smoke. Regular long sound. &c. o is in most cases diphthongal. and is one of 8. Sound of i before r. smoke. the precise character of the sound. other extremes. broke. pique. Sounds of I. In its formation. guile. Most of the English words in which this sound is represented by this letter are from the French. wild . eight. NOTE. buy. home. being less guttural than the former and polka. of joke to spoke. said. cal scale). See § 3. marked £. caprice. 5. and Still. as in ere. bury. &c. followed by a vowel or by another r. though represented by a single Thus the full o of dome character. as in § 11. guinea. more or less widely. while some among the ending with nd. The vulgar universally. — — This is e. homely. Mir. verdure. of slope to made so very brief that the ear with difficulty recognizes hope . people. the tongue being less depressed than for a. as in Ice . sound which this letter modern languages of Continen- essentially the generally has in the leading tal marked E. is not a simple element. stated in § 4. for home. eye. but ought not to be omitted elsewhere.

burn. group. In its organic formation. — This is a compound sound. as in rude. . yule. but is shorter in quantity. bull. marked 0. All the English orthoepists agree that the u in this case drops the y or ? which is generally an element of compound sound when preceded. as in fo'od but many pronounce them with the short sound. burin. as in formed. in an accented syllable. NOTE. azh/oor also in the derivatives of such words. . Sec. the sound of y is clearly perceived. It is the closest labial vowel that is to say. § 23. root. broom. &c. off. &c. marked tf. and must look upon its absence in the established orthoepy of our language as a defect and an anomaly. &c. n. letter o generally . When the long u is preceded. with tht» u as perfect [i. 29. 28. it has its regular short sound. which is also used for 00 short. &c. with a distinct sound of y prefixed to 00] as in cube. It has been more aptly termed the neutral vowel. as in other. you. ceded by any one of the palatal or labial sounds k. rue. This medium sound is usually given to the short o when directly followed by ss. — — sound coincides with that of u in — See § 33. as in prove. marked 00. Unit. (see § 26) . u. p. NOTE 30. view. as in bosom. s. Regular short sound of 00. Note. to. the broad. or is pre. is either northern or laboriously pedantic. yew. . &c. o. mule. Regular long SOund. Sound of u like that of short 00 (cTo). the broad. The reason is. But when o occurs. trough.PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. cubic. roof. Sound of o like oo long. U § 33. To him. put. X vowel sounds. § 25. Spaniards. the shut or extreme short sound of broad a. on the one hand. the sides being brought into contact with each other so as to leave only a small central aperture for the escape of the voice. pew. formed of the vowel a slight sound of the consonant y or of the vowel it. Regular long or open sound. recruit. 6rder. with e~ or 1 before t § . and the short. The following words. Regular short sound. food . as See § in wdbl. and derives its peculiar guthave been confounded by some orthoepists but there is tural character from the influence of the pharynx and back an obvious difference between them. feud. with reference to its want is . Note. 00. as man- canoe. flood. di&tinct and simple element. and th. lute. zh. as in bUt . — §27. as in for'eign. stOrk. as in mute. &c. See § 8. move. Regular short sound. as in § 7. its . and some other words. of sounding only the 00 after the man- dooty soot . " To say tube (tyoob). rool ruby. § * Occasional Sounds of U. — NOTE. Sound of u before r in such words as Urge. II. See § 26. 0~0. cough. same and syllable > th. and yule sure. bull. — — § 8. and Italians. futile. . § 24. the Germans. . dr'chard. syl-' lable. — § 28. it is essentialbut also in quality. noosance suit. heard also in rheum.f0rm. doing. . cost. shoogar azure. as in the words usage. and to those who are over-nice at th<» South. that. Special care must be taken not only to make this sound as brief as possible. ney. OO. Note. recognized abroad by their habit of pronouncing room. not only in quantity. . — The &c — See . root roqf. Sound of NOTE. . 8. northern. o. puny. ewe. There is a medium sound of this letter which is neither so short as in not. We thus avoid the two extremes. Sound of o like short u. q. jour- furl. by any other consonant than r. and on the other hand. double. sounded shoor sugar. abhdr'ring. room . . . heard also in does. room. namely. lord. and and of a rather more open quality. marked U. rood. but to pronounce it in the same syllable with the 00. &c. d. t — . I. Note. § in oeuvre. does. yool. as in odd. hence the y in such cases is very apt to be dropped." a de&cription which applies to the vulgar in our Eastern States. ti heard also in worm. It is a like that of a in call. a derivative. drew. in the by any one of the consonants is — This lieu. rude. the short vowel being more open than ly the same sound as u in urge. rood. pronouncing duty. heard also in wolf. mute. New Englanders especially are often as in foot (see § 27). — . . — This often called the natural vowel. in the same syllable. tomb. lucid (lyoocid). and soon. Sound of o like oo short. It ought to be added that wherever the sound of sh. loot tune. soon. — has this sound when it ner of careless speakers. feodal. IT. marked 6. This is not the short sound of long u. like a (broad a). o*b. woman. rural. as in vowel or by another r. form. &c. &c. pull. gun. § 22. b f. § 34. nSt . dove. and its final prevaily of lence and admittance to equal rights with the other vowels is a thing he would rather desire than deprecate. nor so long as in naught. Note. § 21. Note. the mouth being slightly opened in the easiest or most natural and unconstrained manner for the passage of voice in a nearly unmodified form. in forming these consonants. as in cross. Sound of u when preceded by r in the same marked U. its rise and growth in the popular speech are interesting facts. &c. the organs are in a position to pass with perfect ease to the sound of 00. — This — See Occasional. or'ange. wolf. &c. of over. e. it 13 peculiarly difficult to introduce the sound of y and hence negligent speakers omit it entirely. &c. NOTE. &c. do. and coincides with the French ou in route. § 27. marked 6. abhdr'. st. &c. precedes the u. cube. To give the extreme short sound to such words is affectation to give them the full sound of broad a is vulgar. the y is omitted. § 3. These two sounds of o. 6. marked moon. heard also in wander. toon nuisance. &c. t. See § 3. concur. should. and § 9. marked 0. like that of a in what. . both of which have a very close organic relationship to consonant y. See § 31. But the name is scarcely appropriate for the sound is altogether wanting in many languages. . — — . and coincides with the sound of a in what. and u. before r followed by a vowel or by another r in a word not § 31. Note. marked ft. and soon. heard also in sun. part of the mouth. thurible. See § 8. touch. &c. 0. and § 27. push. rumor. as in bull. &c. rood broom. heard also in beauty. Sounds of 0. The practice of good society is to let the y sink into a very brief sound of long e or of short t. — This sound is the same element with the u of Note. § 32. suit. g. as in fdr'mer. Note. by making too much of the y. 6"o. Note. tor'rid. ro"oby. broom. occurs before r in a monosyllable (as in for. in gone. foot . blood. so that rue is pronounced rob rule. cue. thoorible. u. therefore. have properly the long sound of 00. in forming it the lips are more nearly closed than for any other vowel. marked 0.m. knowledge. root. ndrth) or in an accented syllable when not followed by a or y consonant. marked See § 8. On this point Smart remarks.v. roof. When the u begins a syllable. gules. while it is very difficult in doing so to touch the intermediate y . because it requires almost no effort to utter it. and becomes simply 00. and it occupies a with the single exception of the English comparatively subordinate place in the vowel systems of the principal tongues in which it occurs. also. broth.

) It occurs. as in couple . a-ry. § 43. refuses to take the Italian a soup. as heard in owl. it is almost always so slighted ca blow. rep7 . and obscured as to be indistinguishable from the neutral OTJ. (2. ven'om. in others. slow. disbursed') and in derivatives from any such words (as currish. two cases arise namely. choir (kwire). coincident with that of the second u in sulphur. — Note This diphthong is compounded of the elements a and oo. style. abyss. &c. as in the words a-bound'. ey. con'duct. coinciding with the sound of short § cpst. oyster. See § 16. In such words. hur'ry. mo-lesf. in the single word knowlSee § 43. . PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. for the sake of brevity. &c. avoirdupois (av-wr-du-poiz'). fa-tal'i-ty but this pracadjourn (adjurn) and. er. sonants. and this of any strongly-marked distinctive character is here adopted as. into 1 (as in surfeit. sound of or (unmarked). as in accented syllable. — This is marked T. has. as in mountain.) That of oo in words derived from the French. Except in the cases here specified. be now be con- called No. (See § 8. the sound brief sound of long a to this letter when it occurs in an of the broad a. in unaccented syllables ending in a consonant. pronounced moun'ten or moun 7 tin. vi-merlThese are accordingly distinguished by the proper mark. y. mirror. &c. tur-quois (sometimes pronounced tur-keez'). § 39. (No. Y has only one occasional sound namely. is usually sounded like long few in number. This is indicated in the Dictionary by Thus ai. — The elements of this diphthong are 6 as in cord (the same as broad a). 2. but. — &c. tile. &c. becur. bal'last. verge toward. flower. di-recf. as in a-bound'. however. fur. The sound differs from that of short u (with which it has often been identified) in length. before r not followed by a vowel (as in in accented syllables. It may here be remarked. Note. § 42. in which it has. name ar. significant or sounded vowel. tice is not sanctioned by the best orthoepists. con'flict. hurt. like short u (as in silent) but similar circumstances (see § 14 and § 18). in such cases. would. as in ul'ti-maie. purring. u'nite. knowledge. with the Oy is always regular in English accent on the former. as in cantharides . zephyr). liable to be sounded like short i § 37. shamois (sh&m'my). cha-ofic. . or. HI. syllable. hon'ey. — See § 15. sinks into 8 or i in an unaccented REGULAR OR PROPER DIPHTHONGS. vowel. that. sound. 1. ish. . offer. meth'od.) Here the a has properly a § 44. the sound of short u. a (as in corn-plain'). a-muse'. h&y'oc. file for but this pronunciation is now confined exroil. the letter u before r has its short sound. cur'few. would ordinarily be the merest pedantry or affectation compel'. are jal'ap. Occasional. i. In a considerable number of words. These peculiarities are indi. like the e and i in (as in barrel). which. oi was extensively pronounced like long ?*. 1. In many words of as in as-sign'. . in the bles of Dictionary. The vowel e. &c. . &c. or u in urge. and ou is sounded as oi oy oil. on the whole. So ei. if single. and in a somewhat greater degree of closeness. somewhat shortened by the omission of the " van(1. . &c. that some of the diphthongs sound of u in urge. is. words. preferable to any other. &c. as in cur'ry. a vowel. Sound of Y. Regular short sound. or by respelling. this class. As a general rule.ruinations -a-ny and -a-ry. brief sound of the Italian a. Regular long sound. pis'tol. except in the following cases namely. or fall into. clusively to the lowest classes. with final e mute at the close of words. in strict theory. In some words. in an accented syllable. very nearly the these changes are usually avoided by good speakers. In the tershould. the words in which y has this sound being very are similarly affected by the absence of accent. as ia mis'cel-la-ny. NOTE . &c. as in nymph. as in out . murmur. ow some words from the Latin. bi'as. group. the same sound as long i. hound. its vowel. join. sometimes that of u in urge. fur'long. but made extremely brief. car'fied). and oi is regular also. furl.) The syllable may consist of. bed'lam. the latter No. ow represents the sound of long o . unaccented syllables tapir. as in bal'lad. .) The syllable may end in a consonant. myrtle. cap'stan. tortoise (tor'iis). e-vent/. &c. the vowel is long. in a number of words. connoisseur (kon-issoor'). It is also to be observed." This is due to the influence of the subsequent vowel. edify. . passing over into some sound of easier utterance. burst. (2. in fluent utterance. the a has its regular long or name § 40. furry. it to give the vowel its regular short sound. II. know. recurring). (unmarked). in such words as myrrh. and ie become changed in pronunciation OI or OY. pun) fore r final or r followed by one or more consonants different from itself (as in recur'. moment. The diphthong ou has also. h&r'rack. . in some words. or may end in. flag'on. — 36. the vowel is apt to suffer a change or corruption of its distinctive quality. it has the sound (Of short o. respelling. though uttered somewhat more faintly. This diphthong has two leading sounds. Until near the beginning of the present century. The sound of vowel. in the unaccented sylla. in a few cases. though followed by a consonant in the same syllable. bish'ojo. When the unaccented syllable does not end in a consonant. in unaccented syllables ending in a consonant. sky. lyric. a and o. before it without the intervention of one or more conSome speakers in this country give the same § 41.. The former of these will. and. placed over the vowel. as but. and t as in fin (short i). ow. " . Thus the vowel sounds in tho ir. Note. the long mark is. as in bought (bawt) sometimes that of initial unaccented syllable followed by a consonant in an short u. (1. in familiar speech. Y. VOWELS LN UNACCENTED SYLLABLES. the a has usually the same cated in this Dictionary by the appropriate mark over the sound as short e unaccented. than in an accented syllable. as in Cu'ba. . aajlne for join. in the three words could. in monosyllables. vev'bal. as in which. § u (as in griev'ous). the sound of long o. particularly in colloquial discourse. the former of which is accented. ux'lot.) That of ow in words derived from the Anglo-Saxon. yr (as in altar. as heard in The 38. § 35. its regular short or shut sound. &c. like a-e'ri-al. &c. . or with a less proportionate force. When an unaccented syllable ends in a consonant. f. as in soul. edge and in its derivatives. -pvov'ost. These will sidered under each of the vowels. that of oo as in foot. marked Y. as in fly.

or zhur. e-mo tion. bles i. but it is one of little This. See § 110. 77. chi. cu-blne. the regular pronunciation is generally given instead of the irregular. te'ri-on. logue : in other cases. van'i-ty. &c. Accordtionary must be consulted for the several woras. and shoo or zhoo." PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. See § 43. When th« u is preceded by r. is . &c. (See §§ 66. Sometimes it has the sound of short o. 2. &c. accord§ 55. da. is an inconsistency moment. dep'w-tize. sen'sK-ous tu. when final in a syllable. gen'tlle. as in ac'cM-rate.) See § 43. the o is sounded like (which are few in number) is generally long. man-M-mit'. it is true. indefinite sound of short u. . See § 43. in which. (No.) Here the o has usually its long sound slightly abbreviated. should here be taken not to sink the o into short u. important exceptions. verd'yoor. oc'as in jus'ti-fy. 2. — — — . chloride. sedulously avoided. 107. ep'ode. . &c. 32.) When these terminations are immediately preceded by an accented syllable. &c. (No. and sure.) § 48. its long sound a little shortened and slighted. as Smart reit is difficult to lay down general rules marks. &c. t. ex-po'sHre (eks-po'zhur). See § 43. See § 43. cklorid. pronouncing o-pin'ion. 49. the u preceded by d. &c. crl- &c. TV. &c. as the e in used. See § 43. it generally serves the purpose of indicating that a aient. ed'u-cate. eock'a-trlce. usage On the whole. " The inquirer must be sent to the Dictionary to learn. to-bac'co. &c.) On the other hand. See § 43. as in e-vent'. Some of these cases require a more particular consideration. ste'a-tlte. (No. pros'e-lj/te. and shur. verging toward short e. (No. But preceding single vowel followed by a single consonant. cli. 95. O. as in er-u-di'tion (er-oo-dish'un). There when also all con7 - names of minerals ending a few exceptions. as in the examples given above. 93.) The u in these terminations § 53." I. monosyllables containing no other vowel. and u (pronouncing verdure. ex-po'SMre (ekstis). jur. pos'i-tive. and shoor or zhoor. d^ne. 93. night'in-gale. creature. while sure is respelt shoor or zhoor. per'wke (peVook). an I. (No. many speakers change them still further into chur. as in village. &c. as in diafinal. U. particularly in verbs ending in ate. of the a is more obscure. great diversity in the case of this letter. as in hy-poc'ri-s?/. by the great majority of speakers changed into joo. the i is more generally greatly divided. ver'dwre (ver'jur). § 51. short u unaccented. are (sen'shoo-us).) § 54. thus. as in gratfi-foide. inasmuch as general usage is so fluctuating. bromid. as in phl-los'o-phy. . as in t-de'a. as in tel'e-scope. proph'e-ci?. the sound cate. ti-mate. but verbs ending in fy have the y long. z/p-pin'ion. as in ul'In some instances it preface. as in ce'rwse (se'roos). and in some words from modern foreign languages but. as in ed'u-cate (ej'oo-kate). &c. The letter e is always mute when final. cen'swre (sen'shur). &c). An exception. &c. ha-bit^-al (ha-blch'oo-al). in See § 43. is perhaps to be made in the cu-py. except in purpose. &c. In the notation of words of this class in the Dictionary. See § 43. the true pronunciation. Webster but. w-til'i-ty. cy'no-swre (si no-shoor). &c. E. an'nw-al. it should never be changed into mere oo. ing to universal usage in England. kreet'joor. as in obsoIn a few instances. &c. slightly abbreviated. (No. in'fi-nlte.) . 1. the initial element of the vowel is dropped. also the three verbs. pri. 2. as. prl-me'val.) should be pronounced with the i long but all other orthoepists are unanimous in making the vowel short and the propriety of the latter mode of pronunciation is established by the fact that this whole class of words is not unfrequently spelled without the final e. respectively. as care- Here y has usually its short See § 43. &c. See § 43-) Here. as in lete. bl-ol'o-gy. § is . The terminations Utre. as. when the u is immediately preceded by the letter t. choor. &c. The Dictionary follows the practice of Dr. 1. or s. tri. (No. speakers often do. as in the words tem'per-a-tvre (tem'per-a-choor). in many instances. rid'icftle. Yet most speakers in this country give the o in such words SILENT YOWELS. croc'o-dile. vis'u-al (vizh'oo-al). &c. im-post/htime. ar'chlve. Webster in giving to dure and ture the regular sounds of d. it simply drops the y sound. in conformity with the views of Dr. ver'dwre (ver'joor). (No. as in an'o. . should generally retain its regular long sound (see §§ 29. is apt to verge toward short i. the i in cousm. though sometimes pronounced with the regular sounds of the letters. as min'wte (mhVit). as in § 57. 2. in classical words. tribute. but there are some ad-a-man'tzne. Xll § 45. however. Hence and. it verges toward short e. as in other unaccented syllables. chemical terms ending in ide (as bromide. There are college. cri. respectively. 2. and is su. 92. as in mat'ri-mo-ny. as in ac-com'plzce. 92. as in na't^re (na'chur). sub'ter-t'fge. ing a secondary accent on the o is a fault which should be be sounded. (No. reference is made t« the remarks contained in the present section. 1. dure. . 2. ex'lle. (No. (See § 32. t. § 46. mul'ti-ply. bi. The practice of laytoo common among us Yowels which are printed in Italics are not to § 5Q.. fer'tlle. &c. short. also. sound. mer'ri-lj/. m^-thol'o-gy. ing to Smart and Cull. the e has usually § 47. society for society. and let'tace (tes- If the letter r precedes the u. are more commonly pronounced joor. choo. 77. 1. mag'ni-fy.) The y in these terminations case of the terminations -o-ny and -o-ry. it verges toward short u. ' Here the Dicin lite or ite . 50. (No. n. e-moVu. per/i-stylSj ne'o-phyte. dediIn other parts of speech. 30) slightly abridged. — (See §§ 66. these combinations.) Here the u generally has its a monosyllable or in an accented syllable of a word.) In these terminations. a less . as chrys'o-llte. in each particular case. po'zhoor). as. 1. burden. and 107. soCare should be taken not to sink the e into ci'e-ty. in'sti-fcute. as in o-pin'ion. But the i is usually long in the initial sylladl-rect'. mar'i-ttme.) Here the e has its slightly obscure or abridged. and is pronounced oo. though § 52.) The o in these terminations and will now be mentioned. proph'e-sy. . E . as gratd-tood for grat i-tf/de.) Here the a has sometimes its long sound. and as reference is in most cases made to the present section. in'stitoot for hvsti-tute a practice which prevails among the vulgar. (See § and 95. has more commonly its short sound. has usually its regular long sound. long sound. long sound slightly abridged. prom'is-so-ry. an^se. its long sound. and without its « vanish § Care (see § 19).silent.

as in call. table. them he and whom he justified. scovel. change. as in plane. and not its hard. often (ol' n). cut. but at the present time it is much more limited. See K. and yewen. ivirked. &c. mis§ 58. Walker remarks with great keenness on this error. In unaccented syllables. drazel. are nearly or quite all the words of this kind in which the with silent. In some words. and in their derivatives.. ED with E formed by the compression of vocalized breath or voice. in the same syllable. platen. § 62. omit the c. When a silent e follows c or g at the end of a word. doubt. — It silent. were. rowen. In a number of monosyllables (as bade. rehe did predesvealed). as in bomb. mantel. « (hard c). as in grave/. the e or i is used twice. rugged. indict. climb. ravel. some suppressing. mar'i-Vime. richer. — When — § 64. there is a diversity of usage among good speakers in this country. chapel. There are also some participial adjectives. § 65. and some adjectives not derived from verbs. mitten. cot. &c. Sec). linen. composedness. weasel. confusedly. labor. and swollen omit the e in pronunciation. &c. inscribe. puerile and false pronunciation. is sound and 60 The formed from such adjectives. C. before k. C marked thus. JC11I to pronounce the participial termination -ed. sudden. in which the e is commonly sounded. trace. dogged. ftae'eid. winged. Ch unmarked (English sound of tsh. jerken. a general rule. stubbed. give. e (even if silent). and in nouns. nice. chicken. towsel. cypress. latten. pickel. as. saponaceous. its omission is a mark of great vul! garity. § - Note. The some persons. e is properly omitted drivel. and sloven. B silent. is § 63. hooked. stolen. formed by adding ness to words ending in ed. within the mouth. black.m this country. siren. chiefly among the clergy. wicken. cusped. &c. heaven (heav'n). But in adverbs formed by adding ly. and then. One tion. ck. — ch) has very nearly the as in child. and whom hecall-ed. victuals. it serves also to show that the consonant is to have its soft. § 90. beloved. takes this sound whenever it occurs before or y. See S. paste. hazel. The compound sound signified by this digraph NOTE. EN § 61.• school education. pic'ture. naked. iamb. the e of this termination is uniformly sounded. when when it it C marked thus.PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. debt. level. cragged. namely. cursed. speechless. aged. in most cases in which it is not preceded by a vowel (as in believed. <3. diffused (diffus'd). rather. and also in the termination scle. &c. heaven (heav"n) heav//n or heaven. the words czar. clot y — crown.) and in the accented syllables of a few words derived from them (as forbade 1 become' forgive'). § 66. chape/. Accumb. the c combines in pronunciation with the e or i to form the sound sh. ousel. or followed by t. the letters ce or ci are immediately preceded by an accented syllable. &c). reneivedly. learned. model. . the e. : ON with O § /. though fallen. plain'tive. § 78. To omit the e in such cases. swingel. blessed. sound. i. &c. is not precisely equivalent to that represented by tsh. rob. as in jus'rtce. In all cases where it should properly be sounded. has its regular long sound. is also silent in bdellium. or the combined letters st or ng. 59." writer is correctly informed. Note. r. hope. " tinate. picked (sharp). barbel. contented. and ends a word or a syllable. make it a practice ordinary sound of t is uttered with the tip of the tongue — . among our shovel. crutched. &c. has the sound of s. c). hyphen. With regard to Eden. deuced. mangel wurzel. chattel. The e paten. c (soft as in cede. &c. the e does not have its usual effect of lengthening the sound of the preceding vowel. n. rhomb. C has the sound of z in the words sacrifice. ar'chive : but in a great many instances it exercises no such influence. The following trlne. oblige. is also sounded when preceded by the liquids J. as in ocean. them he also gloalso justified rified. taking on its customary vowel sound. betel. When preceded by m. C. In poetry. s. as in so-ci-al'i-ty. or t. cube. words in which the e should be sounded aspen. social. b is generally silent. as. Many words ending in on preceded by (bak'n). wretched. termination ed is usually shortened in pronunciation by dropping the sound of the e (as in loved (lov'd). marten. rivel. subt'le. m. easel. peaked. in the same syllable. the first and the fourth of these words are commonly pronounced without sounding the b. traffic. it sometimes keeps the vowel in its long sound. as a distinct syllable. or r. c alone has this sound. vessel. as in muscle. patten. and is commonly regarded as savoring of affectation or of an old- Whom . gran'ite. doc'. zinc. bound en. Most words ending in en drop the e in pronuncianavel. it. unless this letter is preceded by d or t (as in amended. rhumb. &c. teasel. and discern. lev'l. The sound represented by this letter (which is unmarked) is heard in the words barn. o. See SH. sice. &c. as in reckon (reck'n). swivel. sheath-winged (-wingd). as in ace. I. : of the most prevalent errors of the present day." This usage was formerly a very prevalent one. § 95. su'pine. The e is also pronounced in the derivatives as. are said to be exceptions yet. as. shekel. learnedly. &c.fu l-aged (ajd). hos'tile. It is silent in suffice. Thus. when it would not be so pronounced in prose. mynchen. and their derivatives. according to a few orthoepists. it is never heard among good The following are nearly all the speakers in England. o in pronunciation. as in woo/en. CONSONANTS. aimed (aim'd). shrivel. heathen. corpuscle. toggel. crabbed. an'ise. come. ragged. done. declarIf the ing it to be a . EL As with E silent sounded in these terminations. acid. first combining with the c to represent the sound of sh. &c. often (ofn) often. chap'l. while the lips are shut and the back nostrils are closed by covering them with the soft palate. CH. huge. succumb. even (ev'n). when its omission is organically impossible. act. &c. and. age. s. Note. them he also call-ed. jagged. omen. treason (treas'n). and some sounding. has the sound of & comes before a. &c. dithyramb. snivel. mussel. legged. amazedness. blessedness . but generally omitted in the compounds. consonant digraph. pronouncing level. and are followed by a vowel in the next syllable. — This bacon mutton (mutt'n). is generally regarded as a vulgarism. . tomb. crooked. much. as in gen'tlle. eth'ics. fi'nite. grovel. In reading the Scriptures and Prayer-Book. or. as in assuredly. especially clergy (for the lait}T have fallen into it much less). the meter often requires us to pronounce ed as a distinct syllable. the E e is . is that of pronouncing the words even (ev'n) evun. lichen. kitchen.

€h. and always. distich. § 69. is the most common. though not usually. as in gate. — . See § 77. as in hissed (hist). as in get. h f I. muggy. Note. like g hard. mirage (ml-ra'zh/). thereof. grain. the vocal organs. as in chlo. It is also. It is silent after the vowel ?'. — This applying the ting the breath § 76. or when it is preceded by sor x in an accented syllable. as in dale. of the best speakers ch). has the § 73. as in card. — Note This sound is produced by a compression of intonated breath. drug. admixtion (admikst'yun). give. or t. u. by some speakers. &c. In a few words from the French. without suffering any other sound to slip in between French. the organs being always placed to form JF has only this one sound. England. inite. arcA-enemy. are exceptions. as in gem. — — derivatives and compounds. except in the single word righteous. smuggle. guise. guard. &c. but is immediately preceded by. The first element of ch is uttered with the upper flat surface of the tongue. girl. that letter in the word go . &c. as in chorus. is preceded in the same syllable by the sound of g. G marked thus. gum. G marked thus. kee-lnd or k-ylnd. arcAipelago. the (French has Ch. (See § 108. confined within the mouth by a contact of the root of the tongue with the posterior part of the palate. or openings from the pharynx into the nose. as in phlegm. or voice. I. from the or I. question (kweVchun). ch (Latin ch). tough. as in get. In regard to the pronunciation of words ending in teous. admixtion). G. gore. foggy. in such cases saying kee-ard or k-yard. and it is generally silent before t. denoting chief.the preceding section. This tion or breathing. &c. as. The prefix arch. In all other cases. shough. G is hard before a (except in the single word gaol and its derivatives). This digraph § 70. just where a relaxation of the contact produces the configuration requisite for sounding sh. architecture. sluggish. interpose a slight sound of e. as in ghastly. Most words of this kind are derived. When the letter t comes before u ( yoo) in an unaccented syllable. &c. and also in scAism. which it has before e and i in that language. GH. drachma. i.PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. and y. but when this letter follows a whispered or non-vocal consonant in the same syllable. marchioness. applied to the gum at a point higher up. In other soft palate being raised to prevent its escape through the cases. in the single word gaol (now commonly spelled jail). and r. like a diphthong or compound vowel. but that mode which keeps both the t and the e in their customary sounds (. i. chrism. the where it has the sound of/. Ch marked thus. as in fame. usage is far from being uniform. guile. &c. begun. and whereof. has the sound of § 72. and is at the same time preceded by an accented syllable (as in nature). rage. This is the sound of j. Thus. ch § 67. &c. and is immediately followed by ia (= ya) or io (= yo) in an unaccented syllable (as in Christian. This occurs chiefly in words from the Anglo-Saxon. The practice of a very large portion. 6ome calling it t-yus (as bounl'yus). them. &c. the accent (as in boun'teous). letter. def- &c. gherkin. and also when initial as in arcA-bishop. the beginning of a word. The letter g generally takes this sound when it "but cherub and charity.) the sound of k. o. separately current in English. nature (na-choor). with their derivatives. as ia cliaise. when this termination is not under. as in bought. see 82. The sound of d (unmarked). forcing up vocalized breath. or rl'chus. The words draught and laughter. tradesman. both this letter and the y virtually following it are. it is pronounced artch.) G has also its soft sound before a rine. and in words from § 74. usual sound in words derived from the ancient languages Note. § 68. sky. — (which and is unmarked) is a mere aspirano fixed configuration of represents Note. glad. m § their derivatives. The sound of/ (unmarked). they have the effect of only a single sound or beat upon the ear. as in hough. caged. architrave. or y. as in boun'te-us). &c. ske-y or sk-yl. nose. i. or voice. or of k. fog. This is the regular and usual sound of d . In the in he the tongue is put in a position to sound the e before NOTE. and also of many educated persons in See sound of sh. and in a very few from the Greek. w. The two elements are so closely blended in pronunciation that. G is silent before and n final. gibbous. g (g hard). Some persons affect the introduction of a full and distinct sound of long e. ghost. (See tions. and then fraught. The sound of this letter is formed by pressing weigh . hiccough. (which is unmarked) is sounded. is to join the sound of the g or k to that of the a SH. cough. — — . druggist. sad. u. the end of the tongue against the upper gums. garden. sign. it is usually pronounced like p. trough. &c. = compounds hereof. but good usage allows it to be sounded as in the simple word. arc/t-fiend. as in high. hard before e. D. very many speakers. . in which it has the power of v. nature (nat'yoor) usual and appropriate sounds Christian (krlst'yan). taught. g retains the foreign languages in which the other component part is not sound of zh. . question. near the tip. softly. rider. admixtion (ad-miks'chun). lough. machine. has the compound eound of k. is uttered by lower lip to the upper front teeth. and in the derivatives of such words. but it sometimes has rough. letter F. in the United States. which is at the same time raised sufficiently to cover the back nostrils. g (g soft). or of consonant y. § 95. Note. &c. cragged. Ch is always hard (like k) before I and r. &c. . engine. ghastly. G. gnat. leaf.hich is never silent. and emit- Bingle word of. thus. &c. Christian (krls'chan). and in . &c. hard at the end of words. at § 75. the second constituent of the compound. particularly in England. it uniformly takes the sound of t. xiv pressed against the gum of the upper front teeth. gh is generally pronounced like/. and stronger. keg. into the mouth. But by others they are suffered to sink into the easier and closely allied sound of ch in church . while others corrupt it into che-us (as boun'cheus) . question (kwgsVyun). give. Ch marked thus. § 71. are excepcomes before e. drak/ma). as in crag. sigh. yacAt (yot). &c. as in rouge (roozh). gave. before n. if not a majority. Ch is silent in the word drachm (though not in For the office which g performs in such words as longer. which is properly pronounced rlt'yus. even when the g is doubled and followed by e. others reducing it to chus (as boun'chus). is pronounced its ark in archangel and its derivatives. epoch. It is sometimes. . preserved in their thus. In the word D is silent only in the words Wednes- day and handkerchief. enough. It is an emission of unvocalized breath through whatever position of the mouth-organs is required by the succeeding element. but there are some exceptions. kind. When a. except in the the next following letter before the A is pronounced. many speakers preserve the customary and regular sound of the f. or y.

however.• . upper front teeth. pronounced. — — L — M. quiVguevalve. and c. and uttered where it ought to be omitted as 'ouse for house. as in jar. or an equivalent of k. as in go. the words danger. herb. as in sing. n is uniformly silent. namely. whereas in whispering a vowel the glottis is almost closed by the approximation of the vocal cords. lon'ger. buhl. NOTE. This letter (which is unmarked) has one uniform observed that. home. form'ity. mSj'oo-late. un'compound'ed. The sound of n (unmarked). as in condemnatory. &c. honor . finger. herbage. congress. and is not alms. limner. honest. It takes place before k or its equivalents when any one of these letters follows n in the same syllable. king. The position of the organs necessary for forming panel. It is also to be observed that in most derivative words. it is long and sonorous. &c. it has the sound of consonant y. h is silent. heir. This letter (which i3 unmarked) has very nearly the sound of dzh. and un. It is further to be observed that there is a small class of words in which the n § 79.) Smart remarks. In regard to the young. the n. con-gres'sional. melting. heiress. (marked N. as in the primitive words anger. NOTE. over the sides of § 83. &c. J. but its length varies greatly according as it followed by a whispered or a vocal consonant. equivalent to c hard. with their derivatives. &c. eh. &c. and letting the voice issue through the nose. as contemn. the A ia uttered . wronger (from hang. When final after I or m. In the word hallelujah. as in concord. and. of an efflux of vocalized breath. . PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. differs. n). and the sound. It is to be § 78. ten. produced by length. singer. and the g its soft sound. As a general rule. but unites with the n to represent a vocal utterance . is silent in many words. contemning. and plunger are examples. The sound of ng (unmarked). hymn. In many parts of England. . know. instead of being confined within the mouth. righteous. &c. conger. palmer. and also in the words diphthongal and triphthongal pronunciation sometimes given to such words as kind.the sound which in the primitives just cited is represented tion for forming both sounds. hymning. sing. closing the lips. &c. and x ks. This is a simple elementary sound. clamor. &c. ginThis letter has only one sound. the nasal passages being uncovered for that purpose. &c. This very gross and vulgar error is rarely. . very irregularly. as in link. See § 64. careful speakers.. . XV tip of the tongue is pressed against the upper gums. soft. &c. stranger. The sound of much so as to produce a marked resonance (somewhat simaim. — NOTE. NOTE. from a mere whispered vowel. this sound is the same as for b but the sound itself differs t — . and also in hostler (more properly spelt ostler). Of this class. See § 82. &c. as in mnemonics. But in the comparative and superlative deble. non. But when this sound of n is followed by that of g in a separate syllable. Penguin and a few other words are exceptions also words beginning with the prefixes in. W. as in modulate (mod'u-late). The sound of I (unmarked). the sound of j is very often substituted for the combined sounds of the d and y (thus. cinque. heard among natives of the United States. in the same sylla. &c. oh. though often unpronounced. solemnize. honorable hour. non'con. as in sing. with their derivatives. calm. (See § 66. sky. hopple for apple. This letter has one uniform sound. k is silent. in this volume. adungue 7 phar'ynx and before g or k. as heard in nail. ape. bring. in left. also silent after as in back. taking its hard sound. c. " It is possible to preserve the pure sound of the t and d in nature and verdure . in rhyme. humor. strong. &c. ilar to the sound of n). joke. In the following words. as in ghost. &c. P. armed. In the present participles of verbs ending in mn. in being an expiration of breath through the open glottis. bell. It is grees of the three following words. after r. as. When it is followed in the same syllable by the sound of k as in link. entry. minx. H . as. and wrong). knell. half. K. as a sufficient indication of the true quality and quantity of the sound. but it is generally sounded in the derivatives formed from such words by adding to them a termination beginning with a vowel. (from diphthong and triphthong). are not completely closed. barrack. &c. the tongue is placed in the same position as for forming g (unmarked). however. an increasing tendency to sound the h in these words. as in almond. &c. stron'ger. solemn. is suffered to escape uninterruptedly through the nose. and humble. or voice. the g is always. Note. hymnic. &c. income. It seems undesirable. The sound of p (unmarked). but yet so § 80. as in gem. It is also marked as silent by most orthoe'pists in hospital. is more properly sounded. the tongue. soldier (sold'yer). m — — — . thus. when any one of these letters begins an unaccented syllable and the n ends a preceding accented one. &c. Before n. the and similarly in hard. but the voice. There is. is . § 84. link) uncle. The sound § 82. &c. Note. — The sound of /. and occurring in an unaccented syllable. if ever. if the n ends an unaccented syllable. which consists ger. namely. singer. J" is never silent. and is precisely g or k begins an accented one. hunger. It is silent when it precedes n in the same syllable. the n invariably retains its regular sound as in con-cord'ant. long. bethink. § 81. and also when preceded by a vowel in the same syllable. as heard in keep. &c. which may be continued to any NOTE. un'cle. quinque. to respell words ending in nk by the use of ng . myrrh. as in ah. gherkin. as in kiln. the nostrils. § 77. &c. In words in which d precedes a letter having regularly the sound of y. condemn. therefore. malmsey. q. the change of n into n takes place only before g and k (or before the equivalents of k. see § 72. the sound of this letter is almost always omitted where it ought to be uttered. Jehovah. &c. has its ordinary sound. — This Note is essentially the same sound as that represented by ng . (See § 66. Note ." — = . this is not done. as heard in make. as for d .by n alone. paper. of n as heard in linger. should. and increases the duration of the syllabic utterance very perceptibly. . especially before a final consonant. limn. the organs are placed in the same posi. NOTE. could. walk. however. it is cut so short by the instantaneous and perfect closure of the organs which form this pure mute as to add almost nothing to the length of the syllable. It kail. sol'jer) just as the sound of ch is substituted for the combined sounds of t and y in nature. as heard. being precisely the same as that of g See § 73. though &c. &c. aptly. question. differs from it fers from that of tsh. jeer. Note The sound represented by this letter differs from like hanger. yet nothing is more certain than that they are not preserved pure by the best and most ) . would. (as might be supposed) a compound sound made up of tho sound of n in conjunction with that of g. as in nail. though almost identical with as the sound of ch in chin dif- that of dzh. while its tip is pressed against the gums of the singly. knit. — In the production of this sound. as heard in pay. as in knack. chalice. is silent after g initial. In forming ng. hymn. &c. a diacritical mark being placed below the n instead. that of g in go (hard g) only in being a whispered and not the g is not sounded. &c. &c.

qu is sounded like k. resulting from the fact that the tip of the tongue S. sump' . lurid. with equal impropriety it is. bo'ring and glo'ry. &c. poor. from poor. as in hero. from bore . XVI from that of b in being an utterance of the breath instead against the extremity of the soft palate. &c. edify as a distinct element from the last. as in />/ithisis it is also sifollowed by a vowel in the next syllable. In diphthong. — . &c. though in this trilled. glor'ry. burlesque. as in ream. or smooth. When it stands between two §108. d. . exemption. lur'rid. &c. rosy. but. the universal practice is . as in same. or trilled. is short. and the dental. words. and other allied words. closely resembling that of z in the that of u in urge. glory. triphthong. This sound is an utterance of unvocal breath gently pronounced. § 91. This letter (which under three aspects § : (1. vowels of* which the first is short. philosophy. but not partaking of its harsh. The forced between the tip of the tongue and the upper gum. to give pee'rage ring and and it he'ro. &c. ph is silent. &c. • to join the r in all cases to the following vowel R. the ph is often sounded as p. frequently in the middle and at the end. according to most orthoepists. 1 : . in colloquial ut. or initial r). consists in the intertip of the tongue. dizUke. spirit. lu/rid. &c. (sometimes called and followed by an accented flat mute [b. and. or root. wiry (wlr'ry). or final r). trip. and ing cases 1. 3) is uniform in also silent or very indistinct when it occurs between and all situations. murmur. as in antique. psalm. only one r is Note. boring (bor'ring). &c iemp-ta'tion. form. amuse. ir'ris. is suffered to flow freely over the of such words as poorer. &c. and in their deriva4). the letter r. connected with sgguttural (3. it uniformly reprelent in apqp/ithegm. g. disarm. &c. dental. glo'ry. iris. double power of the letter r is chiefly. dislodge. is also mute in the following words. and as formed by a &c. an obtuous. but when R. In In Stephen it the northern counties of f. conquest (konk'wesi). redemption. . of the voice. Q i s followed in all cases by u. slight vibration of the back part.Here the character r represents two sounds namely. n. mere. pump' kin. a smooth. instead of being coniris. diztions like the following disbud. only its or. peerage (peer'rage). the difference between the two sounds. maintaining that the value of the letter (apart from and I. it land. Sec dream. torrid . trilled. as in. dizlo&ge.other hand. carol. when the letter r is preceded in word. palatal. of England. and any marked vibration of the tongue should be carefully avoided as a pedantie affectation. naphtha. or a vowel. § 85. as in tempt. dislike. prompt. See § 108.scure vowel sound resembling that of u in urge. lii'rid. Walker laid down this rule [s] ought always to be pronounced like z when unaccented (2. as in queen (kween). g hard. because mon termination que. S. assert that the only pecu- In forming this sound. and is Before th initial. has the buzzing when marked thus. Often the r is doubled in the written word. and has usually the sound both in the United States and the south of England. derived from the French. as heard preceded by m in the same syllable and followed by t or by k in the next syllable. i'ris. as in baron. as in sound of z in zeal. however. and a smooth terance. sents both the palatal.PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. 2. however. it is very often suppressed in words of this class. &c. wVry and &c. do not admit any such distinction in the sound P has but one sound it is silent when initial before n. In the pronunciation of accurate speakers. together with their derivsound of this letter. r~\. — : — — barren. 87. in words of Greek derivation. restricted to the derivatives of words ending in r or Q. There has been much diversity among orthoeheard in the pronunciation. By most orthoepists at the present day. diziom. it is commonly and entirely suppressed. sempstress. but. obscure. / . these words are not derived from any other words in the language. consumptive. and in Scotland and Irehas the sound of v . as in co.) R — is unmarked) may be viewed as in rip. have usually the sound of kw. from secure . as in pneumatics. exempt. same position as for d .) vowel sound. dizbud it occurs before any consonant. • It is to be observed that those orthoSpists who maintain that r has one invariable sound. spring . bump kin. resting. tives namely. when so situated. as " It See § 109. &c. and in the English and American pronunciation fined within the mouth. surge. R is sometimes strongly trilled or rolled by a forcible for r. as in poorer § 86. sound.scure vowel sound like sound is omitted by the Scotch. from air. or when final. producing a very slightly trilled and position between the r and the preceding vowel of an obpecuharly liquid sound. In a few words ry). merry. meur. we say he'ro. the tongue being placed in the proper position for sounding sound here described is heard in English in the two followt and d. I'ris. . or the h may be reher'ro. of the tongue Webster's Dictionary gives 5 the sound of z in the following — : : . ophthalmy. so that the above words are pronounced faur (see It. yes. providing the preceding vowel pists as to the sound of 5 in words commencing in dis. on the quette. m . in this ing quality respect. mire. though not invariably. It has the same sound in the com. secu. This digraph (which is unmarked) occurs chiefly our. dipththong in the same syllable. when liquid [I. is approximated more closely to the upper gum for z than S unmarked has its regular sharp or hissing § 90. airy (ar'ters. though. &c. an accented syllable by a long vowel or a diphthong. s. which obscure v ^i^e of its formation. as in here. In Scotland. In English usage. pronounced atives. but the voice. § 88. (sometimes called rough. in these cases. florid. as in has. S. &c. . m. In the United States. merit." Hence he gave pronunciadisedify. this garded as silent.) R as in far. quadrille. re preceded by a long vowel or a diphthong. raspberry. S always has this sound at the begiuning. expulsion of the voice but in customary speech it is very Note. and § corps. of r. &c. Many writers. or palatal r. is regarded disjoin. disburse. t in the same syllable. oblique. receipt. — . &c.from wire . cure. ire. phantom. lur. and these two let(poor'rer). r is never silent but when it occurs after a long vowel or a PH. accompt. sylph. fur. pure. massy. Scarcely any subsequent orthoepist has gone so far. always has the same sound in nephew (nev'ew). in other dental or trilled sound thus. country it has commonly its regular sound of in that § 89. it is more properly sounded as in in such words as fare. terse. v]. guttural. It is the obscure vowel element described in No. buzz. boring. ore. When r is not preceded by a vowel. &c. from peer . of words. the tongue assumes nearly the liarity in the English pronunciation of such words as hero. securing (seciir'ring). taken together. ptarmigan. pshaw.

. sabbath. § 99. v. speg'i-al. dismal. and others like them. as Sheridan. considering it an error to use the vowel twice. and. usury. . 5 is silent in the words aisle. e-ma-d-a'tion 2. cens'yoor. with the vocal sound (truths). as in nauseous 7. it is. disaster. v. as in r/. and is followed by a vowel having regularly or theo. This sound differs from that of d (see § 70) only in being a whispered and not a vocal utterance that is to say. Asiatic . . By c. near the tip. cloths. — . pronounced with its sharp or whispered tiate. 16. in one syllable. yet in the compounds herewith. the 5 is vocalized in the verb. rescission. sound resulting from the coalescence of t and i is exchanged § 95. enunciate compound the same sound that it has in the simple word. the position or configuration of the articulating organs is the same in both cases. the upper surface of the tongue. jrteasure. and precedes a letter having the sound of consonant y. sea. flesh. &c. when i in reversion. as in so''cc'al 6. By the sy implied in xu (=ksyoo). tive as close. 92. c/iar'la-tan. laths. as in question (kwest'yun or kwes'side of the arch or dome of the palate which is just above chun). heathen . or by placing it against the back of the upper frJt^ teeth. mother. This digraph (which is unmarked) represents the for that of sh. it has § 98. or vocal sound. It is produced by putting the point of the tongue betweer <-he teeth. writhed. as in luxury (luk'shoo-Tj 12. hostler. Note t (unmarked) as heard in tone. isle. disown. sugar. again. follows a liquid or another s. v. sen'shoo-al. sure. and then try to reduce it to two. Sh is never silent. pronounce these terminations. sensual. . but this is sanctioned by no orthoe'pist.104. . as in adhesion. imiting with the 5 to signify the sound of sh. these terminations are given in two syllables (-shi-ate). in some words. according 97. To distinguish between them. particularly those ending in date and to the orthoe'pists. next mot' shun or mo'chun (see § 66) and finally. .) plosion. as in con'scfence. Th marked thus. co7ifusion. fasten. . By si. tho' sound of sh. In a few words. mouth. cen'shoor. Th unmarked has its sharp or whispered sound. lath. enunciate (e-nun'sh'ate'). island. with. By ti. In motion. as in (See § 107. By s.tongue with the upper gum.. — Note. though the s is silent in the words chestnut. or ostler. others. — . these two letters are while for t it is kept pure or unvocal. note. By sc. § 92. By sci. is vocalized and rendered audilable. sho'og'ar. vis-a-vis. sound of sh. . Or. words only: namely. and wreath. § 93. So with version. th. in the plural. station. in rapid utterance. and house. as hi cap^'ous 9. which. first. not preceded 03* a vowel in the accented syllable. 1 : . . as in negotiation.aise. demesne. ma-chine' 13. therewith. . but. as in iu'chsi-a. end in th sharp. as. as. By chs. and whispered in the noun or adjechouse *n. By the si implied in as' (=ksi). disease. in accordance with what is believed to be the best and most general usage but a reference to the present section is generally appended to words of this class. man'shun. the sounds represented by these letters are exchanged for that of the simple but very similar element represented by sh. aiscern. diffuse.and close. the sound is intermediate between Th. . . gristle. clothe. as chamois. if we pronounce the word special tinct character. but in the plurals of the following seven words the th is vocal namely. Christmas. &c. then mot'yun. as in o-rean'ic. By se. and mortgage. oath. thus. a. When 5 is preceded by a vowel in an accented syl. visual. thing.. It occurs chiefly between two vowels in words purely English.s/io0-ra / shun) 11. By the sy implied in su (= syoo). having regularly its sharp or hissing sound. sens'yoo-al. This is the sound made in lisping. censure.p xss'yun. . By t. It is also So also in scission. &c. use. mans'- yun. The sound of noted. expatiate (eks-pa'sh'ate). been evolved from the combination of these two sounds. This sound differs from the foregoing only in being an utterance of voice instead of simple breath. or exchange them for the NOTE. baths. in a few cases.Note. or x precedes the t. By S. "When the letter s. viscount. however. retically the sound of consonant y. revision. It is expressed 1. . as 14. &c. in most cases. confined within the mouth by a close contact of the fore part of the . dishonor. as. In some words. pash'un. puisne. usher.w-ra-'tion (men-. There are a few verbs ending in se. not ending in s or x. dissolve. . breath. duty. cloth. dishonest. &c. as in sure. as in leather. listen. it precedes u xvu (e-nun'shi-ate). mo'ti-on (with the t kept pure). and use. path. bequeath. passion. disarm. as in norr/ous 10. and § 95. usually preserve the same sound in the plural. Th. abscission. expatiate (eks-pa/shate).be heard until the contact is forcibly broken. in three syllables. By sch. speakers pronounce the vowel sound. mistletoe. a. Thus the examples just given are actually pronounced re-ver'shun. has its soft. 15. 5 alone takes the or rather the or e ?'. as in patient. and smooth.ble in a sort of murmur heard before the organs separate. v. . we may suppose the t to have been originally sounded like s. that the inquirer may not be left in ignorance of the fact that there is a want of uniformity in their pronunciation. the gums of the front teeth. as in men-. — Note. as death. others pronounce it with a slight sound. of a very brief or halfsuppressed e. (=yoo). do not easily maintain their dis- — — Thus. T is silent in the terminations ten and tie after 5. wither. expatiate (eks-pa'shT-ate). and forcing out unintonated breath. and at the same time retaining its usual vowel character. sabbaths. &c. See § 66. partial. assets^. some orthoe'pists and. but for d the breath. by sinking the t. deaths. A-si-at'ic 4. as in thine. Webster. &c. and by an effusion of unvocal breath through the narrow aperture left for its escape. the compound Sh. ex. author. with that sound of ch in chin. 94. By ch. as mansion. enunciate (e-ntin'shate).. also at the end of the verbs mouth. In this Dictionary. mixtion (mikst/yun or miks'chun). corps. n. then. . does double § 90. and Dr. represented in the Dictionaries of Smart and Cooley by an apostrophe. . . When t precedes any one of the diphthongs ia. paths. Perry. . and diffuse. as in ne-go-rt-a'tion ci. bath. throstle. ganically considered. we shall find that it is difficult to articulate the c (= s) and the i (=y) by one continuous effort of the organs. and at the same time follows an accented syllable adopted into English. often. though the theoretical pronunciation would be re-vers'yun. Some pronounce truths. &c. &c. this letter and the i following it either This element is formed by a partial contact of preserve their own sounds pure. and other words ending in Uon not preceded by s or by x. mo 1 shun. as in tea'sion 8. flat. those of s and consonant y: genetically considered. however. &c. mission.. shoor. . Good usage. &c..PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. and cannot therefore commonly pronounced like zh. . in the singular. or $ sounded as sh . When s simple sound heard in shelf. allows it to retain in the distinctly after' the r. r s-yoor. and generally at the end of French words and io. Th has this sound generally at the beginning and at the end of words but there are some exceptions. it assumes. castle. as in words of the same class in French or the process of development may have been. . as in breathe. as in nan- in such cases. disheir. which are also used as nouns or adjectives. § § 97. . s-yobg'ar. as in athlete. as in o'cean 5. &c Nouns which. . as. as in con-sci-en'tious in schorl See §§ 63. and wherewith. &c. Although th in with has its vocal sound. as in nau^e-ate. and when followed by a final e mute. &c. ie. By ce. &c. &c. and that the intermediates/! is naturally substituted as an easier and a closely allied sound.

) This is also its sound in all modern European languages except the Greek. situation.. sometimes also in. hw. hwcet. thus. are generally exchanged for the wet. (See § 76. — — i. But the two letters zh never come together in the proper orthography of any English word. The § true sound of these Zh. the derivatives of such words. &c. as in oo.) Many recent phonologists. and a few other words. cow.) In a few words it takes the sound of zh. as in yawn. even though the x is under the accent. of the labial aperture NOTE. two (too). as in familiar. according to some orthoepists. sound differs from that of/ only in being Note. which destroys the pure vocality of the e. 16. &c. &c. &c. fusion may be supposed to have been originally pronounced fuz'yun. Icel. however. as in seizure (se'zhoor). — W. Sax.—See § 95. as in wring (ring). and Vis never silent. R is 107. the s which is the second element of the x. It is often represented by u occurring before another vowel in the same syllable. and its soft or flat sound (marked £. It has arisen. is generally silent. first graz'yer. which is also written sennight. and wo~o. in other words. The combination zh is used in works on pronunciation to indicate the sound here described. emission of breath through the position taken by the lips in the formation of w. The sound tempt . — Z. &c. and the following i or the first element of the following u. so y is often confounded with e . and their de- in phthisic (tiz/ik). but they overlook the fact.quhile and English while. In rendezvous it is silent. luk'shoo-ry. rivatives. as universally pronounced. as in dew. if the letter r stands before it. merely that of a brief oo . United States at least. With e it unites to form a diphthong. ank'shus. whoop. of horrid as h5 / wid. § Tli has the sound of t thyme . new . is always silent before r in the same syllable. the word woo must be equivalent to oo pronounced twice in succession but oo-ob' is evidently a word of two syllables. Thus. generally sounded like long u. frozen. or xanthic (zan'-). ivhet is pronounced hwet. maze. toward (to'ard). X. instead of retaining § 102. but requiring for its utterance a closer position. On account of the vicinity of the contacts represented by zh and y. XV111 100. Like the other consonants. V. but a simple experiment will serve to is show the incorrectness of this view. and their derivatives and also in the proper names Thomas (tom'as) and Thames (temz. as in expect. exert. as in auxiliary. to which it stands in the same relation as any surd consonant does to its corresponding sonant. aa their usual sound of y. x. wrote (rot). consonant. character. This latter sound usually occurs when the sylan utterance of the voice instead of the breath.-S. the organs lable which immediately follows the x begins with an acassuming precisely the same position for both sounds. . After a vowel in the same syllable. 48. Thus what is from the A*. pression of the lips changes the quality of the sound. and uttered with the organs in precisely the same position. or nearly so and hence zh was naturally substituted as being a very similar sound of easier utterance. § 101. however. in all English words. In asthma and isthmus. 0. and the latter Is'mus or iz/mus. as in the cockney pronunciation of very as ve'wy. x has the sound of z. The regular and leading sound of this letter (which is unmarked) is heard in zone. quid and pronoun. entirely suppress the th. as a closer. inward. The sound of y (unmarked). approximation of the lips in Note. has two sounds namely. civil. — See § 108. Jf is often represented by i. but it is sounded like So. in the (tim). and nearly resembling. is the vocal correspondent of sh. languid. from an atto pronounce the sound of z in maze (see § 106) and that of consonant y (see § 105) in immediate succession. hazy. query. g. Compare also Scot. cented vowel. &c. (See § 90. of marry as ma'wy.English what. which is in Haw. giving it a buzzing and articulative. In who. few. &c. &c. grazier. It is the vocal or sonant form of s. this letter (which is unmarked) is a sound of sh . As w is often confounded with oo. thrown. it is said by the orthoepists to have the same sound but the great majority of speakers. when this letter occurs in an unaccented syllable before another vowel. exhalain the word twelvemonth. as quail. This sound — letters is in the reverse order. the w is silent. cing the former word az'ma or as'ina. y is a vowel. as in exist. year. &c. shown to be distinct from oo. the vowel At the beginning of words. nok'shus. as as in glow. formed from. huat. 103. that it is no consonant at all. In anxious. establish the consonantal nature of w. — 104. namely. assuage. § The sound of v (unmarked). and. manner oo-et gives rise to whet . In the middle or at the end of a syllable. whore. — Some writers. as in brow. luxurious. luxury. &c. or like u in rude. at the same time. contend that the combination wh represents a simple whisper of the ordinary w. and then grazh'er.) like gz. Lat. &c. . of causing it to assume its regular short sound. and has precisely the sound that would have in the same See §§ 15. as they were written by the Anglo-Saxons e. colloquially pronounced tvceVtion. 54.) . &c. young. If w is the same as oo. This. Another consideration will help to . example.PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. is confessedly a monosyllable. — W § 105. that. hvater. (an'ser). minion. munth. the vocal cords being all the while completely relaxed. The h is here a free . it is capable of stopping or shutting a vowel. At the beginning of a word or of a syllable. &c. This letter . whole. shrew. sword (sord). tax. the effort to do this causes the tongue to assume the position requisite for sounding zh. (See § 107. leave. . &c. It is often joined with a preceding o to represent the diphthongal sound otherwise See § 39. &c. exalt. and then fu>zhun . so hoo-et in like and they forget that all words of this class originally began with an aspiration or a guttural. Those who hold this opinion not only wrongly apprehend and describe their own pronunciation. as in exemplary. beyond. as in vane. as their etymological history clearly shows. — — which is heard in English only at Note This sound is formed from the the beginning of a word or a syllable vowel e by a closer approximation of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. xebec (ze'-). on account of the relationship of this sound to that commonly expressed by the digraph sh. and. as in crew. noxious. expressed by ou. answer Wh. poniard. awry (a-ry') also in the words w . its regular sharp sound (unmarked) like ks. though sometimes significant. 35. except in sevennight (sen'nit). but it may be proved to be a distinct sound by an experiment on the word ye similar to that by which w was See § 102. &c. xylography (zi-). pronouncing changes the sound to wet. town. and this comgreater contraction. 6 106. . follows an accented syllable. instead of a smooth and purely vocal. that is. worse. maintain that the sound NOTE. &c.

. fence. improp'er. fashionable in the days of Walker. many words. A few of these will now be mentioned. Hence. robbing. half-filled. strength. . as in in-com'pre-hen'si-bil'i-ty. which distinguishes them from the others by a greater distinctness and loudness of Accent is of two kinds. Sin the third privateer. Ac'ceptable. by assimilating the sound of the second consonant. ser'vice. outtravel. &c. ess.) Many in this country give a marked secondary accent th is not assimilated to the vocal d . as rouge. an important fact. then intermitting the voice entirely. or by two vowels of which the former only is unaccented. primary. 1 cise'ly . &c. as in irr pronunciation. in soulless. ma'ni-ac. 2. r. — — § 109. though less than that In some words there are two secondary laid on the last. although only one articulation is ever used. close the organs . Derivatives take for a time. (1. po'lit'ical. terse. sound of the first consonant is assimilated to that of the second.) The primary and secondary accents are. Possessive forms in s. m.. (3. have now (acdashed (dasht). and also that. when the same consonant is written twice between vowels. tween certain great principles which affect the seat of the accent. from adjust'. sdl'va'tion. Preterits and participles in d preceded by e mute. in chintz. &c. as in melt. For there are four very common inflectional ter. so nearly equal that we interchange them freely. charlatan. Principle. In quite a large number of words. in order This is to make the combination readily pronounceable. and the principal secondary. winds is vocalized. " making. . When a whispered and a vocal consonant come together in the same syllable. in fluent pronunciation. a consonant is doubled In yet. reverie. it is generally very difficult. Ease of utterance has some § 113. stu'pen'dous. and closing them a second time. : . § 110. yet in some words the articulation is dwelt upon for an appreciable space of time. groves (grovz) 3. there is a di- among good speakers as to the place of This arises mainly from a conflict bethe primary accent. su'perabun'dant. and not lub'ricate . . have now taken the easier accentuation of accept'able.dif'fi-cwFty." as Walker remarks. So also words derived from other English words by adding one or more syllables to their beginning versity of practice — . minations which invariably come under its influence. &c. . and one which needs to be familiarly (2. as maid's (maidz) namely Plurals in 5. as in azure . as in pe'ri-od. in certain known. in between . • generally done. in which the second part begins -with the same sound as that § HI. and u'tensil. after ng. . po'et- from from pleas'ant. though of corresponding with the vocal d. This out difficulty. from po'et. to preserve each in its regular and Hence it frequently becomes necessary appropriate sound. ingulfed (ingulft). no more than one articulaused in speaking. as in artisan. whether whispered or vocal. as in post-town. as two vowels many words having an unaccented initial syllable followed by an accented one. whether primary or secondary. smoot/is (smoothz) confidante. cording to able orthospists) transferred the primary accent It is necessary to observe. to that of Thus. or. from in. an accented syllable. the accent of the original words from which they are formed. serviceable. possibly can be used. by s in symposium. for example. foully. as sometimes pronounced words adopted from the French. custom. or end. with a view It is all that can be done in to account for this diversity. ASSIMILATION OF CONSONANTS. hundredth. which they stand is represented by zi (when the z occurs immediately preceded by. the sound of its whispered correspondent s. is to shorten all vowels but u. and syllable is distinguished by a stress greater than that laid on the second and third syllables. one of them only is represented by an articulation of the organs and the only reason for repeating the consonant is to indicate the fact that the preceding vowel has its short sound. In banner. governante. madden. person' ifica'tion. invalid. This affinity between these two classes of consonants is as in de'vi-a'tion. It is also a vulgar American rarely. as breadth. . and not trxic'ixlency . as in Nearly all of these. tain situations (see § 93) by ti in the single word tranand by g in one or two sition. or is with which +<he xis part ends. 4. where the full force of the voice is on the last syllasecondary. re- . in fluent speech. This tendency generally fails. opening the organs. in'ter-cst'ing. This effect takes place in many derived words in which the primitive ends or begins with the same letter as that with which a superadded suffix or prefix of English origin respectively begins or ends. as in glazier) by the zy implied in zu (= by si in cerzyoo). § 108. to lay a nearly equal stress of voice on both. tion is ever DIVIDED USAGE. n. as in spasm (spazm).. as resolve'. etiquette. in English. Vtal'ic. artisan. except the first three. gl'gan'tic. But. . keenness. unnatura'. as in ten'emtnt. — Note. for the sake Sometimes. where a consonant is written twice. Tor in. as tubs (tubz). as loads (loadz). a whispered consonant can be pronounced with. &c. courtesan. from aspectus. *vben further back than the penultimate syllable. as in su'per-in-tend'. Hindostan'ee. aspect* (Shakespeare. in all cases. as in ex'act'ly. &c. horrid. tend'. letter. Accent is or subordinate accents. cir'cum-stdn'ces. from Hindostan' &c. we but once between the first and second syllables nor is it possible to use both of the letters n without pronouncing ban. pleas'antly.) The general tendency of accent. iirst — See § 127. &c. § if not permanently. n. referee. — influence in deciding the place of the accent. PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. if the accented syllable is followed by two unaccented vowels. a brief sketch like this. First 112. that on a pre-antepenultimate syllable. parachute and others. added ambuscade. a particular stress or effort of vofeg upon certain syllables of words. in order to On the other hand. and all of which are vocal consoand the liquids I. re-adjust' ment. as within'. " the secondary principal He specifies violin. under ing in dth. producing an apparent duplication of the sound. caricature. an'atom'ical. in certain words which properly have but one accent. and not sup'erabun'dant. receptacle. tru'cultncy. and the i is followed by another vowel and occurs in an unaccented syllable. &c. as in ter'ri-to / ry nants. the vocal consonant z assumes the first. as in banner." 1.cases. misstep. head-dress. through the rest of the word. the s in unite with the whispered t. where the first ble. that there are a few words end. from prop'er. in such cases. where the aspirate the operation of a principle which is stated in § 117. DUPLICATION OF CONSONANTS. droning fault may be corrected by giving the accented syllable a sharp percussion. neg'essariness. person singular of verbs. pre. the . but we say lu'bricate. to change the character of the one or of the other. which carries the voice lightly tempt (temt).from the last to the first syllable. ACCENT. Second Principle. and actually is pronounced. or assumes the sound of z. The same effect takes place in most compound words. o'ri-en'tal. from resol'vo. Milton). and might have cavalcade.

and the verbs on the last. ances'tral is preferred to an'cestral by Jameson. : ble of the noun ally. search remain they were from. 1. Al'cove (for alcove') is more common among us. It is an important one in its place and. ob'dw Knowles. to convert' a con'tract. obdu'rate. .lly prevalent iu this coun. Wright. offend' &c. and Trisyllables and Polysyllables. from the difficulty of the sound. Note. These may serve as instances of the application of this principle. superseded confessor in this country. re'tail for the noun. for example. ac'ci- nult. tion (Principle No. and should tnerefore . who know nothernment. there is a tendency (though with numerous exceptions) to accent the former or penultimate syllable. because by Latin rules their second syhV is sometimes used in reference to a department of the govble is long while the mass of the people. the month. and especially. though mineral ogical terms ending ia ghyllous and phyllite (from . since the accent of nearly all these words has been long settled by general usage. to the one side. will sooner or later be made to conform to the general rule. Minute'. has been changed in this country into remediless. . Barclay. Webster. ." which. syllables. con'nate and in'nate (instead of gal'lant when it means highconnate' and innate') are genei'a. Here arises another conflict. — Note. contcmpla'tus. and others. In words of two syllables. (2. Cooley. very small. For example. Clarke. Dissyllables. Con' tents (for contents') has become the general usage of this countrj'. . . an impulse. deter' taining the accent of their primitives. &c. Brande. " conflict. and. ADJECTIVES. § 117. Boag. though it may give rise for a time to a diversity of pronunciation :ept'acle. There is a tendency among many to accent the first sylla which . older and harder). The noun cement has been extensively pronounced cem'ent. 1. Clarke. &c. there is a constant struggle (especially among Instinct. usage will probably soon fix permanently on per'fect for the adjective. Wright. and Cull. Com7 pact. 1. .PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. Third Principle. who are unacquainted with the deriva7 Min ute (of time). or third syllable dent. the common people. &c. Clarke. which promote ease of utterance. Cull. Boag.s. as. are strongly inclined to say Worcester. are of orthoepists. dis'cord. while bureau' onstra'tus. it is so marked by recent English orthoepists. arrays our scholars on and the body of the people on the other. to place the Au 7 gust. and are governed by English analogies. and survey' for the verb. Rees. or tc attentive to ladies. we accent the nouns and the adjectives on the first syllable. Ash. demgenerally applied to the article of furniture. confiscate. the marking of Knowles. it would not be surprising if this tendency should prevail on the ground stated above. Webster. Fourth Principle. as distinguished from the verb to cement' . Bom' bast (for bombast') is the accentuation of Walker. Re'tail (for retail') is now the marking of a majority of the orthoepists. Pro'lix and pre'text (for prolix' and pretext') are widely prevalent (especially the former). Exile 7 small. &c. and proceed' for the verb de'tail for the noun. — . and perfect' for the verb . slowly gaining upon those who are tenacious of denotes a suitor. tion of words) to draw back the accent to the first syllable. August 7 noble. .the last. Supine 7 indolent. al'iie.gallant'. have their accent on the last syllable. Webster. Su7 pine (in grammar). Cull. Wright. Boag. . pep'sy has taken the place of dys'pepsy in the marking of Webster. changes of this kind. as in el'oquent. will (since some will cling to that which is finally prevail. and others. per'mit for the noun. Fulton and Knight. . . Smart. Boag. In like manner. and Webster it is admitted by Many scholars. . De'tail (for detail') is less prevalent. When It the whole. Barclay. . and permit' for the verb pro'test for the noun. It is unnecessary to give the list in full. like profes'sor. Subal'tem (instead of Craig. as recommended by Bailey and Ash. We have about eighty cases among our dissylla§ 115. Sec). and thus we have a "divided usage " in respect to to ro'trtance and finance (for romance' and 'finance'). Rees. among the later ones. . accent on the radical part of the word and hence some hundreds of our dissyllables. and are authorized by some recent lexicographers. and others. which produces a diversity of accent and the common people. . an engagement. It is natural. or to these and similar words. Craig. Rem'ediless. banishment. in such formatives. there is — In words of three or more a strong tendency to accent the antepefrom the end. Con'sislory has given way to consist'ory in and Webster. Craig. Clarke. making the noun al'ly. The latter pronunciation is now very extensively (3. Craig. and spirited or daring. a con'vert. Hence. research' and resource'). Cooley. . allies . especially verbs and adverbs. to contract'. Boag. These are distinguished by accentwith ing the nouns on the first syllable. Note . heard. Instinct 7 animated. Barothers. DysKnowles. There are a few cases of divided use in nouns. demon' str ate. and Worcester. and protest' for the verb perfume for the noun. Ash. as sanctioned by Cull. has and other similar words. To distinguish between them. and is very getting that they come from participles. on The word gallant departs from the above rule. ac'r cessary and ac'cessory (as marked in most English Dictionaries) are commonly pronounced in this country accessary and accessory. and the adjectives on a powerful coun(1. and many more. and detail' for the verb in'crease for the noun. Barclay. in conformity -with campes'tral Confes'sor. (forTeau (for bureau') was admitted by Dr. by equally bent on saying con' template. Compact 7 close. Craig. opportunity. Ex 7 ile. &c. The two last ought especially to be discountenanced for and source are English words. Cull. and is changed into try. and a noun or an adjective on the other. and uten'sil. Clarke. %K Discrepant and discrepancy are marked discrepant and discrepancy by Richardson. are. Boag. . Clarke. but Smart thinks this will not finally prevail and the tendency does eertainly now seem to be toward cement' for the . and are now sanctioned by Reid. . namely. Ac' cess (for access') is authorized by a number ing of Latin. Webster. There is a class of botanical and xe' search and re' source. . Clarke.) This tendency meets teraction in Principle No.) No orthoepist has given any sanction.noun as well as the verb. and increase' for the verb . rate. Clarke. Clarke. although without sanction as yet from a single orthoepist. § 114. . and Cull. bar'- § 118. as in a'gue. and retail/ for the verb sur'vey for the noun. and the verb ally'. On the same ground. &e. (for. and is now the prevailing accentuation. clay. slender. Cooley.) Still. com'mon. — these pronunciations are not infrequently heard In America. but is sanctioned by Smart. Bu'. the (as first) the chief objects o/ thought. Reid. and perfume' for the verb pro'ceeds for the noun. bles in which the same word is used for a verb on the one hand. as in amuse' NOUNS. as sanctioned by Perry. Boag. and is extensively used in this country. and has the support of Perry. on. — This tendency is counteracted by that of derivaSee § 112) and here arises another some extent. and Worcester. Cull. it is believed." it is accented Principle No. We have a few dissyllables which are at once nouns and adjectives. that of derivatives re. demonstrate. being a majority. Walker's sub'altern) is the accentuation of Richardson. Cull. Richardson.conlem'plate.

) As to dissyllabic adjectives ending in ose. placing the principal accent on the antepenult. -cate. -tude. apostrophe. A part of the words having these terminations and take the antepenultimate hyperborean. are sometimes accented on the penult. and many of them inconsistent with themselves. &c. and is sanctioned by Maunder. ought. umbelliferous circum 'fluent . Cooley. E-Al". as.than two syllables. -strophe. But all words of this class. Cooley. -logist as. acid'ity. and -ty. cosmog'ony. second paragraph. iogy ioquy vnachy. and others. as at'tri^ute. -trophy. ar'senic. : or'ator. . most recent authorities. With a very few exceptions. ephem'eric. that * when words come to us who'e from the Greek or Latin. is more properly acther from the 3n<\. adamante'an. antiph'ony. Most words ending in eal accent the ante§ 120. In poetry. cath'olic. qui 1 etude. ver* sh. Worcester. Words ending in ic and ics (derivatives from or icus. operose. Words having these terminations are differently accented by different au<5r. words of more than penult as.. as § 126. having the nean. and E-UM. Clarke. petro'leum. In such ^ases. following the natural tendency of the language. or of consonant y immediately before their last vowel or diphthong e. pleth'oric. 125. Yet the strong tendency of our language to accent the cntepennltimate in all words of three or more syllables has caused this principle to be violated in some cases. as. in all probability. diag'onal. colosse'an. and Webster. barom'eter. solil'oquy logom'achy. v. kexag'onal as. laid down by Walker.o'men. baUcony (for balco'ny) has now.. Note. illu'sion. as jocose. da'ry). lexicographer. and sometimes on the antepenult. fluent. at'rophy. theoc'racy The Termination OSE. Cull. in trisyllables having this termination. chrestom'athy. with a few exceptions. •nomy. -sropy as. as." Hence the following words ought to be accented as here marked namely. chronol'ogy. Epicure'an. or formed after the analogy) have their accent on the penult as. Orphean. n. muse'um. lin'eal. Tartarean. comatose.flammiv'o?nous. The penultimate syllable most all words having the sound of is to be accented in al- of zh. is ose. dep'uty. Wright. pol'itic. . Abd. rus'ticate. carniv'orous. antepenultimate accent. mellifluous. according to Smart. affluent. pygme<'an . In like manner. farra'go. anthophyllite. antip'athy . as quadriphyllous . lithofomy -tomy. as. ceru'lean. democracy. •graphy somniferous. There ending in . though some pronounce it climacter'ic. give only a secondary accent to the last syllable. physiologist mythol'ogy a considerable number of adjectives animose. her'etic. subterra'nean. as. are self-consistent in their pronunciation of such § 121 Words of more. . Cull. Webster.- -vovious. polym'athy hygrom'eter . <l>vWov. as in the following examples . verbose. deuteros'copy . the nouns have the accent furbeing derived from Or'pheus (or'ius). 5 abic. The following words are exceptions. entomol'ogisi. igniv'omous . and has the sanction of Perry. Cull. astrol'oger feroUs as. and miszovduct'. words Gray as uniformly on the penult. and overEurope 'an. to be pronounced alike. min'ister. the accent on the antepenult as. in accordance with boundary and nearly every other word of three syllables in -ary. Qnan'dary (for quanClarke. § 118. n. vivip'arous.. hori'zon. : <racy as. &c. as. part accent the penult. as. the penultimate accentuation being his preference. lu'natic. and sometimes even by the same authority. accen/ **u the antepenult. as. acu'rnen. Atlant'ean. A . and the noun and adjective splenetic. § 122. in the accentuation of which the dictionaries are at variance with each other. XXI anat'omy. soci'ety. as. bitu/men. superfluous. ence of accent. marrno'rean same orthography are generally distinguished by a differ§ 119. as. as well as the prevailing usage. -loger as. j gonal . v. Knowles. &c. roloph'ony pathy as. or last syllable but two 1 . deco'rum.. Words of more t^an two dep'recate. as. calas'troplu. and Worcester are the only authorities thorities. the nouns empiric and schismatic. and Webster. &c. Cooley. -vorous. succeda'neum. There can be no doubt that that mode of pronunciation which places the accent on the antepenult is most in accordance with the genius of our language and. mil ton. Many are disposed to reduce vaga'ry to the same accentuation (va'gary). § 124. v. from their form and derivation. typography. Ar. and. -fly. choVeric. The Terminations E-AL. having the accent on the antepenult namely ag'aric. pleth'orn. graminiv'orous. the penultimate accentuation. Ele'giac (for e'cgi'ac) is the general pronunciation of this country (in accordance with maniac and most other words in -iac). diplo'ma. o'verthrow. rhet'oric. ap'athy. hyper' trophy . cented Or'phean. vnetry as. and tur'meric. opm'ion. is our prevailing pronunciation. § 123. &s. Walker himself accents them all upon the last syllable.. and in this he is followed by Worcester and Cooley. Knowles. 'parous. epi- words in i/cos same demic. they take the accent on the last syllable. words are frequently used with an accentuation different from that adopted in ordinary speech. Hercu'lean. as. as in am'azon. ending in Knowles accenting them all on the antepenult. as. Mediterra- follow the English analogy. the same accent ought to be preserved as in the original. as. reciprocate comhnodate sanc'tify . -gate. but hymene'al and two s^Uable^ naving the following terminations take the ide'al take the accent upon the penult. &c. as. muse'um. stenographer as. in Greek or Latin. astron'omy. dona'tion. mausole'um. . and is so marked by Knowles. fiuous gony — . scientific. rar'efy^ . as. In like manner. cic'atrix. preceded by a vowel. perios'teum. latitude. . •mouthy. and Worcester giving an have. . Wright. . and syllables miscon'- attrib'ute. arithmetic. econ'omy. g. -date. colloquy. ultim'etry. controversial. (See § 110. on like grounds. It is a just principle.. become the true English pronunciation. Gray. geom'etry . but. . § as. ethe'real. empyre'an. Climacteric has usually the. acros'copy. Craig. ac» fu'migate delegate.. concession. aphony. accent . throw'. and many more. prop'agate. ovip'arous. as Walker remarks. n. . pkotog'raphy. sono'rous. theog'ony . for the most part. an'tedate. n. •grapker . fune'real .PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. 1 The Terminations 10 and ICS. a leaf). philoUoger. duct. in which the same struggle is going on. elu'cidate. morose. it will ultimately prevail over the learning or the pedantry of those who contend for . meter as. who — : alternative in every case. theom'achy .

it takes the obscurer sound as. stnitt. birr. o-void) and sometimes in order to exhibit their and guarantee'. and the i'cgularly accented syllable takes a secondary accent thus. the. op 'pose' and — say is this. ex'er'cise. § 132 (3). Pope. abb. a-na-to-my." In Jike manner we say a. The words clef. cliff. doff. sol. your. and not yours. of place. . xxii 'Twixt that and reason what a nice barrier 1 Forever separate. when we pronounce the words by them- I exhibited to the eye without violating the orthoepical principle of ." When. with the words in which these letters aro doubled namely. | generally been done. | | . and ex'or'cise. (thur) interests. was. pronoun their. proph'et' and profit' . rudd . Words are sometimes divided into syllables for 1 the sole purpose of showing their proper pronunciation (as. the sound of k. rectly spelled lett. thus. &c. d. The letter s. de-li-cate. Note. zmdo 1 is pronounced vn'do' when opposed to do or to out>do'. odd. philosophy. (1). there. I and where this is possible it has more particularly in the case of ac- syllabication. 80. bi'en'nial and tri'en/nial. well illustrates this tendency to a corruption of the vowel sound in unemphasized monosylla" My lords.of a line In the United States. e follows the vowel. . the only consonants that as the u does not strictly form a diphthong with the e v are ever doubled at the end of a word are b. wapp . I ' . yur. Adown enormous : § 127. buzz. are us. all monosyllabic etymological composition merely. their vowel is liable to the same corruption of quality as principle is allowed to operate only in separating prefixes. as in em'inent. cented syllables. press. yes. &c. err. al-le'ga'tion &nd al-li'§ 129. toll. haul. egg. but serves merely to render the g hard. When two words of similar formation and the same accentuation are contrasted with each other. and standing immediately after single vowels. or falling into. yet forever near. that of the consonant or a consonant digraph between two vowels goes neutral vowel (u in urge) as. But when used suffixes. has. verging toward. &c). that. are excep- tions. if. SYLLABICATION. "There (thur) is no dimculty in the case. or nearly all. 130 lables. and intervene' is pronounced intervene 1 when used antithetically to su'pervene 1 . Monosyllables ending. do nor' and do'nee'. Besides /. thut. . ov-oid). The following list contains all. receiv. . The letters /and I. bell. g. null. im'minent). when emphatic. The word guess is only an apparent exception. and gramrxatical terminations from the radical antithetically to other words. In English practice. they are emphasized. however. the sound becomes hypo-thesis. Coleridge. murr.part of the word.cases these modes of syllabication are to a certain syllables. and in wjich. mitt. from. r. and doubled. and standing immediately after a single vowel. of. the accent is transferred to the syllable of difference (unless this is already accented. ma-thf -ma-tics." In this Dictionary. also. is. 1 '. that that that that gentleman has advanced not that that he should have proved to your lordships. When separately pronounced. belli-gerent. The only impor. except when it is used to form the possessive case some writers. bigg." No. fur. without the least regard words have their vowel as distinctly sounded as if under ac. purr . and sett . m. is . The words ail. the possessive senting the pronunciation. AS EXHIBITED IN THIS VOLUME.' plitt. hiss. the etymological tions. as pronounced. fuzz. is generally which should have the final letter doubled. as in staff. generally doubled hill. DR. bunn . But in connected discourse. ye that from the mountain's brow rav'ines slope amain. § 128. are usually unemphasized. § 134 (5). as. and extent combined. fOr. — The words let. door. and puff. nett. that in an unaccented syllable of a word. frilm. such as articles. all. are mumm (to mask) inn. I. hurr. Thus. j however. " I shall be there (ther). mossj truss. sometimes incorand some other words set are § 131 (2). are to be constituent parts independently of the pronunciation (as. and a single more obscure. and maim. "Tlieir (ther) interests. at the end of a monosyllable. p. lamm. parr. huzz. gnarr.immediately after a diphthong or double vowel is never tant exceptions are as. consulted. The following passage from the « Spectator. net. certain classes of mono. RULES FOR SPELLING CERTAIN CLASSES OF WORDS. scomm. — — . shirr. by or plural of a noun. examples. have . peat. or the third person singular of a verb § 133 (4). and . and auxiliary verbs. ad-orn. . thu. So also with am'jmta'tion and im'puta'tion. burr. at the end of monosyl. pronouns. conjunc. their pronunciation (as. is distinctly pronounced with the appropriate as to represent their pronunciation in the most accurate 6ound of the vowel as. should take the full sound words are usually divided in such a manner as to show their of e. . it serves merely to introduce a verb or a sentence. prepositions. gas." RULES FOR SPELLING. when used as an adverb &c). and z. where this can be done without misrepreing a full and distinct stress of voice. snigg . and s. butt muzz. shirr. add. single are spelled.ebb." But when unemphatic. with humble submission that that I bles . '. his. with it doubled. fizz. In ordinary as where a word requires to be divided at the end cent. manner but very frequently the root of a word may be sup'pose' gi'tion antor' . guara-dorn. A consonant standing at the end of a word as in grass. FOUNDED ON THE ORTHOGRAPHY OF § WEBSTER. " They will not neglect their to the latter (as. t. words are uniformly divided so So. Ye icefalls ! selves but in actual use they become nearly or quite ii. .

and similar to these. with vowels. or when the word tion. RULES FOR SPELLING. in which c is preceded by other vowels than i or ia. travel. hum- as in black. accented on the last syllable. will. stand } standing. wit. barrel. needy . are more properly written with only formed by adding the termination ly to words ending in one. or with two Vs and without the hyphen as. compromit. label. libel. ill. carol. however. refer' reference ." hotest. oddly. the words in which are chiefly verbs. humbug. channel. tranquilizer. ends in two different consonants. xxm consonant is doubled in the derivatives of a few words ending in g. ore. a hyphen being inserted before the terminaen any other syllable than the last. Derivatives formed from words ending in a Excellence. beretains the double I as being from the Latin tranquillitas. xebec. squat. cabal'ler . since the u performs the office of the consonant with but one I. as.. sandarac. daub. adding the termination less. sac.In derivatives formed from words ending in by adding a termination beginning with e. the e is immediately preceded . hatetrav'el. crystallize. . bowel. are exceptions. pale. barrel. and abeteJ. will. squabbish. and the like. profited . &c. the second I in would be liable to be pronounced long. ploc.. travelling. odd. inthrallprimitive is thrown back upon another syllable cab'alism. squatting. trafficked. however. the Latin caacellarius (through the French). and the same pracw . quitted. except parallel. briefest . : : : . The words lac. cabal'. tinsel. precedes the final consonant of a word. as.When a diphthong. quit. begin' ner. Conformity to the regular ter . woolen is more generally thus written. skillfulness . 1 . as. since they are derived respectively from these words. colic. model. by adding one or more syllables. and havoc. dully . dull. worshipper. movement. smelt-l'ss or smelless. full. acquit'. and enroll). begin' ning. and metallum. zinc. ing written with only one f. periwigged. . with also a few of other terminations. (quarrel. limbec. in order to prevent the false pronunciacellor. abet 1 abet 1 ted. empanel. usually h added after the c . traveller. single consonant (except x) preceded by a single vowel. briefer. duel. roc. form no exception gambol. marc. hatchet. hotter. traffic. but remarks that " the serve the short sound of the vowel. Words of more than one syllable. The final humbugging . ending in ic or and arc. profit. wedlock. worship. and the derivatives of metal and crys'a as metalloid. if the consouant were not doubled. rival. carburet. dauber need. in formthat consonant is doubled as. channel. dial. when these words end in a Worcester doubles tunnel. talcky : . These words are chiefly those ending in I. drivel. pontific. cab'alist . doive. buck. defer'. before e or i : as. full. acquit' ted. The words almanac. : : 1 . pontiwhile the English derivatives of tranquil. vowel : trafficker as. shovel. peril. and enrollment (from install. dullness. zinc. especially in England. Almanac. and the like. and all similar words ending in nret. unnecessarily and contrarily to analogy. which formerly ended in k. hot. includes the most important of those in regard to which usage varies namely. dishevel. abet1 tor language " to spell their derivatives with but one /. in order to diminish the liability to its being pronounced like /. handsel. and havoc. in the United States. bugged. doubled in their derivatives. inthrall. rev'eled. &c. music. bell-lzss. the final letters of all these words. ment. that " it better accords with the analogy of the witty. also words derived from the Latin or Greek languages. thraldom. hate. knock. are written either or the accent of a word ending in a single consonant falls with three Ps. omit one l in with the I doubled. cancel. trammel. other score than to satisfy the prejudices of the eye. panel. soc. elegiac. acquit'ting. drivel.In derivatives formed by adding a terminapencil. termination of exc?l'. and accented on some other syllable than the last. paleness . as tranquiliz". squab. pistol. arrack. are written and lexicographers. revel. This practice appears to have arisen from a desire to prevent the vowel of the final syllable of the primitive from being inaccurately pronounced long in the derivatives. bevel. tion begins with a consonant as. performer . skill. So also the word tranquillity The derivatives of pontiff are exceptions to the rule. retains the double consonant in this class of words solely The consonant is doubled in these words in order to pre. re. iiUock. ful. gambol. § 138 (9). planned. fleck. tains the double I. gaseity. Cooley doubles the consonant in a majority of the derivaWords of this class. &c. are sometimes written with k after the c.on the ground that usage favors it. Smart begin'. as being from the Latin excellens. snivel. infer /ring. barrack. however. ing a vowel sound. There is a large class of words ending in a single Note consonant. the double I is retained in the words installment. with one I . pommel. the final consonant is not or belless. hottest . imperil. ceded by qu followed by a single vowel. &nd flsc. shrivel. are exceptions. fellable . but in England it is written woollen. chastelu. unravel. zincky. squat. infer'. bevels bias. clan. cubic. perform. U.In derivatives formed from words ending with silent e. baggage . trav'eling. vial.illy . as. crystalline. victual. planned. the letter k is inserted after the c.thrall. The word derrick is an exception. medal. squaJjby . gravel. limbec. manioc. kidnap. planner . but writes a single consonant in many. bag. though often ftcia and the like. colicky talc. dull. though he remarks.tice was advocated by Walker. So also to the rule are those derivatives in which the accent of the willful. tassel. the e is generally retained when the termination beginning with a vowel as. as also in the derivatives of skill. formed by adding the syllables ly and ness. stiffness . cabal'. according to the rule. plan. jewel. though one I has been dropped from the monly retain both consonants as. chisel. § 135 (6). laurel. as otherwise the latter double p in worshipped. or y. in which the final consonant is pre. tion they might receive if spelled with one I. ebb. doubled in derivatives formed by the addition of a termina§ 139 (10). The following list. or from other sources. Besides these. and abetted.double consonant. ravel. and gassy) are written with but one s . i. preference . with respect to those ending in I.l. act. daubed. tion beginning with a vowel to monosyllables and words rowel. the only exceptions stiff. the final consonants of which are. hammock. Perry wrote the derivatives of these words to the rule. ing derivatives by the addition of terminations beginning planning. fell. level. Many writers metallurgy. It is no exception to this rule that chan. iac.tives of words of this class. scholars. rev'eling . incite incitement . fully. Thus. as. click. enamel. comgasify. talc. . and its compounds. The word periwig. skill-less or skilless. cavil. and full. are quite unnecessary on any hjttest. abet 1 ting. clannish . quitting. move. skillful. counsel. maniac. apparel. marvel. especially in England.-ch'dsteness . inferred'. deference. gassing. . public. cudgel. parallel^ parcel. pontifical. as. fullness. as in those of apparel. ebbing . dull. prefer'. equal. metal. willfulness . rev'el. actor . would naturally be pronounced planed. gaseous. commonly end in ck . in order that the latter may not be inaccurately pronounced like s before the following e. chaste. and the Greek (cpvVraAAo?. — : § 136 (7). trafficking. in order to prevent the concurrence of three I's : as. One I also is dropped in a few words written with two I's. rule has been advocated also by Lowth and other eminent The derivatives of the word gas (except gassed. Words of more than one syllable. acted. trav'eler . funnel. or formed in an analogous manner. grovel. are now written without the k. When. kennel. or a digraph represent. by very many writers and lexicographers. marshal. AYords similarly formed by § 137 (8). brief.

x. stiff-necked. potato. motOther nouns of this class genertain the y. gem. outrageous . wisdom. that of rabbi. dice.fiul. especially in England. move. die. ending in o preceded by a consonant. § 142 (13). saith. shyness. huzza. and toe).that the sound of s can unite with it and be pronounced iness . guide. 7 ga-jor. In derivatives of words ending in y pre. The latter word is sometimes very improperly written mortgagor. . paid. say. undersell.rabbis or rabbies. mination except one beginning with i. fogginess . dry. claws . icy. chief. consonant. act. disinthrall. nursling. to distinguish them from dying.Compound words formed by joining two or more words commonly retain all the letters of the simple words as. are exceptions. welcome. although. paths. gluey. are exceptions. in order to prevent two Vs from coming together as. The y is also retained in the possessive regard to some of them. but stands for the written stayed. also re. Derivatives of words of this class ending in silent e. docs not omit the e. dryly. plumage . since they are derived not directly from line and pine. play. the e is dropped. are not really such. obeying . roll. though some authors write them with i. swayed . woeful.. woe. shape. echoed . spelled milage. plays . . though usage differs with likewise exceptions. cabs . hoed. tie.In derivatives formed from words with silent e. A few plurals from nouns of y. motto. In derivatives formed from words ending in ie. said. buy. enjoyed. drop the final e : as. •plume. and pinea. dying . Derivatives from words ending in uy. truism. iciest. echo. change. earthy. The last four. cups . bowed . and well. peaceable. springe. derivatives The words wholly. There are numerous exceptions to this rule. sh. joy. and 13 art : also exceptions. guidance. thrall. But the adjectives drier path. judgment. is retained in order to preserve the soft sounds of these consonants as. acknowledgement. hoe. ear. enroll. usage . manigeable. altogether. neckerchief. fans. . are exceptions. by many authors. numskull. fan. embargo. namesake. The words distill and instill should be written with the I doubled. abridgement. however. pastime. lie. except in the cases mentioned in the next paragraph: as. and the like. acts. and pronounced mor': colloquies. (from staff. and more correctly. Michaelmas. singing. come. before a termination beginning with a or o. spryesi and : retain the y unchanged : as. though apparently exceptions. also. almighty. chilblain. Candlemas. 145 § (16). sale. gayety. with one I: as. emboss. wryncss. trees . . mass . giueyness. awful . 5 only is added in formThe derivatives of adjectives of one syllable ending in y ing the plural as. that might arise in case it were omitted. lineal. The cases mentioned in sections 11. purlieus . foretell. grievance . pay. also. The plural apostrophe as. rebufl] befall. judgement. laid. but from the Latin linea (through the French). preceded by a consonant. obey. tying vie. bell. agree.toes . fulfil' enrol. with their com- the termination is. and toeing (from hoe. The e. woo. from dry. standing. lock. doughy. use. modify. bells. cargo. weigh. swingeing. fill.cantos. icily. panic. though they are often written distil and instil. The words daily. sing. though it is sometimes. almost. The e is retained in the word hoeing. fleece. tipstaff. as secretaryship. is often dropped from the argue. ting. words of which the second part is the adjective Sec. claw. changeable. tingeing (from dye. . fulfill. being always written Those words of this class which end in 11 are written by some authors. are written. ac. as. and wherever. swing. woes . agree. ivithal. the e is generally omitted. Lammas. widemouthed. The word until is an exception. without forming a separate syllable. in words. is not strictly a vowel. slain. argument . fleecy pounds. everybody's.Derivatives formed by affixing a termina. burnish. rueful. earth. agreed. spry. or. e is inserted before s in forming the plural. end in es : as. fulfill. gems . wherewithal. and the i changed to y. springetug. lodgment. tinge). bride. panics . pitiful. linealis. and formed by appending any ter§ 147 (18). agreeing. buff] fall. save-all. virtue. ladyship. advantage. forcible . either With regard to other nouns ending in i § 143 (14). and usually re. as colloquy. boss). or z) that the sound of s can not unite with it in pronunciation. and stay). singe. the y is usually in certain classes of words. freer. Staid. always. movable . : — — : wry. abridgment. echo. unless (as that of ch. bags . tidy. § 144 (15). with only one I. in es. free. however. shoeing. dough. in order to prevent a doubt as to the pronunciation. hying . truly and compounds of these el). generally usage differs. countries. and pineal. tree. Christmas. in a derivative. hie. notice. hateful. cargoes . sell. tion to words ending in y preceded by a vowel. shoe. sly. sue. salable. but must form a separate syllable. cording to the rule. freest . changed into i: as. agneable. there^compounds of withal. sway. force. welfare . formed by prefixing one or in a double consonant com- Derivatives more syllables to words ending monly retain both consonants : as. and the compounds of some of these. inthral. are not exceptions to the rule. and immediately after c or g. slay. peace. it duly and the . generally retain the letter or letters representing such sound as. tinging (from die. mercy. many of them compounds which by long use have acquired the force They are the following namely. tain the y: as. as cases. suretyship. when the termination begins with a vowel. as. vying. RULES FOR SPELLING. the words full. ending § 140 (11). acknowledgment. sued. pity. mortgage. in the words dyeing. lay. : awe. shaping. u. well-bred. some of single words. XXIV by another vowel (except derivative as. chiefs . bridal. weighing. embargoes. is sometimes from such consonant w. ar. swinging. ou'rage. ceded by a. beads . of alkali is written a'kalis or alkalies .Derivatives formed by appending a syllable beginning with a vowel to words ending with a vowel sound. gayly . gay. bead. as also those formed from words ending in double e by adding a termination beginning with e. inthrall. as. tell. spring. swinge. advantageo 's . potatoes. coming . driest. lying . § 146 (17). When the noun in the singular ends with such a sound tidiness . as commonly written. mortgageor. player. joyful enjoy. j. manage. lodgement. owed. with one / . and staid (from day. bow. Those in which final o is precase singular of nouns. Derivatives formed by adding the termination ship. When the noun in the singular ends with such a sound s. seas . huzzaed . bfal. foggy. singeing. by adding the termination ing. wooes. also. shy. — § 141 (12). locks . grieve. buying. alone. owe. cab. beau. Jt is retained.) The word mileage. are commonly written with i instead cup.standish. merciless . sea. slyest. 12. when formed by adding s with the ceded by a vowel form their plurals regularly. modifies . The words babyhood and ladykin are ally form their plurals regularly. springing. true.echoes. virtues: purlieu. though they are more properly written with spryer. noticeable . bag. dull-eyed. canto. foretel. true. : : compounds of u'l a ready. The words lineage. ears. The plural of nouns regularly ends in s.

English words of similar termination as. crisis. geese . data. The following words. knives . omit the apostrophe in joining the s immediately to the Others still write such letter. leaf leaves. according to the rule as. calves . gases 60a. : women . guy. The most important of these words are mentioned in this and the succeeding sections. pity. monsieur. being pronounced like w. knife. skies . matrices . though often written villanous. laces . sloe. To express the plural of a letter. handfds. and reflecend in the syllable man. The fe are irregularly : sheaves. members of the same society. mazes. loaf loaves. trout. with their compounds. § 149 (20). matwriters. have each two plurals of different forms and with different significations as. lace. hosen. " The three Marys. . mous". besides those mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. like. written talismen and Mussulmen. datum. talisman. Germans. mercy. children./ having the power of iv). or any character or sign. is strictly a consonant as. esses. When. beeves. the coins. This rule includes words ending in quy. die. even that of the best authors. brother. ladies . seraphim or seraphs. im is a plural ending. especially in England. foe. plural endings.. alloys. days . shoon. stratum. The derivatives of the word villain. colloquies. their plurals regularly. The words brother. or spoken of collectively pennies. foeman. moneys. lady. figure. floe. doe. inflect. handful. by a consonant form their plural by adding es and changing y into i: as. efs. cherub. as it is also by some recent Eagiish writers. ages . wolf.: EULES FOR SPELLING. wolves. elf. house). in Hebrew words. male children of the same parent. son-in-law." Many words of this class. criterion. elves . rushes . The plural of staff is sometimes written staffs. and are not compounds. self selves . the letter s. when a definite number is mentioned pease. woman. lice . shelf shelves . gas. in which sense it is always written staffs. 11. the plural is commonly formed by making the same change in the noun as when it stands alone as. The plural of proper nouns ending in § 154 (25). fe. monies. have also a second. the first three of : . § 156 (27). hoe. day. larvse. dormice. the two 11 in all . pities. without adding any plural sign as. or of a word mentioned without regard to its meaning. villainy. The ivhy's and wherefo^eh of the question. as pronounced. § 153 (24). and the like. nexion. form the plural of such words by simply rix. and words of more § 151 (22). generally preceded by the apostrophe. . however. half halves . wives . from captain. »s. the two ee in bee. deflect. colloquy. though they have received a slightly different form. the plural of the compound is commonly formed like that of any other word of the same termination as. boxes . in which have the same form in the plural as in the singular as. cayman. especially when a definite number is mentioned pence. from ignorance or forgetfulness of the fact that. and the as. class. . courtmartial. and reflexion. with these words form their plurals in the same manner and the like." writers. bandit. attorney. formerly -written hooves and turves. ox. are now written hoofs and turfs. life. though often written without the final e. sheep. and the Monosyllables other than nouns. hose. In the following nouns. ula ox formulas. : : : : : Some guys. formlarly formed by adding 5 only as. mountainous. by these coins. attorneys. also the cubical parts of pedestals dice. adding 5: as. as ee. but improperly. &. where it also has the same meaning that brother has in ordinary language dies. however. sons-in-law. are the principal examples namely. implements for making impressions by stamping. goose. m. &c. like most other nouns of one syllable and a gross blunder. but more commonly staves. s in Some Orion : ' " . age. double I. : Nouns ending XXV brethren. cow. beaux or beam. firmans . beef. man. while retaining the original When the singular of a noun ends in y preceded by a plurals. Mussidman. brother. or ff. strata or stratum s . § 155 (26). cousins-german . &c. sky. the adjective is so closely joined to the noun that the compound has the force of a simple word." Many criteria. plurals of the latter class are often inaccu- rately written with the termination ies nies. Words which The words connection. deer. mostly names of animals. firman. The plurals of talisman and Mussulman are sometimes. formula. " The three Maries. larva. Many words adopted from foreign languages preceded a consonant. but this practice is not to be commended. in which case the latter serves to form a separate syllable with 5 : as. messieurs. from mountain . seeds of the pea-plant. A few words. as in the phrases. churches rush. . § 152 (23). teeth . cases. shoe.and reflect. The plurals of hoof and turf. is variable. as. members of the same religious or ecprofession clesiastical body. thief thieves sheaf. end. The plurals of the last two words are sometimes incorrectly written cherubims and seraphims. the same in bulk. plurals of a few nouns ending in /or formed by changing forfe into ves. the cubical blocks used in games of chance peas. crises. courts-martial . indices or money. also. Mussulmans. deflection. the plural is regu. except when it means a corps of officers. foci . lives . or for making screws. according to the practice. keys . oxen. foot. banditti or § 148 (19)- in y preceded . the word in this form being rarely used except in religious writings. feet . captaincy.. by should retain it. . written wharves. and the like. church. with double plural terminations. cherubim or cherubs. of many writers. cousin-german. There are many words. talismans. cupfuls . . mercies . seraph. The plural of iv/iarf is generally written wharfs in England in the United States it is more commonly. German. like those of other words similarly ending in ain: : : louse. . The two Is in all " « Two *s in Orion " the names of the letters with their proper as in the phrases " .c^ properly retain the i. wife. child. . association. In certain loose compounds consisting of a noun followed by an adjective or other qualifying expression. genera. § 150 (21).. * . brethren : : . index. the word ends with silent e. though often written. alloy. indexes. focus. are formed regularly by the addition of 5 only. and penny. instead of the letters themselves as. by by y y ies. maze. villany. tooth. formed after the analogy of vowel (except . foemen. genus. conmans. or word. the plural is distinguished from the singular only by a change of the vowel or vowel sound of the word namely. men . kine. is appended. brothers. desmans. armies . &c. dormouse. pea. the amount reckoned eye. inflexion. either military or civil. attor- like. character. cupful. inflection. The plui-als of other nouns ending in /. calf. is formed changing into retain their original plurals: as. A few plurals end in en : namely. Compounds ending bandits. housen. The word woe. the ees. " Two . deflexion. are properly read double e. beau. " The two Vs in all . . or in scriptural language. toe. ells. as villainous. in respect to which usage. however. army. or brethren. desman. (from which. form tion follow the spelling of the words connect. . with the sound of n. To these may be added the obsolete forms eyne. by adding s only as. key. mice. cay. of similar form as. The plurals of letters : two are also rarely expressed by simply doubling them.

apprise. §159 (30). honor. able or infer'rible . § 162 (33). metre. Those There are a few words respecting which usage is variable derived from the French verb prendre (participle pris or as. as polyhedron. either is to may be preferred in others. as in the adjectives confident and dependent. and the others. In chise. Acre. in ide and ine. words have the termination ize . the adjective ends in ant. There is a numerous class of words almost universally written. either directly or through the French. in analogy with the the syllable ped (from Lat. and is also used in all their derivatives. (35). avoidable. solithree conjugations. with of the tetracdron. referable or refer'rible. pes. and is still frequently. . pedis.. termination. it is the more general practice to write the adjective with ent. Oxide is now generally written with ing is used by many writers. albumenize. . mutable. and the like. divertise. though formerly by many written oxyd.are chiefly derived from Greek words ending in i^o. addible or addable . dependant or dependent. The verb practice is thus written like the noun. and the like. laudable. retain the termination re. nounced hcd'ra). RULES FOR SPELLING.termination of the words bromide. from which the u has been dropped. syllable. and their com- derivatives. advertise. . iodide. disfranchise. legible. enfranchise. and en to the latter. and tion able . sulphide. mutable (Lat. There was formerly considerable diversity of usage in respect to the terminations ant and ent. emprise. though often spelled with c instead preserve the hard sound of the c and g. ensure or in. and pretense are sacre. candor. expense. the prefix in ise : namely. supervise. Most gold. naviga. quadruped. almost universal practice to retain it as. surprise. bromide. t . potato. The the termination ide.patronize or patronise. but are written which are differently written. They are chiefly derived from the The following are the principal English verbs ending in Latin. rumor. and are still very often thus written in were formerly written without the final e . There is a class of adjectives ending either in criticise. serviceable. enquire or inquire. canto. credibilis). : 1 t . anathematize. rived whereas the last syllable is simply the same as the Derivatives of the Greek eSpa (seat. § 164. vigor. tetrahedron. vendible. though not always upon uniform principles. as enclose or inclose. many of them being written with or in English books. authors. biped. eatable. sure. comprise. It may be remarked that most of those in respect to which usage varies are more frequently written in England with the termination ise. as. catebelonging to the former language. but it is now the America. in nearly or quite every word of this class. en in many of them. derived from these languages. both of which were in certain cases used almost indifferently as in the words confidant or confident. meter. In the case of very many words. some written without the final e. labor. theatre. These words are mostly verbs. write these words mould and moult. premise. salable. by different authors. surmise. written pede : as. for the s belongs to the words from which they are § 161 (32). formalize. exorcise. and the abstract nouns attendance and repentance. in chlorine. especially in England. difference in spelling between the noun and the verb is from the supposition that the y of the last syllable repreproperly observed. omit the re . so. though the latter spell. criticize or § 157 (28). despise. ibilis : as. go. base. criticise. however. &c. There is a class of words beginning with en prendre. in be used indifferently. Most of them drouth and flight. as. as. characcording as they are derived from words ending in abilis or acterize. disenfranchise. exorcise are exceptions. as. The words drought and height were formerly written in regard to which usage has been variable. The word tannin is always written preference to the form practise. offense. favor. blamable. lucre. or ble. : : some of these words. either ise or ize to represent this sound as. § 163 (34). There is a class of words ending. the common nouns attendant and repentant . : . In the few words in which both these terminations are retained. are written in this Dictionary with words bold. . &c. as. of which a large majority have the termina. theater. ing respectively. able or in ible. motto. . sensitize. according to § 160 (31). center. and ogre. XXVI than one : haying a similar termination. as proand the like. nacre. which are often written centre. in words of this kind. some are from the French few are formed by adding the termination to English words. § 165 (36). . tantalize. centiped. of s. chancre. surprise. pounds and The words mold and molt. only in such as sented the v of the Greek o£us from which the word is deare accented on the last syllable. The words catechise and credible (Lat. however. masThe words defense. &c. fluorine. liable. foot). enterprise. and their derivatives in like manner. affranchise. There are two classes of chemical words endderived. reprise. milliped. bastardize. however. circumcise. without the h. some of sometimes polyedron.without the final e. side pro. naturalize or naturalise. of which are written by most authors with the termination the best usage. should be written in the same manner. enurprise. Those formed from Greek Those from Latin words end respectively in able or ible. dis- exercise. no. but formed in analogy with those in abilis or ibilis . comprise. memorize. and the common noun with ant. conversable or conversible . There is a small class of words ending with o instead of ou. the termination of some of which was formerly. Of those formed from French words other than § 158 (29). revise. apprise. octacdral. organize. dramatize. demise. while the corresponding abstract noun ends in ence. a There is class of words ending in er. or in. are properly thus written with h before the e nounced. though in respect to some of them as. devise. celt. civilize or civilise. &c. mutabilis) Those formed in an analogous Those formed from English words generally end in able manner from English words are likewise written with ize as. franchise. in England. or which have corresponding forms in the French. There are a few and not a from other sources. &c. civilize. English usage. laughable. with the termination our: as. misprise. with the termination or. in the United States. in order to properly written thus. &c. infer. advise. the common nouns confidant and dependant. and the abstract nouns confidence and dependence. octahedral. bolt. Many of them are from Latin words ending from French words ending in iser or isr. many of which take either form of the usage is variable prefix iudifferently. . imprise. as more commonly written. is definitely settled in favor of one or the other form. Present usage. and the like. It may be remarked that the terminations ant and ance belong properly to words derived from the French or from Latin verbs of the first conjugation ent and ence to words derived from Latin verbs of the other . however. as also the common noun while the abstract noun ends in ance as in the adjectives attendant and repentant . do. devise. followed by z. guise. manumise.pris') end in ise : as. is not uniform with respect to these Avords. many of which are written. .a majority end in ize. satirize. The words biped and quadruped are universally ped. and in the United L'iates with the termination ize. with the sound of Jong ?'. as device. chastise. compromise.

[Gr. previously. — Jwake.-S. commerce. abject. which in De. advent. ciVci/miocution.] The Latin am). cowitercharm. before. answering to the Ital. contract. in front . . against. Goth. &c. connect.] In chemistn composition in words derived from axal. A Latin preposition. anecdote. . avrC. is in some cases a contraction of on.-S. antecedantemundane* ante- ent. following that of which "the prefix ambition. a_postle. ci. Exercise. an (as thus. again.] A Latin preposition. . bisect. apostacy. despoil. abstain. cathedral QlR'-eUM. It denotes from separation. on both sides. amph ibrach. cataract. Am'phi. I [Gr. Xn'te. first-mentioned ingredient to one of Exercise. In Arabic. a prefix to A'PO. A'NA. prefix denoting two equivalents jf a the Latin. in words from It signifies the Latin and Greek.or A which consonants. letter is the In composition. about. AB. denoting on. used in composition as an inseparable prefix. denotes' n ear n ess. an^dote. anatomy. biweekly. In tion denotes two. twice. brile. an article or insepbecause. as. In a few words the A many is m dropped. attain. Exercise. anathema. — Adhere. down upon. In other cases. without any essential addition of mean- A. bedeck. admonish. TJeset. Exercise. binominal. of. bicapsular. amb. 2. €oun'ter. or against. however. avert. at. ascribe. to. bi in composiexpresses a negative. euro. and a Latin preposition. denounce. con or com is changed into col . aorist. bis. it is another form of the prefix ab. eataptrie category. ambi. becloud. ) A^f'Tl-. applaud. over against. downright. and is sometimes changed to cath. deject. &c. which forms verbs from verbs. before in time.] Latin prepo sition. circumvent. toward. up to. — Exerctse. — ^nfarctic. cohabit. signifying against. It sometimes has the contracted form ap. amorphous. twice. co-oper- A Latin preposition. become. detract. ambient. rteter. it took the form counter. force. absolve. abrogate. be and bi ov big. construct. ambiguous: anhelation.Bissextile. catalepsy. in opposition. -Co. n. About . col- m — lect.-S. €on-. circuit. ymb. deXmbi. Its use is to In most composition drops the s. bestow. Exercise. anapest. esp. concur. adv. Goth. betimes. or departure. — Ambidexter. bieipitous. potash contains two parts of chromic denominate. from duo. acclaim. See Contra. absurd. AL. denude. [Gr. coheir. apologue. two. and figuracant. apathetic. Dl. exxvii) . Before I. augments the sense. bedim. back to. — . English form of a Greek prepositior used in composition to signify down< downward. Before c and t. commotion. becalm. afar. awbages. befriend.— 7?identate. around. Exercise. all [ — ^mpnibious. PREFIXES. iv. aside. Hence. adorn. a prefix to words of Latin origin. derange. bi. — is originally the same word as by. the Gr. Apoplexy. See A. Sometimes it lish the. counterpart. addict. ? circle. el. for. ate. confravallation counteract. separation. aphelion.-S. bicephalous. compact. . For some remarks as to the mode of using them. aZemchemistry. Exercise. the substance indicated by the noun Exercise. contravene. anagram. contradistinguish. signifying last to. In old English. — on sides. dva. Gr. deduct. it is generally changed into abs. see the Preface. a?cohol. spect. abrupt. abscess. — Cataclysm.] acid to one of potash. coimterbalance. Gr. circulate. anarchy. onoiiymous. abjure. — Confradict. antithesis. off or asicnder. of. biternate. countermarch.PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES. [Cf. completely. atheist. it denotes that the comnearly in sense with the Trench des bic. A. before in place. antepenult. arrogate. on. is dropped. inseparable particle ge-. Exercise. ablaze for in a blaze. aweary. See Cox. detain. — ^4?cove. A. circumnavigate. aboard for on board. apothecary. abate. cateicaus tic. the usually changed into of the word to which first letter it is prefixed. . and signifying from. abyss. aground for on the ground. aphorism. emb. twice. A. [The same as cum. Exercise. and (cf. abuse. Latin is akin to Gr. before r into cor . ado for to do. asleep. VT. catarrh. AD. coalesce. aZmanac. Exercise. abrade. descend. anheawzbidens. decamp. p. adjoin. antediluvian. [Accusative of circus. apostrophe. doubly. cathartic. and Eng. corrupt. decline. .BI. depart. — cury words of Greek origin. few words of Latin origin. or opposed to. In some cases. away from. ANSWER) used in the composition of English words. l* The " Exercises M given below are designed to furnish material for instruction and practice in the etymological analysis of English words. anabaptist. closeness. at. Analogy. cruv. Bis. anomaly. Exercise. antitype. afoot for on foot. around.] Twice. Con'tra. command. Kara. — j Exercise. A form of the prefix ad.] ing from. is the same as the Greek a-6. date. and Eng..-S. to. It coincides Exercise. ai±$L. d-v lare).] A prefix in words from the Greek. analytic. catacomh catalogue. It sometimes drops the final vowel. . backward.] A prefix in Co a compound formed of i. am. bis. ing. €a'ta. Goth. signifying . it is contraeted from the A. Si's. A Latin prefix denoting a movian il. used as a prefix in Eng lish words. a bichromate of the other cense. It A.] A Greek preposition used in composition. antipathy. it only increases the force of the word. prave. admit. See Bi. — Antechamber. — 7>bark. & Goth.] A prefix in words from the Greek. ailege. and con before the other €5i\r. catastrophe. aZehemy. and the Sp. [Lat. ANT-. bifoliate. [Lat. and is a sort of augment to the past participle. entering into the composition of some English words. substantives. The form com is used before b. . catholic. anthelmintic. like bellum from duelforms a part a-s. like tho Engbranches of science. await for wait for. meaning against. and generally has an intensive Be. a/5rm. of. anachronism. anip/iibology. aggravate. a?nicire. [From Lat. throughout. . SeeAB. in. antife- antipodes. /ctpKO?. cir cuitous. andm.] preposition signifying with or against. at. aZkali. arable prefix. p. [Gr. [See supra. Jbduct. a gives them a negative sense beIn a fore a vowel it becomes an. adjure. pound contains two parts of the and Latin dis. amp/a'the- ater. abscond. ahead. at. twice. a prefix used in Exercise. while before a vowel or h. — Circw?nscribe cirewtrv . Exercise. dichloride of merlum. tively. Exercise. many English words. abstemious. upward. adjectives. — In some words of Greek origin. [Gr. See Ab. 1."Cio»jacent. it often render nouns definite. aiih'christian. the n or Compose. 6t1. convoke. for duis. about. cohere.uidiseptic.

] A [Allied to Eng. ending. paraclete. words beginning with I. unlucky. in composometimes out of. varying their meaning. E. tional. imprison. e| or e<). to. epitomize.] preposition. empower. and signifying ill. acid. mistrust. 7nl>red. forerunner. hyr'>- Exercise. In some words. metamorphose. See Dis Ger. kindred with for. irepC. IL. above. interview. intermingle. between. [Allied to Gr. it becomes im . — Exercise. ev. e/fusion.] into. — Imbibe. wrong. contr. PER'I. An inseparable prefix. forefather. XXV111 nifying among or between. advantageous. fair. ephemeral. with. — Exercise. introit. A prefix from the Gr.] A prefix used in many words derived from .] A prefix used in composition to denote excess. — good. somecimes beyond. Lat. before. Before b and p. irmoble. Exercise. being on the outside. epithet. non- non-intervention. [\. paroxysm. having the same origin with the verb to miss. ly used in composition to signify a less quantity. fully. signifying well. . A Exercise. extravaExercise. chiefly borrowed from the French £n. irrepressible. Metaphor. it is asand drops similated to a following away altogether before the other consonants. ex-chancellor. s. coincides with the Latin in. peruse. — Exercise. of chlorine. interchange. [Gr. the French write em. for Dl'A. toward. In composition the 6 is often changed into the first letter of the word to which it is prefixed. the same as Ex. — Aon-reeidenee. bank. A eriphony. bad. permanent. out. out. beyond. it is changed to em. upar]. — Hy'po. used in English as a prefix. from the Latin (whence Fr. non-per- hypothesis. eu- or prefix (Gr. with an adverbial Latin preposition. . immortal.] Not. discover.] A prefix in words of Greek origin. forewarn. un. non-com- IM. prep. dialect. ennoble. Eng.PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES. . Pa'ra. epitaph. now-arrival. A Latin preposition often used in composition as a prefix denoting through. 2. ev. — Introduce.. enamor. exsiccant. Skr./or. jaero. signifying.] A prefix denoting error. /wtercept. inject. Sec. particularly before a it labial.— charist. dangerous. exceed. . Hy'PER. extraneous. r. A prefix from the Lat. peroxide. n being changed to m. divert: differ. exhaust. hypertrohyper- ft|/percritical. eject. non-existent. from. occasion. extort. enlarge. like. im- IN. middle. used in com- A position. epidermis. interrupt. and before c. Non. irregular. from ne-cenum. upare. immense. extra- from A — judicial.. pervade. m. wrong. giving them a negative sense. Prefixed to names of office. from. induce. ex- f scind. gant. two equivalents of mercury and one For. near. — //)//>ochondriac. Exercise. which is used in words introduced into Engthe sake of easy utterance. i £p'i. EX. parasite. Latin particle of negation. but has resigned it. h. In a few words it changes into ec. enjoy. Eng. ?j'm-intercourse. ybreshorten. forego. defect. ignorant. . non-conductor. See En. increase. eccentric. misbeliever. euphemism. eVt. [Gr. An inseparable prefix. behind. A prefix to many English words. or to the utmost extent . among.-$. hard.] As a prefix to verbs. prefixed to adjectives. disagree. or serving to render emphatic the sense of the word to which it is prefixed. larly remains only before the vowels proceeding from. [Kindred with Gr. frequentSkr. invincible. q. sig- [From A . Gr.J A Latin preposition.. ill. or dismissed. from the Greek Svo--. impassable. p«?-aphrase parody. when used before See In. encore. akin to Lat. [A. easy. [Gr. it signifies off. intersperse. ina. ver. exter.] in. forearm. PER. hard. as in peroxide. — ].paragon. Exercise. into im. contrary to. foretel\. and signifying within. See UN. amiss. Mis. as do the prefixes un and in those of adjectives alFO. The form of [Lat. fore- Exercise. irra. obligatory. miscreant. before I. excel. to the side of to. non-electric. immaterial. A prefix from the Greek preposition vno [allied to Lat. beneath. disarm. allied to Lat. It means reversed or back in Novate. impatient. emigrate. persecute. forswear. ness. engrave. &c. in. toward. and the like. lish from the French language. dis.] — Exercise. epidemic. — [Lat. ordering and formance. stall. t . from ex. p. also. imbitter. 2. des). foreordain. intervene. medius. Exercise. passing. in. excel. ex-goverhor. missioned. often used in composition as a prefix signifying outside of. signifying on. enC. offer. dispel.] Latin preposition. ex-president. illicit. Exercise.-S. inspect. — Exercise. over. Skr. reversely. static. without. An adjective used in composition.Extradition. emboss. out of. interpose. and hence against. Fore.— Exhale. hypotenuse. immoral. or out. misbehave. [Contr.] A prefix denoting through. under. allied to Goth. adv. exact. the n assimilates itself to these consonants. IN'TRO. diatribe. illusion irradiate. fore. EP. — Perambulate. metaphrase. phy. occiput. mid . prefixed to the name of a compound containing oxygen. a parting from. allied Lat. exert. diagonal. A Latin prefix JEM. .Dysentery. exult. infirm. disorder. exist. Tvnlogy. ) by. before a labial. Exercise. fors&ke. forms di and dif. hence it generally has the force of a negaIt sometimes passes into the tive. or been left out. embrace. expend. or something orer or beyond. it denotes that a person has held that office. introspection. Skr.. diffuse. —Distribute. perforate. Diameter. Epilogue. parallel. inter pose. permit. in won. disoblige. For im. [Gr. intolerable. foreshow. generally and properly to substantives and verbs only. effect. right through. a substance oxidated to the utmost degree. often used in composition. beyond.^and prseler. metaphysics. into ir . . from extern (parte). and the MET'A. signifying out of. after.-S. In before Ms changed intoil. In a few cases the b becomes s. in some cases. interfere. exquisite. efflux. &c. Dys-. event edition. incase. inclose. 7'a?-«dox. enrich. irresolute. ev. signifying in the midst of. exonerate. for Ob. &c. &c. . [Gr. oppose. encamp. dyspepsy. to denote advancement in place or time. ncenum. import. primarily. excess. [Gr. illegal. Exercise. to /ueVro?. Ex'TRA. perfunctory. it signifies very. in front. infuse. Dis. paragraph. position beneath it. In chemistry. or among. intromission. In chemistry. or degree of that denoted by the word with which it is joined. mispronounce.] A prefix from the Latin in. [A. parhelion. Exercise. it designates another compound containing less oxygen as hypo-mtrous acid. denoting/crtA. and signifying beside. di- — has usually the force of a negative or privative. Forebode. — In'ter. or a low state. which contains less oxygen than nitrous acid. (loco). illimitable. alogue. inip. nenum. intercede. diacritical.] A prefix. — . super. See Ob. See Em. . It is sometimes contracted into par. Sia. im- partial. unlike- bole.. it inThe x regutensifies the meaning. pari. Mistake. exclude. hyphen. sub.— The same prefix is sometimes used in compounds not of Latin origin. Exercise. mismanage. &c. perdition. Latin preposition sometimes — 77>/perbolical. hyperborean. denoting separation. incapable. — Forbid. Inactive. Exercise. foreground.— Object. away. akin to Lat. or beyond the limits or jurisdiction of that denoted by the word to which it is joined. Exercise. EU. employ. In a few words in is changed into ig. before a labial. denoting beyond or excess. ostentation. sition. well. into.Enchant. paralysis.foreknowledge. Hence. foresee. Exercise. percussion. extraordinary. For ease of pronunciation. prob.©. misdemeanor. not one. imprint. Illumine. pellucid. introvert. 2. from intero prefix signifying within. elect. imbitter. before r. as a prefix. over. disconnect. or neunum. or over the whole extent. — used Exercise. perfection. diagram. The r is sometimes assimilated.

[From swo. signifying back or backivard. tricuspid. recall. frugaZ. beyond. or in excess. over. WITH. aremaining bf-side. PSEU'DO (su'do). as in sub-bromide. Elegance. transgress. with. beyond what is right. renew. promote. tres. uL tra-conservative. Exercise. Pseudo-martyr.. Exercise.— Subterfuge. seclude. A prefix. the last the two last consonants. Exercise.] prefix used in composition before father. Roman. Exercise. Unable. A Greek prepoakin to Lat. and the adverbial Latin preposition. — Produce. a. Lat. syntax.] negative prefix attached at will to C"N. aside. and sigopposition. [A. from Gr. finaZ. XXIX consonant. pree. symbol. sepanifying ration. with. and sometimes office. and in simple. — CTtramarine. by. transcend. or beside.-S. Gr. or participle used adjectively. ignorance.-S vn and sometimes on. — Pericarp. Exercise. heuce. — Petrocede. supra. forward. synopsis. Trpos. PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES. English form of the Latin prefix. and signifying motion towards. surmount. surcoat. prseter (from prse. periphrase. Exercise. tolerance. legal. transform. decenniai. r. — Surcharge. &c. sa-. on the other side. It is abbreviated from red. average. withhold. seduce. prosody. the b is changed into those letters. favor of. — Stepson. SE. used in composition. steop.*. pillage. — brilliancy. In other relations. or that the base is a sub-oxide. from re. — Exercise. flora 7 . Re'tro. or. and signifying false. sub-iodide. republican. revolve.] An inseparable preposition used in some words from the Latin. false. Su'PRA. sympathy. natural. periphery. forth.] of or pertaining signifying to.] composition as a prefix. predict. parentage. form of sine. on the other side. a. -alis. Latin [Allied to Gr. prelude. re and •ad combined. prefix. — Sinecure.] A prefix from the Latin. the signifying with. signifying under. resume. widh. untruth. carnal. thesis. repetition. — Christian. symmetry. provoke. Exercise. vassalage. surmise. A Exercise. superadd. subordinate. Exercise. [Lat. — Demoniac. Icel. [From Gr. fer. prati. brother. elegiac. sedition.] Greek preposition. abundance. refrain. — SUFFIXES. triennial. vTrep). but it is less general in its application. homage. subside. remove. Pecur. or rank. martiaZ. and used in composi- termination ter. p. or is combined with it in the smallest proportion possible. of ulter. synovial. mith. of equivalents of the acid than of the base. from super. . Exercise. — Supralapsarian. restore. sieopan. symphony. Skr. used in the composition of some English words. or departure. 6. used as a prefix. [Lat. Exercise. resound. redintegrate. having in composition the signification beyond. used in 7rpo. J of some nouns having an abstract signification. Hence.Proselyte. exceedingly. Exercise. posterior. sequester. judiciaZ. Exercise. allied to Gr. elysian. in a moral sense. uZtratropical. used as a prefix in English with the same meaning as sub . a being on. syn- synod. protrude. &c. signifying three.-S. time. uZtra-despotic.— Triangle. [Fr. TrXn§. tradition. A Sub'TER. unworthy. A termination of AGE. g. if an oxysalt. an. that the electro-negative is in a smaller proportion than the electro-positive constituent. submit. to bereave. transmit. denoting . Exercise. — Exercise. ultramundane. [Gr. m STEP. above. over. surfeit. and denoting fore. postscript. Exercise.] A . subacid.] A termination of some nouns and adjectives from the Latin. posthumous. rpis. [Gr. superhuman. postobit. from the French. ANCE. it has the sense of excessively. Ra. -anus. tragedian. without. neuter dative for proi. A Latin preposition. with. Skr. iteration. thrive. step- child. A suffix A€. upon. sub denotes that this. suggest. cardiac.] A termination of words from the Latin. A Latin preposition. submerge. protract. p. A — Exercise. prefix or inseparable par- ticle in the composition of words. if it is a haloid salt. SfJR. Exercise. midh. AL. or imperfect state of a quality. A TRI. se_gregate. tertian. Before c. -a/cd?. cum. AN. un* Exercise. pseudophilosophy. supera. perihelion. Exercise. ) [Lat. tbree. along sam]. dissonance. to indicate that the person thus spoken of is not a blood-relative. beyond . [A. traduce. and used in composition. transit. superstructure.f. rpia. repentance. simul. premonition. supernumerary. subterranean succeed. orig. ramble. unbar. surface.— Supe?-fine. herbage. — inscribe. Latin prepositioE signifying Exercise. withstand. near.&N-CY. fr. manuaZ. with. appanage. separate. ?-etroact. Pro. dv. which the Latins retained in words beginning with a vowel. An inseparable prefix or preposition in words from the French and Italian. trjcenniai. [Lat. hyperborean. into syl sometimes the n is dropped. more.Sally. prefix. pretermit. peripatetic. JFitndraw. thrice.Secure. being beyond.] preposition. wid. denoting return. propromise. An English prepoGer. contracted from the Latin super.-S. in the place of. from the Lat. ?-evert. stepan. sylvan. chiefly when joined with words expressing relations of place. . subsequent. by itself. Pre 'TER. Syn. fess. prefix from the sition o-vv [Lat. [Lat.. uZtramon* tane. Goth. proceed. An Pre. comedian. foliage. Skr. beside. Exercise. Exercise. retrospect. circumstance. [Lat. rebuild. in [Orig. vi'dh. supervise. reform. mother. it changes Before m. surrogate. ox. with the adverbial termination ter). in front of. A almost any English adjective. counterfeit. GST' When prefixed to the name of a chemical compound.] prefix used in words from the Greek. or See Cal.— certain. and Greek. and m. out. place.— Re.] prefix in words from the Latin. coming from the Lat. suppose. A Latin preposition. about.] A A tion. vacancy. contains a less number . casual. imancy. of. pretended. in. Exercise. for. to belie. surprise. and also a subordinate degree. It expresses priority of time. undo. See Re and Ad. Latin preposition (same as Su'PER. or character. Exercise. precede. preternatural. against. fem. summon. mid. precursor. pseudonym. used in composition as a prefix. around. signifying over. together with. regaZ. locaZ. pronoun. used in composition. against. superintend. also changes the n into Exercise. — Advantage. and into sym . from xj/evSeiv. vno. system. tria. resist. and signifying above. triune. and hence connection and engagement ivith any thing. Gr. at. Exercise. reduce.— retract. or intention. Lat. Compare A. mit. signifying Post. and having the signification of past. and signifying over. perimeter. to express aninferior position.] Terminations . Postpone. Exercise. and the ad- A verbial termination ter. A SDb.proper. pagan. retrograde.] having a collective or abstract nouns mean- ing.] A Latin preposition.] sition. used in English as a prefix. Si'ne. denoting under or below. superlative. privation. fruitage. secede. — Preterit. before I. common. ?-edeem. substitute. UL'TRA. — Synonym. surplus.. prosodiac. — Transalpine. at. — Preclude. beyond. through. filiaZ. transport. pre-eminent. — Annua?. A lying. subtract. Tpets. . A prefix. or spurious. trident. or beyond. Cf. signifying above. su/fer. lantic. before. i/zevSifc. -antia. It sometimes drops trans-At- transfer. necromancy. hypochon- driac. at the same ph. sy/logism. stepsister. period. used in English as a prefix. submarine. cordiaZ. It drops the final e in sincere. denoting pertaining to. but is a relative by the marriage 01 a parent. [A. unfriendly. [Orig. and the like. after. Pros. p?-oject. profession. synchronous. it denotes a complete change. and signifying with[Orig. or analogous compound. and to less numerous classes of nouns and verbs See UN in the Dictionary. superfluous. prepreponderate.

practicaZ. secular.] of A termination nouns denoting men from employment. liquid rigid. genitive -ionis.] pristi??e. dullard. [The same as full. -isk. acoustics. — Flexible. cavalier.] [Lat. apostolic. providence. Exercise. clemency. cubic. A mination of abstract nouns derived from the Latin. or formed after the same analogy. denoting one on or to whom something is done. Christendom. thus.— Hater. temperate. compassion. commandant. expressing quality or habit . hard. subterranean. careful. terIon. —Adamantine. l€S. -isc. -icus. doubtful. Swedish. tendency.] adjectives' of. — Abstinence. IER. referee. — ard. . ble. Pontificate. mathematics. Exercise. -ens. denoting to make. -bilis. donee.-S. hardus. and of nouns. quality. A termination of abstract nouns from the En-'cy. as in housen. heater. ordina?'?/. laggard. empyrean. degree. or of participial adjectives expressing quality or habit. fanciful. — Lat. action. Dependent. A -eus. 1. Drunkard. maker. Vagrant. comicaZ. to to. It is also still used as the termination of some verbs. pecuniar?/. evasion. from Greek adjectives. -cuos. adherent. Cal. roguish. — Kingdom.] adjectives from the Latin. nouns adjectives expressing the material of which a thing is made. brother/iooc/. priesthood. dotard.] ) Exercise. legate. We find it also in appellatives. Exercise. applied to men or things indifferently. obdurate. & Eng. lioness. commendabZe. financier. — putresConvalescent. -idus.oor/. torpid. recti/]/. venerate. actress. prosaic. -entis. [Gr. solar. hempen. passionate. feverisA. Exercise. denoting ILE. dant. freedom. — Auxiliar. A-RY. mercantile. anticipate. arde??Z. hostiZe. &c. ish annexed to proper names forms a pos- ISH. capable. advocate. circumfer- ence. mercenary. agreement. [Lat. Of nouns. president. adversary. or a small degree of the quality. and retained in oxen and children. docile. botanic. voter. or — Authentic. -aris. Exercise. rati/y.] A termination of nouns from the Latin. Hence it is used to denote state. Exercise. poetess. and the Teutonic form of the Latin or. grafi/y. puerile. magnetic. poke?-.) the possessor of an office or dignity. and signifying of or pertaining to. probation. accessi- excusable. trustee.] A termination of from the Latin. opinion. fluid. incredibZe. — 1. phosphate. dastard. timid. strong in counsel Goddard. concentric. XXX [Lat. (b. &c. and denoting of or pertainderived ing Exercise. Exercise. epicurean. Spanish. stipendiary. Bl/E. der. ical. or becoming. primary. Lat. leaden.] -<rio9. powerful. A plural termination of nouns and of verbs formerly in use. hostess. denoting pertaining to. — Angular. agency. or of nouns that follow the analogy of nouns so derived. grater. clandestine. mechanics. extricate.] A termination of nouns feminine. exorbitant. Deliberate. oaken. signi/y. or quality. earldom. military. Exercise. ) [Fr. testj/y. waxen. Ger. -iere. bash/td. presidency. equine. Optics. surrogate. jectives.///. or formed on the pattern of such ad.. denoting the doer of a thing . 2. grantee. incumbent. A -atus. Authoress. auanmntean. contingency. ENCE. from substantives. or E-AN. En. faciZe. knavisli. lapidary. A termination of [Lat. [Lat. cow- ARD. — [Lat. oaten. £nt. er signifies a man of the place . palatinate. que^y. gloriyy. Annexed to com- mon nouns. herculean Cerulean. fragile. ATE. but is now Exercise. esculent. neighborhood. cent. A termination of adjectives from the Latin. perfamiliar. evident. denoting of. or A termination of from the Latin. [Lat. effect. extension. flaxen. ultimate. despondency. A nation of adjectives denoting pertaining to. escapen. dominant. childhood knight/.] -(. or worthy adjectives derived to be. and of nouns denoting the doer of a thing. effeminate. Of adjectives. strong in. plural in form but singular in signification. A manner. paci/'?/./cos. linear. applied to certain arts or sciences. and was originally of the masculine gen- Er. form.] words sessive adjective. conIt dition. blam- abZe. judgment. slavish. &NT. wisdom. -art!:. -inus. practicaZ. Exercise. ventilate. denoting (a. magistrate. mutabZe. -cms ] adjectives derived — magical. diffidence. and signifying capable of being. versatile. of. doer. or pertaining to. futi'Ze. fervent. coalescence. horrid. navigate.] termination. order. from Lat. fervid. immaculate. analytical. A termination of nouns. as in hearken. innocence. granary. curabZe. boundary. Vr. God. huntress. . [Lat. painful. pointer. Exercise. growing. humid. priestess. — AR. aquiline. pendicular. masculine. biliarw. solvency. or property and jurisdiction.-S. enginee? . triumphant. reticence. D6M. — Glisten. totality.?/. person. sublunar?/. lover_. cnicifixion. Exercise. torrid.d/. abundant. -ix. verExekcise. seraphic. tigress. Degress. Londoner is the same as London man. [Lat.] termina- tion denoting slate or fixedness. A termination of from the Latin or following the analogy of such. evanescent. haidus. -seus. permeate. botanicaZ. hydraulics. painter. periodic. delegate. AnatomieaZ. intelligence. 3. . fascinate. effervescent. physics. rare. — Ambition. [Lat. become. childisli. N. [Lat. assistant. giantess. bastard. sulphate. had.] A termination of adjectives from the Latin. omnipotent. — student.] A termination of participial adjectives from the Latin.] A termination of adjectives denoting plenitude or abundance. useful. — Ee. suffocate. rancit/.-S. wooden. extravagant. distinguishing them from correspondent nouns Ess. lessee. dukedom. laureate. condition. or formed on the same model. fortunate. grate/?//. lieutenant. See IER. recipient. addition. arid. transparency. or pertaining to. A termination of nouns. sex. qualify. serpentine. vermilion. -antis. godhead. sluggard. grenndie-. wid- owhood. Exercise. verbs. [Lat. waiter. tartarean. Danish.] A termination of adjectives denoting quality. feminine. golden. fertile. ES'CENT. sorceress. Goth. listen. phosphor- esce/it. Engli. shepherdess. foolisli. ID. genuine. dogmatic. was originally doom. initiate. — Ampli/y. ad. brutish. volatile. Exercise. canine. prudence. Exercise. regular.] A termination of verbs. electorate. [Lat. patentee. character. birchen. Acid. quiescent. [A. hyperborean. -arius. sheriffdom. candidate. vivid.FY. Eer. similar. buccaneer. denoting progression. builder. quality. ) EER. likeness. womanwft. deify. plenary. -io. — "Whitisli. stupefy. Icel. Exercise. -escens.] adjectives derived and denoting of.) office or dignity. or pertaining to. Moderate. Agile. incandescent. from the Anglo-Saxon inIt is also used to form from finitive. and appears in proper names as. [Fr. is written lit — Man//aorZ. countess. -His. Exercise. academic. indolent. version. facere. termiof. thralldo*w» [Gr. is taken from the Goth. Exercise. usually with a bad signification. -entia. ble. niggard. — Ine. It denotes an agent. -escentis. girlish. boorish. At the end of names of places. from had. state. statics. fieri. auctionee?-. or through. — Appellee. strainer. — Exercise. Sometimes it Exercise. it forms an adjective denoting a participation of the qualities expressed by the noun. I-e. peace- ful. volunteer. Exercise. union. their occupations or — Brigadie?-. beautiful. alpine. sor- — — did. refulgent. -ier. and generally formed FUL. H. Scottish. -isch. yellowish . doltisli. technical. ruler. 3. dependant. Hood. Goth. (c. Exercise. heard.fier. A termination of from the Latin.) salts containing one degree or more of oxygen.PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES. Of 2. theoretic. Renard. boyhood. J Latin. earthen. the termination of many English words. vigilant. classicaZ. conception. mountaineer. [A. hermeneutics. agent. termination of adjectives Art/id. jocular. A termination of many English words. Exercise. legatee. farmer. dogmat- periodical A termination denoting jurisdiction. [Lat. intendant. A termination of English denoting diminution. insensate. implying nature. vocabulary. A. Exercise. exigency. sensiwarrantable. denoting the doer of a thing. -wizard.

Tude. dept/i. A termination denoting [A. . birth. -ura. names.] A termination denoting state. egotism.] A termination gratitude. rectitude. 6toppfe. PREFIXES A^D SUFFIXES. faXling. [A. Exercise.. A terminating Less. and the like. . doctrines.-S. censors/lip. — Authoritative.] A termination of nouns from the Latin. meekly. like. -osus.-S. A A Exercise. baronet : with I inserted. brave ly. youngster. [Gr. rice. A adjectives. I ) [Lat. skepticism. Exercise. circlet. [A. dictator. goblet. healtZi. vindictive. -nionium. philologist. Exercise. HireZing. cnemist. eidewise. termination of nouns denoting men from their occu- xxxi ship. fondZe. ludgntent. It is annexed to many words of English origin as in paddock. archaism. — Antiquity. nerveZess. viewed abstractly. height. gist. society. — Exercise.] termination of nouns. Tion. arbitra[Lat. prefatory. tin. full of mettle or? gladsome. names. blackness. weariness. from verbs).^ A suffix used in the composition of a large class of words. -ktttjs. exorcise. atro- Ose.] diction. fr. .] Eng. cious. Hence. punster. very glad or joy" spirit ous. that is. conductor.-S. -niss. — Amplitude. race diminutive terGr. parsimony.] A termination of abstract sive. catechism. modesty. versus. civilise. horseman- Ward. formative. — earthZing. OCK. Goth. Exercise. recondite. termination of Latin nouns. forward. hopeZess. A lich. chemist. botanist. juncture.] tion of English (many of which — conspicuous. to mold. goodness. wise. humility. westward. scyppan. Ure. [A. -tas. troublesome. fortitude. worship. lawZess. from the of child. promissory. and er to those of TY. probability. -to-ju. nature. generous. [A. to lose.or songstress. dignity. equalise. Otis. or of nouns formed on the same model as these. sophism. pure?. creditor. coarse?. -ivus. difficulty. Exercise. kin. or is annexed to words of Latin. verdure. -tudo. theft. Exercise. —Lambtin. usefubiess. stractly. worthZess. lessor. with a double ending. Exercise. female the female who . allied to Lat. yevos. as in streamlet.-S. — Exercise. legislature. compulsory. a wit/ess man. growtn.-S. — Endwise.-S. costZy. Creature. gift. -te\] A termination of words denoting action or English. pipA:i«. [Lat. offallied to Lat. boyishness.-S. or a state of being. manikin. and denoting action or an active faculty. — Appetite. -istre. girdZe. floweret. ^ In general. manly. genus. syllable of manyadjectives. KIN. fatuity. profession. or principles. favorite. populous. or a district over which government is exercised. homeward. It is also a termination of adverbs [0. Baptist. satisfactory. It is often used to form collective or gentile I-TY. [Lat. power. Atheism. being. necessity. tardily. inspector. an active faculty. or art. angrily. darZing. denoting quality or property). [French dim. founding. or pertaining to. denoting tenets. definite.. shape. Exercise. in a measure. A Exercise. viewed ab- See Ty. liche.-S. stiffness. IAxg. derisive.] A termination of words derived from the Latin (often through the Italian or French). dimpZe. operose. lice]. leas. servitude. loose. Goth. See ER.] A hi%. toward. nouns and persuasive. eaglet. memorise. Exercise. kind. thimbZe. mechanism. Lords/lip. aptitude. or progeny. leiks. characterize. hamlet. being. barbarism. 0-RY. zealousness. mat- hillocfc. oculist. or a state of being. from A. worldZing. convulsive. the same root as Lat. Exercise. annalist. sama. A termination of verbs from the Greek. copartnership. rashness. Sion. i&vling. songster. exercise. STER. lovelike. shel??/. -estre. or activity. tabZet. sophist. lengthwise. . ceremony. Ive. flight. — CourtZy. . lecture. denoting state. Exercise. a sings but the ending ster having at length. dition. majesty. turpitude. likewise. amusement. to denote agent in an action. opposite. or Wards. Goth. speckZe. scipe. Exercise sum. downwards. being. -itus. hards/iip. careZess. nestling. fr. as. and denoting to make. -tatis. Ness. Eng. pursuits. pations. grcundling. [Lat. often nouns and adjectives. comatose. suckie. —Blithesome. being an abbreviation of A. TH. to turn.] greatness.-S. It is the A. sweetness. penniZess. verier e. draff. — FatherZess. conducive. CrumbZe. at first. — Blindness. cyn.] A termination of diminutives as. signifying action or an active faculty. boundZess. denoting erty. [Gr. gristZi/. maltster. professor. of abstract skill Thus. as in lovely. exposu?-e. or princi- !§nl. pollock. friendsZiip. lifeZess. manner of. Fr. criticise". tenure. godliness. changeling. wholesome. [A.] ples. canticZe. -weard. allied to Eng. a small stream. like. or a state of being. ) [Gr. Exercise. chancellorship. offspring. spinster. — sillily. verbs formed on the same model. — DeptTi. magnitude.] condition.] A termination of adverbs implying in Wise. songster matrimony.— EyeZef. novelist. the direction or Exercise. clerkshiv. magnetism. -orius. — Up ward. flexwre. songster became songsteress. spring. termination of certain nation denoting Mo-NY. inward. ment. exquisite. firstling. branchlet. lonesome. state. drift. being. heathenism. or a slate of Exercise. acri- termination A [A. gosling. warmth. retermination signifying jurisgion. organise. -ness. et. infringement. enfranchise. T. einbarrass?nenf. man-like. [Lat. priestZy.-S. Exercise. or of IsE. LET. faifhZess. patrimony. Ite. starling./.} A termination of adjectives. Exercise.-S. infinitude. See Ion. backioards. to become. A diminutive — termination. office. dangerous./. denoting small. viewed abstractly. and denoting direction. Exercise. nugatory. 1st. joggZe. A . A termination of "nouns from the Greek. width. cursory.] furtive. valedic- _ tory. regere. the same. termination as in islet. incentive. A terminaadjectives are derived directly from the Latin). J Exercise. investment. or tendency to. -ifeiv. solitude. It indicates testimony. tocfc. impediment. -us. ) nouns of Anglo-Saxon origin. Alimony. tapster. or an active faculty. yovos-] mination.0?. denoting ability. mettlesome. superstructure. underling. fissure. bocLtin. to rule. Eng. consolatory. satirise. ric . ble Exercise. it is a privative word.. Ize. fracture. denoting destitution . — Agonise. OR.] was originally applied Gamester. and regio . wearisome. requisite. [A. morose.] A termination of adjectives from the Latin. strength. scholars/tip.-S. laxity. lire. lost its peculiar force. delunegative. sus. leosan. conscious. -nas- A a considera- as. nap- wealth. Me NT. -vairths. or act. libof words from the Latin. breadtTi. being. verbose. tJ. Ship. termination of denoting con- — Engagement. throttZe. joint. heroism. A. Dubious. See Ion. allied to guise . chief ly. frontZet.-S. diminutive of abstract nouns from the Latin. signified. lie. — Actor. mony. bedlamite. Exercise. Exercise. motion toward.-S. -ca or -uca. sanctimony. without children. a man destitute of nouns and >ome wit chiidiess. sparkZe. SOME. denoting an agent. origin. LY. pastor. mirth. — Amatory. to cause to be. onerous. ruff Ze. signifying action. — Bishopric.] A termination impiety. form. — •Exercise. . portZy. captor. orator. pretor. Exercise. of. [0. truth. ringZet. a little house rimlet. the feminine termination ess was appended to it thus. [A. bundie. editor. -weardes. degree of the thing or quantity loathsome. or quality.-S. [Lat. Goth. [Lat. tantalize. ItiE. scype. eulo- — theist. ) [A. cynd.] manage- ment. nameZess. needZess.-monia. Jacobite. — Bulloefc. [A. stewardship. pitiZess. — It termu or occupation. A termination of nouns (formed moralist.

v Obs Old. Principles. . Provincial. neuter. by the use of a longer hyphen than that employed for the mere division of words into syllables as. Hindostanee. p. Farriery. feminine. Cath Roman Catholic. figuratively. contracted. American. inclosed within brackets (see Abandon). . term Theol Turk termination. Sp Spanish. adverb. [ed. neut Nautical. Medicine. Med dat dative. Chald pe rh . preterit. Mus Eng England. Bot Braz Botany. pret is).-xxvi * * For the " KEY TO THE PRONUNCIATION. Min Mineralogy. corruption. pre/. Dim. Music.stands for adjective. Literally. orig original. Gr Am. p [stood) (being underScotland. Amer America. ADOBE. Ancient. supra modif. p. vb. Mythology. below. L Low. ton. Scottish. Rhet Rhetoric. masculine. Irish. History. compound. Pg Peruvian. Obsolete. on pp. Grammar. Prob. Eccl Ecclesiastical.stands for Gothic. Far fig Fort fr from. Geology.. Gael gen Gaelic. participial adjective.. High. N. Prefix preposition. Pref. Sio above. which in ordinary writing and printing have their constituent parts separated by a hyphen. wwd (xsxiU . or in the Rules for Spelling. comparative. Mech Dan Danish. participle present. Painting. Ger German. Malay. Zool Zoology. The principal parts of irregular verbs (as Make) and the comparative and superlative of irregular adjectives (as Good) are .. *#* Compound words. mon \ j Pronunciation. f. are distinguished in tho same way as. Sanskrit. Rom Roman. Norm. Hebrew. Prin prin Print prin Printing. verb. though many of them are not ordinarily so printed in other works as. Lat Latin. common. plural. v. are here distinguished from those which are usually and properly written and printed without one. Matk . vii. privative. participle past. probably. ALE-HOUSE. Fr Norman French. New. Electro-magnetic. Re-enforce. W.. Words having prefixes or initial syllables which are commonly separated from other syllables by a hyphen. Syriac.ABBREVIATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS. a Paint Per S 77. corrupted. imp Aslron Astronomy. compound- Lit. Icel Astrol Astrology. * . Greek. Swedish. and the present participle which may in all cases be used as a verbal noun of regular verbs. n verb intransitive. as they will then find it eaay to understand the notation by which the pronunciation of every is expressed.. Chaldee. * * The figures which immediately follow certain words in the Vocabulary refer to corresponding sections in the # Principles of Pronunciation on pp. words from foreign languages. Chem Icelandic. Myth esp especially. Scot Commerce. Poet Pol Poetry. Ind . adv Algebra. pers Peruv prep Brazilian. inter Ir Chinese. Theology.-xxii. Middle. a. Arch Bisc Biscayan. Fortification.. Colloquial. both ancient and modern. verb transitive. v. principally. ALIBI.. Syr. Fr fut French. English. Heraldry.Bal intensive. ill. Welsh. . Chemistry. . Hind Ar Hist hypoth Arith Arabic. infra intens Confer (compare). the syllables -ER. prob Pron pron. conjunction. Sax Machinery Malayan. Heb Her Antiq Antiquities. hypothetical. xxii.con traction. D Dutch. noun.-S Armorican. In like manner. Portuguese. Arithmetic. n Naut Mechanics. Anat Anc Anatomy. Italian. Russ Russian.. lit m Mach. . future. originally. properly. are usually printed in Italics. Anglo-Saxon. literally. Alg Goth. Syn Synonyms. Colloq person. . colloquially. poetical. H. Turkish. Mil Military. Japan Japanese. . Gram Chin Com comp compar conj contr corrupt it. t participle. ADDENDUM. scilicet sc [tural- United States.. • Cf. Armor A. It is desirable that those who use this Dictionary # should make themselves familiar with the Key. e i. i Geom Geometry." see page vi. Polish. dim diminutive. . -est (see Dark) represent the comparative and superlative degrees of regular adjectives. Script sing Skr singular. represent respectively the imperfect tense and past participle. Rom. %* In this Dictionary. Mathematics. %* The syllables -ED -ING. genitive Geol. Architecture.. — — given in full. pronounced pronoun. p p. impersonally. Indian.. impers augm augmentative. abbrev abbreviated. stands for perhaps. interjection. superl superlative. prop Pros Prov Prosody. Persian. pi. id est (that imperfect. . ScripScripture. Saxon.. verbal noun.

— . — A. [-ED ING. £. n. n.] ground [-ed -ing. fTrm s6n. t. pique. v. Ib'di-€ATE. — A-base 'me NT.— Lessen. [Lat. subside. . abate supposes previous violence. veil. as a fortress.] The belly. . i. tSrm. To depress. and is substituted for it before all words beginning with a consonant sound. The form to which a word or phrase is reduced by contraction or omission. ABBE an abbot but now. i. who One ERE. forego. wolf. Act of abating. ) A row of sharpened branches of trees turned outward for n. are confused when we lose our self-pos- —To cAre. Capable of being abated. against A-bAck'. Syn. n. AB-DO'MEN. 5. TO"OK [Fr.] To give up wholly and finally. as of a nuisance. abaisser. A-bAn'don. to strike with sudden shame or fear. we relinquish what we have prized or sought. — ( Syn. back Abacus. v. 1. prep. diminish. AB'BOT. Ask. [-ed. especially of a person.ed. Act of abbreviating.] [Lat. said of the sails when the mast pressed by the wind. Given up en- n. or the like specifically. leave. hard. session . Causing. ab and batuere.] [Lat. A-bAn'don-ment.] To destroy the — We . we surrender (usually under a necessity) what we have held as our own or in trust. Ab-bre'VI-A'TION. of a public office or of a right or trust. curtail. Ab-bre'vi-a-to-ry(50). — . [-ED -ING.] To give up right or claim to to withdraw from (as an officef with or without formal resignation. (c. used to denote a religious superior. A-base'. Ab'BEY§. n. . to a different part. V. ecclesiastic devoted to teaching. .] To take away by stealth or by unlawful force. by fraud.— To relinquish. -ing. 2. A-bXsh'. contract. A church attached to a monastery. Xb'ba-^y. a. or state of being abated decrease specifically. 3.-u. Syn. To decline subside diminish. degrade. depression is a sinkingdown. ^defense. vice. A-BATE'MENT. as of the proud . (Law. sake . . t. abandon what we give up finally. -ing. Ag EJIST 5} cw Ng this. Act of abasing. n. 1. depression. adv. forsake. To relinquish an office. or stealth. all. a tirely. degradation is a bringing down from a higher rank or grade. To abridge.I. . we are confounded when our faculties are overwhelmed and brought to a stand. [Fr. Head of a [Lat._ shortening. — We surrender. t. It is a contraction of an. Having a big Ab-dom'I-NOUS. abducere. by means of Towards the stern A-bAn'don. Xb'be ss Ib'BEY. [Lat. . To be defeated to fail. with.] To bringdown or reduce . A Syriac word meaning n. A-BATE'.u.) to cause to fail as a writ (b. do. we desert what we ought to adhere to. plying. n.] [Fr. abaisser. with or without a formal surrender. .DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ABECEDARIAN A (2-8.] [Lat. Ab'bot-ship. Pertaining to the abdomen. I. . we renounce a thing publicly or as a duty. an adjective. . fAr. (b. ileges of an abbotPertaining to an Ab-bA'tial. The upper m An strument for performing a r i t h- from 1. Syn. and Low Lat. ad. 137. or the upper part of the belly.£. A-bAft' (6). pi. -ing. Humiliation. .long_. n. — . Ab-dom'i-NAL. as of spirits . \. except words beginning with the soimd cf h and having the accent on any other syllable than the first. in less space. A person guilty of abduction. self-pos- session of. to become v. or bringing very low. E. . a. the tumult subsides. Gen. . . A res- idence of monks or nuns.] plate upon the capital of a col- umn.] Originally. as of what O. -ing. as to the t. AB-D'5-e'TOR. One who ab- — . E. To bring low. &c. to cast down. Syn. [belly pursy. literature. See Abate. (ab'ba). t. A-bat'a-ble.) failure. . bandum. The state or office n. A muscle which serves to draw a part out. A'be-^E-da'ri-an. as. 45). a. Syn. . v. debasement is a corrupting.) removal. [-ed. .lsissss?£2 metical calculations . n. n. refer to quantity or size decline is to fall off. f. Ib'a-tISj In. v. or force. URN. i. or imJ\B'Dl-€ A'TIVE a.} society of monks. n. or with a view never to resume. Abandonment n. as duty . for- quit. Ab'ba. 140. Syn. rue. as a writ. fot Genesis. Entire deser- tion or relinquishment.) a remitting. [-ED -ING. too. confuse confound. renounce.] [Lat. G. 2. as of a tax. Ab-bre'VI-A'TOR. humble. (a. as of coin. as of a writ. n. AB-BRE'VI-ATE. pull . 1. silent'.6. breviates. father. as vice . abdication. 2.<z. [Fr. [-ed. The dwelling of an abbot.] [-ed. The condition or priv[abbey. . . or without resigning. Xb'a-€US. Governess of a nunnery. t. Backward. short. 1. the storm abates . as allegiance or the world.] [Lat. degree.6. &c. n.— Abasement is a humbling. as a claim or hopes . less emphatically. . humiliate. degradation. compress condense. abductus. c. reduce. soft.] Ab'at-tis. abba. decrease.) to destroy as a nuisance. 2. of an_ abbot. t. . right trust. commonly called the indefinite artiand signifying one or any. t. n. an . 2. a.] [Lat. Ab-dU€T'. OR. AB-DUCE'. A. as. A drawing or carrying away. state. v. abdicare. To decrease less in strength or violence. (a. Xb'di-ca'tion. a. but cle. ab and breviare. from a higher to a lower in. a peer. Ab-dD€'TION. sliding balls.] To bring with. v.u. 44. as. previous commotion.). v. num- ber. See ABBA. of. — To relinquish. Abbreviating . as to p. desert. .] To draw away to draw .

deContrary repugnant. [-ed. Immature. hence. n. v.— To overturn. Capable of be- a. ing abolished. . . Xb/o-lI'tion-Ism (-lish'un-). i. Ab'o-rIg'I-NAL.] 1. . 2. To deprive Syn. adv. In a vessel on board. aberrans. hate. [-red.] Ab'lac-tA'tioim. One who n. reepit- i. . Overhead higher before. overturn. — Syn. . veil. AB'o-li'tion-ist. what 1. — To sojourn Bide. abets. s6n . A-bet'tor. abutan. A-BOL'ISH. -ring. At large 2. n. against hor. — A compendium or epitome is a condensed abridgment an abstract or summary a brief statement of a thing in its main — To rescind repeal abolish cance? annul. To en- nate Ib'ju-RA'TION. fj. n.-bIl'I-ty. a. capacity the power of easily gaining or retaining knowledge talent is the power of executing dexterity. adv. -ing. abrumpe. execrably. n. State of being ab- ject.] 1. . n.] 1. n. A tion. 4. or legal in the plural. . abradere. A"b'je€T-ness. Syn.] [From the root of bait. . prep.] to a low condition hence. t.Ai-RUPr'. -ing. Syn. .] Detestably A-b6m'i-nate. talent. n.] To do away with utterly to put an end to . tive. AB'NE-GA'TION. . out of 1. A-bor'tIve.] [Lat. Strong aver- cAre. To be copiously supplied. 2. on the bed. abjurare. Any thing which fails to come to . n. efficiency . t£rm. a. Act of annulling a. to make void.] [Lat.] [Lat t. [Lat. a. in- — tellectual.-» . detestation. itant.v?e nullify when we set laws. dexterity.] n. to cut off. formerlv used as eny useu a a b r a c a d I B K A C A charm A B R A O A B R A A B R fe- and ar- vers. . . abrogate. ly . A doing away with finally and for ever ap. . adv. . 1. skillful. t. Ask.] To ror. a. v. loath- . A method itation Detestation. persist. I. to be prevalent. 1. Ab-ER'RANCE. t. [From abide. Alienation of mind.] [Lat. adv. ablding.p. great hatred. 136. . . On board A-BODE'. Reduction Syn. might. [Lat. abrcger ] 1. stay relating to. ablaquelaying bare the roots of A atio. v. E. Syn. any i'nclosure. abjectus. c. On all sides around. adv. A'BEL-MOSK. First. Containing. or primior original inhab- a. The [or Syrian mallow. A-BrIdg'ment.— sion.] 2. in place. &c. hateful. . failing in A-bound'. re- — straint compend .BED'. — To contract. A'bly. v. 5. . reside dwell Syn. . Ab-jure'. succor . abode p.-e . To encourage or incite by aid or countenance used chiefly in a bad sense. or A'BEL-TREE.e. baseness oaseness. . annul. conventional. remain . Syn. . Expectation or contemplation of law. beer. habilis. — the generic term. dense duce compress . accessary. . — Abolish.] [Lat. favor . n. 1.] [Fr. \b-h6r'rence. Abhorring. an accessary is involved giving in it by countenance or aid. 2. Near. — n. [imp. far. A-breast'.at/t'. abortio. A-bey'anc. curtail . A-BIDE'. abomi- . sudden. . p. [its effect. . Xb'ro-GA'TION. a. Ib'ro-gate. or with great solemnity. Ab-norm'al. to hate in the highest degree. ligious purification. b. Strong powerful efficient Syn. A-bet'. Re- 2. testing. Act of abolishAB'o-lI'tion (-lish'un). . [-ed -ing. hate [Lat.] Power to act.] trees. p. 2. pique. ranged as in the margin A B V. hold to .] Contrary to rule irregular. simvert. [Lat. continuance. ablutio. Xb'JE€T. AB'RA-eA-DAB'RA. t. abracadabra abracadabf a b r a c a n a b abrac^da without sense. estimation. nullify. contraction or work abridged. — Mean . A restriction . Dwelling. 3. All over or around. help assist promote. Ab'er-ra'tjon. Ab-JU'ra-to-RY. 2.ABRUPT ABED teaches or who learns the a. . or setting aside. Here and there. n. _ white poplar. n. abnegatio. worthless Sunk low in basr . n. n. t\ t. — Force. ers. [Lat. [-ed. ere.To continue in a place. & vb. destroy. A state of suspension or temporary extinction.-S. adv. all. p. . imp. A rubbing off. A-BROACH'. Superior to in any respect. A'ble (a'bl).] & of. 2. [-ted. & p. i. in- — Syn. lessen ome. n. .] 1. 1. 2. As to mental powility. abhorrere. abjuration. . \f>. ab and norma. Odious in the highest degree.] .] Theoriginal inhabitants of a country. habilitas. shorten con- abrogare. In bed. n. [Lat. n. v. every kind. n. AB-hor'rent. A-bor'tion. y. abundare. To bring within less space. A-bol'ish-a-ble.] — 2. adv. first A-BOVE' (a-buV). [Lat. that of We abrogate and annid by an authorita- tive act. despicable. of 1.— To aid support sustain . 3. [-EDJ-ING. 3. State or place of resi- dence. A--BOVT'. . . . as customs or a treaty. dexterous. applied Taking away or removing to the sixth case of Latin nouns. Higher in place than. n. v. baer. especially from truth or mora*. basely. [Lat. a. v. subvert.] 1. 6. 2. shocking. Denial and renunciation. summary. A n. tarry . Side by side on a A-brIdge'. To be in great plenty. idea. A-eom'i-na-ble. A-BLAZE'. Without 2. — stigator. 1. On fire in a blaze. detest regard with horextreme dislike.] 1. 2. [line. 2. . courage or eissist in a criminal act. pi. Broken. An abettor incites to a crime an accomplice takes part in it. -ting. a. AB-RA'glON. Fr. Act of cleansing or washing. &c. long. lac. [-ed -ing. Ab-hor'. [Lat. effective. The sixth case of Latin nouns. abruptus. &c. The musk-mallow. .] Having ability or competency of any or — v. . pr. Xb'o-rig'I-nes. To await firmly. 1.— To hence. . Deviation. synopsis. t. A small periodical change of position in a star. of grafting. debased. An n. a. 2. Highly excited. of abide. t. . v. .] To turn from as ominous of evil. we repeal by a legislative act. Xb'tn-tes'tate. revokej . A. aside.] To rub or wear off. 0. capafaculty. adv.prep.-S. t. [ing. [Lat. [-ED -ING. — prep. . A combination of letters — . ) further . adv. 2.] Deviation from rectitude. as knvs. 1. 1. Syn. skill. 2. 4. . To endure or bear without shrinking. [Lat. whether bodily. 2. cutting off diminution. and destroy express under different images the same doing wholly away with. Through or over in various directions. or in a condition to do so. steep. loathe . repeal. potency. A-boe'ish-ment. ahlativus. A-BOARD'. ab- object of hatred. —Accomplice. y. Execrable detestable some. .] craggy A-bom'i-na'tion. Ab-JE€'tion. abominari. n. A 1. n. or — To Syn. loathe. Substance worn off. mighty. [A. With ability or skill. [Lat. weaning of a AB-LA'QUE-A'TION. or letters of the alphabet. Ab-rade'. — n. grov- Meanness of spirit XbME€T-ly Meanly wretched- adv. a. Act of abjuring. Having sudden transitions. [Lat. and address relate to ease of execution. [Lat. a si/nopsis is a bird's-eye vit-w of a subject or work in its several parts. maturity. milk. intellectual capacity. 2. Inheriting the estate of one dying without a will. n. A-BELE'. In the opposite direc. To rericunce under oath. address. hab- domicile. Ready to. diminish. ability is is . A. fIrm. A-bet'ter. abufan. skill. detest. abstract.] [See X. or from the natural state. ab and child. abolescere. 3.] [Lat. . Nearly. . AJB'LA-TiVE. a. Syn. or encourages ) an . An immature product of conception. [A.] . aids. -ing. One who favors abolition. Prin_ ciples or measures of an abolitionist. moral. eling. time. compendium . Letting out liquor. ^\. points. and precipitous. — . Syn. 1. or notice . To continue firm or stable. quantity. n. tries. . — plied particularly to slavery. unmeaning babble. without their being repealed. n. To annul by an authori- tative act. short. In foreign coun- A-BROAD'. . . A-bom'i-na-bly.] abominare. 136. especially the abolition of slavery. rectitude. relating to. p. * **. with the expectation of a revival. Ab-lu'tion. or patiently. [-ed.

Syn. but not so strong as preposterous. § 110. \ . n. p. . 2. A-bu'sive-ly. Belonging to Xc'a-dem'ic. 7.**. ) . A-bu'sive.— Scurrilous. a. A-CAT'A-LEC'TIC. -ting. temperance in a moderate and guarded use. To use ill. Ab-S€OND'er. i. Absurdity. Inattentive to what is passing. One who absconds. Rude or reproachful language. Ac-CEI/er-a'tion. [See ABSTAIN. .kard\ To receive as obligatory to pay. n. Increase of n. Syx.ab'so-lu'tion. mark in writof Pron. Positively : AB-STRUSE' n. t. [ciui. A sparing A-but'ment. [Gr. tomless depth a gulf. It. Capable rating. Ab-rDpt'ly. AB'so-LU / Tls. . v.] any limitation or condition 2. To [-ed. (See Prin. .] [Lat. Relating to acAC-^ENT'U-ATE. or abstruse. quilt thins. . absolvere.] [Lat. [-ed.] from. in Act or practice of abstaining. 3. n. G. Ab-scis'sa. [Lat. 1. t. [Lat.] 1. epitomize reduce.] . — a. oretical notion. v. A substance or a bodiorgan which absorbs. Exuberance plenteousness Syx. Lat. become a party. A place of education of other things. [Lat.] 1. soft. v. Refraining from in. . thing else.] [Lat. n. adv.— Absurd is stronger than foolish or irrational. By itself. -ing.] abscondere . ! ) . ing or of pronouncing accents. preposterous. [Lat. pi. forbear. .Ab-strac'tion. €. copious .] of syllables. n. t. is referred to a system of fixed by wiping. The butting or boundcurve. State of separation from Ae'sen-tee'i^m. Capable of being tiful Ab-s6rb'ent. -ING. adv. J 1. v.] 1. . In an abusive manner. n. im- w. 2.. of sin. Ab-sOrd'I-TY.] use of food or strong drink. 3. Exuberance is still stronger. . as or its consequences exonerated from some A-bOn'dance. unconditional. . a. Ab'sent. t. t. n. voluntarily. t. [amply. AB'STI-NENCE. [Gr. collection of pus in an accidental [ly. or mark with ac Ac-cent'. 1. reference by which a point. Freed or loosed from AB'stract-ly. *B'scess (149). 2.] Opposed to manifest truth. positive. Foolish irrational. [-ED. EXIST J N OS NG THIS . shrubs.] . abusus. riches wealth affluence. Quality of being absurd. Want destitution. as or responsibility. Ab-struse'ness.] A-eA'Cl-A (-ka'shi-). epitome. hell. A€-CEL'ER-ATE. n. thing abuts. Ab-rDp'tion. n. Ab-stract'ed-ly. Ab-soi/u-to-ry. ) denness great haste. Serving to cleanse. arbitrary. 2. 1. n. ) ing } quick- .— Unlimited . Plentifully A-BUSE'. temperate. n. [-ED -ING. Syn. 2.] separate. That on which * Eng. speak of a man as absolved from some. 2. reproach- ful. A w AB'STRA€T.] 1. To drink in to suck up to imbibe. a. v.a. — . adv. To agree or assent . n. Containing abhaving power to absolve. AB-SCOND'. Syx. — Ab-solv'A-to-ry. for promoting arts and sciences. prickly plant. to hasten to V. A sociof an absentee. TOO. a/cai/0o?. despot- Ab-strXct'ive. improper voice. A corrupt practice 3. A n. adv. Ab-sOrd'ness. An abstract or the2. a.] A Sparing in diet A-bu'sIve-ness. high or of middle rank. [-ed. a. abundantia.] To take v. and the like. utter. which supposes a total inversion of the order of things. Absolute government or its principles. hidden thrust away hence. Act of writn. genus of leguminous trees and A order to avoid a legal process. n. AB-STfiR'GENT. — To exonerate plete number Ac-cede'. 3. or that which abuts on (Geom. A€-<?Spt'.) 2. t.A-€\N'THUS. Ab-struse'ly. Perverted. Fin. acquittal. v. reason. An 1. A remission n. 2. Not present in a place. but abundance is more than enough. Act of sepa. We have a plentu when we have enough*. difficult A-€ad'e-MY. 1. — thereon. or state of being separated. 1. [Lat. — Bold broken unceremonious. Act bibing. 2. a.. -ing. abstr actus. accentus. [Gr. n. sciences. nent^ cavity of the body. Ac-cent'u-al. 1. Ab'so-lute. tire .A-BUT'. n. n. A 3.«. of being conceived by itself alone. That which is absurd. debt. To • deceive. it is a bursting forth. ajSuo-o-o?. ('. [-ed. certain. aKaucCa. [-ed -ING. . acquitted with reference to a trial and a decision load. an imputation or debt. 1. 2. ening motion. Syx. to i.] motion or action of. . abscessus.] [Lat.] Literally.] [ary of land. [-ted. that binds conscience. peremptory. wholly.] treatment. I'. opprobrious." 2.] pronounce. abstergere. n To abstinere. Ab-solve'. 2. rectilineal co-ordinate axes. State or habit head. abstemius. 2. accedere. Analysis. [-ed. adv. aKara\n<A verse which has the comtos. Ab-ste'MI-oDs-ness. a. ic. Ab-sent'. WOLF. Having power to Ab-stain'. t. ly or process of being absorbed. A§. p. ing to regulate the pronunciation. .] 1. hard to be understood. ridiculous. "R. Ab-ste'mi-oijs-ly. A Platonic philosopher. . A. . misapplied. 3.] To terminate or border. AB'sti-nent. n. 136. . -ING. violent separa[ner. In an abrupt manSteepness. er of abstracting. philosophy of which Plato was the or duty. Ac-^EL'ER-A-TO-RY. .] [Lat. n. a. — — Abstinence is Temperance. 1. or refrain. a. adv. [-ed -ING. . a.A-buse'. Sucking up. Marked by abuse. 2.] To quicken the [Lat.J To mark or pronounce with an accent.. [Lat. solution State of being n. To receive with a consenting mind. To admit and . [Lat. To draw from or To consider by itself. total. Withdrawn from the One who absents Ab'sen-tee'.] [Eft aboutir. abscissus. as a sponge. Ab-s6rp'tion (-sorp'shun). acceptare. cent. A member of an academy or university. silent . . Ill usage. Fully sufficient plenample. A Xe'CENT. AB-spis's^:. superior force of voice on some particular syllable of a word. shown in refraining. Ill use O. -ING. tyrannical. &c.] To secrete one's self. a. Xe'A-DEM'l-e. ACCEPT ABRUPTION Stx. 2. Ab-sorb'a-ble. to overwhelm to engage v. and promise 9. .] A bot[-ED. adv. mind. motion or action.M\ n. [Lat. A-BUN'DANT-LY.] [Lat. -ING. To or Ac'a-de-mi'cian (-nush'an). absorbere. Accelerat- a.] [Lat. [Gr. [Lat. XOt>a V URN. any thing solid. To treat rudely to revile. ety for the promotion of arts and separately. V.«. .-!. Not plainly. expedite. 1. A"b'strA€T-ness. Absence of mind. 3. A-BYSS'. a. . E. a. A summary. [-ed. post. Ab-ste'mi-ous. Ac-CEL/er-A-tive. Hence.] abstitemperate a. 4. —We Preposterously. Ac-CENT'U-A'TION. Absolving that . n. The school of himself from his country. as of a To make clean [Lat.] 1. to misuse. t. a. Ab-stract'. AB-scis'sAg. . 4. I En. as An overflowing fullness great plenty. n. 2.DO. Xb'so-lute-ness. A peculiar modulation of the . agree to. . RUE.AC'A-dem'ic-al. unconnected engrossment or occupation of [absorb. n. n. ar- bitrarily.. Ab-surd'. Temperate. Distinct from somemember of an academy. . Ab-sorb'. acquit. or society tercourse. adv. improper. 2. absolutus. A or leave's of the acanthus. A an academy or being absent. absurdus. office. An ornament resembling the foliage ished perfect 3. Ab'SO-lute-LY. A-BUN'DANT. [-ED -ING. concrete separate hence. . a. insulting. 3.] A-but'tal. .B'SENCE. -ing. To set free or release from some obligation. accelerare. dulgence Heedlessness. G. of absolvere. State or quality of being abstruse. [-ed to such a distance as to prevent in- other institution of learning. 1. To purloin. abstrusus. or Completeness arbitrary power. : . Having the pow[abstract. . ING. sudAB-RUPT'NESS.) One of the elements of Ab-st£rge'(14). absolves. . n.] [Lat. 1. . PULL . absentia. (32). v. n. sound judgment. Ab-sorp'tIve. tion of bodies. — . it is an overflowing. t. i.AB SURD'LY.

Syn. n. accomplir. 1. t. all the minutia. v. nice — [-ed. n. Ac-COUNT'A-BlL'l-TY. A statement in Ac'cla-ma'tion. as the ancients did at their meals. conform. To English. n. execrable. Favorable ren. Ac-CRE'TION. t. or to a with.Y. Expressing apn. incidental.] To deAC'ei-DENT'AL-LYjacfo. adjust.] (21). p. To increase to be profit. To the rudiments of grammar. 3. To render an account. associate in a crime.) An assent and ento pay a bill of exchange when due.] [Fr. [Lat. as a remark. ceptable or agreeable. precise. To 1.Ac-€OM'pa-nIst. n. harmonize. arfv. J sent. furnish. 3. proAc-claim^. By chance childbirth a man-midwife. That of which one is accused. Something Ac-€OU'TRE-MENTS. t. n. Agreement con. V. principal thing. Ac-CES'si-ble. J being Syn. if we picture a thing out. — P'le. — — . -jng. a crime. [-ED. Contributing. though not will. vantage. n. Ac-count'. Ac-CES'si-bil'i-ty. Importance value ad1. terminates verb recital or detail. Syn. avoids faults exact when he attends to Easy of access as a meeting. or convenient. 2. ed precise when he does any thing aceral course. . Ac-count'ant. fIrm. To to the accusative case. it is a n. Syn. of approach.] in music who takes the accompanywith send credentials. a. . Increase by something Complete and perfected. — . Ac-cum'ben-cy. e.] accompaniment. I. all. 3. AC-CEPT'A-BLE-NESS. — . State of being Ac-^ES'siON (-sesh'un). . To bring to pass. I. Syn. Acquirement atAC-€U'MU-LATE. . added that which is added. accumbent. agreeing. n. Syn. n. accoutrer. veil. [Lat.] [Fr. arise. a. increase. 1 &. habituate to a climate not native.] 2. (ak'koosh'mong') fortuitous as opposed to what is constant n. 2. acclimated. 2. 2. chance. [-ED.— Agreeable. Meaning. Accountant. . £. A shout of ascomputation. accreditus. leaving nothing neglectcomes in as secondary or out of the genaffable. at their meals. proach. fortuitous. i. or that which is accumulated.— To spring up. ishment. 1. [formity. Ac'cep-ta'tion. — In giving an acAC-CLI'MATE. a. manner. skilled in. or action agreement. Quality ) Ac-^ept'a-bil'i-ty. Additional. ac142. it is a description. A reclining on 9Quality of time. a. To grant to concede. n. . A small keyed Syn. . AC'cli-ma'tion. it is contingent as opposed to what is settled and Accoucheur (ak'koosh'Qr'). -ING. a. 6. Easy of access or alize. Additional Ac-cord'. n. 1. accepted1 The (b. [plause. v. ado. contingent. Reclining. Liability to give account. heap. . a. 1. it is incidental when it Ac-cost'a-ble. To render Ac-CU'§A-TO-RY. Reconciliation. rising -ING ] [Lat. [Lat. of being accepted to To furnish with something desired. Ac-€ORD'ing-ly. ad and corresponding to the objective in v. accretio. «.] 1. Syn. vote to destruction to curse. t. n. adv. Acceptance. computare. Ac-clIv'1-ty. cor. 2. suitable. n. 3. cile. a. n. In accordance Xe'CU-RATE. -ING. Ac-eoM'PLlCE. \n.} 1.] speak to. To make to agree or correspond. An n. ACCUSATORY ACCEPTABLE AC-CEPT'A-BLE. Ac-CES'sa-ry.] To go with or A growing together. a. -ING. cAre. .] 1. One who tributing to. Not necessarily belonging.. 2. 1. Casual. {part. . Act of accusXc'CU-gA'TION. I . t. cordis. In an accurate and regular. in some way becomes concerned in a crime. acceding. consonant. One guilty heart. fixed. [wind-instrument. Increase. Process of beto the case on which the action of a if we dwell on minute particulars. V. fitting. -ING. . To recon- Worthy a. [approach.] XCCES-so'Rl-AL. accommodate. [-ED. be in accordance. adv A€-€OM'MO-DATE. The performer voy. agreeable. n. mulating. [Fr.— Amenable . A€-CRED'IT. d^ed is committed. responsible. t. keeps. n. hold in opinion to estimate. I equipage. accuratus. [Fr. AC-COM'PLISH. [-ED -ING. V.*.] 1. or a. V. of ac- Ac-COM'mo-dat'ING. n. . added. 2. standard or rule.] To ing. v. Liable to be to suffer pun- ishment or pay damages. V. ask. A€-COU'TER Ac-cou'TRE (160). in. what. t. or state of being. 2. increase greatly. Accouchement . Pertaining to. being approachable. as an occurrence . 2. 3. . . . Rising with a slope.] In Ac'CI-dent'AL. unexpectedly. A book containing Ac-cu'MU-LA-tIve. ere. Ac'CU-RATE-LY. Hared. essential to it. i. reasons or answer. i. 1. Concurrence of opinion. Affording. 1. State of becasualty contingency. 2. [From Lat.] i.— . 2. AC-COM'NIO-DA'TION. An mony of sounds. as an envoy. coming. . .Ac-€U'sA-tIve. To reckon. . [-ED -ING. count of a thing. a. a.] A fourth case of Greek and Latin nouns. used in a bad sense. . 1. [Lat. in his public character. and called to account.Ic'cu-ra-cy. n. AC-COM'PA-NY. A.] [Lat. pi. a. — . Ac-compt'ant (-kount'-). ( Gram. compose. n. In an accept- able manner.Y.) Applied uous story. — > . increase by natural An growth. or is One who n. In relation Ac-cli'VOUS. Ac-count'a-ble. or approgeneral. gagement accommoda- or disposed to afford. slope considered as ascending .u.] To heap up to accessory. Ac-cord'ANCE. [-ED -ING. consideration. present at its perpetration. couch. Causing ac2. and to suffer pun needed. ing accurate Ac-cord'ant. Whatever supplies a want or affords ease. Detestable Ac-clam'a-to-ry. Happening by careful conformity to truth. 1. v. fit.) bill itself n. . p. ACCRUE' (32). [-ED ground. 1. if we make it a contin. Doomed to destruction or misery bation. A chance event. or damage . that attends as a circumstance. 2. Ac'ci-dent. — To suit. Act of accuaccompanying. ) n. n. admittance. as increase. To receive. . Means or way ing part. adapt. t. v. when Ac-COM'PA-NI-MENT. welcome. state of being accumulatof a felonious offense. Ac-cu'MU-la'tion. accrue. n. AC-COM'PLISH-MENT. Xc'CI-dence. [Lat. a.long. Dress Ac-COU'ter-ments. v. To render constitute a reason.] Delivery in child-bed. follow. Ac-cu'§a-tIve-ly. One who accepts. v. p. A thing is accidental when A man is accurate or correct when he first [Lat. n. cumulation accumulating. 2. as practiced by the ancient* To execute. s6m. a. accounts. -ING. &C-CEPT'ANCE. or correspondent. t. Ac-CEPT'A-BLY. pique. — . ak-kurs'ed). — Correct. acclivitas. 2. 1. it is casual or cording to a certain rule or measure. just. a. 2.] [See Company. v. To finish entirely in Xc'CU-BA'TION. Corresponding or quality of a being which is not exactness correctness. to agree. an accusation. Near apsus. Uniting cessory. [-ED . The or falls. Reason. nounced ak-kfirst'. effect.] 1. n. [-ED. — — . Act of A€-€om'plishjed (-kiWplisht). [2. — . 1. . Act of or state of being fitted. [-ED.] To ) J furnish with dress or equipments. TlRM. 2. accumulatus. 2. 1. far. Ac-cost' Syn. ception. (a. Pertaining to an tainment. or is added by way of ornament to the ) trappings. v. To Ac-CES'so-RY. Addition augmentation. mass. — . Ac-9£pt'er. • — — . a. Narrative narration recital description detail. short. or containing. pleasing a receiver. eilner before or after the attend as a companion or associate. as an event.] A man who assists women in AC-CURSE'. n. or convenience. pi. Ac-cor'di-on. A property Xc'cu-rate-ness. A reckoning a Ac-€URS'ED. or sure hence. it is ^narrative or narration . See Accede.] 1. a. reSyn. ad and costa. fulfill. Act of Ac-cDm'bent. refreshment. a. as an enAc-^ESS' or ACCESS. -ING. See collect or bring together. t. or con2.] [Fr. a. . n. accomplishing. n. v. n. 2. tion kind. 1. To it comes without being planned or sought. 4. 6. [Lafc. [-ED: -ING. acces.

acquisition. The thing acquired. n.] A-CRON'YC-AIi. a. wqlf. -ing. vinegar. or severity. like a needle. Xe'RO-BAT're. Discharge from A€-€f s/ER. [0. [A. Harshness. Action.hard. as a fault or zecer. n. Capable of being taste . . Fr. consent. — To clear. A-grop'O-lis. earn. Ac'e-tim'e-try. A legal suit or process.] [Lat. [Lat. do. a bon. v.) Rising at sunset ting at sunrise. 1. h. self. Act of achievor apparently satisfied. or benefit. Not showing color. adv. n. [Gr. A-cot'y-le'don. a. tartness from an irritable temper. [-ed. Ac'RT-MO-NY. . n. -ING. a. 4. or biting to the — n. A state of preparation. the 2. or w highest point.] . . v. Quality of corn. n. A plant in which the Ac'RI-tude (53). [Gr. favor. n. State quality of being acquisitive. posed to submit.] To have. or f. . prep.] [Fr. . . impropriety. n. An act or thing done a deed hence. n. in which the first or achever. acritudo] KOTv\r\htav. tain acid. absolve. 1. or w ing. 2. plishes a purpose. A-CES'CENT. Act of acquiring. 2. Sarcastic.x ov -] -Aand hence is the stronger connection. -ing. One who accom- A-chiev'er. a.a. deed: completion. [Gr. a. accusare. t. or the effect of power exerted agency. accusation. [-ED. . a. X€'tin-i§m. ! Syn. 1. i. A-cid'I-fy. or 4840 square claimed or asked . intercourse. . w acetification. on a card or die or the card or die is wrong or may appear so. acidified.] Turn. we recognize when at ACE. the operation of An seed-lobes are not present. [ Act of making sour . harsh qualAc'RlD-NESS. [-ED: -ING. Art of ascertain- Ac-quaint'. n. Acrimony springs from an embittered — — A-CET'I€. between troops. A state of reality or real existence.] Ac'E-TlM'E-TER. for a in return thing given or done A-CERB'I-TY. . i. ing the strength of acids. Ac 'E -TATE.] To carry on to a final close. suspicion. word. judgment.-S. n. Syn. Slender. Stn. — We censure or Slightly sour impeach. 160). or such as are A-CET'I-FY. or other acids. especially on the stage. . [-ED [Lat. A great or assent. edict.7i. . the doctrine of to An instrument for and metrum. an atom.] DeA-eoT'Y-LED'o-NC-us. &c. 1.] [From prefix a and knoivl. o. . [-ED -ING. AC-e&S'TOM. of a thing. or discharge. or that which is acquired. AcH'RO-MAT'IC. n. with bitterness and man accuse a for what .] The seed asperity and harshness from disregard for or fruit of ah oak. n. performance deed. -ing. v.Ac-QUIT'TAL. law. Capable of being position of light. A-chieve'. a.] ity pungency. T . A-CIC'U-LAR. Ac'I-DIM'e-TER. n. procure . n. — To accede actus. either no seed-lobes. of acidifi- . Act [ing.] [Fr. ACHE (ak). ii. . A-CEPH'A-LO&S. n. [-ed t. A sprout at the end of a seed. To make or become acid. v. 1. 2.] for ascertaining the strength of acids.a. 3. A-c'QUI-es'cence. Reflexively to bear or conduct ones To [-ED-. Abounding AVri-mo'ni-o'us.] 1. dis[acquired.] knowledge. One of the principal divisions of a play. TOO. acquitter. secure. Syn. harshness. -ting. [-ED -ING. roding or dissolving. v. [Lat. &c. n. — Familiarity fellowship intiside to side crosswise. Ac'o-nite. or of Syn. recognize as a fact. sharp. 2. 1. dxpc6ju. acidulw . . aicpos. .ACQUl-ESCE'. signed only to be heard oral.] Xe'QUi-ES'CENT. _ . i. n. To perform. A-CID'i-ty.To assume the office or character of. Syn. first we were doubtful yards. t. set- Upper or higher To make familiar. -ING.] [Lat. .t. sounds. Act make — — . AC-KNOWL/EDGEl-noFej). conduct behavior. V.] every word.142.a. form fill: realize. Ach'ro-ma-tic'I-ty. truth. Syn. olkov(-kow'stik). ACQUI-si'tion of acquiring.A'-eoRN. in. or [-ted. top. v. Quality of being acid sharpness or sour . n. making acrid quality. avow. An instrument acquisitions. win. acescens. v. n. accomplish. n. 2. SomeWithout a head headless.-S. 1.] ascertaining the strength of vinegar A-eou'STies.ori. from the decomAc-QuIr'a-BLE. Belonging to an sounds. Admitting a a.] To gain. . Having l€'RO-\T f l€. astringency. Ac'tion-a-ble To set free. as in photography. n. _ A-cHv i-fi-ca'tion. axelv. [-ED. Ac'ME. 140. . AC-QUIRE'. : . c G. a. n. Familiar Xe'RO-SPlRE.icpvo-Ti. a. usually by one's A-€HRO'MA-ti§m. t. sourness. From Continued pain. State of acqw'rere. or.] Composed. A (-nol'-. [Lat. severe. ) j n. accointer. — Intimacy is the result of close A-CHIE v'a-ble a.] took Urn. Syk". .] A piece of land containing 120 a favor. To charge with a crime. [acrobat. <xkju. — Sharp. tum. 2. A decree. of four parts each of carthe feelings of others. and /3aiindistinct. To behave or conduct. 3. Causing citadel or castle. To exert power. offense. comply concur.] One who practices high vault[Gr. A single point we confess what [pungent. Syn. One who accuses. or in continued pain. ful.] A-cet'i-fi-ca'tion. Ac'ID-ness. Ac'RlD. Pertaining to hearing. acetum. 11. part of a Grecian city hence.Tos. a. . A property in the solar rays which produces chemical changes. hydrogen. E. a. 3. [Lat. 2. Exertion of power. — To concede confess allow debt. Ac-QuIt'tance. caustic. slightly acid. make familiar by use to habituate feel bound to make known. n. . A-cLd'u-lous. ng this . . [Lat. RUE. n. a. . a. [Gr. V. 2. with acrimony. Ac-QUjRE'MENT. bitter[ing sour. or A-CE'TI€. ness. Ac-Quts'i-TIVE. tartness. 2. [Gr. as a star. Disposed to P'jLL. A-ce'tous. silent . . and (Astron. A€-QUI2'i-tive-ness. -ING.l<. — To arraign. acetum and factre. Asperity. To communicate notice to. Capable of being A-€R6s'TIG.^ Submitting. acquiescere. . the last letter of every line. [Gr.] 1. priv.A-e'o-LYTE.!-. action or motion. Byu.— To attain obtain romatic.] t. to inform. (-zish'un). Of a biting taste sharp so marked. censure. Sour. A particle. . sharp. [-ed -iffG. Sour. t. to feign or counterfeit. That which is done or doing. .a.] veiv.-S. Hence. acerbitas. A sour substance. 1. beiug achJ . especially from an obligation. 5. ing accomplishment. Wolf -s-bane. 1. [Lat. aKpo? and o-7r€i1. — We acknowledge what we A'CRE (a'ker. A-chie ve'ment. law. sing. a poison. o-tikos. A salt formed by Ic'o-Li'TH. Formal deliverance impeach him for maladministration or edge. 2. to release or an action at o. . tart. oxoAovflos-] An inferior church servj ant.] a name or sentence. a.] 1. [Lat. rope-dancing. a. macy. or fault. Sourness of taste. crosswise of.] t. To rest satisfied. make Stn. as a cer. Syn. acetic acid united to a base. and oxygen. or award. 3. To be in heroic deed. caceQakos. . pain. [Gr. acan. Ag. -ING. Xe'RO-BAT. a/cpoa-riKos.] To 2.} To 142. A person or persons [A. ejcist. n.] Height. sourish.— To complete. The science of vinegar. as of language or temper. [A. or be A-eROSS' (21). . A-cou'stic turn into acid or vinegar. 4. Ac-quit'.] To recognize. 71. From side to well known. n.i A n.] A€-QUAINT'ANCE.] 1.ACTIONABLE ACCUSE A€-€USE'. 1.G. 2. Sharpness or severity. pa. t. actr. [-ED we arraign him for trial we is wrong -ING. bitter. [Gr. n. t. secern. €. ) own labor or exertions. . V.] [Lat. — — side of. acespirit. Ac'ID. n. . t. [Gr. AC-KNOWL/EDG-MENT 137). read collectively. An engagement. N as t suit. silent assent or submission. A-CiD'l-Fl'A-BLE. Act of acknowledging. as. n. square rods or perches. — Feat. — Attainment: gain. aitpovvKTOs . v. and n. V. 'Z. [Gr. Gr. — To apprise. 2. n. . we concede and allow what is _ or inure. familiarity springs from frequent composition. Act. 137. or admit to from the charge of an offense. [-ED. i. [Lat.] A-ClD'U-LATE.

To direct words or dis. Good-by one who Ad'der. adeps.t. 3. [Lat.] A n. Atention in the way of courtship. . a. adamant. v. a. -ing. A n. Sharply of Ad-ja'cent. Act or state sticking. Ad-her'ent. «. Hard as adabeing adequate. In act or fact. a. . 2. A€-Tiv'l-TY. Ad-hor'ta-to-ry. To join or unite to. apply. t. sentence. [mant. . — Brisk alert agile nimble sprightly prompt. a name given to the [-ed. v. commen- dation to the care of God. shrewd: subtle. [plays. . l€'U-pf. long. a. nimble- . A-dapt'. Having a long. To consign to the care of another. 4. AD'E -QUATE-LY. [A. adv. as one thing or sum ADD. . or fitting fitness. A branch of arithmetic. A title annexed to a man's name. Introduction of needles into the living tissues for remedial purposes. £. we annex some adjunct. or decision. fatty. A. -ING. Expressing the passing of an action from an agent to an object. sive manner. stance. tenacious. parliament is prorogued at the end of a session. Ad-he'sive. The form of oath. or being attached. to habituate. v. In proportion or united. [-ed. quote ad(30). — Maxim axiom. A-Va'gio (-jo). ness . Ad-he'sion. v. Ad/JUtwA'tion. to. . To their nature. Ad'I-POSE'. A-€UTE'. instigate. Syn. Bringing forward. n. 1.t. 5. to woo. adxquatus. Ad'age. Pertaining to an adjective. Act'Ive. — n. -ing. addicted to vice. addition. CARE. t. The Equal. 5. which has obtained credit by long use. 0. a.] A 2. judgment. course to. Quality ov state of adhering. the other two in a good one. Ad'e-quate-ness. Act of adapting.] [Lat. A-cu'men. 2. n. I. State or quality of Ad-ju'di-ca'tion. 2. hori- zontal or inclined entrance into a mine. or warning. or hav. To stick fast or cleave. To direct in writing. Existing at ally acted or acting. n. Syn. n. ) able: suitableness. or correspond- projection formed by the thyroid cartilage in the neck. 11. n. v. piercing. w. 2. petition. 6. a. FIRM. . to another. -ing. Briuging forward. . we subjoin.] [Lat.-S. A-€U'LE-ATE. a. 2. the present time. as a.Y. Ad'a-mant.i'. 4.] . energetic busy. Manager of a joint-stock Ad-di'€T'ed-ness. FAR. Direction or superscription of a letter. augmentation. &c. waxy sub- soft. 2.Ad'e-quate. Syn. stances. n. t. To try and determine.I. 2. 1.] To be as a letter. judicially or by authority. aditus. VEIL. [Lat. -ING. suit. leisurely. induce.«. ) or very near. — Syn. adjectivum. Capable of being adduced. Passage 2. 3. — sticking.Ad her'en-cy [adapted. is joined. [Gr. One who adheres.U.] diamond and other very hard subskillful. . . PIQUE. . n. 1. Having the quality One who. — To allege. [-ED. [Lat. adv. «. Act'ive-ness. AD-DfJ'OENT. 3. Act'ive-ly. 1. proverb . plays on the stage. 1. operative.] To join or unite. Ad-join'. Y. n. Devotedness. adeptus. a. Penetrating shrewd. Act'ress. sharp points. . setter. [Lat.— Artdiet is commonly used in a bad sense. attune. addere. — . n. — — ing the qualities of. — Accession. — To move. as ter. Act'u-al-ly. [-ED. n.] [Lat. speech. as a court. Syn. limit. ». Ad-dPtion-al-ly. WHAT. . of t. adjourner. and their uses. — v. (89). a. A thing to be added. ing slowlv. — n. saw. [-ed -ing. Syn. producing real effects.] Fat. Practical. acts . Putrid corhence. Ad-heke'. i. hence. Ad-journ'. Syn. n. re2. a.] [Lat.] To Ad-di'tion (-dlsh'un).] Ad'jungt. [Gr. perspicuity. . Quality of a. [-ed -ING. -ING. — Syn. adv. Constantly en. . . and gracefully. Skill dexterity. fat. fit accommodate.] Ad-ju'di-cate. Quality of being in action . 2. aS6.-S. legislature. be attached. ner of an adjective. n. n.] [Lat. One well skilled in any art. n. A registrar or religion. . specify. [-ed -ing. TERM. ERE. Added. sticking. agility. Penetration of mind . supporter. Sus- A-OU'MI-NA'TION. By way of Ad-dress'.] To put off to another time. Ad'a-mant'Ine. addictus. AD'am's-ap'ple. pointed. Ad-DU'ci-BLE. jacent. To award or decree Aoyo?. Act of adjuradhasrere. Ad-duc'tive. A€T'OR. a. a. t. vance. 1. [ward. adjust. Ad-he 'si ve-ly. Act of bringing forwhich a public body defers bus-iness. pi. impel. or that sufficiency. adducere. Ad-duce' crisis. — To postpone defer delay prorogue. United with or . oi joining. A farewell. [-ed. a.] A 1.] Syn. Ad-he 'si ve-ness. nice discrimination. Ilig-h. another A formal application. ritory. rupt . v.] 1. wh. n. to describe. A-€U'mi-nate. Ad'je€-tj'val. . an afterthought. contiguous or next to be in contact 4. To suspend business for a time to close the session of a public body.] To present or offer to bring forward by way of proof. 3. clerk. 4. proportionate. adeps and unctuous. State of being ad[actually touching Ad'je€?-tive. pi. Judicial senAD'a-man-te'an. we delay or defer a thing to a future time we postpone it when we make it give way to . i.N€T'URE. 30). Ad'it. . ing. shrewdly . In the mandirectus. To hold. n. tapering point. dedicated to . Something joined to .eh. or suitable. n. or Syn. discourse. n.Ad'e-n5l'0-GY. — A court. something else. aphorism . Act of ad- journing.] (Mus.— To t. adv.Ad'JE€-tIve-ly.] [Lat. v. . but not an essential — a Added ent fully sufficient. ) [-ED. v. Syn. part of it an appendage. 1. introduce. — To subjoin. . adagitnri .ti. Lying near. ADJURATION ACTIVE Having the power or A-dapt'A-bIl'i-TY. To make . a. active j One who n. [ [Lat. company. To court. [fitly. or Ad'jec-tIv-al. or de- it. . transitive.— . as certain verbs do. A-€UTE'ly. &c. — Partisan follower. A D-DEN'DA. . -ing. or meeting is adjourned . X. adaptare. devoted to literature. n. To apply habitually to . . unfruitful or barren. Manner of speaking to another. [-ed. E. adv. ah-qv and Ad-judge'. n. . Capable of being Ad'AP-ta'tion. access. Act of inadding.] [Lat. or to denote some property it. slight impressions.a. in respect to some other sound. Coming speedily to a Ad'dle. . t. t. adl. . Sharp at the end pointed. t. ceptible of n.] 1.— To devote. A€T'U-ATE. ALL. V. v. 3. A-dapt'a-ble. fine brains. Ad-her'ence beingadapt.) Mov. cera. hardness. cite. gaged «. or adhering. the state of being adapted truly. 2. [Lat. female who acts or 1. n. Ad-ja'^en-c Y. n. a. Made of. rouse. « crease. SON. Sticky. A sharpening termination in a sharp point.] 1. . 4. to annex. adv. . a. AD-JUNCT'IVE.] accustom a viper. [Lat. Acuteness: astuteness. ous serpent Ad-dIgt'. Ad'I-po-CERE'. Act' ( n. quality of acting. shrewdness.a.] [Fr. .] A venomfarewell.] A word used with a noun or substantive. v.] An old saying. In an adhe- . really Quality of Containing Ad-den'bum. Adequacy. advocate. Xct'u-a-ry. discernment. or devoted. Having prickles. Ad-journ'ment.A-dapt'a ble-ness. stone imagined to be of impenetrable A-DEPT'. Penetrating. ) . Existing in act. Any thing added put into action to incite to action. The interval during Ad-DU€'TION. tence. — We add numbers. Well skilled [Lat.. adv. keenly. [A. Ad'e-qua-cy. to dedicate to. counsel . In an active manner nimbly. short.] The doctrine of the glands. into which the fat and muscular fiber of dead bodies are changed by long immersion in water or spirit. but not Ad-dPtion-al (-dlsh'un-). n. a.] A-DIEU' (a-diP. adv. f-ED -ING. Syn. ASK. animate. adjvdieare. or shrill.

5. Impregnation of plants by the falling of the 2. inhigh esteem. AD'JU-TANT. office. The body of officers appointed for the management of naval affairs. or state of being adopted. v. [-ED t. i. amir-al-bahr. -ING. or friendlv reproof or counsel. t. owing forth. adultus. Act of 1. . Hooke'dness. n.] 1. administers. rupted contaminated. v. Floating at ranA-drift'. V. AD'MO-NI'TION (-nlsh'un). — . 2. 2. aduncitas. To estimate or prize highly. v. wolf. i. yield . mingled with approba- OR. w a sycophant. 2. n. n. t. 1. ingrafting. adjusted. A Ad'u-la'tor. [ration. A-DRY'. Worthy | to a divine being. beautify ornament. — Admit has the widest sense. To contribute. RUE. ground. [ -ED.i\ Taken adsciscere. n. 2.] [Lat. . Ad-mix'tion A Ad-mEas/ure-ment. . An un[Sp. -ING. Office of administrator. . 4. droit. a. t. adnascens.ADVANCEMENT ADJURE Down toward th» [-ed [Lat. Ono to whom A-dopt'. n. -ING. n.] one's own O. Fr. . With adoration.a. Syn. or affection. clever. 1.] [Lat. receiving as one's own what is [Adopting.] . 77. [shadow. Giving a faint The Ad-um'brate. [Prefix a. administering. 3. — Wonderful rare . forth . or on loan. A-floa'A-BLY. or admittere. [-ED 1. or not natural. Capable of being n. sions ascertained. 97). or beforehand in time. 2. A-DORN'MENT. A naval n. 1. t. Ad-MIN'is-TRA'TOR.~\ Ad-Men'su-ra'tion.] of an estate of a deceased person. PULL . State of being an n. ated. regulate.u. Act of admitting. highest rank. To To counsel against wrong practices. or scorched. process of admeasuring. In an admira. Dexterity readiTo mingle with some. d to the right. Ad-m1t'. permit Lat.] To take the dimensions.A-dul/ter-a'tion. Ad'mi-ral-ty (112).] To make exact or We concede what is claimed grant or terity. A tender an offer a furnishing of somethiug before an equivalent is received toward a capital or stock. -ing. A reprover. of admiexcellent. ness of body or mind. admixture baser rupt by of Ad-mon'ish-er. A moving forward approach. a.] AD'u-LA'TION. Ad-jOst'ment. - Ad-um'brant. Looking as [-ed if Burnt burnt -ing. G. (a-do'ba). Quality of be- of adora[being adorable. To 1. . esteem. a. To manage.ent. [Ar. a. a. and rebuke by way of punTo debase or cor[Lat. n. Gentle A-Difl/TER-ATE. command. of the goveimrnent. mixed. tion. To offer or propose. we warn of danger A-dul'ter-ant. caution: rebuke. mixing. the right of administration has been committed by competent authority. concession in argument. . we 3. THIS- . A person or thing or by way of threat. A species of farina on the pistil. €. To love in the with pleasing emotions. adumbrare.] [Lat. To raise to a higher rank. admixHo. adorare. To reduce to orconformable. 2. [-ED. a. Ad-mTs'si-ble. To worship with proWonder mingled found reverence. t. : . 3. or adv. n. n. of. . Homage to one . size. To improve. adolescens. Ad-mIs'si-bil'i-TY. Possessing or exercising skill or dex1. n. To settle.] 1. . reprimand warn advise. A-d5r'er. 1. A violation of Advancing from childhood to man. To give. n. t. One who admires. ceive as true. [ment.] [0. . AjyuM-BRA'TION. n.] [Lat. A-dul'^'ER-ess. n. [Lat. v. Helping. a. To rise in rank. or A-dul'ter-ine.] adjurare. — t. [Fr. 4. 3.A-DOR'A-BLE-NESS. we admonish with a that adulterates. Act of admitting. adv. 2. Management guilty of.] A child born in adultery. being administered. fjRN. expert. n. i. advancer. as an estate. Ad-JURE'. Act of adjusting. — . [-ed -ing. Containing ad.) Violation of one's religious covenant. terating. 2. view to one's improvement. . a. disposition settle- .\ w Servile flattery sycophancy. to_ typify. decorate and ornament for the sake of show we embellish and adorn to heighten beauty. Syn. To dispense. 2.— Skillful . [-ED. [Lat. A-DORE'. Act or Dimen- n. do'. Pertaining to. ad'mj-ra-bly. A-DOWN'. soft. and take as A-dDlt'ness. v. A-dul'ter-oOs. n. Xd'JU-VANT. Improvement or progression of any kind. Flattering to exA-DULT'. To reentrance to. Debased. v. 1. silent . C. Ad'mi-ra-ble. — We : . Ad-mixt'ure. Ad-m'is'sion (-misb/un). -ING. a. a. officer of the Ad'MI-ra'TION. quence. or scorched. — . n. To bring forward.A-DUL'TER-Y. a. Ad-vance' 2. N as NG.hard. 3. so before.] different substances together. to administration. v. 2. n. suit . n. [Lat. t. and A-dul'ter-Ine. hood. Ad-jGst'a-ble. To iustruct or direct n. adv. adultery. grant To entreat dom at large. Ad-mIt'tance. v. Ad-min'is-tra-ble. A-DUL'TER-ATE. TOOK. adoptare. -ting. a.] 1.] AD-MIN'IS-TER. : To set right. n. admirari. E. is Ad-mon'ish. . or love. materials. placing guards. [Lat. t.A-droit'ness. v. . as supplemental. 1.] A-DROIT'. 3. Additional price or profit. AB'u-LA'TO-KY. a.~\ AD'O-RA'TION. 2.VIS-TRA'TION. A worshiper a lover. . else. Downward.] Having to inform. 1. t. 1. Before in place. or conse(6). Act of adulas an oath. Ad'sci-ti'tious union by mixing (-mTkst'yun.— To fit adapt der. . . V.] [Ir. perform the office of administrator. n. — To reprove. [Lat. [cess. do. Capable or worthy of being admitted. Quality of n. To move or go forward. n. a.] [Lat. . 2. select n. An anadju- Office of who officer assists the superior officers in the execution of orders. n. AD'MI-RAL. Ad-6s'€U-la'tion. t. Ad-vance'ment. .] a. ingenious. 4. n. reprove gently. for to. To supply beforehand. n. [-ED ING. A£j E^IST . 1. &c. prep. Worthy a. Worship paid 2. What Syn. To accelerate the growth or progress of. — . Ad'ju-TAN-cy. 2. n. the marriage-bed. adulterare ishment. . Syn. Youth.— To deck Embellishment. 1. t. 1. arrangement ment.} reprimand. 1. n. we reprove. AD-MON'I-TIVE. Capable of A-DO'(23). Ad-mix'is-tra'tor-ship. or capacity allow what we suffer to take place or we permit what we consent to. n. 2. A 2. [tant. as public affairs. or state of being adulterAd-m5n'I-to-ry. highest degree. 2. adust us. . n. Ad-mir'er. )a. A-DtJN'ci-TY. 2. Ad-mire'. Ad-MEAS'ure (-mezh'ur). Ad-jBst'. n. TOO. adv. AD'o-les'(. n. -ING. v. A-dust'. who A woman n. Administer- AD-MI.] To shadow faintly new Adopted. solemnly and earnestly. — We advise as to future conduct. under oath. Syn. [-ed. A perarrived at mature years. commits adultery. admonere. adult. n. 2. [adultery. . To regard with wonder or surprise. Act of advancing or state of being advanced . _ ble Adobe manner.] . Ingeniously. Permission to enter. [-ed -ing. n. a. A man guilty of A-dul'ter-er. monishing. n. decorate.] 1. dexterous. a. a. [Lat. [Lat. 3.] 1.] To render beautiful to Syn. thing v. J. A woman who Gmwing to or on something else. Act of shad- A faint resemblance. Executive part w burnt brick dried in the sun. (Script. 3.] [Lat. [-ED. a. AD-MIN'is-TRA'TRIX. adv. To when not A-DOP'TION. . as if 1. ing. (-tish'us). v. or Ad'o-les'cence. Act of adopting.] Trouble labor difficulty. embellish set off. servile flatterer n. n. To concede grant allow. as justice. To be capable of.] Pertaining Ad-nas'cent. adjusiare. ing admissible. A-DORN'. A-DOR'A-BLE. v. as approbation.] [Lat. Ad-mix'. cor- — . assisting. A-droit'ly. son or thing grown to maturity. Admeasure-ING. Thirsty. Ad-min'IS-te'ri-al. A-dopt I ve.-ing. tion. 1. a. j monition ad2. reverence. . Proceeding from adultery. a. Ad-mInMs-tra'tive. conducting correspondence. adulatio. [-ted. To charge. . adornare. [Lat. Leave to enter access.

_ weights in the air markable occurrence or event. — Courteous civil . [-ed _ ypd<f>eiv. 4. accessible. In an [ableness. [-ED . Ad'ven-ti'tious extrinsically (-tTsh'us). [Gr. gagement of troops.«. Ad-vow'jon. or PIQUE.] [Lat. . 2. Syn. AF-FAIR' (4). n. (6). [Gr. vindicate. [-ED To benefit to promote. 2. ADZ. [Lat. Ae'RIE (e'rv or a'ry). Contrary to the wishes. A'er-og'ra-phy. 2. 2. Xd'ven-ti'tious-ly (-tish'us-). a'er and facere\ To change into an aeriform state. n. — To v. 2.— To defend. Act of aerifyA'er-i-f6rm. usually partial or of minor importance. t. adv. possess what is not natural or real. prosperousness. [L. n. a. .A/ER-OL'O-GY. That science which treats Aoyo?. season of devotion including four Sundays before Christmas. advocare. VEIL. maintain by argument. Ad. In an adventitious manner. [Gr.] 1. ease of access. a. 2. . Assumed artificially. ficer . Any state. to some desired end. AF-FEfcT'iNG. Pretending to Af-fect'ed. — . n. 2. . . person sending it. avouc. [Lat. adv. . FIRM.] Ad-vent'ure-s6me. mote. [-ed. t. .Ad-vis/ed-ly. t.— Courtesy./c6s. a. sci- ence or art of sailing in the air by _ means of a balloon. v. ene— Unfriendly feelings mark the . of hazard. adjective. T£RM . Af'fa-bly. n. n. n. Ad-vis/a-ble-ness. Having power to advise.Sl'GIS.] A description of the air. n. . An en1. lofty. To give advice to. . Ad-vi§e'ment. n. n. L I Es-thEt'ic.long. A'er-o-naut'ics. n. adv. A'er-o-naut'ic. or existing in the air. subdue? melt Syn. n. arip and Ad-v£r'tis_e-ment. streets. n. Adverse Id'vErse . n. Public of the air and its phenomena. Opponents. [-ed.-ing.success Xd'vo-cate. Ad-vent'ur-ous-ly. p. sing. Ready . 2.] 1. — — .] 1. of elastic fluids. A'ER-o-stat'ics.] in ancient Rome who had the care of the public buildings. . -ing. ra. Calamity. .] notice through the press. arterialize. Aerial navigaAd-vent'ur-er. Daring 1.] A shield hence. Incurring To plead in favor of to JEs-thet'ic. Quality of being affable. accidental . Counsel.] Syn. Information as to the intellistate of an affair or affairs gence. — . con- A'ER-I-fy. a. [Gr. . condescending. Fit to be advised or to be done expedient. false pretense. Superiority -ING .] VANCE ] 1. Af-fect'. courageous a. on his boldness or good fortune. To run the risk of attempting. oric stone. To act upon affectare. enterprising. a\<r- 0Trn. support. Business of any kind.ti. A carAD-VERB'I-AL-LY. advoue. adverbium. especially the cause of another A'er-os-ta'TION. the first or the second coming of Christ. Ad-v£r'si-ty. feelings as the at to desire. . appearance . specifically. oiytg. a. Being of advantage. A pleading for or -ING. 2. FAR. [-ed -ing. 2. risk . In manner Adze. active hostility the foe. Attentive heedful. affected Having power. Id/vo-ca'tion. 2. SOW . assume. [Lat. hazard . v. AD'VER-Tis/ER. n. An event or series of events attended with severe trials or misfortunes.] 1. bold. n. . i. short. Pertaining to a. [Fr. -ING. kr\p and sideration. Pertaining to aerostatics or aerostation. — To concern . Containing advice. Ad-vent'ur-ous. ping. ad and facere. complaisance.VICE'. advertere. thing sent to sea at the risk of the Ad-VI'S_0-RY. A Ad-vis/er. Ad-van'tage [See n. those — a. AD. arip and Ai'0os.I. J penter's Ad'VER-SA-ry. High 1. To aim or passions. to a benefice. n. [edge. A coming. In an manner. benefit v. Acting in a contrary direction.A'ER-0-STAT/. In. Ad'VERB Boldly . Xd'VOW-EE'. 6. Xd'VAN-TA/GEOUS (-taVjUS. Ad-v£rt'en-CY. [unfortunately. Growing. Syn. k. Consultation. In an affable manner. The sciv. acria.E. .] [L. A stone falling from the air a metety. To influence. p. enemy . antagonistic. ERE. ant. or that of bodies suswho pleads any _ tained inthem. Pertaining to copper-rust.n. . affliction. arip aerial navigator. civility. purposely. AD-v£rt' (14). To try the chances to dare. Harp. Ad-verb'i-al. [Gr. ^S-THET'ICS. advertere. ^\ [Lat. t. . arjp and • tises. Ad'verse-ly. a. adv. ^'DiLE. [Lat. posed good. To put at hazard to risk.U. A'er-o-naut'. To put on a pretense of. A'ER-ATE. t. a. [Lat. . Assumption of what is not natural or real artificial . 140). n. and arip support its adventu. .] to modify the sense of a verb. 1. 1. press. -ING. any thing that protects. Hazard 1. to pro1. adv. Of or pertaining to. hence.n. Af-fect'ed-ly. Fitness to be done propriety expediency. &c. ¥. Information. Relating to or like an adverb. antagonists. AF'fa-ble.] The theory or philosophy of taste the science of the beautiful in nature and art. A machine or vessel sustaining chance. [Gr.] _ from the air alone. adv. CARE. as gas. (Eng. An opinion offered n. advantageous manner. adversarius. adversus. [Lat. Ad-vErt'ent.] duce a change in. 2.] easy of access. a. through the . Having the form of air. n. To apprise to inform. To deliberate i to consider. A'er-om'e-try. 0. One who adver. WHAT. With opposition Xd'v£rse-ness. aeronautics. [Gr.] The nest of an eagle. ALL. . Syn. Xd'VENT. 3.Ad-v£rt'ence. v. [Lat.] [See Advice. to converse a. AFFECTING 8 promo. [of an adverb. ficial. Ad-vis/a-ble a. An enterprise of hazard. 3. or other A (14). n. An of- xdilis.Ad'ver-tise' (162). furnishing adbeneprofitable useful vantage — . ProfitJ(D'VAN-TA'G-EOtJS-NESS. or TigE'MENT. . a.A'er-om'e-ter. or means particularly favorable tion. participle. or to sup(14).] [Lat. Ad'vc—CA-CY.'!'. affabilis. 2. A'ER-O-PHYTE'. adv. : : . To tend to. Art or science of _ ascertaining the mean bulk of gases. Xd'van-ta'geoOs-ly. unfortunate.] To turn the mind attend.] 2. as worthy to be followed counsel suggestion. j Syn. banity.) The aVfa-bil'i-ty. One who adbefore some tribunal. air. n. Attention 1 . those who struggle in the contest with all their might. iE-Ry'Gi-Notis. or apprise. Full [daringly. [Lat.] 1. complais- . my.] ventures one who relies fo_. t. 1. distress. n. 5. To combine with carbonic acid. ti. deliberation. are who are pitted against each other. habitual hostility the adversary . in ad- J vance . The sing. a. Law. 4. A 2. Lat. 2. Lat. A plant deriving <I>vt6v. One v. — misery. A box with on which the wind produces musical notes. ASK. . With full knowl. A-far'. cbjp and oraTo?. a. opposed . X. v. yE-6'li-an stretched strings. t. n.] [Lat. thetics. ADVANTAGE progression improvement .] tool for chipOne who is hostile or opposed. aeruginosas. regard. a. a. v. sing. 3. -ing. A'ER-i-fi-ca'tion. urw a vacant benefice. word used adverb. _ vavTTjs ] An and n. [-ed. 1 } \ [Gr. . observe.] [See Air. . adv. Added casual. a. To inform A'ER-O-LITE. One who gives advice. n. . calamitous. Af'fec-ta'tion. 1. right of presenting or nominating to Syn.. opportuniTo make known 2. Ad-vi§e'(162). Ad'VO-CATE. n. cause. adv. Pertaining to res- Ad-VENT'URE. n. Act of advocat. ing or pleading. . I. . 1. n. To supply with common air. or i. Payment of money 2. i. [tion. t. At a great distance reI .] One who has the right of presenting . n. n.] 1. Opposition un. Ad'ver. or other bird of prey. p-erpov. A rean air balloon.Es-THET'ICS. [Gr.] An instrument for measur_ ing the density of air and gases. ence that treats of the equilibrium supporting vindication defense. — Opponent antagonist.] gain. E. [-ED. To A-E'RI-AL. v. &c. [ing. n. 3. A'ER-o-StXt'IC. i. n.

after a play. In rem lation to.AF'flu-ent-ly.Af-fl A'TION. A pre- 2. prep. 6. v. Wealthy sequent crop of grass in the same abundant. To grant. when one may A e. . -ing. Moving toward from behind. Lat. adv. . . . 2. Aft'er-noIdn'. signed oath before an authorized magistrate. 2. A kind of type. Xf'flu-ence. To receive into a society w into a river or lake. [-ED. Sudden and great fear terror. AF-FE€'tion. grieve. to thetic. n. Af'fin-age. axa-rr. impart. wealth. Touch-wood. this. — n. Close Relationship by marriage. To betroth to pledge one s faith in marriage. 2. ayapiKov. . . sefter.] . To trust. harass. without control. posed af- Inclined a. a variety of quartz. grief. affected. brawl. or cen. adv. 4. or connect. A-FlRE'. Af-freight' as a (-fraf). n. or a. v. dismay. n. afforare. as what ought not to be called in question.] 1. too. sorrow. subsequent. or property. [-ED. . That part of the duration 2. grievous distressing. 2. alarm.— "We affirm a thing with confidence we assert it against all denial. or distress. . n A syllable or letter joined A-FORE'SAID (-sed). or ex- citing emotion. 3. back. 1. . AFT'ER. To attach. AF T 'E R-P I E C E n t. Passing from place to place. n. An affirmative proposition. n. Af-FE€'TION-ate-ly. distress. [Lat. postfix. Cause of continued pain of body or mind. Unfixed took. conformity connection. A family of fungi. [A. 1. Having affrighten.] To offend by K-jj-This line is printed in Agate. adv. Xf'FIX.I afyrhtan. the field. n. 2. — To trouble. Disease. Latter part of life. In later or succeeding time. Af-fTrm/aint. ayavrj. In imitation of. A. a. See Syn. Xg'A-RIG.-S. Anew A-FRESH'. Trouble. A-FRONT' (-frQnt'). -S. With fection Af-fec'tioned. ratification. n. To hire. a. The fighting of two or more persons. alliance. bodily or mental. t.] 1. 2. Af'fir-ma'tion. n. and any given time. /gj EX. A word firmation or assent. [Gr. n.) A solemn declaration made Syn.] n. frightened. Syn. a. Astern. adv. — adversity. i. hind in . . Giving pain a. as with wonder. 1. . or named before. Af-firm'A-tive. evening.3. In ac 1. fer dejection. AVfi-da'vit.. Affliction is the strongest of these terms. V.t. . To. . —v. . or expend. n. Capable of being affirmed. by persons who conscientiously deAf-front'ive. 1. 1. To declare or assert positively. Aft'er-thought more. a. adv. n. ofor are. or adv. Trust. 3. for the transportation of goods or freight. inseparable from to the end of a word . . [p.] Struck with fear. 2. On foot. . place. Toward the stern.— To aver.. In an A. — Loving tender. adv. reproachful or contempt- . pi. AF-FRONT'(-frunt' ). appalled. ing ) to. n. to. dis- . . A-FRAID'. . p. n. cline taking an oath. 2. p. agreement. cious stone. E. silent. v. and coming away after . . a suffix a 2. a. 1. Not free entanzealous or tengled.'. torment. 2. Time from noon to as a member. [-ED:-ING. (h. In a floating state. plans. In front. Af-fil/i-a'tion. . n. t. — Agreement conformity Syn. distress. t. or on. A-FIELD'.] [L. In preparation for. AGE (147). Confirmation. — affiliare. some manifestation of disrespect. Af-fTrm'ANCE. to. protest. Aft. Syn.] [Lat. semblance. o.] . n. Syn. ill treatment. mtas. Syn. [-ED. do. certain period of human life.-S. A-GA'VE. A refining of metals. — — Quarrel Syn. reliance. being a state of prolonged suffering. Af-FIRM'A-TIVE-ly.. Gaping. [A. any manner. a.— To . n. qf. appall. According to the direction and influence of. — Fearful apprehensive. delivery. To produce as v. 2. adv. Af-fray'. — the stern. Any . . A-FO"OT'. A-GAIN' (a-pen/). Oue who makes an n. terrify.F-Pix'. I. 3. sition to. ? Af-FI'AN-cer. A second or sub- plentiful v.] Opposite 1. [-ED -ING. Af'flux. To yield. and initiate in its mys. — Aft'er-birth. in. ) j adv. [Gr. adv. AGE AFFECTINGLY move the tending. Plighted 1. of a being between its beginning. 3. 5. A second or subseAFT'er-math.IST . are less strong. One who makes a n. That 2. voted. urn. offense. being the case of one under the stress or pressure of severe pain. 1. Confirmation 3. af- fidavit . once time. AG'ATE. Af-fi'ance. -ING. tury plant. Af-FE€T'ive.£. misfortune. 3. One who affirms. origin. rue. [-ED. subsequent event. Pouring upon. a. re- [-ed. Before. 4. AF-FRIGHT'f-frltO. A [Lat. the natural result. . unexpected [quent crop. n. especially riches. Mature years x^ave period act for himself. pull . ship. An affect- fix or fasten in attribute. . ing.] 1.] [L. Confirmative ratifyexpressing af.soJl. ma . 4. adv. alarmed. To strike down. Later thought or expedient. &c. give continued pain to cause to sufSyn. or prep. &c. place at an insensible distance. Af-flict'ive ing AFT'ER.] To impress with [A. plenty. n. A-FLOAT'. 1.F-FE€T'ING-LY. Aft'er-glap. To add at the close or end. affirmare. 2. 3 That side of a question which affirms or maintains. To Jigere 2.] [Lat. Membrane inclosing the fetus. Giving offense. adv. Syn. a liquidsubstance. (Law. A-FORE'. scuffle . uous action or conduct. An n. unite. give. n as ng. . which flows Af-ford'. [0. afflictare. confer. 2. . in which it is bent toward a particu. AF-FEI€T'. adv. adv. including the common mushrooms. In abundance. ad and frons. subsequently.. t. A blowing or breath. or sprinkling with. AF-FIN'I-TY. 4. marked by a difference A of state. adv. quality. Love ing on. -ing. . A piece performed .tt. 2. [A. . 7. n. a. ing the delivery of the after-birth. [Gr. Pains attend- AF-FIL'I-ATE.*.I€T'ing. sprinkle. "wqef. n. To fection. State of being afflicted.] sudden In return 2. a. A-GAPE'. n. Subsequently in time or place. [-ED. faith ise. caus- affliction. n. In oppo- 2. a. Deposition. Act of affirming. To pour out to — . with profit or without loss. — -ING. A stream flowing 1. or adv. adv. Stic. t. A-GAINST' (a-gensf). pa[ing manner. On fire. Aft'er-wards. Whole duration of a being. 1. de- . 3. Af-fli€'tion. timid. Chemical attraction which takes .] [Lat.v.-S. Fr. fond. the other two words over again.t. Adoption ciation in the same family or society. 2. adversity misdistress is fortune are general states particular. Af-fluxTon. Aft'er-ward. 1. warm-nearted.] 1. [Lat affinitas. Affecting. 2.). Ano'aer 2. Causing pain Af-fl. A state of the mind A-FORE'TIME.— Opulence. — or. To assert positively Syn. . or toward* . n. AFT'ER—CROP.] 1. Abundance of any thing. -ING. timorous. 1. 2.] [Lat.Gjiard. Af-firm'A-ble.] n. ) asson. we aver its truth with solemnity. AF'FLU-ENT.] abuse. Later in time. (-thawt). adv. t. That which is asserted. 6. Affirming or Af-fuse'.] 1. In time past of its subject. shock. we protest it. assert. establish. ] tiqn in a condition for action. of affray (obs. Act of flowteries. Be- 1. . Af-firm'(18). Spoken of [old. n. A tumultuous assault. AF-vu'gloN. particular period of time in history. prep. lar object. 1. sell. — Insult. c. asserting. to ally. Proceeding from affection. Af-fi'ant. 2. -TNG. in a public place.?. To confirm. To adopt as a son year rowen. agcn. Positively the opposite of negatively. Lat. . Af-FE€'tion-ate. People living at a partic5. . a. — n. statement and made upon in writing. affections . agcn.] 1.A-FOUL.] Later in time. contract of marriage between parties. or ratify.] 1. _ fear. relationship. — To insult provoke The American der attachment. adv. the marriage contract or promv. Aft'er-pains. tenderly.

To [-ED. Act of aggregating. In motion going p. . more enormous. _ AI-LAN'TUS. w Ag'ile. n.long. 2.X. v. Attack. Ag'gre-ga/TION. . [agriculture. 1. n. ing. side. A-GHAST' (-gast ).] to accumulate. n.] Past gone. a farmer. an ague chilly. mind 7 * Ag-glSm'er-a'tion. Pleasingly. A person or thing that exerts power an actor. increase. or greater in power.] [A. old. m . A-GREE'A-BLE -NESS. ticulars — n. [Lat. . as glue. aggressio. 2. v. aggravare. pang. Farther in front or in AID. _ nate cold and hot fits. A'GI-os. One who agitates. fields.t'J. Act of unitirregular action. Power n.— Disturbance excitement. end: scope. — u. . 3. adhesive sub. by furnishing strength or means to effect a purpose. [-ed. relieve. . -ING.?. -ING. Act of aggraThat which aggravates. Ag'o-nize. promote. [It. — Assaulter gressor is one who begins a quarrel o? encroachment. or acage date. 11. 4. an invader is on . Point intended to be hit. — — . 1. The small AI'GRETTE. AG-GRIEVE'. To come to terms. tease. [-ED t.] 1. 3. To group. [unite. t. I. mass. A genus of beautiful trees. agglutinare. compact. A-GREE'MENT. •. DE-CAMP.] n. an assaulter is one who makes a violent onset. or the principles of those who favor such a division. pang denote — A-gra'ri-an-ism. A-GRA'RI-AN (89). 2. indisposition. 1. conTo give pain or ad and graois. J Pertaining to the AG-GLU'TI-NANT. t. Direction . . — Nimble.E. 1. a. case.] [Lat. or contract. or houor. n.] contender for the prize in public games. of agazed. AG'GRAN-DIZ'ER. agilis.AGED alar period A century. V. Any viscous. Agony and a severe paroxysm of pain (agony being the greatest). [Lat. short. active power or cause. v. sestirnare. Syn. contempt. A AlD'-DE-€AMP(-k5ng). I. v. 2. -ING. Uniting. or adv. attended by alter- A'GUE. Advanced in Having lived. 3. pi 3. exalt.. AG'RI-€ULT'UR-AL.] 1.] — applied to things. . Concord or correspondence of one word with another in gender. Xg'ile-ness. or state of being united. Syn. Making the a. . &c./.] Stupefied with sudden fright or horror. v. . gation .] [Gr. [6'r ] Au helper. advance. complaint. ad and gradus. Ag'gre-ga'tive. To point with a missive weapon. or simple surprise. interj. n. a. 1. Ag-group'. FAR. A state of agreeing.] .) V. Morbid affection of the _ body disease.] To affect with pain or uneasiness to trouble to be the matter with. V. A&-&LOM'ER-ATE. O. Suitable. r. 2. ) a. 2. the nail a whitlow. n. . WHAT. — Epoch. to gather into a mass. aycoi/io-nj?. . Any male father's side. _ stranded. rection of any thing to a particular point or object. v. Ag'GRA-VATE.)ag-aze. in agriculture — v. [Low n. i. t. aggregare. [advance onward. as with glue.\. 2. A-gree'a-bly. n.a. pi. ASK. or act of hostility or injury. n. .] stock -jobbing. Ag-gran'dize-ment. or person. to . contr. To discuss earnestly. Equal division of land or property. An exclamation. rustic. [Gr. Willing to agree or consent. To disturb or ) — . n. vating. [Lat. lively.] 1. sum 1. agglomere. Difference in value between metallic and paper monev. To enlarge To make great . A-GREE'.] 1.0. Chilliness. 4. 2. ALL. increase. ayoDvia.5". (a/jed). Having the qualities of bate. n. AIM.] worse. A-gres'tic-al. a. case. number. The anguish of remorse. [-ED. scheme Syn. To an exaggerated representation of. . number. An inflammation round AH. [-ED. active. n. ». [-ed -ING. clusters. 3. Ag'nail. Contention for a prize. Perturbation of mind. de- Ag-na'tion.] AI'GRET. of(obs. Syn. V. Ag'o-ny. . state of being in Quality of acting action instrumentality. adv. 2. or to any violent contest. To cor- interj. magnify. An exclamation. eglan. irritation. [Fr.] To wind iutoaball A'GI-O. statement. direct the intention. pr. Act of agitating. [Lat. AG-GLU'TI-NA'TIVE. either to the or senses. An intermittent fever. [-ed [Lat. [From a-going. distress with great pain w to torture. . [-ED -ING. — CARE. anguish is prolonged suffering. &c. SON. . as by glue. : heighten . a.] AIL'MENT.] 1. . expressive of surprise. Relating to stance.] 1. I n. 2. raise . 2. Purpose intention.p. to move actively. AG'o-nism. more give excite. 2 1. . A _ tuft.-ING. tura.] pain of body or mind. quickly j .-S. n. TERM PIQUE FIRM. Tending to Ag'GRAN-DJZE. n. or adv. a generation. as a 1. To -ING. n.Ij 0. Xg'GRE-GATE. port.] Cultivation of the ground. One who makes an aggression. 3. . An . An AIDES- officer selected by a general officer to assist htm in his _ duties. Firmed into a. 1. ERE. Relating or tending to equal division of lands.] A-gil'i-ty/. -ING. to be troubled. pain. 2. [Gr. with a view to strike or affect it. en- — croachment. collective. — Syn.. AIMLESS 10 who sorrow Lat. invasion.] First attack.] t. A-GOG'. or person. 3.] To support. _ ready to go. One skilled AG-GLU'TI-NA'TION.rc. Syn. n. 3.] Formed into a whole mass or sum. Pointing or diweapon.] [Lat. in opinion. On A-ground'. Relating to xVG'o-NIST'IG-AL J prize-fighting.?.. [Lat. 1. To augment. adv. agone. To yield assent. to oppress or injure. diamonds.— Anguish. . A-head'. A'gu-Ish. or being in harmony or resemblance. adjutare. object.] formable. first attack or encroachment. t. 3. a. qgitare. a. 1. AG'o-NlST. [-ED. E. respond in gender. sustain. [A ) . v i t. Causing aggre- Ag-gres'sion (-gresh'un). [-ed. n.] To unite. £g-gres'SIVE. n. t. To enhance — to tease.] into a ball or mass. i. -ing. Relation by the faA-GO'. first invader. or ag'granDIZEOMENT. A-GREE'A-BLE. Disorder. ±44. 5*. a. A-go'ing. ) . Provocation. relation by the [ther's side. 1. Ag'i-ta'tor. JV'GENT. tillage husbandry farming. Lat. agrestis. n. [-ED. . To har- monize tion. -ING. [Lat. [Not le- gitimate. or cause Ag'i-tate. to adhere. V. n.] To direct or point. a. 2. Ag'GRA-va/TION. . : . rural. deliberation. 2. assault. ad and grandis. To make severe. [Written also Aide-de-camp. To To writhe with agony.] Highly exejted by eagerness after an n. To provoke or irritate [Improper. ft. To move with a violent. or state of being agitated. aid-de-camp.] bring together . or state of being aggregated. . 1.— To assist help succor sup- A-HA'. t. In pursuance. .— An agSyn. Extreme — Syn. AGED hence. Discussion. 2. i. To resemble. n. enters by fovic into the possessions of another. or years A'Gen-CY. — n. era. or object to be affected. thepangs or agonies of dissolution. . . A bargain. t. To feel pain n. agiicidAG-GLU'TI-NATE. or ac2. joy. Syn. [Lat. Without aim or purpose- — . [Im_ properly spelt ailanthus. One who aggrandizes. or a. Ag'GRE-GATE. In accordance conformably. Maneuvers of specn. v. -ING. as of feathers. Quality of being agreeable. Help.] Syn. [Old Eug. -ING.] [Lat. agentia. VEIL. the ground. . t. One who favors an equal division of property. 2. sort of metallic money and another.. ulators to raise or depress the funds Ag'ri-ciixt'URE. Premium.A'gi-o-tage. expressing triumph. Act of aggrandizing or state of being aggrandized. A substitute a deputy a factor. 3.] Quick of motion. . natives of the East. p. or between one A-GRES'TI€. pity. 2. rank. Ag'I-TA'TION. [Lat. Related on the father's a. brisk. Office or ^duties of an agent or factor. maturity. adv. n. To consider on all sides. adv. a. 4. AIL. A gathering cordance. n. a. [Lat. a. [-ed. Ag'ri-cOlt'ur-ist. AG-GKES'SOR. ) white heron. A aytavlgeLv. Assemblage of partotal . Ag'NATE. 8. Pleasing. AlM'LESS. Ag/o-NIST'IC.

Air'-hole. Albert. 2. pi. Alembic. n.A-LAR'UM. plan of a railway or other road. properties of air. albus. A pretended unin. mode or fashion. AL'€0-HOL'I€. A white table or register. O. Watchful activtiy ilant .a. ^ elastic force of air. (c. Openness to the air. al-gabr. 3. n. n. interj. a. 3. albus. 2. adv. : to whom a thing [an alien.. to A . n. allhtan. interj. Capacity of AL'eHE-MisT're-AL.] A being in another place at the time of the commission AL-CAID'. n. 1. _ country. pi. Wholly different in foreigner a foreignunnaturalized resident of a 2. albugo. viscous substance. air. a. Fright. n. n. Al-BPWo". — a term used in legal proceedings to connect the different names of a party who has gone by two or several.] 1. n. glee.] 1. To Al'a-mode'. a. A-like'. [Corrupted from alas. n. [Sp. alPerta. or highly rectified spirits more loose. [Ar. ii. Al'cove. albus. hence. alienare. Al-€AL'de. g. PULL is descend Al'der-MAN. inlerj. [Gr. 2. Another name. State ly applied to ardent spirits in gen1.) (II). [From the inventor. called sap-wood. a. used in distillation. being alienated. high in AL'BU-GIN'E-OUS. . state of being (-Hn'-). ALE'WIFE. a.AL'ien-a-bil'i-ty. Insanity. ALE. [Lat. a. . drj P . [-ED. terror.w. to 1. AIR'ING. 2. or in- Xl'ek-an'drine. ALE '-HOUSE.) A passage in a church into which the pews open.] Like the white of an egg. next below the mayor. AL'IEN-EE'. Air'-gun. [Ar. 2. [Fr. consternation. a mine. A summons to arms. n. of a building. variously ecclesiasti- vestment of white linen. a Al-ghem'ig-AL. A [A. . Sudden surprise with fear or terror.TOOH. constructed. Relating ALE'WlVEg. adv. the dread of impending danger apprehension. breathe ive ody : ! . . by the AL'BA-TROSS. or degree. What — poison. "Exposure to air and ^ 2.} exclamation expressive of sorrow. Syn. n.] fected manner. — 1.-S. t. lively. [Ind. One who intentionally excites alarm. [-ED -ING. n. adv. liiagis- to al- [chemy.] AL'€0-h5l. n. upon the upon the watch.-S. See Koran and Al. a tune. That branch of analysis whose object is to investigate the relations and properties of numbers by means of and other symbols. Estranged. partition. liveliness. Air (4>.) A picture printed tive. To [-ED. An n. al-jabr. Allied by nature. . 4. Al-be'it.] An warming. or al-gubba. 2. n. A tree of sev- n. :tUE. Al'a-bas'ter. [Lat. the universal solvas title. pearance. [A. as a door. (b. A cloc"k made to prehension . Syn. down To or fall or lodge. notwithstanding. pi. Full of vivacity and levity. 4. n. found nearly pure in the white of an egg. [A. . A-LACK/. [Lat. The fluid amb'tq.IR'1-NESS. Moving with celerity. Practicing AL'IEN-A-BLE. gayety. allarme. A variety of sulphate of lime. n.} (papfxaKo? . property. 2. One e. air. fear that it may be approaching.] get dismount. w ent. &c. nimble. 1. An American aloof. terror is agitating and excessive fear. Partly open.] ance of property to another. 2. prompt. or gypsum. 1. One skilled in Having the nature or AL'BUM. A n. Air'-tight air from a gelatine plate produced by means of a photographic nega- AL-bes'cent. pity. n. [Lat. a. Air-puinp.. n. AL r i-AS. letters . ancient science which aimed to trans. Ground- line. [Lat. 2. 2. 3. An exclamation expressive of regret or sadness. sel. Having resemblance. glossy.] AX'GHE-MY. [Lat. [Lat. t.Xl'GE-BRA'IG. n. To transfer to another. A melat a particular hour. 1. n. 2. Al-bur'num. is a. albescere. — — Alarm. In Spain. 5. One who alienates KORAN. Watchful. Levity ^ admit AlR'Y. AL'IEN-Iism. n. Al'der. AL-BI NOs.-S.] can be so set as to strike frequently A-LEM'Bl€. n.. the goverof a crime. Same as ALARM. algebra. chemy. warden. eral.] eral varieties. ring loudly at a particular hour.) (a. Like albumen. n. Pure stranger black silk. of being alienated.] Al'bi-nism.} 1. A-LARM'-WATCH. a. n. The A-LIGHT' V. A-larm/-€Lock.] n. Al'GO-RITHM. Related by blood. Al'ka-hkst. 1. Cheerful readiness. Gayly merrily. consternation is terror which overpowers the apprehension. A-KIN'. Having no solid foundation. [Gr. Capable of being ^ alchemy.A-LAS'. or adv. n. warmth. — Briskness. A white matter found in seeds.] mute the baser metals into gold. n. pi. a.— Brisk. Al-bu'mi-nous. or relating to it. A w. Al'€A-hest. air. arms t. A-KIM'BO. 1. 2. alcatraz. alienus. Al'i-bi. n. A contrivance for awaking persons from sleep. born and [Lat. [Ar.) One of the lateral divisions of a Gothic church. [Ar. [-ED -ING. w fection. 6. fish resem[syllables. AL'ge-bra'ist. — v. A variety of carbonate of lime. Peculiar look. [It. form. A-JAR'. One who is skilled in algebra. a. for exhausting the air from a closed ves- JtlR'-SHAFT. .] A-LfiRT' (14). passage for air into 4.] and . 1. [It. line of adjustment. w grief. V. \a. Al-bu'men.-S. A-lack' a-day. 1. THIS . hard. and - or readiness. liquor made from malt by fermentation n.] Otherwise called. AL'ghe-mYst. iris So tight as not (-tit).] The white softer part of wood next to the bark. 1. cal A gun discharged opening for air. j Pertaining to. Belonging to Exposed to the Unsubstantial. n. A. to arms. Ag. To expose to heat.] 1. An exclamation expressive of sorrow. white.] Art of computing in any particular way. A-lErt'ness. -ING. aligne- Act of adjusting to a 2. or manner. State of an albino. A second or further writ. A-LExa-PHAR'MlG. n. of a pre- ternatural whiteness of the skin and and a peculiar redness of the and pupil of the eye. or information of approaching danger. .] n. (-lit').TOO. A blank book for autographs or literary memorials. or right.adv. al-kimia. or part of a room. n. C. _ estrange. 1. a AlR'-PUMP. 3.] [Sp. Foreign. Relating to alcohol. Although conj. n. Al'ber-type. Any person hair. AL'IEN-ATE. al-kohl.AL'ien-a'tion.AL'IEN-ATE. AL'GE-BRA'IC-AL-LY. faculties. _ as of the affections. In the same manner. A jailer or AL'IEN (al'yen). KosKfi. n. nor of a castle or fort. eale. nature. sel. A short excursion in the open air. XL'GE-BRA're-AL. AL'GE-BRA. aAe£iexpels or resists Expelling poison. E^ist.AL'ien-a'tor. Legal conveyA-LARM'. Estrangement.] A magistrate [A. A-LA€'RI-TY. n. 2.] [Lat. adv. 1. adv. soft. By means by. Syn. [Lat. aler. find the panacea. separated from the rest by a A recess. A-LIGN'MENT ment. AIR'I-LY. similar. n. Any sound An .] . sold. A place where ale retailed. — n.'] (Photog. n. bling a herring. A verse of twelve n. [Lat. To call to for defense. In Spain. I j versal solvent. According to the [to. is . vigv. or performed [of algebra. A thick. alienated. G.WQLF. weary.] a. 6r. [Lat.] An alacritas. AIR ALIKE 11 [Ar. n. To expose to the air to ventilate.] Becoming white whitish.} A chemical vesatmosphere. a. a. URN. AL'DER-MEN. [trate or judge. [Lat. An af. Al'go-ran. to settle. The wing AISLE (Arch. With a crook bent. n. To fill with apto disturb. or transfers property. 2. lassus. [Gr. n. of a city or town. 4. A thin. 2. A very large web-footed sea-bird.] 1. i. c. aln. alert.] Al-cove' (114). silent . ap. — .— . A machine.] n. algoritiho. a. n. lit.tch that A-LARM'IST. " ealdorman. 2. -ING. 2. for drying or ALB. n. or concern.

[-ED four. or proper to be.] DividA-lIve'. or sub- rest. assign. ¥. Al-loy'. lesn.] Freehold land which is the absolute property of the owner. n. what. X. — To appease.] Al-lTt'er-a-tIve.<. to grant. akky\yopia. [L. ( -lizh/un). Capable of being. 1.r. — completely n.877s.) Quicker than andante. ological organ of appetite for food.Al'le-lu'iah. aloi. as suffering . n. To abate.vT0e1. lessen and diminish refer lo amount or degree. 1. n. 2. something fierce. (148). t. «.. [It. [A. 3. afford. -ING. . All-hail'. . — To declare urge. To by divide. [Sp. extent.] 1. quality. Al-low'A-bly. far. ) ) A thin mem[Gr. Part allotted. particularly an address of the pope to his clergy. unite. — Food. At-LOT'. n. . . Syn.] A story in which the direct and out a remainder. a. alimonia. adduce.] [Lat. el A lizard. To tie together . Act of al2.-S. but not so quick as allegro. aliquot. something excited. . n. nutritive.fJ. or Xl'ka-li-fy. n. sup- port.] Allowance of a thing or proceeding. allay. Al-kXl'i-fy. [lopathy. To become changed into an alkali. quantity. a. See rt. which is lightened. or that which. 1. t. Al-le'gro. 1. or A part . al-qali. Al-lot'ment. -ING. allegi- n. which is quieted.?i.aAAa. as sorrow. v. n. Al-lXn'toid. A. . Y. I o. ammonia. -ING. To permit. 1. Tending to the quick.«. -ING. saints. the first [ All-hal'l6w"mas.LL. . To produce. AL-LE'VI-A-TIVE. n. . a. [It.] 1. Lat. n.LL-FOOLS/-DAY. coalition. aliquantus. altogether — . union or connection of interests.] Al'1-QUANT. Al-l6nge' AL-LE'VI-ATE. n. alimonium. to America. and lor are. v. Pertaining to the Al'lah.] [L. (-lunj>). n. Act of allotting. al- son. AWigator. A Al-LOY'age. To make alkaline. To make quiet or put at 2. Pertaining to alestate. The compact which is the instru. Al'i-men-ta'tion. Al-lop'a-thy.] The ordinary aAAos. [Ar.] [Fr. n. Lat. alliance. adv. 4. mitigate.] To put upon allowance. allee.] carnivor- large ous amphibious peculiar reptile. All 'spice.] A game at cards. -ING. allisio. mixing with a less valuable metal. To own or acknowledge. To bring forward 2. . n. amount. as grief. all figurative. principal one a figurative of speech or description. . — To divide. n. n. [Lat. free of — opposed to feudal. That which is alleged — . soda. ad " the whole number of Syn. quantity. Al-lCde'. pi. plea. Time near AL-LI'ANCE. i. mitigate. ceptible. i. due. alliteration. Second day of November a Roman Catholic solem- n. play off tricks or make fools. t£rmj pique. the . . Al'KA-LINE (or -lln). assuage. as an argument. partly from Fr. . i. a. 1. Act or power Al'le-gor'ic-al. a stated All-fours'. Al'li-ga'tor. a. allier. (140). — Mitigation. .] 1. n. relief. short. for her support. [Lat. All-souls"-day. 2. v.LL-SAINTS"-DAY.-ing.. n. [Low Lat. The first of April. J Al-LE'GI-ance. Syn.] [Partly from A. 3. as opposed to homeopathy. — League confederacy . I. t. ALIMENT Al'1-MENT. affirm assert.] A rule relating to the solution of questions concerning the compounding together of different ingredients. . [Lat. diminution. when it is a popular custom to Allowance. . quote. allegare. [-ED.] [Lat. One who practo be borne tices medicine according to the rules hence. Syn. interj. all. sprightly strain or piece. an aromatic Indies. 1. A Al-low'a-ble. — . Al-lay'er. Xl'i-MENT'AL. Not dividing another number with. v. something violent. pi. Any compound of two or (148) saints.- L13g. Al'1-mo-ny (50). [From all and quantity. t. or the whole yield. figurative.long. 2. finity. mate principle. as a portion. or corrupt. -ING. but now brought down. Al'le-go-rist.0. which is made mild. af- . The berry of the pitree of the West mento. [-ED. To use allegory. n. with positivenees. pacify. Syn. A mixture ofdifferent metals. deduction. In an allowable manner.] One of a class of caustic chemical bases.A. or amount the whole The the total. al. . a. allotir. Halleluiah. parties allied. He who. alleviare. [Lat. Xl'LE-ga'tion. or ingredients of different qualities or values. AL-LEGE'fal-lej'). 2. of J allegory — ing exactly. Positive assertion affirmation. i'. allays. n. — of allopathy. antia. leviating. Al-low'.] Obligation which a subject owes to his prince or government loyalty.] (Mus. vember a feast in honor of all the 1. AL-LE'VI-A'TION. entirely. Quality which Ai/ka-lin'i-ty.] An allowance to a wife out of her husband's estate or income Al'LE-GO-RIZE.e. n. n. manner n. and lithia. n.] All-hal'lo\v. Trddos. a. ) day of NoTo abate. [Fr. allegorical manner.-ing. Something mitTo abate or deduct. Arabic name of the Supreme_Being.£. as ofc«re. Capable of [L. alloter. ad and Al-lTs/ion Repetition of the same letter. All-Saints'All-hXl'lows. AL'LI-gate. tions . allowed. [Fr.} Every one. — To mitilessen .] 1. to make easier to be endured. [-ed. as of food or drink. . . A pretended univer- sal solvent. assuage. or degree of. [-ED. [Lat. cite. duration. " n. advance. or Al'lan-tois. or Xl'lan-toid. Al-le-gret'to.] That Al-lege'a-ble Pertaining to food or aliment a. n.] 2. assuage. or without remainder.. nourishment. [Gr. [Gr. a. ere. Al-lIt'er-a'tion. and practice of medicine. as To distribute in parts or porhence.] A striking against. Xl'lo-path'k. t. 2. lot. i. All health a phrase of salutation. Al'ka-hest. The persons or November a feast in honor of all tho Al'ley . Having the qualities of alkali. to lay down. isting in some vegetables as a proxi[ble. t. Al/ka-lT. A baser metal mixed [All-Saints'. v. Act of allowing. nity held to pray for the souls of the to faithful. nutriment. adv. sen. re. Ai/ko-ran. fTrm. diminish gate. or Al'ka-li. The Mohammedan BiA. a. or AL'KA-LIES. eall. salifiable base exAl'ka-loid. Syn. potash. 2. v. Act of alloying. [Lat.] A pass or thrust with a sword. [allantoic. rent or service Al-l6'di-um. alimentum. or excuse.n. A narrow passage. loi.] [Lat. Xl'ka-ljze. One who teaches by allegory. care. constitutes an alkali. [-ed. n. Al-lan'tois. of affording nutriment. being alleged. Al-lo'di-al. [Fr. [Lat. apportion. a. To reduce the purity of by ) n. Al'le-gor'I€. n. Al-LAY'.] brane in animals. ask. Evil mixed with good. n. impair.AL'LE-GO-RY(50).i. Xl'lo-cu'tion. Having life active susa. Al'i-ment'a-ry. veil. The phren. Syn. calm. day. properties of an alkali.] To make light or easy Al-lop'a-thYst. [-ED .-ing.n. n. To give. Freehold. In the manner In an Xl'I-ment'ive-ness. by a court or judicial officer. to remove in . more metals. 3 Abatement. Xl/ka. 2. as distinct from a public street. a.t. v. soothe. All-hal'low-tide. . walk in a garden. alligatio. adv. check. _ Al'LI-GA'TION.] To form or turn into allegory. The whole number. 2.. Pertaining to litera. Praise to Jehovah.] [Old Fr. Wholly igating. depress. 3. with a finer. literal meaning is not the real or AL'1-ftuOT. That which mitigates. n. alecgan. — o. First day of ment of allying. n. V. n. AL'LO-€A'TUR. v.Xl'LAN-TO'IC.Al'le-gor'ic-al-ly. a. n.) A Al/KA-LES'^ENT. 2. [-ed. 6. [-ED. to ally.] (Mus. lagarlo.». An address. That which is allowed. ) ALLUDE 12 which feeds or supports. v.] 1. alia?/. Lat. These words are Alleviate supposes a load.-S. t.

n. Al'pine (-pin or -pin). Al-lure'mext. o. . It change in. floods. adv. 2. adv.] To refer to something not directly mentioned to have reference. j earths. Al'SO (146). A-loof' (26). al'OES. seduce. conj. «. ALMS. resemblance. high. THIS. Art of ascertaining ing to the Alps. containing a calendar of days. A choice of two note first. Heb. ' Al-MIGHT'y " ful (-mit/-). &c. adv. 148) 1. lengtn of. " restore the healthy functions of the body without sensible evacuations. To change entirely or is very astringent. a. Before this time. rectly. . strument. — v.] To arrange in the order of pose that notwithstanding. n. Act of alter. decoy. n.] the customary order. to have pity. or form a con2. or in the order of. TOl) K. . the side of a At or prep. al~ ve are. cation Warm n. [-ED. to bind. another. n.-S. we are enticed into it through our passions we are seduced when drawn aside from the path of rectitude. .&. Lengthwise. united by compact. 2. To make some sulphate of alumina and potassa.1>. against. A painting placed over the altar. A-loud'. well(146). on which gifts and AL'TO. Conjointly. adv. Ag. gravel. AL'TI-TUDE (53). or n. Sy>*. silent. alphabet. vicissitude. selmesse. Of fresh-water origin. Al-lu'sive. of the alphabet. altus. A thin kind of cloth made of the wool of the alpaca mixed with silk or with cotton. RyE. [Ax. andlang. Space extended up" altare. [a^and so. Highest point. book of prob- [Ax. alto rilievo. Indirect reference. from Gr. different. &c. or other semi' . tion in words Stu [ship. n. fr. Pertaining to. 2. 2. . a speaking. Al'pha-bet'ic. [-ED . -ing. 2. ft.] [Lat. a. oi .) One of tho some respects. All-powerGod the Supreme Being. from Lat. . [A. from alvus. [all and Without completely. Al'ma-na€"(134). pi. €. . [now.] [From ad and lure. A Al'ter-a-tive. {Math. . n. [each end. . al.. lofty. I . ALVEARY 13 ludere. letternative manner.i..— evil V. A-LOFT' (21).] . AL'TER. real or apparent. the. by some promised . n. [Lat. RN. One of the two glands Al'mon-ry. n.) The different changes of orders in numbers permutation. t. tempter. the first two Gr. Apart from others . (Astron. 2. fr. allures a . [Lat. or alumina. natus. fr. Al-lu'vi-al. (amz'-). together. n. [Gr.] a noisy altercation. toward. a. from ad. The containing. made by rivers. adv. altus. n. nary. AL'PHA-BET.] [Lat. A very light. : I or to act "by Al-t£r'NATE-LY.] The ous. Reciprocal ) J 6r. adv. 1. Al've-a-RY. A medicine having this power. n.] to wrangle.] To tempt by the offer of some good. [See Alms. [It. 6oAt>. [-ED. adv. and luere. n. t.] The letters of a language in Al-th6ugh' (awl-tho 7 ).*. The inspissated juice of several species of aloe. Al-tIs'o-nant. altus.] 1 A table tion of a celestial object above the or elevated place horizon. n. -ING. an alphabet.*. Al'oe to To happen i. woolly hair. used to deof two things. v.hard. a.] ) a. PULL. t.] geometry. One related to another by any tie. N as NG. aA^ajSrj-ros. — Wrangle . The part sung by the lowsacrifices are ofest female voices. alvearium.n. n. A ity. Referring to indi- n. AL-LU'VI-UM. n. AL'MOND alter- . and Gr. ah&ltm. — To entice. AL'TER-A'TION. A AL'MA Ma'ter. belly. against. from Lat. one. Al-lur/er. alluviuni. a. change reciprocally. Offering a choice Alpaca. turns. eAeelv.. "We are allured to [From a. . a. weeks. AL'TO-re-lie'vo. measure. aloes. furnished with. 1. called tonsils. Al'tar. [Lat. -ING. — for a poor-house. j white metal. 141. marriage. \ n. or " ing or state of being altered. conten- controversy. (a'niund). intimate. afivyThe fruit of the almond- 1.] tree. [all and " though. Same as ALLUVIUM. 2. . n. from ad. A-LXjM'NI. In an alterable a bluish tinge. sounding. 3. ward height. altercari. AL'PHA.] [Cf. charitable donation. from altus. dAorj. [Lat. (115. On high. . exception . ters. : across. or other causes. things. Al'ter-a-ble.-S. AL'TER-eA'TlON. adv. j Pompous language. n. . — Al-lu'§ion. 2. wholly . In reciprocal succession by turns. A genus of evergreen plants. i. A-lu'MI-num. Pertaining to. 2. _ ing to the alphabet. and long. 3. a. In prep. [A.) Elevahigh. change made. 1. t. adv.] High-sounding pompALT. good. ._ the tenor. — n. fine.] . &c. [-ED. . lems in astronomy and drawn up by Ptolemy. AL'TAR-PIECE. A Al'to-geth'er com- (146). 2. all adv. dispute. [Lat. as distinguished from suggest. to. I n. altitudo.— An alteran angry dispute between two a wrangle Al'TER-NATE contained in. from and. or to any lofty mounaltitudes by means of a proper intain. Al-lu'vi-on. nection [Lat. — To A-LONG' Al-lure'. [Lat. alum. is parties — loudly. ing alms. the letters Al-tim'e-ter. ter.] Al-tIs'o-NOUS. -ing. (Min. The first letter of the Greek AL-TfiR'NA-TlvE. ia succession of things in time or place. . n. . Pertaining AL'PHA-BET'KJ-AL. Accordment for taking altitudes by geometrical principles. or composed of.manakh. adv.] 1. and loquentia. Being by turns reciprocal. pi. with Al'ter-a-BLY.] 1. having long. Al-most' Almshouse or AL-T£R'NATE. AL'TER-€ATE.] A double alter. place for distribut- AL'MON-ER. (amz). . alterare. ah.] A book or table. v. n. high. A college or seminary where one is educated. AL'U-DEL. a.] [Low Lat. (14). That which . [-ed. Al-t£r'NATE By A-long'sIde.. used as a purgative. EXIST. altercare. 2. TOO. and ligare. pi. i. Pertain. [Gr.] 1.a. in A-lu'mi-na. ) a. s. v.] 1. to. long. and metrum. altus. wolf. To become. Al-pa-c'a. Al-t1r'na-TIVE-LY. 2. One who n. greatest. .] 1. To contend in words another.] An instruAL'PHA-BET'IC-AL-LY. . . n. to a distance from away from. [Lat. a. AL'o-ET'l€. [-ED v. In a liie onward forward. to.n.G. omnipotent. A-LftM'NVS. A chemical pot open at " -ING. At the mast-head above the deck. . higher part of the scale. n. obtained frora. One who is Al'ma-GEST. [Gr.Al-tim'e-try. pi.. . 1. in successiou — To connect by — /LteyioTos. aloft. alligare. With a loud voice. altered. adv. and sonans. n. or Al'o-et'ic-al. pi. AL-til'o-QUENCE. AL'ter-na'tion. n. 1. In an alaA<£a and £t)to. In like manner likewise too. Having power to graduate of a college. a confederate. [manner. [Lat. or conj. Nearly.ALLURE A-LONE'. alumen. AL-LU'VI-A.] One who distributes alms for another. n. ond. al- lures.] High relief. single and . St>-. To unite. Al-ly'.] 1. altus. n. n. j partaking of the qualities of. Pertaining to. Capable of being Al'u-mIn'i-um.] Deposits of earth.] (21). 142.] 1. AL'u-mIne. An animal of Peru.. the use of the poor A house (al'o). bee-hive. sand. [Lat. or friendship. to wash. " nigh for the greatest part. By the company together. I n. [Lat. Grant all this be it so sup -ING. AL'UM.A-lu'mi-noOs. high. 2. c. adv. At or from a small distance. ondlong. i. In instrumental fered! to some demusic. munion table. months. To perform by turns. al- solitary. materially. a. That which happens by turns — similitude. Al-read'y. J high.] Any thing gratuitously given to relieve the poor a . eAerjjuocrvvTj.

in. sudden surprise. an amalgam. with another metal. a. Syn. to reform is to form over again for the better. wages. ambitus. to go around. A change for the better. AM'BER. [-ED -ING. Quality of being pleasant or agreeAm'A-tIve-ness. a/u. Am'eu-la'tion. [-ED. amend our — v. ambo. to improve [amended.] never fades. a. 3.] to account in respect to signification.] a. Am'BI-ENT. To coalesce. ambs. -ING. 2. tacking an enemy Tby surprise. fidKayna. ad and meliorare. adv. amcenitas. -ING. Lat. afia^. [It. To grow i. A-MEND'a-to-ry. . Walking in a restricted sense. — To move . To grow better. A-mend'ment. we reform or v.] One who cul. ampre. without mortal. (-bisb/un).] photographic picture taken on a pre. esp.] Am'A-to-ry. to walk. to correct is to make straight or right.|3po- . a. [Fr. Amorous. . emollient. Consisting of or resembling amber. n. [Lat. . merces. right. AM-BlG'U-OUS. [Lat. t. 2. a. 2. to [Fr. [Gr. n. Am'ber-gris (-grees). alvus. — To accumulate. honey -comb.] Encompassing [Lat. 2. lit.— . . Pitted a. 1. ambidare. 2.] a. . Double-dealing. found with fear.] [L. ''anbar.1. A. To lives. duced by. . Doubtfulness or uncertainty. 2. f. Possess2. [Gr. n. A. [Ar. peculiar n. Pertaining to. WHAT. withA subspecies of quartz.Am'bro-TYPE. to native of America A-maze'ment. AMIABLE 14 A n.] . wonder to astonish. adv. a wood. [See AMBUSCADE. short. In public bodies. double-dealer. adv. emendare. To mix. or indicating. am.AM-BRO'glAL.] Tolio in wait for to place in ambush.] A pense satisfaction equivalent. n. n. [Lat. w place. Walking. Act or Lat. A ing to the United States. swelling vein.] To concourt. to get votes. n. wounded solalty inflicted at the discretion of the A-MAZE'. Troops posted in a concealed place.] 1.] To make better to improve. t. perplexity. for the purpose of at. n. and ace. esp.'] Circuit with another metal. t. both.] [Gr. Act of walking. In an amazing degree. denly. Am ° ula^ce. . . as a will. 2. Y. mistakes. so as to make v.A'Mi-A-Bii/l-TY. of different things or races. highest rank. — — A A'MI-A-BLE. but A-MfeR'l-€AN-I§M. and TU7J-0?. Not fading 1. Am'bi-DEX'ter. .] One who writes what another dictates Am'A-RANTH.] An eager desire of preferment.A-MEI/IO-RA'TION. Any [-ED -ING. to make betAm'bi-dex-ter'i-ty. n. as quicksilver. not withering. The hollow of the external ear. and bosco. fr. Recomtivates any study or art. n. ambition. corrective. ) n. 2. n. delicious. n. im. both. 2. whether in respect to situation. cury with another metal. a fault.] A pecuniary fine or punishment reparation retraction.] surrounding. -ING. Am'bu-RY. <i/u. [Gr. Doubtful or uncertain. in wait. [Lat. fr. .] 1. AM-BAS'SA-DRESS. -ING. n. [-ED. 1. Amiableness. Any part of a building inn. [Lat. ] To change in any way for [Lat. or resembling. Ambiguity. adv. VEIL. Improvement.apavros. Not fixed in its legal character.] 1. or decaying. . fr. t. A-maz'ed-ly. . Power ter. tended for walking in. A word. A affectedly. Invariably First person singular present indicative of Be. ALL. FAR. -ING. fr. A lyAm-bas'sa-dor. afxavpwo-t?.n. from Lat. A-mass'ment. and hence amendment . amicabilis. /. Capable of being a. [Gr. A-MAL'GAM-ATE. in which both legs on one are moved at the same time. a'men').] [From biguous manner. a. v. cade. . —v. n.B y I. [0.Am-BI'tion pi. [Gr. [-ED -ING. t. A-maz'ing-ly. . to recti* fy is to set right. v. by lifting together A-mend'a-ble. . n. hand. V. A-mal'ga-ma'tion. a. pared glass.^. &c. It was anciently thought to have the power of preventing intoxication. AM-BRO'glA (-bro'zba). mass. n. [Gr. lie Am'BUSH. a crook- — An'BU-RY. . im. n. both hands with equal To anbarum. for attacking by surprise. Fr. 2. ambulare. pron. ) A ed. Am'a-tive.] pital wagon. a. Violently and sud- Suddenly. 3. 1. n. amatory. 2. massa. n. [Lat.] 1. 2. minare. O. EN'SEg'. Am'a-zon. phrase. AM. I a. Springing from. hence. FTRM SON . Xm'E-THYST. &c. manners. any of mer2. any erta. . n.0. or ex[Lat.] To collect i^ito a mass or heap. [A.Am'BUS-€ADE'. or omitting. Liable to be brought 1. penalty. 2. n. bring to account. A-MAIN'. a. i. Pertaining to Amer. A compound ]. Amende (a'mongd'). [Lat. to Lat. the inhabitants of the United States. t. n. & pi. prise and wonder. n.) Perpetually 1. a. move. AM'BLE. Al've-o-late. a copyist. or something like one. be amener. A color inclining to purple. applied esp. love. — or idiom peculiar to America. ambes.] taining to the lower belly or intestines. Am'A-teur'. imboscata. e. Propensity to Ames/ace (amz'as). yellowish resin found as a fossil. and dexter. ALVEOLATE bee-hive. [Lat. pursuing it professionally. or compass. A-MAL'GAM. i. A fragrant One who uses A facility. love. 1. the better. AM'AV-RO'SIS. V \. Am'a-rAnth'ine. V. or controlled by. t.n. con- tinually.] One of capable of being altered. n. [Fr.. 6. A-MER'I-€AN. ambiens. gait of a horse.m. of. as a result of growth..] A double ace. Relating to. Syjt. or power. A gather. Willing to yield Am-bIg'u-ous-ly. AE'WAifg. and menda. A loss or decay of sight. bition.AM'bu-la-to-ry. and tnanus. n. The mixing Am'bit. d^poro^. PIQUE. t. [-ED. confusion. T£EM. n.long. [Lat. Containing better morally. — Astonishment . or Am'bu-lant. n.] A hospunish by a pecuniary penalty. a. to remove faults. like a Per- belly. . . operation of compounding mercury Am-big'u-oGs-ness. accumu. of signification expression used at the end of prayers. A-MEL'IO-RATE. A-MfiRCE' (14). A genus of ornamental annual plants of many spe2. A-mAn'u-en'sis. out. —A substance used in perfumery. 1. a/oie'0u<rros. submissive. : — An [Heb. "We rectify abuses. A concealed place in which troops lie hid ambush. side w AM'bler.] 1. or disposition.-S. E. meaning. Of a purplish color. To ) pressive of. amassare. i. A-me'na-ble. n.. admiration . ing. a-mAn'u. [-ED.A-MEN'I-TY. honor. of a bluish violet color. bire. in. as a horse. In an amA-MEND'. it. sing. To unite in a compound.j am- female bassador. we correct errors. n. See Embassador. nature ofambrosia. for To punish. climate. ASK. in general. . 2. — . mixture. 1. ambitio. ambiguus. V. — To amend is literally to take away blots. heap . Am'a-to'ri-AL. .] a fabulous race of female warriors soft swelling on ahorse. — To correct reform rectify. A-MEN' {in singing. particularly threaten. a going around.Am'bu-lance. A horse which ambles. from ab. ERE. ble. An imaginary flower that cies. n. out drunkenness. ishment amazement. AL'WAY. — . am- [Lat.— v. a. impression. n. from. n. moving from place to ica. An ambusconcealed station. superiority. without any A-m£rce'ment. Partaking of the alteration in a bill or motion by addlation.. a. n. A pecuniary pencarrying sick or visible defect in the eye. answerable responsi- . Act of attacking an enemy from a 2. A feeling of sur.] _ The fabled food of the gods. 2. pertain. man a virago. of using both hands with equal ease. Astonn. changing. ing. the two legs on one side to pace.] 1. or at once. CARE. AM-Bi'Tloust-blsh'us). full of blood. A-MASS'(6). a warlike or masculine wo. I. With amazement. Syn. amethyst. 1. [-ED. To mix. An envoy of the ing concealed. Am'e-th£st'iNE. Al'vine.A-MENDg'. able. So Am'bi-gu'i-ty. . n. ) adv.

spiritual. i. 2. An oblong piece by pilgrims. Pertaining n. amicabilis. as. Syn. manner. improperly. Largeness. That which produces bility. . large in quantity. in the East. [A. fr. \prep. n. A collection of lit1. ay-tavros \C0o<s. and other public sports. dv priv.. andin the other to the south.. C. himalat. amang. [-ED -ing. an amphitheater. In an amiable . [Fr. V. amorosus. an. To render An'A-GLYPH. 1. To turned into moon-starers. [manner.] One who denies the validity of infant baptism. a. One who amplifies. and. n. sport. and ypayya. To treat copiworked in relief. A-nac're-on'TIC. AMIABLENESS friendly. [Gr.Am-phIb'i-oDs-ness. plenteous. as is . and used for combats of gladiators and of wild beasts. again. [Lat. liberally art of carving.. lovely. particularly by means of a sinking fund. A-MYG'DA-LtNE. but somewhat less emstarch. [-ED. A amatory. PULE. la. n.aT'RIC-AL.-S. 1.] n. up. diverted by that which clrawo off our thoughts to something of livelier interest. tare. 2. about.] 1. [Gr. State of n. 3. 1. in a figurative sense. -Ap. A large snake which lives in South America. a. Am'I-ty. or exhibited in. a. silent . A'MI-A-BLY. n. back. ) n. adv. ammonia.Xn'A-LE€TS. Altt'PHI-BRACH. Am'i-€A-ble-ness. friendliness. though we can say he wus friend- — ly. from ava. Of no parbeing ample ticular kind or character An almond. Capable Am/pli-fi-ca'to-ry. E^IST [Gr. substance. or after the manner of. Exaggerated description An'A-DEM. Am-phIb'i-oOs. n. to.- . v. [Gr. and Oearpov. Biarpov. [Gr.$l. 2. a>op<£os. Am'i-€A-b1l'i-ty n. poet Anacreon — n. — — Am'O-rous'LY. The effect. amplificare.] Act of killing.] ( Gr. as chloroform.-ING. [Gr. n. [Lat. for living on land or water. ap. adv. [A. or a book . TOOK . pastime. ajuvAov. Am-mo'NI-A€. AM/PLl-FI-eA'TION. — Diversion. afi^i/Spaxus. Serving or An'jes-thet'k:.] intercourse. To entertain agreeably. largeness of dimensions. a. 1.] 1. A-mount'. Am-PHis' C7-/(-fTsh / i-T). and mons. more extended. Am-phib'i-an. ample. land or or diffuse narration. or making. an anagram. Largely . v. to lead.] The inhabitants ing pleasing. A [Gr. formed. a.] AN'A-GOG're-AL. around an open space. Am'ice (Sm'is). pi. avdypafi/xa. n.] A mineral substance somewhat resembling flax. 1 A-mor'tIze-ment. Act or rightofalienating lands to a corporation. a priv.on- A-MONGST'. [From sal ammoniac. An arc of the horizon intercepted between the true east or west point and the center of the sun or a star at its rising or setting. amputate. . letter. In love Relating to love. To Am'p'u-tate. live in two elements. n. To keep in expectation. on both sides.from ava. enamored. 2. .-S. AM'U-LET. €. j tending to of rendering insensible by being inamplify _or enlarge. plenteous. O. ane. 2. Thus. WOLF. 2. dvdykvfyov . from dvd.] [Lat. especially of a sportive nature. as a cameo.?ttbe equivalent.7rri£eii/. n. capacious.] larger. In an amicable kindness. from amb. [Low Lat. afufyipo- [Gr. fr. That which amuses. done by fanatics URN. astronomers may bo come in the aggregate or whole. to baptize. [Gr. and amabilis. ) ) Adapted OR.] 1. In the midst or A-midst'. 2. form. diffusive. Enlargement. . capacious. to rush out frantically. fraternal.] j mingled with. Spacious .] insensibility. entertain. Am'phi-the-. hamaiat. avdAeKTa. [Lat. Half-way between the stem and the stern. Am'o-ROUS. adv. a for- A getting. and the like. and /3a. a.] It signifies one or any.] [Lat. .] chronology. monds. An error in w time. . n. a. called the arena.Xm. a. pi. or making part of the number of. — . Hist. haled. n. [-ED. peaceable. &c. DO. anomalous. Svn. n. The sum total.] A transposition of the letters of a .hard.— A-MOR'TI-ZA'TION. The quality of _ deserving love loveliness. loose flowing garment formerly worn 2. RUE. ayvrto-Tia. mountain. Extinction of debt. amuser. Wor. attacking all that come in the way.a. . n. A-MU'SIVE. to. joyment. Pertaining to starch. — exten- When we abundant. Having a propensity to sexual en- mang. Wrongly. Ag. . Pertaining to. -ING. J its qualities. the Greek An'A-^on'dA. 2. dvdSrjixa.KTvoia?. — Lovely. a. the middle one long. ad. In an amorous A-MOR'PHOUS. emulsion made of al[almonds. Pertaining to a. as a humorous story or a laughable incident. . A-MU§E'MENT. a. AN'A-BAP'TIST.vya'ahov.(f>t. from J about. mystical .n.] 1. A-MONG'. d(/a/3a.sq/i.] An oval or circular edifice having rows of seats one above another. pi. entertained by that which brings our minds into agree. Having the An'a-LE€'Ta. A-mid'ships. again. [Gr. Act or operation An'A-LE€'TI€. animal. ) n. [-ED V.] AN-AGH'RO-NI§M. by which a new word is fully. Quality of being lit. j [Gr. [Gr. of cutting off a limb or other part. Of large dimensions.] phatically.n. X.] 1. Ability to n. 2. hartshorn. .] 1. evil. Extended Syn. N as NG .] [Fr. — To divert. [Malay. n.] Something worn to Am-PHI€'ty-on§. Collecting or seAm'PU-TA'TION. We cannot say of a single individual that he was amicable. large in size. -ING. . n. or embossing plate. 2. J n. .] Military stores or provisions for attack or defense. ) . To run amuck. — Friendly. Amicable always supposes two parties. dyeiv. volatile alkali of a spirit of pungent smell possessing I Pertaining to or a. one part of the year are cast to the north. Entertaining. Pertaining to A-MU£E'. and Mysterious An'A-GR. A A the council of the Amphictyohs. in a general sense harmony. Fully sufficient. avaxpovia- from ava.] A-MUCK'. mean by ample large in extent. against. a. amictus. adv. 2.] To cut off. theater.XN/A-LEP'TI€.] 1.7rn'£eiv.and p. A'>II-A. gar- fillet. Am']-€A-bl. t. AM'PLI-FY.. engraving. [Gr. divertand o-klol.-BLE-NESS.] discourse susceptible of two interpretations. dvay(ayq. unsoiled stone. <z/ou£<-- Am'PHI-THE'A-TRE. n. ju. Pertaining to. [Gr. Am/Y-LA'CEOUS. adv. 3. charming. dju$c<r/«os. delightful. shadow. n. [Low Lat.6s. )prep. t. Am'MO-ni'ac-al. [Gr. [Gr. able contact with others. Am-PHI€'TY-6n'I€. abundant or sive.] thy of love lovable. AM-MO'NI-A. amplus. between the tropics. a. from ap. up. commonly called the indefinite article. 3. from ava. n. ously. 2. adv. avoAT)7TTt(c6s. amitie. an amicable arrangement. To grow or beAn'a-glyp'TIC. Am'ply. 1. name..n. n. or \oyia. A Am'phi-the/a-ter. A-MISS'. Syn. An amphibious lecting made up of selections. of embroidered linen worn by priests. Mixed or Associated with.] foot of three syllables. we say spacious or extensive . Harmonious in mutual Syn. Relating to the come large. [manner. a(i(f>£. Wrong faulty improper. [Gr. [Lat.y. 71. limb. and \p6vos. n. A-MOUR'. Am'I-AN'THUS. n. whose shadows in A-MYG'DA-E ATE n. A'm'NES-TY. anything worn. n. admunitio. .} AM'PLE. or result. and aio-6t]o-i<i feeling. enchasing. Friendliness. power of living in air and water. TOO. Am'I-€A-bee.G. 142. ampins.] A love intrigue. proposition. — .6. a. as a An'a-gram-mXt'ic. THIS. and ykv^etv. and facere. [Gr.] 1. 1. t. amicable ANALEPTIC 15 A^PHI-BOL'O-GY. a. A [Ar. the first and last short. entertainment. prevent phrase. poem little in praise of love and wine.) An assembly or council of deputies from the different states of Greece. An. JE. middle among. [Gr. To be diffuse. to engrave. a. . to prune."l-. Having Am'pli-tude no determinate form. . 2. AM-PHls'cl-ANg (-i'Tsh'i-anz).![ . [Fr. to make. a. — Wo are amused by that which occupies ua lightly and pleasantly. Characterized by insensiAm'PLI-F'/er. Am-mu-ni'tion (-nish/un). . n.opj>-q. 2. Am'pli-fi-€A/tive. erary fragments.] Friendship.. tense. convivial.] general pardon of political offenses. as conversation. or more inAn embossed or chased ornament. A-MID'. (53). i.

[Gr. t).y. dvcoraio-TO?. dve/uos. dvevpv<rfJLa. A duty XN'EU-RlgM. or a spiritual being.] 2.] To denounce with curses. To come Anch'or-age. n. dyyeAos. stop published. a. A skeleton. ana rop.) [Gr. Y. — . adv. | . VgIL.] A soft tumor. Xn'AR€H-IST. a. By way of [or consider by analogy. antique. esp. right angle. Pertaining strument for measuring the force of .] An'a-tom'kj-al.— Story. 2. Xn-ces'tral. the first two short. coats of an artery. tion of the vessels of the body. Xn'GI-OT'O-MY.a. again. A. pi. resolvAn'a-lyt'kj-al. Science of the structure of animal bodies. and o-/co7reii'.] A-NATH'E-MA (147). -ing.long. up. — Forefather. ante. ALL. proportionate. a cutting. / analogy.] n. conj. dvrjp. [to some other thing. [Gr. appears rega. PIQUE. A hermit. rage. a.ox 1. fr. Conv.] A An ancient gold coin of England..] A treatise anything devoted.7?. n. but of bar in or ban or curse pronounced by ecclesiman body. dveKoofos. into its constituent or original elements. An'E-ROID. dvd. FIRM SON. 1. n.6p0<»o-is. [Gr. ASK. An'A-Logue. C. 2. herring family. or dea. 2. An'ces-TOR. One who dissects An-drog'y-nal. proportion.'U. . Old ular and in proportion. and vos. An'droid. -ing. less what is flagitious in character or conduct.] 1. fXr. t. Xn'E-MOG'ra-PHY. dvapxos. Want of governthe order of these words. dvSpoyv- human form. \n. adv. Y. [Gr.] A AN'GEL-OL/O-GY. C meet or tend to A D. from (which easily strips off genus of plants of the n. 1 .] DocSyn. it is antiquated. n. anus. n. moist. which is awakened by Honor of ancient confused. short . entirely different. Equality. ing into component parts. existed in former times. a. sembling. ancestors. [Gr. n. resembling. [Gr. memoir. Aw ) . ancestors series of An'ec-do'tal. n. a-nAe'y-se^. A corner.n. a ships anchoring in a harbor. from dvqp. [-ED. a. [Gr. n. n. description. arising separate into the component parts from dilatation or rupture of the [Gr. antzua. term than resentment. interior structure of A-NXT'O-MY. n. or tending to in- ERE. acute angle B A E obtuse an Sle meet in a point . di/axwpTj-rrjs.-S. v. not description of the winds. .] A machine in 6. or belonging to. the last unaccented.] To Anch'or-ESS.Very old men. One who promotes An'CIL-LA-ry. Newly over cluse a monk. dvap. — To provoke vex displease two opposite angles. n. To explain A-NXl/o-GoOs. j anatomy or dis- a ship can anchor.] Having both anatomizing. discourse. Lat. a. end-iron. dvdAoyos. woman. [Gr. 3. anchu.] thing.] A utensil for supporting wood in a fire-place. or is skilled in A-nXt'o-mi-za'tion. [-ed -ing. and accompanied w rude and unwrought at the ends. analysis. avd\v<ri<. twofusion. anceps. yvvrj. strong passion or emotion of the •». to evil. [disorder. a. t. 1. fr. n. d -ING. ger and forming headed.abentarm. An'a-tom'i^. metrical foot consisting of three syllaangel. An dy/cvpa. man. 1. from dvd.] Having analogy correspondent. . [Gr. ves[Gr. a cutting. An'A-l6g'I€-AL.] To excite to anAn-cIp'I-TAL. va. n. . [Gr. analyzes. sel. to anecdotes. [again afresh. The difference of direction of two in the lines IL A same plane that C A E. messenger. Xn'GI-OL/O-Gy. distorted representation of an image AN'CIENT (an'shent). a re[which. . By means A-NAT'o-mIst. vesAND.] 1. n.] iron instrument for holdAnchor ing a vessel at rest in water any firm shank .. AN'CES-TRY. _ . on for An'a-lyze(162).] A crowfoot family. progenitor. now called an ensign. a.] Compressed. fects. ANGLE 16 invigorating. An'a-sarc'ous. An'A-Tom'IC-AL-LY. in which anger is wrought up to a still higher point in ancilla. ) [alysis. and A 1. A-neW (a-nC). I. AN€H'OR-ET. dve/nos. and view. t. One who. wrath fury rage. j An'A-PjEST. wind its leaves). n.(. [From Lat. fr. A-l. A-nXl'y-sis.] lN'€0-NY. ) a. - » or the difference of direction of two planes intersecting. antiworth about ten shillings. dvaTOfxrf. n. or that An-ch6'VY. and resolution of any \veiv. [Gr. to anchor. section.] An-Xth'e-ma-tTze (162). An in- 1. antea. [Lat. To dissect. An'A-lyt'ICS. n. obsolete. shaped like a watch. anatomy. wind. Belonging to.the ^ — i. and fxerpov. n. [Lat. n. n. dry. Xn'A-LYZ'ER. measure. n. ayyeiov. and all necessary tackle. Science of an- Pertaining to an. and Top. A n. adv. ecdotes. ) [of dissection. — n. Being without AN'CIENT-LY. To lay open the 1.] SubserviAn'ARCH-y. 2. flukes. vrjpos. tale. which. v. form. 2. \ A-NEM'O-SCOPE.. To place armsat anchor. — Anger is a stronger In old times A-NAR€H'I€. one who goes before. The anchor a wind-vane to a dial below. wet. Xn'CIENT-RY. [Gr. ) . 2. Of great An-gei/I€-AL. [It. [Gr.] A the discourse on vessels of the hushape a the middle.66'I€-al. beginning. or the mental characteristics of both sexes. angels.. and Adyos. angor. n.] to resolve into first principles or ele. dyyeAos. Reon a plane or curved surface. [Gr. . 3.] A by excommunication A dissecexpresses the relation of addition. Those who lived in former An'XR€H. and e!6os. [Gr. . 2. c support. . Birth or things in some circumstances or efhonorable descent. proportion. t£rm . E. age. Pertaining to AN'A-LYT're. dve/jiuivr). [Lat. wind. . ments. ypa<f»j. n. in the sel. and Adyos. Belonging to And'i-ron (-T-urn). . n.-l.] Rather slow. The act of A-nXt'o-mize (162). ) a. t. a female servant. — Indignation resentment of anarchy. 2. Restorative medicine. A female hermit.[-ED. astical authority. when the things are otherwise Xn€H'or. [Gr. sing. C of brand'-iron. widening. An'E€-d6te. pi. 6. [-ed. [Gr. An'ec-dot'knal.ANALOGICAL Corroborating. a. a priv.] A dvefioi. A-nXl'O-GY. like a handmaid. to rouse to resentment. .] A portable barometer. (Geom. l. to loose. n. . formerly. -ING. Bearpriv. . dy/cwv. n. . or the first two accented and it is old. . or of n. discourse. v. . [Gr. anteanus. and eiSos. A spirit. pi. An>A-LYST.] a-morAn' a-m6r> pho-sis. Syn. or obsoAn'ger (82).] A contrivance for bringing down the indications of To to rest. scending from. care.»j. A-NEM'O-NE. ted.] whom a person is descended at any distance of time.i 6p6s. j government lawas indignation. or of hand-iron. from dv mind excited by a real or supposed ages. the 1. An-drog'y-noOs. [Gr. %. According or founded on. Relating to.n. An to. but not so strong [lineage. [-ed AN-DAN'TE. whether an object of the senses or of the intellect. er of a flag Syn. or that happened or An-6ei/I€. and dpxij. A-NAR€H're-AL. .] 1. n. — . a. adv. n. A . j ai/fipos. dyyecW. fury. before. . [Gr. 1. <W0ep. 3. n. . nor as wrath. Dropsical. thing analogous avd. [L. Art of dissection. Likeness between lineage. dvAw-DROl'VE§.] A lete when it is gone out of use or fashion. Xn'gle (ang'gl) a. ture. n. from sexes. 2 wind. A piece of half-wrought iron. WHAT . dvd.AN'GEL. to analyze. according to. A place where 2. [A corrupt. t. angels. or similarity of ratios. — Primitive pristine antiquables. — . and Xoyos. . [Gr.] Author injury. analogy. . ay/cvAo?. viewed in a certain way. Xn'E-MOM'e-TER. antecesOne from sor. . 2. bodies. a-dpi-. n. — A thing is ancient when long. . particle which [A.] A particular or detached incident or fact of an interesting na- wind. A-nXl'o-gize (162). Lat. Syn. a. dve/uos. ment in society lawlessness. U. ancillaris. To fasten to fix v. n. [Gr. the last trine of angelic beings. 5. ent or subordinate. One who analyzes. [Bisc.] A small sea-fish of the PHO'SIS.AN€H'OR-tTE.

] little ring. flat fillet.] TLat. vex. fr. living AN'nu-al-ly. a. a. or reproof. [-ed imus. Syx. criticism or censure 2. V.] 1. to tie. annom2. n. of a woman. -S. p. fr. fish v. To To in- trigue. to.] A year's proto the merely sentient part of a AN-NO f NA. znilis. — 2. A reducing to 1. treme pain. tise. -ING.n.nyE. [Gr. To connect. versed in remark L note. anangles an angle. [-ED. animals. for a term of years. buoyancy. nothing destruction. Act of annoy- 1. pi. comment. 133.] In the form AN'l-MUS. n. n. n. t. URN. Pertaining to year's use. the knowledge of animalcules. PULL'. AN'I-MATE. anima.] To make void or of no effect. ad. way of criticism.G. v. work published once a year. A day and the power of voluntary moyear. Any mediciuo which allays pain. . anhelatio. nila. tackle. fr.] To render conformable to the English idiom.] the direction of the angles. and AN'NU-LET. A series An'GU-lar'i-TY. n. ancle ow.]' 1. . 3. in chronological order. sprightliness liveliness. ] of a ring. from ad. 3. ANOINTMENT \< roused. ad.harJ. TiilS . annus. mind. injury.] A sum of money payable yearly. and o&vvt). n. bent.— — . eel. to turn. i. A woman. or to English analogies. Showing anger. ennuyer. Syx. a. 2. in odio. annullare. Xn'no-ta'tor. .] [Lat. An animalcule. to. Difficult respiration. a. n. as discelebrated yearly as it returns. soft. . annectere. old A v. or effect 3. annus. took . . as English . irritated. . also to spread over. v. 1. Returning or happening every year yearly. and nullum. 1. tease n. duction [animalcules. n. An'gler. — . To rub over with oil or unctuous . Lat. either of body or mind. . imbecile. n. the widest publicity. by unction.-S. [Lat. with circles.a«/i>. Intention. n. That which annoys. to kindle. annihilare. a year. pi. An-noy'. To destroy the form or properties of. — To repeal nullify abolish . Syx. and verVirgin Mary. an eel. —To publish to is make publicly announce A& to make known to proclaim is to give for the first time known. fr. choleric. Spirited. One who n. Alliteration. or nearly ad. Lat. and nunTo give public cius. a year. year.] 1. fr. An organized Returning with the AN'0-DYNE. Stimu- Xn'gli-cize. fr. A literary year or -season. of.] n. molest An-noy'ANCE. pointed. [Lat. animadvertere. . messenger.] anselan. as a sore. Remarks by Xn'nex-a'tion. do. as 2. AN'GLi-ctjsM. inflamed.] [Lat. grief. annuaannus. a. Syx. Xn'i-m ad-vert' (14).G. a. anespecially as a consequence. animosilas. a. t. and nota. n. To give natural life to. t. Performed in a year. bother . — To remark. and nihil. annulus. w necting the foot and leg.] [Fr. [-ed. to . A pi. to. revoke. Sharp and stiff in nus. [See Anger.] i. To AN-NOUNCE'. AlC-GUft/LI-FORM. 1. to turn. pain. AN-NEX'ION. [Ar. An'glI-CAN. [Lat. A-NOINT'ED. Lasting only one lis. silent . A prefix meaning the same used in composition. mind. Having the form Xn'nu-la-ry. a year. An'gry. t. TOO. .] [Lat. A person' who has An-nu'i-ty. AN'he-la'tion. An'I-mXl'CU LAR. n. . nothing. v. or An-nom'I-na'tion. AS. . . An'GU-lat'ed Formed (ang'gu-). 1. relating to.] 1. t. Act of announcing. a. To AN'NU-LAR.. oil. I. 4. [L. to. . neck. to render less brittle. rage. AN'I-MAL'€U-LVM. Act of annulling. [Lat. as a smaller An'ILE-ness. substances .] To make annotations or comments.] n. comment. from Skr. is a gross barbarism. To add. An-neal'. English pertaining An English idiom : n. possessing anAn'i-mat-ed. -ING. A-noint'ment. 1. v. WQLF. as glass. 2. tinguished from man. 2. EXIST. fr.] notice. resentful. . 1. [Lat. r. An'ILE. An'gu-lar. n. fr. Touched with anger.] 1. A species of red or ellowish-red dyeing material. plague. Xn'glo-. n. shrub from whose dark blue. A-n|l'i-ty. furious. annuitas.] Exbearing aromatic seeds. E. An-nu'i-tant. State of animal An-i-mal'i-tv. v. n. To unite at the nectere. la. 1. — n. ad. [Lat. n. and forma. A pun.— To proclaim publish adver- Animalcule. to. t. cancel. ing. To smear or daub. Syx. A festival An-NI'hi-la'tion. [Dim. disturb. ing annihilated. ) . form. avwSwos. [Lat. anus. Intense bodily pain. The joint couanlce. or commentary. An-ni'HI-LA-ble. n. Alive. fishes with a [to England. Syx.a. and vertere. from Lat.. breath. -ing. n. [Lat. An'ise. t. 2. To cause to cease to be.and unguere. Act of anointing. celebrated (March 25) in memory of the angel's announcement to the X. ArVl-MA'TlON. AN'NU-AL (an'yu-al). annunciare.] 1. [-ED -1N3. indignant.] leaves and stalks indigo is made. &c. [-ED. An-nex'. provisions for a creature. An'KLE. To consecrate. or expression. at a stated time. [Lat angustia. Syx. n. See An[Lat. Act of annexnumerare. to. n.] 1. An'i-MAD-ver'sion. Of. A history of events character. purtemper. to the naked eye / Xn'no-ta'tion. pester . The Messiah. a. torture. Act of animating. 1. An'gor. AN'GU-LAR-LY.]_ To announce. Xn'ni-vEr'sa-ry (14).] An-nun'ci-ate (-shl-at). OR. with angles. disturbance.] 1. fr. existence. Agony. circling a column. n. Syx.] 1. FishiDg 3. -ING. ANGLER each tersect. adv. €. 2. abrogate. 2. [-ed. -ING. n. with line 2. An-nul'. a. annalis. . end to affix. inflamed.] An-not'to. [-ED -ING. animus.N'I-MAL.— Passionate. n. ?n. from an. An'I-mal'cule. annunciare.An-nu/MER-a'tion. to number. [Lat. An-nDn/ci-a'tion (-shl-a'shun). [-ED t. and hook. . annotare. .—Vexation. Quality of beof historical events. n. n. provoked. assuage pain. 2. state of being anointed. angitilla.n. adv. [Lat. as if from a Lat. other. annus. enState of being an \ n. throe. fr. -ing. An aninial that is invisible. in order to fix colors. A writer of annals. 3. w plant. mark. A but one year or season. n. nothing. A plant avi<xov. spirit [Lat. of animal.] n. a. — n. In an angry manner. addition. 2. 3.] [Lat. a former number. anniversarius. &c. to. To give animare. O. ) Syx. wrathful. With angles in An'nats. [Lat. [Lat. to advertise is to the public prints. infuriated. year. Endowed with animal life. n. make known through An-nounce'MENT. heat nearly to fluidity.AN-NI'Hl-jLATE. 2.— Vivacity spirit. Pertaining [Lat. C. av tere. to smear. An irrational being. breath soul. annexion. v. set aside. 2.] [A. fr. to./ A'NI- tion. in hatred. or to heighten the powers To give spirit or vigor [imal life. n. so. . ual preferment. ». . Act of announcing proclamation declaration. — lated .] living being endowed with sensation Serving to priv. dots. An explanatory One An i-Mal'€U-li'sT. To turn the miud with intent to nounce. or state of being annoyed. an-nd. An-nu'mer-ate (30). Xn'i-thos'i-ty. soul. or state of being animated. torment. n. powers . [-ed. hence. Yearly year by [an annuity.] [Low Lat. mAl'cu-la. [-ed. Marked heat. anima. 2. n.] Violent hatred active enmity. 2.-ing. 3. Addition to [-ei>. Capable of be. An'guish. A small. [Lat. commentator.— Strictures. An'IL. dim. A-NOINT'. t. singular animalcule. blame. year. -ing. malevolence. An-nul'ment. old woman old age thing to a greater. ing. and then cool slowly. ad. [-ed -ing. One who anoints.] Old-womanish.] Xn'no-tate. of Syx. a. nity. First year's whole profits of a spiritof pose .] [See j 83~ Animalculse.] pang. in~ ungere. Consisting of XN'NALg. wrath. 2. [Gr. A-NOINT'ER. An'GRI-LY. [iug angular.— Rancor. . censure. promptness. malig. fr.] 1. ) . lively. hook. To consider by way of 2.] V. — To incommode. inatio. 2. -ING. Having an angle or AN'nal-Ist. An'I-MATE. onselan.] .^. n. [A. a. v. fr. «. NaSNG. and numerate. t.] To injure or disturb by repeated acts. or first notice of. [Lat.] To add to a number. Lat. notice. v.

a ANT. ) or state of precedingiu j precedence.] Being before light. against. 3 To be or act in return to. [Gr. alor containing anticipation. Not the same: An'te-^es'sor. ard apxros. and cpiovr/. An-tiC'I-pa'tion. AN'THEM. Without a Xn'te-ced'ent-ly. a. A date before the true AN'THRA-CIT'IC. or responsible. Quickly immediately. a. before the true time. n. n. and. t. [Gr. n. and ayiov. /fi Pertaining a. man. and ultimus. n. from posterior . V. matnematical solution. to gather. ing Christianity. [Lat. something else. . — . ante. AN-TAG'o-NlST'lGja.n. VEIL. [A con ti action of emmet. w Crustacea. Xnt'APH-ro-DI£'i-A€. cedtre. a Being before noon. a . . The science of man.] That part of the stamen ^ containiug the pollen. lated to each other. dv Natural history of the . referprevious. A An'SWE"-a-ble (au'ser-a-bl). AN'TE-OED'ENCE. food. before. — — . SON . [Gr. form . n. preceding. . pi. and eA/u. Efficacious againsS precedent. man. [-EDj-lNG. fever. i. AN/THRO-PO-MOR'PHlgM. foe. The erj sipelas. One who anticisyllable but two of a word. . a. n.] An ticulated organ of sen-* emmet a pismire. The eardv priv. a. v. Opposing. Something done in return for. [Gr. nultimus. [Lat. leading to the chief apartment. An'te-me-rid'ian. To be or act in return. Equal . avri.] (Med. and eldos. preceding. 3. di/^pd?. being opposed io subsequent .] 1. considered in his entire nature. e. WHAT. [Gr.) tendency to cure fever. An'te-da te n. n. 3. Suitable suited. dvBpaKiTn<. — n. Correspondent hen"".] [A. Of the pression in which the ideas become last syllable but two. An-thol'o-Gy. . Ever and anon.0. Syn.. liable. [pates.] Before in In'ti-gon-ta'Gious. form.^. antepx. rule . opponent. to affirm. against. against. olvtC. t. former. n. and capere. AN' THRO-poph' A-Gl. To date An'thro-poid. or — Destroying or expelling worms. AN / TE-NUP'TIAL(-nup / shal).] [Lat. pi. quently. 2. An'swer-er ANT-AC'ID.] Without lier events of one's life. dv. . [Gr. alamos. .— Enemy. . flowery. One who goes before a leader. gout. In'tig. 5. compact [thracite w variety of mineral coal. to go. ring to something consequent . near sation attached to the heads of insects and a a Antennas. w. and ovoiua. Being before marriage. [the stomach. sound.] Church music adapted to passages from the against. Eng. close. to subsequent. avri. An-tic'i-pate. a. against. To refute. State of being son or other evil. a. avutuakos fr. In'swer (Sn'ser). av6pa£. contest. ANOMALISM n. and ipayelv. act- Being before the creation of the world a. time Act n. 1. To anticipate. Xn'thro-pol'o-gy. . even. antecedent. ing in opposition. a. a. adv.] 1. dvrC. a. 4.i. human species. — n. dvOpiodescription. A room forming AN'Tlf-FEB'RlLE or AN'TI-FE'BRILE. before. 1. a. A-NOM/A-LOtJS. anserinus. anser. . a.a. often. Anterior is opposed to. Deviation fr. before. against. [answers. last. now and then frelit. To make a satisfactory response. [Gr. An'te-ced'ent. . poison or other evil. from dv&o%. 0pu>7ros . n. short. n. a.] fantastic . man and /uop^. [Gr. avri.i's. pa^ or make good amenable responsible. a. 2. dvrifyuva.te-past. name. — and Sioovat. n. Odd ludicrously wild- A buffoon or merry-andrew. To take or do before another. The anless important and striking at tho tepenult. a. . a. n. adv. anon onane. [From antique. avriSoTov. adversary. n. light. Being w before Easter. clvuvviaos. . to take. AJV'TE-LU'GAN. and swarjan. — A. — in cousequence of. fr. Xn'tT-ghrTs'tian (-krTst'yan). as. n.] Counteraction or [Gr. A deviation from anomaly. The first of two things reA-NON'Y-MOtt's. . a. Scriptures An'tiier. against the gout. AN'te-pe-nult'.— . TERM PIQUE. ante. 1. An-TAG'o-nize. a.] from ante. One who the lived before the flood. n. against. . the constellation called Northern Bear. Cannibalism. An'tho-ny's-fjre (an'to-niz). 2. v. 2. A chamber other . to be accountable. nus. andswarjan. to eat. fr. Anticipating. ALL. and previous. Obliged tc answer. [bals goat. fr. n. or its skin. a goose.. A remedy AVtHEL-MIN'TI€. .. . — a. fanciful An'te-mun'dane. [Gr. fr. 4. ERE. prior claim. n. it.] One of a group of quadrupeds between the deer and [Lat. Xn'TE-LOPE. — Prior preceding foregoing Syn. anterior^ precedence. . To make response. a. most. to anthers.-S. a. less.] CounterHaving the quality of abating the passage to another.m. fr. and implies. psene. To foretaste or foresee.. n.] Pertaining to. coal. w taste. contrariety of things or principles. A forerunner. or write in return to. ar.] A movable.] Deviating from a general rule or method . . Previous view or impression. prior. av priv. AN'ti-cli'max. before. An'TI-CHRIST. AN-TEN'NJ£ [Lat. To act in oppo- to contend. A medicine having a acting the gout. and paHus. in owe (moment). i. ai/rap/m/cos. 7ros. ANTIFEBRILE 18 [0. At another time again.*!.] sition . FIRM. — n. foregoing.] Opposite to the arctic pole relating to the southern pole or to the region Xnt-AR€'TI€?. 2. Capable of being answered. [Gr. fore. l"Gr. a.] Alleviating pain. and lux. Antelope. An-te'RI-or. 3. andi'-^poSio-ia/cos. [Gr. Xn'te-pas'ghal (-paVkal). n. to give.] That which tends to counteract poiavri. A-NOM'A-LY. A great adversary of Christ. n. An-6th'er. and dpflpms. anticipare. That which goes before 1. AN'. dv9dko\f/. a. Act of an ticipating.. and Aoyos. Xn'te-room. wlons. the com- mon rule or analogy A-NON'. 2. One more.^ [Lat. [Gr. Antecedent prior previous. — deluge. [Gr. flower. bear. 2. irregular. n. ther. fr. [contagion. and op-a}^. Pertainiug to autime. [Gr. — n. hence.] 1. irregularity. A-non'y-mous-LY. T o. A medicine which destroys or expels worms a vermifuge. A-NoM'A-lYsm. Previously. A man. AN'SER-INE. 2. and Going before in time. foregoing. pasture.] 1. 3. To take up beforehand.n. CARE. v. be- (an'ser-). 2. adv. ante. 3. collection oi beau- A tiful passages from authors. flower.] A fore. [Gr. a goo? e. Before a. fr.] Resembliug To speak An'te-di-lu'vi-an.An-tIc'1-PA'TIVE. [Gr. [time or place. AN'TI-DO'TAL. FAR. -ING. n.] hard. 1. 2. implies a preference if there is competition. are more general.] 1. and dAyo?. opposer of Christianity. proportionate. . An Oppos- [-ED. An-tXg'o-nist. n. pi. 2._any one else. against. 1. equivalent. pain. AN'ther-al. . u Y. f-ED -ing. andAiyeii/. 3. av 6pio7ro<. from avOos. One who AN-TEN'NA. AN-TAL/GK Having the quality of extinguishing or lessening venereal desire. antelucaante. I. Opposing Syn. [Lat.] Representation of the Deity as having human form or attributes. v. [name. Canni AN'TIIRO-POPH'A-GY. man. Something said or written in return. or before the' proper time. 1. avri.] The last An-tIc'i-pa'tor. with another.a AnOokoyia. Any In'te-cham'ber. n. One who contends a motet. t. or like. XNT'XR-THRtT're. from . The noun the real name of the author nameto which a relative refers. n. against. comparable. . An'THRA-c'ite. A collection of flowers. 3. Xn'te-cOr'sor. A remedy for acidity of An-TAG'O-nism. n. 2. ASK. like priority. w. in time. An-te'ri-or'I-TY. worm. avri.] . n. Antecedent is specific. A sentence or exAN'TE-PE-NULT'I-MATE. 6. venereal. the other words are opposed In'TI-DOTE. fr. [Lat. An'te-^ed'en-^y. different. Preconceived opinion.

2. di/Ti<fccoi/os.dc6optcru. to free- [to nionarfchv. Of old fr. n. Aph'o-rist'ic. fr. An/tI-S€RIPT'ur-al. An'ti-mo-ny. counteracting spasm. One imitates servilely. prob. [Gr. With anxiety. w sists or corrects putrefaction. AN-TD?'A-THY. pi. a. A law or other [Gr. Pertaining to extent at all. Opposing dimcnrao-Ti. Pertaining to the Antinomians. silent . speedily : . ape hence.] Ap'A-THET're. before. t. a part. A-POC'O-PATE. . dTreVoAo?. adage — An event. _ unconcern. . great practical truth. An'ti-pope. a. an indefinite [popedom. a. [A. ) a. Having a a. Anx-I'e-TY (ang-zT'e-ty). Each by itself. Aph^o-rist. [Gr. A laxative medicine. w slavery. re. from % Want. ancient. limit. TOO. 0RN. . [Gr. That which is pre[Gr. or a. One who usurps the number or quantity. aperiens. foolish silly trifling. a.] A place where bees are kept.-S. An'ti-no'JII-an. re. antimony. pi. old. .^ the sun. an. a7rd0eia. An'TI-PHLO-GIS'TIC. foot. Any thing very old. 4.] the last letter cr t. di/Tu/Ojiu'a.. 2.hard. parts asunder. . ) or alternate APH'O-RlgM. n. tip. a-noKaKvx}/^. . An'ti-phon'kj-al. w An-tith'e-sis.G. AP'ISH. ante. v. in opposition to the stropke. leading away. sun. on which metals are ham. [0. As.] An anthem or psalm Syn. Grown old. Stn. distressed. a. AN-TTQ'ui-TY(-tik'wi-). — a. v. AN'TI-PODES. antitype explaining a type.] Use of Anx'ious (tink/shus). A'o-RIST. - — antiquity.] An iron block. Anx'IOUS-ly. Ap'a-thist. . al-itnmidun. apertura. Counteranything. tude about some future or uncertain See Anthem. pi. An'TI-SPAS'TIC. a. opening through [Lat. contrariety. heart. Void of a. — re. Opposing AWTi-PA-pfsT'ie-AL. or Toid. Aph'thong 85). ) a. [Lat. fr. Hence. A preparation re. opposite. fr. Pertaining AN'Ti-THET'ie-AL. n. n. apiarium. and niraKov. disquieted. any w thing directly opposed to another. ami. A whitish. — . re. from Lat. E-SEg. fr. axiom is a self-evident proposition of An-tiph'ra-sis. avno(Anc. inflammation. or Aiv-Trp'o-DEg. J the papacy a. A-PART'. antiquatus. [Gr. pi. An-tip'o-dal. around the altar. A'PEX-E§ Top. A . Made in imitation of an- 3. Ap'er-TURE An .] 1. Opposed Of. 2. Ap'A-GOG'IC-AL. Opposing a. . Tpo<j)r). re. a. or summit of AP'l-fE^.] metal used in medicine and the arts. RUE. senig. [Gr. nance: disgust. fast. _ pletedin indeterminate past time. . .. a. | or pertain- ing to revelation. a.- Causing a revulsion of fluids humors. uneasy. n. An'ti-sep'TIC.] — applied or a low degree. [Lat. or of distinction. re. from d priv. em. and [Lat. . re. soft. letters (Sf thong or ap/thong. 2. Solicifew words. and 7ra0os. a bee. To cut off or omit [-ED -ING. Any or all of the remains of ancient times. [Gr. and novs. disclosure. suffering.— ANTIMASON AN'ti-ma'son. against. or popery ) antipapal. An'tI-pa-thet'i€. [Gr. [Gr. priv. dopioTos.d. [Gr. An'TI-THET'ic. of der [Ax. kos. a. NasNG: THIS . a. before. which was performed by turning from the right to the left. and ndQos. the — a. The people of ancient times. r ing n. A-POC'A-LYPSE. ) An'ti-trin/i-ta'ri-an. A room from 4 in a build- w the doctrine of the Trinity. An'tJ-QUATVED. An'ti-type. An'ti-PA-pist'IC. n. A-pe'RI-ent (89).] To make_ obsolete. — n. pi. from dim.] To imitate servilely . — n. faction. . some use. 1. An antiquary. antiquus. pi. Pertaining to the _<i>vkkov. n. 1. tiquity. 2. Having the form of an aphorism. unmoral law APOCOPATE 19 One opposed n. n. AN'TI-QUA'RI-AN-IgM.] That point of a planet's &c. a. a Proving indirectly a. . A writer of aphorisms.^. 2.] 1. ante. n.— Disturbed. words in a sense opposite to their proper meaning. n. Love of an- An'ti-qua-ry An'tI-QUATE. great artery from insignificant. re. 1. and opos.} An-tis'tro-PHE. . a. by showing the absurdity of the contrary. O. v. — Axiom. sung in alternate parts a response. A-pace'. re. [Gr. Pertaining to a. leaf. 1. Opposition of one law or rule to another. [Gr. d priv. A kind of monkey having neither a nor cheek tail pouches. fjAios. apis.-S. syllable of. In a state of separation. precept or principle expressed in a An-tiph'o-ny.] 1. One versed in (44). masonry. A'PI-A-RY.] 1. [antiquities. A-po€/a-lyp'TI€-al. Ant'LER. [-ED -ING. Fr. who 2.] Having the quality of opening laxative. ) natural ) setting against. kapi. Relating to an A'pex. awo. anig. or In two or more 3. to antithesis. 3. the antistrophe. or to Aonia in Bceotia. n. aopTTj. An'tI-no'mi-an-ism. 2. fr.] performed by turning from the left to the right.] fashion. dvTtVovs. n. An'TI-mo'ni-al. repugLat. A a. An'ti-nooiy. To any An'TI-QUA'RI-AN. — relic re.- an-tith'a dim'flecri?. distaste. a icine or diet which tends to check PHE'LI-A. re. AW'TI-TYP'KJ-Ali.) Part of a song or dance. — Dislike. Having the qualities of an. ing something future or unknown. E. — APE. An'VIL. a. suffering.] Destitute of leaves. re. maxim. Containing re.] A tense in A-Piece'. [Gr. anxhigh importance: a maxim expresses ius. re. of feeling either to the body or the mind. from deipeiv. re. adv. 1. the antitype.. the is of no use or obligation. Aversion at the presence of a particular object. insensible. antimony. [A. Muses. a. An opposition of words or sentiments occurring in the same sentence contrast. re.] A'NY (enfj'). Separately aside. [Gr.] Havlamb was a type of which Christ is _ ing no petals. feeling . [Gr. [Lat. . Oneoutof many. apa. p. An'ti-stroph'ic. tiquity. dc6v'AAos. re. antipodes Syn._ share of each. €. exclusion.] The to the WOLF. pars. contrariety or aversion. or pertaining AN'Tl-MO-NAReH'IC-AL. obsolete. lift. An/ti-slav'er-y. adv. 2. a.6s. A-poc/A-lyp'tic. Accompanied with anxiety. Opposing popery. or out of fashion AN-TIQUE'. . To each to tho Greek. Pertaining to the diametrically opposed. priv. and vofios.] of antiquity. Old. law. . Pertaining to or comet's orbit most distant from An'TI-PHON'I€. The tenets of Antinomians. di/Ti7rd0eia. from. OR. w thing opposite or contrary. or An-tin'o-my.] some solid sub- stance a hole. I. . one. and branch of a horn of a stag. indefinitely. A Opposition to [spasm. An'tI-PA'PAL. adv. and A-5'NI-AN. an aclarie is a saying which has gained credit by long . Quickly . An-tiph'o-nal. [Lat. ^. ab. PULE . singing. One of a sectcharged with maintaining that. Ancient times. An'ti-pa-thet'ic-al. to. contrariety in the properties or affections of matter. One of those who live on opposite fr. A letter or combination of having no sound. 2. avri.] A mered and shaped. sides of the globe. antiphonies.] . [Lat. t. or gospel dispensation. dn-ayoyi7. ?t. n. expressing an action as com. (53). a. anfilt.] A start or A-PHEL'ION (-fePyun). Some. Not accord- Opposing putresubstance which re- A-part'MENT. adv. antoillier. 1. against. | a. brittle aJrHthmudun.] Revelation the last book in the Bible. a [A. indifference Insensibility S yk. 2. figured by the type thus the paschal A-PET'AL-OUS. Aph'yl-lous^ A-phyl'loPs or (117). a. Skr. ing or house. Greatly concerned respect. moose.-S. TOOK . A-OR'TA. Any medacting inflammation. EXIST. a. Lyric Poetry. hastily [Gr. An'TI-spas-mod'ic.] 1. adv. . ant with Scripture. re. Great age. . leaf. n. d. One destitute of feet* - AP'A-THY. do. An'TI-PODE.

Xp'pel-lor'. Capable of being a. [-ED -ing. According to or to the apostles. a. or party. To remove from an inferior to a superior judge or court. 2. A-POL/o&ET'l-e-AL. aspect. a7rov?. A Ap-pkar'ance. aTro. Excusatory Ap'o-tiieg-mat'IC-al. n. n. Ap. anotrX^ia.n6$eeyixa. iw6(f>6eyna. instructive remark. Syn. a sententious precept or maxim. Means of nour- ishing^ a person or thing is Ap-pel'la-tTve. A-POS'TA-TIZE. n. makes an appeal. all. and addressing an absent or imaginary 2. [Lat. to. pi. Right of appeal. A visible object ghost a specter. 1.] A moral fable. eign prince for the subsistence of his younger sons. Xp'O-LOGUE (-log). adv. To cover with something ornamental to adorn to embellish. notorious. A person who v. to attire. name. -ING. . To bt5 obvious or manifest. from appanare. I manner of the dignity of a deity thority. t£rm.] E. ^-pos'te-mate. evident. ) a. n. manner.n. AP'OPH-THEGM short. and Demonstrative APPETITE 20 [Gr. -ING — (-rlsh'un).. To come or be in repository. 2. A-POL'O-GIZE. party. air. thing appended an adjunct an ad. . n. He who prosecutes Ap'OPH-THEGM AP'O-THEGM ) (ap/o-them). 2. . Strong natusendesire. Contraction of a word by one. t.\ instructive saying [Lat. appertinere. airoKpvtyos f n.m. . AP-PEND'IX. to call on for aid. v. far. manifest. evident beyond con- . provided as means to some end a AVpel-lee'. ano. 3. 137] To dress or clothe. and TTXr/o-o-eLv.] Things tinguished from a proper. a. 6. See below. distinct. a.] 1. cAre. [Gr. n. APOCOPE A-Poe o-PE. and pendere. pearance.fv. Ap-par'i-tor. — Coming arrival presence semblance. To depress or discourage with fear. — disposed to apoplexy. or -LED. or to grant a favor. Syn. To 3. fr.] To belong AVper-tain'. V. Something said or written by way of Name by whicl) apology. to seek Tendency n. one of the twelve disciples of Christ sent forth to preach the gospel. a.long. apparere. Appearing to the eye.n. bread. AP-PEAgE'MENT. Removal of a cause [-ed. in officer who . a. One who makes an Ap-pall'. V. n. . n.r(.] to grow or make t. plements.] A short. appendere. to. Ap'pe-tIte ) n. Any thing append- — annexed. short.u. [Gr. -ING. 3. A-p6s'TRO-PHE. 2. sent forth. from. no feet.] Cover. To refer to another hence. SON . 2. and Aoyos. daunt. vestment. clear.n. and -yaia. and from. into [Gr. . principles. ere. foot.] move a cause from an 1. VEIL. from ad.. appeals. a//. —Visible. tradiction.. another for a crime. what is plain. to. 2. . . a. n. . fr. -ING. sight. plain: obvious. A. [-eu. n. A-pos'tle-ship A-pos'to-late | AP'OS-TOLMe. — To pacify. That aVo-tiie'o-sis. dress. One who is prosein an appeal. 1. and sets forth of the gods deification.• . Act of coming A thing seen a Apparent likeness. 2. phenomenon.] 1. [Gr. Y. . [Lat. appareil. from. Beyond question. to drive.] t. Pertaining to the Apocrypha.] — Xp'pa-ra'tus. and fyQiyixa. A-pos'ta-SY. . Act of appeasing.] and pax.] To abandon one's faith. Office of an apostle. Ap-peal'.w. or — .] Ap-pease'. [Low Lat. tind 7rovs. n. from Belonging to. Syn. sual appetite. 2. spurious. Ap-pend'ant.] 1. .] kotttsiv. ^eem. pique. saying.aTr6.] 1. _ appalir. . assuage. One who has forsaken his faith. n. A mark [ ] used to denote that a word is contracted. to stand. pi. the omission of a letter or letters. V. raiment. n. A-p6s'tate. to. scare. the doctrines of the apostles. bidden. 2. AVo-thegm result. the evidence of their divine au.AP'PE-TEN-CY. appeased. indubitable. common Pertaining to a lativus. from. apoplexy.] 1. To address by apostrophe.] not considered a part of the sacred canon of the Scripture. A-po€'ry-phal.w. ft. or consisting in. pretense. djro. dition. [Gr.] branch of theology which defends placing a mortal among the Holy Scriptures. Land assigned by a sover. -ING. Evidently appearance only. i. To make an apology. ral f 2. Resort. J or defensive. i.] A total desertion of one's faith. Syn.] An animal that has Ap'ODE. AP-PEND'IX-E§ SomeLat. -ING. relate. [Lat. . cuted by a private man for a crime. v. figure. [-ED. a. ) ) 2.. Xp'pa-ra'tus name.n. inoKoyos. allay. ZP'OS-TEME.] apparire. A--?OL/0-GET'l€. make lit. n. pale. 144. ination. [Gr. 1. In the a. fIrm.Ap-p£l'late. [Gr. quiet. 3. n. Falling from the faith renegade. [Lat. peace.1 6. n. and to pertinere. V. a-rroyaio'. abscess. ?'. An AVpa-ri'tion (-pos'l). a. . i. 1. Capable of being appealed. calm. A call upon a person for proof or decision. n. n. 3. from ad.-ing. or easily seen. 2. to furnish with having cognizance of. A summons to answer to a charge. i. — To dismay. A messenger or serves the process of a spiritual court. Ask. clear. Pertaining to. i.] — defense or justification. Ap-peal'a-ble. Ap-pend'. n. arro- from Ssi/fTiKos. . v. a7j-o0T/K7j.] [-ED v.] forth on some important business. [Gr. AVo-DEl-e'Tre. aird. 1. 5. Something added as subordinate or incidental. as disn.Xp'o-the'o-size. Ap-pear'. Capable of being seen. Expressed regret of some improper or injurious remark or act. The act of the number Ap-pear'a-Ble. aTroa-nqfj-a. especially a desire of food or drink. [-ED -ING. To reinferior to a superior judge or court for re-exam2. 2. clothes. ano. to hang. To occasion fear or dismay. called title. false. [-ED. ) 6. t. Pre. from. from a priv. appetitus. [Lat.n. Clothing. To add. . to seek. To form an abscess and fill with pua. [Gr. — : A-POTH'E-€A-RY. Ap-pel'lant. i. A-POS'TRO-PIIIZE (162). ) in the orbit of the moon at the greatest distance from the earth. anoo-TaaCa. a n. To contract by omitting a letter or letters. [-ED. appanagi. sing. [-ed-ing. To charge with a crime. v. . to pertain. Personal presence. the conse- quent clause or conclusion in a conditional expressing sentence. 2.] Omission of the last letter or syllable of a word. . The defendant full collection or set of scientific imsententious. 2. to • strike. or evident. apparens. or select.Ap-PAR'EL.] That point . Y. [Gr. A common. 1. l. 1.] The or suit from an inferior to a superior or court for re-exauiinatiou. or party. t. but not true or real.] 1. appel .. t. 4. pi. A-Poi/o-GrisT. pithy. n. spurious. from. AVo-PLEX'Y.] Desire of gratification. r. [-ED. terrify. [Lat. principles. n. To exalt to to deity. [Gr. A-PO£:'RY-PHA. [Lat.t. (-pos'l-). r. . [Gr. J to cut. "What is obvious certain beyond doubt or dispute. AP/o-theg-mXt'I€. from ad. [Gr. [Fr. has ample proof or illustration. appe/lure. A turning away from the real auditory. AVo-peec'tk.[Gr. Ap-pend'age. 5. compose. Books which are AP'os-t6l'I€-al. vesture. profession. Of uncertain au^thority. from appetere. speech. j an apothegm.] To «•. <xtt6<tA person sent toAos. 1. I Xp'O-GEE. is Ap-par'ent-ly. [Gr. AP-PEN'Di-pihs. or um. (ap'o-them).] One who prepares and sells drugs for medicinal purposes. n. [Fr. -LING. earth. recourse v. into sight. fr.] A disease characterized by sudden loss of sense and voluntary motion. Ap'PAN-AGE.AVpel-l*a'TIOn. A-POI/O-GY. to appear. 4. what. A-pod'o-sis.] 1. Ap'pe-ten^e. Hanging ed. or AP'PA-RA'TUS-Eg. airoKoyia.] 1. look. mien. Pertaitiing to an apostle. ) ' ) AVo-DEI€'Tre-AL. n. [ing for the body. and crrrji/ai. a. A-POS'TLE Syn. pi. n. [Gr.. j'utlge — and pellere. 2. as an accessory. . . A-pSl'o-get'ics. 1. I. intimidate. [Lat. AP-PAR'ENT (4). certain. To hang or attach. away. is.

si-des. 3. v. i. AP'pulse. To use for a particular purpose. . n. aVpre-hen'siye. allied to the plum. t. Ap-PREN'tiCE. from ad. t. t. 1. — To catch. apprise. Ap-pli'a-ble.] 1. 1. and 1. silent . punctum. 2. 142. The pupil of the eye. . fr. it. 1. n. n. . v. n. applied : a.] [L. applicare. Ap-pro'pri-ate-ly. from ad. just valuation or estimate. as a man's services . . cover an approach. &c. v. 2. appointed. / .] against. 2.AP-PRO'PRI-ATE. to be. [See Apply. and Ap-praise'ment. . worth of. ii. AP'PLT-€ANT. to. from arf. value. To suit or to agree. .] To set a price or value on to estimate justly. : RUE. — To Capable of (147). (one of which explains the other) put in the same case. 3. a. [-ed. ». propriate manner. PULL . AP'PLI €A-B1L'I-TY. as profits. One who 2. 1. place. from ad.] [L. or very near moving body. 9. Lat. do. suspicious perceptive.] Very applicable well adapted. n. proper. t. Act of making request. Ap'sis± n. pi. a. i. we esteem when we regard them with moral approbation. to clap the hands. Capable of being 3. especially money. n. and pellere. To engage and employ diligently. t. Ap'pli_-€A-tive. 2. to near. and pre. t. Act" of set- AP-PRE'CI-A'TION A (-pr5-shT-). . Works thrown up to ing approached . — [It. [-ed. a. To ing valuation. aVpre-hen'sive-ness. _ portioning. a portion. an appetite. Ap-pli'ance. or AP-pfiLSE'. appulsus. . Something which tium.] (Mus.e. Belonging to serves. Capable of be- a. proximate. n. Act of approv- ing consent to a thing on the ground of its propriety approval. n. verbal or A'PRIL. value. prsecoquus [-ED. AP'RO-POS'tap'ro-po'). Applying. praise publicly dation. nl SuitableAP-PRO'PRI-A'TION. aVpli-ga-ble being. v. AP'PRE-HEND'.AP'pro-ba'TIVE. v. believe. 2. [-ed -ING. 2. n. . to seize. -ING. (Fort. Ap-pre'ci-a-tI've (-shi-a-tiv). To come near to. n. 4. 1. to put. 3. a. State of two nouns of adding. or whet.] A fine fruit. [Fr. t. assign in just proportion. APSIS 21 [-ed. 3. 4. n. Ap-prais/al. without a connecting word between them. AP'PO-SITE. n. -ing. fr. imagine. from aperire. or prsecox (early ripe). ) being applin. ing. through the [Fr. t. appunclare. An approach a coming near. an apprentice time for which he Ap-pOr'te-nant. [-ed. -ing. ) v. to drive. to. J.] [Lat. v. Ap-pre'ci-a-to-RY (-shi-a-). adapted. pi. . Opinion conception idea. particularly by persons ap. See APPEHEND. a. -ING. fJRN.] tablish. Act or opportunity of drawing near access. a. cal orbit wb ch are at the greatest and lea?t distance from the central body. To come near to approach. approbare. and ponere. esteem. Ap-ply'. price. 1. Ap'pe-tIz'er. ting apart for a purpose. apprttiare. Ap-praise'. O. 2. 1. Appraise. v. . 2. : . To sanction ofiicially.] 1. . applicable. &c. arrest. ^ fit fit. Something worn on the fore part of ad. pulsum. A'PRIE-FOOL. Act of striking A touching. or carrj'. . adv. n. 7i. portio. Properly. n. .) pi. [Lat. Ap-prox'i-ma'tion. 'adv. belonging peculiarly. To commend. A§. to draw near. we appreciate when we prize them according to their true value or worth. — — n. To fix to esTo constitute to ordain. approach. — License.— v. 2. To have recourse. . from ad. from ad. 2. APPREHEND. . CaTo praise by words to commend. from ad.] To estimate the Capable of creates or whets an appetite. _ Arab. One who is posappropriates. Act 2. n. Approximating approaching. t. a. Any thing.hard. AP-PdG'GIA-TU'Rk (-pod'ji-). to. a particular purpose. bring. To lay or place to to fold. for a particular use or person hence. . ?'. plaudere. Having or implying a just apprecia) . to cause to approach. create.] pointing. .] put. Ap-poixt'a-ble. Ap-prov'al. . n. it.— Syx. and proximare. That which See ticius. V. 144. and plicare.] AP'PRO-BA'TO-RY. bound to another to learn a trade or A striking against by art. Quality of being apprehensive fearfulness. 1. One of the two points in an elliptiApsides. expressed commen.] To set apart for praise by clapping the nands. plied. EXIST. t.Ap-pre'ci-ate (-prS'sht-. [-ED A See [Lat. 2. well-known tree and its fruit.] [Lat.] Fourth month of the year. attestation. [Lat. 2. to. AP'PLE self. applied . to. Syx. n. Ap-plause'. approxad. A cover a boot. 3. AVpo-giTE-LY. In an ap- One who applies a w tion. APi- [Gr. AP-PtSi/siON. culation their real amount. AP'PRE-HEN'SION. Ap-pro'pri-ate-ness. [-ED -ING.] 1. or for one's Ap-pre'ci-a-ble (-pre'shi-). to believe. [by right. n. Stipulation arrange* Ap-prIse' (162).] . one's own. appli-ca'tion.] [Lat.APPETIZE Ap'pe-tize. To prove.] Ap-por'tion-ment. thus set apart. to. to.] pointed for the purpose. Condition of junct. [From Lat. Act of apthe body. pable of being estimated or appreAp-pro'pri-ate a. ook. To seize or 3. Ap-PROV'A-BLE.] To bind Ap-PUR'te-nance. AP'PO-sT'TlON fitly. near. t. Approving. from ad. to. To entertain suspicion or fear of. To apv. .. E.] 1. Act of approving apAp-prove'. v. or -ING. Ap-point'. Ap-prox'I-mate v. — To acquaint. Near to. and Act of applying. conceive. 95). a. 1. Xp'PRO-ba'tion. [probation. proprius. to assign.] To divide and AP-PROACH'.-ing. apportionare. 1.] [Lat.] 1. Syn. a. AP-POINT'MENT. : ) cable or suitable. Act of applying or thing applied instrument or means. To be of opinion Ap'PRE-hen'si-bi. fear. . liking. To i. To come or go near. imare. soft. appertains to something else adAp-pren'tice-ship. well-timed. and propiare. __ . . a. — Fit. 4. suitable. AP'POINT-EE'. n.] To carry or advance . appositus. Syn. n. Fearful. A person appointed. Decree established order.] [Lat.?. wolf. n." applaudere. Ap-por'tion. [-ED (45). being appropriated. v. and Ap-prTze'. 3. 1. ajnilis. Lat. dread. J probation. (45) Set apart Approbation and ciated.] One [ness. Quality of AP'PLI-€A-BLE-NESS. A passage by which buildings are approached. to the purpose. Capable of being We estimate things when we learn by cal- (57). A valuation by authority. Ap-pr6x'1-ma-ti ve a. appropriare. to. 4. 2. _ to open. come being apprehended.-S. Ap-plaud'. _ posed upon on the first of April. ad. adv. Ap-prais'er. to. [Lat. intenselay hold of.] To ment. Domed part of a church. To understand. ^ 2. and prabits f good. . [a out as an apprentice. Act of apprais. Capable of — . A'PRQN (iVpurn or a'prun).ii point. . -ing. Ap-pro'pri-a'tor.Ap-pro'pri-a-ble. NasNG. Lat. One who appraises. : . -ing. n. Opportunely. The thing apprehendere. to.r. TOO. containing ap [Lat. t. Ap-plaud'er.G. : €. 2. to. t. inform to give notice. assign. estimate. I'. appretiare. a. One who applauds.] [Lat. Act of seizlegal process. -ing. . [-ed. 2. Mere contemplation «of things. To proTide with every necessary. [-ED -ING. 11. sessed of an appropriated benefice.G. .] 1. To think well of. Disw trust or fear at the prospect of evil. n. appren- A taking by . [-ed. 2. See Appraise. Ap-pr6ach'a-ble. Act of fixing the mind ness of thought. or set apart. . . [-ed -ing. 5. to keep the clothes clean. — v. suitable [petitioner. One sportively imSyx. [L. By the way. * (-zTsh'un). seppel. communicate. accessible. v. a. . Worthy of approbation. and_ management. and 1. apprehendere from ad. t. Whatever is appointed for use written to make known. n. Act of apAP'RI~eoT. i.) A" passing tone preceding an essential tone or an accented part of a measure. To allot. pertinent. 4. v. or i.] [Lat. THIS . . n. [A.

'*. When a ruler has absolute. ARCTIC. fr. Arc'u-a/ted.«. a. One who plans and super- water. i.] — A ) Ar'A-BIC. a. One versed in Arabic Ar'ch^e-ol'o-gist. apxaios. n. n. : . Arch-dea'con clesiastical un- 7?. n. Jurisdiction or diocese of an archbishop. arduus. by an arch. 3. [Gr. 7i. Arch-duch'y. 2. 1. The language of the to archaeology. above: a range of shops along an from apx>--. a. Ready quick [Lat. a.point. 1 ference of a circle or . Readiness in learning Ar'BO-RES'^ENT. 2. (-besk). A 2. 4. ancient. docility 2. . used as a prefix cunning . ^ vexity . 71. literature.1l.7i. ] 1. An ec- dignitary next in rank below a bishop. fr. arbor. or per- Any work in that form. short ) J n. Depending on will or discretion. fit. apxaioand Gr ypd&eiv. arrhi-. Ar'bo-ret. w. Xrch'i-dj-ac'o-nal. adv. many intends the construction of a build- a. [Lat. to Of.Arch-fiend'. Founded on mere will or choice. a. from a _ of deciding without control.] 1.U.ARCH'ER.] Arc. Fit 2 liable. dyed water. t AR'BI-tra-RI-ly. . [-ED Place in which public records are To form an arch.. A grand duke. . ductus. A bower. Pertaining to AraAr'A-bic. AR'BI-TRA'TION. limited: capricious. Ar'chi-tect'ure. 3. -ING. Sr'€HE-TYP'al. 1. A incurvation. A walk 2. culture. [Lat. Des. To decide 2. or A-QUAT'I€-AL. only in front. a. t. trees.] Lower division of an entablature. workarched passage man. The resem. ARD'U-OUS of an archdeacon. tyrannical. water. anti- An angel of the [a metropolitan. a.] An ancient or obsolete word. Passionate 1. Arch'ly. APT. ASK. he is apt to be capricious. a. 2. Ancient Ak-€ha'I€-al. X. to suitable.] An in. Having the afquality of fire. 2. quated. WHAT . Sly humor. Curving. [Gr. 1.] Any person who has t. . 7i. A species of ornamentation after the Arabian manner. or arbitrary power. a power of judging and determining. 2. [Lat. An ARCH'ER-Y. arcuatus. 2.] Etching on copper by means of aqua fortis. or Ap'ter-ous. A series of arches. . Arc'U-ate. it [Gr. n. ApT'NESS. prefix . eagle. AR^HiE-O-LOG'iC-AL. A princess oi to determine. or a contriver. 1. . lying far north. suitable.] like a bow. [Lat arr/ens. or fitted to the case. Xr'BI-ter. [Lat. ALL*. burning. tion . formed by winding a flexible tube round a cylinder in the form of a screw. arabilis. n. SON. __ discourse.] Nitric acid. to an archbishop. architecture. Fitness: readiness. 1. from apere. Ar'chi-TECT'Tye. 71. or covered AR'CHIVES. a Arch-an'Gel. amis.] 1.E. Ar'dent. without the use of a central. Syit. He who is apt at chosen by contending parties to de. A spindle or axis. or that part which rests immediately on the column. by a person Archduke'. . . [Gr.] A secret. [Lat. Despotic bound by no law. 1. Ar-chim / e-de'an. from arare. [Lat. strictly. VEIL. unlimited. ing. n. . AR'CHjE-OL'O-GY. [Arabians. ARCH (a/kwe-us). sea. [Gr. [Lat. n. [It. One who has the power a bow and arrow. fitted. and tvttos.] 7i. A chief bishop . in a. prompt. a seat priv. and despotic. 2. — Relating a. a Pertainiug to _ declinable noun. a. bow. Art or science of building. a son of One who is disposed or inclined to any n. n. arbitrarius. r\. Arc'u-a'tion. umpire. fervent. A person AR'bi-tra/tor. a. priate. me . AP'TOTE. Belonging to the eagle. aquse- aqua. Arc. )a. 7i. 3. A'QUaFor'tis. bosv. [Gr.t'URE. aptus. much (-lin A apxi. J ) ) a leading curve AR-CADE'.] 1. own-aiTOs.] Science of antiquities treatise on antiquities. One who shoots with a any employment is qualified or dexterous. Ar'AB. n. Bent I n. i. Arch-dea'con-ship. FAR. n. in architecture apxi--] Chief: of the first cllss p r i n ci p a 1 watery. curve line or part of a circle.] Northern. — Appropriate qualified in parties in controversy. 1 . n. Syn. Office and jurisdiction CARE. and nrepov. 144. Ar'a-bist. The territory or judge or act as arbitrator. [L. an Emperor Austria. a. chief prince now. arcus. Ar'dor. or Archimedes' cultivating trees and shrubs. A tank of glass for aquatic animals. or to its inhabitJ ants. Pertaining to. A'QUA-TINT. and tcktuiv. [Lat. chief. a. Heat. often intricate and fantastic. or idiom.U. Ar'bi-tra-bee. I. Having a tendency . Having columns shaded by trees. interspersed with group of isles. .Ar'BOR-1-CUL.] v. a. eager. hooked like the beak of an eagle. ReApt'ly. and ductus. ^'TER-AL. One versed ^\rch'ness.?i. fasten.] Art of Archimedes. [Gr. without control. (-dJ'kn). FIRM. begining. arborescens. Ar'A-BESQUE . A-QUA'RI-UM. AR'BI-TRA-RY. Y. Arch'I-e-pis'co-pal. chief. [Gr. n. Pertaining aptness. . highest order. arched ArCH'I-TECT.] AR-€A'NUM. or i. Hot or burning.'] pond for Part of the circum- artificial aquatic plants. Aq'ue-duct screw. or heat of passion or affeceagerness. . Any water isles. and Aoyos. tree. 'A-QUAT'ic. [Lat. Ar'bo-res'oence. [ness. to become a tree. 71. n. — native of Arabia. arborescere. and TreAa-yos. The hearing and jurisdiction of an archduke or archdetermination of a cause between duchess. of [bow. [From Gr. . n. [L. which athing is made. acqua tinta. ?i. if not imperious. Arbitrary. n. apxeTvnov. #> ii. . ARC'O-GRAPH. archivum. beam. zealous. n. Ardor. Aq'UI-line > Lat.] AR'BI-TRATE. sly humor. — Warmth. [Lat. [Gr. expression. - areata. n Arch. Belonging m sembling a tree. a. kept. type Ar-BO'RE-oOs. apxv. 7i. 2. to plow. a. ARCH-BISH'OP. chief. from aquila. Natural or [blance of a tree.Lat. By will only. fr. Partaking of the nature of water. # ing plowed. an instrument for raising water. to write. ap/cri/cos. [Lat. [Lat. Ar-cha'ic.APT ARDUOUS 22 V. Ar'€HA-Tkivi. Award of arbitrators. Ar-BIT'RA-MENT. j a.] to an archdeacon. dexterous. A-QUA'RI-A. bia. thine is apt to do it. [zeal. Belonging to. (ak'we-). strument for drawing arcs of circles . n.5. apxouo?. A'QUA-TlNT'A. a clined disposed. The chief of fiends.] 1. taining to.[Lat. Ar'CHE-TYPE. n. Disposed customarily. inhabiting water. Syn. [Lat. or sly ous Adapted a. -ING. t?. mm titute of wings. AR'CHI-TECT'UR-AL.] (29. 6. A small tree. Archimedean screio. AR'DEN CY. 2. AR'BOR-AL. [-ED. An artificial conduit for fr. and Lat. bending con- . having the nature Original pattern the model from j Apt'I-TUDE (53 a). n. determination. and Lat. arch. n. roguish. a. adv. adv. ERE. (68). it. Public records and papers. 2.] An 1. An apt quotation is one which is and cultura. 1. Fiery: fierce: vehement. arbi- Will. aTrrepos. Determinable. of. aquilinus.Ar'BOR.] An inAo-yta. — Tyrannical — . AR-€A'NA pi. [Lat. : \ j : : . 3.. [Lat. A'QUE-OUS ing with Ar'CHI-PEL'A-GO. n.] Arch-duch'ess. Art of shooting with termine their differences. mischievsport . Properly fitly readily.long. . AR'CHI-TRAVE. shrewdin archaeology. 1.] 1. With shrewdly. Lat. A-RA'BI-AN. a. apxtTfifCTbiV. fervid. fectionate.— or persons chosen by the parties. eagerness. Destitute of wings. imperious . 2. Arch-dea'con-ry. ancient. [Lat. 2. Of or pertaining 1. 11. Ar'A-BLE. n ARCH-BiSH'op-Rtc. wing. acquired disposition or tendency. arms. TfiEMj PIQUE. Frame or structure.] to a model or pattern original. pi. . or abound- n.] Fit for tillage or plow- tramentum. To the house of Austria. or -lin). 52).] 1.

] 1. Tenets of the dryness. of armado. arms. armatus. n.] Having the properties of sand . j ARM/FULS. or medicine. One who favors an aristocracy.] [A. 'Apet67ra-yos. reia.— . Rightly duly [Lat. /(. 3. w<?lf. 3. v. Science of numbers art of computation by figures. animate. araq.] up with heat. ! . AR'GU-MENT (139). The limb which extends from the shoulder to the hand. (Mil. -ING. like.. [cine. Steel or iron covering of ships. A-ROUSE'. AR'E-NA'CEOis.] An animal peculiar to South America. . 2. [L. E. Any fri- Arminians. n. See ARGONAUT. To furnish with whatever will add strength. A which Noah was preserved during [tuue.] 1. a Greek philosopher. to reason. armed.] An Tot). 11. 2. & . n. n. AROSE p. Dry a. pjre clay. &c. . v.-S. by number. ARISEN. On all sides of. n [Gr.. dpt(TTOKpatux. AR'MA-DIL/LO. Ar-ratgn'ment (-rtLn'-). to 1. difficult. # Ar'go-naut'IC. prep. (-ran').) The area for gladiators.] 1. n. 2. A member of has care of arms or armor. [Gr. n. the Areopagus. n. arma. the arms can hold. The nautilus. ARISING. of a discourse. To be provided with arms or weapons to take arms. silver. Pertaining to. 3. AR'MA-TURE pijLL . call or set to court- — hard. or like. [Lat.] Ofj or resembling.] 1. [Lat. To contend in argument to dispute. 11. [Lat.. AR'O-MAT'I-e.] To — To excite. ) a. vbT n. i. took urn. AR-MO'RI-AL. or an abstract of the subject-matter. To come or get up higher to mount to ascend to rise". v.: DiL/LOS_. 2. 1. or to n. To furnish or equip with weapons. To proceed to issue. charge. reason. 2. .st. A place in which arms are manufactured. [From Lat. a bracelet. .] 1. A. judgment. 11. ARK. A-RISE'. A body of men armed for war. Process or act of reasoning. silent . Any plane surface. [armed ships. AR^Ue-bus-ier'. aris- AR'IS-to-te'LI-an. from armare. adv. [silver. Guns and other munitions of a ship.] A large ship. a. sand. yl. ment.)pl. rue. &c. A'RE-A. AR/gu-men-ta'tion. Pertaining to. sisting # . a. 2. The fragrant [Gr.-RE'NA.) (a. AR'ID. < AR'fiU-ER. a. arma. A-RITH'ME-Ti'€. in Ar-RAIGN' Low Lat. without mistake. in the central able. haak-bus. j . Pertain- ) tocracy. Unrefined or crude tartar. An instrunient of warfare. -ING. 1. Ar. Absence of moisture arefarere. To furnish with means of defense. n. [Argonauts. or -ING. v. taste. A body of land or naval forces equipped for war. — . n. Act of drying dryness. arisan. A-rid'i-ty. [Lat. t. ?i. As. Any thing resembling an arm. 2. 2. ARM'FUL. stare. or notice. a. t. A'Ri-A. (b.-S. arguere. [From Lat. in order to complete the circuit. Partaking of the properties of clay. j AR'E-OP'A-GiJS. in quest of the golden fleece. sons in a state. AR-MIN'I-AN. v. armnceus.] quality iu plants. 3. [Lat.] . pr. best. 144. Doctrine of the Arians. A piece of iron used to connect the two poles ol a magnet. [Rom. .. 'Apyovau-rrjs. A-RE'O-LJZ. [Lat. pi. 2. __ ARMS. Lat.. [-ED . a. 11. ARM'OR. dpyiAAo? or dpyiAos. ^fragrant. . A plant used in medial -Kd'MA. [Gr. area. AR-Mi']N'i-AN-I«M. 11. pi. Process of reasoning. v. A lamp in which a hollow wick is surrounded by a glass chimney invented by A. being.. 3. aroma _ j ing to. a sandy n. or forked re. n. having the body encased in armor. [-eu. [Sp. writing. [Lat.] part of an amphitheater. n.] The colored ring around tae nipple. The inclosed space on which a building stands a sunken space around the basement of a building. cause. a. soft .G. 11. Ir'gil-la'ceoijs. Defensive arms for the body. n.] Clay or potter's earth sometimes . AR'MIL-EA-RY. #> ARM. AR'GO-XAUT. (-tish-'an). n. air or song. i. A-RIS'TO-€RAT. t. from oraqa. Anliq.] spirit obtained from rice or the cocoa-nut-tree. . ContainAddicted to argu- [It. Ar-gil'eous. 3 2. 11. warm. . #> ARM'PIT. AR'QUE-BUSE (-bus). 2. white color on a coat of arms. Containing Ir'ith-m£t'I€-al. 3. Pertaining to Aristotle. arm. Ar-Rack'. force. 11. t. ing argument. €. _ — — Silvery bright like silver. AR'MY. 3. t> (iir). [Lat. A kind of bracelet. silver. o. I. — AR'GU-ment'A-tive. A follower of Ar minius. Argand. spicy. divination. Clayey. To answer at the bar of a 2. A [Lat. AR'GOL. I — adv. 2. The hollow under the shoulder. or to the escutcheon of a family. ». Subject-matter.. 4. 2. or containAR'O-ivzat'ic-al. . . On every side. p. silver A-rith/jvie-tt'cian silvery. [-ED -ING. 1. 2. ries the armor or arms of another. 3. great labor ARE 2. AR'NI-€A. [imp. Past or preterit tense of arise. or efficiency. A place where arms. To impregnate with aroma A-rose'. consisting of rings or circles. Belonging to armor. Ar'mor-er. place. The vessel in a. Present indicative plural of the substantive verb to be.ft. i. fir. ARM'LET. n. a gun with a hook. or arithmetic. [Gr. 2. n. To come into action. to arm.] 1. _ like. Syx. with an arquebuse. &c. n. AR'Is-TO-eRAT'Le. Syx.] government in which the supreme power is vested in a privileged order. n.] 1. j A-RE'0-L\. and . or containing. n. EJIST. 2. conpartaking of. AR'IS-TO-CRAT'IG-AL. 11. a. . To prove. . AR'g-ent. [From Argo. n. v. parched A-right' (a-rlt'). 2. n. £. Deeds of war. According to . To accuse. [A. AR-MA- pi.] 1. having usually a n. . a. The chief per- As armillarius. _ place of public content. Pertaining to. A proud or haughty person. . a. a reasoner. 3. [Lat. 1. . 11. 1.] 1.] 1. ark. pungent A-RO'MA-TIZE. ?). rule. 2. a. a. Here and A-ROUND'. 11. j AR'MIS-TlCE.-S. 11. . n.R'GIE. 11. in the Argo. either for merchandise or war.] AR'O-MA-TIZE. A. argeiitum. the deluge. A iarge boat for transporting produce.. a [Lat. small. [-CD . rouse. or in. . AR'GUE. [awaken suddenly [-ED. t. or AR'IS-TO-€RAT. (53). a.] A fleet of AR'o-MAT'ie. ARRAIGNMENT 23 Attended with — . Ensigns armorial. One of the persons who sailed to Colchis with Jason. To debate or discuss. there.] A tempo rary cessation of arms a truce. ] A sovereign tribunal at Athens. G. c. dptfyxos. To use arguments. One skilled in arithmetic.] 1. -IR'E-fA^'TIOX. lit. to stand still. 1. A Arius. A soldier armed A to sweat. much as A'ri-an-is_m. Ar-ma'da.j A sort of hand-gun.] 1. AR'gen-tif'er-ous. To call in question. Prom one part to another of. 11. impeach. Crude tartar. To per^suade by reasons. a. AR'GAL. 1. or electro-magnet. A great number a host. artdus. who held Christ to be only a _ a superangelic being. AR'MA-MENT. and KparzLv. are kept. a. . AR'ITH-MAN'C Y. arm amenta. Adisputer. or do. -ING. follower of his doctrines. All arrangements made for the defense of a fortification with musketry and artillery. Of.M'OR-BEAR'ER. Instruments or weapons of offense or defense. . v. &c. drug. One who carA-RE'O-EAR. 2. an areola filled with interstices.] 1. Pertaining to Arius. n. or A-RITH'MAN-C Y. AR'GEN-TiXE. armus. ARE 1. [Ar. p. n. A proof or means of proving. ad and ratio. n.) A branch of the military service. Power might. [D. AR'gand Lamp. a I AR'MO-RY. Act oJ arraigning. Pertaining to the AR'GO-SY. [Lat. 11.] future events. and around certain vesicles. Superficial contents of any figure. [Gr. who denied predestinatio" and the kindred doctrines. The Ar-Gent'AL. close chest. I AR'ib-ness. A fragrant plant. High or lofty. . and fxavThe foretelling of means of numbers. hill of Ares or Mars. dim. Lat. security. j ing.] A/RI-AN. One who makes or AR'e-op'A-Gite.] [Lat. [Sp. Y AR'IS-TOG'RA-CY. n. censure. h. armatura. armaticra. 2.o-sngj this . apicrros.

Gram. ase. . 1. -ING. 2. "WHAT ERE. earth-thorn. Ar'ROW.] Ar-ti'st'IC. AR'SE-NAL. a. Pertaining to [Gr. wandering. or to. lordly. areiva. : — . — Authority. 2. for naceus. first made at Arras in the French man. 3.] Inflammafetid. study. 2. 2. foot distinguished from the rest by a 2. finesse. arvndi(anciently Artesium). A public estabarticulate sounds to enunciate. ad. tion of. -ING. To a.] or contrived by art. or Xr'RES-ta'tion. 1. though due. As-BES'TINE. joints. Of or belonging to a. whe foretold the future by inspecting the entrails of victims killed in sacrifice. arde. — authority of law. (Ast. Pertaining to Artois a. n. Assuming undue Containing. to. 1. A.?. dim. Lat. Order dis. [ascended. from Lat. 1. Second person. n. . ] marked by. n.] [Lat. ) 1. Made to. fr. alpeiv. n. 1. short.Lat. Made. Ar-RAY'. Above the hori- 2.-S. reed. when we apprehend. to lift. ART'LESS. 2. Xr'RO-gant-ly. arrectus. n. Superior. Act of arrogating. we lay hold of.-ing. . predominant. n. Magisterial. apprehend. 3. lordliness.AR' SIS. — . during. ascender?. TERM. in ancient Rome. Ar-tiirT'tis. or. Like. -ING. V. t. t. sway. a. lishment for the manufacture and AR-Tl€'u-LATE-LY. ardl schauki. Attainment of any object. [A.] [Lat. Xr'RO-GANCE. lit. [Gr. v. 3. A and the starch which I. _ AR'S ON. As-BES'TOS.] Undue assumption of importance.] AR-TE'RI-AL-'IZE. n. A-RiJN'Dl-NA'CEOtJS. n. [Lat. Lat* artilleria. a clause in a contract.] of a joint. [ED. Utterance of elementary sounds. on account of its metal of a steel AR'TI-FJCE n. Pertaining to. n. [From Lat. strength. and mortars. a priv. and ripa. ad. the.] [Fr. arsum. FIQUE. As-CEND'A-BLE. — v. 1. A n.| Lifted up. we seize and detain him. 3. Ar-ti€'u-eate. or Netherlands. a.] fibrous vaiiety of ?'. t.] 1. — — importance. AR-TiL'LER-iST. -ING.] [L. composed of. [Lat. it yields. Capable of being 1.w. 2. n. Xr'RO-GA'TION. ments. stop. stop. Ar-te'ri-ae. Lat.] 1. [Lat. [Lat. Junction. denotes a forcible which convey the blood from the ART'LESS-LY. [A. to remain. n. to ask. [Gr. a. [L. n.] A fetid. Making undue AR-Tle'u-LAR. artless. n. 4. [Ar.] Artand brilliant luster. [-ED -ING.] 1. 2.] AR'ti-cle (ar'ti-kl). indie. upon to climb. #> _ mechanical One skilled any in art.] A reeds. [-ED To set forth in distinct articles. n. Y. ars. tropical plant. n. bank.] v. . Syn. Those who manage cannon . [-ED -ING. arrai. As'a-fcet'i-da. or to. 2. n. J «. fr. cheat. #> ART. from internal pressure.] Very bad notorious.] (Pros. Syn. order. t. Part of a Ar'TI-fPcial (-fish'al). Superior influence. [Ar. 2. Cunning artifice. distinct part. 1. as of bones.— Cunning. One who constructs and AR-SE'Ni-otJS. the Xs'a-fet'1-da.] lar to. or by land. nature. 1. lit. and rang. contained in. 2. . taking by power. certain actions. aRT'ful-ly. [0. and facere. [. 3. contrives. j and La* fatidus. One skilled in gunnery. 2. presumptuous. Haughtily very proudly. Ar-rear'age.rol. . To gain an object by effort. to raise. v. Ar-thrit'I€-al. Ar-rAnge'ment. 2. n. As-BES'TUS. as in cane. Ar-sen'I€. such assumption. Ar'row-root. from ad. art. fr. tense. n. art. For instance thus. Quality of being heart.] 1 To come in progress by water. mode. Haughtiness. . art. ASK. In 3. 2. 1. haughty. 1. simiXg. adv. A _ A 1. of artus. AR'TI-CHOKE. Abounding in arvspex. The taking of a person by ) . 1. Ar-til'ler-y. ART'FUL. . To bind by articles. a. adv. inspissated sap from ) . arroganlia.] arrange" from ad. raised greater stress of voice. [Gr. fiowsspontaneously like a fountain. and rogare. Any seizure. . distinct portion of any writing. state classification of arranging of being arranged.] . n. the gout. erect. AR-REST'. n. apcrevLKov. wells made by boring into the earth till the instrument reaches „ like a reed or cane. [asbestus. 3. n. from ariindo. J to extinguish.] To claim unduly to assume.] One of the vessels [naturally. urtiflciitm from ars. by which we ART'less-ness. Syn. a. n. Cannon great guns. 2. n. 0. Distinctly -ING.Ar-tist'I€-AL. — To check. A-RUS'PICE. A A A commodity or substance. [N. the East Indies. 3. a. v. priest. Preparatory adjust3. Belonging to. watc& "When we arrest AR-TE'glAN. Settlement measure. E. Person or thing arriving._ containing. Xr'ro-gate. ALL. a.-S. [Lat. a. control. of the substantive verb to be. . [-ED. a. a. house of industry. 1 AR-re€T'ed. in France. to. zon. V. 0. To go or move upward rise. 1. performed with. While. (123). havghtiness and lordliness by their contemptuous claims to superiority. Cultivated. arsenic. overbear-* ing. fraud. As-cend'en-oy. and scandere. sing. as a jury. 2. or detain. Syn. order. 7. virulent poison. With dexterous. i.] ment of means to accomplish A system of rules. 1. ad. or characterized by. FAR. 2. Xr'ti-fi'cial-ly. An or2. &c. AR'SE-NI€ from ment Xr'RANT. derly collection. or condiAr-thrit'ig. I J . By art. terial blood to. A skillful workcontaining. . Acquired power of performing desired end. the arteries. 1. a joint. Act of arriving. Syn. joints. arsenic. adv. 3. Dress raiment. — . art. 2. AR'TER-Y. aprqpLa. — .] Of or the same purpose. to burn.] Malicious and voluntary burning of buildings and ships. to make. arewe. FIRM SON . — To arrest. particular 4. That \ which is behind in payment.U. . darcinah. &c. To set in order. AR-RI'VAL. cun- ningly. a. To place in v. An esculent plant somewhat resembling a thistle. Composed of. Xr'RO-GANT. . As-CEND'. adv. Art'IST. AR-REAR'. or that degree of the ecliptic which rises above the horizon at the time of one's birth. [From Eng. a. Tapestry. 2. "Without art and usually a sudden act. Arrogance disgusts by its assumption. t. Artesian wells. To uttoi [-ED. dexterithe idea. Pertaining a. Cunning. to. A joint. Ar-sen'J€-AL. 2. . Y. Offensive weapons of war. ful or skillful contrivance device. practice. t. Ar-tif'i-cer. crafty. 1. deception.] To mount v. articulus. [-ED. character. V. Employsome 1. art. To put or place in proper clearly. n. aafieo-TOs. Art'ful-ness.long. Pertaining to. To 3. .re. consisting of two or more particulars hence. ) tion of the joints n. — n. . to. Fr.] [Lat.a. Practicing art or stratagem. pretension. n. an. adv. Syn. adv. deck or dress. or re) mains unpaid. VEIL. AR-TKVU-LA'TrON. A hornblende and pyroxene. v. male. n. Superior or con- t. 1. a. n. gray color. AR-RlVE'. CARE. and rai. as troops for battle. . [ty. One who professes and practices one of the liberal arts. 2. . t. Arrest or seizure. -ING. fr. . — Stratagem. Formed with uttered. check or hinder the motion or action To communicate the qualities of ar.ARRANGE ASCENDENCY — 24 mentary sounds. from ad. [Gr. ART'l-gAN. like seize. a criminal. check. and restare.) The horoscope. n.] order.) 1. to go up to to climb. n. account. To engage. apprjv. Actorresult AR-RANGE'. Distinctly rank. joints. or Xr'RAS. Contrived without skill or art. errant. from Lat. Free from art or #> craft ingenuous. n. Xr'RO-ga'tive. . Ar-rEars'. hangings. 4. pres.] weapon ^o be shot from a bow. j asa or affecting. To adjust or settle. trolling influence. i. fi'. AR-REGT'. of. [-ED. Feigned' position in regular lines.) One of the three words. fictitious. characterized by or using. storage of arms and military equip2. As-cend'ant. ( — a. [-ed. and trfievvvvai. To unite by means To form into ele- a. shore. Ar'un-d'in'e-oO's. To seize by authority of law. arrivare.

to defame is to assail reputation by falsehood. v. da-KTjrucos. 2. assailed. &c. Assemblage. incursion descent.] To attribute to. i. As-PHALT'. A dull. . fr. horse [Lat. n. as. 2. 2. a weighAs-PHYX'l-A. . — — .-S. As-€RIP'tion. .ere. As-€R1B'A-BLE. Act of ascending. demand. d ing. try. and As-PER'I-TY. As-s£rt'Ive. adv. gaining certainty. [Lat. Of the color of ashes. [sinatnig. 3. we affirm with a great confidence or firmness wo aver in a peremptory manner. Free-stones as they n. entreat. ins. adv. aspergere. Ash-colored like ashes. As-cet'ic. Act of ascribing. interrogate. v. n. To 1. t. violent weapons. being literally to leap upon. a. [-ED. To assault. desire with eagerness 2. One who aspires or . . . face. an&salire.] 1. onset. -ING. assault.— ASCENSION or high place. [-ed. asphalt. to long. Consent. [A. [n. Asleep'. Sideways. Attack invasion Syn. arguments. a. t. To the corner of the and long. Remains of a dead amines metals. aspirare. ascian. One n. Tfiis .— To solicit. A whispered or non-vocal consonant. n. As-s£rt'or.] asper. The first day of Lent. as a right q? claim. A making or n. state of sleep.-ing. [-ed. as a cause or quality to impute to assign. against denial. a. adv. . Way by which one ascends. n. Harshness As-sas'sin-a' a. — To calumniate. require. A collection of with a note of breathing. To make certain. appeals. slander. 2. To defend by and words or measures. One who practices undue rigor or self-denial in religious things. — Syn. ad. tire. A [Lat.— Assent is an act of the understanding. As-SAIL'. [Gr. schuin. onslaught. n. ashes. One who tries or exa breathing or full emission of breath combustion. 'hashishin. or to. A 1.] J [D. to. . As-s£rt' AVsA-FffiT'i-DA. . .:vi.] A culinary plant cultivated in gardens. 1. v. A place for putting [-ED -ING. — As-phal'tum. -ing. to exercise. from ad. — ascribed. As-CET'I-Cis. As-SEM'BLY. 1. countenance OR. . . Act of asserting. or other compound alloy.] [Lat. 2. rt. asinus. adv. . fall upon.TOQK. To admit a thing as true.] ad. ii.] with blows. from ad. Pertaining to. to attack is to commence an onset. 3.] t. [Lat.] 1. . sprinkling. AsH'LER.] ad. (14). —To slander and calumniate are to charge with a crime falsely and knowingto asperse is to cast blots upon the character of some one. n. &c. sciousness of guilt. . serere. to. adv. 2. An assassin. A As-PIR'ANT. ASH'ER-Y. j the quantity of gold or silver in an throbbing pulse.As-PHYX'Y. [-ED. — breathing. A violent attack with words. Compact native J bit- attack a leaping. [-ED. We . As-SAY'. A mark A . fr. Roughness of surTo murder by secret assault or by sudden violence. a. to. charge. hooded. Assaulting assailing As-sas'sin. Ash'-Wednes'day (-wenz'dy). To attempt. n. On or to shore. As-kance'. To affirm positively. «. we maintain against opposition. moroseness.] n. As-£lT'J€. ) — — v. To attack morally. or in a hostile manner.] 1. As'PECT. as an ore AS'PI-RATEj'U. of a letter with a breath. from ao-Keiv.-S. ao-irls-] A small. Thing ascribed. do. or with a view of producing moral effects. . 2. io-KiTrj?.] [Lat. n. Pertaining to the aspen. As'SEN-TA'TION. to join together. &c. Syn. [A. a certainty. 3. A-slant'. 1. company.i. — — ing. ac/ y to. Pronounced with a rough a. Aspiring. to. wise. [-ed. As'PI-ra'tion. In a slanting man- obliquely. sa. -ING. on. n. and scribe. To attack with violence. and spirare. eye obliquely. As'pi-rate n.EXIST. as_ the ground we have taken. belly. n. as of water or dust. to leap. Pronunciation full emission of Strong wish or desire. E. ao-7n£payo?. Syn. from ad. to write. 2. As-sail'a-BLE. n. quad- of the family. . [Gr. . n. . together to congregate. I. taste. A-shambd'. adv. n. [-ED -ING. 1.— Acrimony ness sourness tartness crabbedness As-sault'.t. salius. n. do-$v£ia. and spargere. who aspires or seeks eagerly. . 2. come from the quarry. Syn. Ash'lar. pi. beset. stupid fellow a dolt. ad. As-kant'. aa^aAro?. Syn. Calumny. 2. t. beg. We [-ED assen- (14). of flattery or dissimulation.-S. 1. -ING. to feei. — v. together. I adv. v. Act of assenting. Made or formed of ashThe substance to be assayed. ) ao-K-os. we consent to a proposal. As'l-NlNE. feelings. xspe. (45). on. to. slouch- askant. )n.-S. n. n. n. AS-SEM'BLE. containing. [-ED -ING. one who is drunk with hashish. one side out of the way apart. Assent by way ing ears. [-ED -ING. PULL call As-sent'. v. fJRN. 2. . A letter marked body. [Lat. An C. bitterness roughSyn. and simul. a. Ash. . or of particular things. A -side'. V. As'cer-tain'a-ble. a. n. v. to AsH'Eg. schuObliquely side- (a-sk&V). from As-CIT'I€-AL. t. To . to.] ly . 2. a slope or de- A-slope'. defame. affirmer. ASSERTOR mind. To 1.. from ad. O. collection. . sure. [-ED: -ING.] 1. consent of the will or assent to a statement or a proposition. seeks earnestly. Maintenance. wood. In a Dead.] 1. bring or . assertre. to.G. trial of weights and measures. V. . 2. v. Act of assasof spirit and language. n. Capable of being f — assaults. [-ed: t.] having a peculiarly harsh bray.] Tending to dropsy of the abdomen. As-PAR'A-GUS. To attack physical violence. adv.] Af- One who attacks n. a. asininns. See AsafcetIDA. n. €. A-skeW . 1. heavy. -ING. silent .] . to assail — As-phalt'I€. 3BSc] forest tree. n. individuals. i. n. Assavlt is the strongest term. 1. 2. (Law. As-PIRE'. blow. or is nearly the same as assaidt. Affirming confidently. assertvm. 3.] 1. storm. As-s£r'tion. a. 2.] To bespatter with foul reports or false ) As-cribe'.— To maintain aver affirm. ] Hewn 2. and injurious charges. of the compass.] To request to seek to obtain by words to petition. or . stoues for facing of walls. scatter. A hill. sq/i . and afyvgis. aspectus. To rise to ascend. ad. [Lat. ruped A .] To subject. [Gr. a. breathe. claim. . /i. or suspended animation Ash'en. ner A-SQUINT'.] [A.] Undulj rigid in O ne As-sail/ant. a balance. or sound.v.] 1. -ING. n.] 1. Inclination. As-SAS'SIN-A'TOR. A§-. to invade is to enter upon forcibly or by arms. or having ) of aspiration (') used in Greek. A company of persons collected together in one place. exagium. [See Shame. t. wolf. a. Capable of being — Syn. . n.r.] To pronounce with or mineral particles remaining after As-say'er. to. Act of rising. NasNG. asperitas.ori. rough. hard. ASK(6). but without touching his person. fected by shame abashed by a con. and sc-ntire. at. acsian.] Belonging to. ore. and spir. lit. and poisonous serpent. or endeavor. sesp ] of several species of poplar.] . RUE. 2.] mien. Ass. AS'CER-TAIN'. A-shore'. -ING. [A. the qualities of. As-p£rse' religious things. to. . On. being ascertained. To meet or come together. or alloy. 4. Earthy v. 2. 25 As-^en'sion. Practice of ascetics. As-£ENT'. w think. [Gr. [Gr. [A. fr. Determination of priv. asper sum. 3. a. t. ass. To find out for AVcer-tAin'ment. n. i.&.) One who kills or attempts to kill by secret [Lat. accompanied by a degree of violence. with great attack with moral means. As-p£r'sion. Asil'Y. As-sem'bjlage. to chemical examination. Look Appearance to look.] Apparent death. TOO.] [Lat. [Lat. [Ar.-S. an ass. An attempt to beat another. meetSyn. vindication. umen. to strew. group. and certum. from AS-SAS'SIN-ATE. Position or situation in relation to the points to the eye or the As'PEN. ascrioere. [Gr. [Lat. 1.— assert. n. asca. Capable of a. n. [scent. 2. With ASP. As-pir'ER. 1.t.] [Lat.

n. ixo-rpov. by authority. . to whom property or an interest is n. asseverate. pique. Writing by which an interest is transferred. astringere. fr. 3. n. fr. Act of assim- (84). indefatigable. . . n. Xs'tral. 2.] An-SUMP'slT. severe. [-ED -ING. To pretransferred. far. t. I. n. law. [Lat. [Lat. a sitting.— Shrewd . As-TOUND'. ad. Impudence 5. connection. As-sisT'. to astronomy. fr. Closely connected same mass. fr. [-ED. As'TRO-LOG'IG. As-troi/o-gy. To take for granted. similar. The science of predicting events by the aspects or ) situation of the stars. t. : — . declare. A kind of imperfect Eng. To cause to resemble.] To bind fast to constrict. what. 2. taining to an association.As-tutE'ness. v. t.] 1. at. To sure or certain. Act of asThing sup- [assumed. a. [signs. n. wonder. ti. Syn. Union. to mark. from ao-Tpov. dcrvjU. a. n. i. -ING. One who assists. 2. . 3. from ad. Act of assuring. — n. ad.. specify. star. ad. ao-vKov. To appoint. Firmness of mind. n. Binding contract[Lat. n. [-ED.n.] To fix the weight. — . . from Pertaining As'tro-nom'ic. 3. associated. a. Constant or close As-s6rt'ment. . the hinder part of a 6hip. 2.v. To be arrotend to possess. Lat posed. and sigA medicine that causes nare. companion. 2. As-stJMP'TlVE. Lat.] [Lat in application or attention. Things assorted. [Low As-SO'CI-ATE (-so'shT-^S). [starry. tween Mars and Jupiter. [-ED -ING. aVma. and suavis. to. n. [Gr. ad. ii. Pertaining to the A-SY'LUM. To covenant to indemnify for loss. to sit by. 1.Y'. 1.] AS'so-nance. 2. to take. AS'YMP-TOTE (sometimes pron. Act of assessing.] allay or lessen. surprise. — .] An 1 . assumere.t.] Lat. a.] [Lat. cit by. Of a nature to A excite astonishment. V. or price of. n. short. fr.] Property in pos. As-THEN'IG. and One who pretends Aoyos. Positive affirinto a. t.-). adv. n. to sit. dtrrepicncos. v. . Syn. astone.] To take on one's self. v. As-tr5n'0-MY. [Lat. astronomy. [-EB. star.^. discerning . — Amazement. Transfer of title or interest or property. Mitigating softening. Quality of beAs-sid'u-ous-ly. -ING.] To asrhyme. AS-3EV'ER-ATE. [-EV> -ING. One appointed to as- -ING. a. as-. One who assea.] As-suage'ment. Ap-SIZE'.y. . n. assignare. To tax. fr. assidere. to. adv. AS'TER-OID. assidere. n. companionable. The science that ) J teaches the knowledge of the heavenly bodies. -ING. To fix. fr. 3. n. . as pain or grief.) As'sign-or' (-si-nor/). 2. As-troi/o-ger. . [Gr. to. v. a. to.ASSESS [-ED As-sLss'. t£rm. (29). ao-repoiSij?. and stringere. t.] To affirm with As-SORT'.As-so'ci-A-TiVE (-sht-). to succor. [Gr dcrrpoAd/3os. v. Confusion of ular purpose. ask. symrne2. veil. . [-ED.ju. cause to stand. t.] 1. separately. measure. 2. insure. to thunder. v. to. -ING. sure] 1. a. or pertaining to association. a- o. — . 6. n. Behind w a ship. 0. fr. to. attonare. assiduus. [of assimilating. ii. [Lat. AS'SIG-NA'TION. One who assigns an interest. Shrewdness cunlike. 3. A-SYM'ME-TRY.] Char- inviolable. n. 30). As-sess'ment. deiv. . acrrpov. fIrm. dcrflei/i/cos. [Gr da-TpoAoyos. As'tro-l ABE 1. assecurare. To become As-SIM'I-LA'TION. n. to See Assess. serious. ao-Tpovdfxos. 2. Permind from fear or surprise. or designate. to. To fix or ascertain to estimate. Liable to be assessed. AS-sUAGE'f-swaj 7 ). &c. ASYMPTOTE 26 t. [-ED -ING.] examining or discerning. and similis. and sevetonish. v. [ing easing. 2. Union of As-ton'ish-inr. As-TfJTE' Critically a. or aVma. 1. ad. particularly about the weight of bread. Belonging to the stars application. As-sess'or. v. like. . As-siM'I-LA-TlVE. An arrogant person.E. — As-sign'ment (-sin 7 -).] [0. w rule. enough. A regulation. 4. rus. associate. from d priv. n.] (Law. [Gr. A-STRA.] 1. sagacious. subtle . To unite in in company. and o-v/up-erpia. traordinary or unexpected event. t. may be As-syR'ANCE (-shur'-). 1. -ING. ad. [From Lat. Helping. 100). To value for the purpose of taxation. strength. fr. n. to. Adw of being assigned. assimilare. . ASTH-MAT'I€ Asth-mAt'I€-al )(ast-. V. cAre. assistere. Tending Syn. adv. Astrolabe. ad. As'tro-nom'ic-al. to blow. As-sure' (a-shijr'.6Tpia. pacify. [Gr.] [Lat. V. to. persons in a society for some particAs-ton'ish-ment. ]. . -ING. n. promise.] 1. and sum ere. A-st£ rn'. asteroids.. supposition. take. 2. — To assert. suming. ilating.] To distribute solemnity. To convert into a like substance. n.] [Lat.v. astutus. a. and sedcre.] Constant [Lat. [-ED -ING. [-ED from ad. usually in the pi. Lit. t. 1.] To give support to . AS-SIM'I-L ATE [-ED. of ao-TTJp. from d priv. to. n. n. Distribution AS'SI-DU'l-TY. V. from ad. discourse. A-stJN'DER. — As-so'ciA-BLE of being (-sha. To confirm. That is or ad. V. or from the As-SlD'u-oDs._ A little round molding around a As-SEV'ER-A'TION. As-sess'a-ble.] [Lat. Capable Asth'ma (jtst'ma. [Gr.] right way wrong. Help aid succor As-s'lST'ANT. Syn. i.. [Law. star. Pertaining to J or affected by. 2. 2. ad.] to foretell events by the aspects of the stars. vital contraction in the organic textallot. In. 3. 11. As-so'CI-A'TION-AL (-sh]-). Without doubt. 1. to. n. a. ii. ad. or woncompanion a mate a partner. to AS-TRINGE'. avouch. 1. and securus. To transfer to another.] [L. protest. j to astrology. Lat. n. Sum charged. adv. To join the As-ton'ish. fr. and \atxpdve<. a.) A used of love meetings.] One of the small planets bening: subtlety. : . to astonish. Diligently. ¥. and oco/uos.l. assessare. Apart. n. sweet. terror. sudden fear. star. star. and crQevo<>. and sors. cunning. With the legs apart. 2. and sat or satis. AS'TER-tsK. As-SIGN' (-sin/). dcrvAo?.] To strike dumb with or joined with some other. column. . [Gr. t. . Pertaining a. orn. and socius. [-ED -ING. der to amaze. — v. An appointment As-SUM'ER. . a. As-SO'CI-A'TION (-shl-a'shun).t. [relief. to. [Gr. 3. asthma. . auxiliary. One to ages for a breach of a contract or the sun or stars at whom something is assigned. a. acterized by debility. surprise. As-s'i'st'anoe. [Lat. As-trin'gent. Sociable [Gr. To A-stride'. Having power Syn. or toward.] A w try. ERE. intoelasses. t. a. n. long. ing astringent. Asy TRO-LOG'[€-AL. valuation for the purpose of taxation. to strain. the deaf and dumb. — . session or money due. As-SIGN'ER (-sin''-).] 1. pi. . or the insane. a. Capable gant to claim unduly. n. As-SUME'. As-TRiN'GEN-CY. 2. An fieiv. See a. all. da-rpayaAos] [mation. dim. Abatement.] One versed in As-TRON'O-MER. and sistere. AVsETS. institution A place for of refuge. adv. n. As/ter-oid'al. instrument for takto meet promise or an action to recover daming the altitude of As'siGN-EE' (aVsi-ne'). to As-SUA's'lVE. disorder of respiration. to n. and tonare. a. [Lat. t.] [Lat. One ures. son. at an exsess persons or property. adv. fr.] The mark [*J in printing and writing. . make 3. E. Insurance. . . Periodical sessions of the superior courts in the counties of England v. n. — To relieve soothe mitigate alleviate.] Want of proportion. Freedom from doubt. Out of. to. to As-sur'ed-ly. AS'TRA-GAL. A Astound. As-sign'a-ble (-sln'a-bl). lot. mitigation. A. As-sGmp'tion Act of assigning. a. — Unwearied sedulous persevering.

a. attending or being in waiting. or one's object. 3. At-tack'. t. ad. to nourish. aTjuds. 5. bind. flagrant {literal!}/. ena at Athens. 1. — To force. 2.prep. to. n.) (a. pi. At-taint'. listen with a view to hear correctly or to consider. win. as the credit of jurors. See EaT. tend with a view to hear or learn. 3. Extreme heinous. See poignant. a. [Gr. [Gr. t. attenuatus. spot. silent . which denotes. v. n. adv. sphere. A-TILT'. [Gr.] inky. denyment. Across. A-THWART'. 2. AS. To take by ATH/E-NJE'UM. Act of atATH'LETE. consideration . At or on the top above.) To taint or corrupt. a. <xcrv|U. -ING] 1. pret. a. attack commence the contest. [Lat. atlinere. or experiment of. At'test-a'tion. spring at) is to attack suddenly. v.] a. attack upon.T. A-tro'cious-ly. Act of scientific association. at. attained. ties. the latter tempt At-tend'. 2. AT'LAS-ES. enormity. diligently.] to array.ASYNDETON ATTIRE A syrn'tot). i. From this original import are derived all the .Fr. A'THE-IST. tious points to an act as grossly wicked or vile. A-TROC'I-TY. n. [Lat. A-TOP'. wolf. took. To t. toexpiate. 1. aQKov. . tare.] .] To stand as an equivalent A-tone'.] line which approaches some curve. . black bile. tack.-S. to.— To fasten. viz. to assail {literally. . as. . . I. to cut. A'THE-lST're-AL. is. . e. 1.] 1. too. to equal.— n. by mixture. nearness in -place or time. polite. To connect. cruel. v. mony. 11. 2. arpo^Ca. Hearken is to hear with inattacker . 3. some state or condition. AT'MOS-PHER're-AL. 2. So as to make a . do. a. A'the-ism.T'iVlos-PHERE. ling. I came. reach. saw. aflATjnjs fr. -ING. consequence. At-tach'ment. Persons attending a train a retSyx.A N a. 2. Satisfaction by giviDg an equivalent for an injury expiation. and ri^veiv. Extremely heinous ness stain . though infinitely extended. a. mentum. heed. One who holds to the atomical philosophy. vapor. to reach. AT-TENT'IVE-LY. 3. So as to cross and perplex.] A wasting away from lack of nourish- is is specific. [Gr. reason. regard. At-tire'. t. as consequential. 2.] 1. — With one end raised. [-ED dress . Obtain acquire.] ad. } a temple of Athlegal authority. To make suitable AT-TEMPT' (84). V. attends. to temper. [Gr.] ket- relation of A A l _ tie-drum a tabor. to adapt. . to acquire is to make one's own by progressive advances. Official n. AT-TEM'PER. A medicine thins or dilutes the fluids. E£IST. ] a. -ING. Eng. .] 1. Cheerfully . atbeing directed to some is a continued or repeated attempt. X.] To come or arrive. from ad. 1. rily. Act of attain. Pressure of the air on a unit of surface.] Act of attainting.] A contender for victory in wrestling. to touch. The appendages. -ING. To wait . from a priv.] 1. definite object. i. or slender. At-ten'u-ant. n. [Gr. Figures of men. n. prep. or effect. a-rofios. as knowledge. n. f. Syx.] [Lat. [-ED. To reach by efforts to gain to compass. f. and testis. who afleos. To soften. AT/RA-BI-LA'Rl-otrs. n. — . a. . 4. Relating to the atmos- phere. n. That which is idiom' of the Greek language. AT-TEN'U-ATE.At-TEND'ANT. 2. Pertaining to Black. v.] Affected with mel. (Law. [Fr. 1. and rpe^eii/. hearken. a. (b. [-ed. To call to wit- from ad. to get possession of to attain. re- spect. taching or state of being attached. fr. or that which. 2. would never meet it. 1. stretch. That which attaches. AT-TAIN'. pull . n. rue. . The relation outward situation. n. Flagitious . Accompanying or A-thIrst' (18). pi. delicate wit. like ink A-tro'cious. NasNG. Pertaining to or thrust. . %. affix. g. 'KBr)valov. Lat. attained.] [Lat. ness. fr. o. . See so/i. Thirsty. —n. adv. . J alraink.] A figure which omits the connective. n. of degree. in Greece. attestari. 4. At'OM-ism. assault. OR. attention to heed. v. 2. and attingere. attentate.AT'TI-Ojpm. prize. ad. witTo bear witness to. A colof maps. fasten. State of being At-tent'ive-ness. 1. t. dor. The relations of occasion. Assault onset. A kind of large drawing n. n. to. a. [O. n.— To assail. strong vigorous. or obtaining. — n. Syx. [-ED -ING. 1. God. I . One who. of Eat. we At-tach'. — Care. To give proof of. } ) a. and ten- — Trial the generic term. attirer. or taint. or 2. -e. 2. ATH-LET'I€. fr. n. AT-TAIN'MENT. at one. Full of attention. [-ED -ING. trial.] [Lat. this or direction toward.] v. 1 [Lat. [A. fluid surrounding the earth. c. atteindre. A-SYJS' de-ton. A volume of 3. at one. v. [Gr. n.] 1. and with reference to obeying. atrox. lection plates. paper.] [From t'. notice. . A-TONE'MENT. A story ATTATN. &c. or obtained. adv. 2. ancholy. «. a priv. Xt'a-bal. Belonging to wresthence. less viscid thinning.. thin. Act of civility- 2. AT'LAS.] [Fr. v. 3. [Fr. attemper ar e . or cause to be. Reconciliation. To take -or seize At-tend'ance (159).] To fall upon with Syx. At-test'. flagrant. intent . Sid'ewise. Any thing extremely small. AT'RO-PHY. Having a keen desire. attend ere. . atrocious represents it as springing from a violent and cruel spirit. of an external or AT/RA-MEN'TAL. S yx.] t. to assault {literally. or endeavor an effort to gain a — point. Seizure by legal process or a writ for this purpose. ii. that [-ED. to fasten. E. resembling Atlas. [-ed: -ING. 2. heedfully . and cr^aipa.w. n. at--tabl. used to support an entablature.] One _ of God. A-THE ' NI. or tie. Ar'MOS-PHER'ie. adv. without denies the existence A/THE-isT'I€. Syx.] 1. w in the upper part of a house. — Heedful mindful. . testi- Pertaining to Attica. and tenuthin. [Lat. a0Aos. ing a . is to arrive at or reach something aimed at and Hdis obtained. Greece. At-lan'tes. as blood. To make an 1. AT'OM. or slender. 2. To reduce or qualify.. Enormously.] _ To make AT-TEN'U-A'TION. to. [Lat. conquered. To XtH'E-NE'UM. n. — . v. A public by force. . leap upon) is to attack violently: to invade is to enter by force on what belongs to another. [Lat.] [See ATTACH.— To listen. attached to the suite of an embassa. AT-TENT'ive. . an effort and exertion is a straining of the faculbeing the stronger term. attentive carefulness. 5. To pay 1. An ultimate or a constituent particle of matter. ATE. this. Syx. A stain. Any affection that binds a person.] Primaword expresses the relations of presence. adv. and tendere. or of attendant It'ra-men'toOs. Doctrine of atoms.] One inue. aira bilis. i.. . Act of attendn. is to — n. Peculiar style or ing. The relation of some emrelation ployment or action. . to dis : . t. n. — We at} atheism. urn. Attic — salt.) To taint. to to go or stay with To to serve to accompany v. [Gr. n. or be in waiting. n. as of guilt. as property or a language. regardful civil. [-ED: -ING. ness. circumstances To 1. [-ED -ING. At'lan-te'an. At-ten'tion. At-tain'A-ble. — — FlagiSyx. — Making a. t. To ohtain is generic. indivisible. 2. n. 1. &c. hard. 1. . wait on to be united to.fc. 4. i. A disbelief in the being _ of a God.G. very wicked.7rTa>TOs. An adjunct. ad and temperare. n. inroad. library and reading-room. ing. Pertaining to Athens A TTACHE (at'ta'shu'). by motion or efforts. but. 2. God impious. a At-TAIN'DER. Capable of being fAT'Tre. [-ED -ING. — . various uses of ATTAINDER] grace.Xt'OM-IST. terest. A making thin. [Ar. flaming) marks the vivid impression made upon us by some great crime. . connected. try. set. An essay. an endeavor [-ED -ING. — . t. The aeriform 2.. . to hold to.] to To make trial 2. in — Attic wit. charge. to be. A literary or 1.

to increase. a. Act Au'GU-RY. and tornare.] To establish by proof. n. and To draw or cause trakere. 2. £t'ti-tude (53).] sider as belonging to to ascribe to. Prosperous. To examine and adjust. avAixos. Act of aug" menting.] " An examination of accounts by pro- per . vaihts. an attribute. to. n. ERE. Quality of being attractive. Auroira borea/lis. amila. FIRM SON. Act of at3. [Lat. [Lat. Quality of be" [heard. .&na. or is less used either in a good or bad sense. augustus. altritus. and "forma. v. n. to be relied on.n. a luminous meteoric phenomenon. — n. " of auris. . Belonging to an auction. a. . An invisible power in a body by which it draws any thing to itself. Aug'men-ta/tion. At-tragt'ile. Syn. WHAT. tributing. as a reclining posture. Pertain [Gr. attornc.] a. ing.— Grand. [Lat. t. To grow larger. be attributed inherent quality necessary property. Syn. Au-RiG'u-LATE. [Lat. n. fr.] [Lat. propitious. t. a thing. stern. aurifer. TERM PIQUE. . gere. U. auht. " borer. [thenticating. Au-r6'ral. Power or act of allurtracting. rough. former indicating a disregard of consequences. n. genuine.] a.-. 2. . gurs or augury. n. Having power ii.ATTITUDE AUTHENTICITY 28 Clothes. the aurora. Any [Lat. Act of hearing. fr. Pertaining to au. majestic. Au-gGst'ness. a. At-trPtion (-tnsh/un). reliability .— Hardihood and boldness may be pressive. imposing. [A. r. audibilis. seen only at night. a. to bestow. . &c. n. Ro- [Lat. ing attracted. Assembly of hearers. auster. fr. The dawning is dience placed light. favor shown patronage. to attract. ble. At-tract'a-ble. la. J . n. t. To conto. the former being opposed to fahe. With the power of attracting. [Lat. adv. — dignified Au'LIG. n. " by the actions of birds. Aunt . 1. Au-Ri€'u-LAR. short. terprise. adv. Y. authentic history. auaiiAds. Pertaining to. . Aug'tion. AU'dit-O-RY. Reddish brown. and ferre. or At'tri-BUTE may [L. word_ denoting an attribute. VEIL. to hear. Syn. n. .] Worn by Au'gu-ral. tracts. is pudence. [-ED. Au'Rl-GLE. — v. ear ] 2. subtile. That which at[being attributed.] to tend toward to draw to. Eighth month of the a. terms. a. n. Of- of an attorney. [0. Of apAu-then'tig-al.] One who pretendSyn.] t. a. Shaped like an AU-RlF'ER-ous. dim. [-EB -ING] To conjecture or v. to. [Gr. body of the Christ. . v.] A Aus'gul-ta'tion. attributum. a. A foretelling of events )a. [-ED. The portion of " of the ear. wonder. " The circle of rays. AU-GE'AN. " 2. a. or re- to. n. Admittance to a hearing. AUG-MENT'. 1. . flute. Sour with astringency. attribuere. an AU-THEN'TI-GATE. augere. The external ear. [Li^t. n. Act of auAu'then-tTc'i-ty. E.] V. ) . invisible fluid. enticing. a. To impute. Au-STERE'.] One legally appointed by another to transact any business for him. At-trib'u-ta-ble. dirty. AsK. 1. or his stable. auratus. Having the powe-r of attracting.] Au-DA'ciotJs-LY. ing audible. long. avArrrtKos. Lat. n. n. Y. n. One Au'ri-form. [-ED -ING. n. A'i>TRA€T'iVE. A hearer. to. fr. and tribuere. — A AUG-MENT'A-TIVE. Pertaining to the "" sense of hearing. AT-TRITE'. . pearances.fc) ) Au'DI-BLE. Au'RlST. Au€'tion-a-ry. to increase.i.] a. and " . from audax. Aug'ment. n. To put in tune. Enlargement.] fa(ant). attractare. ear. -ING. One who attracts. Au-SPPcious-LY " . genuine were once used as convertible Au'burn. to draw. fr. Au-EET'IG.\ecarpenter's tool to bore (awt). 1. a soothsayer. or acting. gold. form. 1. . " An audience- Belonging to Augeas a. To arrange fitly. augury. Syn. suited. Pertaining to Au- gustus or to his times. gen- CARS.] Omens. t. a. O. —v.] Of or tending to the south Au-GU'RI-AL. of aureus. and terere. [Lat. 11. " to foretell future events by the Au-STERE'LY. Presumptuous im2.] [Lat. a. auricula.. — A thing that (119). [Lat.. which contained 3000 oxen hence filthy . Au-GiJs'TAN.Quality attributed. [Lat. to rub. auad. from ad. Capable of a. a. by means of a stethoscope. or engaging. n. sell [Lat. V. One of two sacs at the base of the heart. [Lat.] 1. At-tract'ive-ness. but a between them. Au-DA'ciotJS. Severely rigidly. ) past time. Au'di-bly. [-ED. n.ItVtrib'u-tive. adv. auris. charge. — certain. 1. n. 2.] Creating extraAuthentic and 2. Alluring. " audire. Xt'tra-hent. nafegar. n. 1. A. In a manner to be Au'di-ence. pi. the latter more of spirit and en- AT-TOR'NEY (-tar'ny) (148). fr. by auction. [Lat. south " rubbing or friction. alburnus. n. fortunate. Dignity grandeur.] supposed to flow from a body. 3. 2. ad. &c. . AT-TOR'NEY-SHiP(at-tur-ny-). to increase. Fr. golden. pi. Having " omens of success or favorable ap. enlargement. as accounts. 2. to hear. Syn. . [Lat. Au-spPcioCs (-spish'us). holes with. audio. [-ED. adv. resolution. some mental state. 2.] Yielding gold. auction. At-tragt'ive-ly. A ed flight of birds. -ING. n. With favorable tokens ly .] distinction is now mada — expressing. fr. or told in. to turn. E • I. State of AU-THEN'TIG. [Low Lat. Belonging sembling.-S. Quality of " being authentic uineness- . fr. U. a. FAR. ordinary respect and" veneration. 2. — also northern lights. a. as an attitude of Hardihood boldness. artistic. Au-re'o-la. Au'bit-or-ship. ( Grr. 1. n. with which pair. A Au'RA. or state of being augment. AT-TRIB'UTE. harsh. — An attitude. aureolus. . auscul. — At-tragt'or. au'rje.] Ear-shaped. [L. V. and usually designed to express. from Lat. " a public building in which the au Au-RO'ra. inviting. a posture is either not exdence. Au'DlT. av6ei>->of wearing by friction. year. majesty . reliable. Au'G£R. A. a. a. ad. AU'SPl-CEg. [For aptitude. . Lat. impuSyn.] Pertaining to pipes.] omen prediction. Au'dit-or. Au-DAC'I-TY. adv. augere. Au'ra-ted. Aug'tion-eer'. and tune. auruin. ALL. : . Relating to.]' Capable of being heard. AtVtri-bu'tion. .]it. a. [Gr. Any thing. Capable of be- a. To One who sells by Syn.] Act of listening. lucky. t. Severity of manAu-STER'I-TY. prosperous- (-spjsh'us-). [ear. &c. Gram. southern. fr. To allure to invite to engage.] [From authority proved Au-gOst". called Having the quality of augmenting. the of a buck. At-tune'. n. foretell by signs or omens. to dare. Horns dere. as. ners or living strictness. . sembling gold. " auspicium. n.] 1. f. Au'RE-OLE. Syn. 1. favorable. ther's or mother's sister. fice AT-TRAGT'. a.] straints of law Contemning the re- bold in wickedness.] To enlarge or increase to make bigger. [Gr. Daring spirit or Posture or position of a person. wind. Goth. to bear. [Lat. Au'di-ble-ness.] A public sale of property to the highest bidder a vendue. augmentare. ing to a royal court. n. Au'GUR. from ad. n. auris. a. r> One skilled in disorders Au'di-to'ri-Dm. faithful: crediTrue. " authorized to adjust accounts. — . [A. ers surround saints. the ear. Impudently. n. 6. At-trag'tion.«. &c. [-ED -ING. happily. Lat. Act of at1. to.] A . and the latter to s/niriovs. insign of crease. n. Au-then'ti-ca'tion. Severe in living. dim. n. n. Au'gust. tat'to. officers.-S. refer. ornamental dress. [Lat. An being worn.Au'STRAL. or cause to adhere or combine. 2. ear. 1. cwcmjpo?. -ING. modes of judging. like a gesture. — Rigid. -ING. /cos. Au'SPlCE. n Office of auditor. audire. especially to sounds in the chest. species of crowfoot. ed. a genuine manuscript. Aught 2. .

avrov^ia. [Or. A-vow'ei>-ly. [imp. or i. peCovetous. AWOKE. n. n. A female author " or writer.] " sisting in one's own handwriting.] _ to turn off. or earth sliding down a former of any thi og — creator originator. avena. — Averse is stronger than disinluctant. (45). n. To make void. ad. Undue love of money. to come to. Au'TO-^RXT'ie. adv. n. 3. and the niggardly. self. AWAKING. [-ED -ING. positive. auxiliaris. reSyn. A. Syn. self. )n. See AVER. 2. adv.] intense desire . URN. An A-vid'i-ty. biography. J to.] Cease. descent. [Fr. r. A-VOW'AL.] [Lat. which is a spirit of malicious resentment. post-mortem examination. ad. an impression. [-ED -ING.] A. . i. The sentence then read. Av'A-Ri'^E n.VOID'. declaration.] 1. and valere. -ING.-ING. .j To Lat.AGE A-VEr'MENT. Cap_hle ot being avoided. Excessive love of gain. atnwpa-nfc. 2. Fr. AS. -ING. n.. A shady alley or walk. oats. person's own A-VENGE'. t. To give authority to. aviditas. . n. pl. n. " adv. make an award. & To rouse from sleep or torpor ?'. augere. assistn. [Gr. A sight. v. inter). A-wait'. Legal or rightAdvantage. an A'VE-MA'RY. [Lat. One who writes a book. avaritia. An open or frank call. [-ED. thougn sometimes an acquired one. An entrance to any AU-TON'O-MY. 1.] Au'TO-MAT'ie. n. 2.G. avouch. use. " writes a life One who n.hard. and vocare. [Lat. [ to turn. AVA-LXN9HE'. rule influence credit. profitable able used to advantage ment by authority. . _ " A A A AU'TO-MAT'ie-AL. auTos. A-vErse'ly. To be of use or adAu-THOR'i-ty. [-ED -ING. t.nire. — it is . . : . To wait for. wakefulness. p. To rouse from 2.] " taming to autobiography. AU'THOR-IZE. Au'thor-ess. [Gr. v.] Au'to-grXph'I€. [Lat. [-ED. to increase. avouer. fr. 1. a. n. from. v. n. lead us to shvn. . Covetously greedily. Av'A-TAR'. AV'OIR-DU-POIS' or a. is to may induce us to avoid. . -ING. — The miserly nurious .&. ING. PULE. or estimate. — — .0. Relating to oats. . pi. foreign troops in the service of a nation at war.] 1. A-VAST'. to write. to vow. true. from AU-TOG'RA-PHY. advocate.VAIL'. denial. A vast body to.'-^k. According to the laws of average. Mary. Beginner or " AUX-Il'IA-ry. silent. [Lat. for ab. " [author. . ' . to pluck. antipathy is properly a constitutional disgust. auc(aw'tum). avros. clined and backward. to increase. and To turn or cause vertere. a.] AU'TO-GRXPH. mountain. fr.] Au'thor-ship. self. THIS .TOO. . A-vail'a-ble-ness. and rojuos. [Lat. Au'TO-TVTPE. n. 2. . to.j v. [Lat. . "and ovfas. v. Virgin Mary.] [Prefix a and void. A-ver'sion. n. v. Syn.'— Disgust . n. vb. place. ab. AXT'TO-DA-FE* (-fa').] A mean pro[0. 2. rule. EXIST. from augere. poids. . AU'TO-CRAT. Au-TO€'RA-CY. A-vail'a-ble. strength. n. t. [Or. a. Au'TUMN [Lat. (157). V. t. avrds. to. Lat. a. n. [Gr. to increase. n. With worth. 9. aviarium] A'VI-A-RY. produce. [Lat.] AV'A-Ri'cioDs-LY (-rish/us). Backwardly.] To declare positively. after wealth or gain. t. . A-void'an^e . .] Aside business that calls off. beginning Ave Maria Pertaining ^ [Hail. avere. repugDisgust is a repugnance. [Fr. avulsio. ful power-.rare. protest. — e. n. or biography of a person written by niggardly. 2.] To profit to assist to authority positively. In an avowed manner openly. a. AA. sway. toeffect the object valid. & — — . auctor. Having ofother verbs. to move. law.] 1. To keep at a distance from. n. Syn.) A photographic transcript of a picture. 2.] [Low — To affirm taining a Positive assertion [See Avert. A sentence.] To v. Av'o-CA'tion. [hold stop. civtos. i. a. vantage. 2. autumn. Revenge. portion medial sum. A-V£R' (14). ] [-ED. V. Lat. t. and miserly save it by disgraceful selftrolled authority. — [-ED.] 1. 2. to The third furnish abundantly. [D.] 1. With success or " To leauthority.n. ab. fr. [Skr. t. by interior machinery which imitates w AVE-NfJE. avrovop-ia. A. fr. To shun Syn. to be strong. to call.] season of the year fall. Of or belonging to .} A memoir — parsimonious. A-v£rt'. reluctance . . Capable of being EstablishAu'thor-i-za'tion. . to come out of a state resembling sleep. To cease to sleep. from a n. A-VOW'ER. avTO?. [Fr. self. . and ypd^eLv. n. n. t. -ING.] [0. To put into action or new sleep. . v. with clothe To effect. hand'fast. r. (av'er-du-poiz'). aiatara. the actions of men or animals. or ) performed the wrongdoer. PerAu'To-Bi'o-GRXPH're-AL. or away. It may be right to avenge injuries. and vovere.] Power TONg — . — . valley. AU'TO-BI-OG'RA-PHY. v. Avoid is negative. v. — Disinclined Turned away. A A or right of self-government. To be or form a medial sum or . from a. Au'TO-Bl-o&'RA-PHER. Fr. from avros. from Lat adve. n. An .. 3. t. to be Au-thor'i-ta-tive-ly. . p. vindi care. . t. t. backward. and /cparos. — WAKED AWAKED . n. life. ave. even at the expense of others. v. An absolute govunconernment by one person . a. Unwillingly. from. 1.] Helping. Not sleeping in a state of a. To by sentence to adjudge.] 1. tc ] To declare WOLF. [Gr. avertere. interj. [-ED -ING. but never to indulge revenge. ing available. [Lat. person's own hand-writing. csp.] fr.] to the pound.] geance. n. covetous eagerly desire wealth. strong appetite. -ING.Sometimes improperly used for vocation. State of bepersons in power.from Lat._. Positive. ) Syn.. galize. One who avows.WAKE'. ad. [-ED. quantity. Syn. An absolute prince or sovereign. pi. antipathy. " by. Au-tOm'NAL. A-void'a-ble a. from ad. . and verus. a. aside. reduce to a mean to proportion. ) a. n. To be in store for. fr. writing. authority. the avaricious hoard it the penurious. Sayings which carry weight A-vaii/a-b'il'i-ty. avoir fixed) weight. himself. 4. A helper an assistant ing. E. command. n. 2.— AUTHOR AWARD 29 AU'THOR. or con. A-WARD'. i. but not so strong as reluctant. inclosure for keeping birds. avocatio. by meanness in their dealings. quantity or. — . nance of feeling or taste. A-vErse' (14). [Pg. p. and vallis. avro?. in the pi. .] (Photog.VOW. and Eng. v. i. to. and machine moved A-VENG'ER.] A-VAUNT'. and vellere. Opposition of mind n. from ad. pi. warrant. Begone. n. augere. Medial conproportion. a. adv. Lat. Act of avoiding. and vocare.] To assign v. A-vul'sion. dominion. «. — Shun is Prudence simply to keep away from. to. self. Absolute. [0. " self. awarder. Greedy Av'A-Ri'ciotJs (-rish'us). fr. 2. One who takes venHaeiv.] I Having a repug nance or opposition of mind. Au'to-grXph'I€-al. 1. n. [Gr. t. from. 1. Au'TOP-SY. 1). Fr. . avrofiarov. A verb helping to form the moods and tenses Au-THOR'I-TA-TIVE. 1. n. v. State of being an of snow. A-vail'a-bly. . fear or dislike We avoid bad habits. and tJtto?. parsimonious.] 1. [Lat. ice. profits or proceeds.] A-WAK'JBN. vindicate by inflicting pain or evil on | a. avTOypa^os. an automaton AU-T5M'A-TON. Pertaining to. n. prayer to the original manuscript. . a.] To declare openly to own. 1. A-vouch'. wide street. we ought to shun vices. B3. of himself. tumnus. mean — . — self acting. AU-TOM'A- — AU-T&M'A-TA. it turn from. See Guard. [Fr. control. n.Av'E-NA'CEOtis. pr.-ing] [Lat. promote. Punishment of a heretic by burning. avengier. RUE. AvA-ri'cious-ness (-rish'us-).] tearing asunder forcible separation. to covet. Force. by a certain process. n. AVer. 2.n. An incarnation of a Hindoo deity. influence. adv. a. dislike. to have (p du A weight of 16 ounces [-ed. l\[«sNG. [-ED. A . To establish by authority.

" barley. adv. §62. bsec. n. — a. or adv. . Idle talk n.rx An instrument AXE. n. BXck-slid'ER. . Blue color of the sky. [Gr. v. li . -S. averse. a. An inhabitant 2. state. or time. BXck-gXm/MON. and. one who is awkward wants grace of movement one AWK'WARD. One who has taken the first degree in the liberal arts. _ sisting on berries. BXck'bite. " n. n. Awn. A a£i'<ofAa.-S. a. BXck. — used to afone 1. a. ped -ING. an azimuth from the magnetic meridian. 2. Ax. K:!l. [Lat. p. [See BABE. [A.] A game BXdge. helan. a. [Cf. An axle. One who awards. -ING.— - . A. n. infant a tale: Babe^m. to fear.. . To speak evil of. [Prob. . ever adv. State of a bach- Upper or hinder part of an animal. a. oga. v. to devour.] kind of monkey. To or toward a former n. C) Axle A-woke'. veneration. BACKProducing berries. [Lat. t. a. ere. vicious. BADGER 30 the decision of ar- . In an awful man Quality of striking adv. Outward or upper part of a thing. n. SLID. Xx'l-O-MAT'IC. BXCK'slDE. bac] 1. Y. ) — ) a. AYE firm or assent. [imp. 1. cise — human toward beings. Magnetical azimuth. v. combat. To support or strengthen. grasses. want of training. o. from blada.] Th straight line. imp. . An I -ing.] superl. hand. or rain. WORST.] "Degree of bachelor of arts. or reason.] pi. A young BXcH'E-LOR-SHi'P. bach. baccifer. Bac-civ'o-roOs.] wind. having the nature In an awk- Pertaining to. n. A noisy and cammawn.6. 2. as.] Nitrogen gas.] instrument for making small holes. Axioms maxims are the foundations of seience. BXd'GER. Fear mingled with ogan. [slides a renegade. n. and vorare. [A. dice. a . n. 2. . To cry or bleat as sheep. azote. n. to AWN'ING. &c. bach. E. back. or grace. v. ) ) adv. as-samt. tell- [baby. . — Clumsy.-S. The spine. Ba'by. [Ar. axis and ferto bear. place. BXde } (57)> Past BXc'cha-nal. v. [L.] [See Bach. n. p. adv. [-ed. State baby . left. [comp.] 1.] Hog's flesh salted or pickled and dried.] To strike with fear and reverence. AZ'I-MUTH. fIrm son . 1. 3. tense of BUL Having many berries. Bach'e-lor. aphorism. bad. real or imaginary. a. a. n. cover. r>y Bab'ble. bacca. n. (azh'ur or Az'ure a'zhur). a. backBac-CIF'ER-OUS. worse 4.WRY' (a-rl'). A-ZOTE'. fear. ) a. related to the bear. n. the front. A akin to babe. back.— Syn. — Maxim. Ba'by-ish. 1. a.-S. Veneration is dread of punishment. — .] Bab-oon'.] BXCK-SL1DE'. A v. baccatus.] continually. who is uncouth so for is adv. To prate.w. [A. al. A BXck'ward. WORSE.] admiration or reverence. [A.] 1. I BXb'ble-ment. t. readiness. Of a sky-blue.] Having an axis. Xx'LE-TREE (Sks'l-).] n. " covering from the sun. Quality of be- n. n. all. Awaru'er. baccalarius 1. Striking with awe ter- " Awk'wakd-ness. corn. 2.] An arc of the horizon between the meridian of the place vertical circle passing through the centre of any object. &c. in the English alphabet.] 2. n. adage. slid p.] To pester or worry.-S. pi. Ground in the place of obscurity. usually in smoke.] n. — Dread .way'. pique. . Ax'lL-LA-RY. agan. of course. an adage is a saying of longestablished authority. — [ED. with box and BXCCA-LAU'RE-ATE. [Lat. 2. — One who Syn. from W. The blue vault above. n.woods/man. 3. Dull. ahana.] Wanttermination and the ing dexterity. AYE (a). re. A. bauchs. [A. AX'E§. Aw'ful-ly. n. the absence of the person traduced. i. adv. life. and the first consonant. side Aside from truth 2. [A. taking the altitude of heavenly bod[with one sharp edge. To utter words imperfectly or unintelligibly. a priv. n Wanting good qualities? - . Ger. a^iVrj. & p. Pertaining to. is clumsy is heavy. To move or go To get on the back jike a young child Ba'by-hood. of Pron.] Back'BONE.]. as- n. t. 1. i. Ax'LE (aks'l). a berry. n.] : for hewing timber. a. 3. a. Reveling in intemperance. 2. ^be). AWful. bladarivs. with awe. eax.. atok. supposed to revolve. a blue color.] [D. or an axiom. to apos[Lat.BXck'bit-ER.ji. distinction played by two persons. or con- and a — sisting of. bacho.] A mark of BXc'cha-na'li-an. or may br Ax'IS. are guiding principles in our practical concerns. One who back- of the forest in new settlements. n. Aversion re-ING. Late or behind[luctance. ask. 3. sel. 3. A. f [Gr. A man who has not been married. a. meaning words. i. " bitrators. sumut.. Hinder part rear. affirmative vote. childish. of Awake. short. -ING.-S xx. 4. pi. Bacon (ba'kn). — n. BXck'sword (-sord). Awl. Awn'less. revels. of.Rever- ence is a strong sentiment of respect and esteem.-S. baban. ungraceful in every thing. Away from BXck'ward-ness. H. t. [Per. without leaves or other appendages. An aphorism is a detached sentence expressing a weighty sentiment. uncouth. (See Prin. [elor.] Subtatize.) Baa. knight. V. a. cerulean.u.I. rear. — . Y. To A. aa. n. BXc'ca-ted. Feasts in honor of Bacchus en . —v. ward manner. ward. An idle talker [W. veil. far. . is the second letter.fl. For a short time. Goth. A-zoT're. n _ ) asquint. n. a. BXg'gha-na'LI-a. BXcK'WARDg. un- . . [-ED. B. Syn. fr. oats. An . state. Beard of [Goth. chopping wood. babbelen. fner.] 1. Lat. beag. — infant. A secret calumELOR. Gr. n. ill niator^ evil [Moral principle. A 1. BXd. " A pointed [A. armpit. n.] A transverse bar or shaft on which wheels turn. Apprised cognizant. Always. Lat. n. A burrowing quadruv. eax. Ax-lF'ER-oOs. BXcic. on which a body revolves. I. AWK'ward-ly. A -WHILE'. and <Jwij. A w'ful-ness. . The rear. n. X. Ay 1("*i). sometimes mingled slightly with Dread is strong personal fear. past time. in . Eug. 1. or in better to a Unwilling. Ihjau-ard or lajuward . 2. drunk- BXck'ground.] self- evident truth or proposition. ?'. — In the rear remote. Goth. A voter in the _ affirmative. [Lat. of. To force backward. At a distance. TfRM. [W. Toward From a — a. [0.long. Begone Awe. [Lat. AWARDER or final decision A-ware'. BXB'BLE. Toward the back. Ix'l-OM. The part out of sight. little. what. adv. Pertaining to the Ax'il-lar. With the back in advance. [L. reverence in its strongest manifestation it is the highest emotion we can exer. Without awn or beard. 2. 1. 142 ] To A 2. ies. — care. 2. In. BACKSLIDDEN. [Cf. Per. drunkard.-S. interj. n. An doll. . ing awkward. [-ED treat of being a baby.rc. sword BXck'staff. [-ED.oot> An instrument for n. [0. Yes. 0.t. Like a .] To fall back or off. j Bab'bler. rible.

i. dry. [-ED. To swell like a full a.) To move toward a person opposite. 2. — To balk. baffen. Balloon.] To . Bail'er Bail/or One who (126). Trunks. [Fr. 3. [-ed -ing. 2. A bag filled with gas or heated air. v. to toss. One to whom goods are Ba-LIZE' (-leez'). URN. [See BAIL. t.] To assuage. A pole BXl'us-trade. 3. t. t. a. Some heavy substance. house. bound. — signal-fire. A sign in the zodiac. v. The security H-indle of a kettle. BAl'last. 1. rail. bale. H. baldor- . [L. BANDIT 31 n.} A sack or pouch. An aromatic of certain ointment. A slight paper box for — <-. t. it. H. station. Balk (bawk). A species of tree also. 1. or resembling. See ballote. ) containing. A — company of persons. Prohibition. species of silk or cotton handkerchief. ) a. [0. 2. Ger. . or 7raAAeiv. I. [-ed -ING.] Precincts in which a bailiff has jurisdiction.] 1. foliage. BAL-LIS'TJE. 4. To put on or in. 1 apparatus for weighing bodies. balo. n. n. Ger. n. written or printed vote. A [From Balmoral. Estimate. n. Bak'er-y. confound. O. disappoint. [bags. i. Bag'pjpe. sing. . To settle and 1. [0. .] A sheriffs deputy.] n. bailed. 1. 2. i. i ties of balsam. banntcs. Ger. of an army. n. To heat. A round body. shifts frustrate. to leap. /SaAaa^oi/. [Sp. [0. A row of balusraised on a bank. [Fr. pi. prattle. — jtake refreshment. n. homely verses.] social assembly for dancing. bindan. Ball. sorrow.-S. BXn'dIt. BXl'go-ny. Bail'ment. 1. Producing balm.] 1. To seize or intrap. 3. Edict. v. of Fr.] 1. Having the qual. 1.] [Lat. n. Bal'drig. [-ed -ing. and harden.\G'GAGE. An equipoise or just proportion.t.] 1. beam. [Fr. [-ED ?'.-S. -ING. A delivery of goods in BAIT. A worthless mixtribaldry. B. 3. used in bindv. ball. 2. bilanx. BXl-sXm'ig. i. balla. Full of bale or n. A banana.] A lawless or desperate fellow a brigand. n. scale. To estimate. [Gr. bajulare. — BAl'let To be baked. v. necessary to make two quantities or sums equal. 4. with a bandage. n. A n. Lat. &c. v. Trade of a baker. To free from water. — Bagatelle (bag'a-tel'). utensils. and then back. 1. To check by baffen. A linen neckcloth worn by clergymen. [Gr. /SoAauorioi'. n. to bite. Eng. [It. bitan. n. plant. n. lug2. 2. Quantity baked at once. paper giv- ing a summation and balance of accounts. played with balls and a 2. To leave Ban. To bind ing up wounds. n. n. adv. [bagpipe. A Science of n. To anoint with balm. n. [0.] 1. v. misery.] . That which has the properties of a balsam. who becomes deliver. ~- i. Bak'ing. and species its fruit. A [Malay. n. so as to rise and in the at- float mosphere. Act of voting by balls cor tickets. H. — [A. into balls on the feet BAL'LAD. Bail'i-wIck. canopy. [It. pi.] coat. from Ms. Temptation. [From Gr. ballata. BXg'pip-er.] popular song. carpet-bags. 2 To upon a contract. BALE '-FIRE. 2. place for baking. n. In. To set free on giving security for appearance at a certain day and place. n. v. [Sp. 2.] [A. 2. 5. a. Ger. (bawk'Jr). su ety for a prisoner's appear mce in court. bind. to steady it. A fillet. n. /3aAo-<x/aov. [trust. [upon. &c. twice. a. as of hair. v. Cloth BXGN'IO (ban'yo). 4. To load or fur- A the- (or bal'la). ure. . banished. Balm (bam). and turns. [Fr. STN. To play tricks [-ED. 3. v. [See Band. Bal-lIs'TIGS. Eald'pate. w. n. bale] un plowed ridge.] A 1. BXg'GING.&. want of good Baf'fle. [Cf.] A machine used by the ancients for throwing stones. t. bacan. or materials for [It. I delivers goods to another iu trust. qualities. to prepare for food. /SaAAeiv.] 2. — BAL'ANgE-SHEET. palcho.] 1. joined by a rail. . Ban-dXn'a. 6. balla.} 1. v. freshment on a journey. an alarm-fire. A box for receiving — . this. foil. 3. To provoke and harass. State of being bad.] To unite in a company or confederacy.] to bake bread. 2. A musical instrument. proclaimed. AS. n. Apt to aside or stop abruptly. given by a prisoner and his surety. A n. -ING. One n. n. A pate without hair a bald person. Pertaining to the Bal-lis'tig. Bal'der-dash. n. To bring to an equipoise. a. Ba-na'na.] [well. Full of grief or sorrow. A plant grow- — . t. expressed or implied. To give food and drink to. be in equipoise. [-ed Capable of being Bail'a-ble.] 1. Tents. as (roods. . — v. B a d'ly.G. or belt.-S. BAK'ER. bound or fastened. n. a. in an oven. pi.t. n. 1. n. lic notice of a marriage proposed. Bal-MOR'al. well-known ga. BAke'house. State of being bald. To stop to v. an annual garden plant. ) ]ight articles. Fr. Bald. One who plays on a BAIL. W. BXl'lot-box. [Goth. &c. Bag. ballots. v. it.-ING. An aromatic resinous substance. Bale. flower of wild pomegranate. n.} turn Any BXND. -2. balle. t. 2. -ing.TOO. An BAM-BOO'. . 1. and under the opposite arm. BADINAGE Badinage (bad'e-nazh'). &c. n. and A. JB. fr.— — . 2 Admittiug of bail.] [Augm. a. &c.woif. woman. ters. Destitute of the natural covering. — A A — [-ED. 3.] 1. n.and lanx. 2. n. PULL . . A 2. n. i. saucy young .-S.] A kind of gallery on the outside of a building.— v. fragrant Any thing which heals. n. . balsam. A coarse woolen s'uff. Pubpoint to frustrate. &c. [A. Ger. ballista. In a bad manner not Bad'ness. beal. Bake. €.-S. balderich. upon the road.] 1. Unadorned. BXl'US-TER. BXl'da-ghin (-kin). Means of union or connection. n. hanging from one shoulder across the breast. n. t. [0. t. A house for-baking. n. Re&c. 0. [Gr. ) BAIL'IFF. jurisdiction of a bailiff.] of the plantain-tree. &c. To stop 3. bandito. bakho. 4. Balk'y atrical exhibition of dancing. banda.] A Ban-dXn'nA. Bag. EXIST. 3. To hesitate. duss. Senseless jargon Bald'ness. baillie. n.] A trifle A game a thing of no importance. [See clothing. biscuit. A hindrance or disappointment.j [A. committed in trust. balk. Balm'Y (bam'y). balgs. Batl'-bond. Having the 1. To render equal. [Fr.?i.] is curse. A boud or obligation Bale'ful. defeat. to bear a burden. [-ED -ING. bandana. To put into a bag.] v. on account of the similarity of form. v. n.] 1.i. To disapH. narrative or sentimental. given. To form. to That with which a thing [A. — . BXl-sXm'I€-al. One whose occupation is BAL-LIS'TA. or swathe. Bal'ance. [-ED t. 7i.] 1. 2. 3. An Bal-loon'. batan. Ger. . BAL'SAM. silent . 2. to allure fish. To adjust. fr.] 1.] To vote or decide by ballot. ban. bannum. elude. &c.] A bundle of goods corded for transportation. Light or playful discourse. . -ing.soft. A Scotland. dr. BXnd'box. gage. (Da?icing. That which is — . 2. ing in_tropical countries. Sap or juice trees. BXnd'age. Any substance to catch 2. in kind of figured petti- qualities of matic BXL-sXM'IG. 1. nish with ballast. Baize. NasNG. wic. as snow. [Prov. 2. A playful.] BAIL-EE'. v. 4. 2. Any 3. H. 2. feathers.] A small column used as a support to a 1. BXl'lot. Ball. 3. $.n. throw. abruptly in one's course. A bath- brothel. as an account. . plate. [Lat. RUE. in the hold of a vessel. abode. [projectiles. /. 3. n. untouched in plowing. A great beam. bXn'dits or BANdit'TI. rod on a board with holes at one end. n. TOOK. A regulating wheel in a watch.-S. v.} or by perplexing. Bam-boo'zle.] A girdle. ity * misfortune -ING. [Lat. or -ING. fish. n. calam- Misery make up n. 2.hard. . balm odoriferous arosoothing. in simple. in a bale. used in Scotland. [-ED. n. n.

) ) bande. Bark. 5. t. Having a. humor. t. state. BXnk'RUPT-CY. transaction. adjuncts of any kind. BXn'ian (or ban-yan').] beard.] Any BXn'NER. n. as with a cudgel BAn'TAM. I ) An sith. payable to bearer A sufficient answer to the plaintiff's on demand. Without t.] A neretus. to joke . An agreement concerntree. Having barbed n. To compel to leave one's country. &c.. to dip in water. banik.] . 136. A horse of the Barbary n.— v.. [-ed. with armor. as an arrow. t.] To make insolvent. [W. metal. 2. A line drawn across the staff. origin. [-ED — v. as n.] To Bare'-legGjBD. baud or Hat band.) Syn. branch of a Bar'GAIN (42). fairy. bastard. n. o. -ING. .] 1. 1. barbaris. Bane'ful. or Ban-yAn'. [Ir. . BAnk'-bIll. [Fr. woman. [-ed. — To —A exile. Bane. t. With the Bare'FAC£D face uncovered. bank.]_ To 2. banclothe. from snout to tail. A promissory note bor. 3. short. and often illnatured. n. — — — . & Bare'foot-ed. destruction. We nitty when we attack a person with ridicule. to field. n.] 1. i.] An adBAn'do-leer'. t. 6. v. v. Bare'ness. hedges. . 2. To a Bar-ba'ri-an ular language. «. ruptus. e. [points. little I .n. v. v.] .— Contract stipulation. [From L. n. -ING.] animal roasted whole. and A castle or city. [At. bar.] 1. Inclosed place of a tavern. Pertaining Bare. BXnk'-stock. PIQUE. belt. . bser. Act of banishing. [Lat. /3dp/3apos. BXnk'RUPT. t. n.E. [Icel. [Fr. common in Bard.] cruel. qualities.] A shrubby plant. -ing. Any form 2. 3. BAn'quet (b&nk'wet). . (ban-kef). John. fish-hook. 2. [Corrupted from Ger.) and Lat. To 142. exchange. Shares in the capital stock of a bank. [rous manner. n. BARILLA 32 Band. Ruin 2. . Ba-ril'la. Bap-tI§'MAL. . BAnt'ling. 1. v. n. veil. A To treat with a feast. Foreign. sand. [-ed. Bar'be-€UE. BAre'foot. im- [feet bare. gown. beard. esp. n. BANG. barba. rank conferred only on such as were BAr'bi-€AN. Impure soda obtained from the ashes of any sea-shore plant. — A v. at which animals are roasted whole. badiner. fr. [See Band. Business of a banker. [Low bannire.] To transfer v. -ING. Pertaining to bapBAp'TIST.] A baluster. n. auminister the sacrament of baptism the bearer on demand a bank-note. n. holy the banian mor. [A corrupt. Savageness n. i. (Mus. as a religious ceremony. An agreewood. 1. n. aa notes. beard. To to handle roughly. [Low Lat. BAnk (82). from Banmake barbarous. A morning play upon in words and in good hulanguage. 2. from Applicaj8a7TT€(v.. An elegant pleasurelarge boat for passengers 1. savage.long.] 1. Bap-t&t'I€-al. State of being bankrupt failure in trade. barbatvs. out covering naked. -ing. Banquette legs. BAn'jo. 3.Barge. [Ethiopic] The largest tree in the world.] A military eu. [A corruption of bandore. — — . TERM. or state of being banished. bonnach. BAn'ish-MENT. far. a. brought. 1. turning the laugh upon a person something he has done or neglected todo. Pertaining a. feast. 5. baptism is . [Fr. barbe-d-quene i. BAn'dy.a note. t. bargia. &c. Ear'ba-r'i§iyi.— v. struct. Aft 1 . bane.] 1. in Java.] tion of water to a person. A flat a shoal. or discountable. of baluster. [A.] The Indian Syn. minstrel hence. engagement. a. Bap'tis-ter-y. 3. 2. [Gr. Bar'ber-ry. To use a barbabanga. n. 3. &c. A. bare.] A among the ancient Celts . n. n. ment of any kind. ere. 6.] 1. Bar- 2. action. n. A n. n. to bards. or a bill of ex. n. a.] Bearing tufts of hair bearded. [Gael. [-ed.] v. u. of a bank. fIrm.] 1. . n. [-ed with a bar. son . Having the legs promissory note of a bank payable to [kedly. n. band. cAre. -ING. fig-tree. [Fr. uncivilized of speech con- trary to the pure idioms of a partic- deadly BEN'SHIE. A gainful 2.] A large leathern thrown oyer the right shoulder. bardd. 2. [Fr.] A haps from Fr.] One who shaves beards. barBar. To drive away. [Low Lat. a. — . Having the head In America. broken. One who rejects infant baptism. bar. 2.-S. a. expel. fr. Barb. v. — .. One who makes a to pay debts insolvent. probably. change. BAn'dy-legg^d crooked Having (-legd). a. . able to bring a certain number of vanced work defending the entrance i [See n. A ridge of earth.] To Contrary to the pure idioms of a Hindoo merchant. v. 1. . in the open air. Lat. See Ban. Bar'ber. t.. Lat.. Only. merchant.] A young or small child an infant. (a. seat] A little raised way. —a. [uncovered. — — a bank. bolt. -1NG. -ING. poisonous BAn' a. vassals into the BAn'nock. Bar'ba-ted.] A stringed musical instrument. bean. n. a. To deposit money in . One who receives and gania. ask. 3. usually with disgrace.] To beat. bankling. [of fig-tree. . banque. See BANNER. An obstacle a barrier. BAn'Ter. 2. a.] Bar-bAr'1-ty. BXn'dog. A kind for — . place where administered. BAnk'er. BANK'A-BLE.] To raise a mound or dike about. stock. or other solid matter. baptismal. BAnd'e-let. [From W. bare. barbs. where liquors are sold. A a rich entertainment. . [A.] A person [bargain.y. (b. [-ed. payable to order. Eare'head-ed. a native of tropical Africa. pan. fowl. a.] . Unable [-RED -RING. BAn'ish. [Fr. State of being bare. bana. negotiates bills of exing the sale of property. 1. the forerunner of Christ. (89).-S.. as a horse. t. at the mouth of a river or harBAnk'-NOTE. Uncivilized or with a club a heavy blow. 6. . as bills . Bank of Bank'ING. To make for a consideration. u. 2. a contract to agree. [Lat. A long piece of remits money. [band and dog.) The legal profession. baptism . n. This is always more pungent. To except. barous. regale one's self.] A club for striking a ball. BAN'IS-TER. fierce kind of dog. A or goods. fr. n. [Skr. [-ED. [Lat. bar. or sarcasm.i. To beat to and fro. — . Bar'BA-rize. strip off the covering of. 4. band?. v. Bar-bar'ic. n. 4. raillery. issued by a bank. A A 1. v. and holds to adult baptism known by immersion. purchase. BAp'TIgM.] cake made of oatmeal. adv. expelled when forcibly ejected. bannicre. n.-ign 2. merely. 2. [-ED -ING. what. In Eng. To BAn'ner-et. barba. — We banter in good Bar'BATE. tam. unable top/ his debts. t.] A military Bar'ba-can. n. [Cf.] 1. To hinder to ob. fairy. n. See Bench. Humorous raillery pleasantry.Bap-tiz'er. from v. a. &c. along the inside of a parapet. Shameless pudent. n. \. 1. all. Any steep acclivity. puny a. One who administers baptism. [tism. nato to christen. a poet. To furnish with a hag. Receivable at a bank. A very small variety of rous mode of speech. n. n. molding. Irish elty . With- a. 3. n.] See v. BAre'LY. poison. . bench. -ING. 2. BAn'yan. to large large social (-f. 2. bandouliere.] [Persavage. a. a. n. adv. n. ?'.-S. n. n. /3a7rrio-. banc. brutal man. Bar'ba-rous. [Fr. Rude uncivilized cruel inhuman. 1. — To rally. A bench of rowers. . . Eard'ig.a. to feast. Bar'ba-rous-ly. to sell. [Gr. n. One who baptizes.A company of persons concerned in a bank. 2. change. In a barbatree being held sacred. n. [A. With the Having the feet adv. A blow. n.BANDLET BXnd-let. kept chained. when sent from his own into a foreign country. To agitate. man is banished when forced to depart. pf Arabic large. Cruel ferocious. The point that stands backward in an arrow. To fasten Bar'GAIN-er. Place where a collection of money is deposited. barba. in modern usage. exiled Syn. cru- inhumanity. a Bap-tize'. [-ed t. Ba'o-bab. &c. n.] n. Beard. boat. t. I. 3. An 1.

2. short. — Bark. of bast. liquors.] building for storing grain. heavy. -ING. Low in value or estimation. barein.] To traffic by exchanging one commodity for another. n.-S. Any tube. n. oiKLa. 1. barrique. a barring up Fr. 2. Barque (bark).] An instrument for determining the weight or pressure of the atmosphere. [From Gr.] [Norm. [-ed -ING. or jts bark. A fabulous serpent. two-wheeled. urn. which are stopped by the fingers. do. [A. also for stabling. Pertaining to the base. Any obstruction. n. TrepKrj. L. n Ba'si-fy. The lowest part in a musical composition. n. v.] Skin of a sheep tanned. — Ba-salt'. ship- An A master who manages fraudulently. BASH'FUL-LY. bernacula.] 1.] A green- ish-black rock of igneous origin. Baryi'y. -ING. Thing given in exchange. BA'sal. B. Lat. Any hollow place containing water. a. [A. . Born of low parentage.] . v. basso. 2. n. Quality of being base. basaltes. barraca. 2. hog. basis. to make. Base. Bar'RI-CADE'.] A light. [-ED. Any limit or boundary. ) n 1.] To lie exposed to genial heat. from bas. o. made in haste. Ba-s. 2.] To exv. Unfruitfully.] A fragrant aromatic plant. [Written also base. 2. from - ) barkr. Bar'ra-TRY. A vessel made of • interwoven. Bass'-re-LIEF' (bas're-leef). basged. That on which a thing rests. bacchinus. 3. t. BAsh'ful-ness. adv. [It. ves- Any small vessel. chapel..] The foam rising upon fermenting beer or other m lit 2. la. Pertaining to baryta. t. t. Lordship.from 1. 3. the compass of which partakes of the common bass and the tenor. n. u.] 1 Of humble birth. bar. bern. humble.— Base is a stronger S yn.] ering of a tree barki. n.] twigs.'ol. 3. Gr. BXr'ON. The two first denote what is wicked as well as — .] court of justice. Trpartciv. or Bas-set'. n.] To fortify with any slight work. bbrkr. Pertaining to basalt. a water vessel. beorg. — prow. biro- four-wheeled carriage. Bas'ket. n.i. hard. 1. Lat. 1. bar. BA-sjfl/re. Morally low. vair.] To grind or form the edge of . barki. 2. augm. Bass'. 137. [Of Icel. and baronet. from Bapvs. Bass. to use practices. Quantity which such a vessel confrom 31£ to 36 gallons.. -ing. [Gr.] Angle to which the cutting edge of a tool is ground. 3. N as NG . See Base. A hollow vessel. rue. [Lat. used for mats. BAR'Y-TONE a. with casks. Vile mean . [A. pair of spectacles. 2. is WOLF. n. royal. — .] 1. . one who holds rank between a viscount Lat. BAs'so. Fraud on the part of a ship-master. &c. BAR'-SHOT. BAR'LEY. [Gr. Ba-r6'NI-al. &c. Bas-BLEU (ba'blu/ or ba-bloo/). i. or o-Toa. Bas/il. 3. A game of ball.m. v. Groundwork or first principle. n. — [Gr. row-boat. -ING. weight. One who sings The Bas'set. bottom Bash'ful. n. Eng. term than vile. Bas-soon'.) A defensive fortification. fish of several species. W. Ba'sis. t. Bass. n. low. [See Base. BA'SEg. /3aa small masted — Unfruitful Syn. rushes.] 1. [Prob. BXr'RACK. fr.] salifiable base. j8a<rtAiVKos. or fee of a btron. throat. Turkish title of honor. of SacnAews. See n. Y BAR'REL.] Incapable of producing offspring. n. heavy. . a.] The bass or lowest part. -ing. stringed instru- ment with C. [Low Lat. [A. BXr'on-et-age. ) a ) In the manner of a public edifice or cathedral. bulgy vessel. resembling a jacket with a short skirt. because it came from the Basques.] [Cf. bassus. Bar'ON-et. or -led. To clamor. a blue-stocking. to exchange. Sapvs. A round. [See story of a building. v. a. «. In a base manner. n. jWiAikij (sc. base. whose figures project but little. aonor.] 1. [Dim. n. & pi.n. scanty. A Ba-SIIAW'. Bar-shot. a secret or close place. [-ed. adv. n. BXr'ren-ly. Pertaining to a baron. BAse'NESS. Lat.Xr'RA-TOR. [Gael. . of wind instru- bassone. (ba'sn).] To put or pack in a barrel.'I€-al. €. church. Base '-born. re. Sulphate of baryta.] An this part. j plains A A threesel sterile. BASS-VIOL 33 Bary. so called from the bases or bounds designating the circuit each player must make after striking the ball. fr. king. v. thick. n. n. from barra. 1. and deep. measure. BA-§li/re. basanium.-S. The entire tract of country drained by a river. [or support. ejist .] [It. raised work. fr. An instrument for holding horses by the nose 4. xrn. 2. BARN. adv. beorma. 2. i n. Deep or grave in sound. . Fr. Base'less.. 3. beran. . S. &c. BA-ROM'E-TER. 1. ±n a bashful .] n. Principal element of a chemical compound. 1. i. small handcarriage. beorh. n. soft. facere. fr. Skr. [From base. t. [Prob. v. a. or give in exchange. pi. from Goth. large hall oi /SaaiAevs.] Grave. fiapos. A . cask. [Gr. 3.Xr'on-age. dull. [A. sing. hay. —v. [-ed n. [Gr. to the baromJ eter. pi. Fr. n. T0~0. trees. A large piece of ord- nance Ba's/n [L. 2. [W.Xr'i-tone. 2. species of wild goose.Gr. change. & a.] A [Lat. n.-S.dim. barriere. a.-S. v. [Goth. 2.] Ba-RY'TA.). Whole body of Dignity of a baron.) A holes. n.] To put on a base or basis to found Base'-ball. /3<£o-is. -ling.BAR'REN. [Fr.t.] 1. Elevated Base'ment. and relief. See Bark. [-ED. n. low. uninventive. with falling top. Containing barm or yeast. the bark from. barlys. — n. 1. n. berern.] A male hog castrated. bearg. [Corrupt. Bar'na-€LE (bir'na-kl).] tains. barahu. to an angle. to do.] A literary lady. The_ heaviest of the earths. n. bake. used for making malt. Bark. [Orig. [Fr.] Ilaving manner. grow small on which A Bar'ter. -ing. a. 2. BXr'ON-ESS. tus. Ba-ryt'I€. Exterior covthe rind. A a down-cast look very modest. BXR'O-MET'Rie. berewe.-S.] A [A corrupt. [Icel. [Gr. n. (Mil.] To strip v. A baron's wife. BARM. low. 2. barre. Bar'ris-ter. and ern. [0. A counselor admitted to plead at the bar. Bark.] 1. Base. n. barley. n. of baron. here. [See Abash. Ba-rou^he' (-nTosh'). base. [L. used as leaven. 2.t. a. and vile than mean. said to be produced from a cock's egg brooded by a serpent a . a. I. so called (bask). kind of fence made to pts. a. Collective of baronets. 4.] [See Base. bas. to bear. [Fr. from bacca. (Mus. barons. n. n. a. body Ba-SALT'I€. Sapurovo?. n. 2. from Gr. G. A male voice. and tovos. and To convert into a [Lat. B \r'o-ny.] 1. shallow. old game at cards. BAR'ROW. n. &c. I Ba-sil'I-€A. n. The rank of a a. man.] The noise made by a dog. 1. Basque [Prob. part of a thing on which it stands. Barque. silent . W. varying 6r. [-ED.] A grain. pi.] A hut or house for soldiers. ban's. n. [b?ronet BXr'on-et-cy. D bakeren. for water for washing. baraill. Quality of being . Ba-ry'tes. barra. A Ag . B. The gravest male voice.] Part of a lady 9 dress. n. 2. [-ED. THIS. bar. Producing nothing. skiff. the latter what honorable. basgawd. pull disgraceful or dis- step. 3. or obstruction.] raised over the dead. Any bar. Lower n.— — BARITONE B.] Sculpture. Bar'RI-ER. fr. TO"OK. To make the noise of dogs. 1. pi. shell-fish. n. Pertaining Bar'o-met'rki-al. . A and fj-erpov.] A degree of honor next beiow a baron. A A or cathedral. a king so named from some prominences on the head resembling a crown. BXs'I-LISK. stop an enemy. consisting of a bar with a round head at each end. — — : Practice of exchanging commodities. flcuri At/cos. Bask (6). n. 1 Practice of encouraging lawsuits. Cf. n. [A.A mound of earth S. bears. tone. [bashful. barater. [Icel.] The teil-tree.] In England. [Sp. n. cockatrice. encourager of litigation. &c. vir. or of th<? mariners. E. as a kind of male voice. Having no foundation Base'ly. Shot. 2.

Any Having a beak. bastir. Beak. n. glass. 2. (beekt). [-ED -ING. used to strike a shuttlecock. back. Lat. Bathe. v. r. [I. A fragrant liquor ob tained from the leaves of the ba} -tree Bay'-rDm. [A. to maintain a beacon. &c. from Lat. t. A messenger or Bat'TLE-axe. 2. BAY. . BATE. n. ou parapet. prep. bs-del from from abate. and may be fight. Baste. Fr. veil. [A. ing of another. 3. v. feet. Beach. -ING.] [Lat. BAT'-FOWL/lNG. [-ed. That which gives notice of danger. . &c. 2. [0. — the sea. n. v. [A. berry. n. sandy shore. iectively. Combat is a close (like fight) To manage engagement. fAr. i. An A An wool or in [Lat. . [A. State of being a bastard illegitimacy. batuere.. Battlement. wineTo immerse. [-ed.] Tocontendin rated ball. bast ilia. An inlet of to low. t. 2. a bat. from bvddan. baca. BAt'ter-ing-rAm. baeth. battalia. 2. [0.] [AbbrevT Bat'tle-Xx.] Inner bark of the lime-tree mattiug. to bid. beonne. n. p. ty of bread baked at one time. cordage. A person who keeps a brothel. BAT. BEEN. n. Illegitimate. inclining to a chestnut color.0. 2. 4. a. loom. radiant. v. thing ending in a point. and the term. Act of battering. [-ED -ING. to strike. [-ED. ing ball. BAST. To beat.] To sew slightly. [Lat. To fatten. deep. bat.] or fortification.-S. a. & Gael. To wash . BATH. a. BAVpu (bi'oo). Fr. A medium. A collection of To procure women for lewd purposes. apparatus for generating electricity. bad. body of See Battle. n. a. [Cf.] [A.g-cup. sition or arrangement of troops.] To lessen to abate. v. Bateau (bat-5'). bat. -—v. Bastion. [Fr. BATHS. Bath'ing-tOb. fighting and fencing exercises. [Fr. » n.] To cry with vehemence. . BAt'ter-y. to beat. A 3. A little perfon. ard. from /3a0us. [0. beat. botellus. V. between single individuals . A his — To bark. salt. [0. v. &c. . bead. at. [-ed. to beat. [Per. L. conducts criminal intrigues.] Battering-ram.6. a BAs'ti-na'do. I. v. esp. n.] A light boat. heavy club. Skr. n. To put flour. bek. as heated sand. Cotton n. badius. state of being obliged to face an antagonist. bast. n. more general and prolonged engagement supposes large numbers on a battle Bat.ed by immersion. Bead'-roll. The part of a balance. Bead£'-mAn. BAt'ter. bestan. balths. from which v. An inferior parish officer. baston. Bawl.] bastillus. 2. t. A small hound.] 1. i. With the Bawd'i-ness. A piece of a brick. . [Either battle. prayer. Office of beadle. [Fr. bath. and bavbari.baczio. 2. n. n.] Red.] 1. turtle. i. bacca. t£rm. (bat-oz'). . Syn.Bea'dle. [0. 3. n. each side engaged or intermingled in the [From n. p. art. y. beon.] n. -ING. as a dog at moderately. An engine used to beat down the walls — of besieged Fr.— encounter. as for action. or actually.<at. /3d0o?. in praying. 3. -ing. cAre.] infantry comprising from two to ten A or twelve companies.] 1. Bill 2. and auxiliary. -ing. market. baton. n. made of the bark.] 1. deal.] Ba-zar'. i. (bast'yun. A. . battallador. n. bastille.] staff or A Bat-tAl'ia [Lat. resinous juice from the East. A mixture of several" ingredients. BAY'-SALT.] 1. Eng. X fi. backe. . A projecting Bay'-wIn'dow.«i^. 2. A place to bathe in. or lie.long. to build. allied to beatan. beodan.-S. t.] n.] 1. Ask. BAt'TLE. H. An ] indented A man employed Bea'gle. n. Cf. A an- imal that looks as if it were a winged mouse. pi. pi. n. by torch-light. ern States. to be.] A trifling piece of BEAK/ER. used in playsheet of cotton. crier of a court. To wear or impair with beating or by n. . [A. To exist in some particular state. or a part. [-ed.] 1. ba tea ux BXt'TLE-door.-ing. y. Bea'con-age. ) in proportion to its breadth. BAS'TARD-IZE. n.].] 1.] fight or encounter between enemies or opposing forces. To exist logically. 2. sion in water bath [A. A body of can- n. Bas-tile' (bas-teel' or bas'teel).] game. bake. to.] A large drinkii. 2. or with long stitches. v. to build. [0. A mode of catch. in cookery. v. unfilthy 1. 3. Bawd'y. lewdly. v. i. To form or fasten with battens. A vessel for bathof a building. babiole. Eng. [sheets. ending in a point. . the violoncello.t.] To stab with a bayonet. [0. BATCH. babui. body.] A part of the main inclosure which projects toward the exterior. exception of BAt'let.) A signal as a guide to mariners. A main timber [ing. [Southonne. BEAM'Y. Salt obtained from n. lewd- liquid. [Heb. beysta. as a child. fight. Fr. firm. . Lat. non taken colA. 1. back. and butter on. bhfi. [Goth. batuere. Obscene . A small bat for beating 6. [-ED -ing. Bat-tal'ION (-tal'yun). WAS. t. — ?'. all. To grow fat to live in luxury. balaitlon.-S.-S.— Combat. To beat to cudgel. — . Money n. J stick or staff.] sound beating. Quanti- v. dxl. n. ship. strand- To run upon a beach. n. n. -ing.] An instrument ) . Be. excepting. [W. A n. To send forth from the elevated to the mean Bawd'I-ly. Bea'dle-shIp. [chaste.. backbird.] 1. ) n. n. BEAMY 34 conflict. a. A catalogue of deceased persons to be praA ed for. tifications.] powder. n. [First n. BEA'€ON. n. — emit rays of light. t. or play with one. Bas'ti-nade'. 1. BeId. H. piece of board. LLat bacar. n. to bark 2. is . made at Bay- A kiud of dagger fitted to a gun. n. [Fr. A kind of ax for.n. to strike. to pray. BAs'tar-dy. A signal-fire.] (Rhet. Scot. badh or bagh. vad. 3. ing birds at night. ie.] [Icel. . from bastir. past. — . Eng. [Ir. — v. merly used in war. [0. to strike. bydel. [-ed -ing. and A. Any small globular 2. v. a p ick-saddle used as beds by the muleteers. \n. Any business dispatched at once.] The laurel-tree. D. u. — narrow [Fr.-S.-S. and Ba'THOS. short. foolish. especially on the soles of the Any tower A — BAs'tion [Fr. 1.n.] To make or prove to be a bastard. [iwp. . n. To proclaim by outcry to cry.] — . sea-water.] increase. Spurious adulterate.i. from or from n. To become. n. [Sp. Act of exposing the body to water or vapor. A gummy. use. (Naut. Unlawful beat- A BAt'ting. . BA-ZAAR'. stick. bold. a small sausage] Outlet of a lake. bazar. pig. or in some relation.Bat'tle-ment. ad. fr. Bdell'ium (del/yum). or scantling. 3. t. s6n. Bawd. 2. BAt'T^N. J (ba-tJbn') truncheon. 3.-S.n. Immerfinery a gew-gaw. by natural evaporation.-S. — .] Dispo(-ya). To beat repeatedly and with violence. beaten up with some liquid. ( A spacious hall or suite of rooms for the sale of goods. e. through which heat is applied to a body. beacen becen. parallel rays.] Beam. .EMTOivCba-tong') Ba-toon' places. Icel. in a "lus. Obscenity to emit. 1. long a great combatant. To fertilizers land. especially on the soles of his feet. n. Skr. fortification. n. To be. [Lat. Shining what. a channel for water. window forming a recess in a room. t. ness. BAs'tard. . pique. t. Ger. Beak. — v. To moisten with a Bau'ble. [-ED v. Obscenely. i.-S. baula.) A ludicrous descent the scales hang. bast. tower. ere.] To BAT'lNG.. t. originally used only for- or nib of a bird. . to sew. Ger. [Gr. n. to bathe.] 1.] An illegitimate or spurious child. 2. baton.] 1. n. 2.] 1. BAy'o-net. bellan. v. Baste. [linen. as on meat in roasting.] 1.BAST merit for playing the bass or gravest part.

bedrural. To form b beating. 4. turbulent assembly. . 3.en. v.] [Lat. beast brutal Beat. mien. daub over. 5. tired . After a becoming manner. l. Beau'ti-fy. a. [-ed. bairan. n. sprinkle or wet with moisture. imp. suit or be suitable to to befit. Beaver (2). Beat'ing.TOO. Ger. pale purple color. v. -DING. 4. and come. — . n.] To Bed'-bug.Bed. ft. ft.] as if (dev/1). One beofe To and 2.-S. (boz). A frame for support- [imp. happy. 2. . Punishment by BE-COME' (-kum / ). 2.-S. 2. Bear'er.-S. . t.] [Prefix be To pass from one state v. [-ed.] [A. n. cere. 1. [-ed. H. the wood or bark of the beech.] 1. . 2. The manner in which 2. t.-S. ) ft. Act of the pope dei. t. ft. To set at defiance. BORE (formerly BARE). t. 1 .] — plant. A rude. or for the cause .] Be-Xt'i-fi-ca'tion. bellies. To give v. t. [Fr. To behave to act. [Lat. t. a. Bee'-bread. To support or sustain. (1).Td*bK. v. tendency. Be-com'ING. blessedness .-ing. made 3. v. n. v. t. An ty- — . situation of an object. €.] deck. Eng. or as with. Syn. Handsome. Part of a helmet in front. Beech'.] 1. Bear'-gar'd. beaute. or pertaining to.] Arabs. The pollen of flow- collected by bees. Be-deW (-du'). BeAr. [-ed:-ing. or excellence. a. food. tude] Felicity of the highest kind CAME p.are. ( bdeh'n). To v.-S. a lady's at- pi. Beast'li-ness. State or quaL suitableness. sight or any of the other senses.] firmity. o.] To Be-di'zen. ornament. at a specified future time. 5. v. or other body of water. Bed'fee-low. To place in abed. Bed'rid. silent i. Bed'ding. hat Beaver baciere. well-known Bee. t. Having a beard. To wear. To throb. 1. by the agency of evil spirits. [Ar. make dark or gloomy to overshadow. t. t. hand to intimate a command to. </>TryoV] ers. beati. i.-S. t. bad!. Beck' on. To come or act with violence.] To gard as happy.] To pronounce or re. woman. To moisten with. To charm. Be-dye'. as a handsome woman. become. To range over. BEAT. i. m. 3. A n. ft. beatifying.] Beau'te-ous quadru2. a tribe of nomadic of BE-DRAG'GLE. Beau Monde .] To make beatifie. ft. A beautiful fly. pluck. beard. n. behavior. (b3 / ver). One who. coverlets. BEAUS the qualities which constitute beauty. bece. v. rue. 3. Beau'ti-ful (ba'ti-ful). — applies to things comparatively small. 1. n. &wn. 1. [A. esp.] To Be/a-tif'ic. [-ed. To carry on. 1. Gr. by dragging in &c. [A. or. 2. To which or properties or of pleases the dress or adorn tawdrily. To become i. Lat. of Be- DO. Goth. beat p. Fr. or that Be-dab'ble. brute. which please by as a pretty girl. BE-chance'. To make a sign with the head or claring aperson beatified after death. Pertaining to. Beau'ty-SpSt. grace. n. A particular grace. v.ft. Having Be-daub'. tendant. influence. [A.. BEAST. -ing.] befer. of a Be-Xt'I-TUDE (53). or stra- 2. [-DED. Without a beard. n. that [-ED. A soil. come. Usual hour of going to bed. V. [-ED -ING. An amphibious quadruped Bed'lam-ite. for the reason that.] A concep- BEAU'ISH Foppish fine. as fruit. An assemblage of graces Be-dim'.] [A. — fatigued. To relate or re.v. pi. [bed. Syn\— To adorn. To sail in a zigzag line against the wind. a.] A well-known leblows. n. t. sign. Materials of a bed. To seize. To go to bed Beau'ti-fi'er. t. To produce. [A. A stroke a blow.Be-cloud'. a. J An apartment To t. or sport a [ness. the same bed.] A BEAUX. . -ing. A beaua natics. v. t. [imp.] 1. 4. (bu/te-us). . An offensive bug which Be-dev'/l . A four-winged insect. &c. 1-. man . Long stiff hairs on a lips. BE-CAME'. Skr. 5..] embellish. To plant. for inclosing the materials of the bed. [A. of the fur.] 1. To press. — — . their delicacy and grace. 2. n. . -ing. t. sustains. Be-com'ing-ness. Beauty.] 1. A chamber for Blankets. Beau'te-ous-ness. . THii: . n. E. n. which may be used for labor. 1. beo.— . Handsome is more strik- ing and the pleasure greater. beautiful tiful person. bears.] 1. n. Beard'less. fine.!-. [See Beck.t. Be-deck'. a. To possess. Bottom of a stream. infests beds. EYJST . To Confined to the bed by age or in- a. 1. [Fr. patch placed gh ten beauty. I. [-ed. adv. v. [A.hard. Bed'-cham/ber. To be in agitation or doubt. 4. Be-CALM' BE-CAUgE'. — — OR. bestia. A madman. n.] wild ped. fr. Be-at'i-fy. for a bed. mud. 2.] To make or render beautiful. side of the bed. A case of cloth. ._n. of. 2. 136. v. batuere. bestie. (bo mond). BEAN BEECHEN 35 Bean. or adorn. Lat. . Appropriate or fit suitable graceful. To strike repeatedly. 2. v. handsome. Goth. Brutality filthiBeast'ey. V. BEAU'TI-FUL-LY (bu'ti-ful-ly). To keep from motion by want cf wind. BORNE.en. Lat. [Fr. beautiful. lo rento appease. [Fr. j BE- i}. -MING.] A mad-house. Very tum. Beau'ty (bu'ty). 3. To dye or stain. n. To happen to. ft. v.] The (bo'ish). Pretty Syn. . [-ed -ING. ful enjoyment. 3. from Lat. 3. BED'OU-IN (bed'oo-een).-S. or like. . /. Beard. fashionable world.-ing. 6. Bed'€LOTHE£. Relative a person bears himself. their young. A layer. -ing. as food for [tree. Bear'ish. bera. -ing. Pulsation throbbing. One who lies in [make dim. ing a bed. a.] Bed'room. . adv. n. [Lat. seam. v. Black Bear. Be-diz'. [-ed. found on bean flowers. n. . ft. v. v. m. or that which.. beautiful. aivl. v. To throw into utter confusion. it implies suitableness. URN. — Deportment. p. beautifies. a.1. [-ed. 7.en Consisting a. 2. p. . to make. Be-cOm'ing-ly. -ING. To overcome in contest. BEAR'ING. stocks 1. becen. To strike repeatedly. To break or pulverize by beating.wpLF. ornament.5.i. Bean'-fly. Act of A sign with the head or hand. BEAUlbc. . Beau I-de'AL (bo). 2.). article of furniture to sleep on. bhri. [drench. or cover The ft. ) completing bliss. t BED'-TiME.] i. Having the qualities of a bear. BORN. A BEECH. which.] Any four-footed animal. 137. as with drops. beran. [-ed -ing. birth to.&. NasNG. a. PULL dirt. der calm By r.-S. n. 3.] [dazzle. a. and /V a sign to another to summon. his fur. lehem.Bed'LAM. : 1. (be-kam'). Bed'rid-djen. for a sprinkle. tion of perfect or — The hair that grows on the chin. bliss. t. living in the desert. 3.Be-charm'. or pull the beard of. barba. fer to. and its seed Sailing against the wind by tacks. n. A recurring stroke a pulsation. Beck. A place where bears are kept for sport. [-ed. conj. a. Beautiful implies all the higher qualities which delight the taste and imagination. To convey. on the face to heighten BEA'VER «. t.p. [a bed. t. Be-daz'zle. consummate beau. to cohabit. As. To endure to suffer. bed. which he does not own. 2. beacen. pretty. beatus.] Bed'tIck. sheets. p. fiber. ity of being becoming . Beard'ed. n. To 36. [A. n.soft. 2. [A. v. or carries. dew. i'. Iu a beautiful manner. Weary . [Corrupted from Beththe mind. [-med. gay fine.ft. [Fr. beatan. A customary round or course. One who. See BEAU. BED'siDE.] ft. deck. &c. and hence we speak of a handsome fortune. -ing. Be-drop'. a hospital in London for lunament. guminous plant. To or condition to another. Be-ubench'. . v. — A who One V": contracts to deliver. Imparting or Be'a-tif'KJ-al.-S. relation. or — v. [imp. S. L A plat of ground in a garden. 8. BEATEN. BED'STEAD.

t. By way of preparation or preliminary./3ovs. soil. State of being — beggarly. b>lle. Be-half' [A. Beg'gar. animals. itnation or state cany ing on war. of the larger kind. Be-lie v'a-ble. To ask earnestly. (pi. . BEwoman a hag. biheffan.] A bull.] 1. An bite. n. Part of the body abdo- which contains the bowels . In front of. ing a root : 36 [Fr. hence. lyfan. fine . to hold To look at to see with in sight. To make foul to t. cheat.en. 133. Lat. 2. war. \ n. belly. BEER. See Be-got'. BE-HIND'. [-ED -ING.] Advantage benefit defense. case or box for bees. Be-hoj.] To be necessary for to be fit for. commencement. p. To take rise . Be-gan'. To soil with dirt. Beg v. with a bell on his neck. Svn. n. a. BE-GET'. enter on to commence. [-ed. 2. bitan. a large. of Begin. To lower in char to depreciate. 1. n.] A Turkish governor of a town a bev. t. a modif. 1. [or cow. of to bag. to mallet or [A. n.] An instrument for propelling air through a tube. worth. n. 1.] To hang or extend out to jut. n. An alloy of copper and tin. t. beor. and gerere.] An animal described in Job xl. Involved in . 2. Advantage. (bel'lus).a.t.] gives forth a clear. i. v. Be'iie-moth. BEEVES.) Aq auimal of the genus Bos. BEGOT.t. Beg'gar-li-ness. Lat.] a. to an object. profit. In comfortable circuma. fast. act as a friend to . A loud outcry roar. To i. pin. At the back of. n.t. — one j3 — self. including the bull. [Fr. First cause. BEL'LY. Be-fringe'. i.p. To have a firm persuasion.] Like a beast wether or Bell'-weth'er. i. for various purposes. n. One who begs a mendicant. much it. To show_ to be false 2. of Begin. Bel-lIg'er-ent.p. Wag- — ing war. n. -ing. II. n. t.u. sheep which leads the flock. v. Be-la'bor. i. 1. fr. who Probably ?'. to threaten. t. 2. 6. fr. v. veil. all. — v. BE- GAT. To bawl n. [-ed -ing. i. behold.] A man of wit. Beeve. [-ED. deportment. . In front. 1. benefit. amuse. & p. supplicate. Ask. Gr. [Ger. Be-HEST'. beginnan. n.] 1. v.-S. BEG. (bin). v.y.. — v.] [A. Be-liev'er. . Bell'-met'al (-va&t'l or -met'al). b'tel. t. pi. BEL'FRY. 3. Be-get'TER. . bozuf.i\ t. Bel'low. Be-foggjed' it round a (66).-S. or from various plants.] To make as a rope. b rg. [-ed. or elegant litera- ture. to decapitate.] One of the yeomen of [broiling. t. implore. i. on the other side of. [imp. n. to surround Be-gone' Bel'dame. (boz'es-pree').p. [Heb. . [Lat. credit. n. Icel. bear. de- part. a. a. [-ed. to take.-S. of Behold. [beils. cow. [mean . One who Bell'-found'er-y. In the rear. or cow.] 1. n. Behavior in society. 2. v.] 1. — Conduct havior is the mode in which we have <>r Be-fit'. n.] p. ) Be-grime'. v. whether good or bad. stomach with violence. Be-hold'. n. step. prop. 2. To retard or make too late. A. 3. To beat soundly. Be-lie'. 2. 2. To act to carry refiexively. v. — . v. to produce. v. beau- [Fr. direct the e. far. [be and leaguer. contain. n. and friede. bergfriide. 0. or burg.] Polite (bel-let'ter). ugly old . t. the outer pair being stiff cases for covering the others when v. [See Beef. bselig. Be'ing. [Fr. To delude by artifice. BE-GUN'. citadel. -ING. bag. poor. To work diligently upon. 3.t. 2.] Prefix be and A. se- siege Be-lieve'. . To to aid. bselg. ) . 2. t. BackRemaining. countenance. 1. buffetier. bellan. . or [fringe. t. A BELLOWS. n.] 1.] acter v. [-ed.-S. n. p. Be-late'. bellus. Ger. from berg.-S. t. Be-iiav'ior (-hav'yur). n. solicit.] Command mandate injunction. Preceding in time. To ask alms. Be-lIke'. BEGOTTEN. short. The tiesh of an ox. To . 1. a [to deceive.-S. Be-hind'hXnd. Be-fall'. i.) lady. Bel'la-don'na. In a state of backwardness. n. Inferior to. used in the primitive sense of the simple verb hold. BEEF Beef. [A. — . BE-HEAD'. fog. n. p. p. A . That which exists in any way. [-ed. bselg. much n. v. n. BE-GUlLE'f-gil'). fr. To reduce to beggary. Be-friend'. adv.-S. . care.. [Lat. girded first V.] .] 3eef'-eat'er. Extremely indigent Beg'gar-y. — . Manner of 1. they are folded up.] A plant hav1. p. BE-HOOF'.BEL'DAM. In time preceding already. adv. . To make a noise like a bull. interj.] To happen to to ocbehaving. spectator.] four wings. n. n. To envy the pos) session of. .. v.>es Be-h5ld'.-S. [-ed -ing. n.] 1. £. beta.] To take off the head of. of p. ox. Act of belching eructation. v. [Cf. 2. . Assent of mind to the truth of something. . ¥.] 1. [A. ginnan. and an lady. A heavy beatan. fr.] 1.] To take the first To throw up from the [tyro. [A.] To fool.-S.] A handsome young lady admired.-S. to . prep. To take for granted. Be-got'tjsn. n. beotan. 4. To exhaust. 2. 1. (or ba). To slander. n. BEL'LU-INE. adv. — v. n.. stances as regards property. A Bell'-found'ry. n. Beet. Wax secreted by bees.] An [imp. p. tiful. v. BEGIRT. bi/tl.-S.] bitl. To suit to become. what.] To beto block up. interest Be-have'. n. trust. One who eats beef. — Be-foul'. [-ED. 2. cur to. Existence. t. & by some to be the hippopotamus. castle. t*«w. — BeSyn. bear ourselves toward others. bull. The thing .-S. A public crier. thought — adv. by taking several Be-lay'. bellua. t. fine Deadly nightshade. In presence or sight of. befell. (bel'es-pree'). & In arrear. BEFALLEN. -ing. slice of beef for Beef'steak. to be) hollow metallic vessel whicb low. v. . . 1. . & BEL'lows pi. [Corrupt. bior. ward. to commence. [imp.. . v. [imp. belluinus. belhim.t. In a state of anticipation or pre-occupation. A. BEGAN p. [Lat. turns with Belch o. used for food. Be-grGdge'. ringing sound. To come to pass. Be -GIRD'. materials. imp. pique. 2. fr. 1. as wind.] To 2. fIrm s6n. One who begins. BELL. esp. — . mountain. Syn\ To entreat.] L A. bellan. p. v. t. belle-dame. . benefit. V. . benefit. Bel-esprit beaux-esprits curity] A cupola or turret in which a bell is hung. Be-lTt'tle.-S. think to suppose. perhaps.d'er. of Beget. 2. diments or Bees'-wax.] Obliged indebted. v. . v. ox. conduct is the mode of our conducting. Be-fool'. well-fed person. n. . n. . 4. See . Disposed for war.-ing. insect having 2. adv. a v. cause to pass without notice. 2. beliealdan. [A. in England. One who begets. Be-hoove'. lefan. First state n. sing. ere. 1. Beg'gar-ly. A extract from Belle. imp. To bealcjan. a. To furnish with a [Turk. [A. Capable or worthy of being believed. and ox. t. to roar. u. Bell'-ring/er. A Bell'man (ISO). i. (-rogd'). 2. BEGOT. -ING.] [Prob. Be-uIn'NING. [imp. n. [J t. a. . to wage. believes. — beseech. To_ generate . v. Bee'-hive. Bell'-found'er. Be-gIn'.] used to bear duct to manage v. v. benefe. to beat. keeper of the buffet. bos. n. [The old p. faith. [-ED. — . conduct of life. Belles-lettres pi.] [PreTo carry to confix be and have. — Bee'TLE. A state of extreme poverty or indigence. One . believed. . v. dignity. Syn.] [A. [-GED -ging. A A BEEN BELLY A fermented liquor made from any malted grain.] Go away (21). Be-lea'guer (-le'aer). Beget. . — To deceive. n. beast. t. n. to allow. friede. brutal. and involves the general tenor of our actions. a. fr. Be-fore'hXnd. t. wooden hammer. begirt. v. [Fr. 2.] To gird. p. 1. fine. v. [be and hest. One whose business is to ring a bell. Be-lief'. [A. t. To eject wind from the htomach. Past. (-haf). . the past participle of Be. prep. peace. p. ] where casts place bells are cast. Ru. -ing. encompass. BE-HELD'. Be-gin'ner. BEGUN. n. beheld. beef. p. -ING.-S. behofian. attention. t.— Credence. t. p.] Vo regard as true to credit. long. &c.-ing. [A. In the power of. Be-fore'. . the guard. — . beasts. v.

Be-RHYME' (-rim'). or around.] To do good Ber'ry. tenderKindness and tenderness lean to ness.-S. 60). bank. possessing great solvent powers. To be strained out of a straight 2. supplicate. of Bend. or at a wharf. t. beneath is opposed to above. See [From Benedick. or pressing. t. l.i. v. .] 1. V. To be the. — ado. but beneficence always supposes benevolence. Be -sought' (be-sawt/). [curse to. 1. 2.]. is either. 2. Be-shrew' (-shru/). order of monks a. Habitually atp. €. BEBen'E-FI'ci-a-RY (-fish'!-). V. [A.sqfl. v. a modi f.— Bountiful liberal generous In a beBE-NEF'I-CENT-LY. [A. V. silent . adv.] An ecclesiastical living especially a par- BEN'E-FICE.G. gracious. 1. n. v.] 1. [Lat. v. lit. Blessing. Be-spXt'ter. n. [imp. Be-I. Below. service. To soil by asperse. . in sub2. BE-LO VED' (be-lUYd' as a p. seech. BESPATTER 37 Something which resem. wishes. v. treat with mock[A. . Lat. a state of urgent necessity. on. To become to befit. Practice of dothe belly. 2. To have a legal residence. in 1. BE-REAVE'. v. 4.S.] [AS. To useful who fish [-ed. Be-sides/. and genus. 3. Syn. of Be[spangles. . v. n. Confer- a. To gain i. [Eng. A [A. v. p. 2. . $. i. A place in a ship to sleep in. imp. property of: to long. Be-spXn'GLE. Whatever contributes to happiness or prosperity. A performance. v. Full of benignity. well. n. [diction. or in hell as opposed to heaven. ing some valuable possession. AS. TOOK. p. . To chide rehemently. — Devise v. [ery. bieluga.] pertain. . or ignorance. v. or v. A exist without the latter. 2. curvity. t. Something n. Be-lu'gA.-S. To be inclined or directed.] of the dojphin family. besma. EXIST.] [A.e\\-doing . oleum^ oil. To praise extrava- left by will a legacy. Act of bless- n. [See Benefaction. i. n. BiJN'E-FXe'TOR. liberal . glutinous mattei. Be. & p. Place where a ship lies at anchor. To render submissive. t. B£rg'mas-ter. loved dear to the heart.] of. /3rjpuAAos. BEREFT. Be-seech'. ordination to another. bended or BENT. v. B£n'i-s_on (-zn). BEN'E-F ACTION. &c. -ing. [-ED -ING. Condescending graciousness. avail. beneath contempt. benzoin and WOLF. kind. to say..] To beset or surround with armed forces. person who is below us at table is not beneath us. n. Be-queath'.] 2. from bene. . [confers a benefit. v. to.OW. A fragrant resinous substance.] A brush a broom. n. & p. to be1. [-ED. [imp. v. HoldREAVED. -ing. Be's_OM. v..Be-nef'I-CENCE. PL'LL : E. prep. To To adorn with 1. Below is opposed Syn. Originally. to bewail. . beria. ing. -ING. restrains or confines. Aside from out of.". Benevolence. n. quality. like beneath. [Lat. [A.] 1 To givo or leave by will. Below has not.] A greenish mineral of great harduess. — Be-moan'. 1. A species of orange-tree. t. lament [-ed v. Benedict. n. unbecomplace. [-ED. — -ing. Bel've-dere'. Syn. BE-SET'. -ing. fr. & p. adv.] To encircle as with a belt to encompass. n. ) propei ly .] To drag gantly. 1. beneodh. and solicit. of bindan. In a lower Inferior to. At the side of. kindness. 1. 1. BE-NEATH'. 2 v.B^LLI-BAND men bles — Bel'ly-band. to bind. v. Pertaining to the of St..] [Pref. Official situation or employment. t. . An from State of being n. To smear with any viscous. & p. sonage or vicarage OR. To incline 3. becvedhan. 1. Favorably graciously. or kind Blessing. n. n.] To deprive of sensibility. n a. . one of the characters in Shakespeare's " Much Ado About Nothing. To to blockade. a beausmall structure on a garden. tending. ing good: active goodness. 2. Doing good. Under in place. n. bewilder. profitable. or a.] To by drink hence.] long seat.] prayer. .. prep. make make sottish . n. 2. To put or place. to do good — — — good — . a. 1. therefore. (-nin'). orBE-NEATH'.— Advantage profit. 2. — Kind wholesome Be-nig'nant. [Lat. t. . 2. entreat. Unworthy ) BE-NIGN' [Lat. it. a. ing.] 1. Be-reave'ment. and often overrules mere impulse.a. benevolens. Ben'zole. BfiR'GA-MOT. Beneficent — munificent. To take away from.J An oily substance. Leaning or bias 3. On the earth. Be-nev'o-lence. — . bene. t. In Be-rate'. 2. — Beg supposes sim ply a state of want: to beseech. n. t. 1. kindness some BEN'E-DtCT'lNE. Kind 1. bendun. benevolent meant well-it'M. 3. Be-nig'ni-ty. .. t. v. t. — — A Belt. in rhyme used in contempt. solicit. a beneficent act being one on a larger scale than a benevolent one. One who confers a benefit. A tiful sight. Judges. . *. e'. .] — tendency. n. a gift property. Eng. BERTH root of bear. 1. RUE. [-ED. To wish a Be-side'. ferred. URN. bereaved Italy. generous. Be-nLf'I-CENT. the mire. 4. [Lat. t. in darkness. To A judge's An act of kindness. [-ed. . 2. BESET. n. Be-smear'. seat in court.] 1. & SOUGHT [Pref. neficent manner. t. Be-prai§e'. A woman who n. Bend. o.] 1. long. [Russ. n. A benefit conferred. BE-NEV'0-LENT. We say beneath (not below) the character of a gentleman. [imp. 2. v. [Gr. prep. c. to speak. Be-long' (21). Syn.] to be useful advantage. a beneficial manner. edifice in t. n. Chief officer among the Derbyshire miners. an the top of Be-maze'. . .be and 0. \Y. to curve. t. n. 2. t. (-num'). n.G. of twigs BE-SOT'. To crook..-S.— To used . 2. A . inclination. kind of grass. benignity is condescending kindness. t. . Be-nIght' (-nltO. -ing.-S. n. prep. benignus. Flexure. essence or perfume obtained 3. In a lower Ben'e-di'€T. p. Ben'e-fi'cial (-i'lsh'al). senior member of one of the English inns of court.hard. a state of overwhelming and distress. Same as Benzole Ben-zoin'. implore. To swell out. [imp. — ."] A man newly married. — To entreat. deprivation. benevolence is considerate kindness. A girth. . [Fiom Bergamo. i. benedietio. To deprive. to implore supplicate. beneBENT. adv. p. Be-mock'. Beneath. The former may ally well-doing. beneficence is liter- That which v. a doing good. and volens. DO. — Syn. Act of conferring a benefit. To mention Syn. spattering. the side of natural feeling. place. [-TED -TING. i. 1. p. Bent. the sense of unbecoming or unworthy of. a. p. . To involve 2. a speaking well ing. of. .] To ask with urgency. adv. sieges. will.] to apply. Ben'e-fi'cial-ly (-flsh'al-). to t. To which mechanics and others work. in. the proceeds of which are given to a particular person or object. — v. berie. darkness. holds a benefice. To waylay 3. Be-NUMB' [A. wishing. more imposing than . One ring beuefits n. or state. but now (with a slight linge of the original sense) they differ in their outward exercise chiefly in degree . v. . Disposition to n. A long table at Bench'er. — small pulpy fruit containing seeds scattered through it. under. bene fie ium. band or girdle. good. To involve in moral hem in or press on all sides. from bonus.] A — [-ed -ING. EE- Ber'YL. v. Over and above in addition to. The party that be- n. t. BE-nign'ly '(-nib/-). A turn: a curve. p. t. line. p. 2. be ] and seek. t. a favor con2. while a munificent act is greater and 2. . TOO. AY hole- adv. Particular A beonet. 2. [From the (14). Be-seem'. Kindness. To transmit.-S. soil in . and beneficent v. Ben'e-fit. denote a gift by will of real pioBequeath is properlv applied to by will of a legacy i. a. dull or stupid. pref. A variety of pear.] [It. to on high. Syn. bene/actio. BEN'E-Die'TION. A .nch (65). devise. Ben'e-dick. use.] 1. BEN'E-F A€'TRESS. Ben'zine n. — Benevolence is literally well-willing. 3..-S. Syn. Be-mjre'.] Ilaving a disposition to do good. be and cvedlian. n. the court. Be-set'ting. More than that moreover in addition. of personal to perty. Be-siege'. be-luv'ed Greatly as an a. One who receives the avails of a charit}'. Be-SIEG'EH. p. Lower in place than . or charity. Be-quest'. p. Syn. benignity.

That donation.] 3. A BlB. make like Be -stir'. Be-wil'der-ment.] BETID. 7i. t. BI'as. 2. N. An J. or impart.-S. BETID or j | p. t. Eng. drinker a tippler. same inclination. advance. To betray. and ypaBET'TOR..77.] lead into perplexity or confusion {'.. [Gr. to [bewildered. A "weight on the side of a bowl which turns it from a straight line.] : BE-Wn/DER. adv. 1 ertaining to the BiBe-stow'. 2. To bestride. meliorate. degree. To set with studs. library. ii. [Gr. a. To make vise of. . and ixavia. v. to lament. a. prep. CARE. BiB'Ll-o-MA-Ni'AC-AL. tratJere. house of God. sen- sual. Bev'el.—— — . or quality of any kind.t.] 1. To the most advantage. two nations. [Fr. [imp. . seller. FAR.-S. t.] 1. BE- STREWED. as in excellence. BESTREWED. To t.] To happen Be-witch'er-y. BE- stride over to the legs extended . Be-time'. [-ed.] 1. 11. Homage paid to books. to mourn Be-ware'. Bi-CEPH'A-LOfjs. In good time Be-times'. . 2.V. Bev'er-AGE. BEV'Y. good. which stowing. n. t. j to. Best. to be won or lost on certain conditions v. stake upon the event of a contest to . short. Having good qualities in a greater degree than another. a. . . BESPEAK Be-speak'.] p. biceps . t. worship. v.] To increase the good quali. long. bibere. Bib'ber. p. B'ib'li-cp'o-list.*. porous. age or victory. Bi-BA'CIOUS. v. To -ing. Further than past. 1. especially to the Eible. Powerof charming . v. Bes'se-mer Steel. PIQUE. bestrown. fr. f. a beast. ii.] [-ED. 2. being bewitching. 71. Part of a ring which holds the stone. Bessemer. t. ties of. pledge. Bl-€AP'SU-LAR. To give up treacherously or faithlessly. Be-think'. [imp. bis. [-ed -ing. p. faseiv. ERE. b. Bib'li-o-mA'ni-ac. To contract to any BE-TRAV'ER. of /3i'/3Book. ter improvement. State of being BE-W'lTCH'.] [See ble. which contains the Scriptures. stake. Be-STREW' (-stru/ or -stro'). «. fascination. v. [A. preposses- On place. j to sell. An instrument for adjusting surfaces to t. — 1. . bi- bere.] To a wager. BET'TER. speak for beforehand Bespread'.-es.] i. Be'T-EL by. A A thought. [Fr. [Gr. and pavTeia. . best.i. divination. Bi'BLE. v. Bl-riP'I-TotJS. Turkish governor. v. Be-take'. bibtilus. To discover in violation of trust. superl. prejudice. biais. [-ED -ING. [Pref. [Lat. n. bibax. . a ijnarrcl between two men. j seasonably. . To to betoken. twice. from bats. two. To spread over. Be-sprink'le. or that Aos. 2. . -LED. (h2't\). to drink. Preferable i. [From the in- ventor. [A. — V.] 1. of Good. BESTRODE p. n. Bet'o-ny. Bise. -TNG. h. 2. [Heb. p. Belonging to a beast. 3. Be-witch'ment. STRIDDEN. brary. v. pass to happen. [-ED. [Gr. liography. To deposit for safe keep. to a. 6. t Bevel Scripture at hazard. -ING. WHAT.I. . to strow. — Bent. — 1 Be-YOND'. 4. In a more excellent manner. See Beg. to give up. t. to resort. en- a future marriage for espousals. to apply. across^ BE-STRODE'. 2.] Spongy . 1. TERM. a.E. indicate. ) adv. to A species of pepper. bew>au. 1. be.r. ment. fr. A j Bib'list. BESTRID BE-STRIDE'. correct. vigorous actiou. of Bestride. To charm or fascinate. rage Pertaining a. n.] recall Be-tide'. 2. [-ED -ING.t 137.- S yx. v. [Lat. book.Y. bestia.i any respect. Charm. to drink. Unnatural Quality of a beast. — — v. 2. A slant of a surface. t. . 2.] 1. v. beastly. To show or to indicate. One who has for pcs. brutal. t : BICIPITOUS A n.] chapel for dissenters. ASK. To have recourse p. 1. Catalan liar. house of worship for seamen. — . iu or time.Bet'ty. adv. beast. and Aarpeux. /3i/3AiW. Stow. Bez'el. n. book. 0t/3AioBelonging to a liBrJK-q. . equiv. madness. to another both of.] A a rage ior books. At a distance y ouder. twice. X. t. Syn. BE-ST JD'. bad.?i. /Si/SAtoy. be1. service. ) LlB'LI-O-POLE/. 2.j Be-stow'al.— Brutish.Bet'ter-ment.Bice. 3. To t. In the From one 1. A leaning of the mind propensity. (-ra'). i I. Goth.] | gins. to and twain. besta.— To improve. n. v. -SING. /3i/3Ai- ott^Atj?. In a man. One who bets. n. of Well. imp. t. compar. f. BIB'LI-OL'A-TRY. ter over p. Pertaining to J bibliography or the history of books. slope. and jrwAetv.— Between applies proptwo parties as. 137. t. of B'takf. . Having two BEand Eng. n. ALL. a.— To presage. amend. 3. — . capsular. . compar. in.-S. To put t. /St/3AiW. LlB'LI-O-GRAPH'IC-AL. to a passion for books. In a higher degree. fr. to befall.] A /3t/3- book- • ElB'LI-O-THE'-eAL. angle. Among always supposes more than two. & p. BiB'n-o-GRAPH're. a. Beth'el. To come to Be-w'itch'ing-ly. by forcing a blast of air through the molten metal. 3. batiza. Shared by two or of. . (best-yaP-). Advantproved in health. BE-TOOK'. t. One who betrays. i To be cautious to take care to take heed.] . .— Among. wager. v. 3. confer. Most good. thieves to BE-TWEEM'^cp. 38 bespoke [imp. To sprinkle over. -ING.] Having two heads. ii. BETAKEN. To affect by witchcraft or sorcery. plant used to dye wool of a dark-) ellow color. A superior. Bes'tial (best'yal). A. (£). . Be-troth'.] Syn. TIDED. 1.o. One versed in bibA short bar used by . /3i/3AiW. /3i/3Ai'ov. imp. t. A flock of birds.] Steel made directly from cast-iron. 0. erly to only De-wAil'. gagement A mutual ti. p. SON. Be-stow'ment. ner to bewitch \a. biblical scholar.-S. Slanting. Utmost highest adv. To call to mind. A pale blue paint or pig[i?np.t of books and manuscripts. 1m. [Lat. wrench doors open. Y.[A. [imp.-ing lare Lat. Imn. 2. look. adv. in. incline to one side to pre- To . and capui. 1. A KectjoAij. To signify bv some visible object. A v. BlB'U-LOUS. betera . Be-TRAV. n.stialis. n. v. BE-TROTH'MENT. t. n. v. Be-to'ken (-to'kn). [A.] betook . [-ted -ting. be. and curious books. begeond. . In a short time soon. Quality of a. connection with a beast. Bl-ciP'I-TAL. [-ED: -ing. [-ed. ti. portend.] A . Having tw© heads or orihead. especially quails. v. o-yp<i(f>os. BIB'LI-O-IVIA'NI-A. Most advanced most complete. book. dim.. 1. More correctly. v. head. or pledged. A collection of ladies. lead astray. bespoken. v. n. Act of be. BEY (ba). the further side of. BlB'LI-0-MAN'CY. 2. 2. . t. p. <j)eiv. BES-TlXL'I-TY n. Bes'tial-ize . [Lat. to drink.] 1. . (best'yal-). bett. AiW. or -SED. : one to affiance: . BlB'LIC-AL. /3i/3Aiing.] 1. [Lat. -ING. a. FIRM. [Lat. [nation. 3. p. In the highest endeavor. 2.] [From be and Lat. A making betBib Li-fG'RA-niER.] stand or sit To with or BESTRID.] Divination by electing passages of ». 71. VEIL. intermediate space of.] To scat- [imp. — v. 2. Be-strad'dle.] That which is staked. Bet. t. 2. n. twice j and Gr. [Eng. [Gr. j bestowed is . or having the qualities of a beast. -LING. v. Syn.] 1. [-ED. I Be-witch'ing-ness.CCOlU. the leaves of which are chewed in the East Indies. v. r). or To cut to a bevel To slant [From off. Syx. [Lat. a.] 2. Be-wray' To foreshow by present signs. edjze-shaped piece of cloth taken out of a garment. grieve for ) Ei'B'LI-OG'RA-PHY.• into brisk or — sion. Before. capsules to each flower.ti. Above. ti. to vrue. book. bespoke.E. [Gr. bis.] Addicted to drinking. To give.] Liquor for drinking. [Gr.] cloth worn by children over the breast.

Bi'corn. Skr. or I division into two branches. a. the bile. OR. EjiST — . Bl-FUR'€ATE. 6. 4. bifidus. 2. Bl-NO'MI-AL. bit.] According to the French method of numeration. letter.] Foul or profane language ribaldry [Lat. bodies. from the cap worn by the Biguines. bini. Skr. [Lat. n. closed place.] Compounded of two — . twice. Bi-LAM'EL-LATE. 11. for. Happentwo months. arti- . Bill'ion (biPyun). A bend in tne sea-coast. [Lat. a.a. as a bandage.kard. 1. obligatory. A watchman's club. conflict. n. BID. twice. TOO. bilaihan. bis. an litera. a. a. and Eng. in 9. a.] — . quiver. B'IL'IA-RY (bTPya-ry). Hav- ing largeness of size. to hold any commodity. blueTo endure. n. n. a. BJ-€US'pid-ate. a. i. — To quarrel. two plates. language. A double form. Water lying on ii. thing that binds. In the manner Having two points. bis.] BI-cor'noOs. One who has committed bigamy. . la. two and two. — Broadest part of a ship's bottom. bis. . Quality of being big. BOUND. a thousand millions.] Beak of a fowl. BID or B. twice. pi. | Low [Lat. An offer of a price. a.] 2.] A greenish.] Bearing fruit twice a year. to cleave. v. biugan. [-ed. of a bigot. bis. face. n. or something used to secure the edge of cloth from raveling. TOOK. binn. [Lat. BlL'IotJS (biPyus). body. to One obstinately creed. root beln.] [W.] 1. to pray. as soldiers in private houses.— BICKER BtCK'ER. A§.1 [Lat.] A written declaration of some wrong or fault.] A shrub and its berry. trinkets. BIOGRAPHER 39 BIGHT person keeps an account of his notes^ [Goth.] . n. t. [imp. and Bi-ma'nous. or defraud. furcated^] Having two branches. name. [W. flo- Bearing two flow- bloom. biddan. Cf. bicornis. Having two sides.— v. wheeled velocipede.) To dwell Bl-LAT'ER-AL. a. n.] Bl'NA-RY. BlEST'lNGg. 3. Syn. [Lat. bandh. a. [Lat. [An Americanism. billard. 1 of spirit and vigor. to (bit). from unreasonably wedded to a particular ) ) Bii/LY. [Ger. a writDouble part of a rope when fold.ED. t. bis. the cover of a book. fr. Of BlG'OT. BOUNDEN. Bl-FORM'f-TY. BI'cy-€LE. bill.-ing. . 4. [Fr. BIg'a-iviy n Crime of having two wives or husbands at once. See BILL. n. [Lat. a ship's bilge or bottom. Bi'FUR-€A'tio\. Bl-COL'OR. €. [From a fishmarket of this name in London. twice. i. 7. pi. silent .] to ship's compass-box. opinion.-S. n. ing. ) a. bis. Goth. proud. beodan. To order to direct. a man Billet-doux (bil'le-doo'). Bind. BiL'LOW-Y. 4. [A. and L. beidan. scold.BIN. [Lit. &c. To invite. to swell. p. A forking.] Having two bend. Bilboa.] Ilav- hig two forms. Having two eyes. v. bigote. bis. [Lat. to command. &c. and inclose in a cover. a. Bi-en'ni-al-ly. [Lat bicolor. a. I Bl'FORMED. Bill of Exchange. Bi-5g'ra-pher. One who binds books. To contract to grow* hard or stiff. n. bile Bl-LiT'ER-AL. To offer to pay. bis. [Lat. Formed of Bid'der. 2.] Bijou Bi-JOU'try n. DO.Bile. bis. Bin'na-CLE. Having two teeth. A Bier. [Lat. To wait berry. [Lit.] Containing two languages.] A hook-shaped cutting instrument. 1 a. I. n. large. bicre.] To quar BIg'ness. Any thing that binds a bandage. Bl-FA'CIAL. To tie together. or swelled BlL'LOW. To sew or fasten together. 2. — v. n. ( terrify. — Bulky. [Lit.-S. bidden. [Corrupted fr. where they were — [curved edge. Bin'o-cle (bm'o-kl). adv. A plant lasting for two years. scope. and annus. fr. Adapted to the ufe of bet i eyes. restrain.] two- A L. fr. [Goth. Obstinately and unBi-€Ds'pid.] Big'ot-ed-ly. contend. BlL'LINGg-GATE. Continu. or hold in any way. i. and then perishing. . Bi'LGE'-WA/TER. trinket (-zhob'-). &c.] Having two hands.Xde p. . bindan. to mock or deride. binarius. 1. of the sea. v. n. twice. BlND'lNG. point. ter fluid secreted by the liver.] Bl-€OL'OR. a. millio. bis. ii.] To disappoint. . A kind of shackle or Bl-MEN'SAL. wrangle. An obligation given for money. furcate. and corpus.«. t. twice.t.] It. twice. Bill. A game ball. Once in two 2. Bi-en'ni-al. to suffer. Pregnant. bifer. Bl'FORM. BI-€OR'po-ral. n.] t. bifarius. great. pi. — A written order from one person to another. n. 2.H. [Lat. Bif'id-ate. 2. Bi-fa'ri-o&s. BIL/BOEg. twice. Tn two rows. BiG'OT-RY. twice. (be'zhob'). PULL . and ferre.-S. . URN. to split. [ Bl-LA'BT-ATE. . eye. biennalis . twice. n A and BlLL'-HOOK. Bind'er. Bit/BER-RY. to offer. Big'ot-ed. twice. v. [Goth. bills of exchange. baic. Bi-fOr'€A-ted. Having two leaves.] [A. pertaining to binomials. )a. a jewel. Consisting of two letters! Bilk.] Opening with a cleft. practice. To oblige.] carriage for the dead.] To suffer a fracture in the bilge. 1. 2.w.] 1.] played with ivory balls. A rapier. Bid. manus. B'fG. and ) Bl-FO'LI-ATE.] [-ED. Pertaining to the bile disordered in respect to the . _ Bilge. love-note or letter. a. [Lat. [Lat. Bl-LIN'GUAL. Being double or in [imp. n.] rere. To quiver.) [Fr. as doves. fetter. ing once in two years. Bi'lobed. gen. One who bids. declare. or to certain tenets. A place where books are bound. Pointing two ways. To ton- tend in words. bound p. circle. year. a. Syn. Bi'nate. Advertisement posted in some public place. twice. or conveying. n. [Lat. bil. bilinguis. a. 2. 1. duly wedded to a system or party. flower. ter.] An algebraical expression consisting of two terms connected by the sign plus or minus. and findere. n. A book o. [Same root as to bear. N as — NG this . [couples. ) 1 Bi-FLO'RoDs.BiL'LET. An ancient kind of battle-ax. [Cf. n. BI'FID. [Lat. a whisker hornbre de bigote. bis. Occurring once in fabricated. i'. 2. Pertaining to. Bl-LAM'EL-LA'TED.] Having the opposite surfaces alike. bills.] A small paper or note a short ed. and Bl-NO€'u-LAR. Lat. [A.J lobes. Having power — to bind Any or oblige. A small hatchet with BlLL'IARDS. One who writes a person's life. [Fr. Bi-m6nth'ly. a million of millions. BlG'GIN.a. a. Small ?7. burden. An account of goods a statement of par. and fades. n. to bear. Perverse or blind attachment to a particular creed. a. twice.n. First milk given by & cow after calving. ) two colors. and nomen. on a rectangular table. 1. BlF'ER-oOs. BIg'a-m'ist.] 1. t. to caress. appall. and lingua. (be'zhob'. BIDE. double. i. [-ED. a. n. 2. BlL'BO. such as jewelry. desiring the latter to pay to some person designated a specified sum of money. dwell. 1. Bi-flo'rate.] «1. Consisting of two terms. bini.] A child's cap or hood a small wooden vessel. [Lat. n. Divided into two Bi-lo'bate. adv. [Fr. To confine. from bis. a.] formerly . or ritual. a. [Fr. permanently to inhabit.] 1. ( fins. [-ed: -ing. n. fitted tubes joining. oculus. hand. 8.] A telewith two Binnacle. -ING. [A. habitation. n. Sp. 2. Bill'-book. ) I years. to a. 5. a. 3. bile. bille. v. and cuspis. bigot. b/iil. any thing rounded. I a. letter.p. . v. ticulars. Having two lips. according to the English method. ask. twice. . A proposed law. WOLF. from habitare. bi/ormis. a. fr. habi- taculum.] 1.-S. two by two. and cyclus. n. . bis. cles. . RUE. by non-fulfillment of engagement. n. 2. which a soft. n. in Spain. Having two horns. Bind'er-y. A n. Swelling. To join bills. 3. bis. a.] 1.] A great wave or surge [into large waves. -ING. Protuberant part of a cask. A bijoux pi. E. . [Another form of bulge. a million. To .] A box or ining for two years. [Prob. bulge. bulla. v. s-bigottire. n. [From Bi-den'tal. skirmish.

bipartire.Dnate " | J A habiting the interior of North leaves or petals. bites. and fr. Bish'op-ric. Icel. Act of bisecting." n. - [Lat. to write. Earthenware baked but not glazed. bird. vessel with two oar. . as man.] [Goth beitan. bis. Bit'ter. Bis'cuit (bls'kit). bis. A board used to write or draw on with chalk. 2. Black'-cat'tle. 4. fr. 24. taurus.] in salt concreted. into two equal parts. A : two-legged. Black. n. pi. Seen from above. A metal of a reddishwhite color.] a. in which a day is added to the month of February.] Having two correspondent parts. n. a. Having the qualities of bitumen. Bl-PLI'CATE. [A.-S.Y. & p. [A. n.-S. . Bi'valve. adv. n.1. A a. BIOGRAPHIC BVo graph'ic. bicce. J. BlT'TERs.n. of the canine kind. n. . Bi-sec'tion. Y. p. ALL. byrdjx. A friar of the Place where one mind. n. bird. To cheat to trick. of being bitter.] 1. twice. Black'en. [Gr. [Orig. every two weeks. Having two . Bl SECT'. [A. biscop. Bit'ter-sweet.-S. — — BLACK-LEAD 40 Pertaining to biography. bis. U. t. Black'guard pitiable. ) Aoyos disco urse . n.] ) a. 2. twice. n. blappen. A preparation used for blacking shoes. this name is given to different birds. n. pitch-like odor. Bl'PED. Bl-TfJ'MEN. 3. and twice. whatever their color may be. 1. [Gr. Somewhat black. young of any animal. as Bitch. parts or valves. /Stos. bitter. The wound made by the teeth.] divide into two equal parts.] 1. imp. [A. V. bis. A ant. way. or that which. Black'-ART. 3. BIrth'-mark. bi sulcus. Birch'en. calling birds. E. A plant. bis. BTrd'-cAge. Bi-6g'ra-phy. A morsel a bite hence. n.] Leap year every fourth year. ) The power arising from the multiplication of a square number by itself.a'dt-ate. — [caustic. bltan. 1. A morsel. valve. Act of dividing into two parts. or containing Bl'SON (or bi'sn). Bi-ka'di-a ted. ) n.t. from bisseztus. of birch . [Lat. and secare. [Gr. Bi'REME. a. Act of coming into life. To Bit'ter-ish. biting taste. works after the salt is Black-lead'. Oddin [Fr. a.. Act of seizing with the teeth. [From mains «.] The female if by a flying bird hence.] [Ger. Bl-PIN'NATE. See Binnacle. [-ed -ing. or BlP'A-ROUS. Bl-PEN'NA-TED. A small instrument for boring. n. . BlS-SEX'TlLE (-seks'til). 3. . a.] ed the buffalo. botaurus.] [Lat. twice. n. baked. Bi-tu'mi-nous. FAR. and via. [N. from bis. . wings. extraction. and partite. TERM J PIQUE. a. Mournful distressing.] 1. life. beran. [Lat. BIrd'-call. [Lat. — A ) ) Bl-sUL'€Otrs. n. n. . [-ED. having a shell consisting of two valva. 2. biQrk ] A BiRCH. BTrd's/-eye. BYs'TER. Bl-PAR'T1TE. foot. a. [Lat. . Dominican order. A kind of bread variously made. birce. somewhat harder than lead.] Mineral pitch. Bi-6l'o-gy. v. . Black'a-moor. . — < . bliec. n. [-ED. twice. of Bite. [Lat. bit. 6. or brid. ray's. /Stos. Pertaining to the BIRCH (18). divided [both sexes. bissextilis. twice. tree of several species. or leading. . a. . Black'ber-ry. A trick. To sully.-S. [From its color.] darkBls'TRE.] gether. bostaurus. n. ASK. v. first BlVl-oOs. and The history of ypd<f>eiv. it was first manufactured. furrow. n. n. thing animal. i.] A of oars.-S. In England. n. n. then a Bis'TOU-RY. t.] Cloven-footed.136. fr.] 1. I Made a. The nest in which Bite. /Stow. • root produces sweet taste. t. the guard of the devil. bis. p. n. Bird ) Having a. crush. [Lat. twice. 1. The berry of the BLACK'BiRD.-bing. muth. a. Bit.] Toreguage. [Lat. general. [Lat.] 1. n. Destitute of light. bis. Black'ing. A negro a black. or BIP'AR-TITE.] An n. One of the parts of i line. and remus.] The iron mouthpiece of a bridle. To grow black. BlRTH'DAY. Anniversary of one's birth. >wer- which liquor in bitter herbs are steeped. bis. bitter man- ner. X. as BIt'ta-cle. a. Black'board. Day in which any one is born. O. In. to fold.] An animal having two feet.-S. v. Very dark or gloomy. 2. a. . . a telltale.. (biag'gard). two ways. and Twice folded to- plicare. A diocese. . [A. To encamp — without tents or covering. n.] To jmpregnate with bitumen. FIRM .] two A surgical instrument for incisions. Conjuration magic. Some peculiar mark on the body at birth BIrth'place. bita bird lays eggs. a bitter. manner or appearance. feathered. Bi'o-graph'ic-al. BIRTH (18). negro.Black'ish. a species of thrush in America. 2. J Bl PET'AL-oi)s. to bear.] To put a bit in the mouth of. -ing. See Bleak. A wading2. Bis/MUTH. con- sisting of birch. n. To cause sharp pain to. Bl-PEN'NATE. or seize with the teeth 2. [bramble. . v. &c. Lat. quadruped in- two fl Bit'TER-ness. where Blab. [-TED -TING. brown pigment. n. (-rTt). 2. [-ed. I. Bit'ter-ly. i. Causing pain or distress to the Black'-FRI'ar.] A CARE. & p. and pes. vile in scurrilous language.a. and A molluscous animal. A fish aught on the shores of New England tautog. long. tiers [Lat. making a mark like lead. One who. Being of ( Having a. J (18). v. n. a small piece of any thing a small coin. which was reckoned twice every fourth year. n. r. it. Bi-valv'ous. 2 An encampment without tents. a. BlT'TERN. twice. t. brood. t. and j — .] v.«. . A babbler . 3. — Sharp severe cruel poign- which one is entitled by birth. n.] 1. to bring forth. . bipes. [A. [Fr. Bi-valv'U-lar. bite. -ing. fr. n. 2. A cage for birds. n. boots. reputation. to bite. To talk without discretion to BVquad-rXt'IC. and parere. from sulcus. n. n. ten. Bi'valve. the jurisdiction of a bishop. biremis. i A n. 2. Black'ball. sixth of the calends of March.] Having. blacking shoes. Bl-TU'MI-NIZE. Lat. reproachful right to cocius. Somewhat In a bitter.t.] to blacken. a. Bit'ing. short . is born L BIrth'right n. Having a peculiar. -ing. State or quality h. a. To cut. Bit'er. [From Pistoria. [A. BIrd's'nest. bring forth. a. t. pedis. bis. [fourth power.] 1. t. Lineage. VEIL. bisceop. &c. to divide.E. as the Biv'ouav (biv'wak). related to the herons. life. £7ri<rK07ros. bistre. and A. BPpXr-ti'tion (-tish'un). Occurring once in Bi'-week'ly. or Feb. [-ed. n.] The highest of the three orders of the Christian ministry. n.] Scienceof life Bl-PA'ROUS. BPpe'iT'K "--S^feet. a. Darkest color. v. [Fr. -ing. acrid. [From A. whose oyster. [-bed .-S. -sek'shu-). Guard or watch of a whole army. tattle.] A person of low character and scurrilous lanv. [Lat. instrument for — — . Black'fi'sh. Bi-SEX'y-AL. 2>ISH'op'. twice. — n. or other magnitude. twice. -ING. an inflammable substance having a severe sarcastic a. n. A composition for . WHAT. SON . 1. Gr. ERE.] the life and character of a person.-S. to cut. Syx. . inspector. Bl-sifiG'MENT. J ) Having two valves which open and shut.] To tell unnecessarily. ) roneously. — v. biter. Pertaining to leap year. Bizarre (he-zdr'). Bi-PIN'NA-TED. — The brine which re. Consisting of bisBi'g'MUTH-AL. To make black [-ed. Cattle of the bovine genus reared for slaughter. n. p. bivius .] Bringing forth two at a birth. [-ED. a. 2. B2-f. V. Bi'quad-rat'ic. n. or Bl'vi-ous. but er- m TwlCe P. boots. as swine or oxen.] To reject by black balls or ballots. -ing. . n. beord/i. Bi-QUAD'rate. n. n. v. America popularly. call- i. beoran. Sharp To make black. American Bison. [imp.] 1.

3. n.-S. d. — . n. t. n. Broad part of au oar.] An inflammatory swelling a blister. blsecan.] 1. mild. [-ED.— — — — . Lacking somepirited dejected. Blam'a-ble.] [Ger. pure. Cold 2. san. . 2. a. tions to caress is most easily assailed. To display. -ING.-S. Blas'phe-my. Blas-phem'er. gentle. That which To make public. phemy. n. To grow white. — n. To send forth a bright Blight 3. To mark with deformity. A spot on trees made by chipping off bark. splendor. n. I. or flat part of the leaf. 2. as from flame. Blas'phe-MOUS. J 1. reprehension. p\a<r<$>r\tJ. Quality of beiug To lose. Bless'ed : See BLEAK. t. Mildew. — v. D. . fr. t. 4. adv. p. blaec. Meriting blame. blessjan. . unseen . Made happy. Black'leg. -ing.-S. [A. or strike — with by a loud force. To confound. ter by kind words or affectionate ac.-e moue„> — v.hard.-S. Of a white or pale color. v. Sound made by zle. explaining coats of arms. A destructive wind. fr. [A. Having the eyes cov- tatious display. Blanch. Fr. n. . To wither. fault. 2. A blight. . t.] — watery humor. to blow. Syn. thing Written or printed in black-letter. That whk h is deserving of censure. bleed.] v. split.] To cry Cry of a sheep. Bla'zon.] 1. bled. . v. Syn. blind.— Happiness. deceitful talk. . To be conspicuous. One who blanches or whitens.-S. n. 2. Upper bone in the [blades. [Lat. [-ed. 3. bladar. speech. n.] To mix together Blast. took.t. loud weep. to bellow. To lose blood. Desartful caresses. & [imp. Mak- ing happy. n. i. v. v. v. of rocks by gunpowder. — . t. [Ger. or juice. a. [A. un- derstanding. to shine. blaren. Black'-LET'TER. A n. from blanc. to speak ill. with flame. Bless'ing. 2. p. wan. as a sheep. p. —v. Osten.] [See Blanch.G. blas- Containing blas- . do. glitter. 1. bliss. py.] 1. Blind'-worm (-wQrm). Noise. Hidden 1. rue. t. Dis1. of any plant." [A. n.] To cover the eves of to hinder from . A sharpwitted. n. reptile without *eet. n. . .} Marked by soft or soothing qualities. obscure. white. bearing a small black fruit. blanc. 3. €. or BLEST. To take blood from. [-ed tery. or sea-mess. 2. Want of sight. Blade'-bone. To grow white in any way. adv. proach dishonor. 2. or united. to protect from cold. blarren. sugar. Black'ness.] A. -ing. [-ED -ING. Blame'less. 1.] 2. Art of drawing or rial ensigns.eiv . n. t. . Enjoying happiness (60). springs forth. a. prosperous. To shine To . i. i. to whiten. To tarnish. shoulder. A kind of sausage made of blood. . Bi. 2. blesmir. which one person is blindfolded. v. or gum. cinnamon. Syn. v. Quality of being Black'-pud/ding. sap. lit. To make hapblessing on. blate. Blame. a. Blas'phe-mous-ly. fr. from blican.] An ore of zinc. To die a violent death. decay. to mar. [-ED -ING. n. [-ed -ing. A notorious gambler BlXnd'NESS. as a calf noisy*. n. but the former gives light and the latter heat. joy. 4. Having a blade or BLAIN. Destitute of sight. BLANK. Bland'ish-ment. Blame'ful. . BLIND-WORM BLACKLEG 41 mineral composed of carbon plumgraphite. [-ed.] 1. & 1 fr. o. felicity. &c. torch. of Blow. a. [From blaze. Blind'ness. to n. Bleed. or a or rheum. 2.. i. n. serving as the receptacle of some secreted fluid. Deservcensurable culpable. Openly as to coid and Bleak'ness. by chipping off bark. pale. To as with gunpowder. to cry. to mix. v.pLAZE. . Flame. One who anneals and cleanses money. adv. a wind instrument. bladdre. a.. wolf. n. so/i. condemnation. . Blare.To be mixed to confound.. Without fault . n. disgrace. E. To lo.] [Goth.] 1. Mac. Soft words BLEAK.] [Lat.] To v.] Bellowing.n. Blar'ney. t. i. — . 2. [wind. BLAD'ED. Blame'less-ness. bleak. and exposed. as of God or Christ. — Blanc-mange Blanc-manger n. Black'-rod. v. blietan. n. (blu). blse. 3. p. 1.] Blas-pheme'. adv. -ing. 2. [-ed -ing. 3. t. . reproach. Blent. BLADE. [A. A§. or bliss happy Bless'ed-ness.] [A. 2. a. 2. D. blandan. blessed. praise. [-ed with soreness of eyes. pull . pale. are both produced by burning gas. blinds. 2. innocence.] 1. 2.p. like a snake. [Ger. n.-S. A place for bleach. 2. bledan. blandiloquentia. Blan-dil'oquence. ) (bla-monj'). boiled. State of being bland. URN. Blanch'ER. cheer . . Eng. . Blank verse.} 2. p. [-ED -ing. In a manner deserving of censure. Black'-MAIL. -ING. sac in animals. ing blame affect Blem'ish.] To . . Forcible stream of air from an Blende. to blight. meriting censure.] 1. 3. . Deserving of censure faulty culpable. n. blanchet. 1.-S. Blame'less -LY.] A. i.n. [Fr. lish or modern Gothic letter. A play in Bland'ish.G. a. a.] To shrink to start back — . as or hopes. BLEED'ING. white. Flame. p. n. bleme. [Fr. Freedom from n. soft. as reputan. Any void space. i. that which n.Bleach'er-Y. Bleak'ly. blame. v. reSyn. — atree. white ) preparation of dissolved food. n. crime. A white spot on the face of a horse. — . to bleat. n. A running or issuing sound.-S. or glorify.] 1. adv. Extortion of money [black. deformity. Smooth. Any mark of tion to defame. BlAm'a-bly. [A. BLANK'ET. [and cheat. e. a hemorrhage. Innocently. [A. affect frustrates one's plans t. blithe. v. [-ed. 3. Light. The rending 2. n. bright. sure to find fault with. To lose sap. [Gr. Spot flaw fault taint . Blind'-man*s_-BOFF. . v. Blear. An indignity offered to God by contemptuous words.blegen. from coarse woolen cover. &c. 1. bago . 3.] To speak impiously of. A wish of happiness pronounced Blest. A A in iron. [Eng. t. i. State of being h. Blew imp. — . 4. (bllt). E^IST.] — light. a. to blast. . allied to blinlcen. Bland. blidhe. [-ED . To cen^\a<r<j>r](Jieiv. Something to hinder sight. dashing fellow. To deck to adorn. -ING. Bla/zon-ry. BlXd'DER.] To flat.] v.BLEACH'ER. suet.] To roar.— Mild. gum.-S plant blaedre. n. blessed bletsjan. 1. blenden. Expression of disapprobation. n as ng .] Fair. [ed -ixg ] [Gr. Ir. (-wQr-). Without mixture 4. bland hi. -ing. The old Enga. seeing. as the figures on armo- p. v. of blood . phemes. silent . blast. a benediction. [A. [-ed. Bla'tant.] [0. . -ing ] To toss in a blanket. 4. the one shines and the other burns. t.m or sore with water -ing. . [A. t. To make white by stripping off the peel.] [-ED. . blowing orifice. flat- blasphemy. One who bleaches. To take out the color of. n. The leaf. t. courteous. [-ed -ING.] isinglass. — [eyes. i. [Lat. white by removing the original color. is indicated.] 3. to flinch. Blind'ly. Bleach. [imp. sin. i. white. 1.Blind'-side. [Fr. blandus. Having sore (-Id).— Censure. [-ED . v. less. n. n. Blame'wor-thv blanckir.] 1. To mark. bland ux. . To utter . Art of describing coats of arms in proper terms. t. The usher belonging to the order of the Garter.] Rlack'smith. To invoke a 2.Blind'fold. blsest a puff. n.] To deprive of sight or discernment. v.-S. Blend. v. To explain. n. with blight BLIND. Goth. milk. as blood. Blench. n. a. to shine. olate To make — ered blinded. . blank. not One who a. blesme. ticket in a lottery on which no prize paper unwritten. blemir. from a person by threats. Side on which one ing. to dazn. In a blasphemous manner. c. A small wan. Verse without rhyme. flattering A Blear-eyed Bleat.-S. of Blend. too. . [Prov. -ing. mild. a. A spiny n. — — — v.ack'th6rn. rais- . t. A smith who works empty. a. t. Bless. . a. 5. or.— A blaze and aflame Syn. Cutting part of an instrument. Without sight. blsese.) 1. [Of. or discernment. v.

The first forge through which iron passes after melted from the ore. I. merry joyous sprightly. bluma. r/0771. fire 1 . i. A register n. Blood'shed. ades. (blou'zy). A [From n. bloom Stupidity. [A. as air. 4. [Corrupt. -ing.] 1. Blood'-suck'er. so called from its blue paper covers. Quality ot being blue. waste a. ./ from the ri^ht a mistake is the 7nw-takingofone thing for another. n. Any obstruction. with one end loaded. .t. D. To to swell. with a large bore. Blithe'some.] A person with fair complexion. stroke.] short stick. and light it is Blonde. blossom. 3.] light.v. Flowering. One apt to blunder. n. a blending or confusion of things through carelessness. bluth. a mistake may be rectified . [-ted -ting.] One who 1. To wink to see with freGuilt or v. Blood-hound. 5. n. One of the seven primary colors. A glimpse or glance. t. Block. Bloat. bloccata. — BLUNT 42 BlYnk. [A??if. . blicken. t. as a wind instru To deposit. 1. a. . p. Blow. n. 4. in- flamed by a J . E. t£rm. [berry. t. noisily. i. . .] 1. 2. n. a blunder is pomething more gross. n. 1. To sound. A [A. l. v. [It. BLiss'FyL-LY.E.] 1. 1. -ING. a mass or lump. (-lit).] o. Powdery coating on certain newly gathered fruits. . Block-house. Thriving in health beauty and vigor. n. of [blithe. The fluid which circulates through the arteries and veins of der 5.arfD. [Prob. A blush. To put out of inflate. Bloom'y. (blud). t. -j. bloom [A.) blue flag with a white square in the center. To flourish. Br/lTHE'Lif. long. [Eng. blOvan.. flower of a plant.] violent Egg of a fly in flesh. shed blood mm-derous. gots. or spirit. To i'. n.] 1. BLOWN. blinks. Blot. . Low spirits. of cards. Bl6od'-shot. A daz. — An error is a wanderm. a stu- pid fellow. bli-nken. n. Block-ade'. ?'. Blink'ard. &c. .] To produce a current of air with the mouth hence. a.] To put forth blossoms. Tin in blocks or in- n. blOsma. A A A — BLEW som. [Same root as ruddy. [-ED -ING. for ladies. [-ed. [-ED -ING. kind of n. Blood'-shed'der. to stain with blood. 1. An animal that sucks blood. . Blue'-dev'jls (-dfcVlz). — Error. [A. A Syn. In a joyful manner. A tube with a small orifice for blowing an intense flame on any substance. Low- pi. To obliterate. v. what. to blow.] Blun'der-head.] To raise blisters on.] 1. fr. flowery. i. Block'-tin. Blood'less. Ger. Fat of whales and other bletta. as indigo. n. (blobm'-). [ Cot- log. bled. Blood'y-flux. — [-ED v. n. A pustule [Cf. — blue eyes. To ness of spirits cious. it. t. . Blue'-stock'ING. ignorance. Blowze. short. Mur- of -ing. Blun'der-er. LlIthe'ness. 1. n. — .] gun. 2. of keen scent Highest de- felicity A n. A Block'ish. grow turgid to puff out i. A waste-book. ^\ i.] A thin. Bloom. system of one or more pulleys arranged in a frame. 3. n.-S.— — — ELINK To let blood from to bleed. [Icel. a. blithe. .] [Allied to blend. v. bL6oD'-SHOT'T£N. [Ger. Blue'-bot'tle.] Gay. H. block. a Blot. Bloom'ing.] Coarse and ruddy-faced.t. -ING. t. v.] Blood'-guIlt'i-NESS.-ing. A. To frighten from accomplishing one's ends. A fly with a large blue belly. n. n. Excited A man [-EU .-S.] To stop. Bl6od'. A stupid. fIrm. gross mistake. 5. ner. joy. Elock'HEAD. containing a laughable incongruity of ideas. n. 4. breath. [From plaster. 2. I-ed -ing. all. Something to give a bluish tint. n.] upon the skin. . Blouse. sition. . Disgrace. 2. —v . FAR. n.] Blue'-light n. n. I [Fr. Stupid.] . [Goth. An error may be corrected . A spot or stain scure. ) j n. 1. [A. . 1. turgid state of the blood-vessels. n. To drive by a current of — v. life. a. n.] blow to flower. Blithe. o. mistake. a blunder is always blamed or laughed at. 1. 6. 2. as eggs by flies. To pant 0. . Blood'y-mind'ed. A bull is a verbal blunder. — . The dysentery. merry. A kind of whortleBLUE'-BO"OK. [Goth. BLOOD'I-LY. blod. The t.ti. glance. A short derbus. Blub'ber. van. n. Blon'der. Desirous to [vein. [ Blonde.BLOOM'ER. — . Blue in a small degree. p. n. &c. — . [-ED . BLUE. [dead. -ING. One who block.] A mass of crude iron undergoing the first hammering. . its color. a. Blood'-thirst'V. bleiths.lfss. _ Blond'-lace. A a female pedant. a. —v. n. ere.] 2.1. . adv.] solid mass of wood.] to . 4. v. of blue A repeater. to Block (3). passion. . air. watery bladder on the skin. In a blissful [ness bliss. steep bank. 3. Fahr. [A. Stained with v. through haste. Having a thick edge or Abrupt in address. To make blue. loose over-garment. 5. dull. To produce [-ed v. crime of shedding blood. n. — . reproach. A Without blood Slaughter. literary lady . — ment. Bluff. 1. to bloswind. 1. 2. . Temper of mind. the leech. n. A connected row of buildings. Bed and a. pluohi. 1. by troops or ships. a flower. stain with blood. Full of . Blu'ing. bloodthirsty va riety of dog. Goth.] (British Marine. [-ed. n. . blinks. from A ) kind of lace made of fine silk. Blos'SOM. large sea animals. bold. Block!] The shutting up of a place by troops or ships. Supremely happy. 3. consanguin- lineage. 2. or so as to disfigure the face. . light hair. n. 2. 2. [-ED -ING. temperature of blood. Mrs. 3. a. Blotch. a. BLUE'-PE'TER. Bloomer. Blow'zy ! Blowse. obstruct. 2. t.] Blood 3. A blossom flower of a plant. gree of happiness. [-ed.] Blom'a-ry ity.-S. v. ferocious. 11. A Blob'ber-lip. . A contrivance for securing a current of air.] [dolt. 2. n.] To shut up. . feeling 2. 2. a. Blun'der-bjjss. blonde. Rude or coarse in manA peculiar costume ner. A parliamentary publication. to puif. [From the introducer. man In a bloody Bliss'ful. 2. blossoms to flower. A Block' -house. An opening to higher perfection. manner. To weep -ING. pi. — . 2. y. Exalted happiBlis'TER. a.] blossom. | 1 1 . Heat equal to the 1. who One blink. point v.y. 2. a. or eruption Blot'ter. To spot or stain. u?ed as a night signal in ships. 7. t. Steep n. n. quent winKing. Roughly frank. To flower. pique. Low in spirjt. son. Bliss'ful'ness. To dull the dull. Elock-ad'er. Cruel fero- Quality of being n. To 1. lcel. to Block'ish-ness. a. [-ED v. Murderous.] n. melancholy. Blessedness Syn. a. A game 1. hypochondria. Blower. BlC'NT. BLOOD'-VES'SEL. blind for horses. ii. 2. stupid fellow . n. veil. or about 98° zling whiteness about the horizon. n. i. n. 3. . t.] To mistake grossly.-S.] 3l. I A [0. i. 1 2. blur. thunder-tube.BlOod'-heat. 135. 3. A compo- burning with a blue flame. ASK. A high. 2. [Ger. Gay. See A n. stone. fat-faced woman. &c. 2. BLOOD'I-NESS.] — . n. fortress of heavy timber or logs.hound. v. n. — v. [imp. 4. n. or stupidity. n. Blink'er. blokkr. Blow'-pipe.-S.] To cause to swell or become turgid. — CARE. Opening of flowers. A [Fr. Kindred Descent . to move. Blow. -ing. An artery or a BLOOD'Y (blud'-). bliggcalamity. To rise in blister*. . ) murderer. Blue'bEr-ry.] Blud'geon. Blu'ish. [Fr. bleoh. blundering fellow. as a town or fortress. melancholy. — its . [See Bless. Blue'ness. A n. Of the color called blue. thick lip. of all persons in the employment of the government.-S. a. . — n. To shut out of sight to avoid. 8S State of being bloody. animals. v. to obdisgrace. bull. blavan. To blood.

Secure against the force of bombs.-S. furious tumul. Agitation by heat. 1. a. bodig. v.] — Bo-hea'.-S. Boat'a-bl. Injury.— Loud. a. Fit. One who fives in a boggy country. An American singsuddenly or unadvisedly. n. to separate or assort. 1. explosive materials. — — : Bo'A-eoN-STRie'TOR. Boast'ful-ness.] Spurious. a corset. v.] A .] 1. Syn. ullition. t. B6M'BARD'.sq/fc. n. suffusing the face. for BOARD'ING-HOUSE. adv. An fasten or hold something. [-ED.— Courageous . or that which. or enter. AS-. 2. [boarders. n. baurd. To v. pad or support. To foreshow. B6m-bast'I€-al-LY.-S. Tak. To cruel. as at the end of a string. Bois'TER-otrs. threatening talk.] 1.-S. Bois'TER-oDs-NESS. The rabble. To furnish with food^ for compensation. State or quali-ed. -ING. . -ING. army. painful. swampy. The body or stem of a tree. To have a shoit. 2. boiling. deep sound. BODE. A strong vessel. n. bal. carp. n. address. as to character. A dim. mass of individuals. writ- .— — — BLUNTLY edge or point weaken. Bomb.) Consistency 7. force or influence E. To spring sud- — denly aside. pi. a humming.] action. 1. bond. n. } Boivt'BlG./3os. i. . [A. 2. In a bold manner. violent. n. N A legal as NG THIS . 3.] ful noise and violence. Having no body. glory. as from a sense Bock'ing. n.] [-ED 1. Bomb a hollow. Principal part. . Food enterconstrictor. port with a bolster. . To blow fitfully. to pull or push a boat. t. 142. n. [Sw. . Corporebody.] To produce in definite shape to em[tect the person. or extravagantly |>raise one's self. [0. One who boards a . Bo'Gus. n.] [A. moist. 2. Blus'te"r-er. A 6. [Ir. Material substance of an animal.] 1. v. To 2. i. vessel in which any Boil'er. One who boasts.] An inferior kind of black tea.] 1. n. t.] bound. adv. A short tail. or vanity. A person em- A Bog '-ORE. talk with noisy violence. rigging. n. 3. bidogyn. n. Bole. B6m-bast'I€. A stain a blot. [A. i. o. to be fired from a mortar. n. Any authorized assembly or meeting. Boat'-hook. A round fur tippet. 6. v. Abruptness of . n. silent. 3. n. [Gr. 8. adv. [not castrated. Quality of being bold. v. stain. n. balths. 1. [N. Eng. Eng. 3. [A. n. M.— To spot.] 1.] A hollow ball of cast iron filled with /36ju. . One who blusters B6d'I-ly.&Sr. 1 Expression of pride.] To exhibit hesitancy. i. confused appearance. number of things taken Any mass. n. suppurating tumor. Icel. a. 1.] large and powerful serpent. . A genus of serally.] To presage to to blast. To bubble v.hard. sion. C\G. [-ed -ING. A long glass for distillations. -ING. (bum). [A corruption of Borghese. 2. of. 1. t. Deck of a vessel. B6mb'-pro~of B6mb'-shell A (bfinV-). Bog'gy. of body. a morass. adv. table. To brag.] n. A under-pillow. pents 2. Glance view. n. v. To obscure. vaunt. t. exalt. -ING. A Bo'lus. or — . A short. v. n. Bod'dI^e. 2. n. bog. A kind of baize or of shame. body. Boat'man (150). One who has his meals for pay. Lat. n. [Fr. Bolt'er. pointed in- strument for making holes. (colloq. n. BOND 43 repress or Unceremoniously. BOM'BA-SINE'.] A small vessel. 3. 3. (bum'-). Bond. Boil'ing. blot. [-ED. 2. terous manner. &c. Blurt. Bug. 2. . as in mud.t. [-ed. \Amer. 4. n. Exhibiting tumultuous violence. [Lat. To lay or cover with boards. An inflated fustian. Boll.] (20).] Pod or capsule of a plant. 2. Bolt 1. bombs. Bod'kin. brutal [-ed. 2. [Prop. together. wolf. A long pole. [Goth.-S. 2. — v. Lightning. To form into a seed- vessel. Any thing that plays loose2. a. sometimes thirty or forty feet long. Boat'swatn ficer [A. ployed in throwing bombs.h. [-ED t. A red color drugget from Bocking. To 2. )n. Cause of boasting. pi. adv. v. [-ED. n. 11. 2. A binding [A. Boast. -ING. move abruptly. v. Bob'bin-et'. One who robs graves for the purposes of dissection. n. from Lat. i. — — humming because it makes a A kind of spool. marsh.t. Bowl. 2.] [A. Bold'ness. -ING. torch. Twenty -eight ells of canvas. manful . [L. bolti. Bo'A. a.] A twilled fabric of silk and worsted. v. [From Wu-i. Lacking proper modesty or restraint rude. n. BLUSH. constringere. Icel. a. . A sort of thin BOM'BA-ZETTE'. bat.] arrow. — Bob. Fr. BOMB'-VES'SEL ) carrying mortars for bombs. bistr. [Lat. — v. to effervesce. BlOs'ter. n. n. v. 1. Syn. &c. [A. Cer. i. as of a storm. bombax.] lective | intrepid A n. Markedly conspicuous. Bom/bar-dier'. [bombs. An attack with Bom'bast (bum'biist.-S. to maintain. BJOAT (20). valiant . v. To supTo hold up [-LD. n. bo'sn). A draw A . 4. swallow without chewing. ing liberties in composition or expres4. TOO. sully. n. With in- in- flation of style. /Soju/Su^. jerking v. ) cotton. [A. cotton. t. j noise. -ING. 4. rue. To be BOAST'ER. 13i3. 2. n. )n. n. [Cf. [Lat. BlCnt'ness.-S. n. To blemish.-ing. n. Bog'-trot'ter. BlGnt'ly. [Lat.Bod'ice. n. -ing. a. Swinish a. bulter.] t.] style . jerking manner. To secure v. A piece of timber sawed broad and thin. 2. vapor. 136. Forward to meet danger. 2. — — . To dim. Bom/ba-zet'. Syn. A human being.-S. eb: A A A in a boat. That which binds. to together. State of being Bold. BOM-BARD'MENT. .r. Noisy. II. [A. [0. as of an animal tree. v. n.-S.] 1. &c. or a ablisian.] To tail cut short. of . whelm or plunge. Bog. To go on board of. See BID. stormy. -ING. 2. n. i. In a boi*. do. (Paint.) Stays. — ship. Lat. jerking [-ed.] To transport open — a.] 1. Bait ly. &c. it. Goth. with a hook.] To sift 1.] 1. thickness. place for boiling.] The male of swine BOARD. An of- who has charge of a ship's boats. Bog'gle. 2. Completely. Boar. Bol'ster A long 1. 1. Having or containing a a swaggerer a bully. [-ED -ING. 2. n. To fasten. €. -ring. Syn. [Lat. n. To An n. impudent.] To cook or form by v. 1. took URN.t. 3. n. the hills where this kind of tea is grown. [flated. usually moved by oars. b lf>.] Pertaining to the silk-worm. a dim. . t. redden in the face. . silk-worm. corporeal. 2. 1. [Gr. A man who manages a boat. boistous. Bold'ly. A sugar-plum. agitated by heat used of liquids. with a bolt. — 5. ii. [-ed. [boisterous. a.] To attack with. daring brave . . To obtain food statedly for compensation. bidlirc] BOIL. Bod'y-guard. bolt. BLUR. Board'er. used in angling. n. blysa. bombus. vehement. [-BED. Bod'y. biuteln. 2. a. Bob'bin. Bois'TER-ous-LY. thing is boiled. bomb. b>jle. sore. a noted swindler. a High-sounding.G. school in which the scholars board with the teacher. . t. n. A guard to proBod'y-snatch/er. &c. Bod'i-less. One who. — ty of being boastful. B6mb'-ketch ) (bum'-). Bolt'-head. The stage iu a theater. . A house BOARD'ING-SOHOOL (-skJbl). audacious. Boast'ful.] large pill. \ woolen cloth. & Gael. Given to boasting. To move in a short. [bolts. BOM'BA-ZINE'.] Allied bodian. To speak of with pride or exultation. tuous . it. A bidog.i. Bob'tail. ing-bird. bord. n.] .] 1. Boar'ish. soft. A strong pin to (20). or. EXIST . i. short sword. 5.e. motion. v. colors. B6n'bon (or bong'bSng). — — . or i. sails.] Bob'bin et'. -ING. kind of lace. Noisy turbulent. tainment.] [See -ING. as of flax periforward . Want of edge or point dullness. Full of bogs. furious. bombyx. A measure.n. to blush.] — 3. n. 2. [-ED. silk. ore of iron found in bogs. «. 114). A col. BoiL'ER-Y.] To utter Bob'o-l'ink. 3. [\Y. PULL. i. Navigable for boats. 1.-S.

Boot'-jack. [Fr. A .] 1. n. patch of a garment.. An instrument for off boots. Given to reading. and vivant. [Ar. A. B6RE. to defend from rain and mud. n. [Low Lat. v. v. Boss. pledge. a. Bonds/man.] To teate or perplex. Bond'wom'An. n. To rush with violence. w. sells shop where .] Bps/OM. Boo'zy. dash.] Outer part or edge of any thing. adv. An insect troublesome .-S. To take from another on trust. books sile medicinal One who n. of a work. One who boirows. of two co-ordinate words or phrases. Gift . a. Both a. v. ft. Booth.f. bwtk. unprofAn instrument to ft. ft. BO'RAX. bosses. — A clum- sy performance. what. or mite that eats holes in books. [Prob. ignorant of men. bite. i. ) a. — — . Australia.] [Cf. To put boots on. 2. Far. beautiful. BOok'-learn'ing. -ING. their classification. 1. stretch the leg of a boot. [-ed.] Thick part of milk-that has become sour. One who ft. 2. point. butvti. bush. Goth.] To make a border for. a. margin. compos- — ing a skeleton. — n. BOR'AGE (bur'rej). from behind to . books . borian. as the bittern. A covering for the foot and leg. [From 0.] ft. 1. . Any protuberant part. sets broken and dislocated bones. Bone (20). BoliR'ISH. Bot'-fly. Art of keeping t. BOOM'ER-ANG.buan. To cry. a .] Fashionable society. [A -S. [A.. t. into. A spar to extend the bottom of a sail. butzen. with intention to return or give an equivalent for. Botch. ft. whitish substance. [Lat. Y. A servant at hotels v. Bor'row (boVro). mouth.] violence .] 1. ft. botte. fowl allied to the pelican. — in — v. v. Bo'RE-Al. -ING. enter in_ a book. h. Both'er. as of waves. be organ. BOR'OUGH (bQVo). ho blacks the boots. bvsk. n. jSorpos. 2. A stud a knob. ft. «. BOOK [Amer.-S. [log. (Naut. vessel with liquors.] 1.] push up. (20). Bootless. u. Bon'NET. Handsome. v. A. or the like. ( worms in horses' intestines. of Bear. quired by reading only. [Gr. Gay. servitude. [A -S. 3. [A. Book'-bind'er. plant. compensation. . as the seat of the sensibilities. A jovial fiON'Y. Addictedness to Bot'tle. large or promi- of. master. t. 2.] The science which treats of plants.] To mend in a clumsy manner.] To profit to advantage. A waterft. A cask. as of waves or cannon. VEIL. . charter. a. n. Bot'RY-OID. drawing Boot'-LAST. mer- bountiful. One who [accounts. 1 ) — — I . borg. milk. student addicted to books. To weary by iteration. D. To take out bones from. n. [-ED. . to disSpoil taken in war. n. A n. — wearies. of a bunch of grapes.] 1. Boot-ee'. 2. bonus. -ING. [Lat. v. a pious man (-warm). v. [Japan. secure payment Bond'age. . t. bCsvm. byta. gebur. [-ED. a. One who dwells on a Botts. i. [ColBosk'y. n.} 1. 3.] A temporary shelter of boards or boughs of trees. 2.] 1. [Prov. Clownish rustic. formerly esteemed as a cordial. bones. [A. ft. and Eng. I. Bo-tan'ic-al-LY. A n. B6t'a-NY. BON-VIVANT [Fr. Bon'NY. books. good. Bon'FIRE ft. bonne. (bong've-vong').-S. slavery. A ft. A worm in- that Born and Borne. herb. borh. p. of. ft. [See Beam. n. ft. E. Containing. saltpeter. Profit gain advantage. In a botan. A ical manner. ware- house for storing bonded goods bondman_. fire. fr. A bony excrescence on the hock of a horse's leg. ask. Bots. or other privilege. ft.] [A. because the ancient Saxons wrote on beechen boards. l3o'NUS. Book'-oase (109).] A hard.U BONDAGE ing under seal.. and is followed by and before the other. 2. & pron.] Small Book'ish. Boss and Patch. B6r'der-er.] A clown a rude and illiterate person. Bond'ed-ware'house.) Bo"OM. The breast or its covering.] to seek for plants for the purpose of botanical investigation. One skilled in botany. for of a bottle. bon. [Fr. . A man slave. ere. . ft. Full .] ft.] Having the form books. A worm Bor'er. Kind 2. A a. — Verge. i. gimlet. or pertaining to. bosh. Addition to a sail. bon. [-ED forming a wail.-S. BobK'-KEEP'lNG. bothers annoyance. [D. clabar. A remarkable misby the natives of Hole made 1.-S. but. to domestic animals. [-ED . 2.good. keeps accounts.butz. ft. butte . —v. [Cf. n.] Nonsense. . — . bon. of Bear. W. S. form. ft. v. t. ) Boot. (109). . 4. One who.J [A. _ [shelves for books. Bond'-sErv'ant. [Fr. A woman slave. . 6. t.] To 2. boubie. foolishness. brim. bainne. m. Bo"ok/-st6re. care.] witty repartee a jest.long. Bot'ry-oid'al. [Fr. Gayly handsomely. n. . t. byti. A hollow roar.t. 1. . burg.] 1. fr. tip.] 1. [Fr. caliber. BOT'A-NIZE. fr. botte.] 1. [-ed -ING.] Bon-mot A covering for the head. present. Unavailing. bOc. cavity of any nie-ann. [Tcel. borgian. A kind of sleigh. «. 2.] salt formed by a combination of boracic acid with soda. lift v. bUtu. A dome-shaped casing or appendage. Eng. pi. Bo"ok'ISH-ness. A case with [-ED -ING. po-ravri. n. ft. Bosc'age. 3.] 1. [Icel. p. and [Tr. i. BOTTLE enter by boring. are kept for sale.-S. — Boot'Y. baine. v. borealis. . . Boomerang. bain. Boot'-tree. Wood underwood. a state of a. to hide. To make a hollow sound or roar.] To inclose in the bosom. a. Boo'by-hut. -ED. living. . A ft. Bond'maid. or that which.-S. B6r'row-er. tribute. ft. t. Boreas.-S. A child's play. «. Bon'ny-clab'Ber. Any inclosed place.] grant. One who binds rim. or that which. a. Boss'Y.] A master workman. Ore who bores an strument for boring. imp. Sheets of paper bound together. [-ed. fr. A half or short boot. A slave Versed in (60). the north wind. boundary. To appropriate. Syn. busse. fTrm son. I Boast. baas. or ornamented with. [A. Bone'-set'ter.bytte. cluster of grapes. something cloddy or stumpy. from bdce. (bSng'mS'). A person in a state One who gives secu- rity for another. PIQUE. n. ft. or by plunder. ) any. and elfio?. . . One who. 3. m.-S. bouttille. t. v. a. a a. To pierce or — l. fr. little intoxicated fuddled. sects. Bon Ton (b5ng t5ng). border.] A premium given for a loan. n. 3. «. luvoluntary servitude. [-ed -ing. good. whether printed or not. l.0. o. niter. a. See BOARD. BOOR. n. Bo-TAN'l€. a narrow Contents -ING.] Northern per- taining to the north.t. To put whalebone Bone'set. 1.] An annual garden plant. Bone'-SPAV'IN. BOOK'WORM in. BOR'DER. brink. 2. -ing.i. be prominent. cultivate. 2. v. \. 3. Bot'an-'ist. v.] [Fr. To penetrate with an auger. burh. bord. — A sub-division [-ED -ing. Learning ac[books. beech. short. 2. good. ft. A fire to express public joy.] An incorporatedtown that is not a city. (27). Boost. adv.] 1. boer. r. [Lat. A.. 1. -ING. [A. ry. 1 j [itable. t£rm. A female slave. Eng. conj. An apron for a carriage.] To by giving a bond. ft. t. show.] 2. -ing. A dunce a stupid fellow. pi. r/iuti. 2. pierces wood. fr. U'oody bushy. Union of stones Book'-lEarnjED 4. [Gr.] 1. ft. 2. [Ger. — Thralldom. It precedes the first the two. ft. by boring. To touch at the edge. captivity. Boo'BY. Bo-peep'. I V. defend.] The one and the other. [Fr. weapon used Boon. borago. bfrdh. -ing. To ?'.ft. Syn. good tone.] To inclose in bottles. [-ed. 2. B6n'NI-ly. Bond'man. bvrvk. good. 2. [Fr. bbraq. ft. The breast. V. to inhabit. [-ED -ING. &c.] companion. Bosh. fondness for books. Book'-keep'er ft. Bon'zf. ban. Having nent bones. Eng. A line of spars across a river or other water. m. all. Boo'sy. . 66. with a covered top. A [of slavery Bonu'-slave. A priest ] of different Oriental 1.«. [A. v. Pertaining to botBo-TAN'l€-AL. n Bo^K'-SELL/ER. plant thoroughwort.

I.] 1. n. W. a bunch of flowers. bhgan. Bowlder. v. [Fr. bend. adv. the arms (stretched out). sting. 1. 2. Boun'ti-ful-ly. 2. -ING. Bo' VINE. Ornament for the wrist. [-ed. place for playing at bowls. bauan. BOUND. n.^S. Bought (bawt). of Bind. boga. 5. n. v. concave vessel. the hand. v.EN(bound n).5. 2. 4.] A BRAIN.] 7. soft./3os. of be bent. Brah'man. — [fist. A kind of nail. i. -ING. A hollow iron or other texture. Boy'ish-ness. BOUN'te-OUS-ness. Ger. i. deep sound.] [A. -ING. of Buy.] A male child a lad. 2. — . A case or receptacle. Without bounds . Rounded part of a ship forward. Free in giving muot' ground for bowling. wolf. A string used by the Turks for the creator.-S. note. to carry sail. Bowl'ing-AL'ley. Bout.] 1. 1. Gr.. brachia. borne. bolla. ior of a boy. Empty boasting. t. -ing. Childish puerile. [Lat. confines or infinite.-S. brackish. / Made obligatory binding. plge} a little girl. Stream or rivulet. BRAIN 45 fSOT'TLE-HOLD'ER. fr. Bowstring.. an arm.) 1. bragga. — p. Fr. n. [Ger. silent . [Lat. of amusement. (bo). t. Limit confine extent boundary. Bowl'er (b5P-). n One of the upper caste? Box.] projecting support. Having crooked legs. brachium. n. [Gr. tree or a shrub. v.] Pertaining to cattle of the ox kind. or the body. (bobrss). 2. [0. to used esp. BRA-«HYG'RA-PHY.a. n. Brace'let. gasNU. or spring suddenly. from the axil of which a flower proceeds. 1 . BOUN'TE-OUS-LY. Boul'der. To roll the ball on a level. To furTo strike with To fight with the inclose in a box. pupus . n. . n. small Lat. among the Hindoos. brara.] 1. botellus. b^ir.] To ieap v. [Prop. To limit. ) . to bow. B6t'TOM-ry. blitidj. of Brah'min. A prop or support. [See supra.A strap. Manners or behav. worn as a weapon from its inventor. A. . In a bountiboaster. E. bragiaw. n. 6. 4. Bough (bou).] [Gr. [See ball. — To men- tion the boundaries of. bauer. a. brachialis . Eng. with clenched head or ear.] 1. Bow'er-y. 3. n. [From Braggadocchio. n. a. n. Eng. Boun'te-oOs give freely Disposed to a. bovis. The . fr. . bowls. See trial. (bou). [ ]. generous . Gr. a box. bonitas. bractea i & thin plate. i. [Lat. n. 3. trinity of the Hindoos strangling offenders.-ing.] small leaf or scale. n. [Fr.] 1. brachi- n. Lowest part of any thing. [Lat. 1. 2. [A. n. to dwell. deep sound. [-ed. Bourn. i*w. -ING. A sud- heavy blow One who bounces. encourage some object. 2. To rebound. Bound'a-ry. ggt^ Bourgeois type.] A small kind of type. -arm.] n. /3os.] ball for rolling on a level surface. [0. bragord. two or more words or lines. to restrain to confine. Dreg=!. in which an axle-tree runs. Boun'ti-ful. n. a. String of a bow. 1. bragtn. . skin. A n. imp. the line of the bow. or BRA'CHi-AL. 1. Boastful vessel.] To swagger to boast. [D. [A. adv. beogan. A game at cards. n. a character BoW-shot. A nosegay. Without a bot. v. any thing rounded by art.] A French exchange. and cf. Brack'ET. [Fvombind. [Gr. Belongor resembling. Bowl. to adorn. . [-ed. . (bob'ka/ or boiVka). Quality of being BRA-GT. . Cf. Boy'ish. imp. Boy'hood (27). 2.] arbor. Ger. 2. n. — A A — Bowl. t.] bowl. the vessel inseif. . n. O. a gut 2. from Goth. tending . Col. [A -S.] — . Bour-geois' (bur-jois'). move forward by leaps jump. €. arm.] A large bragging. Lat. & Dan. .-S. prick. A pair. n. Bowie. &c.] [Cf. [A. too TOOK. n. Destined a. t. v. Bow [Lat.} A public walk or street on the site of a demolished fr. Some- 1. nation of the head. 2. Bow — — . n. lor bend. going. To to to leap /36/u. Dan. One who fights with hie [-ed. hard. n. [Lat. n. 5. between Bot'tom. One of the intestines chiefly in the pi. «. [Lat. hence. j goal.] A. [Fr . n. . . An instrument having a curved form. BrXd. Low land a daie a valley. [-ed -ing. . munificent. . State of a boyv. a. 2. [-ed. from 1. brak. -ing] To wear. — tom . That which holds any thing 3. [-ed -ing. & p. (65). — .] — v. (bJOPyoug). in a certain manner. Inclosed space with seats in a place n. ing to. 5.] 1.D.] A cot. n.a. One of two hooks. a. 7ru£os.] A . a peasant. bracx et of a lifting pump. BoUND'. J A large branch of a tree.-S.] and of writing in short A covered hand . Braid. Bowl'ing-green. n. BRA€'€ATE. fathomless. a. BOY.] n. bought. Liberality. a.] A boaster a vain fellow. braquet.] Furnished with feath ers which conceal the feet. Brag'GART. fortificatiou. [Lat. braccatus. A level piece Brag'ga-do'ci-o (-do'shi-o).. Tenderness compassion. 3. 1.BRAIL§. Brack'ish-ness. n. with a slight projection at the top on one side. the knave in cards. Bowl'der. [A. [Gr. n.] To place within brackets. Boun'CER. vain [Boiv (of a ship) and sprit. Bough. 3 thing big.] To bend .] soup. lusty. 1. Boun'cing. 2. A — . transported by natural agencies from its native bed.] 1. [-ed. box-wood. stenogra- phy- any round BrXck/en. short. BoWie-KnIfe (-nTf). n. An a. . (b JoPvar'). n.] A rope to keep the weather-edge of the sail tight for- BoW-legged ward. A perfume or aromatic odor. L. vessel. n. n.] row may pass when shot. generosity. Interior part of any thing. [Prov. — — tage. bulla. . boef. [Fr. 1. To play with v. Box'ER. To furnish with a seat or bottom. nv$ blow on the [-ED. [Cf. See n. — n. Hollow part of any thing. (bo'legd). fist.a. C. A t. n. 4. i. One who brags. v.] 1. as a bower containing bowers. Skr. URN. n. boll. 3. Lat. Brace. . 2. 1. n. — . One who plays Bow'line. — . pi. bulwark. & . i^ot'TOM-less. brachium. . AS. RUE. To [Cf. EXIST . Boun'ty. [Fr. arm. take out the bowels of Bow'er (bou'er). Covering. from a type-founder of that name. used to inclose an expla[-ED nation. a visible mark.— . Brack'ish. n. t. &c.] Ropes to haul up sails. A character connecting firmly. n. BoWsprIt manner. v. 2. t. lady's private room. . 0R DO. bua. 2. braad. to swell out. n. Brach'i-al. bonus. Boudoir (bocVdwor). ttv^is.-S. ./3vptra. BrAg'ger. den leap or bound.] 1. 3. 2. Liberally. by giving him refreshment. [Lat.] [A. 6. formed by weaving. v. A weapon for shooting arrows.] 1. 2. A mass of rock. )4. Fr. n. . a hollow. or i. Space which an arnificent generous. BOTTLE-HOLDER the rounds. i. That which fixes a limit esp. ful good.] 1. n. Jbouudation base. bue. 2. esp. . or thump. (bou'el). Brah'ma. v. Stout. 1. Driver's seat breeches. n. [at bowls.] Saltish salt. [From bow. Contract* by which n. An inclithe head or body. a ship is bound as security for the payment of money advanced or lent. A contest Bight. [Fr. A leap a jump. bot?n. Box'haul. t. from beogan.] nish with boxes. Keel of a vessel hence. Fern. First person in the 2. A limit Bourne.] To roll as a bowl.] To weave to plat. Bound'less. Buck. A 2. 4.. Bourse Bow'ei. 6. a. a. because a purse was made of leather. -ing.] As much of an action as is performed at one time. [Gr. [-ED 1. ox.-S. 3. p. p6/xa hollow. . n. I [Prob. An anchor at the bow of a ship. bos. as a ship. . ) (bo'sprit or bou'sprit). A liar. [brackish. spar projecting over the stem of a vainly ostentatious. THIS . 2. . To tighten. — -v. n. 2. Liberality premium BOU-QUET' to . & p. Boulevard Bounce. bend. A boast.] ance. Icel. bre2. fist. on a carriage. To found or build. /Spec's Art ypatyeiv. to write. n. btigan. (137) Ti. 1. thus. A peculiar kind of knife. To support to prop. PULL a . t. A in Spenser's Faery Queen. Power of endur-ing. Brag. One who aids a boxer. [0. a small sausage. A bold lie. Bouillon Broth . t. wear- ing breeches. A cord dan.] One of the two highest cards in the game of euchre.

] 1. ing. a. [bling. a. Brand. 1. To put out of breath. slight stant. Any structure to break the force of waves. defen1. [-ED. a. wrangle a squabble.-S.. [From brass. To utter softly. n. . n.) — 1. A — . colored rock composed of angular [bread is made. 2. or made of. n. A Breath' a-ble. a bully. t. a. Bream. fraction. BrAn'dish. [From An bray.] 1.-S. Bray'er. t. 1.] To pound or grind small. 3. BRASS.] 1.) To violate.-S. is worked. pi.ds. to. An artificer who works in Branch.-S. respire. Respiration. a. bracan.i. A . 1. BRAT. [O. lo dash to pieces. n. sive earthwork breast-high. 2. To be impudent. brembel. 2. To pass. brikan. Braze. brato. Quality or appearflour or meal. 2. 2. t.Eng. Break. [L. A It. . Goth. Brand'-new. 1. expired.] To wave. n. 1. burst. 1. — Quality kind. n.] An instrument to Handle by which a break flax. gallant. as water. n. Breath'ing.£. Breath. Sec.] A spirit distilled from 2.] 1. ask.] 1. See (-fast). 1. Brav'er-y. A strap that runs across a horse's breast. broke (brake. n. E. Brawl'er. Brass'i-ness. [A. To divide as into branches. as with a weapon. as grass. audacity is bravery running out into rashness. State of bo2. ' braich. 2. strengtl hence. v. — A. meet with the BREAST'-BONEjW. . as an ass. — v. Waves breaking into foam against the shore. Breast'pin. intrepidi- 2. (b. 2. fearless. n. [It. Brawl. 2. 1. prickly shrub. ink.] A [-ED.] A species of [It. bras. Full of branches. hard as brass. Buckwheat. a. pump. Tent. Disordered in the understanding. A brave person. chasm. Quality of being — . 2. . A. Courageous. bravery defies or brares it.a. To breast. driven for cutting turf. n. A burning A sword. A noisy quarrel. Capable of being breathed. Breast'knot knot of ribbons worn on the breast. v. A breaking. -ING. Breast'plate. 5. 5. heroism. Brand'ling. [A. 2. See Brave. n. To wrangle to squabble. [See Brand. 2. n. BRAlN'LESS. 2. or that which. Interruption. n. A (-not). BRA/Z. gallantry dauntlessnebs valor audacity. [It. s6n. — .] 1. Brand. Brave. to is BRAM'BLE. 2. v. [-ED. 1. brass.Breccia (bret'cha). to respire . a. 6. To open spontaneously. Break'age (45). n. To make a breach in the coals.) to disclose. by the breast. braka. 4. 2. intrepid. Courage is that firmness of . 6. Brant. Armor worn upon the breast. as air v. as if fresh from the fire. [A. — — Branch'let.-S. To divide into separate parts.i. n. [W. [A. Flesh of a boar. . 2. BRANCH. p. a sword. To spread in branches. [Ger. v.).] 1. brasier. from brinnan. — ass. adv.] 1. 2. n. cloak. A small red worm. kind of plow. Of noble or Excellent — 1. One whose busimanage a brake. an alloy of brass and To harden to impudence. 4. root ot break. [-ED. 2. Apt to break fences 2.t. Bra'zier (brasher). Breech'es (bricb/ez). wrangle. Brake 'man (150).] 1. . n. Brant. [ From 3. Brass'Y. In an impudent v. &c. To come to pieces. To Breast'-plough. (c. stick. Bran'gle. veil. An Break. To dash out the brains of. short. 3. Bran'ny.] instrument for mixing or spreading [From brass. Hinder part of any thing. Breast. [Fr. united by a ce. 2. brandwine.-ing. ing. Brand'-goose. ¥. 3. » ) A n. Breath'less-ness. .] fern. 2. a bough. berstan. what. — — n.) 'lo make bankrupt. the See Act of breaking.BREACH. n. 3.-ing. n. to shake or flourish.] 1. [Fr. Provisions in gen.] 1.t. cAre. Bread. — To &c. differerce. 3. 3.] n. n. 4. valorous. v.-S Bra-va'do. brsedh. Impuapplied to unruly cattle. t. An openn. Break'wa-ter. 5.] A daring villain an assassin. a boast.] admirable courage. walls of. A.-S. [A. n.— v. 2. as breath. A pin worn for ornament on the breast. to dawn. or manfully. [See Brave. . 4. a. ty BROKE obs. 4. brushwood.] in the day. arm.'l'oneof the breast to which ribs are attached. Having large. up of amicable relations. i. in which milk is secreted. 1. v. bratt. 2. burn. 2. Brain'-PAN. The first v. n. A A A with brakes. n. soft A [A. o. iron. . . n.-S. strong muscles. Opening made by breaking. t. To exhale to emanate. or subdue. branke. which meets danger without fear. Muscular 1. BRAY. The dawn. cleft. 3. breaks. v. brave. respite. H. dent shameless. 2. Food made of ing breathless. A flourish. To burn filth.\. of [manner. n. pi. [A.) To interrupt. / fast). to terminate. adv. Coat of the seed of wheat.] To encounter with courage to defy. An iron for burning a mark on something. [A. to break. n. One who. [A. separated from the flour.BRAINLESS — . BROKEN\ 3. Out of breath. Brain'-sick.. To quarrel noisily and indecently. [-ed. (c. v. The raspberry or blackberry shrub.-S. [See species of wild goose. «. [Fr.3. [See Breeches] Breadth (108). BREAK'FAST(brek Pertaining [Probably a modif. Breath'less. as of a law.) To strain apart. v. Dead. n. 2. A 3. n. place overgrown thicket. a. off from. 2. solder with zinc.. p. v. e. In- breaking affections. brado. & and Syn. broad. Bra'vo. a. Brawn. a. n. Ger. n. t. an n. To emit.] 1. Bra'ZEN (bra'zn). fIrm.-S. Grain of which fragments. A noisy fellow.] 1. A yellow Breach'y. —Kent.] 1. Breast'work (-wurk). part cautiously. Fore part of the body next below the neck. v. t. &c. Bran'DY. -ing. braire. i. n. One who works in brass. — the heart. or [A. to rub. Syn. ness BREECHES 46 whitish mass in the upper cavity of the skull. brag brawl. 1.) To im. x£kmj pique. as a weapon. In a brave manner. Skull cranium. n. To suffer to take breath. Break'er. pi.-S. BRA'VOiis. rag. Bran. bran. . — . — BRA'Z£N-FAC£D wine. (d. 1. [-ED. Breast'-plow. a. bragal. — Syn. -ING] From brand. to live.] Quite new. from side to side width. One who brays like an ate. claw. The root A. (109). [See BraBrank. 2. alloy of copper and zinc. n.u.-S.] [Icel. interj Well done. to retard the arrogant menace. in females.n. i. 1. .Y. brake. to or partly burnt 3. n. 5. brave. Brawn'y. Bra'rier (bra/zher).i. A subdivision a department. To complain loudly. Impudent. 2. &c.) To bruise. esp. The understanding. brire. To roar. -ING. spirit — . (0. misunderstanding. . live Breech. from brad.] A partyance of brass. . wjld goose. break.] A bridle for scolds. n.. 2. Sp. i. eral. t. brass. v. The glaT . n. Air 2. fatness. n. valiant. To hence.] To utter a harsh cry.t. Allowance for things broken. beautiful. Indian warrior. A pan to hold coals. [Cf. 4. Pertaining to brass Bread'~€ORN. Branch'y. 2. boasting feuow. Ostentation.] A Lower part of the body behind.] 1. n. and shows itself in outward acts. Bran'-new new. 1. — .] 1. tf. 5. Impu- Consisting of. Harsh sound of an ass. boast.) To weaken. Without understanding witless. Seat of is consciousness. bravo. bold. . To appear.] A pan for holding coals. braed.m. . Ger. the arm.-S. braisier. To burn with a hot . To stigmatize. (a. n. to grind. courageous. (a. v. BRAVE'LY. sier. [-ED -ING. Eng. impair. A hector. eat the first meal in the morning. \Fig. and (Fig. n. A stigma. 3. . [A. [imp.l. [0. Act or power of breathrespired. bryce.EN-LY. Time to breathe an insingle respiration or act breeze. ere. ale. v. meal Impudent. To take breath to rest. A limb . to vocifer- i. seaweed.) To cashier. To burst forth violently. &c. Breathe. Mechanism motion of a carriage. from braise. Any part extended from the main body of a thing. A little branch. BRAKE. t. breost.ment. n. — burned wine. n. Any rough. 3. v. or resembranta. n. — Courage. far. n. W.] Distance childj in contempt.] 2. rye. To fail in business.

n. 1. Abridgment of a client's ing. To be forming. n. . pit of salt-water. short. [A. a contend- 0. BRlLL'lANT (bril'yant). Skr. BRIG'AN-TINE A kind Bright (brlt). brought. Offrace from the same stock.!-. bridel. v. [A. [-E D -ING.. pr. covering the -ING. To convey to fetch. Theft robbery. adv. fr. To induce to influence.] Brick'-work (-wGrk). 2. One who breeds. 1 splendor.p. to answer to any action. 2. marriage. 2. rough. t. 9. BRIGHT'EY To grow i. to roast. brevis. n. recently married. radiant. brigue. i. Snaffle and rein of a military bridle. bribe. . . A bowl full to the top. by steeping. brevis. BRlDE'GROOM. WOLF. [Lat. (brin'dld). Conciseness. brycg. Brile'iant-ly. -ing. — BREECHING .] Bread soaked in gravy. v. Full to the top comBrim'mer. brys. <bpvyei.] [A.n. clear. O.— Shining . To produce. blow gently. In. n. a. — Short. Bricks garment worn by men.] 1. Breed. bracse. to love. bryne. n. hillock. 4. effulgent. verge. A woman conBREED'ING. State of being [variegated. n. To put a used in printing a breviary. To be full to the brim.n. n. n. fr. t. adv. [-ed. A nuptial. 2. e. Conciseness. n.-S. man. 3. [Lat. — A stiff. Brewing Bribe. Brisk'ness. W. Brew (bru). A house — I BreW-house J where brewing is carried on. bryd. a piratical vessel. A fr. . Spotted [A. Rim. v.] A commission Bride'well. diamond of the finest cut. Brew'er-y (bru/-). BRl'ER. [A. molded into regular forms.] 1. somewhat (82). Brighton (brit'n). lay or pave with bricks. [-ed. plunderer. A path for $3^" This type is brevier. a.] To form into brigades. (brlt'-). adv. To gain by a bribe. One who brews. Having no brief. jL. Brief'ness. brevitas. Brig.] n. [-ED hips and thighs. Act of bribing. [Abbrev.] (bris'l). groom and bride. To BR IDE '-CAKE. [W. Formation of man[wedding. of briller. byrnan. brig. n. ing troop. Skr. DO.] 1. to [A.- fjRN. The brigade. [Icel. t. bliradsh to shine. Water imThe ocean Tears. 2. Brief'less. To carry on brewing. [Fr. Bri'dle-way. [Prob.-S. A — . — — • — — . 1. 1.-S. bringr. ) BrIg'a-diek'-gen'er-al. Brew'age (bruM. this. to shine or sparkle. in Receiving Brick'-kiln (-k.v.i. bright. Malt liquor. of any thing.5. like u ristles. connubial. An epitome 2. 2. Bride. To corrupt by gifts.] 1. Shedcbnr. 2. G. Great brightness Brill'Ian-cy.] To inure of bricks. Brig'and-aGe. To boil or seethe. or in water and butter.-S. bridle upon. praudha. brydguma. silent . (brlt'-). €.— cinct. which bricks are burnt. a. 4. Acuteness. much tive.] 1.] n. Brides/-MAID. [Fr. clayey.] vessel . 2.] A rue. n. brigantm.-S.-S. 1. Clay and sand. 2. from being orig. prl.i. ) Bride '-man.] t. n. SomeBRE'VI-A-RY. bringan. light. [imp. n. To procreate. In a brilliant — A manner. n. An abridgment [-ED -ING. of small n.] Sulphur. n. [winds. n. t. To bring To BRID'AL. A . [pletely full. Fr. or border. pression using few words. A writ summoning a man case. a freebooter. who commands a . One who builds the muzzle. n.-S. short. [A. — To make acute. t.] To build a bridgeover. n. oraccac. luminous. Full of liveliness and activity. Bring. equivalent to —».] 1. 2. bride. A restraint a check. with two squaremasts.-S. 3. a. n. [Armor. n. As. clay. I. — ) ) tion. 1. 2. as liquors. v. Quality of being bright. t. without clients. brymme. 1.] 1. [A. n. Cake for guests at a [A. and guma. That which seduces. up. — [-ED. Full to the brim.-S. Brim'ming.-S. n. division of troops. n.] BRISK'et. v.-S. a. to burn. — BREVE. bright. brigant. bride. . officer BRIG'AND. [A.] 1. fry.) A 1. prickly plant or shrub. That part of the breast of an animal that lies next to the ribs. laconic. A structure on which to pass over a vet. A gift intended to corrupt. summit. Bre-vet'.-S.-ing. tracted to be married. to branded. leavings of meals generally given to a beggar. A woman BREED'ER. [Lat. Brill'iance. Brin'dle. from BRI-DOON'. allied to Gr. a. &c. fr. n. brinnan. To restrain. haste. Brin'ded. brssc. [Orig. Short in exShort in duration. bryncyn. To make to come. [A dim. Cf. (Mus. brec. . 3. . n. a.p. 2. and fermentation. n.] To collectively. entitling the officer to take rank Bride's well. bridon. An instrument to govern and restrain a the Roman Catholic or Greek church. Brief.Bride§'-"MAN. breovan. commanded by a general officer. beget. v. [salt. Brim. n. TOO. kind of printing type. or gathering. Brim'ful.] [VV. -ING. Lat. A brant. bryne. short. the root of brinded. tity or sound of a vowel. a compend a summary. . ners. n.] 2.] 1. [Equiv. married. n. A curved tends upon a bridemark [~] to indicate the short quan. Bris'TLE [A. il- light upon.] note.] To erect the bristles of. pi. n. [Fr. 2. A book containing the daily service of BRl'DLE. prt. brser. short. A struct1. quarrel. A house of correction from a workhouse near St. tempered OR.-S. spring. BREWls (bru/is). n. a. Concisely. n. E JIST . T^K.] brinded. To plot. robber highlander. [-ed . brysced.] with — . bear and nourish festival. trou- Brisk'LY. ation of liquors from malt and hops &c. 2. To stand erect. 1.— — . fire. . 2. To make 2. To confer rank or title upon by bre. in London. -ing. short. a.n. brew. with bricks. BrI'er-y.-ing. Breech'-load'ING. a.] brevis. Brief'ly. t.] Edge or border of a steep place Brin'y. or brigadier. t. n.!". brysg. shining. bryd. Pertaining to brine [W. [Lat. A woman who at.«. t. breviariwn. above his actual rank or pay. Bri'dle-path. Taking rank by brevet. . Full of briers. p. struct. v. a. quick in- tellect. Eng. n. BRfiTH'REN (152). and stone. resplen- dent. i. of brigantine. 2. Brigade'. Quality of being brisk. A ligat wind. limited. Part of a harness round a horse's breech.Bright'ness tends on a bride. n.] A small v. ble. horsemen. v. [Fr. priek.] [A. n. Syn. 2. To make lustrious. Brig. — . a. hard. from breovan. 3. brevis. Syn. soft. Brin'ISH. & p. v. n. bredan. and dried or burnt. To shed Splendidly. i i ""* Bride' maid. fr. suc- summary. young. 2. . v. broil. boiling. Having a 3. Fanned with gentle man newly married. horse. or brand-goose. the charge at tht breech instead of Brick'-lay'er. fr. Brisk. Brib'ER-y. n. Deportment or behavior. bred. One who bribes.] pregnated with salt. brillant. Nuptial n. n. a. To prepare from malt or other materials. n. [Fr.bri\f Skr.] 1. n. salt. a. ravine. progeny. NasNG. Sparkling with luster. BRlN'DLiSD BRINE. bristl. v. Effervescing. 1. [A. n. PULL n. a concise writn. for evaporation. 2. Like brine.] 1. i. 2.-S. A fragment of a brick. Brib'er. Prepar(bribing). thing analogous to a bridge. or sea.] 1. 1. BrIck'bat. n. form of brind. [A. tfRE-viER'. beorht. A man who attwo semibreves. Belonging to a bride v. 2. — v. . brew'er (bru/er). adv. orig. « BRISTLE 47 A water. watercourse. . concise.] [plunder. p. [imp.] Having different colors variegated. n. 2. A A Brink br&r.] 1. a. or about to be BRENT.Bridge. a hunch ofbread. brig. Breeze. In a brisk manner. Brick. Shortness of duraI ' ) I I . Quantity brewed at once. n. A Brine'-pan. Brim'stone. Breech'ING (brich'ing). Splendid. or more bright. of Brother. a. acting independently of the bit.] BREEZ'Y. k. kiln. Having qualities that render conspicuous or attrac.t [-ED. 3. rigged. n. coarse hair. v.] Brev'i-ty.».

] [A. imp. n. jected to the action of heat. browbeaten. . maKe hard or unfeeling. /2p6yx°s. To tap to pierce. brown. Broad'ly.— Ample. Britain or Liquor in which breovan. . Brood. broche. . Brows. [A. from the hand. 3. I | (brlt'tl). terrupted manner. bad smell. -ING. J ing timber. Belonging to Bron'ciiic the bronchiae. from ALL. brog. w. A piece of gold coin broader than a guinea in the reigns of James I. to sprout. genus of plants. and Bru-nette'. n.. brusta.] i BRbJV'€Hl-JE. Browbeat. To pierce.] 1.] To feed on the tender branches of shrubs or trees. n. n. vulgar. Broad'-Xx. fr. [From of the same father and mother. Eng.] One of the elements. broc] badger.-S. adv. -INC. Mental abstrac- n. 2. tumor. 2 Made weak fragile. Ger. t. n. Ger.] 1. A dark color inclining to a. v. sisting of tumult.-S. .] Broth'el. [ J from side to side. n. Bro-cad'ed.t. Inflammation of any part of the bronchial membrane. v. as by copper with tin. a. for sweeping floors. [Gr. Quality of being broad. 2. grief or despair. . i — To dress or To be sub- [-ed. raging. 1. broccare.] To endure to be contented with. ing. apt to Brit'tle-ness. n. To make Broagh'er. Broom A Brogue (brog). beaman.n. to eat. Handle of a broom.] A pamphlet. a.] break Pertaining inhabitants. An instrument of for various purposes. sembles another.] 1. [A. Having short Bro'mA. — The root [A. Y. for hew- n. bruno. E.] A silk and cotton. to figure. Fragility. 3. A class of individuprofession.] 1. brCdhvr. inclining to red or vellow. Force of a blow shock v. 2. bursta. An being a brother. 1. progeny. v. n. [country or state. Broad'cAst. bront. A [-ED. Broil. cover.i\ To off. &c. als of the BROK'EN-wiND'ED. . a cutting. [-ED. . ^pco^o?.] A variety of the BRO"bK (27). 152). to brew.] Silk or other stun. . It. Full of broom . [Sp. [Tr. 2. One Bro'ker. f. n.a. The lorehead.'-S.] A bear. [It. A casting seed adv. con- broom. variecontusion. H. n.. Offspring. n. to plants. Aline kind of woolen cloth more than 29 inches wide. SSSHi}-. n.] is A. to break. O. rumor. Edge of a steep place.] A kind of b'r'uma. .Brooch. -ing. Woven as brocade. altercation Broth n.] bosom-pin. 1. FAR. Bro'mIne.] To make brown.w. related in its from chemical qualities to chlorine and Brown. 3. — — Brochure (bro-shur'). &c. [A. broker. ) break. Utmost violence of common cabbage. a. in- — a. a. Broth'er (bruth'er. A brown color. -ING. a. BROAD'-SEAL. Skr. [It. A stout. 1. piece. H. as a fowl. husband. n.«-*«*• . 20). . n. -est. infirm. n. t. I. To remain in anxious thought coarse brocade. X. [Fr. i. To give BRO-€ADE'. n.-S. [Prob. One who re- breath. n. 3. State of (27). Broach. tion . fit for the food of cattle. color. v. spit. Broad'ness. iodine. a. 1. 3. br. 3. 2. stout. as a horse.-S. [0. (brawd). association .-S. VEIL. Having a large measure of any thing or quality.] bristles. n. To pass lightly over. rupt manner of pronunciation. extended flesh is boiled. To sit over. as a cask. The side of a ship above the water. eat — windpipe. — v. [D. skirmish. natural stream. &c. [A. windpipe. To move over with a slight contact.-S.] little One closely united some common tie. Dispersed upon the ground with the hand. — Broil'er. to another by 3. A A coarse shoe. prozzen. to stitch. p. Brown'-stud'y. Fee or commission for transacting business as a broker.. the appearance or bronze. Broad'cloth. [-ER.] (28).] (A. To remove or gather by brush2. A plant bearing a 1. [A. 2. 2. WHAT . /!. Business of a Ero'ker-age. To grow broad.-S. pi. A discharge of all* the guns on one side of a ship at once. same Br6th'er-ly. brodh. or j ramifications of the windpipe. A sheet of paper printed 1. bryttan. Broom'rtick. A sword collision to contuse to reduce to cast in bronze. Brit'tle its Great to [A. boiling. of broccolo. with a broad blade. Broth'er-hood In a broken. his color. brocher. /Spo-yx"*. breadth. or en. an onset. browbeat To bear p. v. [-ed -ing. v. A spit. extensive.] chocolate preparation from the seeds of the cocoa. i. Broad'-piece. coarse. p. [Fr. brownish. of branches. a hut. 1. a. 3. n. BR(ilT(brut). n. 1. To flesh of animals. An alloy of Bruis_e (32). 1. Branches of A thicket or coppice. Bron'CHO-CELE. CA\RE. p. W. a sister's a fraternity. 2. a 2. [Of Celtic origin. A — . fame. or Bro-gAn'. -ING. n. [-ED . brCc] A small ing. Toapply a brush to. To make broad. BROK' en-lv. from incision into the windpipe. and cover eggs or young. 6. 2.-S. ppoyxos.e. -EST. -ING. U. Syjt. A boxer. n. public. [-er. FIRM S6N. t. 1. I.a. A corhead of which brooms are made. Broke (2o). larging holes in metal. fr. -ING. n. n. [-ed. adv. i. l | BRI-TAN'Nl-A. riched with flowers. antimony. A gridiron. excites j British. 2. 2. -inc. [A. . . Broad'jen. [Gr. v.-S Report. See Breed. One who 1. cabbage sprout. PIQUE. Easily broken. [Gr. winter.t [-ED.] A morbid enlargement of the thyroid gland goiter. «. [Gr.] An Bru'IN. A brush with a long handle.-S. . D. short. [A. Broad [who broaches.I. A work or art To injure or crush. Bron'chi-al ) (82). brocca.brwth. Diffused. n.] Of a dark n. v i. Y. Syn. bhril. brav. (21).] tool for smoothing or env. It. t. burst. [Gr. effort. of porter. & p. 3. a. the eye* 2. The lidge and hair c\er a.-S. and Charles T. t.d Brow.] 2. BroN'€HI-a. £ . burn. n. .] Anoisy quarrel.) The ramifications of the windpipe in the lungs. stern looks ox arrogant assertions. TERM. BRO€'€0-Ll. An injury to the fragments. enjoy.] Tender branches of trees and. 2. [A. brucan. brad. — .pl. I. 1. n. shrubs. byrnan.] on one side only. &c.] 1. brud. Brunt. Broad'-axe.BRISTLY Bltfs'TLY (bris'ly ).] An ax with a broad edge. 1.ysan. BRd'<3A-TEL'. ppoyxos. A sudden Brush.] To noise abroad brdd. — [Fr. Bro'gan. brtin. Brok'en-heart'ed. scat- [A form of bordel. bitiva. a. i. Tertaining to affectionate. 3. n. bristles rough.] down with haughty. Wide. t. windpipe. v. — [-ED.n. cherish. [Fr. By the hand in sowing. use.. Brot«'er-IN-i. A food. red or yellow. [-ED. fr.] [See A Bruis/er. BRON-CHOT'O-MY. One who transacts business for another for a certain compensation. Brtj'mal. broz. — Affray.long. trees lopped off. n. 2.-S. as the ends v. To move nimbly. n. Brown'-stout. He who is born Brok'bn (brok'n. n. bear. brodhor. Browse (browss). & Gael. Bron-€HT'tis. A compound of tin. . n. Crushed by a. (32). ASK. &c. and KrjKr). to stitch. brdm.-S. foam2. [0. That which is bred or produced. gated with gold and silver. Broad's word (-sord). of Break.] 1. BroN'€HI. n. contrite. as with a spit. 1. A superior kind t. 4. In a broad manner. n. BRUSH 48 Thick set with . Broom'y.n. brown. n. t. 2. Subdued 3. — ERE. Brother of a husband or wile also.] v cook over coals. commonly made of muse. orig A house of ill-fame. -jn. v. Public seal of a BROAD'siDE. n. coarse shoe.] n. bristle. Broach.w. To sit on [Lat. n. Widely diffused. bismuth. . woman with a dark complexion. and -rofo?. reverie.] [A. broils.] Belonging to winter. a 20s. to 2. Brock. Parted by violence.] Broom'-corn. n. brumalis. kir. /3pa>p. and copper. brothers. Bronze (bronz or bronz). n. comprehensive. bruin. i. — tering at large.

buck. adv. of bos. Leather of a buck. Buddhism. produced by burning purified coal-gas in a lamp of peculiar construction. [Gr. t..i. an edifice. dim. Breeches made of buckskin. A . (32). A low-bred. BUFF. -ing.] /3ov/3oV. 3. a Bru'tal brute. p. .] A coarse linen cloth. BtJF'FA-LO-ROBE URN.] An elon gated glass bead._a harlequin a clown. [Lat.-S. n. To fasten with a buckle. savageness n. . [Fr. [For beech-mast. breast. To impose on. a whetstone for scythes. 2. as a horn. taining to the cheek. — and . /3ovj8c6i'. One who builds.-S. BRU'TAL-IZE. A protuberance as of a thermometer. in bubbles. i. and ierj\ri. 2. . Buff. ) /3oukoAikos. buffo. set into surfaces of ebony. 1.] A musical wind instru- ment. BULB.] To t. To con[actor in an opera.] 1. ox and fabulous icevTavpos a centaur. [Ger. a brute. a. A basket to carry clothes in to the wash. Bug. bwg.— — . [Cf. [W. Bison. [tality.] 4. Build'ing. [-ed. W. A gav. core of BUD. To orig. [Gr. Buck. brutal. Buhl (bQl). ) [Gr. BUCK'WHEAT. [Scot. I. BtJ'CHU. 2. four-wheel vehicle. the seed of which is used as a grain. cow- herd. W. . n. To practice building. as the bud of a plant. to the bison. RUE. kind [See Buckle. [Gr. from /Sous. 2. n. goat. [imp. n. vessel a j3ov/3aAos. thing that wauts solidity.] The groin. Buc'CA-neer'. n. B&B'BLE. tumor. &c. I-ED. and roots below. church. [-ed. [D. brutus. . The BUCK'LE (buk'l). in the 6th century . buffalo. or so-called buffalo. ox).] 1. half ox and half man. n.] An intense white light.l plant used in medicine. tongue. J [A word of Amer. n. to make. BtJFF'Y. c. buffetlo. buccula. groin. bwg. t. boke. 2. ) n. Btic'A-NIER'. n. a stock or store. for drawing or carrying water or other liquids. [L. [Lat. Bud'dhist Buddhism. [From bugle Bu'gle-horn. Svx. Resembling buff. . A cupboard or sideboard at one side of a room. silent A deaden concussion. [Lat. Lye which in soaked in bleaching also. Savage 2. monster. pi. light one-horse chaise. as on a foundation. Bru'tal-LY. a wineskin. a. prepared in oil. blow. hue.-S. v. Budge.] Relating to shepherds pastoral rustic.] figure of brass. or resem- bling. of. groin. n. 2. [It.} A. -ING. to Buf'fer.] 1. Bru'TI-fy. Abounding A woman's BU'BOEg. Ch. n. An instrudim. byldan. A pas- — . BUCCAL. n.] BRUTISH. ff. [Lat. [A. . Pertaining to. [A. n.] 1. — .] 1. 2.] of climbing plants. cheek. and -yAcocrcra. beef. Nature or characteristic . BUD'DHigM (bood/mn). /3oA/36s. To begin to grow. O . n. to raise a different fruit. Buck'ET. n. a sort of wild ox. . v. . . N as NG . cheek] v. BRUTE ?. hobgoblin.] n. [Lat. BUB'BY. ) \ n. erroneouslv applied See Bison of North America. or its founder. sheep. To soak or steep in lye. Bude '-LIGHT (-lit). To put forth buds. a fruit. fr. BOhr'-stone (bfir^ston). . 4.] 1. stiffened with glue.Eng bur. prepared with the hair on. a terrifying object. 2. LRU'TI§M. cruelty. 2. bugillo. bucca. tute of reason. Fr. t. 2. S. to stir move.] Thecomic BUF-FOON'. To prepare for action. BUG.] Lamb-skin fur. Maae of n buff duu leatner.] 1. a. . Eng. a. as a house. Abounding with bugs. 3. -ing. hard. Boule. and then a table where wine in skins was placed and sold. rabbit. hall. . a. fipvutvLa. bulga. E. pi. Pertaining to a buck Buck'ish savage. . a French carver in wood. of a gland in the 1. the liquor in cloth is . Bud'let. from its long. [Gr. n. scarecrow. to bow. a. under the bark of another tree. EQf The name is Buffalo. n. of bucca. [See Budge. bougran. BfJ'BO. book. which clothes are washed. biigel. A little bud or shoot. To swell or jut ou': belly. To bend.] 1. THIS. v. 1. Irrational. because formerly lye was made of the ashes of this tree. Ger. It. [Lat. herdsman.l. Unintelligent. producing a stem above. brute. BUF'FET. An inflammation. The state barge of Venice.] A plant. buffe. &c. fr. bobbel. soft. or apparatus. A votary Bud'dhist. a. i Bug'A-boo'. 3. [Fr. 2. a delusive scheme. beech. pi. Bug'bear. To run with a gurgling noise. A sack. n. unburnished gold.] Per- a. 1. cruel. — Ignorant . a — BUG'GY. p. sort of leather. . Bru'tish-ly.] 1. PULL . . to stir. from bold. — — struggle. v. A young bullock.] plant used in dyeing. v. a. v. To A BilF'FA-LOEg clothes soaked or washed. n. n. A blow with the hand a cuff. [0. less inhuman. Bu'GLE. A thing built. A light one-horse. To be in bloom. fr. n. [-ded -ding. buculus. t.] [Fr. 2. v. [Gr. A kind of wild ox found in warm countries of the East. -ing. To insert. — BUB'BLY. rough leaves. Buf'fa-lo. n. ) connected with. Violent force or resistance. i. Budg'et. A plant used for diseases of the bladder. [Gr. In a brutal man- (32). t.] 1. leather. . from bw. 2. n. — as . to build.] To make a brute 142. n. bouger. [H. 2. The doctrine taught by the Hindoo sage. The skin of the .t. BUCK'-MAST. beech. n. Male of the fallow deer. . Buffer. Having or containing bulbs bulb-like in shr„pe. — to cuff. butze. /Sou?.-S. Senseunconscious. make brutal. BUCK'RAM. A. . n. Buck'thorn. Bu-BON'O-CELE. Bu'gle (bii'gl). [-ED. Build'er. . To raise on any foundation. tliioket. 2. 3. a freebooter. dashing young fellow. house. n.. a'brute. box to beat tend against. unfeeling person.] Fruit of the beech-tree. BU-COL'IC. Ger. [-ED. Buck'-bAs'ket. insensible stupid. To depend. butz. n. G. n. j8ou/c6Aos. bud. In the manner of BU-COL'IC-AL.] 3. €. . buffet. n. [It. ion. as a spo( rer. To construct. v. To rise in bubbles. 1. ) n. BULGE 49 A buc] -nToK -. bwrh. n. n. DO. — B. n.] Something frightful. Small branches cut from BrUSH'y. a leathern bag or knapsack. i.. bdlig.] 1. WOLF TOO. Bestial.. n. toral poem. buffone. adv. [Fr.] An insect of many species. BRUSH-WOOD BRUSH'-wobD. Annual financial statement made in the House of . [Cf. A — A A A & — Form — of construction. Commons. Bu'gloss. brutus. racan. Resembling a brush. Buf-foon'er-y. [ner cruelly. n. an animal desti1. 5. . of partially developed leaves (usually below the ground). built.] variety of flinty quartz. To increase and strengthen. 1. 2 Between light pink and light yellow.] 9. ilEf wild ox. ) the residence of the inventor. small vesicle of water or other fluid inflated A A with Any 2. as an edifice. a bent piece of metal or wood. [of (bcTod/ist). bteuf. bou- A Buck'ler. air.] 1. — OR. Bulb'OUS. i. t. z. &c. bwgan. with its contents hence. v. cushn. v. A 1.] To move off. [of shield. n. Relating to. surnamed Buddha. ox. a. -ing. j8ovyAwo-<ros.».n. t. n. EXIST . animal. Build. and hare. or tongue. and wheat. v.n. n.] pirate Bu-CEN'TAUR. A genus of plants.n. j (Lat. BUCK. -ing. a. 2. droll . n. See infra. Stupidity bruBru'tish-ness. trees. [From A.n. 2. n. Buck'skin.] 1. [From Bude. bnke.] An undeveloped branch or flower.] [A. 4. by transposing the r. n. with enlargement. Low jests vulgar tricks and postures. Bru-tal'I-ty. [Gr. A beast n. A color between light pink and light yeliow. Protuberant part of a cask protuberance. or Bud-dhIst'I€. A origin. v. [-IED facere. qualities of a brute. a. 2. [gay foppish. ment attached to a strap. 2. Inhumanity . balg. v. Bugle-horn. Pertaining to a 1.] 1. [O. bucca. A cluster . n. BuF'FO. genus BRVO-NY. BULGE. prob. A tumor in the groin. &c.

i. ball. and 0. as in finishing cloth. burdock. 2. n.] To — v. BCrg'o-mas'TER.] A 8} stem bound together a parcel a roll. 2. a fetter. pi. To To keep 1. \ small swelling. — v. oivig. To make a loud.] large bee. 2. bungo. from the root of bind. To fortify with a rampart to protect. BfJM'KTN. GEOIS.] coined gold or silver in the mass.. The seal appended 5. orig. Bun'yon. ' manner. 3. [Perh. a stupid fellow.] rus- feathers. to haul the foretaek to. bunki. Swelling out in 3. BfJN'DLE. from EU'RIN. 314). I. Stopper of the orifice in BURG. . awkward man- BUN'GLE. or tuft. H. burles(-leak'). 2.] [-ED -ING. To get. [-ed:-ing. i.] One who breaks into a dwell- BUr'gun-dy. drone. fr. blustering fellow a quarrelsome person. [-ed. See 7i. YVitb>intent to commit burglary. borne oppressive. from 0.] Bump. fr. Cheerfulness vivacity. 7?. Buoy'an-cy (bwo?'. heap. &c. t tic . coarse linen fabric. 2. An [A corruption of under bailiff. 1. [0. Quality of floating: specific lightness. An awkward.l. A n.] To act or work in a clumsy. 142. A chest of drawers for clothes. from Ger. . —v. variegated. Bunk. Sides of a ship above the upper deck. borough. 77.] 1. a. found in North America. .] pear. and rush. VEIL. BURG'la-ry. [From burgh.] To tie or bind in which the business of government is carried on in departments. Bulk. a large drinking vessel. [Lat. fetter.] A freeman of a burgh or borough.] Tend- CARE. &c. interment. . Growing in bunches. \n. A house or cottage. fr. Cf. mass. burre.. orcastrated bull. v. wine buoys to to mark by buoys. [Fr n. bunches. burgvs mit a felony. n. . Bun. hair.] chorus Verse repeated in u refrain main topic. FIRM. Fr. 77. so as to obin 1829. t. n. sepulture.] Bur-geois' (bur-jois'). bunt. — 2. An engraver's tool. v. a. a BUM'PER. .-S. Buoy'ant (bwo?'. a. thistle. Style of execution of an engraver. or stature. Ger. latro. [Fr. A singing-bird. borer. [A. 2. To oppress. [D. v. borough. EfjRG'LAR.77. n. [Ieei. 2. n. — . . Bull'-finch (66). the rootof bear. and cour- BUL'LET. citing bulls with dogs. Burg and ing-house. boulet. noisy species of frog. bunny. 1. a clown. fr. n. bulletin. bulb A genus of plants ] having a rough. ) n. to com[burglary. A clumsy. large.-S. n. 7. loose threads. ByL'RUSH. cluster. 77. 2. in a bundle or roll. n. t. n. One who is interested in raising the Talue of stocks. 1. in France. or rescript of the pope. to swell. 77. [D.long. combat with a bull. A wooden case. to A burg. with intent to commit a felony therein. An n. BUM'boat. n. [BOROUGH. n. Dimensions. [Icel. Having the quality of floating in a fluid.] 1. variegated.] To strike. swell out. A thump. A Bull-dog. as a fluid. 4. Eng. n a noisy. To murder. [A corrupt. Lat.] To pick knots. is transacted. n. master. a.] velope of seeds. 6. of remarkable ferocity age.] 1.] An ox.] n. n. -ing. A thick piece of glass inserted in a deck. Bunt'ing. . A forager. in the night-time. to bellow. Ger. BUL'WARK. n. A thin woolen stuff. let in light. and Eng. [workman ner. To stop with a bung. [Perh. a. In a buoyant 1. laire. cluster. suddenly dis6. BULL'-FROG. - rounded by art. n. to make a humming noise. [Bureau and Gr. n.-S. A protuberREAUX (bu'roz) or BU'REAUg (bu'\V. Burgh (bfirg). in the night. 1. n [Bull. H. roof. The male of any bovine quadruped. Bu'Rl-AL fix BUR. in the sense of large. A desk with drawers v. thief. swelling or protuberance. bona.] A cup or glass filled to the brim. A variety of Bun'ga-LOW. bound-bailiff. BUNN.] Pieces of timber projecting from each bow of a vessel. Act of entering a dwelling-house. 2. 4. A BURGH'ER(bfirg'er). as the bittern. boey. bure. especially of news recently received. boei buoy.] small ball for a gun. n.] 2. [The root is A. pile. n. BDnch'y. ) I buoy (bwoy n.] A large kind of rush. adv. [Lat. 3. A department for the transaction of public business. to form separate apartments. bourlet bourreh pad. of a single floor. BOr'd^n-some.] 1. — .BULK n. Bearing up. ) A kind of small sweet-cake. [Fr. with which. from. dim. X [India. 2. of ideas. Capacity of a ship. [-ed : -ing. [Cf. for conveying provisions. [Bengalee bangla. TERM V PIQUE. t. A representative or a magistrate of a bor- municipal towns. bristly fruit. freeman of a borough. 7-. . insult with noise and blust. BOmp'kin (84). a writing table tion. tering menaces. Bun. v. bulk. An apparent congruity. merry. bulla. -ING..] Any thing 2. bump.or bwoy'-). Bull'ock. to the edicts and briefs of the pope. byndel.] A l See public announcement. 2. Practice of ex- n.or bwo^-). A male Bull'-calf calf. BURLESQUE 50 enlargement and inflammation of the joint of the great toe. t. size. [Prob. from 0. Bulk'-hEAD. 2. pwng. Largest or principal portion. BUR'GA-MOT'. to vessels lying off shore. n. Bull'-fight (-tit). ASK. n. An edict. n. bora. afloat. t. byrdhen. adv. to point out the position of objects beneath the water! [-ed. 7. [From boom. n. covered. BUM'BAIL'iff. as into a bunch. WHAT. E.] [From an v. Prickly en straw. Pertaining to Bur-gla' . See BergaMOT. . was covered. W. ERE. V. n. Of great bulk or dimenUULL. A BUR-LESQUE' [It. n. bourdon. of bombard. of boule. bulla. [Cf. town. 2.ti. (equiv. termination kin. &c. &c. [-ed:-ing. BUR-GLA'Rl-otJS. i. Irishman who committed the crime 1. a. A l. 1. Bum'mer. n. Vivacious. [sious large. Buoy'ant-ly. t. BU1. That which is grievous or oppressive. [From burgh. Bun'ion (bun'yunf.] A borough the bilge of a cask. Office where business To form or tie in a bunch. Bull'-dog. JoTial — . The orifice 1. size. [A. bellan.] tain a body for dissection. 0. That which is borne a load. BUN'GLER. 77. A kind of dog. A houseless vagrant. Lat. from Ger. A superior kind of Burgundy. streaked. B0r'i>£N. a blow. A partition in a ship.] or bwoy). SON. form of borough. heavy load upon. [0. 3. 1. 1. Bul'le-tin. humble-bee. Fr. 3. to govern. n. pi. Any Bull. ByLL'-BAlT'lNG. of which flags are made.1\ *.] bourg. Act of buryrag. |BU'REAU (bu'ro. BUM'BLE-BEE. for papers. Sw. burgh). itself. BURKE. and bee. sneer. 4. [From bump. t. ] 1. great bell. ough. . A any thing rounded by Un- art. To dispose of quietly or indirectly. to strike. — or . A collecv. Fr. Bull'ion (bobl'yun). \ citizen.] [Fr. An outwork for defense.-S. v.. chief magistrate of some — from 7i. -ING. bumble. 0. BUR'LAP. bourgeois.] A uumber of things BU-REAU'€RA-CY (bu-ro'-). burla. A perfume. . Bunt'ing. BUNCH. n. 1.] A floating mark 77. burre. [Prob. Buoy. bunt. heavy swelling. BULK'Y. but real incongruity. n. : . awkward. [Lat. which serves for a seat in the day-time and for a bed at night. ance a knob or lump. A young bull. n. mockery. short. and the dim. as with [-ED against any thing large or solid. as it is covered with a great many small black spots. Bull's/-eye. bulka. To lay r. t. Y. n. 7i. Kparelv. BOlk'I-ness. or . (-kiif). ht-wy noise. See Bunyon. 2. 0. Greatness in bulk. BOr'dock. Bung. 2. See BOURBUR'GESS. a Bun'ion. One of the twelve signs of the zodiac. ALL. Grievous tcbo song — c. 2. BURL. n. v. Unskillful. aco. [Fr. 77. to n.] A bird of different species. 5. or country lout. [A. Ger 1. FAR. (beVI-al). A clumsy boat. Eng.] Bunt'ine. Fr buie.] [Low. a. Any means of defense. awkward Bun'gling. drugroz). ByLL'Y. boja. thump.

N. boissel. B&RN. . 7. BOrr. cow. n. The larger end of a thing. busque.-S. Bux'OM. for food. To injure by fire or heat. or other qualities. n. a.] 1. But'ton-hole. put. cover.] A rude or playful kiss. . bend. 2. A small ball a knob. But. orig. v. 1. Traffic in genbe hot or in a passion. luster. -ING.] A piece of metal. buscus. from and vtan. some. One who sets on An appendage to a lamp or BURN'ER. 1. Bus'tle [Prob. fr. To slay inhumanly. hide. The milk that remains after the butter is separated ridicule. In a busy 1. a. bftgan to bow. A sudden breaking forth a violent rending. Butch'er-y.] 1. cask or — . n. spread with butter. In. [Gr. n. h. [Fr. To be injured by heat. from [fruit. a. It. [Low Lat. gaged in business. 2. A a l BUT. One who kills in a bloody manner. [0. buse. byrigan. 1. Butt. To excavate a hole to lodge in a hole. v. u. [Fr. thrusting the head against. beorg. byrnan. BUT'LER. URN. bot. student to a purser. a buck-goats. BUR'Y-ING-GROUND ) (ber'\--).kiss. i. 142. commodities by the bushel. Affair eral. Ilaving the qualities of butter re. See Bourse.s/w»n. t. A plant having bright yellow flowers. En(biz'y). Tragedy. A tavern si<. stipend is paid. pecks or eight gallons. . butt. . A piece of wood or metal to fasten [-ed. n. end. bottle-bearer. 2. Gr. — . beogan. A made by certain [-ED. n. to prop. kiss. A large vessel. breast. box. BOr'nish-er. A charitable lege or monastery. . — animals. To furnish with a bush. t.] 1. in oblivion. 1. ) Bu'TY-ROtis. [It. clownisu. brosseBt'S'KlN.] servant who takes charge of the liquors. skin. a earicatare. . To thrust the To strike by head forward.] frolicsome. €. Grossly cruel bloody. busy. and the termination to busy. 2 A ludicrous imitation feusH'EL. [A. t.] 1.t. yet [0. .BURLETTA BUXOM 51 — To grow thick or bushy. a buck-goat. 3. A — To support by a buttress . [Lat. allied to beorgan. Buttress. v. 6. Treasury of a col2. n. n. v. 2. n. A substance obtained from cream. The rump. 1. . Statuary representing the upper 2. without. bysig. One engaged in predatoBURNT. A tree and its oily Having the qualities n. OR. n. bysg-ian.] 1. 2. Only solefr. gas- fixture. Quality of being Bush'i-ness. 2. [A. aim. A mark to be shot at. Carnage massacre. fr. cap of bear- : wolf. But'tock. but. Tragic. end. n. n. See p. — .] [A. — . To polish by bright. 1. 4. Exaggerated paro. A. Thickest and stoutest part of tanned ox-hides. . One who slaughters killer of animals for food. formerly worn by actors in tragedy. A cushion worn by ladies to expand the skirts behind. (Sou?. [L. fire.-S. bysig. n. rue. brunir. as NG this . to keep. But'TER. } a. Officious. Largest or blunt end BUTT'-END. 1.] 1. bouton. from n. [-ED -ing. n. & v. Employfire. boater. n. 2. be out. But'ter-cup. or wood. To fly or break open with force.t. comedy. n. n. A . [Eng.ntl Business of a butcher. BOr'nish.] 1. 2. [-ed:-ing. v. BOrnt'-off'er-ing..] A bird of the ostrich family.] I. 2. p. n. fr. boutillicr. to be prominent. [Fr. 1. stir . A covering for the foot and leg. n. [L. n. Ger buse. Bus/y-bod'Y (biz'y-). n. to . n. Object of ) A thrust in fencing or by the head of an animal. See Burden. See Bur. . and rupos. of burla.] to hunt. v. A place abounding in trees or shrubs. extremity. manner. 2. Thick and spreading. foundation in a university. sum fr. The convexity of a ship behind. n. hard. [A. To rend by violence to open suddenly. n. still . without. -ing. n. pref. [Allied to Lat. 2. t. 2. BURNED or Bush'-whack'er. BtJR'ROW.] public edifice for the to lodge in To hide Bur'sar. Fr. extremity. 4. Constantly in motion. Bur-let' ta. To hide of sight. o. butan. To slaughter. v. fr. ing to excite laughter by ludicrous /(. C. To be on v. adv. v. n. 2. bi*ight. To render 2.] . Bur'y-ing-place J grave-yard church-yard. BURSE. le. & prep. 2. Bush'y. Butt. A person. (bus'l).] To make or keep busy to employ to occupy. p. n. be ornan. equiv. BDt'-end. 2.] brunt. worn in corsets. merely. tXte. 6a. Injury ment occupation. restless. 4. A nishes. tool for burnishing. 1. . 2. orig. do. Eng.-S.] — To quickly to be very active. To consume with ry excursions against an enemy. BC'T'TRESS. BOr'sa-ry. 1. BOt'ton (bat'n). boisdv satire. To cover out 2. t. boscus i. [From the color of a yellow species. E.— v. One who bur2.-S. BUSH. sembling butter. — v. [From butt. under the stern. BusH'EL-AGE. n. bursarius. To prepare. BOt'ter-fly.] projecting support to the exterior of a v. Buss. Fr. A it. A thick shrub also. G. bois. dim. Effect of burnishing gloss n. 3. [-ed -ing. a. a . images. . as in a grave. Coarse and rough.] bushy. whalebone. &c. rubbing. Bu/ty-ra'ceoOs. v. Dressed in buskins. n.n. bursa. .-ing.-S. (bus'ier). -ing. 3. it. [-ed — . [Ger. [-ed. burst. 3. A raw countryman.-S. Goth.] I. . n. Great stir hurried activity. beorh. bustia.] array. v. bos. bone. hence. Something offered and burnt on an altar. from Fr.] Bust. stout. . 4. cluster of shrubs. ly . [See Butter. wood. A duty payable on mockery. 3. . /Supcm. hide. v. fire. 2. j of a thing.] A comic opera. -ING. But'ton-wood (27).i\ or v. To Bus/i-ness (btz'nes). are kept.] 1. outward.] Butch'er. Bus/BY. make ready. On the contrary nevertheless. as. But'ter-y. n. n. Bus'tard. A large tree growing in North America. 1.] 1. [-eu.] To turn into ridicule. . stirring person. [Er. beorgan. t. a 2. t. fr. A bud a germ. — n. brinnan. A lining of metal let into an orifice. n. [A.] [A. . conj. — v. But'ter-nut. The part of the human figure. tit. v. BUSK. To -ING. &c — — . purse. wall. 0. Lat. quiii prob.] BUR'LY. 1. 3. apartment where butter. sum. t.] BUTCH'ER-LY. to that of heat. brunire. — — . like a bush. 2.-S. bout. 4 To produce a sensation akin Bus/I-EY (bjz'i-ly).] [Fr. [A.i. The hole in which a button is caught. t. treasurer bursa. Brisk jolly equiv. 142. 2. t. To make any sudden change to an opposite or different state. Otherwise besides than that that not. equiv. transcaused by the action of fire. Bus'kin\ed. t. fasten with a button. and the term. [Fr. p. n. A . 2. t.] . boc- a. to take refuge in [L. n. [Fr. to Gr. 1. G. BuT'LER-SHiP. [imp. TOO. military I But. An or appearance of butter. to Eng.] 1. But'ter-milk. . &c. t. 4. trunk of the body. as animals. n. . 2. i. Lat. berstan.] 1.] ' sellus. i. meddling Bus'tler Bus/Y — . [Contr. boucher. ^ovrvpov. 3. To submit to the action of fire or heat. 5. PULL .| t. n. or glossy. avis tarda. [-ed a H. ox. fr.] 1. as distinguished from A [skin. To be bouuded to abut. Any substance resembling butter in degree of consistence. fr. Full of bushes. — convex lens used for producing an intense heat by converging the sun's rays. 2.a. hole in the ground to protect. buxis. 1. 3. Of great to boorlike. v. n. from bois. — n. . A catch to fasten parts of dress. A whom A meeting of merchants Burst. [2. . provisions. & an exchange. n.] To doors. Except unless save. Fr. BCrVing-glass. BUR'Y(ber'y). Concern.-S. soft. TOOK . to push. . boorely. end. butt. E£I8T. bouteillier. cheese. An active. To detain in conversation to weariness to bore. action.] A lepidopterous insect of different species. Lat. [-ed. & p. byrsa. [imp. v. hill. A kind of hinge. A dry measure of four 7rv£ts. silent barbarous a. a prop. bulk. -ing. I. 1.] To cover or v. burrow. to make brown. Burthen. .] i. Office of a butler. go through a bush.

cabbish. . By'-path. [I eel. -Ga-du'ci-ty. n. FIRM . fr. Ga-€A'0 {or ka'ko).] (bawt). cadaverosus. KanofytavLa. a. Jong. and fytavf). bad.] A small cask A [Lat. as of bees. A whis. past event. a.] 1. By the bye. bird of prey of the Falcon family .] €!a-€He€'TI€. €ab'a-list'I€.Caduceug exsum. per a report. adv. caducitas. Lat. [-ed. A onedice-fly. caper.] A . to take. as if from N. capulum. -ing. dim. sound. caduv.] To purchase to obtain tor a price. gackeln. capitettvm .] seal. cap. fAB. cavity. [-ed. By'-PLAY. saying A common (bl'wurd).V). gabbalah. 2. p. consultations are held. bitter subcouncil of a prince or executive gov[keg €A€"TI.] [Orig. d. iea- A n. 4. i. n. n. : (kiish'-). [An abbrev. at an object by the way. to fall. n. A local or subordinate a private law or regulation. strong rope or chain. &c. tio. to bad. as means. By'-law. a goat-leap.] A common garden €ack'le. cadere. BOUGHT 1. «. t'A-nu'pE-zrs. By'-NAME. be. Byz'ANT. instrument. €Xch'a-l6t . [Gr. mysterious science among Jewish [cabnlists. — €a€'0-e'THE2. v. n. To procure by a consideration. to conceal. )n. n. 1. Lat.] (6.] 1. [See supra. . I. apropos to the matter in hand. n.. n.i. before A nickname n. Lat. ._ Byz'an-tine. Private end or interest. [Gr. marshy A [Dim. cavea. Perwriting. *ca/cds. as pieces of cloth. To make growing. A cabal intrigues secretly to gain power a faction labors more or less openly to change or break (ce). I A — Buz'ZARD. [Dim.] n. . [spectator. kaggi. a corpse.. Having. car- dumb . n. 2.-S. A €af-fe'I€. BUXOMLY In a BiJX'OM-LY. head. n. -eA-ccPH'o-Nous. A fall of the voice in reading or speaking. By'-stand'er. A cottage a hut. [L. €A'Vi§. [Obs. A £!A-€HEX'Y. [Fr. 1. writing. from cadere. n. A number of persons united to promote their private views by intrigue a junto. A disagreeable sound of words. a. to cut off. [Gr. •GAB'IN. having a head. or obtained from coffee. cot. top. [Turk. A metal related to [Lat. i. n.) Immediately. ) coin worth sterling. ) the cabala containing an occult meaning. [Fr. Cabal and Syn. big. law / dunce. rabbins. n. cacher. The sperm whale. from ex. Near briskly. n. [0. . cadaver. n. [-ED.n. Intrigue. n. KaSos. . /ca/cTos. [See Coffee. [-ED. hen. bycgan. a. Near to in moor next to. being always used in a bad sense. or habit. : a box S6N. a. horse pleasure-carriage with two €ad'dis. r. a purchaser. By'-gone (21). pause or division in a verse. incurable ulcer. n. Past gone by. 2. of cabin. t. n. CAGE 52 buxom man.] Bad spelling or . [zinc. of cadet. A room in which bad voice. dim. n. ner . €a-boose'. p. 2. A private or secluded . Fr. n. ing near. — [-LED -ling. I. fr. 2. . caban. tion side of. Tendency to fall. — adv. Lat. n. . v. [Lat. ) . 2..] The judge of a town or village among the €ade. and /caKoijfles. — n. . By'-word n. taining to. t. or €af-fe'Ine. [ing.] caput. €ab'ri-o-let' (-1. Mercury 's rod or wand. 2. A boy who waits on €A-€OPH'0-NY.] Persmall room. fr. from one to the other (35). way. &c. n. tea/cos. n. A Jewish doctor conversant with the cabala. pi. short. faction.] A barrel [L. E. Pass- 2. Pertaining to CXb'a-ltst'ic-al. TERM. [Gr. CJ^E-gU'RA. buteo. a bad state of body.V. by whis- ^UY. -ING. Cafe (kaf'a). A house on deck. n. bad. VEIL. after cutting out a garment. Ca-dav'er-ous. Near. To spread.] de- — loin.«. v. . Q^-gu'RAL or £jE-s€'ral. 2. formerly much used in France for imprisoning obnoxious persons.€AD. \. stands at the door of an omnibus to lum. Noise of a goose or cus. One who cabals. €ab'in-et. An apartment in a ship for officers. proceeds. A white.i. state. habit. n. [An onoSiJZZ. 2. gabal. giggle. €age. A bad custom custom. [Lat. as report. from €a-bal'ler. Of. of cade. [Gr.] 1. &c.] ERE. a prickly stance. n. [Fr. from Loud or immoderate laughter. •GXB'A-LlgM. n. . Byzantium. pi. through. One who bu^s. v. A. or C/jE-SU'RA. in passing by way of dicontinuous humgression. [A. PIQUE. 1. t. n. {Ja-b4l'. continuous. to A hiding-place hide. [L. — — [Abbrev.t. €a'dence. A thing not directly aimed Bye. cadtta noise like a goose or hen. A private path. 3. bad. cadentia. C-E-gu'RAg (or -su'-) Lat . Sillv prattle.] 1. Lettre de cachet. cachinna^ACH'IN-NA'TION. esp. n. jar. A piece of furniture with drawers. kos. [Lat. large. Lat. Select •eie'TUS^. 6ab'a-list. [Lat. fr. Lat. .] matopoeia. 2.] 1. pretty soon. See §§63-69. n.] The chocolate tree. a rope. •GAB'BAGE. Party. aside. } €a'ble.] [II. .] To live ke.] A A coffee-house. CXb'in-boy. £y-and-by. CM5. cask.] A can plants. [A. genus of tropical Ameri- CARE. from capere. C1 / . plant. hence. A gold n. to take or receive. for provisions. seats.] To make a low. Harsh-soundtaining to the caesura. fr. [Fr. n. faction differ from party. FAR. down the existing order of things. n. £. To con. the third letter in the English alphabet. <3Ad'mi-um.] Resemwhere the cooking is done. Buy'er. rfios. CA€'TUS-ES. fr. & [imp. n. of cab.] 1. A looker-on a By'-way.By'-end. €XG. on and couin. n. as bees. v. a sealed letter of state. of bling a corpse pale wan ghastly.s of a letter. Kax^ia. The larva of the cadcabriole. tent. [Gr. a. long. n. frequenting €AD'DY. or pertaining to. A scene which is n. n. fine in a cabin.1 Ger.] 2. sect. way. to cut off the heads of cabbages.] To unite v. c.] To purFalling off quickly or early. By. -ING.] A j oung man in a military school. dim. fr.—(u. To Ca-du'coOs. €ad'dice.] A open and shut it. [W. dere. [Greenland a. — efts. A 2. at once. pi. By-zan'tIne. Eng. . of caput.] such as belong to others.] small box for tea. and ypa<jiri. from xa/cos. bi . 6.] 1. ming noise. D. Eng.BY 3. ktgutilik. 1 A species of inplaces. ». See Coffee J the officers and passengers in a ship. or pertaining to. [Heb. ernment. a. n. . in secret artifices to plot. head. capitatus. [Lat. WHAT . present. of cabriolet. A uniform time and pace in marching €a-det". Secret science of the . . ALL. CACHE (kash).Y. humming sound. n. Cachet (k&sh'H)..— — . n. €a-oog'ra-PHY.i. n. . £ad'dIce-fly.£15 ) so from being coined at Byzan called tium.] 1. from Lat. To form a head in vegetable. 2. — and praved condition of the system. prep. bygan. •Gab'A-la. quet.) Presently.] A covered carriage drawn by one horse. a proverb. pers.] One who n. obtained from coffee. Turks. A n. v. [Mexican caca- uatl. cacher. a sobri . pi- fiJE- S v'RJE. Mystery. or Byz'an-tIne.-S. €A'vr. capdet. 13b.] ) A €a-€HE€'TI€-al. la. to fall. With.onlv in show. -ing. gackern. [or cask. while the main action ried . ASK. in a cabin to lodge. An 1. [0. v.

Growing calves. .eXL'CE-A'TED. sing.— . — — . fortune or cause of misery. calx. lime. they stand. a. khalafa. €. n. €al'i-per§. Disaster. day at pleasure. I Making warm a. lime. €al'ci-form. v. €al'(. KaAos. Lat. pi. cal sun at sea. to be warm. [Lat. lime. 2. [Of Malayan origin. &c. DQ. [Ar.] prison a A . Operation of <3Xl'I-BER.] €airn. [-ED. mischance. a. calculatus. [A. [-ed. orig. calescfre. lime. or hot. An arrangement of months. Like stone gritMohammed.] Fruit of the calabash-tree. calc. I. €al'A-m. . n. Oal'e-fac'TION. pi. .v. warmth in the parts to which it is applied. calceatus.] A roundFirst. t. tJalk (kawk). heap. proclaim. 2. [Ar. n. ii. ing made of camels hair. baked in a small Any mass of matter flat To form into and concrete. €a-jole'. compute relates to the obtaining of a gross sum or amount reckon and count to the details in so doing. Calamity is either private or public. 1. Lat. reckoning. a cake. See Calculate. pebble. v. flictive. calidus. [Lat.Xn'€0 (82). a. calamus. n [\V. Part of a turtle which . — the shoes of with sharp points [A. [Lat. changed into I.] into the seams of. t. d having been. . Office or dignity . aibasak. summon To to designate. Gal'A-basH. n. to call.-S. calefacere. calcined L €al-^INE. [calks. [L. An almanac. [Of Slavonic origin.] warmth CJal/ci-na'tion. 2. of a caliph. like a chisel. @g. G. n. kalTo invite or com- Gr. Metallic basis of lime. geCle.] from To grow hot or warm. -C. hoof. n.t. [From Lafc. One who n. [or heating. n. measuring the diameter [calculation. [Lat. hind. [Lat. calamity Syn. calculate is often improperly used for intend or purpose . [-ed -ing.] 1. calabozo. v. ty. [Lat.] 1. calendarium. as days. a.] Syn. caldariu?n. ness. camelaucus. n.] [Lat. Act of warming A — . amancus. CAL'I-COEg. case. diminish in force according to the order wh. Cal'€U-la-ble. n. captive. fr. -fA'LiF. white. i. -eXL'E-FA'clENT. [Lat. . entrap. to calx. [Lat. Making warm heatcalefaciens. orig. from caldus. €al'I-PASH'. One who comfr. One of the successors of Calipers. Nosng.] v. . of v. caper e. [First imported from Calicut. €al'dron (kawl'-). and aibas. KaAeiV. . Dior to be reduced to a powder. calculated. €ALL. n.] 1. and crfleVos. bale. &c. Part of a turtle which belongs to the upper shell. €al'a-boose'. to allure one into a cage like a bird. [Lat. soft . v. make warm the divisions of time. n.a.] [Fr. in OR. of round bodies. rate. ) what pound or weight?] -1NG..] bonate of lime. of a fine and either ribbed or plain. branches jof mathematics. itself.-S. caliginosus. [Eng. calculate.] A mean. gourd calescens. form. €?a-jol'er. or mass. [A corruption of Sp. or friable state. shoe. dim. of cage] To deceive by flattery.€ae'«u-eoOs. v. n. a head cover. c. sugar. [Prob. [-eb -iNG. A cup. Containing car. to prevent um leaking. [Lat. t.] An essential oil from the East Indies. THIS. Affected with the gravel or €al'iph-ate. [calcining. [-ED. to promote strength and grace. from caligo. and patik. n. passes with curved legs for Computation. €alf n. [Lat. carlmia. i. weeks. n. ful. 2. n. — — To compute . -ing]. €al'e-fa€'to-ry. n. €!AL-eA'RE-ous. despicable person. qaiq. qua libra. calefieri. tree.. . to 3. i-A-LAM'I-TY.n. wheuce 2. to bear. fr. 2. by heat.] €)AL'I-CO. 2. €A-LAM'I-TOUS. um caused by the heat of the tropi^Al'TlFF. as it often is. Calculate is generic. or €a-IQUE'. 2. EXIST.] €al'en-ture (53). To — CXl'EN-DAR. even. below the knee.] c. To name. J elL'^u-Li. ed or conical pile of stones. to CAL'is-THEN'res. Producing gioss.] — light carriage having a top that can be raised or lowered. lead. -ing. lus. from calceus. . or the 1. pi. boat. a. To 2. reed. bid. n. shoe. .. hot.] Producing reeds. n. n.AL'€U-LATE.] [ S. . — To flatter wheedle . A A hot press. A substance that excites ing.] n. of cylinsilent .] The silicate of zinc. See Calends. Young of the cow. 2. 1. [-ED. TOTOK j -Gal'E-FY.ealf] 1.~\ 2. bake. &c. a. and ferre. A wheedling ing language flattery. See Caliph. €al'* u-la/tion. calx.. adverse €a-lXm'i-tous-ness. t.] To pre 3 ance. to make cloths paper. €A'IQUE. AS. or to give them a wavy appearv. butter. €al'i-pee n. captivus. coax- coquere. . €al'€U-la'tor. v. nishap. A composition of flour. €"AKE. €Al/A-MIF'ER-olJS. mischance. : . [Lat. fr. [-ED -ing. i. a kind of gourd. . €Als'SON. n. i. Diameter of a round body. €aj'e-pDt. mist. f. Top of a carriage which can be thrown back Cal'ENDSj. . n. . Ca-jol'er-y. n. calendse. -ING. der. Misfortune. In the form of chalk or lime. hard . f. pi. (kaf). to fill up crevices with fibers of palmTo drive oaktrees. n. a man calculates to go a journey.] ]. v. [Lat.] Exercise of the body and limbs. Fr. (kavz). in the E.] Any great mis- — €IAL'IF-ATE. Syn. la. a dry gourd scooped out. a. color. fr. €ae'i-du€t.— CAIMAN — See n. Ar. cajoler. belongs to the lower shell. of each month among the Komain. A kind of Turkish skiff €Al'a-MUS.] A furious delirichest. <3AL'ls-THEN're. n. — reckon count . Mental capacity. are words which — . as if from >ome hostile planet. from calare. gara/i. a. an interest or account book. One of the stone in the bladder. mass. Capable of being a. Plain white cotton cloth. wretched. [A modif. calx. RUE. CALL 53 or inclosure for confining birds or other animals. n. [Gr. to flatter. To make a calculation. Deplorable . heel. a. misfortune: mishap. calere. glossy. or with moss.. €al-cin'a-ble. calamus. to take. URN. t. calx. from caisse. pi. WOLF. €al-c!f'er-OUS. 3. unhappy. grow warm. CAI'MAN. . a plant *caAa/u. deceive. Of the nature of limestone. calputes or reckons. n. n.] \Amer. €a'lix. delude. t. af- grievous. or wavy. cajoles a wheedler. €Al/A-MiNE. See Calyx. Capable of being a. reed.] The Indian cane of the palm famih €a-lash'. PULL . [Gr.] large_kettle or boiler.•eA-LES'CENCE. and pipe used to con- A ductus. fr. One who (kawk'ing-T/urn). as.j To confine in a cage. ^al/cu-la/tive. calamitas.. : — A sharp-pointed piece of iron on a shoo for a horse or an ox.] To reduce.t.] nition. and is a somewhat continuous st-ate disaster (lit.] Dark.In the U. Thick. E. Pertaining calisthenics. between rollers so as to make smooth. A the name. fr. darkness. n. Suffering calamity miserable. disastrous. 1. straw of grain . warm. and forma. €AL> A-MI.] 7i. Syn. v. stone. a. sad.T.] A chest containing ammu. n. A kind of hood. [Lat. TOO. o.i-UM. strength.] 1. to bear. a. t.] vey heat. heat. Malifah. J [Lat. dry. . to be present mand write in a calendar. said of a horse or ox. galafa. coax.] or lighu boat. [Lat. Wretched- €ai/€U-l. distressful . reedy. ) n. A concretion in any part of the body the 2. kayxi. jail. injury of crops. CAYMAN. calefacere. dungeon. Printed cotton cloth. to succeed. €a-lig'i-nous. ill-starred) is a sudden and distressing event or stroke. n. n. estimate referring to the operation as a whole.] To concrete or form into a hard mass.] woolen stuff. fr. [-ED Cal'i-bre. [Lat.] 1. [Lat.] 1. . or to a ameter of the bore of any tube.os. e. To furnish [See infra. n. ^AL'E-FAC'TIVE. and ferre. calcuTo ascertain by arithmetical or mathematical processes. €al'en-der. [From Lat. to cook. [Fr. fleshy part of the leg bepi. Pertaining to €A'LIPH. G. V.t. n. smooth.. CALK'ER or hot. distress. flatterer a . A vessel made from the gourd. Com- n. [Lat. making wretched. and glossy. used in Calk'ING-i'RON An instrument calking ships. [Turk. beautiful. cam. 3) €al'c!ne.-ING. (kawk'er).] Wearing shoes. .

vessel for liquors. [From Cambray. induI. short. campus. [Low Lat. tlax. One of a €ame. 2. calorificus. €al'UMNY. A n. 2 Time that an army keeps the field v.] Destitute a. horny hardness n. or leaflike envelope of a flower.. 77. campanula. The Per. I. Low Lat. €am'e-ra Ob-scu'ra. [Lat. legs to fold up. kccAos. can not but. color. 4. CAN 54 as for an office. can not help itbut do it" This latter idea of constraint is a very common one. slander. means. and motor. [calf. n.] n. Star-thistle. CALX'Eg. 6AJL'LUS. write. to. \ an East Indian /cd/u. veil. be ex- care. firm. [Lat. An old bell. bell. i.] by surprise at night. an old man. calor.] 1. huts. lumniates. huts. [Lat. [A. v. Freedom from tranquil. bvt . 1. motion or dis- turbance. vitation. and yepwv. <f>€i. €a-lijM'NI-a'TION. €al'vin-'ist. [phor. 2. calamus. [Low Lat.i. ' cal- ) white fabric of €XiYii-SADE'. and is spotted like a pard. &c. from campus.long.i. metal cup or vessel. .] €XL/0-RlF're. To impregnate t. beautiful. a mover. rjA'IA'X. E. [Lat. The place of Christ's crucifixion. — . to pitch — tents. open plain. 2. v.] [Gr. campestris. a. business. pi. to exheat. 6. vilify.] Science of finance or public revenue.ti. €a-lDm'ni-oGs. CAM-PHOR^I€. camparia. k<xAv£. so arranged that. quiet. Form of the camt - €am'e-ra. n.. Gr. ^am'el. n.] To accuse falsely ra obscura used by photographers./ strictly earth-apple. . •Cal/o-RIM'e-ter. Can. [Gr. State of being n. quiet manner. [Gr. arch. and also to the circulation of the charge when originated by others.] kunnan. To rest or lodge. libel. -Gam-pes'tri-an. kafrti. To make a brief stay or summons or invitavisit. still or To appease. -ING. -ING. traduce. ) [It. (-pin'-). ll. ma. CXlm/ness (kam'-).v. color. and 7rapSaAi?. caZ- €al-los'i-ty. pard. vault.] 1. 2. Syn. callus. eAz'- .] €A-L. change.T)Aos. te.] A ruminant quadruped. A strument An in- PARD' Caltrop. campes- a. with A.] [imp. skull.] €alve Gal'vin €a-LOR'I€. where it was first made.] 1. Pure 11.] Earthy residuum remaining after the calcination of a metal or mineral. n. v. . A preternatural hardness of the skin. treas- [penman. 3. 1. pique." means it is the utmost that can befall me: "I can not hut think. KajuajAoTrapSaAis. measure. and nerpov. and Gr. the shape of a bell. a. calcatreppolo. calvarivm. fr. [A. n. it." &c. [Or. State of being €al'o-mel. Syn. 2. moving an alternating or variable piece. To serve in a campaign. n.] A convexity on the top of a [Lat. or open ground. Hebrew 1. t?.] Causing heat from L&t.] A gal. ii. 3. gem. heat. €A'lyx-es Lat. a small n. ! Gamp. ed. and forma. €ai/trop. a.i crime or offense. i. defamation libel. motion. cvnnan. Of. n. and combustion. ere. rated. star-thistle. n. [-EJ). 2. Cam pania.] To be able: to have power. — To asperse. relief. 2. callosus. Goth. on which tents.] Pertaining to a field. Ask. tranquillize. «. €ALM'LY (kam'-).— Syn. €am-PAIGN' (-pan'). New growth of bony matter between the extremities of fractured bones. cam. An with camphor. paratus for measuring heat in bodies. fr. to make. imp. : n. inhabiting the deserts of Africa €am'let.] Call'ing. camel.] 1. ^karpiira. fr. facere. I [Lat. to cover. and should alway. Public claim or demand. ii. 11. •€AL-LfG'RA-PHlST. A Gal'loDs.— — n. €am'i-sa'do. Whole company encamped in the same spotv. Arrangement of such tents. Y-pE$. False accu- n. of Come of the Greek church. Pertaining to camCamp'-stool.] 1. n. Eng. €am. A a Kaju. Fr. pi. [Lat. €al'lous-ness. €'A-LUM'NI-OUS-LY.n. defame.] ( to Calvin.T)Aos. its color. to produce A sect of monks •€Xl/trap. n. CXi/ steelplant trap. t. •Gal-LIG'RA-PHY. See Caboose. having a prickly 2.— — CALLER — €al. In a calm or [calm. &c. €al'LOW. €Xm'pa-nol'o-gy. n. a. Calumny properly denotes the originating or first uttering of such a charge. three of them being on the ground. dis- (45). A summons or invocation. or of an aperture. gem [It. n. x o M a t-M 17^ 0. and heat. famatory. color.-S.] To render v. &c. adv.-S. A calls. the other projects upward. camera. gamdl.] ApGr. n. €am-pXn'i-FORM.] A bitter plant used in medic inc. to catreppo.] 1. attack stuff originally < made of camel's hair. . €a-mel'o-pard. are erected for shelter. One who n. False accusation of . a veteran. dark chamber. . duty. cambire. /caAAiypa- <£ia. calcare. An arched or vaulted roof.j pi. and knowingly. [Lat. 2. Calyx.] The arch. field. quiet. Tranquillity. fr. t. COULD. V. vault. sap of solidified tree.] ca- de[ously. tampana. producing powerful Flanders. far.l/er. Undisturbed by passion. [callous. n.] or a shell. Occupation. ury. u. One who adheres to varia. To cry in a loud voice. Doctrines of Calvin and his folio wei [Calvinism. One who tAL'LI-GRAPH'lC. ter. form. A stool with cross- EX Camel. e. bells. Hardened Hardened in mind. €Xm'e-o(147). Bell-shaped. €a-LOY'ER. fr. of campana. calx.] Cam'PHOR. €am'ber.] A projecting part of a wheel or other heating. lit. C'A-iLOR'I-MO'TOR. [Lat. J kind of pipe. Africa. [Lat. I GaM'Phene'.] In outer covering. >r Cam'el-O- named because he has a neck and head like a camel. An apparatus which the images cf external objects are thrown upon a white surface placed on the focus of the glass within a darkened chamber or box.] v. €Xl'u-MET. sation of a crime or offense €a-lDm'n1-a'TOR. eXM'BlST. beautiful. Cal'LOCs-LY. The [Lat. [Lat. [Gr. vanic battery. course. &c. son. bent. [-ER -est. — TlM.] — — — [Lat. A either physical or moral. jewel. or pertaining An elegant n. serene. [Lat. n.. what. quiet. Pertaining a. [Lat. caligraphy. in allusion to Mild chloride of mercury. Cam-pes'tral. and as a symbol of peace and war. beautiful. in ) €am-pan'u-late cotton.] Slanderous a. cAL'pES. caln. 1. In a callous or adv. 5.] A banker. of feathers unfledged. kclAos. €AM'E-RA-Lls"ri€S. €ALM(kam). tion. [ofskin.] A trivance for lifting ships over shoals. or large and tribolo. Still. linen. fine.perish if I try. Lat. crook- effects.] & [Ar. A n. and jneAas. Syn. [Lat.a. Not stormy. /caAujrTctv. a. [W. soldier. calo. the country about Naples. (kav). <3am-boose'. tj. precious stone. reed. [-ED. campliogen. [Gr.t'AM'BRl-e. ) •6aLLI-graph'I€-al. . beam. i. black. slander. a. n. Slaudercalumnia. or j to his opinions in theology. [Lat. bell. sivg. leopard four iron points. n. [Lat. ruminant quadruped of Asia and fruit. Eng. Art of ringing Ao-yov. A short the giraffe. Ground n. allay. Syn. stillness. canna.y. used by the American Indians for smoking tobacco. €al'vin-1st'I€-al. camise. ii. [Lat. Skr. [A contraction of oil of turpentine. A. sc called from its being level (rampes tris). €am'PHOR-ate. hardened manner. A €am-paign'er [Gr. reed. adv. carved in — . principle of heat 1sT'I€.\. [0. con- so . navva. — — Can but. limestone. out. visit. Slander. 1. all. [Low Lat. To bring forth a €al'vin-ism. n. " I can not (morally) that is. €alx.] [Lat.OM'NI-ATE. "lean Syn. To utter v. eXM'o-MlLE. shirt.] camera.. calumniari.from /caAos. 2. . the remaining words apply to this. tread. and ypdElegant penmanship. now frequently of hair and silk or of wool and thread. in heat. A large. . dim.

€Xn'non. Act of 1 case for tea.] or push. [Lat. €an'OPY.] absurd stor/ abou An extra vagaat and ridiculous fabri[Fr. the rising of the Dog-star.?*. caninus. pi. e. afrerward changed . The feast of the €AN'NON-EER'. 1. [Gv. 2.a. €AN'DEGan'on-ize. 2.. a cask. -ING. A plant of several species belonging to different genera. DE-LA'BRA . Brtff. t. silent . Lat. gle. small €Xn'dor.. Any thing which corrodes. Act of discharging inelegant. [can and no/. €a-na'ry-b'['rd (18). A duct for tae passage [COAL. . [Lat. n. (. &c. Koivtanelov. URN. 2. ble regard for truth. n. wiudows. €a-non'I€. be [Lat. Lat. — . by the church of Rome.] 'to 1. in a destructive to certain trees and €an' CANAILLE happen. £ G. phraseology. fr. E. To be formed n. wax.. Canard CannelSee ka-nard').t. he is candid €Xn'NI-BAL. a castle in •fclAN'DLE-MAs(14S). [Icel. n. with a sudden jerk. €'Xn'dle-stick.. dim. The crab. a cancer. [Gr. A kind of wild. 1.] A human being that eats cover with a canopy.«. and reprinting of a page or more of a €JXn'IS-TER. Frankness candor. i. 4. gnat. randere.€Jan'on-ist. An inclination €Xn'di-date. melon. [-ED 6'an'DLE. Suppression annul. ) Pertaining to a according a.italu•cXn'dle-light (-lit). will throw balls. n. khad. to be of a glowing white. [-ED. C\n'did-ness. To be or become venomous. . Freedom from prejudice or white] disguise . kolvuv. €Xn'ker (82). €a-ni€'u-lar. — — common factors. of canna. [Lat.] KOLViOV.] A sing-song mode clothed in a white toga. khand. &c. from undue bias. pipe. [Lat. or vulgar.reed. n. [Lat. out €an'cer. n. excavated. A n. &c. A caterpillar. a net coal. A catalogue of saints. Ga-nine'.t. Caribbees).. t). ) n. dog. canGXN'NEL-eoAL.] One who throwing balls by Affected religious of speaking. n. canna. felly of a wheel. [Lat. ».] A preparation of sugar or sirup. doing justice especially to jection over doors. The distance a cannon GXn'ti-lev'er. change into sugar.] To their canine appetite for human lie is ojien and frank when lie declares flesh.] A kind of hard black nexed. frank. kiianda a piece. Office of n. from a horizontal line. Candidas. A thrust from Candidas. GXn'DE-LA'BRUM.] Pertaining to dogs. To make whining A cvlinder of tallow. destroys. or relating to. n. n.] 2. [Lat. n. hi allusion to a certain some ducks. A covering over k<*>vui\J/. dle. €AN'Dy. a.] 1. The largest size having a specific name. CXn'CER-a'tion.if a subject. between the incisors and grinders. into N. 3. n. n. Syn. €an'ni-b'al-'ism. I. 3. (ka-nal' or ka'na'y'). side. To infect or pollute. candela. Operation of striking t'AN'CEL. [Lat. edge. n. candens. or is selected for some office. a. [-ed. (Ba-KAL'. Caribales (equiv. €A-NON'I€-ATE. Genu i n e books of the Scriptures. CANTILEVER . n. or measured by. See— v. 11. €Xn'non-ball.] To LA'BRUMS. [a canonist. Kavva. thieves. n. A man who A delicate variety of muskItaly.] 1. Openly. dog.] €XN'KER-wORM(-wfirm). [A corruption of ate church. -end's. [Lat. as human flesh. A growing A €an'9ER-ous.] To beat staff. canis. GXn'TA-LOUPE. cancer. [-ed. [Lat. being canonical. Aa Canon Type. canon J of type who enjoys . Light of a thrown from cannon. Feb. from — A man is fair when he puts things on 1. €'an' . de. V. corLer of the eye.. from -LING-. [candle. cannon. 2. [-ED -ING. €AN'DENT. spermaceti. t. [Lat. A 1U. €Xn'did-ly. treacle. v. a little dog. TOO. 2. a. canis. ) OR..] purification of the Virgin Mary.] A branched. To speak in an affected.used to artillery.m. An ecclesias- tical digni- tary. o. t.] [-ed. [cancerous. t. of eating human flesh by mankind.. impartiality. €an'ker-ous. highly ornamented Gan'on-law. adv. A professor of canon less rose. 4. Tflis- . hard. a native of the Canary Islands. [-ED. [Fr. n. or rule. and lever.ln. [canker. pi. A thicket of canes. n. from rancannon and throwing balls. A benefice.] 1. ingenuous. •Then he looks impartially on both sides the head. 2. It burns readily. (Med.] 1. ±. <3an'on-ess. form v. A boat formed of the trunk of a tree. n. fr. usually terminating in an ulcer. [Lat. into congelations or crystals. n. pi. [nonical manner. a. tube. A variety of the corrode . arches. Full official dress of the clergy. n. the vulgar. or the part thus altered. law 1. an of lights used on that occasion. 142. 3. Au artificial waterreed.] a just or equitable footing. 4. €Xn'0]\-ist'I€. Ceremony of placing the name of a deceased person in the catalogue of saints. 2. as sugar. sugar in lumps sugar-cane. cannula. white. To conserve in sugar. manages cannon.] Free candle-coal. candidates. eayin«. [Lat.' — . g. PULL . fr. v. a canon. Heated to whiteness. RUE. Like. candela. 137 ] eanceUi.) A kind of tumor. i.] A bracket for of.r . over a bed to keep off gnats. because those A large tube. po. chant. A ball to be Can'ta-leup. [Gr.W Uf.o pressed by the words can not but.«. having a prebend andere. candlestick. with a clear. To n. 2. or genuine books An ulcer in the mouth. j — — — . Quality of €a-non'I€-al-ness. 2. -ING. — v. EXIST . CANE. do. canalis.] 1. adv.ri. or desrov. 2. seeks. €ane '-brake. To place on the edge.»!. Kavy\.Kavao-Tpov. . [Sp. or consisting €Xn'nu-LAR (kan'u-lar). [-ed. n. N as NG . -ING. to n.] To attack with heavy singing tone. GXn'on-ic'i-ty. a. reed. Lai. n. 2: 1. GXn'non-ier'. law.t. The position of a candidate. dog-rose. A ball for Gan'ta-lev'er. n. €a-noe' (ka-nob'). State of being canonized. Affected. a. so called from the great number €Xn'non-shot. 1. n. To cross and deface the line* of. [Lat. sign in the zodiac. •who sought offices in Rome were metal cylinder for cantus. An ornamental proto Eng. To eat.] A small box or GXN'CEL-LA'TION. fr. 5. [Lat a. CanibaUs. 2. . • cation .] Pertaining to. soft'. yellow flanie.] 1.-IJfG: or -LED. Secret language of the force of gunCannon. cathedral or collegiplants. cunicula. A walking-stick a v. Gr. -ING. to be white. he is ingenuous when he does this from a no€ant. To into crystals. canna. v. n. [From cant. pipe. cunct-llare. n. Of. Can'non-ade'. external angle. canplace upon the catalogue of saints. lattice.-ing. €AN'- .. kantr. 2. 5. GXn'on-i-za'tion. or of Scripture. Canine teeth. 2. €a-non'I€-alr. Can but is properly used (as above) only where we refer to the worst that can Canaille — . A utensil to [able. the sharp teeth* on each . fr. his sentiments without reserve. 2.'. furnish light. £jUV'AL-€OAL. [From Ca. reed. powder gypsies. €a-non'I€-al. To waste away or grow rusty. anAct or practice €an'di-da-cy. . fairness . 1. » I — j . A woman a prebend. n. a. from work. canceling. frankly. corrupt consume. with a cane. In a ca€a<-non'ic-al-ly. — 142. to break. corrupts.Cam of cancer. A worm \n. to expi-ess the motives and conduct of an opponent. n. of liquidsor solids. or of bark or skins. coffee. IOOE .] course. Having the form of a tube tubular. 2. Gan'on-SHIP. n.] The rabble . -ING. worth. State of belonging to the canon.] To be untimber of a house.] 1. The law sanctioned scarlet fever. Corroding like a Gan'ker-rash. a supporter of the roofhold a candle Can'NOT. kolvOos. n. . €an'on. n. f. wolf. (ka-n'ir' or a duck. open. [Skr. singing bird of the fiuca family.— Fair. pretensions to goodness. to rule.

goat. n. capsule. VEIL. n. GXn'ZO-NET'. fr. 2. capricor- (25). Ga'PA-ble. 2. ) a.] GAp'RI-OLE. v. 2. 2. 1.] nus. n. ctoak. A tax upon each head Cap'su-la'TED. al-kabar. GAp'tain (42). &c. Inclosed in l persons. n. caput. capilolium. . Caout'chouc (koVchook). i.] 1. To or village. . GAN'TER. like a capGAp'I-ta'tion. n. [-ED. adv. v. or three parts. Ka. the 1. Upper part of a column.] 1. Gap'I-TAL-Ist. — GAP'I-TAL. Ar. lous story Can-thAr'i-ves. Can'ter-bur'y-tale. -ING. A little song. A writ commanding the officer to arPart of a town rrned by caprice. adv. hair. SON. Ca'PON (kap'a-pee'). .-S. trappings. from Lat. 1.] Means of increasing one's power. capra.] n. To ride upon a canter. he-goat. Quality of being in Rome. 4. Lat. [From n. capriA ficatio. [cantons. Syn. fr. Can. [A South American word. to take. [-ed.] [Prob. FTRM . from capsa. n. case. Top sheaf of a stack n. GXn'VAS. and seize. GAp. A Can-teen'. &c. Any thing resembling a cap. n. . or effort to obtain something.] Having capacity able to contain. One who n. To render complete.] Neckpiece of a coat or other garment.ta' ta n. from caprificus. as to troops^ GXn'ton ize. j . [Fr. a sieve. pace. rest the person t. Eng. i. [Lat. n.) ( The soprano. goat orig. n. being a stand with divisions in it. [Lat. canons. Ga'per. song.a. fancy. or highest part. from capsa. page. [A. Kamrapt. capitu- &c named Gan'vas-back. Syn. Ga-pIt'u-la-ry. n. to [Lat. from capillus. head. A J 6. Hollow. cantus. -ing. a. t. GAp'su-la-ry. n.Cap'su-lar. n. a. t.] [From canvas. [capable. A man of large t. 5. ter. gan'tSs. from cap. The Syn". Possessability or qualification. Ga-pa'cioOs. (ka'pn orka'pun). n. Discussion. Close insift .^ To surrender on stipulated terms. [It. Ga-pit'u-late. capnolus. E. vessel [Sp. &c. [Gr. GAN'TON. — 1. Pertaining to the head or to forfeiture of the head'or life. n. [Lat. ) lum. head. wild fig. . coach. without advancing. cantina. Freak. [Fr.. 1. A kind of sea-duck. GAp'il-la-ry. To allot separate quarters to. because it is contained in pods. capa.] Ga-pri'cious (-prisb/us).] A headland. Member of a chapter. A plant producing red or Cayenne A letter of greater size than those pepper. head. capere. Gan'ti-cle. move in a moderate gallop. [See COPAIBA. receptacle for music. A kind of strong stuff. n. From head to Ga-Par'1-son. fr. t. To to examine thoroughly. [It.] 1. . A : tS. \ a. head. . n. chest. thou mayesttake. or -Can. &c. A piece. fr. n. Solicitation. GAp'stan. . n. [-ed [property. [Lat. top.] 1. [Lat. i. 2. One who solicits votes or subscriptions. /cavi/ajSis.v. fr. €>AP f i-TE. — Large. [L. 2. or machine for weighing anch' drawing up any great weight. [Lat. FAR. Capacity capability competence. fr. To divide into distiuct portions. [Lat. n. fabufr. [paper. Resembling a hair 2. Lat. — in it.— — CANTATA 56 supporting a balcony. Y. n. t. GXnt'let.] To — . caponnicre. n. Gap'i-tal-ize. [-ped -PING. from canere. CAPTAIN A tenure of land. [ner. [Lax. n. tendril.I. t. v. A leap that a horse makes goat. [N. In a capital man. pi. I. [It. n. [Lat. A coat with a hood. To GAp'I-TOL. [-ED . n. dim. A or flax.. -ING. A CARE. ablative case of box. of grain. song. put. [Lat. A — 1. Ga-pIt'u-la'tion. First in importance. A metal- lic cover for closing a bottle. GXn'vass-er. a he-goat. A collection of laws or statutes. n. two. A .] Having long filaments. clothing. Ga-pit'u-la-ry (44). for the head 2. — — A : A — & dim. cappa.] An elastic substance. the eaves of a house. capistrum. ordinarily used in the body of the Gap-size'. caper. from Lat. Can-toon'. [Gr. To go through in the way of solicitation. Gan-t'ine'. -ing. singing. Temple of Jupiter. Power of the mind to receive ideas. 2. Act or instrument of capitulation. 1.<.] Spanish flies used for blistering. government house. n. pi. n. . — Arbitrary cal. WHAT. &c. divide into n. n. [Sp. v.] Tenth sign of the zodiac. spacious. — Syn. 1. and cornu. See CAP. t. coarse cloth of hemp sails of a vessel. [Lat. Ga-poch' (ka-pobtsh').] 1.] Ga'PA-bIl'I-ty.] Sudden or unreasonable change of mind or humor. GAp'Rl-FI-GA'TION. Gov- a. Kantov. A small. [Fr.] A Gan'til-la'tion. worn by soldiers. To debate. Extent of room or space.— Chief.*?. letters. GAp'IL-la'ceoDs. 3. [Lat. V. To To cover with a caparison. A covering for a saddle or harness. [Gr. extremity. short. a. head. capsula. m. caput.. Gap'sule. seed-pod or pericarp. with passages of fugue and imitation.] 1. hemp. Ga-pIt'u-la'tor. n. n. Syn. A. Cap'-sheaf. hairy.- sing. n. of caJ put.] of. dim. tubes. spection. . cloak. Y. provide with a cap. To cover the top or end caput. ca- Ga-p'i'vi (-p3've). district. canto. 2. pilgrims riding to Canterbury at this A moderate gallop. head. capitatio. hal« A ors. Syn. long and very 1.] A cock gelded to improve his tieshfor the table. — dress richly. One who examines the returns of votes. t. shallow saucer or dish. canzonetta. box. n. cover.] A balsam. San-zo'ne.] for carrying liquor for drink. competent. corner. canticulum. Gr. Lat. chapter. [L. Lat. [Lat. 2. capra. 1. fr. 2. To chant. €Jan'vass. Canteen. and arzon. 1. .] 1. 6. a fantastical goat-leap. capucium. V. 2.] work placed in a ditch for its defense by fire-arms. n. wild goat. Qa'PI-as.] A song or air in two or three parts. ASK. caparazon.] 1. GAP'RE-O-LATE. of canzone. Possessing Lat. A frolicsome leap or spring. 3. ca- a. born. TERM. GAp'o-niere'.] 1.} A short song.] small district constituting a distinct state v. capillamentum. / pi. 2. cappe . 2. To solicit votes or interest. cape. . Cap-A-pie Ga-pIt'U-lar. v. [pitulates. capitalis. GAp'i-tal-ly. n. PIQUE. principal. GAP'SI-GUM. freakish . cantillare. into capital. process of accelerating the ripening of fruit. or Ga-pil'la-ry. 0. broad. in 0. cantonus. v. i. vagary.] To render capable to qualify. [L. 3. Kavvafios. 2.— Able. GAp'ri-gorn [Lat. . A covering . 3. A A long cloak worn by women. leading. v. n. An act passed in a chapter of knighte.] A poein set to music. A chief division of a poem. portfolios. n.] Having tendrils. assigued to a particular regiment of troops. Cap'-pa'per. [-ed. C'A-POTE'. Solid contents of a body.inra. . Ga-pAc'i-TY. Ga-pil'la-ment. 2. A fine vessel or canal. 1. [Lat. n.] £an'ter-bur/y (-beVry). efficient. ERE. 2.] filament a fine hair-like thread or fiber. capabilis. 2. -ING] To v. Ga-pri'cious-ly (-prlsh'us-). caper. Stock employed in trade. long. capa. bility: skill. cape. capax. caput.] Flower-bud of the caper-bush.] 1. sule. in one. [Fr. Gay or rich [-ED.. [Lat. . Mus. . 3. In a capricious manner. upset or overturn.ta'ta. caper. GAN'TO. The Song of Solomon. head. v. Chief city or town metropolis. 3. Relating to the chapter of a cathedral. n. cover for a saddle. Pertaining to capillary slender. whim. — Ability faculty talent capa- Ga'PA-ble-ness. whimsi- unsteady. [Lat. the tales of Chaucer.] 1. To print in capital n. Fr. or spiral claspers. a little a poll-tax. n.] To leap or jump about to spring. A coarse wrapping a. [Lat. caper. To convert 2. capillaceus.] 1. See CANT. 2. a. GAn'ton-ment. A numbering of Cap'su-late. [-ED. [Lat.-ing. n. 2. 2. [Lat. -ING ] or government. fr. ing intellectual power. comprehensive^ GA-PAc'I-TATE. bows of a saddle.. n. caput. See chanting. 7i.] A monk's hood. [0..] 2. &c.] foot. n. of canticum. v.] 1. Gan'TIL-LATE. [It. efficiency. 3. obtained from the milky — juice of several tropical plants called also India rubber. Ga-price' (ka-prees'). Cape. caper. n. n. ALE. n.

and its seed. Car'bux-cle ( bunk-1. A combination of seizure.] mark [A] used in writing which shows that something js omitted. France. for repairing.wp. cleansv. cowl. n. €AR'goes. heart. flax. a. 11. third. One of the pope's council womanjs short cloak. GAR'DI-NAL.] 1. fr. n. one who is petulant is apt. captivus. i. ii. La'» caritia. chest. Quality or state of being careful. carb. Lat. from little Gar'a-van. €ar'A-M£L. petulant.] To move or run rapidly. a kind n. Gap'ti-vate. €ap'taIn-RY. €a R'DI-6l'0-&Y. n. 1. &c. . — used Icarwan. -ing. there is wanting. a. n. [Cf. Thing taken. leaf which folds over upon the other. n. A cloak with a hood. or oversight. Gar'bIne.— SYN. and Aoyos.«. Gare'less-ness. See I Combined a.—!'. 11. E£IST . n. n. — A . A close carriage. Caviling.] of ing together for security. 2. G ar'bon-ate.] wool. car. Gar'bon-i-za'tion. of a deep red color. I from icapSCa. *apos. heart-shaped. — n. used for playing cards on. or troop . coal. from Producing coal. CI'RET. n. surprise. base of charcoal._fascinate. CiRE'FUL-LY. caress. a. fr. [L. -ING. a ship. reed. €a-reer'. collar of jewels. . principal.. speech.v. n. . Gar'a-gheen. n. 2. and mel. having no central core. to bear. DQ. hinge of a door. ca- n. 2. KapSi'a. fr. Office. n. mellis. cardo. In a captious Car'BO-na'ceous. In a careless GXre'less-EY. to take. fr. Serving to confine.] 1.-S. To enslave subdue charm. dim. capGare (4). I. karre. and by what authority it was taken. thing. Jcarren. 2. pyLL . n. [Gr.] carbon. carabaga. an Indian spice-plant. box. silent . — A gar. take by force. RUE. -ING. north and south. concern. dead body 2. v. Attention or heed or beauty. one who is caviling does it on trivial or imaginary canna. for conveying wild beasts. to vomit : lit. [Gr. fortitude. To incline to one ing. An carbo. [Lat. [Lat.] large. Care belongs primarily to the intellect. 2. €ar'I-ca-ture' (53). Decaying remains of a a corpse.] . and capsa. motion. [Lat. as a ship. a throwing down. captivare. €ap'taIn-CY. heart. Gar'DI-OID. carduus. A race-course. fr. prudence. caravan. Act of endearment.] 1. —v. carduus. rank. . to make hasty but slight attacks fretfulness is complaining impatience. [Fr. Car. vigilant. &c. many i. GAR'BON-iF'ER-OLS. A ) cardinal. A on which the points of the compass porous substance. cura. same feeling in diminished degrees. Pertaining to A salt formed by €ard'-ta'ble. -ing. A seizing by force or resembling. Cardinal numbers. CARICATURE 57 Commander of a company GXr'a-vXn'sa-ry. n. karatviya. for used precious stones and pearls. n. j or dignity of a 2. Gar'di-nal-ate. fr. An instrument for combing thistle.] 1. n. from irritability. A malignant bcil of long continious.'. Gr. cautious circumthoughtful dent — . O. Gar-DOON'.Gar'BOY.oe. | [Lat. [Gr. spect. on the coast of Gar'A-VEL. side. flesh.] 1. carbo. as a ship.e. AS. [Lat. Rank. ca. troops. 3. One who cards wool. GAR-DI'A€-AL. a carbuncle. [-ED -ING. 2. t. small boat used for of light ship.] A kind of fire-arm used by mounted lus. cabu- cadahulus.] That part of a legal instru- Gap'tain-shIp. Ger. 3. [-ed.] An aromatic plant of the E. car- To . Act of taking Gar'bon-ize. a. Indies. n. n. 2. to load.] [L. burdensome watchfulness. [Lat. that on whicb a thing depends.G. [Lat. ca. capuchon. Rank or authority of a captain. a weight. convert into carbon. horn. adv. Gr. evil. and ftrre. ^AP'U-CHIN'. q'rat. solicitude.] Gar'GASS.i.] [Lat. One charmed by beauty closed in basket-work.] the herring-fishery . Kap8ap. in the East. with a base. paper que. with carbon [Allied to 0. or stratagem. /cap8io-eio%. i fr.v. Cardinal pointn. KapSia«o<r. of carbo. 2. 82). kind of bomb. inattentive. [-ed.General course of proceeding. OR. — A twenty -fourth part the fineness of gold. One who takes. or Gar'a-van'. TOOK. A spiral staircase. A sma'l vehicle on wheels. n. A piece of pasteboard or thick paper.t.] t. temper? . Gard'ER. To €ar'bu-ret.. n. GXP'TION. 1 . Gap'tor. [Lat. v. Gar'AT. 1. A half turn made by a horseman. Lelonging to. — and ance. enchant . adv. A table having a [find fault. w ith a carbine. 2. Charge To overpower with excellence tive. [A. An algebraic curve [Gr. tiRN.] trouble. 2. Anxiety. GAR'GO. iupra. Kap&La.] allied to Lat. [Gr. . basket. A chariot of war. to fondle. : — A . €. n. crab. for found. carrus. carbunculus. meat containing caraway seeds. . 3. carat. also. Heartburn. ii. 4. [Lat. allied to Ger. A ment which shows where. N as Lading or [It. [-ed and <apt. An arosweetmatic plant. captirus. a.rca. n. A pw. or affection. [W. / 1. kara. _ soldier armed pain. v. Rapidity of 1. captiosus. Goth. the Carrageen. [Per. coal. provi' solicitous Anxious Syx. side. n. care. TOO. to take. [Lat. out care. three. € AP'Tiot'S-LY. [Lat. Done or said with- 1. . carbon with some other substance. Skr. \Yith care. [Lat. obtained by heating sugir to about 400°. 1.wju. i'.— Cardinal virtues. capita' n. [Lat. solicitude and concern express the 2. or other crus- v. 1. charge. ( a. n. kar- wan-sarai. Gare'less. fr. &c. A railway carriage. the keel. manner. «. n.] 1. State of being a Cap-txv'i-ty. 1. cardus. — — A A — A . when. [Ar. . tivo. <capa/3os.] A dis elementary substance. Gare'ftjl (4).i. or commission of a ciptain.] 1. — A 2. See to find fault. NG THIS . Act or proSyx. sense of responsibility. [manner. 2.] 1. Ka. fr. traveling through A company travel- regions. Pertaining to carbon.— — CAPTAINCY head. cess of carbonizing. carina. )_ A. n. beautiful gem. the numbers one. 11. heedful.Ta/3oA7J. Gap'tioDs. Upper n. . watchful. One who is captions is ready to catch at the slightest faults. ) carburet. n. Made prisoner. n. KapStaXyia. cardinalis. qirioan. Francis. karwiya. — v. Skill in military affairs.] 3. Object of GXp'TI-va'tion. €ar'a-€OLE. [-ed. Chieftainship. €a-reen'. the commander of" GXr'A-VAN'SE-RAI. State of bein~ careless.] To watchful attention. A published note. To be anxprisoner or under control. fr a.] G'AR-BON'Mc a. painful uneasiness from the dread of a. €ar'bu-ret'ted. shell of the taceoas animal. card us. Full of care or solicitude. Gar'a-pax. t. ] H A A A ) in ii. carbonic acid union of Disposition to Gap'tioljs-ness. pi. adv. Gr. anxiety is a state of burdening in war. n. A n. To comb CAR'DA-MOM. second. caru. palace. fr. E. I Gar'DI-AL'&Y.] €ar'a-pace. east and west. black. Giving good heed. c. WQLF. enemy to vomiting. wagon. thistle.] A kind of inn. €AR'BO. [carbon. and aAyos. Kepariov. 3. Pertaining to orifice of the stomach. n. . [Per. and sara'i.] heart.ov. prisoner taken pere. n. [-ED -ING. engine of war. Gael. GAR'DI-A€. tcapov. prisoner or a prize. 2. [Amer. with a card. capr. . Lat. earns.] monk of the order of St. [Gr. as a uance. Pertaining to or resembling the the upper 2. To play at cards. manner of a €AR'€A-NET. Gar'bi-neer'. To be inclined. globular glass bottle.] 1. inn. for <r/capS. honey. a prisoner. justice. throat. t. 1. ii. Gar'di-nal-ship. The weight of four grains. a leaf of paper. heart. military leader. Having no care. n.] treat with affection or kinduesc.] 1. ) Icarwan.kard. Ga-rEss'.soft. tsh/iarrl. &c. n. captio. inthought. 2. dear. 2.] 2. post. n.] freight of a ship.] Apt [Lat. ^apif??. n. n. Gard. carica. 1. [Gr. €ar'bu-ret ed. A are marked. in distinction from first. or executed. [Sp. qirrat. plant used as salad. Gap'TIVE. or the hair of animals. Gare'ful-ness. Gar-bun'€U-lar. ii. Syx. €ar'A-wav. forming the courseor treatise on the heart. or a train of such carriages.] To heave on one GXpt'ure. fretful.G. and becomes painful from over1. a. [Ar. 2. [-ed: -ING.] Of fundamental im portanee superior chief. a 4. ap.

m. Quantity contained in a box. bark. n. flesh.] 1. n. u. carnificare. [Lat. n. «. — Feast is generic. sensuality. and face. . a banquet is a sumptuous feast.Kapv- €X'RY-AT'I-I>E2.dim. French philosopher Pes Cartes. dim.] 1. [It. 2. somewhat resembling a calash.. especia' / one for pleasure or for passengers. 2. n.] covering for a floor. FAR. and joining timber. Car-NEL'IAN (-yan). carkare. A maker CXr'tridge-box. One who carouses. Lat. Cas-cade'. framing. Art of cutting. Carp'er. [-ED . n. — . 2. CXr'un-cle [Lat. and Pertaining a. [L. carpentariMi'. hence to cleanse. i. ( Personal demeanor. to. Lustful libidinous. to pluck. Unconditional terms. [-ed -ing. from carpere. turning to CAR'NI-FY. Carte-de-visite zeet'). One who carves. Lat. A traveling-bag. FIRM S6N. . Car'pet-ing. -ING. to imply. n. or that n. cavil. of casplant. design on paper. n. figure sup- C.] A rude. v. Ca-ROUS/AL. ' £a'ri-E£. v.] An a circumstance.] A Carv'er.] [Fr. One who carps [iler.] To form flesh. or like. n.] A large artery conveying blood from the neck to the head. To exhibit . [Gr. Ulceration of a Lat. n. from carina. 2. I two ) r. . i. n. v. caro. Cas'ca-ril'la. cay. Jcel. carnis.] artificer who works in a. A vehicle. n. containing a charge for a fire-arm. called also Irish moss. A blank paper. — Conveyance . n. n. plant Like a carrot in color a. in n. (kart/dtl-ve' small photographic picture fastened upon a card. caro. n. A frame containing boxes for holding type. v. 2. [-ED -ING. casare. to C AR'Nl-Fl-CA'TlOiY. Lat. char la. — — Act or cost of instrument resembling the That part of a cannon in castanet. paper. paper ] A case of paper. dim. charta.] to Ca/ry-at'id. to charge. Y. n. x^R*7)-. -LING. reddish-yellow. A drinking match. carton. n. Ul- •Gar'i-nate. carnis. rough man.] To make carnal. To cut up meat. A female porting an entablature. flesh. v. Car'nage (45). [Fr. or find fault pet. flesh. fr. 2.rc. carreta. 3. [tree. n. carneus. 1. n.] Dead and putrefying flesh a. ) ) Shaped carinatus.] 1. Car-nXl'i-ty. [-ED. flesh. n.. fr. or -LED. To make or shape by cutting. rarpentum . i. . . -ING. car. One who makes n. fr. havoc. A fleshy ex- crescence. ceration of hone. A medicine to expel wind. Syn.] his philosophy To censure. A coverirg. n.£. €ar'man (150). which.] the keel of a ship. (82). to seize. V. like fr. Ca-ROT'ID.«.] A writing or agreement.reat arteries of the neck that carry blood to the [festival. €ar-tel'. chart aragium. [L. A smooth. [Fr.] 1.] A beautiful pigment. flesh. — CAR'MlNE. caro. carrus. A v. €ar'[-ole. duct. dim. €ar'NAL. flesh. n. [N. caricatures. n.-S. 4. Pertaining to the a. [Lat. — A A I . carnis. fare- well to meat.. [Lat. Car'ron-ade'. wrist. rtjady to fall.] A Car'TON. or Car'tel. CXr'NI-val. n. [small ship. To convey or propel. pi. a ypdtyeiv. 2. car- minare. [L. serving support entablatures. Lat. A kind of clove-pink. [Contr. prob. t. carpus. 5. To urge to impel. kind of seaCar'RI-(xEEN'. or like a cartilage Car-toG'ra-piiy.] Ca-rous/ER. n.] Consisting of. [Corrupt. Flesh-color. carola.] [A. dim. .] two-wheeled carriage.] rear of the base-ring. to be n. woolly cloths. rustic. or to Carp. carpere. \n. [L. Car-min'a-TIVE.] [Ger. cariole. as wood. a. 142. n. Eug. Ca-ROUSE'. [Lat. box. a. Cloth or materials for carpets. Lat. Pertaining to flesh sensual. A. State of being cara. to demean ively. a cav- Car'PET. To cut into small pieces or slices. ceorfan. . Flesh of slain animals. fXR'NAL-LY. head. v. carnis. from Lat. Lat. Car'pal. Cart'er. o.] sim pie pistil or one of the parts of a A compound pistil. CXr'ri-on. [-ED -ING. to happen. 6. cadere. CARE. n. fr. [Gr. stone. flesh. having an • [From Carron. design colored for working in tapestry. Lat. v. purple color. caro. v. A timber. or sheath. . 2.] 1. to card. 1. Act of carrying. once with another.] Car'rot. [-ed .] of which is used as a tonic. [flesh. . as for the exchange of prisoners. CAR'PEL. [Sp. a. [L. PIQUE. A modillion.] esculent root. chartula.n. of caro. carrus. . to fall. [Lat. from cadere. -ING. from Lat.] water-fall less than a cataract. Car'VEL. casus. to cart. [Gr. to devour. reflex4. I. in an artistic manner. 2. [Fr. To cut. capsa. carriage. from Lat. fleshy excrescence on the head of a bird. CXr'ry-all. Gar'i-NA'ted. 3. [Lat.] . a lay. [Lat. caronia. [flesh. n.] n. [It. A case holding a charge for a fire-arm. A man who drives a cart. carl.] To drink freely and in a jovial manner. [Lat. fleshy.] 1. [Contr. from make. Pertaining to the a. flesh. t. the bark cara. fr. ALL. char.] A small.-S. a. fresh-^ater fish. liard balls at A Scotland. n. and vorare. 0.1. crimson. n. Carte-blanche (karfblonsh'). carpa.from Lat. According to the Car-na'TION. Car'ry. CARICATURIST A — To make a caricature of. Lat. exaggeiate. t. Car'rom.] To cover with a carpet. banquet. carries. L. carvncula.] CA-ROT'ID. carnalis. Car'ri-er. n. [Lat. garaus. n. fr. Car'rot-y. pasteboard. . [Lat.\S'€A-BEL. To behave . carte. cartilage] . t. chorus. carneus. Car'PEN-TRY. charrier.. from caravel. — — [-ED. o. An n. n. Slaughter. caro. adv.] 1. A leguminous evergreen CXr'OL. €AR'RiAGE. man. scabillum. n. fr. Lat. carpeta. A parevent . Cart. CARL. Lat. carpere. used for jellies. karl. carola. n. wagon. scabellum. A jovial feast or Syn. 3. To convev to bear. n. . [Formerly cartrage as if fr.n. CAR'NAL-JZE. n. Affected with caries. Car'pen-ter. Fleshiness. charta. . . — [From Lat. t.] Feeding on flesh •Sar-nos'I-TY. signed at the bottom with a person's name. &c. to seize. One who. carnatio. 2. fleshiness. of a reddish-white Car'ne-oOs. gristle.] To carry in a cart. n. Y lom 2. CA'Rl-os'l-TY. priestess( es of CarysB serving in the ten' pie of Figures of women. [tridges A case for carC'art'. — €a'R y-a' TE$. 3. n. 1. Car'pet-BAG. of Lat. a N. Car-NIV'o-rous. from car. f. To exercise the trade of a carver. Art of forming charts or maps.] 1. [See Carry. [L. [Gr. end. carpo. [Lat. between states at war. paper. [Lat. [N. v. carpi o. head. kind of short cannon. color. v. . Car-t£'sian. n. a carousal is unrestrained indulgence in frolic and wine. rottenness. A small. ASK. of a rich red or crimson color. 1. Relating to carcassfeeding on carrion. — .] variety A of chalcedony. A A Case. A to be painted in fresco. entire emptying of the cup. n..] €Xr'i-€A-tur'ist. man who drives a cart. Carve. for heavy commodities. [A. n.] Pertaining to the wrist. &c. whitish elastic substance . t. Car'ob. [nal. a choral dance. CXr'ti-l ag'i-nous.wright (-rlt). board [See infra. VEIL. To sing to warble. of carts. open carriage. Paste- 1.] A festival celebrated in Roman Catholic countries for a number of davs before Lent. n. fr.] bone. -ING. i. CASE 58 turn.] n. [-ED.] A song of joy or of mirth. n. 2. to [Fr. Car'tridge. t.] figure or description iu which the peculiarities of a person or thing are so exaggerated as to appear ridiculous. &c. Ca'ri-oGs. 137-] To praise or celebrate in song. weed.Car'TI-lage (45). to fall. caro. i [ leaf of paper. keel. n. [Lat. icapiros. One given to sensuality. A pasteboard box. €ar'ra-_geen'. behavior con- . — Feast. i. short. dnSes. — es . carniesinus. 2. Act of hitting two bil- A be filled up as another pleases. Car'NAL-IST. carnis. — ulantly. TERM . . n. carriuola.] A soft-finned. WHAT. front Lat. gristly. KapwriSe?.] Expelling wind from the body. Ca-rot'id-al. Kapa. &c. carneolus. to write. Car-touch' (kar-to'otch'). ERE. A [Lat. carnevale. Lat. fruit.] A four-wheeled one horse vehicle. massacre. n. n. A CXrt'AGE. Car-toon'. [Lat. Diana. peel.

GAs'TOR-OIL. occasional. a. acoustics.] A game at cards. n. the Fr. n. rasa. Gas'TRA-me-ta'tion. [Lat. said of the king. castus.. TOOK. warts. ) jcaTa/cAvtr^tos. 6.] Pertaining to.] To dismiss by stripes to chastise. deluge : : Gat'a-comb A /cvp|3i?. a. [A corruption of Castus-o\l. 4. [See Caster. origin as cashmere.-S. 2.] Pertaining to the reflection and refraction of light. frame. Gat'a-ghres'tkj-ae. -ing. Gash 'me RE. whence it originally came. Late Lat.] t. resembling the A ostrich. [Gr. Relating to cases Gas'u-'ist'I€-al. ». [-ED. Tending to kind of shawl. to measure a of laj ing out a camp. To shed. [Gr. n. of castrum. n. /caTaxprjo-ts n. 2. [Lat.] A helmet. Small projectiles. castanea. [Lat.cath. A kind of whip [Gr. de-ath. plight — v. Gas'sa-dA. casque. Fr. 4. a small house. casaque. akin to Skr. t. [See Cask. or like. form of the native A stand to contain phials with conname. Gas'so-wa-RY. large table- casamatta. Forced. the ground. tra metari. . t. rastigare. and from [Gr (-log). knife.] who builds castles in the air. one made of the fur of the beaver. 6.] One who studies and (6). A misuse. . Sp. CASEHARDEN parts of the sentence. in- closed in a case or envelope.] to geld. through embrasures.] Broken paper two outside quires of . Form into which any thing is cast. GAs'TEL-LAN.] A tropical tree of 3. completely. in which the beaver is included. hird. n.] or drive from. mad. To receive form or shape. &c. [-ED. use in funeral solemnities. [Gr. a fortified place. grasping. fr. mestic animal. inciSyn. A hat. A throw. GAst'a-way. silent . ) far-fetched. [Hindost. . parts in a play to the actors. n. swivel. n. In chess.. itous are substantially the same. Act of casting in a mold. acajaiba. E. n. n. the plant producing it RUE. fJRN.] chest or box. generally played by four persons. separate and fixed class fall. cheese. Ga^'u-ist-ry. n. 2.] Sudden suspension of the action of the senses and of volition. Gash-ier'. a chestnut. dim. resolves cases of conscience. cheese. Gat'A-DI-OP'TRIC-AL. n. A 2. n One who castiGAs'Tl-GA-TO-RY(50). GAst'ing-vote. fall. A small wheel on a diments. [A corrupt. as in India. or out of the regular course of things. -ING. cask. case. to annul.. feeble. [Heb. EXLST Kard- down. | plant from which tapioca is obtained. like a castle. fr. n. . [Dim.soJl. 3. Gas'tle (kas'l). to say.] A a flood an inundation. To send 1. /caTaArj/CTiKOs. castellanus. n.] .] Tocoverwith. /caToArji/u?. twilled. n. A heavy quality of broadcloth. caisse. See Case.] A small concave shell of ivory or hard wood. [0. GAst'er. t. 1.] Gas'SI-MERE. 11. ) of conscience.] Coin or specie. Gase'-shot.] [Lat. a visionary project. Kara. Gas'u-ist (kazh'u-ist). misfortune. A ^mall n. n. Gat a-dI-6p'trI€. and money in a bank. Coming without regularity. covering. -ING. 8. to inundate. (-kom).G. castellum. (6).?>. GAT'A-CLYSM. — By (k&zh'u-). drive. To throw on rect. Assignment of 6. GAT'A-LOGUE Ao-yos. alis. 5. kassun. — . of cask. _ n. to catalepsv. [imp. of a castle. Lordship beis kept an account of money received Gas'tel-la'ted. Look glance squint. [Perh. Gas'SA-vA. to see. [Lat. That against. To harden by t. To form from liquid metal to found. A (-ulf). a. Adorned with or paid. chaste. An ac2. [It. (kazh'u-). from castellum. o. n. — — .] 1. Gat'a-chres'tic. v. ! GAT'A-LEG'TIG. Act of covering with correction punitive. a thing planned or is accidental when not sought. GAs'SOCK.] A GAsque. I. of acajou. [L. n. n. from Lat. accident. ing a syllable at the end. n. n. n. n. on which furniture is rolled. 4. [Lat.] A vessel for liquors. house. casus. — GAS'u-isT're. Vote of a presiding officer. To di3. . Gas'TA-NET/. casco. [-ed -ING. by GXs'Tl-GA'TION. a geometrical instrument. to view. cassatio. cassare. q. Lat. n. worn under the surplice or gown. Act of one who casts. koltol. GAst t. [Haytian Icasabi. weak. [From a thin substance. One who has charge of Gas'ti-gate. do. castle. n. t. A having formerly been called Agnia castus. n.p. 2. 2.en.G. n.] A small wheel for supporting furniture. testicles. musk.] part of acoustics which teeats of redownward. the same family with the sumac. meration of names. Gash'-book (27). cassare. An abandoned per- — chaste. Gas' n.] A bomb-proof chamber. n. 5. from KaTaKA.wolf. [Lat. cavity. n. . [From case.too. [Fr. and beat with the middle finger.] A kind . Ga'se-ous.] 1. of the same thin. Kara. — Situation condition . 2. 1. Happening without design.] To punish sum reddere. GXt'a-lep'tk:. THIS . or subterraneous place for the burial of the dead. 1. esp. for palco. a case. Pertaining a. [Gr.] [Lat. kasta. 1. from and matto. cas- n.a. Castle in the air. 1. [A. Gas'TOR. and Eng. ii. large bird.] To turn into cash to A governor [longing to a castle.] A well-known doA kind of ship. papier casse. Gas-sA'tion. qitt. Form of a noun.] & p. [Gr. catar. Casual and fortudental. n. or mottled soap. accidentally. to casagere. turrets and battlements. a reprobate. [L. a. castus. ) against. casa. qes'ah. — Accidental. harsh or far-fetched metaphor. One Wantfr. n as or enu- or articles. or put in. One who casts. [Fr. Ar. from an office or place of trust. A book in which Gas'tel-la-ny (44). pure. An accidental injury Gas/u-al-ly chance : Gas/u-al-ty cident. siastical garment. caseus. cat. steel. [Fr. occasional when it occurs only now and then. €'A'SERN. fortified residence v.?!. fastened with another to the thumb. and It. GAst'ing-net. [-ed. to fall. Ga^'u-al [Lat. An outside Gas'tile SOAP. fortuitous. scaffold . Gat'a-falque'. CASK. when the votes of the assembly are equally divided. converting the surface into Gase'-knife Gase'mate. 4. GAste n. Gas-SI'no. [Gr. n. shed. v. to move. sing. n. &c.] of society. dXs'SlA (kash/'i). To deprive of the castrare. n.] woolen cloth.] cave. close fitting ecclecasa. sometimes. to annul. A net which is cast and drawn. A A OR. \a. to cover with a castle. to leave off. equiv. camp] Art [-ed. opening on to be fired hinges. cast. To warp. . NG . Syn. as a remark.hard' As. -ing. and flected sounds. That which is cast in a mold.] A a fortress..] j list titles. Punishment by [gales or corrects. Same as Cassava. .. cottage. — v. stage ] A tern porary structure. PULL . . skull. for jewels. from cadtre. Act of annulling. KaraXriyeiv. n. r. A towns n. v. hence. n. exchange for money. as in wrestling. r. in which cannon may be placed. kastSin. adv. GAst'ing. 1. as a meeting . a ream. [From Lat.] The mild cathartic oil of a plant found in the West Indies. and without being foreseen. CATALOGUE 59 ticular instance. drafts. . Gash. n. close wooden [Sp. [Lat. [Gr. falco. 2. t. Gat'A-LEP'SY.i. and / SConrpa. Gask'et. A genus of animals. house. showing its relation to other son . from casus. W. annulling the commission of whippiug. bonds. casino. A question for discussion or decision. state .] 1. Gas'tle-build'er (kSs'l-). 7. To compute to reckon. — bank-notes.] A glazed frame or sash.] lodging for soldiers in garrison a. Gas'ing. barracks. casu(kazh/ij-al). n.] predicament. of fine. Kaorcop. catus. koto. A rich and costly Gas'ti-ga'tor. double tripod.€. white. v. n. n. [It. £ase'hard-. a box. A chance or venture.v£eiv. [Icel. pure. 3.] The cheaper kindsof cinnamon. by force to throw. Gat'a-COUS'tics. n. €a-shew' (ka-shob'). Castile. qasa\ to cut or peel off. 2. as the sight. A \eyeiv. Gas'SE-PA / PER. fr. GAT'A-CHRE'SIS. helmet. incidental when it falls in as secondary. matta. )a. G'ASE'aiENT. Science of determining the right or wrong of acts and opinions of doubtful propriety Gat.

having a strong scent ) so called because cats have a peculI n. tomatoes. catena. [Lat. from Kara. seizure. fr. of the of the cat to draw roasting chestnuts out Ketchup." is not of necessity to say. u. A cord made from chief part of a man 's property . To ensnare.n. intens. . Jind <f)pdaa-eiv. a. 1. express. fr. form of capere. [Lat. to take. I. GX'TER-ESS. 2. n.] [Lat. 1. n. or larval state of a butterfly or any -Ga-top'trics. that predica- dicament. winding up of the plot of a play. raterA whip piller. to 1. fr. ALL. down. n. n. [Gr. [imp. 1. fecting.evo<. One who catechises. usually turn. against. contagion. [a. catapulta. cies . €ATA-ME'N[-AL. Gatii'o-li€(123). A for all diseases . A final event. an in) ) structor.-S. Union of parts. [0. GXt'kin.] A chair scab [Catha-nidran. n. astringent. purer than others. The 3. CXt/e-ciiist'ic. Karn. discharges. — Predicament. The principal diocese. A rope to brace in the shrouds of of domestic animals for prizes. food. CAUGHT. condition.] [0. KaQokos.. n. a. [Gr. to break. [-ED. Universal or general. X.] Consisting in asking questions and receiving answers. [Gr. KaracjipaKTry. CAUCASIAN 60 Catalogue raisonnt (riV zo-n&f) (Bibliography). To take by sympathy.] The jarve CA-TOP'TRl€-AL. €at'-€ALL. Abso- expressly. cate- gative. Kara. KaOoXwos. A vevai.] Relating to catoptrics. [Gr. v. a. [chises. y. or puma. peril.? in a chain. A projecting timber through which the ropes pass by answers. assert. ) made from mushrooms. Gat'e-cihst'ic-al. chief. fr. €at'-iiole. KaBaprv- kos. mirror. from its resemblance to a cat's tail. catarrh. GXt'e-na'ri-an. Kard-nXao-p-a. A woman who caters. n. 1. i.] [0. n. n. n. used to condemn plays. 3. p. church in a n. and irAao-o-eii/. Karvxovp.«. GXt'e-chis/ER. 2.] courses of females. faith of the whole Christian church. [Gr. 2. from Kara. Cat'-fish. First because in early ages beasts were tho word of every page of a book put at CXt'gut. €AT'E-€IIU'MEN. relation. n. Something worth. A — from .n. rates. and express the idea of condition or situation.] Dothe right-hand bottom corner of the 2. Karonrpov eats up leaves and fruits. or the race originating near Mt.} Sauce GXt'sup. akin to A. Eng.[-ed.] [Gr. &c. A the intestines of animals. capere. down. [Gr. but with this difference. or infection. n. quite. chain. Act of seizing. tain. piller. of cat. quality. as quantity.] 2. n. down. €at'E-GOR'I€-AL. ly [Gr. ClT* a-me' ni-A . Eng. To make a t. A poultice. KaOapog. Pertaining Absolute. i. 2. prob. quite. State lutely . One who caters. list of. To instruct €A-THAR'TI€. of a person in authority. GXT'A-PLAR_M. GXt'A-RACT. a . n. delica- Luxurious food . less. [Gr. pique. ) Pertaining to menstrual monthly. to harangue." Cathe'dral. [provider.Gat'er-WAUL. of the fire. A purgative medistruction by means of questions and CXt'-iiead. tosound> ] question.] a-uthoritative. a. fetter. KaOapos. Y» short. Relating to.v. at- predicament arc both popularly used to tended with a discharge of a watery or glairy fluid. and ayopevetv. [Lat. One of the highest classes to which the objects of knowledge or thought can be reduced. A small hole astern. "I am in the same category with you. Gat'er-pil'LAR.JA raft moved by a large sail. esp. Official CATH'E-TER. defensive armor. Hence to say. Opacity of the crystalline lens. — church. arat. n. and tubular instru draw off the urine. or of A its capsule. the fable monkey who used the paws Cat'TLE. n. [Gr. la. iar fondness for it. a GXt'nIp. fr. what. W. veil. seat. To be held v. captiare. That part of tences. [-ED: catenate. fresh-water fish of different species. &c.] great cascade or waterfall. or Gat'sup. n. n. ere. Kara. cate- narius. 3. 2. or CA-THE'DRA.] One who is receiving instruction in the elements of Christianity. & p. instructed. the lower masts. those of the bovine genus. rate.CXt'e-cihst. A system of in. 1. Roman i. Liberal. and €at'-o'-nine'-tails.GXth'A-RIST. 1. tive 2. J Cleansing the bowels pur- pure. CXt'A-PHRA€T. of sentiment. !• One who ti. posi- .l. because it Ga-TOP'TRIC. Pertaining to the Roman Catholics.'. consisting ping of Catkin overlap- scales.Ga-thar'tic. -ING. — Category (-tar 7 ).] Inflammation of the air passages. or like. 2.. [From rat and and phenomena of reflected light. Eng. buying. or Ga-tarrh'ous. n. ment supposes it to be a bad or unfortunate one. fr. KaTajiMjvios. pi. .] €AT'E-NATE. coarse sort of linen or canvas. Caucasus. in which the singers catch up each other's sen- 3. [Chin. intended to gain money. and arpe^eiv. A dupe the tool of Gatch'poll. n. by questions and answers. . long. [with nine lashes. Pera. [Gr. t£bm. the head. Karnx^lv. t. 3. n. [Gr. [cine. capitalis. Pertaining to. n. i. €a-thol'i-€ON. catena. [Gr. especially with the hand. KaOerrjp. 2. to form. A n. a catalogue of books classed according to their subjects. reac. n. To seize. vegetable extract. A brown. The 1. thing put in. lepidopterous insect. CAtch. Karnyopia. €at'-harp-ing. — head church of a taining to the diocese. /cos.] A kind of inflorescence. System of doctrine held by all parts of the orthodox Christian church. member of the Roman Catholic fr. FAR. A squeaking instru4>r). [From catch and cats in rutting time. the native name in Ceylon. n. (. from Kara. Cat'mYnt. n. " I am in the same pre- ) ) CA-TAS'TRO-PHE.] To cry as Cat's'-paw. to a catechist [Gr. cue. n.] To provide food to purvey. €a-THOL'J-C*sm. to a category. pi. KanqxC^eiv. or from Lat. ) ] n. ) [Gr. a. waul. I. n. Liberality Catholic faith. arrows. Doctrines of the church of Rome. dainties. another. a tholic or v. *carappoo?. [ Same as Catchup. passed. To spread by in//. A well-known plant.] To connect by links. and^x e '»'. [Dim. GXT'E-CHET'IC.] 1. Karao-rpoKara. [Gr. n. from men t ) Gat'e-na-ry I (44). which a ship's anchor is raised. f. the cougar. 2. CATAMARAN — v. n. optics which explains the properties GXtch'pen-ny. fr. v. CATH^o-l/ic'i-TY. whole. cacche. s6n. Gr. Gau CARE. n. Gat'E-na'tion. ^iT'A-MA-KAPf'.] 1. GXt'e-€HI£sm. 2. Fr. or to catechism. anciently used by horsemen. 0.] [Cat of the moun- The North American tiger. down.] [Lat. down. to take. n. down against. jf. a. directly GXT'E GO-RY : "(CO). KaOeSpa. ment. a. Gat'-harp-in. 1. n. . Ga-tarrii'al. In. a chain. and petv. adv. n. pure. sing. E. to inclose. to cry as a cat.] CXt'a-mount. &c. floating trees. through which a hawser may be to Ga-th6l'i-cize. Roman 2. 1. to flow. clean.] . To become ca- Catholic. purchase. Last I ) Gates. word of an actor. fr. attending. down. ASK. fIrm. n.«. from ] ndia. preceding page to assist the reader. to strive. n.] A bailiff's assistant. 2. 5. E. . mestic quadrupeds collectively. A humorous round. a. or impeded. [Gr. &c. Kara. — €a'ter-er.] 1. Kara.. 6. remedy a panacea. xyrn?. plunderer. -ing-. 2. An exhibition Cat'e-CHET'IC-AL. kitjap. €a-tarrh' Syn.] Heavy.fJ. €at'e-&6r'I€-al-ly. chain. €a'ter. and pr\yvvvai. Pertaining Cath'e-dra. fr.] used for throwing stones. GXtch'-word (-wfird). captare. The unfolding and calamitous. Karonrpi0. to lay hold of. CA'SIAN. €at'e-€hT§e. . fr. mold. €At'e-€HU. Any one belonging to the Tndo-European race. To GA-THAR'TI€-AL. to send. Gatch'UP.] One who pretends to be Cat'tle-show. Liberality of sentiments. . -ING. 1. KarapaKTij?. A large and voracious fish of the shark kind. An ancient engine KaTa7reArr)s.] CXt'a-pOlt. — — poll. The month. That which is caught. to instruct. n. down.

Cel'e-bra'tion. with little ( cause or reason. fcAU'TER-IZE. sare. To come to an end. n. of the leaders of the court party in Cel'an-DINE n. calciata. swift. — Forethought pru- . [From the cellar a cellar. stalk. CAUg'A-TlVE. A hot. [Lat. n. [Lat. CELLULAR 61 Ga. . v. Cel'e-bra'tor. caulis. one may be wary. fr. v.] [Lat.TOb. [Lat. provident care.] A kind of warm drink for sick persons. caelum. C/E'DAR. A description of some invention.] c [thus. la.] Caulescent. Relating to a cause or [cause. tail-like appendage. CELL'U-LAR. and yet bold and active. To mention with praise. Haughty disdainful. [It. V. A captious dispuGXV'il-ler. Cel'e-brate. Cel'ER-Y.— — . Ceil. cession of persons on horseback. zediglia. commemorate events which we desire to cherish in affectionate remembrance by appropriate rites. n. cause or agent.v. a. Gr. of Caul.. t. To put a stop to. €au'li-flow'er. Gau'tioOs-ness. or CEL'I-BA-CY n. & gard to danger wariness. dim. Uncaused or unt.] danger to to warn. language of Hayti ] A chief among burning. E.] [Lat cavillari. 2. .Gaw.] 2. &c. fr. In a haughty . n. warlike. or containing. An air repeti- tion of the words. [Lat. from Rapidity of motion.] A preparatory meeting for political purposes.n. tion or controversy. 2. a. . around him to . —. Tobacco softened GXv'ERN.. [-ED. [It. One Condition of person of A distinction.DQ. . 2. to withto take care. as morbid flesh. t. to cover. being celebrated.] To raise capapplied to animal substances. S tk. Gau'fle. or Cau'dA-ted. Effecting. caGa. v. try. Brave. n. tics. dence.] 1. 8. n. the time. Lat.. CAU'gEY. 137. A membrane covering the lower intestines. to be it. a circumspect man looks Syn. .] To a den. n. Ce-leb'ri-ty. cselestis. soft. — . vault. Ce-dil'la. a. 2. t. ing caution. processions. calciare. Lat. certain large fish.] A large cave. mous. -ing. cele[brates. fr. cavere. a. cavity. Gau'dal. a. Celibacy. . n. KoiAiajcos. v. lodged in the patentoffice before the patent right is taken out. 1. i. habitant of heaven. celeber. e. 1. fame. of King Charles I. Belonging to cedar. Gau'ter-i-za'tion. ried. Cease. cabbage. [Hollowness. [Lat. Syn. Act of causing. cedere.] Having a perfect stem. . of zeta. n. Troops that serve on €au-§al'i-ty. n. t. imp.U'€US. GXv'EN-DlSH. burn or sear with fire or a hot iron. A genus of plants 1. stem. Gay-ENNE' PEP' per. 1. Gau§e 2. by a 2. or is the occasion of an action. T^ be wanting. [-ED -ING.] To effect by agency. i. KOikia. €X r'A. One of an apartment. t. vigilance. Ce'LI-A€>. Act of n.] [L. fa1.TPNA . CAUCUS — . forecast . celebratus. a. CAU'TER-IgM. €. fr. To honor by appropriate ceremo- nies to solemnize. commemo. cautery. [Lat. pronun- to give it the A mark placed under s. [Gr.WQLF. 2. or def-troys the texture. p]. Cel'e-bra/ted.] Bachelorship. n. n. 2. Caus-tIc'i-ty. unmar- Gau'ter. [Lat. stalk. To yield or surrender to give up. 3. p. stalk. weigh and deliberate.] Ceil'ING. caulis. Ce-LER'I-TY. 2. Any substance which. a. warm. — Renown. ] Mus ) Gau-§a'tion. created. A horseman. this . /cavern/cos. operating as a bar to other applications respecting the same invention. A burning or to conceal. . [Lat. J fr. . of cowl. . — Wary —A man circumspect. speed velocity . Prudent watchful. tail. n. A part of the membrane enveloping the fetus.] [From the Cel'i-bate. then below ciation of is Watchfulness . 2. n. One side of a ques- — v. Upper. O.] Pertaining to a tail.TO*bK: URN RUE.. manner. Lat. n. [See Cauter. [-ED -ING.] heaven. bantering jests. fr. sarcasm. 1. [-ed -ing. [From Cayplication^ fire. [Gr. or raven. to pave with limestone. as of morbid flesh. [-ED. Ex- 2. . n. let him beware.] To cry like a crow. ) n. -ing. v. n. n. Prudence in recells. To desist. power. Swiftness quickness. Lat. burns n. cella. we celebrate by demonstrations of Sublic joy. belly. [Lat. prepared and salted. — .] Heavenly.] Pertaining to the belly. CXVl-TY. [Lat. GAUF. n. A sound. 2. GXv'A-lier'ly. n. . a little CAU'TION. cselum. Ea've-at. a. caverna. in the time of the American lie volution. vil'a. caulis. is cautious chiefly as the result of timidity. Agency motive inducement. [Gr. n. or by caustic medicines. GXv'a-lier'. A notice to some officer not to do a certain act until the party is heard in opposition. — Distinguished nowned. n. Cau'tious-ly. CE-LtB'A-CY. i. [ Catch •Caught (kawt). 2. silent . [Turk. A proKa/SaAArjs. [Lat. [-ed. hot iron. hollow. n. 1. alluding to an association of calkers in Boston. a. caslibatus. cavea. Itstis. caballus. cover the inner roof of. 2. 1. cavus. v. famous .] 1. t. celeritas. and ferre. 2.] 1. verity of language 1 ) . ) Gau'dle. An alligator. To a cave. tant. intens. causes.] — Syn. Syn. a modif.v.Gav'IL-er. A legal process. 2. [and pressed. n. t. Warning.] . That which produces a result. 2. or motive. Se. 1. celebrare.] 1. Ce-les'TIAL (-lest/yal). draw. Mass. who cele- brating. a. or a series of cellars. CAUS'Tre. an inferior horse. a. interior surface Gau-lIf'ER-OUS. Full of caverns .] 1. v.] [Lat. [Gr *ee'8pos. Charge for storage in a cellar. J [Lat. — searing some morbid part by the apor raven. n. . forbear.] — A flower.US/AL. GXv'I-ar (kav'e-ar).] A very Cel'lar. AS. tious and frivolous objections. -LING. to bear. [Lat. n. which letter was formerly written after c. and the letter With caution. — Cease'less.&. Gaus/er. Expressing a of one movement. or -LED.] raised way over wet A or marshy ground. case.] To overlay or Gau-les'cent. cavus. [See Cavalcade. 1. circumspection. celare.] CA.m. -ING. Without cessation a.] An evergreen tree of different species. as the death of our Savior. Gr. fail. re- illustrious. CXv'AL-eADE''. A gang or drove of captured negroes. [L. a.] 1. To dwell in make hollow. Without just cause. calidus. cellarium. a. Contain(44). n. CaU'date. n. celer. The noise made by the crow n. Cel'lar-age. Any small. n. as a causa. honor. [bachelor. [-ed. One who causes. some tribes of Indians.] A Ga-ZIQUE' (ka-zeek'). <re\ivov. a. Gav'ern-ous. [incessant. arch. Syn. a.US'TI€. cautio. from caslebs. Gau'tious. via calciata. n. EJIST . to sounded like show that it s. \ n. Cell. cauda. a panpungent red pepper. form of cedere. hortation to wariness.] Consisting of. ces~ cell. Application of caus. n. [Lat. Having celebrity. 1. adv. Ce'drine. 6R. satirical sharp. Given aS a pledge. variety of cabbage. [A corrupt. . cellula. . 3. n. n. or influence produce. Gau'tion-a-ry . Gave n. watchful in a high degree against danger.] [Lat. . In.] To enne. haviar ] Roes of CAUS'TI€-AL. Excavation for a Cad'ter-y. we extol — Extol is stronger than praise . . G. fall and leave a hollow. cae- from caelum. [Prob. Caus_e'way. and Gay. — To give no[-ED -ING. closed cavity a minute sac. I. of calkers. belonging to the poppy famil^ colis. J /caieiv.] A . calceare. Gay'MAN (150). in South America. adv. Burning corrosive. Cede. stem. -ing. akin to celare. [-ED. Gau§e'less.] A room under a building. n. a knight. n. [Lat.hard. [Lat. NasNG. sprightly. [horseback. to burn. PULL . characterizes caustic bodies. n. -ing. -ING. [hollow. v. 2. as the birth- ay of our independence. n. n. An inheaven. p.i. Syn. opposite the floor. plant of the parsley family. A chest with holes for keeping fish alive in water. Having a tail. 1. name of z. calceata. reason. Property which A frivolous objection. a. (kawz). close apartment. 1 A hollow place. tice of . repute. The agency of a GXv'al-RY. — To praise rate. A very small and . Severe GXVIL. searing iron. . hollow. Syn. C. arch. [Lat. Ga-VIARE' (ka-veer'). i.] A hollow place in the earth [-ED .

fr. See Censor. sorious manner. (pE'RE-AL (89). n. [Fr. n. n. Kepa/xiKos. [Lat. [Lat. brain. a. yERE. ^en-so'ri-al (89). TERM : 1. WHAT. [Lat. a. and from whom C:en-ten'ni-al. [Gr. Antiq. from censere. orig.] 1. [Gr.Cen'ter. cera. Actofcenemonious manner. A hundred. i. foot. n. sensu[Sp. Koi/xav. \_ . a A herdsman. Cen'tre (sender). (. [Gr. v. Middle portion the midst. To iinite and cohere. and ra<£os. to perceive.Qen'TRIG-AL-LY. n. CER'E-BEL'LUM. Not to be doubted C^EN'SUS. &c. Cen'TRIG-AL. [-ED To unite by the use of cement. /ojpos. C. to fr. Any . judge appointed to decide causes [Lat. HavTending toward the center.] Of the nature of wax. Hapare descended the Irish. empty. chips of marble. . See Center. &c the hundred. cxmentum.] A person'a hundred years old. Office of a censor. -ING. Ce'rate. t. Celt. placed in.i>. [Lat. To unite firmly and closely. surrounded by a circle of long arms. prick.] (JERE'MENT. Covered with wax.E. [Lat.] To CJ£r'e-mo-ny (50). pi. be. Cere'gloth. centum. ing on which any vaulted work U constructed. In a censura. Qen'tre-bit. I.] odors from burning substances. a. adv. having a distinct head. from celt.en-tum'VI-RAL. n. t. to fold. f7rm . [Lat. or brain. reprove. According 2. edible grain. Kevravpos. short..] 1. ) A cloth dipped in melted wax. Quality of CEN'TRIG. [See Cent. An ointment of wax.from head. a large basket. v. fr.] The burned. and ypdfciv. 2. centipeda. [Lat. Occurring once in a hundred. or containing. adv. ivory.] A composition formed by passages from fr. Qen'te-na'ri-an. [Eng. centrum. Pertaining to a centumvir. shelter. CJENT'AGE. VEIL. or to their language. or C^E-PHAL'OPOD. . C. 2.] Tending CJe-roon'.] An American 1. or package of skins. part. glass into C. 2. .] One of a religious order. augmentacenter. rem. In a central )a. . a. Y. all. centifolius. — guage of the C.J (. [tralizing.i. menting.] QER'TAIN. [Lat.] 1. common. — . — — . To be collected to a point. expressing censure. earthenware. n An instrument for boring holes. condemn. Any adhesive substance used to unite bodies. 3. CEN-TtJM'ing no doubts. a.] monument erected to one who buried elsewhere. decide. A hundred. /ce<£aA»7. [-ed. (^ER'TAlN-TY.C£n'tral-ly. v. a. — . . and petere.] Hinder er division of the brain. — dred years. Ce'RO-graph'ig. A small cell. [Pertaining to Ceres. to prescribed rules and forms. koh^os. and joes. to flee. The process by which iron is turned into steel. <2ense.] 1. 7ro66s. determinate one or some. CjE-PHAL'IG. n.] military officer over a hundred foot-soidiers. 1. 2. C!en-so'ri-ous-ly.] Pertaining to the head. n.) A centurio. 1.. who CERTAINTY 02 CEll'ULE. centrum. n. or to grain. To find fault with and condemn. and ceremonies. A pan in which incense Qens'er. — ble grain. C^en'ti-fo'li-oGs. Temporary frarnC/EM'en-ta'tion. Syn. &c. CENT. Pertaining cerebrum. and gradus. Kate by the hundred. centuphx. s6n. a. centum.en-TU'ri-al. *ce<J>aATj. 1. Relating to a hun2.i. Exemption from PIQUE.EPH'A-LO-POD'. n. wax. adv.a. is (song'teem'). [Lat.] A molluscous animal. Placed in the VE'RO-GRAPH'IG-AE.] A species of land articulates. centrum. CEN'TOg. [Lat. To place on a center. dred. ) . adv. n. v. adv. a.] 1. etSo9. . j ( I — C/EiVl'E-TfiR'Y. blame reproof. n.] A compound in imitation of coral.] 1. from which a stereotype ble manner. centwn } hundred. a. 1. worth tue luutn part of a dollar. [Lat. platejs taken. 2.] Having a hundred leaves. a.] CJEN-TRIP'E-TAL. 1 n. fore publication. or denied. f^EN'TO. Kcvora^iov. 4 Inofficial enumeration of the people.EN'TU-PL.U. 100th part of a franc. Celts. n. n.] An vi-ri. Living in comJ A is Centime munity. v.Cen-trI^'i-TY {-tris'-). ERE. [L. to the Cer'E-brum. I CJen'O-bjt'ic-AE. Relating to. CJe-ment' (115). ' A [Lat. and plic. Forms of civility. [-ed -ing. a. n. X. to tax. 1. of and low- C^ER'E-BRAL. Relating to a cen.] CJe-ment'. thy of censure blamable. [Lat. a. n. ualf man and half horse. form. To v. ( Kevjelv.n. and Gr. ra. a. A hun- coin of cop- o. degree. foot.] Engraving [being centric.os. fr. 2. Relating to cersystem of rules emony ritual. center.(^EN'trinu. n. n. Antic/. hundred.] to recede from the center. and Western Europe. C/eltTG. Cen'o-bit'ig. Without failure. and /3io5. hundred. J Cen'sor-ship.C^en'tral. and 7rou?. To perfume with incense. wax.] Act of blaming or finding fault A bale tive of sera. and vir. as a thermometer between the freezing point and the boiling point of water. Kevrpov.] 1. ^en-tu'ri-on. Wor. pedis. Implying or <Pen'tral-Tze.] (Rom. pi.] Naked wax-like skin covering the base of the bill in some birds. Precise formal. [Gr. tomb. or of copper and nickel. [Gr. n. position. . n. a century. n. Apt to CEN'TRAL-I-ZA'TION. Ke<j)aAiK6s. reprimand. .en-so'ri-ous (89).] . [-ED -ING. a. used for embalming.] and larger division of the brain. 2. fr. n. indisputable. Pertaining to the Celts. [-ED -ING. [manner. from Pertaining [oil. . n. [Lat. n. Welsh. — made from chiefly gun-cotton and camphor.. leaf. [-ed from fr. Superior n. In a central £e-rog'ra-phy. &c. Exact middle point of 2. a. a censor. 2. [Lat. Kepos. A period of a hundred jears. blame or condemn. One empowered to examine manuscripts and books. orig. etc.] To wax. Qen-TRIF'U-gal. IfiN'TAUR. n.] A grave-yard. 1 ("EN'TRE. n. a. In a cercentral. CJe-ra'ceoCs. t. Fixed or stated. — (pE-RXM'lG. v. cxrimonia. Qen'sure (sen'shur).] fabulous being. CEN-TUJiFVIR.. n. far. Qell'u-lo^' n. tury. adv. a. [Lat. hundred. to cerograCJen-so'ri-ous-ness. n. n. shell. [Lat. — Cen'ter-eIt. C^ER'E-MO'NI-AL. Stn. n. [Abbrev. a. . The lan. [Gr. Bond of union. n.] lluudred-fold. Gr. from which mortar was made. head. CE'RA-TED. to n. having a great number of feet. £ELT. be placed in a center. pening once in a hundred jcars. I. centum. -ING. — To blame. External form in religion. and folium. the center. f. In a cen.em'ent. v. Celtiad. inhabited Central per. [Gr.] Divided into a hundred degrees. A harsh critic. fr centum. a. n. Belonging to the hundredth anniversary. State of on wax.) A Qen'sor. andfugere. 2. to write.1ir. a. ble. pEN'sUR-A-BLY. central. value. wax. [Gr. C£R'TAlN-LY. V. certus. n. as monks (^EN'O-TAPH. tortoise- ell'u-loid. (Roman [Lat. a. n. a. E. .oi? cernere.e\'TEr-1ng. or [Lat. wax. centum. 2. dwelling in a convent. t. a.en-tes'I-mal. 1. A hundredth — i . State of being QER/E-mo'ni-oOs-ly. cenluria. [-ED io increase a hundred-foid -ING. dim. cera. p.] Pertaining to ediicepap. One of an ancient covert. C^N'TE-NA-RY (44). man. 2. o. n. 2. (165). registration of the value of their estates. reprehend. centum.long. Hundredth by porcelain. A medicine for a disorder in the head. <^en'o-b"ite. CJENT'U-RY.are. cellulose.E. different authors. draw to a central point. [W. phy£en'sur-A-ble (sen'shur-). [Lat.CELLULE (. n. C^EN'TI-GRADE. -ing. — n. n. life. ask. n. 1. n. \cerebrum. QEN'ti-ped C. J center. [Lat. among common the people. p. Pertaining [being censorious. One of the substances constituting the cellular tissue of plants. — Sure indubitaundeniable undoubting.] to pottery. i. any thing. t. a. cAre. (^ER'E-MO'NI-OUS. seron. To collect to a point. nundred. to sleep.] race of people. or cover with wax. KocfivTrtptov. to move toward. a. hundred. Belonging to C/EN-tral'I-ty. n. Act of ce. f. a.

haggle. 2. To shut up. 3.] any kind to defy. v.] A cavity in the earth. clamare. deer. n.] 1. n. An ento vex. sion. v. ^aAvv^. containing. false accusation. a. A pump consisting ^ES'siON (seWun). $. n. mark with chalk. lit. . x^A/cos. [lenges. An 2. Containing. twilled.Xl'<oe-doCHAFE. v. [Lat. To bevel. &c. [-ED -ING. 3. and the term. ChAir'man (150). (3). counselor who gives his opinion in private.. A written testimony. [Fr. [A. Cha-me'le-on. 2. fr «rwounded pride chagrin may spring vus. A claim or demand made of a right. Cham'ber-€OUN'sel-or. An upper room for lodging.] .] An animal of the Cestus. gjER'TI-FV (14). [Lat. or as with. €. cessatio.] two-wheeled carand Ao-yos. One who chafes. or €hal-dee'. [Lat. bling.] To railway. especially a com- n. To fasten with. chalyb- a.] into ridicule. . calx. A lizard-like repChaf'er. [Same as caldron ] n.— CERTIFICATE doubt or failure. n. 1. at the birth of Julius Csesar. 1. whale. . Keoros. [-ED -ING. . i. a. Chaf'finch. -ING. A fine. QES-SA'TlOiV. «. t. the office itself. Art of engraving on copper or brass. Cham'ber. down masts. To exMinor. A n. — — v. series of links connected together. efacere. aespes. to write. vault. a- Capable of being challenged.] [Lat. To use light. Chal'lenge-a-ble.] A or buckets. a contest of any kind.chepefare ^iv A. QhXl'lis (shaFiy). Lat. RUE. cervix. [Lat. friction.hard. 2. tory of cetaceous animals €hal-ced'o-ny. [Lat. n. to buy to attempt to buy. To . [-ed. 3. ) wv. [Fr. . fare. .} 1. €hal-da'I€. A Ces'pi-tose' (125). CHAMFER Chaldea. 2.] n. A forge in which iron ans. hence.-S. catena. To copper and brass. discourse. n. Cham'BER-Lain. 2. TOO. THIS . be fretted and worn by rubbing. A place where an assembly meets. 1. [0. on which 64Spa. 2. [chamberlain.-S. ling. chaff. 2. [Gr. [Lat. Cer'ti-fi^er. . 1. -ING. 2. n. of an endless chain. either temporary or pended on chains. NasNG. from xa/mai. n. or study.] 1. QER-TIF'l-€ATE. n. inviting to a parley. lion. sediment of drains. to make warm.ha-grin' (sha-gnn'). [Gr. | . stopping at intervals to recommence. To be wanton. n. Excepv. . n. n. silent .eapan. said to have been done mortify. cera. said to delight in chaff. To make exception or objec- tion to. Two balls connected by a %psg@3S|p V ess'-pool (26). due. C'E-TOI/O-GY. [Gr. worthless. i. [A. Chamade (sha/mad'). . /ojtos. t. n. /o)to<t. The husk. See Cjesura. n. n.] Impregnated with some salt of iron. carry publicly in a chair in triumph. and is not usually so keen (^E-gA'RE-AN. A CHAM'BER-€OBN'SEL. to give way. cserule. Relating to Caesar. n.] cite heat or irritation in by means of cent variety of quartz. lime.] 1. 3.] GrowThat which confines or secures a J ing in tufts turf-like. The Chair (4). humor peevishness fretfulness.—-v. n. n. grasses. cessation is a Chain'-bridge. One of the high offi3. A series of things conbond. [-ED tion to a juror or voter. n. and ypafciv. To unite. 5. n. [Lat. ctrussa. 2. t. ckeca. — [Lat. G. Any water or liquor into which eatus.} An officer having charge of the private chambers of a nobleman or monarch. V. Worthless matter. . do. n. ceaf. from 1. and the assembly itself. 2. (53). C'es'pi-tous. iron enters. 2. — . n. a. i. idle talk. to receive the chain. turf. o. 2. 2. t. t. soft. Chalk'-stone (chawk'-. Gr. v. [-ed.] and Ae'cop. ridicule.] 1. — Yexation mortification. ground To be excited or heated. To establish as a fact. [Fr.t. c. or chagrain. final. PULL . n. thirty -six bushels. 1. ChAin'-pump. URN. 0. n. Office of a 1. — n.] Illlead. established fact.-S. 2. 4. and Eng. Qe-ru'le-an (124). n. camara. chaise. 1. [-ED. Consisting or resembling chaik. 142. A of. to n. t. camera. dea. . [Gr. stopping for the sake of relief or repose victs chained together. from White lead. A movable seat with a was represented every thing 2. shagreen. EJIST .. woolen Cha-LVB'e-ATE. [N. i. an incision made to extract a fetus.] Pertaining to the deer. chaffare . -ing. or sound of a trumpet. €hal-€og'ra-phy. [Lat. n. [Ger. -ing.] An uncrystallized translu1. i. in Asia NY. A receiver of cers of a court. as in a chamber. earthy substance. carrying disks from cedere. A portable grate QE'RUSE (52). n. -ing. Eng. A vehicle for one person. clayey ocher. a. Invitation to 1. Chaf'er-y. calumnia. yielding_or surrender. n. Light. lion. . certain information of or to. neck. Lat. a. [Lat. An iron to support the rails on a Ce-§u'rA. to call. 1. Gr. (^£r'VI€-AL. A bird of the finch familv. from Gr. To claim as — . Cer-TiF'i-CATE. ^a^ __^ . (chawk'y). concretion in the hands and feet. Synv— Stop rest pause intermis3. n. Chaf'ing-dish. cert us. &c. closed space. Ce-rv'men. Chain'-shot. as of property. give Assurance n. . Percut a groove in. 2. Chain (66). [-ED. to go. from either. chaly. Language of the Chaldehues. . number of conChain'-gang. [-ed. a. consisting of carbonate o^ .} fabric.] 1. cealc. To enslave. xa/aapa. An official seat back. . [-ed. and facere. appointment. A presiding offiA loaded leather covering cer.-S. Agitation of the mind. icagirdle of Yenus. To is subjected to a welding heat.] nected. eertnnua. A<\. n. To rub or [Lat. f-ED -TNG. n. I t. — A . to cease. nor lasting. a. public money. A presiding ofwhale kind. Chaf'fer-er. Native carbonate of chagrin. a. I. CHAl/iCE Gr. [See Sess-pool. Cham'ber-maid. to v. n. C/E-TA'CEOUS. Heat or irritation excited by copper.] munion-cup. WOLF. temporary stopping rest. One who chaffers. -ing. on the ground. pause. certain. n [Gr. cathedra.&. used to cut chain-shot.] Syn. Cham'ber-lain-SHIP. arched roof.] 1. 1. certi[or assures. I . n. dry covering of grains and 3. cessum. j i i \ ! One who chal- Chal'len-ger. To irritate €hal-«6g'ra-pher. C/es'tus. Stop is generic A bridge susceasing from action. To telk much or idly. a chain. [Lat. a. : To — 20). [-ed -ING. €hal-cog'ra-phist. make. Yellow matter secreted by tne ear. ChXm'fer. or €h. pod. or consisting of. Chal'lenge.] Act of ceasing. [whale kind. n. Chai/dron. t. 2. C. TOOK. calix. cal[From Chalcedon.] 1. n. an indurated —Red chalk.] C/er'TI-tude Chaff by QUr'TI-fi-Ca'TION. See Chair. -ing. at London. A dry measure for coals. intermission.] v. ceafor. . wax. mortification from fyfiR'VINE. v. — from CHALK'Y . — (chalks). *rvA. To bargain to certainty. still. cessio.] A soft. 3.t£. E.] friction. [Lat. n. hammer ) (Lat. in. by way of turning [-ed. ficer.] An insect. a.] To vex. idle language by way of certificate. camera). husk. n.] drum. 03 To make fun t. taining to Language or dialect of the Chaldeans. n. Pertaining to Chaltile of changeable Chameleon.Chaff'y. . x^niaiAe- fret and wear by rubbing. brass. graver on v. One who certifies. Pertaining to tbe CJHAI§E (67). limestone.— Vexation springs from a sense of loss. 2. [Fr. privacy.] Natural hisriage for two persons. — — OR. ('E-TA'CEAN. To call to a contest of -ING. 3. — [A. for the hand. A woman who has the care of chambers. Cesarean section. fying. Act of Chaf'fer. A written declaration legally authenticated. wnale. To occupy as a chamber v. resem2. v. \ n. Ger. us. disBelonging to the neck.]~ Sky-blue. for chaire. A hollow. [for coals.] To verif. [Lat.] v. 2. from Beat of a Lat.] or light. . that could awaken love. A cup Chalk (chawk).] Light. II. €hXl'dee. of. cessare.

] 1.] Maintenance of a lawsuit. n. expense. or signal for attack. v.t.] killing of another in self-defense. Any variation or alteration. constant.£. A decretal epistle. as of a buckle. An 1.. t. 2. a. to warble. 42). share. A species of antelope.] Person or thing worship usually connected with a intrusted to one's care or custody. n. versatile before justices.] To reduce to charcoal. Lat. dim. as a gun. . as in a column. n. To sing n. See Chap. of caput. der different circumstauces. t.] 1. ChXnt'i-cleer.] [Lat. A child left or taken in the place of another. from tend [ble Change'ling.Y. 2. — . An event recognized of any happening without assigned cause. from xatWv. EKE. €hXr'A€-ter./ chXp'men. Ir. or -LED. pi. €hXr'A€-ter-ize. FIRM s6N . is h. a. flame. A (sham-pan'). [A different spelling of canal. [-ed. open country. ALL. A. Change'a-ble-ness. lattices. n. reputation.:y. See Camomile. [Fr. Chant. transition. . cerr. to buy. ). Xaos. [Fr. or -ING. [See Campaign. . capitellum. 67. ceapan. cajritvlvm. Quantity which am apparatus. to conand Medley. of chapman. Account of that which is due from one party to another. -ing. as by 2. capilulum. 1. person. [-ED. n. caor. To distinguish or short. n. fr. fr.-S. [Eng. FAP *SK. Coal made by charring wood. tended to receive. [A. Chand'ler. n. n. ChXp'trel. chaos. of 0. cadere. machine. cerran. cantallow-chandler. [From chant and clear. gar- A land or wreath. n. mutation. 2. chapel. t. Costs 5. [Late Lat. n. n. dim. jaw genern.-S. field. To crack or open in long slits. t. ceapman. A Estimate put . 2. of canere. or Chap.] Work done by the day a task. I. pars. x aP aKTiPi fr Xapdaa-eLv to engrave. PIQUE. teration n. . 1. To furnish with. n. Unorganized condition of matter before the creation of the universe. Lat. transmutation Change'a-bYl't-tt. ] hat [L. [0. [From Lat. . [-ED. intens. v. TERM . vicissitude. chandelier. Appearing different unchange. soft leather.] [Lat. express the character of. Confusion v. . Chap ar-kajJ . Commodities sold Change. candela. (Her. state. to open See Canker and Cancer. sparkling wine.n. Office of a.. CHAMOIS CHARGE 64 f HAM'OIS (sham'my or sham-oi'). . J of Office a chaplain. I .V. Lat. and part. Chan'cel-lor. so called from the clearness of his voice in crowing. a champion. t.] A flat. 136. ChXmp. long. A dealer in other commodities. n. [confused. Imputation accusation. n. t. ChXp. A divii-ion of a book or treatise 2. — Capable of CHAP'-FALLJEN (chop'fawln). De- Office commission. unsteady.] 1. [Fr.— i. n. ^hXn'crotjs (shaijk'rus). CJh Xr'ac-ter-Is'tjc. In. Change'FUL. time. n. 2. Chan'cel-lor-shTp. campus. stitute the character ChXp. . Qha-RADE' ChXr'coal. or chancery. 2. Actor The longitudinally. . 3.] To happen. n. Chang'er. [-red. unsettled. v. -ing. A string of beads used by Roman Catholics in counting their prayers. a manner to dii-tirgvish character.] 1. n. n. candle. hence. 2. to fall. [Lat.] frame with chancre . cyrr. ferent.] field. being changeable fickleness inconclesiastic who performs campus. [See Char. 6ha'os (ka'os). 1 [Sp. Resembling chaos peculiar. -ING. n. n. . [Fr. Chan'nel. Absence cause. To become acid or tainted. 8. Chant'ry. To i. n. as dice.L 6. A clergjman attached to a ship of war. adv. carnuza.-ING. Change 'A -bly. eiratic. One who attends a lady in public places as a guide and To v. in.160). .] dlestick. turn. manner.] Unpremeditated Gha-ot'ic (44). canrelli. thing. Small pieces of money. Sum of distinfigure. E. Martin's A place of cowl was preserved. w. ChXp'laIn-ship. 9. to turn. v. [See CHANCE €har'A€-ter-Ys'tj€-al. variety. X.] 1. One who chants. the tent in which St. which split to craci*. v. longitudinal 1c A QhAn'cre (sh<ai_ik'er. cheoir. and then by the word as a whole. C^HAN'DE-LIER' (shan'-). [From chap. 4. 2. adv. An organized branch of some body.] One who buys or sells. with an agreement to divide the thing in suit in case of success. -LING. chapiter. head. protector. — [-ED. reverse. especially a venereal sore. ori. To alter or make dif2.] [-ED . n.t. 2. ec- service in a chapel.] 1. 3. revolution. &c. champ. [Fr. Gr. a.] 1. 2. [Fr. cloak. [Lat. A high officer of OhXn'^EL. Change'a-ble. a.] That part of a church where the altar is placed. cirran. t. branches for lights. yHAM-PAiGN' (sham-pan'). [Lat. .] — €hXr'ac-ter-i-za'tion. [Fr. separately. an army. €hXm'o-mile. melody. -ING. t. n. An endowed chapel where masses for the souls of the donors are celebrated. Bounds or jurisdiction of a chapel. 2. n. [A. Charge. characterizing^ ally in the pi. cleft in the flesh. business. to sing. capella.i. Fr. from 0. Words recited to musical tones without musical measure. . Serving Chance'-med'LEY. a. of caput. v. garland. [-ED. €hAr/A€-ter-Ys'ti€. Chare. attend in public places as a guide jected. disorder. n.] 1.] ulcer. upon a person or thing 4. to open widely. — — . Bed of a stream of water. j . cantare. [Fr. 2. PhXm'per-ty. 2. Chape av chap- (shap'o'). brand. n.«. CHANGE. VEIL.] 1. n. A [An abbrev.] A (sha-radO. chapel. high court of equity ChXr/ac-ter-is'tic-al-ly.] . inclosing the place. The jaws. . bite frequently. [Gr. 3. Like a ulcerous. fortuitous. — .] protector. . 'Qham-PAGNE' . Chap'TER. . some public institution. Earnest command. Capital of a pier or pilaster an arch.n. or dealer in candles. a short A EAUS( shap'oz' CHAP'EL. Changeable- mutability. a. n. v. composition in which are described enigmatically the objects expressed by each syllable of a word. CHXP'I-TER. Flat or open as a coun try . . hood. acciaent casualty. To be . A letter. Syn. variable fickle. ChXp'laIn-c. [-ED -ING. A furrow. To form a channel or channels a 137. — n. deld-rent. n. . i . pi. and [ ChXp'el-ry. guishing qualities.] A cock. U.] [Lat. n. Quality of ChXp'lain (-lin. after the manner of a chant. hazard fortune opportunity. — Mutable. Fr. In a changeaFull of change in. head. [-ed.] [Cf. or instruction. constant. n. 2. A manufacturer of. 6. Chant'er. — — Stn\ Variety . 1. 1. To mark with a peculiar stamp.] 1. dim.. in France.] in.] A thicket of low evergreen oaks.) A bearing or emblem on a v. v. [-ed -ing. volatile. 7. v.] A in writing of such matter? as are to be inquired of or presenteu summary wavering. i.] Char. One who changes. Luck Syn. or cowl orig. WHAT.Y. field. to. champart.. unstable. chapelet. ChXp'LET. n. Oham'pi-on. t. That which makes a 3*. To give an account of the personal qualities of. 2. . Happening by chance casual v. stancy. Change'less. 3. n. from Champagne.] One who engages in any contest for another or for a cause. That through which any thing passes. A hood or cap. [Lat. constant. innovation. 4. gamz. Ger. . d. Song. That To cleave to Chan'cer-y. n. cambire. Attack. 3. ca mpus. To sing. ness . n. field. Chap'ER-ON (shSp'er-on). Chaps. to at- as. Catch of any n.] man or boy a } outh. — CARE. pi. [From n. Chand'ler-y. Lat. [ Fr. A n. fairies. Chape. n 3. spark of fire. [Fr. or sign. or a family. -ing. A kind of 2. An Chap (ch5p). ) n. v. chief judge of a court of [chancellor. v. —a . One apt to change. Not admitting al- A strait or narrow sea. -ING. 1. altered. See CHORE.] A constitutes a character. cross-bars. [See Chancel.] re- which ceives Char. [-ed.] 1.] To chew to bite. -ring. [Sp. — n. - . — v. J . . novelty . 2. .] 1. thing for 1 To substitute another — to exchange. church or some establishment. [by a chandler. A plate of metal at the end of a scabbard.] 1. CHXP'MAN. brisk.

check (No. commonly called the Dipper. CHARM. fr. affair. n. A war car or vehicle. price. special privilege ChAr'Y. t. caro. [-ed -ing.i. To CHECK.i. ^chas'n-er). affection. arfi).t). [Eng. 4. Char-ta'ceous. To make CHART. pi. ChXt'ter. n. D. a. Subject to be charged. incantation. charta. bargain. t. cha- — Chateau teaux (sha-toz') [France. wagon. n. 3. a. v.] A vestment worn by the 1. [Prob. To accuse CHECK 65 charger. casubula. 2. ceapian. [Fr. . n. — To punish. ChXr'I-ta-BLY adv. . [An abbrev. n. I. Love. adv. . i. gasman. . [See Castel. fr. 1. upon. A castle country-seat. One [chastisement. 2.) [A. Chaste.] A conditional agreement respecting the hire of a vessel. v. duty. [-ed -ING. [A contr. n. n. a. [Lat. 2. n. 2. n. to open wide. incessantly. . .] like a little house. CllEAT'ER. Hunting. Lat. 2. To place to the ac- Char'nel. or ceorles-wsen. Chart. Cheap'jsn-er.] To deTo correct by punishment to chastract irresistibly to fascinate. To urge onward to persecute. -ting. 1. chartre partie. hunted. pleasurable. A horse used in battle. At a low rate. Chas'er. Chas-tjse'. To ber. .] 2. as game to hunt. Chaste'ly. Char'I-OT. 2.] The cluster of seven stars.] 1. and Char'nel-house. highest degree.] [Lat. — CHARiVARl(sh'd-vee'ya. (shod'mgd'K-).i. L. to buy. Capable of 2. (^hXs'seur (shaVsur).] n. cap- alluring nating. liberality. 1. n. The former is designed to uphold law by the infliction of penalty. as plate. a Charge'a-BLE. v. Pain inflicted for punishment and correction. . tivating . 1. [Lat. charlar. Charm'ING. n. [Sp. fr.] Careful close cautious. a huntfeman. One who talks enemy.] One of a body of cavalry trained for rapid movements. an onset. XaLveiv.] Pertaining To rush to. A an empiric. this. 2.J As much as is To chew. . Chaunt. or near a church. To atpure. Qhar'la-tan-RY. castus. exist. A sheet of paper arranged containing information methodically. To house. or exhort earto give innestly or authoritatively structions to. Chat'tel (chat'tl). A gun at the head or stern of a vessel for firing when in chase. RUE. pain upon. fr. Pure from obscenity. Chas-tis/a-BLE. A — .so/2 /C. game. Lat. the governor of a castle. n. [-ED. ) Undue tensions ) preto n. . cearig . ceive and defraud in anyway. v. box^case. Char'ger. &c. delightful.-S. .] A 2. 2. See Chant. as of an a. benevolence. from Syx. [Lat. deep opening a cleft a fissure. . p. chasten. A gap or break. Skr. 1. wary [chary. to gape. p.] A place under n. [-ed -ing. A private hunting-ground. n. ChXt'TY. n. . to take. £osng. koeteren. t. 1. or charte partie. An instrument in writing. Chas'T^N-ER who chastens. p. 1. Purity from un- 1. charta. .] 1. v. being (shar'zha' daf fir'). Cheap'ness. 2. — . Chas'tIse-ment. a good bargain A. Lat. a. [Fr. faults or excesses. Pure from unlawful sexual intercourse virtuous. charte. or the like. t. A person who cheats. 133. o.] a. fascination. Lordship or jurisdiction of n.— — — . casa. meler. request. [-ed. To beat down the price of. . charge.— Enchanting . Chart'i§m. form of captre. One who cheats.] An iron to confine talkative. Cheapen (chjp'n). and affaire. One who chases. v. ta charge. Something possessing. &c. silent . v. of escheat. to praise.-ING. to mingle. n. [-ed -ing. car.] [Cf. Containing the re- flesh. 5. a. . for purpose of correction. 6. C. hot. .] [A. will. a. cearu. as.-S. [L. hire or let. n. 3. Chas-ti§'er. or trust. [Fr. Chart'ist. a. of kindness or benevolence. as a carrus. [being expensive. [-ed -ing. carnalis. n.] four-wheeled pleasure or state car- A having one seat. Cheat. to jabber. To subdue or con2. . It. n.] 1. See Chatter. to lead. or conducts a ^ [See Charity. n. enrapturing Charm'ING-LY. To Char'ry. QHAR'LA-TAN. fr° 1. 1. fr. 3. To impose. wolf. being charitable. 2. carmen. in procuring escheats.] An inferior diplomatic representative at a foreign court.] [Lat. n. Chas'TI-ty. n. . pyLL e.] 1. Enchantment. ) idle talk. manner. charcoal. Chase. civsedan. in any manner. In a careful. quack ciarlare. capsa. carricare. paper. chastise de- notes to disgrace publicly by stripes. echec. To establish by charter.] 1. or things parcel of it.] Lowness in price. One who drives chariot. in tens. chasser. bestowing rights and privileges an act of incorporation. skill quackery : CHARLES/s. [Low. 1. hard. while under the influence of passion.-S. [See CHAR. as a ship. ceapan. supporter of chart- A ism. the latter to prevent the repetition of faults and reclaim the offender. char. Cha. fr. Goth. Char'ter-par'TY-. n.] Cheap'ly. t. . and mesler.] To talk in a light and familiar manner. n. One who. those of a magpie ChXt'TER-box. & CHAW. a hooded garment.] [A.] A mock serenade. command. 2. of enchase. kavpon. [Fr. fr. To pursue. v. n. Quality of leaf of paper.] 2.] The principles of a political party in England. trol by occult influence. Syn. caritas. put in the mouth at once a chew. from Lat.] Any kind of property except the freehold. n. t. or that which. v. — n. a divided charter. to chatter. OR do. and giving one part to each of the contractors. Charge d'affaires Char'ter. charges. . fr. 1. One who chastises. 3. WAIN (charlz'ez wan.] 1. of. To attempt to from barbarous words. as a gun. [Lat. Gr. 2. to hunt. n.] 1. [See Cattle. [-ted. 2. talk idly and rapidly to jabto prate. Liberality 3. chaude rnelle. ceap. n. n. To utter inarticulate and indistinct sounds. Being of small value. fr. and good Full of love Liberal to the poor. carles -lusen. A map representing a portion of water and land. of charger. to punish.] [Cf. See CHASTEN. Of small cost. adv.). Syx. camis. n. 2. charter.] Cheap. 2. for captare. Costly charged or accused. . task. [-ED -ING. castigare. [Fr. Charge'a-BLE-ness. covering the person [-ED -ING. . .'] To engrave.-Tee f ). a laudatory song. loved] position to think favorably of others. In a rarer and somewhat irregular sense. ccstly. Chas'TJEN (chas'n). a. gvithan. LANY. Quality of being Char'i-ness. -ing.] [Fr. An act of deception a fraud .] A empiricism. a. Quality of [manner. [Fr. dear. from the practice of cutting the instrument in two. adv. of good cheap. the churl's or farmer's wain. — priest in saying mass. Sounds like n. x^t\°-. [Lat. [Lat. One who charms. to speak. for the bones of the dead. Light familiar talk. n. [Lat. cear. TOO ^o"bK \ URN. m €ha§m (ktizm). xapr»}S. Cf. Char'la-tan-Ism. That which is ChXt'TER-ER. — Punish chastise differ in the object aimed at. buy.e. . riage. bewitching. lawful sexual intercourse. 2. sell. v. To purify from errors or Charm'ER. A. Chat.3. 3.-S. Alms. tenderness. to fall on. the free 5. n. fraudulent measures were often taken . One who cheapens. £hXt'el-la-ny. t. or like. prate. 2. fasci- Delightfully. of. (sha-tS'). captiare. In a charitable ChXr'I-TY-(88). a trick im2. because Pleasing in the faults. . care. [Fr. CHARGEABLE .] 1. frame used by printers Chaud'-med'eey type. Given to conversation J 4. v. In a chaste manner. cans. and to do them good.] The killing of a person in an affray. Resembling paper or parchment. n. Discants. ChXr'i-ta-ble-ness. occult power or influence. chaud.r'1-ly. n. an abbrev. song. Freefrom corrupt or extravagant dom thought. Any act to the poor. n. Goth. Cha§'U-bl. 2. To load. and agere.] ChXr'i-ta-ble. to strive to seize. chariot.] 1. castigare. n. tise. for casmen. count 4. Deserving of position. . To inflict mains of dead men or animals. 1. drive. burdensome. Char'i-ot-eer'. G. A large dish. load.-S. [Gr. [Lat. or immunity.] 1. or imagined to possess. . castus.. [Fr.

lit. A Chick'en-pox. roaring noise. A piece in the A n. [Ger. xepcroi^jcro?. CHECKER CHIEF 66 See Chess. CHID.. ALL. A young person. n. 3 A token given to identify a thing and Lat.?£.] n. expressing. artful An subterfuge. ing to. n. dim.] ) ish tobacco-pipe. commander. from karab. -ing. A member 2. dear. (pHEV'RON. Chel'i-form. Cheque Checker. — A n. CHE-RU'Bre-AL. checkmate. [-ED v. or reprove. A cake made of Chess. as luggage. fr. Good spirits . -ING. n. p. Having. of fowls. . .-S. 4. its North note. — Trick sophistry quibble a city in Pontus. Cheer'ful-ness. The thorax. game. finished. i.] 1. 2. 1.] 1.] An under-garment worn over the chemise. xeperos. V I. the king is conquered or dead. master-piece in art. Ar. The tree itself. n. head. pi. Qhe-mise' (she-meez').. leader. Principal person or thing. v. . Being of the color of a chestnut of a reddish brown color. or imported into Italy.] vfjeros. A cordial of cherrya.} Oher'ish. the eyes. A box obscurer.i. Y. of chemise. form. 1.orig.Highest in office or Cheese '-cake n. a chieftain and commander taste of cheese. & v. A common Per. adv. C iiIi. milk. shirt. mild. 82). as being rank. . Che-ru'bic. adv. the principal figure. face. [Gr. CARE. [Fr. One who deals in cheese. Check.Cerasus. To defeat by checkmate. mals of the tortoise kind. fr. [Lat.hev'i-RANCe (shev'-). the chief of police or of a tribe. A kind of cigar. to grasp. Chest'nut . mirth . n.] 1. ) a. The board used Chieftain. kieken. Check'ers. to come to an end. capriolus. Chest. bank movable joint closing against a preperson. Having the qualities or in the game of chess. (shev'o-de-freez Fr. [Fr.] [A. cherubs. is dead because. as. The same as CHi-AR'-os-ev/Ro.a. and Frise. — — . or its timber. -ing. A short. CJhI-cane' (shT-kan'). CHEFS-D'CEUVRE. 6. ceowan. Promoting cheerfulness. chef. rafter. To v. to — chew. [0. [Fr. A Kixupiov.] 1. t. 1. to perform. ceac. a.-S. 1. . A bird of ChIck'a-dee'. short . n. That — . n. WHAT. earns. into. of certain orders of knighthood. A person versed in •Ghem'IS-try (kem'is-try). 1. pron. PIQUE. shah. called also draughts. Cheerfulnessis a habit of mind. xdo-Kd<TTava.] 1. king. kamis. cheval. . Fr. city of Pontus. Cttbck'mate. . [A modification of chirp. FAR. €hem'ic-al-ly. n. adv. [Lat. a. To utter Cher'RY.. CHID. put against items in goiug over a list. chidden. 2. separated from the whey.-S. Y. An honorable ordinary. n. The Hebrew plural In good spirits To rebuke to reproach to blame. (ches'nut). A beautiful child. [A.\l/i-£ETTE'(shem / e-zet'). [A. Substances for effects. -ING.t. [From the Exchequer Chamber. One who cherishes. courage. sugar. X. [Fr. kerttb. Cheer'ly fruit. physical Chef-d'(EUVRE (shil'dobvr'). 4. leuiken. 2. whence the tree was fetch. stratagem. Chess'-man (150). its juice . support. Cheer'less.-S. — One who FIRM SON . v. [Gr. nut of a certain tree. To arrest or defeat completely CHEEK. 3. used in the tabernacle and 3. A ment. and butter. n. chief.] Curd of make a short. An order ou a of for money.] squares.] [Heb. tertain. an isle. The young 2. v.Chess'-board. [To chirp. in any quality or action. To make a €ilKM'l€. cidan. to curb. and n. comfort. «. A complete check or defeat. To urge — v. 2. n. [Lat. n. or . To infuse life. . fr. (Chess. n. Cheva l-de-fr ise (shviild'-frecz'). fearful . tj. C. as of a Chief..] i. To ruminate mentally to meditate. the game is fr. or salute by cheers. Enter- Applause encourage[-ed. VEIL. Gr. 5. Friesland. sharp noise. n. [Fr. CHEEP. linen uuder-garment. comfortless . n. With cheerfulness. n. eruptive disease. [-EDI-ING.from cheval. V. sweetened.. cerasus.] A 2. 5. n. To treat with tenderness and affecA state of feeling or spirits. — CHECK'ER. ravov. To rebuke. [Per. [Low. E. 2. Ch'i-bo'uk' [Turkish. cricket. horse. plant used for adultersuccory endive. sophistry. or hope. Lat. A symbolical of angels. Cueck'er-bSard. a crumb. n. board for .] Having a 4. used in ladies' dresses. TERM. cicen. . t. which is chewed a cud. fr. Cheese '-press. j Clare1 .] To 2.] [Sec To form into little €hem'ic-al§. n. and spirit.— A chief has the pre-eminence or rule CHEE§'Y. or moral hindrance obstruction. Check. In a cheerful Cheer'FUL-LY. cause to rejoice. and peninsula. A making of contracts. D. A piece used — Syn. CM-can'er-y. A press for ex. — v. n. ChIck'en. 3. in civil matters. land. fr. See Cheq'uer (chek'er). a. Chi-bouqve' ) (che-bo"ok'). 2.j?. ASK. make a clamorous..] Cheer'y. n. pressed. on a board containLeader of any band or community. ERE. [A.] 1. To bite and grind teeth. 1.. n. [imp. [-ed -ing. pi. n. Either side of the face below . where the king's accounts were settled on a checkered cloth. 3.] Tufted cord. \«ith the 2. 2. chidan. €hem'ic-al. . J istry. v. merriment. C 1EE§E. chevron^ equiv. See . [chemistry. ceowan. To hold dear. . [Fr.] 1. Chee§e'-mon/ger (-mung/ger. [ The fruit. goat. n. [-ED. Distinguishing marks on the sleeves of non-commissioned Chew (cho~o). n. An unlawful agreement. caput. or pertain- order figure. [cant weed. Pertaining to aniv. fr. Cher'u-eim. the king to the attack of an adversary as in the claw of a crab. — Gayety . angelic. Lat. €h£r'SO-NESE. chemical principles. shall mat. n. kiVttj. head] 1. The movement in chess which ends the game. from caper. CHEER'FUEjfl. 154).] ating coffee ChIck. . n. ) a. and of the changes which ALCHEMY. cher. [in chess. enencourage.U. cavil.] A mark. 1. officers' coats. 2. a small part. A kind of insignifi- a. ) ) . literature. —a. To hinder. [O. seed. horse. According to To provide with checks. ) In a cheerful manner. cheerful. which articles are deposited in A f. [Lat. CHEVAUX-DE FRISC 71. 2. [See That branch of science which treats of the composition of substances. 2.] they undergo. 2. gu>/eii/ is an occasional excitement of animal spirits. A hence. or draughts. 2. a. mirth or merriment is noisy gayety. Restraint. shvod'- . [of Cherub. ing sixty-four squares.] [Fr. n. Timid a.] 1. cichorivm. to Lat. representing two rafters meeting at the top. manner. Principal or most eminent soft curds. promoting. America . 2. . producing chemical To diversify. t'. CHER'UP. contagious. chevir. . state of gayety or mirth. from Ar. Chem'ist. Syn. t. horseman freez'). Like a red cherry in color ruddy.] CHi-A'RO-oiJ-ev'RO. Gay cheerful. temple. Pertaining to chemchide. .] 1. — named from One of an ChIck'en-heart'ed.] 1. [Gr. i. Qhev'a-lier' (she?/-). xV^?> claw.] 1. n.. Qhe-nille' (she-neeP). when the king is made prisoner. &c. tainment. n. — Cheer'i-ly. €he-lo'ni-an.Fr. — dreary. v.] piece of timber traversed with pointed spikes. A tree and ChIc'o-RY.— To nourish. [Prob.) Exposure of ceding joint or a projecting part of it. mata. 2. cowardly. by two persons.] 1. pi. Chide. Gloomy. Ghick'-WEED. a. Of.long. To find fault. E. mark against in going over a list. . [Fr. 2. shrill sound to chirp. Kapa. 2.] from females. cista.a. pelling whey from curd. (ch6k). Cher'ish-ek. n.. 2. i. .fr. n. n. adv.] A game played n. n. Syn . forma. . caseus. . t. cheers. Syn.. t. moderate joy or gayety. p. Che-root'. a caterpillar. To tion. [Gr. game of draughts. to repress.] 1. a support of timber. chcrir.. Cher'ub (68. n.h. n. Gr.i. a knight.] 1. or [-ed. foster. Mean or unfair artifice to perplex a cause chicane.] An under-garment worn by playing checkers. — A. nurse. from chirp. A Turk- [Fr. good spirits or joy. . a bargain.

A sensation of coolness. to to i. [cough. [-ed t. ChIm'ney crack. pi. He who. Full as possible.n. Chief'-JUS'TICE. pare. adv. gena. ciseau. Child'Ish. n. CutLL'l-NESS.n. cidh. n.] erie. chhint. speech. n. [See Jingle. 2. [-ED or. v. CHOK'ER. [Gr. 3.. (20). pi.] into small pieces. Moderately cold. simplicity.] Gesture. To break in piece cut or small pieces. &c. -LING. v i. Like or becoming a Chi'ro-grXph. Fr. stomach. it being a terchloride of formyl. orig. n.] An oily. n. [Hind. [-ED. v. cele. child or child). .] 1. 1. or gouging. hand. A X^aCpa.] 1. . Act of chirping. [pher. fried for food. by fitting into — the space around or beneath Chock'-full. womb. aceocjan. prickie.pull. chlorine with another element. . Choke'-damp. dim. fr. [Sp. n. ' Chirp [-ed -ing. . cheval- knight. 34). to germinate. To jingle. n.] elecmunicating thoughts by signs made tion. n. adv. n. fine fur. A title formerly prefixed to his name by the oldest son. i. docile. a she-goat. Chives.] Cotton cloth. fr.] a cask. a leader takes the direction of enterprises. Chief'tain-ship. ^i\Capxr)?._submissive €h?I/I-AD. or engrave with a chisel. ING. v. accumulated in Ch5ke'-full. as bells. €HIL'I-AR€H. xeip. celan. — Precious. by retaneus. [Mexican cacuatl. [From chlorine andformyl. [Cf. CHIME. v. a. To have the wind- 2. able sensation of coolness shiver[-ed. Destitute of children.21). The chimb or chime of a cask. State of a woman in labor. (/'HIV'AL-Rie Chin-chil'la. . campana. short. Pertaining to chlorine. A small species of onion. n. of sicilis. to"0. Lat. nosng. printed with flowers and colors. or a beverage obtained from it. pipe stopped. — . Slenuer filaments in the blossoms of plants. kin. fr- x^ 10 "* especially. chimsera.] 1. ceace. clogging.'divination. To be in harmony to correspond.] 1. cyle. n. 2. church appropriated to the singers. and apxos. uncommon. CHOKER CHIEF-JUSTICE occupy fii'gft military constituent of written with the salt. [choice.-S. Ghi-rop'o-dIst. j An instrument for paring. . —— — 1.-S. n. [Lat. clan. Ghi-rol'O-GY. v.] . -ping. [Gr. Rank or office ChYg'oe. A§. -ING. n. to exArt of comamine. n.] cate. [A.] A paste composed of the roasted and ground kernel of the cacao. Quality of being fiCa. distant. To obstruct by filling up or i. Chir'rup. xeip. Child'less. full. cheek. [Lat. n. rodent animal. n. A sore caused by cold. To cut Ger. oven. v. a cask or other body. a cask or tub. [Fr. existing only in thought.m.-S.] Edge of n. Fr. n. n. head. v. ganda. Chip. Completely full. . Qualifications or character of knights. a. cildra. akin to Lat. gouge. Chin'cough [0 H. A compound of (49). A fine species of earthen yews. The thing chosen. 3. Pertain(shlv -). -ING. [A. The dwarf chestnut. . choisir. 2. With care in choosGhi-ron'o-mv (kl-). (18).] [See Chirp.4>o<. Back-bone of an animal. n.] swine. Harmonious sound of bells. n. child puerile. [-ER. cine. n. 2. hewing. exist. Chit'ter-lIng§. open. shoot. cacao. v. choix. as in rhyming. 2. and vofjios. which forms a common Ghlo'ro-form (25). €hlo'RATE. [A. to discourage. x°P°?-] 1. n.1 To make chilly to affect with cold. Chief'ly. Choice (66). x«povoing.«. [of a chieftain. sharp note. own hand handwriting. Q. . child . n. bell.) To make a short.avTeia. 2. law. x^poypa. fr. the root cian. Goth. to be cold ] cold cool. [L. . from cinan. Chink. n. A child or babe. . as of metal. A young person of [ducing children. tschirpen. or CHIN.-S.] 1.] . Chi'na. n. The lower extremity of the face. [Gr. Gr. cisel. cheek. I. Act of bringing forth a child travail labor. Wildly €hI-mer'ic-al-ly. fabulous fire-spouting monster. To -ing. €hlo'rine. a. writing done with one's A body 1. nus. Child. tto86s. Skr. . See monkey resembling man. €hI ro-graph'I€. — See Surgeon.i moves corns.] [II. rc. A disagreeFormal. Moderately calan. . sharp sound. Choice'ly. t. [Gr. until he succeeded to the titles of his ancestors. belly. 1. hand. . [-ped. used to produce insensibility. [Fr. *ChIs/el.-S. €hi-rog'ra-phist. / / ) j a. A salt formed by the union of chloric acid with a base.tvos. Chi-RUr'geon (kT-nir/jun. [-ed -ING. Gr. A kind of African shoot a sprout.] quiring a counterpart. or gained new honors. Chintz (chints. [chokes. rule. js. t. fr. Coolness coldness. One who pracand tices writing. jingle.] scrapes chimneys. x Aa»po?. [Gr. State or qualities of a child . army.] One who repany of singers.i. n.] A small ()Hlv'AL-ROUS j ing to chivalry gallant. A vain or foolish fancy. A Chief'tai'n (42). talk. 136. n. Pertaining to chi- rography. [0.] Divination Syn. pale- €hlo'ride — green. crack. n. to gape. €hlo'RI€. below the mouth. mines. to choose. A small tropical insect ( Chig'reJ of the flea family. a.An organized comand ttovs. Gr. n. porcelain.] 1. Ger. See Chine. A son or a daughter. Qhiv'al-ry (shiv'-. flue. or that which. Goth. [-ed -ing. Choc'o-late. [A. €hi ro-graph'I€-al. judge of a court. 137. Selected with care.] 1. ChIll'ness. Act of choosing and Aoyos. pi. 1. caput. Child'-bear'ING n. n. needle. [It. a. spotted cotton cloth. CHILD'-LIKE a. [Gr. (148). n. n. to suffocate jaw. sicilicula. tsis . a. -EST. i. from the feet. cheminie. ChTl'blain. or obtained from it. fissure. sickle. 2. n. 2. 2. furnace. That part of . n. €. 1. fr. principally. — A . [Fr. of cavaliers or knights serving on horseback cavalry. thousand. Lat. leader. urn. t. hand x et P hand. sharp sound. [A.. To jingle. [From chat.] The smaller intestines of fr. Merely imaginary. x^as. kirn. sprig. Chill'y.-S. 2. 1. a. A. To v. — . kausjan. kippen. n. cin. •GhI-Me'ra. To sound in harmonious accord. 2. €hI-mer'I€-AL. took.] Passage through which the smoke is carried off a .] ing. 2. To depress . adv. €Hl-ROG'RA-PHER. either sex. to write. cinne. n. — — A n.] Commander of a thousand men. chink. cildru. n.G.— — . In the manner of Child'ish-ness. o.] To quicken or animate by chirping.&. Familiar or trifling duplication. a . parturition.] Head of a troop. Kap.] . or pertaining to. 2. foot. Carbonic acid gas wells. v. costly. fancifully. Affected by cold. hand. Choke quite a. State of a child time in which persons are children. volatile liquid. A set of bells musically tuned to one another. [Gr. xeip.] A thousand a thousand years. and p. skina. from its color.] 1. Chjld'ho"od(27). &c.n. it. -Choir (kwlr) (38). n. A writing reyp&fyeiv. n. ClHNE. chil'dren. by inspection of the hand palmistry. as is done by fowls or crickets. t. ChIm'ney-sweep. 1. pare. Dignity or system of knighthood. It answered to what is now called a charter-party. The presiding n. thousand. . j . adv. Childe (in Eng. 2. broken off.rue. did. zirpen. pi. Chimb Edge of (chlm). Power of choosing option. &c. Worthy of being chosen. cwidh and cwidha. . viAtov. Chock. Art of writing. n. [a child. ChIng'a-pin. [D.] [Ger. A 2. n. chorus. Child'birth. to clip. [A. a. 3. to suffo- stifle. A gap or A short. Hooping- ( the hands and fingers. 3. t. ceac. . 2. Of. [Gr. capi. n.] A heavy gas of greenish color. Choice'ness. n. n. ware. [See Cives. CHILL. n.] One who sweepsand Chit. fr. chevalier. Act of proChIld'bed. fr. In the first place For the most part. 67). n. wolf. . CHlT'CHAT. 3.] To cut. Gr. &c. To stop or fasten as with Something to confine a wedge. CHILD'ISH-LY.] 2. A chirogra€hi-rog'ra-phy.Chim-pan'zee n. n. from Lat. x et'P) band. silent. vainly . ) Chm'ney-sweep'er. v. Grn'RO-MAN'OY.. do. n.-S. 108). or -LED. — . n.hard.] Chief. remarkable for its 1 ) . n. fr. [See Chimb.

€hor'is-ter. [Gr. 2. ceo. one of whom. 2. To have v. [-ED. 2. a messenger of the Turkish emperor. xp<"P-<"-ik6s. 1. A dish of fresh fish. — — Choose is ge. n.«. ». adv. and npdaw. call of a hen. with notes. n.] n. n. <$>Ca. xpoVos.] the caterpillar of butterflies. and ia/uj3os. ( — Chooser. [-ed -ING. A Act of chopping. [Formed in imitation of To convert to Christianity. (chilf). country. time.] 1. In. a. To sever by one or more i. anointed. [Gr. [Gr. Chop'PER. ogy according to the order of time. leader of a choir.-S. and ) "ypd/m- writing. describe. fr. ir- indi- chose . e. fr. [Eng. gold. To €hrys'a-eIs (krts-). [Chinese. J measured by. oi[A. Art of making a o v. Stout or [which.] Chron'o-met'ric. &c. onions. time. gently. €hron'I€. A vessel for €hro-n5m'e-TER. fr. To prefer. ere. 2. to prefer is to choose one thing us more desirable than another. 63). n. and p-erpov. xopia/aBos. or surname. office.] Science of computing time by regular anoint. [Cf. ^HfilsM. from xpi?c">"6s.-S. -ING. in which the company join. in acquiring a language. Chough [A. n. trochee. One of two small sticks used by the Chinese to convey food to the mouth. — . as. char. goldcristendom.] kind of €hro-nog'ra-pher. buffet. .] 1. n. chorus. committed a gross fraud upon the Turkish merchants resident in England. €hron'i-€LER. -ing. In a fxaOelv. in 1609. adv. One who chooses ». usually by suffrage. Relating €hres-tom'a-thy.n.] 1. €hron'o-gram. with'a large capito. all. [Gr. Like a chub plump. emerges. n. . 2. of the world in which Christianity Christians. €hron'o-l6g'I€.] a. Vs. -ping. company of singers singing in con. p. n. Chow'chow. to write. to elect is to choose or take for some purpose.] cert. [A. Dram i. . t. a thing of which one has not possession or actual enjoyment. Pertaining to Christ or his re<ros. ized also legs — Anger. n. n. color.E. faith v. xpu>/u. 3. be operated upon. 2. and A selection of -CHRON'O-LOG'IC-AL-LY. neric. makes a map of a particular country. Gr. an elector.] A course or treatise concerning Christ. Chore. CHOKY to phoke.-S. n. divisions and which assigns to events •Ghris-ma'TION. sung in chorus. bird of the crow family. v. A slight 1.] kind quartz. fr. Chron'o-met'ric-al. n. tism. a milder and more common form of the cholera. [Gr. a. J in chronology. and the others short. and from which the per&c. Goth. Christmas. A v. [Gr.] [A. x<«>pos. xPV<r. Prefer.. a chronometer. To baptize. — A strument. [Gr. A lithograph printed in colors. A A .ChSs'EN (choz'n). What is said or sung by the €HROME. €ho'rist. A n. To throw to pitch. . wrath. €hro'MO. seize — n. . 2. carp the €hris-tiXn'i-ty (krist-ySn'i-ty). Chow'der. time.] family.t. a. [Lat. elect.] An simpleton a gull.v. a slice or small Quality brand. piece chopped off. String of a musical in- Chop'stick. [-ED . An harmonious combination of tones simultaneously performed. i. n. [-ed -ing. . [Lat. A house where 1. chops. firm. pique. -ING. t. a head. fr. XP"™"°«> Chuck'-far'thing.€hr6n'o-l6c. . x°P$y> string. chorda. n. Science of colors. [Gr. v. CHRYgive a name to.] ChOb'BY. CHO'RAL. a. n.] thing . A ing-lathe for holding the material to box in which presents are put at .] A timeGhrIst. That portion Xpvcros. fr. 1. the Messiah. A cause.a.. To make a noise like the sound €hris'tian-ly. x°^Vi Dile J formerly supposed irascibility.] A chromo-lithograph. [Fr. n. passes. p. to chronol[Gr. To cut into . v. 2.long.a. cristnian. or that 1. term. 2. To come upon or 2. piece. [Chin. ) a.CHUB. chorus in a tragedy part of a song €hro'mi-UM. \o\ipa. Tending ttlOL'EH (kol'er). trick. defraud. pork. passages. but only a right to it. TOjtxa^eia. to learn.] To make choice of. xpioros. singer in a choir. 1. chiaous. Christian name. [Gr. fr. One skilled mixed pickles. n. disease character- by vomiting and purging. €ho-rog'ra-phy. 2. A 1 ) . In a Christian ] that of a hen calling her chickens. 1. to be the seat of \6Ao?.] To record in history to register.!-. — . 2. blows.Tlle Dile . Lat.\. [See fect insect.] A small job commonly in the pi. ChOb'bed. n. p. description of a particular region or [Lat. A right Chord (3). moths. and by griping and spasms in the and arms. €h5'RI-Xmb. uniting the extremcnords ities of the arc of a circle. dom. CHORD. cristena.'I€-al. v. 2. irascible. n. fish Lat. Chubby.] Chop'-house. Whole body of €hris'TIAN (krYst'yan. useful. n. xwpoypato and ypa^eiv. One of a choir a singer in a concert. xP^etv t *° fr. n. &c. KoKaipo'. xpv<r67rpaChrist. ask. of Choose. A ligion. fr. personal property. . xp^o-iia. xpovoAoyia. A (half-steps or semitones) of the scale. €hrys'0-PRAse. 2. Christmas-day. p. xpw/txa. Fr. imp. [imp. i. the Savior. V. gold. €hr!st'mas (kns'mas. n. To strike t. [Christ. and Adyos. Pertain -eHRfs'TjENtkris/n). . .— — . XP°"<>«. colored sheath of butterflies. I [Gr. Xopeios. A chronol€hro-nol'o-ger. x°P°?-] Belonging to a choir hymn-tune. €HK6'MO-LiTH'o-GRXpH. from cristen. AC AB. keeper esp. [Gr. n. Gr. €hr!sT'less. a Christian. . 2. CHUCK-FARTHING G8 Chok'y. cristen. The Festival of Christ's nativity the 25th 3. n. A c/iourus. X. measure. time.water fish of caput. €hris'tian-ize. the power of choice. a. causa.] chronological manner. of December. color. n.) Pro- . prevails.] > - — . [chronicle. CHOgE. [-ed. ) a. s6n. a. head. &c. to be used €hR0-n6l'O-GY. [Gr. v. position. line. chops.] To provide with musical chords or strings.] A believer in 1. their proper dates. consecrated oil. n. To cheat. 2. suddenly. xpo^os. xpvcraAAis. kiusan. brittle metal of a grayish-white color. ing to. manner. xpwp-<*> color. To shift suddenly. cating anger. short. short. dis- €hro-mat'ic. . n. xpovikos. v. of massive leek. Gr. Easily ritated Choose Angry 2.iambus ] (Ancient Pros. p. Pertaining to chorography. Coming from different directions. and who sing their ceeding by the smaller intervals sentiments between the acts. are sold. €h6'rus. n. to anoint. fr. €hris't.4>e>. Cholera morbus. ance fixed to the mandrel of a turn€hrIst'mas-box (kris'mas-). chorus. Professing Christianity.-S. Having no in n. 1. Fr. place. n. n.) A foot consisting of four syllables.] plump. n. veil. 6. i. n. Gr. t. ) ChOck. a. [oger. Chose in action. [Cf.] Oil consecrated by a bishop.^. } map or a. ypa. of Choose. €hol'er-I€ (123). ceosan. Chop [-ped (66). One who. x°P°s-] n. fr. — A .!. t. 1. .] 1. Cho'ro-grXph'ic-al. sXL/I-DEg. chabot. €hron'o-grAph. a. The religion taught by Christ. \ writer of a [Gr. [Gr. and thick. 3. . pi. [Amer. suited for color. •Cho-rSg'ra-pher. CHOSE. A play in cAre. fresh. discourse. p. a chub. choralis. n. Chop'ping. A n.] 1. a Christian. 1. and Aoyos. — A €hr6n'1-cle (kr5n'!-kl).] The Anointed superior construction and accuracy. xp°"os. n. t. A trick iminscription which includes in it the date of an event. Christ. & p..] [Turk. what. discourse. CHOgE (shoz). the first and last long. from A form into which and the term. Christ. after a while.en-d6m (kris'n-). far. n. 3. ) a. n. 146). A contrivblow under the chin. stewed together. One who n. €hris-tol'o-gy. a portable time-keeper of XpiW. 1. €hriS/ma-to-RY (50). Relating to color. t. [Gr. [-ED -ING. register of events in the order of time. chosen.] [Gr. as distinct from the family name. J 1.) A company supposed to behold what passes in the acts of a tragedy. the name given in bap. to elect a president. Act of applying [the chrism. pieces. j A hard. Chol'er-a. 2. &c. m (66). from xpvo-6s. €hron'J€-AL.€iiro-mAt'I€8. €hro-nol'o-g!st. (Mus.] ConJ tinuing for a long time. Syn.] Chouse.

C'i-li'cioOs (si-llsh'us). ChDck'le. A scar remaining ferentia. 1. [-ED -ing. used for smoking. 2.] To call. To cause to pass round. the eye-lashes. n. £lR'€UIT (sTr'kit. Qi'N'NA-MON. [a churchman. a. QlR'cu-LAR'l-TY. . distinguished from the Geutiles. To €HYME (kfm).i. Kvpicuoj. To move or pass round.CHUCKLE which a farthing is 69 pitched into a hole. from Cilicia. A series ending where it begins. n. 2. Like a churl Churl 'ish-ness. 11. 5. &c. [Lat. xvA.] n.] One who shows strangers the curiosities of a place. or surly fellow. sing. 2. ChOrch'man-ship. 1. fr. a. ence. to cut. from a Phenician word. 2. inclosure. from circum. quinque. To laugh in a suppressed n. A 2. WOLF. a cutafter a wound is healed. five. [-ED -ING. Surrounding encompassing. lord. That which encompasses . A small [Sp. &c See Chemistry. 1. a. S. t.] To Christians. [Biscay an cimetarra. n. n. ferre. [Gr. A round body a sphere. Science which treats of C^IR^eUM-AM'Bl-ENT. Line that encomting.] 1. [0. ashes. the talkativeness of such a guide. 2. indisposition to kindness or courtesy. silent . CHUM. v. 1. girdle. a circle round. coin. n. (che'chis-ba'o or se-sls'The professed galbe-o). _ [walking around. The distance around 3. [Lat. 2. [-ED -ING. Cicerone. and csedere. An instruheal and induce the formation of a marrow. some time in the stomach.] 1. [Fr. The line that Circle - bounds such a figure a circumfer3. [circuit indirect. panels. Roman a. [Fr. pi. twig. n. as of a judge. An ornamental chyme. Qic'e-r6'ni-an.'€U-IiATE. circulus. cinis. ciPE$. KLvvafjLov. An enigmatical ing to a circumference. t. A little circle. of Cilician goat-shair. &c. as in — practice arithmetic. n. fjuoixov. n. n. to separate. upon dice or in cards. a. pi€'A-TRl'passes a circular figure: periphery. orig.) Spiritual Act £lNQUE'-FOIL. siastic palian.] Chym'I-FI-ca'TIOX. flesh. -ING] [A. wounded To heal or be healed. . *ai/e'a>. kirna. 3. Pertaining to the Cimmerii. £lR'eLET. a. Compass 6. . do. (P'iM'E-TER. Pertaining to. fr. A short. To surround to inclose. Churl'Ish.] To walk into the circulation. as cream.] 1. in order to make butter. empty. A vessel for making . V. (^Ir'cle (18). and Ql'ON. Per. ceorl. To pass from place to place. Cf-€A' TRIX.hard. revolve around. sifrun. belt a A . Lord's house. thick piece of a. n. or sprout. to walk. chyme.] Pertaining to. cinerarius.] A room-mate.] 1. n. To -ing. v. in a college. CiR^UM-ci's/lON (-sizh'un). v. A private alphabet or QlR-CUM/FER-EN'TOR. from circum. CHUFF. Quantity of butter made at one operation. Act of the color or consistence of ashes. and Lat. State of being . juice. or concircumambulate. n. and ambulare. to go ] 1. \v\6<.render spiritual or holy. t. [Prob. Currency . A little cigar. surly. t.— v. A building for Christian worship. of hair. surface of a sphere. 2. or broken manner. chyle. i. RUE. . A person of no worth ClR-eUM'FER-EN'TiAL. . Pertainor character ^le'A-TRIZE. zero. the orator. 1\ i.. [thing to ashes. a-Uepa. t.cernan. any thing. n. a. with a sharp edge. i. circuitus. (b. manners or temper . CJim-me'ri-an (89). . circumChym'ous (klm'us).] To agitate. a. ClR-€U'l-TOUS. QlB. circle. butter in. foreskin. ChOrc-h'man (150). A small coal with ashes an ember. 4. Formation of C!in'NA-BAR.&. [Gr. Reducing of any round about. any . current as money. [Lat. Consisting of vermilion. £lR'€UM-Cl£E (18). n. circuit. i. CWQUE (sink. £l€'A-TR?CE. sinder. An organized body of Christian believers. n.] 1. derived from chyme. fr. [-ED.] €HYL'OUS (kil'us). n.] Pulp formed CilR'CUin-^is/ER. Act of cutting off the prepuce or Chym'is-try. CHUFF'Y. to make. n. : a cemetery. . a.] 1. or in the form of. every part of which is equally from a point distant within it called the center. cingere. dim. character. to bear.] Peruvian bark. to pour. five. f^i'PHER. Having ^IR/CUM-AM/BU-LA'TION. soft. circum. forminga cicatrice. fr. CTr'^u-LAR-ly.) The Jews as [chyme. or clergyman. £l-GAR'. said to have dwelt in caves. 2. [-ED. around. Belonging to a. used in (pIR-€UM'FER-EN£E. v. A grave-yard ad- n.] Process QiVER-I'Tious (-Tsh'us). I. [Lat. [Lat. koi>. cinctura. TOO. ClR'CUM-AM'BU-LATE.] 1. and conveyed taining. -ING. An officer whose duties respect the temporal interests of a church or parish. [It. 18). circum to move. cidre. 2. . as after childbirth. around. [Named from the C'in-cho'na. n. fr. adv. extends. n.ndfeuiUe. TOOK. cream. joining to a church Churl' "(66). ii. [Lat. ffasNG. 3. n. [Lat. State of being ChOrch'-ward'-EN. n . from person to person. Qinct'ure from [Lat. or from hand to hand. or notes. in utter darkness. Rudeness of n.] [From . O. ashes. [Gr. illiberal. copies of which are addressed to various persons. Any thing circular. CHVLE (kTl). e. a covering. by which chyle is formed. Kvpia(oo). [-ED -ING. €. Resembling Cice- ro in style or action. n.] A young shoot. cicatrice in. A letter. 1. [Lat. Act of moving or revolving around. [Gr.] Former previous. To cut off the foreskin of. i. adv. Churn'ing. Church'-yXrd. v. by the food after it has been for Ceylon. system of characters. n. or thetree which produces it. chymus. n. URN. A company4. [manner. n. Countess Cinchon. Kvpios. — . . leaf. 82). n. a. in arithmetic. n. Act of circu- — lating. n. esp. bills. Pertaining to windows. rision.) (a. n. t. [Gr. a. fr. A particle of matter remaining after combustion.] motions considered apart from their causes. as. rough. from \4eiv. to make. To move or v. . (53). Going round in a V'lR-cu'I-TOUS-LY. or consisting. — space. t. The collective body of v. [Lat. in Asia Minor.] roll of tobacco. — v. &c. n. n. An eccleAn Episco- 1. n. syndrian. Ci-devant (sGd'vong'). n. qinbarj] Red sulphuret of mercury circum. a. Churn (66). . cinque. or paper. of Oriental origin. External Process of pher. v. a.] Made. n. circumcidere.] A milky fluid. dull. -ING. fr.-S. 2. [Gr. n. Kiwa/Sapis. A of circus. bounded by a single curve line. a fabulous people. sectio. n. and facere.] AroOne who permatic inner bark of a tree growing in forms circumcision. unite with in returning thanks in church. EJIST. to go round. Chunk. n. [A. [-ED. circumcisum. Icel. ro'ne). Kivva. ()IR'<:U-L>R(18).] purification.6?. 3. 2. (pi'N'DER. a. G. Five. this. OR.] ClClSBEO coarse. x^os. tent to which any thing circulates. a. To move or make to go round. 2. [chyle. and ire. around. CHURCH [Gr. and ambire.] plane figure.] 1.] To 3. n. CIRCUMFERENTOR [-ED. n.] 1. [A. . from x* eiv to pour.] A drink made from the juice of apples. A plaut of difor process of becoming or of forming Christian faith. Ex2. In a circular circular. Addressed to a number of persons. C. — — A suppressed laugh of exultation or de- A [Perhaps a modif. 3. cigarro. of chub. and acceptance of the a. CilN'ER-A-RY. 1. [Lat] A scar a cicatrice. ferent species. [Ar. The character QKv'a-tri-za'tion. 2. PULL . i . from comrade. 2. Cicero. Gr. <plR'€U-LA'TlON. as a hen her chickens. chuck. [Lat. foliation having five points. . facere. {iHYLa-Fl-eA'TION. £il'ia-ry (sll'ya-). In a circuit. a countryman or laborer. v.. around. V. Cig'ar-ette'. 2. juice. CJIN'E-MAT'ICS. . Cicerone (che-che-ro'ne or sis'e[It.] lant of a married woman.] around. Lat. from kiarni.] A short sword with a recurvated point. to gird. short. Cin'er-a'tion. a contr. [Fr.Fr. (Script. cilicium. €hyl/i-fa€'tion. ill-bred man. t. A niggard. Intensely dark. or partaking of it. n. Surly clownish.-S. £I'DER. rustic A . To move circularly. n. The region over which the jurisdiction.

[Lat. around. . n. n. Deceiving by VTr'GUM-po'LAR. n. fr. citi. rota. Act of thing rolled n.] 1. .] A 1. summons a notice to appear. v. t. a. around. to stand. t. [Gr.] A cittd. (piR'CUM-SGRIBE'. 1.— A fact a thing clone. [Lat. civilis. beer. C^r'gus. CJl-TA'TION. 1. civilized. Cas-AL'PiNE a. [Lat. and navigare. — produces civet a native of North . With [circumspection. voice. cumspection.] 1 Something attending on a fact. circum. civet. t.] On the hither or south side of the Alps. A 2. &c. A wave of the C^r/gum-spegt'Ive. polar. civis. CjlR'CUM-JA'CENT. or confirmation of. case caution watchfulness. C^R'GUM-VAL'LATE.] To cause to revolve. and Eng. C/lT'A-DEL. ) CIr'^um-fo-ra'ne-an. V. adv. nl Deception. corpo- rate town. [-ED -ING. [Lat. C/Ir'gum-stan'ti-ate (-shi-at).] 1. overreach to deceive : to delude. )a. An inclosed place for games or feats of horsemanship.-ing. Y. 5. Alpine. 2. Acts of politeness. A passage from a book or from another person. — . circumvolvere. circumnavigare. CIr'GUM-NAV'I-gA'TOR. denoting in Greek a rise and fall of the voice on the same long syllable [marked thus. rolling./!. to cite. [Lat. [-ED -ING. — Fact. Attention to fr. Gr.. civitas. czepa. Capable of being circumscribed. civil law. circumvenire. [Lat. «• [Lat. zen. though not essential thereto. . ALE. n. . Defining the ness.] Going about or from house to house. 2. in. Relating to a circumlocution periphrastic.] To C/IT'Y. around. Qi's'pa-dane a.] Terminating in a curl or tendril. 2. event. to write. to navigate.] CjlT'RON. as opposed to military. t. fr.EiV. Condition in regard to property. town. TlBM. To place in particular circumstances.] [citizen. v. [L&t. a. a. around. ClR'CUM-Loe'U-TO-RY. from circum. Y. 3. . lock. [external form . citron. onion. Being on this side [mountains. form. as . circumjacens. I. around. QlR'CUM-STAN'TlAL-LY. FIRM SON. FAR.] t To inclose within a certain limit.] A citchest. 2.e. and loqui. short. n. particular incidents.] Ctfv'lL-izE. circum. Same as Cittern. C/ls'TERN. Africa. cicre. fr. n. — . a.] 1. or place. denoting a long and contracted syllable [marked »]. life. Syn. like ivy. A reservoir for water. 3. [Lat. [-ED -ING. ere. 1. (Iith'ern. To revolve. n. CJIR'gum-stan'TIAL. circumnavigating. from citizen. cxpe. [L. QIr'CUM-RO-ta'tion. of a lemon color. fraud imposture. v. n.] Flowing around. a. around. t. Lawful or political. CJlR'GUM-VOLVE'. V. £is-t£r'cian (63). a. C/IR'eUM-VENT'. CtfR'CMJM-LO-GU'TION. — . to roll. . The animal that Civet. a. to come. One who cites. cate . . and e!6os.] To sail around. Gr. [Lat. visilant. Act of -ING. n. restraints. n. X 3 E. details] Fruit of the citron-tree. . KiTpov.] [L&t. and/brum. /ap/eos'. Qts'SOID. used as a perfume. . circumspi. on this side. CSJR/eUM-NAV/J-GA'TION. from circum. form of citation. n. around. circum. Abounding with circumstances minute particular. circum. . or whirling round. 11. 5. [From city. State of being a (jlT'RATE.] A rolling or revolving round. . and scribere. Cjiv're.long. complaisant. a. 1. [Lat. [Lat. &c. call or ClT'ER. i. name. [-ed. ^Tr'gum-sgrip'tion. from circum. wary. it. [Lat. [L. Ac- In every 2. citiRelating to. n. t. wheel. rollA strong. v. a rampart. pIR-eOM'FLU-ENT.] 1. circum. substance.] A horizontal angles and bearings. 1. circum- a. form of cire. from Per. to put in motion. resembling a lemon. to .] A salt formed by the union of citric acid and a base. in his own . A pouring or and fund ere. a. and around . gairenov. .] fortress or castle in or near a fortified city. ClR'GUM-VENT'iVE. confinement limit. pi. ^Ir-'cum-fo-ra'ne-ous. fr. a. words a quotation. around. [Lat. circumfundere.] a city or citizen. ing. Pertaining to an organized community Courteous Qi-vii/ian. CJIr'GUM-spect'ly. proof. zabad. . on this around. a. ClT'l-ZEN-SHip. CUVEg (slvz). a.] About or QlR/eUM-VEST'. Cisalpinus . fr. around. Consisting or pertaining to. to look.] A circuit of words a periphrase. . n. n. or repeat. cumlocutio. a. from circum. ft. a. Like a citron or lemon 2.] 1. from circum. 2. Act of C/i't'RIG. - ing. curl.] [Lat. v. circumflexus. n. Qis'AT-lan'tig.] A species of garlic. . Pertaining to an acid in the juice of the lemon. A circumstance is some adjunct to an event which more or less is . Limitation by conditions. an event a thing which turns up or occurs an incident something that falls in to some general course of events. the Po. circus. cere. musky tire. It. cumvallare. [Lat. (^IR'CUM-GY-RA'TION. A character. or state of being civilized. a. v.] To reCauside. fr. ivy. cisterna. ^Ir'cjum-fuse'. v. circum.eitare. as a wheel. 2. ERE. Inhabitants of a city. a market-place. freeman of a city. [Lat.] tious prudent watchful claim from a savage state to eduwary On the hither or south side of the Po. foraneus. and . rolling round.] 1. summons. A line of field works surrounding CjiT'RiNE a. Caution. CIRCUMFLEX CIVILIZE 70 ment used by surveyors for taking ^iR'euM-SPEC'TlON. surrounding with a wall or rampart. One who [artifices. to turn around. t.g'lV'ET. n. near the pole. incident. A large town. vestire. [Lat. stare. [Contr. -fusum. circum. or derived from. C^J'ta-to-ry. ciR'eus-Eg. QlR'^UM-HAV'I-GATE.] C/iT'1-Z.. civicus. . To pour or [spreading around. C^R/euM-VEN'TlON. cis. P'fQUE. circumspectus. city. 2. fluere circumfluens. . cir- n. N . polite- CIr'gum-sgrip'tive. civis.cre. civis. Capable of being sailed around. C/Tr'cum-vo-lu'tion. Any native born or naturalized inhabin. ~ or "] and in Latin and some other languages. [sails around. jaccre. n. affects it. £ir'€UM-stance [Lat. Lat. . ^r/gum-scrip'ti-ble. fr. draw. Kicrcros. intens.Cis-mon'tane. around. n. An inhabitant in any city. fr. t. [Lat.] V. a. at Citeaux. but of minor importance in the plural. CTlR'ROUS. to refine. 3. circum- ) careful of consequences [Amer. Lying lie. cepa.] 1. whirling round.] A turning. a. ci- A tare. a. and To surround with vallare. cis. 3.^/-^ 1.ndvolvere. Turning. cir- cumrotare from circum.. [Gr. circum. to speak. and fr.U.] To cover round. and vesQIr/cum-ko'ta-ry. £Tr'€UM-S€RIB'a-BL. (113). and Padanus. To enter into — izen used contemptuously. To quote. [Lat. [Lat. der of Benedictine monks established . [Lat. a.I. fr. 2. in support. 2. giR/euM-NAV'i-GA-BLE. WHAT. of the Atlantic Ocean. C/iT. n. dim. in France. a.] 1. CiR^euM-FU'siON. around. around. [-ED. n. Performers in a circus. cir- cumslantia. -ing. Padus. or from jac. E. and gyrare. a bending round. around. . t. [Lat. . lemon. n. Turn- ing. n. n. and venire. around. cir- CjIr'CUM-spectVness. [or quotes. tant of a country. and spicere. to clothe. to wall. cirrus. cista. To summon. . circum. t. QIr'oum-ro'ta-to-ry (50). VEIL. pi. citatio. 2. 2. to pour. [Lat.] spread round. Act of civiliz£lR'€UM-SPE€T. circumscribere. i\n& fluflow. Something incidental. [-ED -ING. of : fr. or other liquids. around. pi. 2. flR'€UM-FLEX. 2. [Lat. citadella. ritreum. ASK. Kicro-oeicSrjs. fr.] . cording to circumstances. zen. citizen. all the facts and circumstances of a certain geometrical curve. n. Capable of being circumscribed. cir- circum. particular. Courtesy . CARE. CJite. One skilled in the One whose pursuits are those of civil <pI-vlL'l-TY. n. V. - . On this side of the CJiv'il-I-za'tion. Having the power or . (pIv'lL. [Lat. A round another. to circum. or whirling round. C/L?/€UM-VAL-LA'TrON. circuin- ) <^IR-€UM'FLU-oOs. n. fr. with a garment. rolling. to excite. [-ED. the camp of a besieging army.] bordering. 1. One of an orCautious. [It. To name. and alpinus.

To come hr'collision to interfere. 2. To thrust..tle. Class [Lat. from ceremonial 1. i. t.] [Ger. . as the tongue p. . inclosure. e^ist Quite . A violent meeting of bodies.] to make importunate demands. n. [See BONNY-CLAB- n. t. and classis. a. slap. n. 7i. v. used to fasten work together. A kind tence containing a finite verb ai I 1. . A state of union as in a family or clan. to clink n. come pure. Secretly.] Light CLAUS'TRAL. i. key. fraudulent. it. . Clam/my. to make. la. Clar'I-ON. 2. . 2. | . v. A soft earth. Earth in general hence. klamp. turbulent. Syx. 2. claudere.] [A. One learned i. A close embrace. -ping.i. The thing 3. claque. of vise. 2.] 1. Clar'i-net'. chlimpan. [-ed schen. large. [A. A to challenge as a right. A clique. Jles. CLAIM. A trick to gain applause.Cla'va-ted.] separate portion f 1. =--r. klar. and beartribe under one ing the same surname. Clair. class. abrupt sound made by striking an object.] distribute into classes. [obscure. ClaP'"BOARD (krOVburd). A bivalve shell-fish. j ment. A work of acknowledged excellence. i. bar. To strike noisily against. €ladi'a-ble. A portion of a «. n. Clang. abounding with clay like clay. To strike and make a rattling noise. i. Aloud noise made by sudden collision. 2. . II.] A sharp. A right to demand a title to any thing in pos. [-ed. 3. [Another form of clamp.-S. clasps. — . consisting of alumina and silica. as of a beast.] Relating to a nous matter. ii. Wit'iout defects. n. adv.] The loud. fr. do. its adjunct. [-ed: -ing. One of a pair of movable pieces of soft materi- v. Sinless . Clam'or-ous. pr. shrill sound. (82). to make] To make clear. Reclaimed from savage lite and manners cultivated. [Fr. the human Clay'-cold. senses. clappan. 4. claustrum. 1. clear. n. clearj and shrill. rue. 142. [-ED -ING-. [-ED -ing. n. any writing.] Toclimb with difficulty.v. from Gr. Ger. [-ED.— — CIVILIZED .] [D. to click. the hands together. a. Clav'I-CHORD. n. v. : session" of another. A Discerning objects which are n. clam. sword. According to a regular .] which shuts into knife. lock. to end. A sudden explosion. or scratch with claws. [-ed. 2.] 1. With loud Clar'I-O-NET'. . body. 3. v. n.<>. la. -ing.. To beas liquors. Eng. ringing sound made by a col[See n. . pull . [Lat. make Milk turned thick. n.i the classics. ing into a class or classes. a. klempern. ringing sound. -ING. Clar'et. a.] To call for n. Po- State of citizenship. n. CLAUSE. clavn. 1. prop. [-ED -ING. A sharp. v. Clar'I-FI-ca/TION. [-ed -ing. or. with water. Clasp'-knife wolf. Clas'si-fy. t. Closely united. A stroke a thrust. -ing. — a. Clan 'ship. Clas'sic. a. See Clare-ing. CLAY'MORE. Contradiction. fr. 0. to tap. to Clan-des'tine. . One who. klateren. Clap'per.— v. cloister. mare. n. Clan. Act of clear. t.] Loud and con. clandestinus.] clam P W" To fasten with a clamp.] [0. H. Clan'gor (82). clavis. 2. [-ed: -ing. n. great. . of clavis. Constituting a class. A piece of timber or iron. Clap.] [Lat.-S. — . v. the handle. demanded. v. 2. hastily. ii. £1. civilizes.-S. J or rank. 5. to cry out. 11. dexterous. [-ed. now clammy. 2. That which strikes. call. to shut. clarifies. Any thing that causes a 3. clavis. 2. Clang. 1. 1. Clab'BER.] and shade in painting. the blade of 1. by striking Clas'si-fi-ca'tion. To a sudden. a. To strike with a quick order. Script. ing or fining.] A musical i Clam'MI-ness. cla. ».. ke or with hands and feet. To dash noisily together. clack. Club-shaped. 2. klampen. i\ t. uproar — v.] To form ion into a class to arrange in classes.\ - board of a musical instrument. To clog. from Gael. clear. CTv'il-ly. ringing sound. Syx. . t. KAatris. a slap or smack. Ger.] A light French wine. t.] [L. A chieftain.Clar'i-fy. [Fr. 2. Clamp.\ 1. pi. with noise.] — — < — [ J . [Lat. Lat. too. Civ'IgM.] — clanger e. — . — Clay. A striking of hands to express approbation. URN. Act of form- t.] To fight and scratch. Adroit. -ing. or that which. Clash. Ger. dim. One who n. v. adv. To vociferate clear or bright. 1 [-ped. [Fr. — — . harsh sound. A wind instruClam'or-ous-ly. — adv. A objects not present to the senses.] Kept secret.] To cause to make a sharp. secretly. dim. n. -ing.] Clap'-trap. Clean. One who discerns Clap'per-cla\v. [Lat. klitschen. key. mdr. Free from dirt or filth. [Lat. motion. from clair. a.voy'axce. or put CLAS-sTF'l€. op that which. of voir. to collar-bone. Soft and sticky glutinClam'OR. Clam.] [Lat. Pertaining to the Greeks and Latins. drive. 1. To facere. (6). hard.] 1. v. daiilheamh.G. classis. 2. esp. 1. t. Clasp (6). clatrung. same class Clat'ter. . [A. fication is conducted. to fine. [-ed. To grow defecate". n. n. Clav'I-CEE (klav'i-kl). . 3.t. 1. E. Hidden secret private concealed underhand sly. v.a animal. I. 1. [-ED -ing. silent . clxnc. n. in literature or art. string. and faThe tinued shouting or noise. Clan'nish-ness. Cea/vate. v. A group ol individuals ranked together. clarus. Of the first claro Clas'sI€-al. Civ'ie-iz'ee.voy'ant. A sharp.] 1. lifcConsisting of clay. To produce a sharp. -ing. disused. a. [Lat.-S. 2. and voi/ant. ClXs'sk. 1. n. n. i. klat- €la'ro-ob-S€u'ro. this. t.soft . crack. To make a sharp. CLEAN 71 CTv'lL-I Z£D. da- clacking noise. n. [Lat. 11. A — To embrace. (-nTf). G defile- perfectly. of the reed . i. and mor. Cold as clay. In a classic manner.] 1. CLAW. to of a bell. ringing noise. Continual talk. al.. t. : . One who. elapse. v. kAtjo-is. adv._a. CLAS'sre-AL-LY.-S. cere. Capable of being Claim'ant. clear.] 1. 1. i to fasten. clarus. obscure. »">. of clair. as a tendril. 3. (?. 2. adv.] [Lat. n. strument with keys and strings.] To pull. clava. 2. [D. A. .] To salute or stun — . [Fr. Class'mate. . 2. TOOK. a. n. [Gael. [Lat. demand of a right.&. — — shrill. Clasp'er. t. A sharp. i. clairet. n.-S. An order or divis[-E D v t. A strip of board for covering tue outside of houses.) Free ( ment. .-c. n. . drum.] [A. the people assembled or called together.] 2. repeated rattling noi. claidheamh- n. 2. [From clap not present. whose note is [noise or words..ii. nojng. 2. in the is with another. [claimed. sonorous lision of bodies. [-ER -est. n.] The ke. pure. [Lat. — v. Complete. cluvicula. n. Ger. — Outcry exclamation noise see. for holding parts together. as with gluticlxmian. v. Close adherence or disposition to unite. : . . t. A number of students pursuing the same studies. n. o. BEK. [Lat. in reference to civil society. kind. A power of discerning objects not present to the Clair. from clarus. To talk rapidly. a broadsword. catch. claeg. vociferation. Xoisy vociferous A kind of trumpet. person who claps. Clam'ber. A large Cla'vi-er (kla'vi-er or klaVve-a'). klingen.] cover the jaws of a vise. Clan-des'tine-ly. 2. That which and chorda. ft. tear. Any thing resembling the claw of f.] To strike together with a ringiug metallic sound. Clan'nish.] [A. n. like a clan disposed to unite. 4. . clear. klappsen. To applaud. club.fcTo make rattling sounds. and claw. hooked nail. One who claims. A vessel in which clari[ous. fr. . [Lat. sharp noise. 2. and obscurus. Clank litely.] [Lat. State of being Clar'i-fl'er. [-ED -ING.] clarificare. clear. a. c'lUmban. In a civilmanner. v. Clack. Clay'ey. v.] 1. . A large two-handed sword. 2. To fasten with a clasp. 1.] 1. n. [Of Celtic origin. Clare'-ob-scure'. v. Ag. Ger. A 1.

-PING. chink. n. v. ClInk'er. One confined to the bed by sickness. €lear'-starcii. bed-ridden. E. unbiased. 3. i.] (Mus.] A figure in which a sentence rises as it were step by step in importance. WHAT} ERE. but now abolished. and such papers as the law .] [A. v. of be- skillfully. CLEAR'lNG-HOUSE. . [-ed -ing. &c. CLEM'A-TIS. Hav- ing acuteness of sight. ti. to clothe.] [A. v. heard audible. [Eng. CLl'MATE. n. — &c. [-ED To renclainsjan. v. n. a. n. entirely. A small iron. to ring- bolts. In a clean . Neatness of purity. &c.-S. indulgence. 1. [Gr. 2. PertainClearance. . [Gr. To cut off. fr. t. Clev'is. ner . 6. ladder. Capable of being -ING. A clerk. Innocent pure. . Clinch (66). uncertainty. The whole 1. zone of the earth. talent. and aftmost corner of a fore-and-aft sail. cliens. fr. &c. a. r. 2. A kind of knot and seizings . fast to grasp. Gr. tenderness. 1. KAip-aros.] taining to a bed. clean. Syn. sharp sound. mercy. as with a single stroke of scissors. bed. Wholly. [A. Cli-mac'ter-ic. ClErk'ly. [-ed -ing. || ball of thread. With mildness a. the benefit of clergy CLERGYTo become free from clouds CLER'GY-MAN. n. KAii/i/cos. — . a. discourse. disposition Clem'ent-LY.] 1. n. 2. [Gr. r. That which guides one in any thing doubtful or Lower corner of a intricate. 2.] To small. sharp. to lean. fr. ing to a clerk or copyist. Syn. — . crevice. to slope. from cluere. Act of clearing. dif. — requires. or ClIm'ac-ter'. [(Jr. . a.U. Showing skill or adroitness in the doer or Kind-hearted. 3. as a sail. opening made by split- imp. clifan. TERM.] 1. — [-ed H make a — n. dead. A clean. A Clem'ent. or hold. ?'. calm.] 2. Any critical period. Condition. entirely. To K\ifta.] 3. €l£r'GY(14). A character to determine t. Clem'en-cy. t. ing iuto a notched wheel.] CLIP 72 p- p. tract of laud cleared of wood. Clev'er-ness.enTeii>.-S. i.] To free from dirt. 2. wholly. KkCvetv. V. CLERK'sinP. [-ed -ing. cleqfan. ringing sound. Cling'y. Freedom from dirt/ person or dress . n. One who applies to a lawyer or counselor for advice.-est. 2. To remove so as to leave something unobstructed. [From clink. distance between extreme limits. Ions. A place where the accounts of different banks are [obstruction. 63d year. «. To confirm to establish. [Gr. clifjan. a ladder. or that n. Clear'age. 2. 1. Act of removing any Cler'ic. a.] To draw up to the yard.-S. tcXivecv. blemish. v. 2. llarL in England. Cleansing CLEAN'LY (klSn'iy). (14). split. ringing sound. n. cleanses. Scholar-like. ity of being clean.] 1. n. rock n. the Benefit of clergymen from criminal process before a secular judge — a privilege extended at one time to all who could read. See person.] The science of climates. One who. & Cling. cleoio . (cAijua^. [-ed -ing.] 1. pas-ion. — Crack. adv. Ahle to perguilt. 2. Pertaining to a client. der clean.. key. mates cli- . . n. gentleness. t. -ing. Clev'Y. or Clep-sy'dra. A -ing. t. 2. or dignity. a. globus and glomus. of the hands and CLJMB'A-BLE feet. cleo fan. and then clear by clapping with the hands.] [Lit. Pervt). 6leat.] A €li-ent'al. IC. to procure a permission to sail. n. protection of a patron.. p. [-ed.«. climban. [-er. office. 1. Capable (kllnV-). [cleansed. dexterity. without touching or failure. of a client. of cleaving. compassion. or that which holds fast.] A narrow strip of wood of different forms for strengthening. \a. a. 2. n. divide. obs. twig. Pronounced E@~ assists in the 3. mild. v.] 1. fr.. clasne. fall- [Lat. One who. ic\. Clev'er-ly. &c. or fog. Clew (klu). v. Possessing skill. n. adhesive. CLOVE. 2. fastening. Freedom from whatever obscures. ) A certificate that a vessel has been cleared at the custom-house. A 2. Eng.1. In a clever man- adv. Pertaining to the Cler'ic. t. clinches. A Roman citizen who put himself under the . . Act of making n. t. clavis. [-ED -ING. n. State or condition . 1. business of a clerk. n. Entitled to. force.n. 2.] high. 1. MEN. . Pertaining to a — A ) Cli-mAt'I€-al. [Lat. KAj)po5. square sail. steep A . elerievs.-S. [Gr. &c. xAtClin'ic-al. to fasten. : used to fasten a cable. [Lat. An assistant in a shop or store. by stealth.] Ger. /cAei/niopa. ClIp. or over. /cAip.«. direction. Apt to cling. . Climb'er (kllm'er). clear.] who An educated 1.— Mildness. clergy. zone of the earth. ALL. fissure. chlingan. of being climbed. [Amer. To clear a ship. made by piece splitting. ii. to tick. CLEAN§'A-BLE. K\veii>. KAnpiKos. cleave^ n.] [A.-S.] climbing plants. Without obscurity. A climate a region. ) Quality n. to hear. from genus of /cA/j/xa. €lear. critical period in human life. Clear'ING. p. 2. or other uses. adjusted. . [Frorn clean. or clergyman. — n. [imp. v. -ING. shoot. An ting.] [An onomatopoeic word. because it makes a sharp and sonorous sound. as if and v6wp. A small. clyppan.t. Cleft.] of clock.] 1. wise. n.CLEANLINESS — v. i. adv. & from Cleave.] Refuse of a furnace : vitrified matter ejected from a volcano. incline. obsolescent) p. ) Clevis. former. An ancient kind water. a. [-ER . CLEFT Or CLEAVED. t. Clev'er. gleaw. Y. PIQUE. a. or impediment. talented.] The \ draft-iron on the end of a cart-tongue. Cliff.] [which. a precipice.] body of ecclesiastics. n. the position scale. klinkan. Habitually 1. 1. [ing clever. [Gr. Full extent . fr. &c. a.] accustom to a climate. clung. 2.-S. to steal. A holding fast. . Cleav'er. v. sharp noise. or that Clear. The privilege or benefit of clergy. V£IL. p.] [A. t\ ?'. CLEAR'NESS. a. To make. Mild in temper and [of temper. v.-S. . Cl£r'gy-a-ble. -EST.] Disposition to treat with lenity. Cleav'age. clito cleave. One of the clergy.] [06s. Plainly. A parish officer. One who Clime. injures. A butcher's instrument for cutting up meat.] [A.a. akin to Lat.] To make a small.«. Clin'ic. Clench. tLi'ENT-snIp. Free from opaqueness.-S. n. fr. obstacle. •Glean'ness State or qual(109). n. CLEFT (CLAVE. climate or { limited by a climate. .] To stiffen with starch. (klen'ly). Clep'sy-dra. €LEF. liaving cliffs craggy. n.] Relating to a critical period of human life.] To hold fast. [A. ASK. to bend. [climbs.] 1. To cur- CARE. Clj^ch'er. dementia.&. clear bright. in which water was discharged from small apertures. short. ceive clearly acute discriminating. Adroitly. Cleave. Sec Clinch. Clink.] Condition of a place in relation to temperature.— Expert dexterous . CLEAR'LY. (cAT/uaj. Clerk CLERGY. n. n. [Eng. clams. and Aoyos.-S. the clergy. 1. a. or [A. e'emens. Jan. . 2. 2. Cli-mat'ic. To become disengaged. I. . couch. CLEANSE. church service. fr. [Prov. manner. Grand or great climacteric. FAR. quite. 3.) &. or adroitness. ClPma-tol'o-gy. [imp. (cAi/uta/ [-ed -ing. To pass by. To part by force to split.] [A. [Gr. skillful adroit. especially by winding round or embracing to adhere closely. or t. 1. Climb (klTm). Cleans/er.] [-PED. or defiles. n. Cli'max. Syn. [-ED -ING. ) a. 1. clingan. O. closely clifan. moisture. Which. /cAry/maTt's. ClI'ma-tize. Cler'ic-al. —v . Clean'li-ness (klen'li-nes). n. 1. 3. Easily or distinctly adv. Clean'ly L42. 2. 2. ClTff'y. To open naturally to to stick. sharp. . Act or quality Cleat.n.] To adhere . priest. obstructs. perplexity. skillful. t. 2. [-ED . adv. or admitting. thing clearance. and pitch of the . To free from obscurity. 1. ClIsar'-sight'ed (-suVed). [Lat. exemption of clergy.rc. FIRM S6N. [0. Click. CLi'ENT.] To ascend by means .

n.— Load. As. Syx. Clout. Having power to clog Syx. n. Clown. Capped with clouds. A closing. 1. 3. attire. 2. Stagnant Not easily understood. to till. v. . 2. To shut up in a closet. CLOTH-ing] motion. Clock. clocca.] 1. taciturn.] One of the small bulbs in the axils of the scales of a large bulb. 2. from 2. -ING. i. v. To cover or invest. e^IST. 1. Buffoon in a play. with Baptists. water from clothes after thev have been washed. [Lat. n. . — . C.-S. 20). [-ED. .Clothe. t'LOD'PAT-ED. -ing. Parsimonious penurious. and is not open to the public. Clo'ven-hoofed foot or hoof divided into two parts. 3. n. v. & vb. dark. 3. To furnish with raiment. or relating to. i.] 1. 2. ^Clothes (klothz. n. — v. [See Clew. Ger. Clo'ven-foot'ed (27. monastic es- A tablishment. clipped off. To obstruct to Clown'ish-ly. clavus. or clay. circus. clou. Any thing serving to dark. in the side of a room. clucge.] 1. Cleave. To variegate with colors. between two hills. To bring to an end. nail. n.— v. turf. to hide. . n. Having deformed or crooked feet. a. t. . 3. a. with spots. Closure ) 2. or_violence. of clos.] 1. cloca. dim. or curtailing. [0. A A loose outer garment. . ConLacking clearness or brightness. do. . 1.. n. from its likeness to a nail. i. covered arcade. 4. n. . junction. In a close manner or state.G. Conclusion. . t. [Lat. THIS. . [L. To concrete. for the sick. 2. 2. Reticent A [Fr.n. impediment. [A. a street to a court. vesture.-S. to nail up. a. t. n.hard. 1. [-ed. to unite. A short. 2. claustr urn. kp. A stuff of some fibrous clown like a clown rude ill-bred cumber.] To glut. .] 1. A machine (-rmg'er). 3.\ after gardly. silent . a. \V. Clos'et. Clock'-work (-wQrk). as marble. One of the four clogged. Clod'-hop'PER.] t. n. PULL. Quality of being fined secret retired. 3. CLIQ ue clips. husbandespecially of a soft. One of the two CLOUD'-CAPT. — v. 3. [A. clothed n. . it. dud. v. n. Fr. to shut.t. &c. .t.t. abbey: priory. for a particular purpose. dud. I. a kleg^i. lower corners of a square-sail. One who sells cloth. lowering. adv. off. to. stupid fellow.] A plant incloses an inclosure. thing dust. compact. A Club'-LAW.-S. apparel. 1. n. or satisfy to satiate to surfeit. with something [manner material.h. built for fast sailing. esp. One who dresses of a common expense. URN. p./7cfa\ Darkly. to close. nig- stool. a. An inclosed place. CLUM'SI-NESS. convent. obscurely. that sticks fast. Full of clods. That which hinders or CLAD p. Monastery nunnery. a chamber vessel is [A. A dark spot. to cleave. (kleek). . A husa coagulation. State of being klimpa. .— — — — . lump of earth. Clod. from Cleave. 5. Close. to knock.-S. To put Cloy. of parts. Clod'dy'. I Having the (klo'zhvjr). 142. [From Lat. H. as in marble. human body. close apartment. . a. 3. • ™ cioc/ie.] 1. Stupid. [A. chorion. . fr. — . dull. raiment. a. 3. v. a [-ED . n. . A house occupied for pressing or fulls cloth. Of uncertain orfe'LOG'GY. 2. . Covering of a bed. a. n. munion — Covetous a. To pay an equal proportion Cloth'IER (kloth'yer). See valley Clough Marked 5. clothes : CloTj'ty. A small nail. TOO. a nunnery is for women. A cutting. O. Fr. clubs. n. A small private room. adv. 2. [A. . [adhesive. : . . 3. -ing. bring together the parts of. To collect into concretions to clot. a party. Cloud. or the members of it. [-ER -est. cloccdn. To combine for some common object. rass. n. wrestling. Ger.] 2. of different species. . 2. .sq/2. Clo adv. guide or direct. Dense Evenly . 4. Clog. 7. small. Cloister "is generic. To patch. a n. of dnudere. n. Club'-room. n. to strike. nail. 3. 2. Close'ly. Garments in general dress. rustic fellow a clown a dolt. . pr. 2. suits of cards. or load. -ING. Visible vapor suspended in the atmosphere. fr. [imp. clarfer. kloz). doner. . 8. i. Clod'pate. adv. garb. [0. To encladh. Pertaining confined to._ To guard with an iron plate. "Without a cloud shapeless mass. FrING. [Prob. CLIPPER n. clausus.«. v. to Obscured with clouds clouded. n. . being a" place of seclusion from the world. — v. A A owo pounds in every hundred weight. Clot. disguise or pretext. ii. a shearing. a convent is a community of recluses an abbey and a priory are named from their heads. 0. n. . Clois'tral. kl Imp fen. [Tcel. The ground the earth. Shut fast. CLOUGH narrow Close communion.] [-ed. Act of cutting 1. To be formed into clots. Lat. wooden sole hence. cleofan. split. .OAK (20). -ing. Ger. a. preserved in M.] 1. t. To €LUE. pi.] 1. Machinery and movements like those of a clock.pi. A Clotbes'-wring'er claudere. b. Cloth (21). a compact mass. 4. a. 2. a. 2. fr. as soft matter. clouet. n. n. Club'-foot'ED. CLOUD'l-LY. . Product of a single suearmg. i. [A. One who 1.. closed. 2. doer. cliifan. To To come together n.] 1. That which Clo'ver. . n. t.-S. stone. An association of persons 6LOIS'TER. dim. [-ted -ting. [-ED -ing. [0. 2. Clown'ish.] To confine in cloister. Apartment in which Cluck. colonus. n. A ball of overspread with clouds. II. Earthy mean gross. . Rusticity.] 1.} 1. [Eng.-S.] threatening asmake the noise of a brooding hen. A A — . ClIp'PER. civility awkwardness. The aromatic unexpanded flower-bud of the clove-tree. t. an abbot or prior. rock or hillock. Cloud'less. Of. p. A heavy shoe with a clad/ijan. A v. 2. n. weight. 2. I E. a. 2. &c. 2. glocca. 2. . n.] An instrument for measuring time. &c. In a clownish profession. To render thread. Clum'§i-ly. Clown'ish-nEss. A Narrow passage fr. Center of the butt at which archers shoot.] 1. n. n. Union end.] [A. 3. [Lat. a corporation which tills its own vacancies. n. formed by weaving. Awkwardly. To v. [See Clod. [-ed. v. n.&.] [Icel. €. Close '-stool. 108). 5.t. colloq. — [Amer.p.] [A. [-ed. . — . 1. igin. Clo'ven (klo'vn).] 1. State of being close. in which placed.] A concretion. to stop to shut. LA. or clufan. Having the clumsy. the root Cloud'i-ness.-S. — .-S. To hinder to embar. to terminate. [-er -est. 1. shut. of axle-tree. : . — . 1.] 1. 3. WOLF. OR. 2. 4. beat.7t. In a close manner. deformed foot. WEL. deducting tare and tret. Cloths. 3. CLUMSINESS 73 tail. hindrance. dull. An allowance of (klol). An ill-bred man. from . inchoke up. n. 2. 2.] Cloth'ing. Covering for the State of being' piece of wood. as clouds often resemble rocks or hillocks. comrestricted to those who have reClose ceived baptism by immersion. [-ged. an inctosure. A mass of smoke. a monastery is usually for men called monks. [-bed -bing. Fr. One who makes cloths. clufe. 0. dorian.] 1. garments upon. or pect. Mumpr. to press together. That which closes. corporation. from colere. or See Cloak. bandman rustic. -ging. solid appearance of gloom. 2. a cloister. balanced doubtful. Club'-HOUSE.] 2. Cl t 'b'-fo"ot (27). That which 2. [0. rock. v.Near. cltofan (kluf). clUt. Government [a by club meets. ToTbK. .] To unite for the accomplishment of a common end. [-ed. CLtJB. A rude. A stupid fellow. Syx. II. slimy character man. to mend. 4. Clump. Iron plate on an 4. 136. dress. [unclouded.] 1. or shrubs. To cloccan. e'ness. 2. termination end.— Garments.] A heavy 8tan? °r €log'gi-ness. . from A. 1.-S. RUE. [by a club.] 1.] Cloud'y.. €lip'ping. n. 1. 3. cloudy. v.] 1. 2. p. -ing. a wooden shoe. A boorish rustic.. Full of clots.] is narrow circle of persons . A grapple in €LOKE. — Close'-fist'ed. p. [From clcl/i. for utensils. To inclose to encompass. Clove. chlo/Cn chlopliun. A patch.-S. 1. . T<t take into a private room for consultation.] To cover with a cloak hence.] 1. A kind of vessel oppressive. Fr. A cluster of trees Close (klos. v. J[ as ng.

] 1. . n. To underfondling. A combustible miners. v. to cook because the houses were thought to be covered with cakes. fr. -est.] 1. Not refined or nice rude. [a coach.] A knot of ribbens worn on the hat. kokkos. An insect. Growing in cluscombination of parties. •SlCtch. A number Go'a-lesjcent. to force. A projecting piece of machinery.] To v. A spider's web or net. Coal'-MEAS'URE (-mezh'ur). J test cocks. -ING. from con and •Gob'ble. Go'ad-ju'trix. made. 2. Sw. adv. Coastino trade. tween A Coast'ER. n. Act of coalesto alescere. 2.-S. Gr. Cock'-chaf'er. cuople. of birds. t. n. Act of curdling. coeg. to wash out.] •Glys'TER. A 2. By way or of. Eng. To take in coal. 3. FIRM . W. cing union. Top or head hence. A small v. £. t. Pait of the lock of a fire-arm.] To fondle to indulge to pamper. claw.E. [From It. A lump or eo-AG'U-LA-TIVE. Growing to2. [Lat. 4. Clyp'e-ATE. i. coactio. ALL.os. CoB'WEB. €oach'-box. a ) shell-fish . 1. n. — TERM . Lat. Ger. n. coccel. heap. . /co/3aA. cotta. mattress. Male down a hill on a sled. berry. CoB. 2. col or coll. One empowered to form aids per- th_e. snail-shell spiral turbinated. X.] An imaginary country of .] 1. [Amer. Gob'ble W20).uo-fcAvfJei]/. —a €6ch'I-neae. n. — . as shoes. : with a . a. n. cocci. found embedded in the color. v. [-ED fragment. .] 5. Margin of the land next — side. cottus. -eocK'-FiGHT •eocK'-FiGHT/JNG -Gock'-HORSE. 5. i.ferrt. n.t'OAT'ING. [is dug. kobolt. [Malayan kakatita. n.] J. . fr. flattering. 4. lemon. n. To contract into wrinkles. 1. -ing. To grow together. To turn up the brim of. Pertaining to cobalt. 3.t.] Producing berries. as distinguished from foreign trade.] l.] is is term applied to London and its Coal'-scut'tle. 7i. in a body or mass. The spike on which Co-ag'u-lum. Quality or state of coat. A temporary used in the herring fishery. to crow like a cock. v. 1. To close tightly rocks To catch. Eng. 1. Goeil'LE-A'TED. v. A utensil for suburbs. 0.] Go-ag'u-la'TION. €6ck'a-trk. power. 2. ters. Capable of be- [-ED t. W. COAL'Y. to €oal'-pit. COAST. to — clinch.] A confused collection confusion dis: . n.] A bird of the parrot kind. v. Mutually assisting or operating. n. A place where coal €6b'ble-stone A rounded 2. -ing. imp. or composed of large parts. [-ed -ING. A pit where coal place where charcoal n. as the hair of a beast. E. a. i. ASK.] To persuade by a insinuating gentle. — idleness. v. & (/. snatch. [-er. — COCK-ADE'. from coo. An outer (20). as a badge. 2. . pi. sail : I. One who another.] GO'A-LESOE' (-leV). . €oat [L. to boast hence. 1. akin to lin. -ING. G'OAL'ER-Y. 2. [holding coal. in order to fire. 5. Union €6b'le. v. U. a. €o€-agne' (kok-anO.] A coaguthe grains of maize grow. [-ed -ING. coal. [A. 6. t. i. [Amer. [Lat.] [Prov. crowd together in disorder. coc. [gether uniting. [Lat. n A custom-house certifi- cate. Ger. &c. V. . the coast. (kok'l). league. A spider. [Cf. 3.] [-ED -ING. that which 2. Ill-made •ClOng. [A. -ING. dainties. [-EB -ING. grow up. n. muscle-shell. roccum. tongs. n. n. cokes. 142.«. produced from a cock*s egg brooded by a serpent. badly constructed. [-ED: conical pile of hay. Any Syn. The hands hence. sion. To place jauntily 4. .] A kind of bivalve shell-fish with a corrugated shell. foolish.] [From clump. rapacity. A gripe grasp. pile. [-ER.] 1. n. ¥. cop or copp. 2. as of stone. 1. [From cob. to couple. €6ck'LE n. €'oarse'ly. €'6ck/et.] To charges coal from ships. cola. Having the form of a v.] Shaped shield. (20). Without fineness or refinement. chlvppa. conspiracy. €0-AG'U-LATE. compulsion. go coagulation to curdle. as curd. a curd-like state.duties of another. That which A short-legged and stout variety of causes coagulation. a.-S. a. a.] mend coarsely.n. That on which ensigns armorial are portrayed. [being coarse. A weed that grows corn. A clumsy workman. and ice finely 2.] 1. 1. clypevs. cluder. [Amer. crest of €6ck'A-too'. SON. A beverage same kind together. by or near a coast. One who disof wine. which cocks ) crow . cock. 0. to quarrel. a.] [Akin snare. Gr. To To make or do bunglingly. from its resemblance to the a cock. Goat-ee'. 4. n. fool. n. child's roeking[A. Co-ag'u-la'tor. n. [-ED -ING. [A. n. See Coble. tunic. a berry. [-ed. coccum €oach €!o-A€'TION. A n.] [Lat. An assistant or asso. Cock'er. The darnel. 1. early morning. vane a weathercock .] [Lat. Coam'ings. . KA. -ing. n. . )i. knave because a Lat. H. €6gh'le-a-RY. kluppe. A mender of shoes. A crowd. kokkos. courtesy. from koxAos. [horse. [A. To set erect. 1. calere. n. trade carried on bedifferent ports of the same conntry. tOAL'-HEAV'ER. €6ch'LE-ATE. Kv^-q. To supply with coal. €oax (20). to drive together. €5ach'man (150). 2.-S. Cloth for coats. &c. —v. Cock'-BOAT. FAR. Raised borders or €o€-CiF'ER-OOS. in bulk. One who drives dug. coquere. brittle and difficult of fusion. fr. tJ. . n.] to the sea To . Full of clusters. The time at Cock'-crow'ing. or Acting in con- Go/AD-JU'TANT. . An external covering. power to coagulate. i. order. costa. round. To €o-EALT'l€. To seize.-S. 2. conchula. ship. n. [Gr. €6b'ble. €o-AD'JU-TANT. n. . [-ed -ING. with the hand.] Force. 1. [ing coagulated. Gr. n. [-ed. or fill with confu- — . Lat. . and \aX. sweet-meats. vessel.a. or cocc] 1. 3. burn to coal. €oast'wise.] A metal of a reddish-gray substance. v. [Gr muscle or cockle. broken up. [Lat. Any substance used as a cover. gob^Coal. kluttra. ciate. 2. Large a. v. The basilisk. short.] 1. confederacy.-S. grow in clusters to gather or unite €6'a-li'tion (-Hsh'un). coagulare. vessel that sails along a coast. Go'A-LES'^El^E. rib. [Lat. or . [Eng. 3.] 1. to bear. to be wanton. as hay. — Alliance: confederation. WHAT . join. €lut'ter.] cucca. Having the is large. [Fr. 3. pi. Serving to com- pel or constrain. currence. 2. [A.] A large. . r. to Ger. 0. Pertaining to. A spout to let out liquids. I. of concha. . like a round shield. A conof game- ) (-lit). luxury. or code. )n. a. 3. PIQUE. along. ClOs'ter-y. for connecting shafts.-S. €6arse'NESS. €ock'-€KO\v. 1. of Lat. [-EB. CARE. O. A small boat of a n. A liquid substance injected into the lower intestines with a syringe. or gi-ipe Strata of coal with the attendant ClOs'ter. . 2. . €o-a€T'ive. piece of any thing.vcrTrjpandKA. edges of the hatches. t. four-wheeled carriage.] sea-shore. close. i. n. Coarse. n. n. dim. a. v. Trjpioi/. Seat on which the driver of a coach sits. 1. n.] of things of the . or states. 2. covering another. To make a bustle.] To cause to change into — . n. 'io draw back the cock. VEIL. To set up or pertly on the head in small conical piles. from cogerf. ) j.] [Lat. n. p. sugar. 2. among icoyxv\iov. n.— : CLUMSY COCKLE €LtJM'§Y.] lated mass. n. clipeus. perron or trading n. CcVad-ju'tor. n. and ire b. To slide €6CK. and spiral shell. . empty. Gock'er-el. i. [Gr. t. earth. A 2. eo-AG'U-LA-BLE. a. pi. of Cling. 2. n. i. II. 2. coactere. €o-A'GENT. — ( . 2. found on the cactus. [M. A layer of any substance garment worn by men. horse. Withoutgrace unhandy. n. copulare. kox^w. -est. long. €6b'bler.] A d^e-sturff consisting of dried insects. V. €g'balt.] [Cf. K. or like coal.] A boat in a mass. 3. [Dim. (. 2.t. Y. a ERE. coalescere. Wood poisonous metal and troublesome to charred charcoal. [Lat. a fabulous serpent. n.] To cover with a — : A coat with short flaps. a. delight Gr. To unite in society. cocarde. 1. n. adv. A young cock. [Erom cob. to be hot. A female assistant.

2.) A wooden frame inclosing the stone on which forms are imposed. made the subject of thought. re. bag.laws. a. age beginning to exist at the same .or kou'i-). the power of thinking. a rustic a clown a miser. 63). €. To compel. 2. [-ed. Lat. A kind of cooking ) God'ling. cogens. force not easily resisted. Kindred in origin. Equality in rank. to coerce the performance of a contract. O. re. also gained a positive sense. or power. as laws. Qualities. Of the same rank. a. coquere.v. from con and sstas. sevum. 2. [Lat.or kon'-). too. fr. t. — €o'gen-cy. •€6ck'pit. to bake. powerful. n. with something else. A case in which its water. as. n. . [Lat. Existence at €og-na'tion. a. Pertaining to time.COCKLE-STAIRS €ock'le-stairs or spiral (4). -ING. To par[sion. wine. and facere.] 1. a. codex. or dialect of a cockney. re. writing. n. to shut up. small bag. soft. The person who steers or pulls the after oar in a boat. I. or a corruption tager. a. •Co'DEX. Act of knowing. cocks ». k6^)ivo5. re. €6d'ger. apple. Case constructed by any insect to contain its larva. judicial investigation. .to g-no'vit. Ono who acknowledges the right of tho plaintiff in a fine the defendant. ent. [-ED. t. kafala. €6d'I-CIL. re.] 1. to show how often they are to be taken. Given to €<y-E-T£R'?fAL (14). berries of a growing in the re. [-ED -ING. . €o-£r'cion . (14. The caruncle or comb of a cock. -ING. 3. Acting in union to the same end. Act of reducing . same nature. A badge worn by a retainer or depend- which the Turks pronounce qahveh. laws to a code or svstem. quere.] Pertaining to the belly. basket. Act of thinking thought: meditation.] A fish same time with another.] A gang of slaves going to . €o'-EX-TEND'. 1.] To formation.] letters or quantities. cogitare. con and emere. eocK'swAlN (colloq. Capable of being. re. thrust in. [Cf. he acknowl- A — — 6r. . -ED. -ING. equal to another.] covetous or mean A of cotperson . 3. [grinding coffee. book. 2. Cocagne. [-ED. to think.] 1. €o / -e-qual'i-ty. codd. boil. 2. the same time with another.strain by force to constrain to repress. re. from /coiAi'a. 2. 2. V. a short piece of wood. Avery troublesome houses and ships. a. n. (Print.] A manuscript a code. cocon. One who is dignity. 4. fio-COON'. a. [Lat. Capable of beof timber used in laying the founda. re. [the same [Lat. Capable of being a. n. (kSg'ni-zant or kSn'T- Having knowledge. re. [-EB -ING.or kon'-). Gr. codex. tensive. €6'-ef-fi'cien-cy. €<y-ES-SEN'TlAL.] Co'-ex-ist'. lies chrysalis state. Pg. [-ED. Co'-EX-TEN'SION. Participation of the scrotum.] To reduce to a code. €6f'fin. by any means. €6g'ni-zee' (kog'. [Lat. [See Coffer. belly. 1. [-ged. t. [Lat. scrip. n. n.. Knowledge or notice. codicillus. restraint. age. Top-loft. to buy.] Made by baking. 3. that of driving forward or compelling. n as ng . or deserving to be. The tree coffee. n. -ING. . [A. A house of entertainment. The case in which a dead human body is . 1. coffee is boiled. pr. [Ger. of cogere. con and arcere. . Equal eternity thought contemplative. coct His. €og-nom'i-nal. [Cf. v. wqef. p. -ING. Capable of being known. [ing known. 2. To extend through the same space ject known. a. Fitted to be a subject of of a tree. ?j.-S. €OJ}'l-pE^. 1. pulsory. 1. [Ar. a. [ciency. An area where game- A room in a ship under the lower gun-deck. One of a number of things allied in origin. re. Hollow part of a horse's hoof. muscle-shell. re. to"ok. A fop. 1. stock €<y-EX-TEN'siVE. pi. cozliacus. E.. 2. 2. n. Joint efh€o<-ef-fPcient' (-fish'ent. 3. 2. Equally exl-za-bl).] [Lat. inhabiting the northern seas. W.a. GO'DI-FY.] Of the same age. caravan. C<E'LI-Ae. To to deceive. Act of fr. [Corrupted fr. -ging. 7i. work across a dry moat. system. Relation by containing seeds. or caudex. 2. Act of "boiling. th:-- . exist. weighty. PULL . [Lat. [-ed. to force. coemptio.-S codd.] To place in a coffer. to cook. re. when forming cocoons. [At. A number [Lat. v. n.] €og-nPtion (-nish/un).] [Lat. €6&'M-ZOR' (kSg/. descent from the same original 2. Any envelope exist at the same time. i. silent . re. re. €6f'fer. Cocoa-tree. •Cock'roach. [Lat. . 1 €<V-ex-ist'e:nce. kok'sn). fr. re. cog. An ob€6d'dle. — . coxtantus. [nal. j koi/Wko?. matter before elimination. re.] [Prob.x. re. Equal exten. Allied by Alteration experienced by morbific life-time. p. surname. insect. t>OD. to agitate. 2. v. One of the same age. A hollow the ancient Romans. n. 1. €o-£rce' (14).] A resident of London. a. (-kom). €o-e'QUAL. a. to be born. pi. Co'&ENT. code. — €o-£r'ci-ble. a. A place for silk1. That which unites in action €of'fer-Dam. Asia and America. -€og-xo'men. inclosed. €6f'fle (kof'fl). [Either from A. 142. One to whom a fine of land is acknowledged. anciently €o€'tion.€6G'i-tate. v. blood or birth. re. A drink made from the roasted berry of the coffee-tree. . rue. of cod^x. COGNOVIT 75 Winding [room.] A collection.] A projection on a wheel. [Lat. re. concha. do. 63). Pertaining to a v. [Lat. €6&.] Of the same -Gog'I-TA'TION. 1. v. re. by deception. The a pod. re. [Lat. &c.t'o'-E-TfiR'Ni-TY.] To ^.] To. €o-E»IP'T!ON (82). G. 2. worms. coerced. coxvus. A water-tight box €og-nos'CI-ble.— Forcible. figlit. See Code. — . Compelling: com. cognatus. p. . Coerce had at first only the negative sense of cheeking or restraining by force. to make. . €6ck'ney-ism.] Having great. g. re. eoG'NI-ZANCE qahuah. •£o'di-fi-€A'tion. dignity. a. To treat with tenderness. Acknowledgment or confession. As. Lat. of nasci. i. ) a. €6ck'-loft(21).] purchasing the whole quantity. pi. or qahoeh. gock/neys. fr. contemplation.] 1.] with another. €6f'fee-house.] _ A supplement to a will. con with another. Syx. ducing the cocoanut. Judicial knowledge or jurisdiction. age. •G6e'TILE. re. digest of. re. to coerce subjects within the bounds of law it has — palm-tree pro- cacao. A small mill for •GofTee-pot. or power. 1. upper _-tairs. re. c. to cheat to wheedle. fr. warm climates of Coffee. i. a. re. ing a. Power of constrain- urgency force. /To furv. re. — . coercere. re. A covered pot in which (kog'ni. urn. coco. by which it receives or imparts motion. dim.-i. eoD'Li. t. €6g'ni-ZANT zant). a. Existing at the Cod. gnasci.] Asurname. 1. €o-eooiv'ER-Y. engage in continuous thought to reflect. Coax. kindred. 2. To deceive nish with cogs. I Oof'fee. 2. and gnatus. Partaking of -ecVE-TA'NE-ous. or to the intestinal canal. [Gr. t.] 1. . hence. a.] To inclose in a coffin. from con and agitare. re. fr. eoG'i-TA/TivE. To wheedle 2. family name of an individual among chest for money. from co. €6ck'ney. Syn.] 1.] cess of compelling €o-Er'CIVE.Gog'NI-ZA-BLE (kog-m-za-bl or kon'€ode.] and — market. or . €6f'FEE-m'jll. manners. re. as.\g. re. essence. in — now A bever- the silk-worm <^E'LI-A€. . ». Act or pro. tablet of wood. inl'e-ting €6cks'€OMB Go'coa [Sp.•GoG'I-TA-BLE. [Fr. hard. Co-e'val. t. Gog'nate. CC-EX-i'sT'ENT. cog of a wheel. Equally eter[Lat. 7i. A (ko'ko). and abutments in deep tion of piers put before . gadde.] [Cf. age made from the crushed kernels of the chocolate tree.

2. stick. H. n. Cold'ly.] 1. i. Ger. t. to come together. Act or result of to aim. in the colon and parts adjacent. 1. i.] Having wings covered with sessed state of the mind. Antiq. . from con and habitare. So-heir/ (ko-aV. I. Syn. n. To stick together. Subordinately connected €o-in'ci-dence. €ol-le'GI-ATE. ceald. Gr. — — . Self-possessed order. relation 2. n.] To fall together sud. to bear. . chill.] 1. (-ish'un). caldr. duties. n. o. to gather. Co-hab'IT-a'TION. «. CO-HERE'. a. ) collector of cap. Having the power of sticking. .r:'ENT-LY. Act of €ol-lJq/ue -FACTION.] An Act of sticking together.] 1. 1. coitio. A joint. from con and liqufre. one chosen at the same time with anothOne united with another in some office a partner or associate. from various authors. a. fr.] [Lat. A digger of coal. to A6?. as the sides of a hollow ves. Office of a denly. from con and legere. colum. To infer.] €o-he'slve-ness. [Lat. wheel with cogs [-ED. 1. a college. to agree in position. con and lateralis. A ring or cincture.] associate in labor a coworker an assistant. 1. reserved .'ciences. 2. conof metal stamped. collected. Expressing an aggregate of individuals. col- conferring or bestowing. caulis. } cleaving together.. group crowd meeting . . n. . /coAeoVcomposed. [-ED lege.€ol-lE€T'ed-ness. con and tin2.] 1. A sudden failing of the •CoL'LEGE (47). [From coal. n. Collected. n. n.] .I-MA'TION. con &ndlaborare . far. €ol-le'Gi-al. con and inciinstitute in a benefice. to conclude. band of warriors. 2.7ENT. n. n. [Lat. n.] 1. €OL-LE€T'ivE-EY. collapsum. customs or taxes.€6l'lar. en-CY. fr.] 1. COLLISION 76 edges] An acknowledgment by a defendant of the justice of a plaint- €o-HAB'lT. [Lat. [-ED -ING. . making it legally the breast-bone and Col/let. €6l/L. adv. for collimare. 1. The clavicle. v. a. . One who collects 2. e. A n. Sticking together. n. a. n. [See Coif. con and legere. ing together as man and wife. 2. heap . A memcorner or external angle. n. n. miter.i-ma / tor. n. v. a. vital powers.] 1. v. 2. €ol-lapse'. [0. 3. tOKE. 5ia0e<rt?. Icel. compilation . n. . coal trade.] A plant of the cabbage €6l/lec-ta'ne-oOs. a. 2. together.-ING. Bog'-wheel. €ol-lis/ion. 2. cald.) A body of about €6l/ick-Y. [See Collide. (Rom. sheath. — n. collegium. long. n. fr. but not one from the other. to collect. [-ED -ING. To make or fabricate. n. 3. son. cohort.€6ll'ier (kobyer). t. KtoXiK-q (sc. Consistent. n. [crbody. A cabbage €ol-LE€'tion. In a coherent state. from Icel. repos. n.-B. <36l'LE€T. from its being seated €o-he'kion.] A head[Lat. Pertaining to. to labor. 2. a.] 2. [-ER.] I. [Lat. 2. liquefacere. -ING. 3. a. A joint- . kala.] [Lat.] 1. . to fall. Act of collect4 ) . An unceremonious [collation. Cole. v. fr. Descending from the same ancesAct of leveling n.] Something worn round the neck. An ing. to strike. con and ferre. collatum. €o-i'TION fr.] [Lat. An estabtion or society of men. . 2. One who makes coin. [-ED -ING.he 'si ve. 1._)i. TfiRM pique firm . eral manner or relation. One who collates. [Lat.] 1. . er. collum. [-ED -ING]. selection. — Bleak.— COG-WHEEL iffs claim. €6i/l. Act of bringing together and comparing. C6l'i-se'um. a. 2. To fall together €ol-lat'er-al. 1. what . kuppa. — [heiress. n. Presentation of a clergyman to a benefice by a bishop. €ol-LE€T'i VE Pertaining to colic. 1. Col'IO. To infer as .€OL-LE€T'OR-ATE. A contribution. — . [-ed. as the beetles.] [L. A state of falling 2. Passing or held by 6. n. to melt. An officer to collect or gathers. is 3. COIN. [From Lat. to fall on. or toll. 1. To seize by the collar. [Lat. short . to gather. indirect. In a mass €OL-LE€T'OR. cabbage-stalk. [manner. cohabilare. [Lat. A falling together sudioOIF'fure. ered for binding. €ole'-wort (-wflrt). €ol-LE'GI-an. from con and labi. . A collecfr. or of directing the sight to a fixed dence agreeing corresponding. — . frigid. . cut young. v. [Gv. fr. sel.] Lat. n. n. To correalis. n. — . n. a. to bring a consequence. Sen- . That which COL-LAB'O-RA'TOR. 2. con conferre. a. n. . Deducing consequences. sensibility . to be liquid. €ol-le€T'ed. 3.] current as money. to To live together as husband dwell. hard-hearted. stoneis set. n. €ol-LE€T'i-ble.i-DENT.€old'ness. to blow cold. . That part of a ring in which the -ING. n. collaborare. Capable of beence.] [Lat. A self-pos€o-HEV. n.-ing.] Passages selected coh&Kn. a strainer.r. and facere.] coinciding agreement concurrence. n. i. v. colligere. Lat. necting the n. ?'. €oL-LIDE'. neck. Act of coining. €oin'age. cabbage. 3. . €o-H/. [See Cohere.] A melting of different bodies into one mass. t. \ n. pi. 1. 2. repast or lunch.] Wanting warmth. State of livn. See COURT. <3o-lN'<. Absence of warmth. [Lat. e . [See QUOIN. collectum. y. 3. [Lat. Go. Relating to a colTo wind in rings. . [Gr. n. Formed by gathering. €ol-la'tion. stalk of a plant. as a rope. wedge. €OL-LIN'GUAL (-llljg'gwal. A vessel employed in the dere. adv. into which a rope or -ing. a. heir. Ring. [<-ive prayer. colkga.] ERE. lateral. £. all. A vessel with little holes in the C6l'AN-der. [ing collected. fr. n. . Quality of being cold. kuppha. winged. collimare. [Lat. 1. Coin'er. 2. illness). 2. A €6l'lar-b6ne. €ol-lXt'er-al-ly. taxes. and wife. With- (-bind'-). 2. )n. See Colosseum. kovthings collected. X. or rings. collater[coal is dug. €6l'LE€-ta'NE-a. vention fabrication. cAre. A sticking or to'LE-OP'TER-otis. To present and 1. coy. i. Place where spond to be identical. n. eoi>-LAP'siON.] To stamp and convert €OL-LATE'. n. Formation indash against each other. 1. lice. Any . y.] To strike or ically. n. tare. [ing cohesive. Security Having coinciA collateral 1. for straining liquors. ere. .] Mineral coal charred. To see that the signatures Money coined. run consecutively. v. A piece ber of a college. In a collatdetermine errors of collimation. [-ed: shoulder-blade. VEIL. [-ED. 82). in addition to a principal promise or object.] v. 1. [Akin to cook and cake.». fr. a. five or six hundred soldiers. ent spiritless . a resembling. [Lat. collidere. -Col/league. A disorder produced by cold a catarrh. €6ld'-bl6od'ed out €ol-la'tor. t. collum.] A covering for the head a collabi. bone shaped like the markc-—-}. latum. sation of chilliness or chillness. cool €o-h:Er'ENCE. 1. V. of connection or dependence. v. Lat. €ol-la'TiVE. 13). To accumulate2. ) bottom A. To compare critand Isedere. . linea. €6'h6rt. into money. neck. 2. A telescope to 2. to make.] [A. adhere. 1.] Sexual intercourse. <3oiF. or To put a collar on. i. [ cuneus. A member of a other like thing is wound. colligere. indiffer- [or teeth. . 2. In a cold manner. bond. O* Pertaining to the same language. n. colis. Su table connection or dependa case or sheath. coal. lishment for students who are acquir»oOlL. ing the languages and . n. slide. ask. . a. coire. ( 5 €o-HJJJ. [L. €o'LE-6p'TER-AL. 1. a. -est. denly. adv.€ol-LE€T'or-shIp. coincidere. adv. €oll'IER-y (kobyer-). t. tor. An inventor. . comprehen Go-heif/ess (ko-aVes). To gather together. from con and hserere. €OL-LE€T'. [college. 2. A state acute pain in the abdomen or bowels. U. phys ical or moral. A dealer in Co'in-cide'. €old. To follow regularly in the natural family. [Lat. — An assembly Syn. collig.] An external angle a corner-stone. •SOIGNE (koin). as of sheets gath. A wedge. Quality of be[Lat. n. Lat. or shrinking up. t. assemblage mass . A short.

Disposed to combat. Gol-LO'DI-ON. from con to place. porter. audacious. [Lat. Any hue or tint as dispendicular set of lines. [Lat. fr. collusion . of the horse kind. n. foam. combmare. n. or conquer. Top. what €OL-LU'sivE-l. n. ) n. color. €0-LURE§'. Having Hairy.a. col. Act or practice €JO'MATE.] A n. ble appearance. €ol-LU'sive. ment of no great magnitude. €ol-LU'§ION. columba. [Gr. False show. deceitful. coalition. A pervision. and Pi/LL. confederacy. cylindrical body. €6i/or (ktil'ur). A struggle to resist porteurs. friend €6i/o-ni-za'tion-?st. swelling. fr. A company transplanted to a remote country. jb. 2. prob. Connivance. [Fr. collocare. colloquium. and facere. — Pertaining to a col- a. cul2. a.] The cells in €6l/OR-lF're (kill'-). 1. from Like a colt. A colloquial n. 3. Conference dialogue. locate. [Lat. [Lat. and remaining subject to the parent state. v. [Prob. ]_ To set or place Coi/LO-CA'TION. eol/OS-SE'UM. — nizing. column. any thing. €6l'or-less.-S.COLLOCATE striking together. ) .] 1. n. Sp. wool. To remove plant a colony in and settle in a distant country. a. A cylindrical suption of turpentine. €olonee €6i/o-nize. €6l/LOP. &c. n. 2. Any upright. 1. . columna. Designed to cover intersecting at right angles in the poles of the equator. By mutual conversation. . adv. &c. [A.t). to urge. r. — .t. Act 1. €6i/or-a-ble. dove from the beak-like spurs of its flowers. n. [Lat. [Lat. fr. brinus. cam\ mulattoes. n. as with an opposing force. hair. [From Columbia^ or the United States. One who excels in 3. 4. — v. 2. fr.i. €6i/o-pho/ny. plausibly. 661/on-nade'. .] Young combs. t. fr.] : I €6l'0-nIst 1 n. •Colonel-shIp { rank. -ING. Relating . lethargy. which bees store their honey.] 1. [Fr. neck. €o-Li)M/BI-AD. or conceal specious plausible.] A [of coloring. as of two hard bodies. gages in combat. Lat. . dove. The quality n.RUE. 2. to carry. colonia.] One of two great circles blush. . or 6tate of being colonized. An instrument for sepa cating or producing color. — Cabal. adv. or standard. n a« NG this. 20). t. encounter. To fight with religious books. comatus. n. loo. containing the place or year of its dove-like. [Gr. serpent.] difr. farmer. a pigeon-house. tinguished from white. n. Having a specious or plausi.-S.] A mixed mass of refuse matter filth. -ING. concert. pi. €OM-BINE'./.] A genu* of plants.. column. [-EDJ-ING. ensign. Mutual colloqui. Paint pigments. . Ke'AAeiv. Kokoao-os •] A gigantic statue.] The dark-col. a. a. A €o-l. A speaker in a CojL'lo-QUY. . n. columbarium. port for a roof. [Gr. n. A series of colcolumna. placed with something else. color. . One who en€6l/staff (6). con and ludere. Distribution of to contend v. beat. €OMB (kom). €ol-lu'so-ry. columna.] 1.] adhesive solution of gun- cotton in ether. €6l'OR-A-BLY. By collusion. [alogue. silent. A Sy^. [Lat. A 1. i. €ol-lo'qui-al-I§m.] umns placed at regular intervals. 2. colonel.] Colter bining. — . A military engage€6l'p6rt-eur. fOL'LO-CATE. [From coal. soft. Co-lCm'nar. [Gr.] A species of heavy cannon. A flag. Speciously Cd'MA. 4. a. n. com. EXIST. rating and adjusting hair. cuff. a. 9. [-ed. collum. posed to contend. a. colo- nus. Crest on a cock's head. J mous size adjust.] An inscription on the last page of old books. kambr. morbid propensity to sleep lethargy. To change the €o-eure'. Formed in columns having the form of columns. Syn. To struggle or contend. n. n. pi. n. n. [Lat. a. n.] 1. An inhabitant of a €5ui/TER ) eoi/o-Nl-ZA'TlON.] 1. €6l/LY.tailed hue or tint of to dye. The country €6l/o-PHON. Destitute of color. €o-L. 142. &c €6i/or-1st. strike. -€oL-LU'ri-E£. dim. or commission of a colonel. columbinus. One who €6mb'er collen. colonized. marking a pause greater than . t.5. clashing. or €o-loph'o-ny. — . [-ED. €6l/PdRT-ER. . staff-] A staff for carrying burdens by two persons on €!6M'BAT-lVE. [Lat. n. perfumed liquid used in the toilet originally made in Cologne. akin to (kom'er). to colonization. -ING.] To disentangle. Largest point of the large intestines. [A. 2. til may be attached. n. [It. [Lat. Act of colocultivate. a. black people negroes. £6lt (20). and Of enorwith a white €6l/os-se'an (124). sing. to Sharp fore iron of a plow. €0-L6s'sus-Eg.. &c. tracts. €6e'UM-BINE. to excuse. t. Relating to coma . Contending disreligious tracts and books.6s'SAL. colucoluber. n. pretense. 3. finishing stroke.] so named KoAoupos. 2. coronel. placing. of being collusive.] One who peddles €6m/bat-ant. a pillar. €6mb camb. n. n. n. a. he unites with others for fraudulent pur- — — .. v. top. Lat. n. to converse. eo-Lds'si. serpents to crafty. <36l/OR-A'TION. colludere. fr. 1. V. Syn. a combat with one on either side a duel. [Lat.] [L. v. &c. KoAAa. To break [Vespasian in Rome. v. i. n. A. property of light. dis- course of two or more. *coAa4>os. t. Disposition their shoulders. or n. giving color to his designs. poses. buffet. small slice of meat. fr. in consequence of A body of troops in files with a narwhich differences in the appearance row front.-S. €6l'U-brine. 5.A«rrf/ Ag. from con and luere. [frisky. €. [-ED or crest. horizon. The connivance men of public at is wrong is often the result of the base&tcollusion. Colored people. Gr. coma. €OL-L(JnE'. combattre. €ol-lu'sIve-ness. n. €olonel-cy ) (kur'nel-). a. state of opposition. & pi. fr. — Conflict. exored resin obtained by the distillatend upward. of a wave. . curling wave.. gigantic. [Gr.] A dove-cot . [Lat.€6i/umn (kol'um). A strongly n. n. €6l/U-MEli'LA.] An axis to which a carpel of a compound pis" publication. €6m'bat-Ive-ness. n. [Gr. A 2. i. form of expression. cleanse. — : .Y.] To conspire in a fraud to act in — . •eoi/o-NY. ceiling. €6i/p6rt-age. [-ED.] [Fr. -ing. of colwnen. n. columna. To wqef. and Eng.6gne' eo-LO'NI-AL. summit.] Communi(kom. A long. €o'lon.-ing. colporteur. [-ed. n. n. n. . [From Colophon. as if with coal smut. ) drowsy lethargic. COMBINE 77 A ter. A v. »coAo<f>wv.] Eng. Icel to make.] Chief commander of a regiment of troops. 5. Gr. Syn. — . 2. a. .. to play.) A body of of objects are apprehended by the ships arranged in a line. Amphitheater of €6m'bat. €6m / bi-NA'tion. 1. kwAov. €om-BIN Capable of com€ol'TER (20). [Lat. 2. Characterized by collusive. and Single combat. pi. Orn. to station. a valley or hollow. A secret agreement and co-operation for a fraudulent purpose. cellere. n. To palliate because a part is always beneath the To turn red to v.] or. [Lat. . cunning. [-ED -ING. €OLT'ISHi a. [•ED -ing. Office. €6l'UM-BA-RY.i. €ol-lo'qui-AL. Co'MA-TOUS. — . from com and battre.?!. t. [colony. (kur'nel). do. nCipa. columba. neck. 1. of State of being placed. colonna. to contend. [Lat.] To render black. (ko-lonO.'ORED (kfll'urd). ony. n. Close union or connection. a. to wash. Fraudulently concerted. ( colagainst. colere. Alliance. G. dock. 2. Pertaining to piece of common conversation. — ) . from Lat. for con. [:]. 2. fr.arfy. n. J fr. pi. column.^O'MA-TOSE'. — A a semicolon. a.] <56l. / a-BEE. glue. one overlooks and thus sanctions what he was bound to prevent in collusion. TO&k.o.] and . to €o-l6s'sus. n. n.] [Lat. v. .] The black grime of coal or burnt wood. Lat. €ol-lo'QUI-AL-ly. In connivance. <36l/LO-QUlST.

adv. grees are conferred by colleges. n. for con. 1. or who v. An actor in comedy. €om-m£rce' personal intercourse (14). adv. or of any division of it.TT}9. [Lat. A. ) . commentari. V. some graceful well-proportioned. a. or criticism v.€6m'men-ta/tor. commiserari commiseratus fr. . A knit quilt. approbation. -ING. €6m'men-ta-ry. \a. body of troops under a partic- ure. To enter upon to originate. [Lat. a. -ING. . n. manner. .-S. . from com. or a treatise on comets. To begin. n.] praise. 2. .o>5ia. [-ED. v. comitas. €oi'MA. Reducible to the same measure com. Kon/xa. . €om-mjn'gle. fr. To have within a [From come. n. qviman. comforts of old age. book of comments.] To celebrate with Syn. i. An order given by authority charge precept. 1. . to explain. genus of plants used in medicine. has come.— To bid. — €6m MAN-dant'.] of the solar system. Com'ER. mercis. to commit €6me'li-ness (kKm'li-). i. . for con. relief received comfort of love. €6m'FC-rt-a-ble. . bini. being commendable. a. a.] A character [. [Gr. miserable. Relating to comedy. €om-mem'o-ra-to-ry. €OM-MEM'0-RATE. Exciting mirth laugh. . .[-ED. . KOfxr).] [Lat.] 1. [Lat.(. That which is fire and burn. €OM-MEND'. a. A substance that will take €om-mend'a-bly. Irasciable.] Denunciation of punishment or vengeance. €6m'et-a-ry. Worthy of €6m'ic. mander. applause.long. or criticisms. 3. com. fort . / pre- to cere. E. pi. a. Com-bOs'ti-ble-ness. strong. [-ER.€OM-MAND' (6). . enjoying comfort. 1. i. [Gr. Ability to overlook control or watch 4.— Consolation supposes some definite and pretty honor and solemnity. Pertaining to.t'. severe affliction. — n. n.] Courtesy of intercourse.] HandSyn. the 1. 2. Affording or a. €om-MEN'su-rate (-men'shij-). CoM'Ml-NfJ'TlON. €om-men'su-ra-ble-nens cviman. com. Capacity of having a common 2. n. quilted coverlet.] of being comely gracefulness. [-ED -ING. adv. n. measure. €oM'MENT-ER. In a com€6m'mi-na'tjon. H*os. . €OM-MENCE'MENT. Quality €6m'men-dA'tion. to or evident to appear. A 3. . compliments. [Lat. com. t. /ca>(u.l'. from ku>clause Koirretv. 7i. a. . The Holy tippet. com fr. 2. cAre. to come together. commendare. . or whatever contributes to it. [Gr.] [Lat. A collection. State of taking fire inflammable. comminutum. s6N. In a to give comfort. a. conferva. pome state or condition to occur to happen. com and merx. 0. to command. n. wadded 6. from . or Co-MET're. overlook challenge. [-ed. [Lat. as. and mensvrare.(. to commend. To form a union. cuman. Pertain(14. sing. X. con and To relieve or cheer fortis. solace. as. ludicrous. / [Fr. n. v.] €6m'fort-a-ble-ness. explanatory or illustrative remark. . . to meditate upon. ludicrously. TERM pique. Y. to approach. ) a. to command. 2. . comburere. be commemorated.] 3. segment. n. -ING. Fitted to impress Syn. [Gr. ) n. —Authoritative imperative. order. from com. €om-bus'tion ing fire €6me A takconflagration. . n. to burn.€OM-MEND'A-BLE-NESS. 57). 2. Extended trade or traffic. comis. to lessen.] popular assemblies the Romans. an ode sung at this procession. V. . n. manner . cOM-BDs'Tl-BLE. In a comCom'IC-Xl'I-TY.] A description of.] To hold intercourse with. 63). — . observations. something ludicrous. [Amer. n. n. n. Goth.] To unite or join. Com-mand'ing. ERE. com. nity. . .t\ t. A message of affection of being €6m'I€-al-ly. 2. €om-menp'a-ble. — Gom'FREY.] 1. a. to threaten. to pity. and initiare. 1. COME. To recommend. a. n. to matical division of a sentence. a. or respect.7!. €6M'FORT (kum furt). control. One who comes. Quality 1. (ktim. dare. and burning .] To reduce to acommon measure. €6m'I€-al-ness. and minuere. for p. and consisting of a nucleus. (53). to v. . €om-mer'cial ing to. -ing. An. . State of [-ED -ING. — Droll. Equal what . Act of callder bereavement. to small particles €OM-Mlg'ER-ATE.?. and manbegin. resembling a comet.] To reduce to minute particles to pul[Lat. 2. One who comments an annotator. a. [ed. Day when degin beginning. [Lat..] A light and amusing dramat. [-ED -ING. govern lead.] t. 2. 142. Rise ori2. J in authoritative .] under affliction or depression. A n. &c. commercium. comminatio. A wadded quilt. worthy €6m'I€-aL. officer. society. as. [Lat. merchanan army. observation. Chief officer of CoM'MERCE. €om-men'su-ra-ble (-men'shu-). or vision. Social or familiarity. V. comfort may refer to ing to remembrance by some solemlighter evils or continuous trials. fr. 2. Quality of being 6o-Ml'TlAL (ko-mTsh'al). Having a common measure. direct. n. To become manifest <36m'i-TY. One who coming officer. authority over.] [Lat. Pertaining to assemblies of the near. To arrive at measure.€OM-MEM'0-RA'TION. . n. . 1. €OM-MEM'0-RA-TiVE. measure or extent. €om-min'a-to-ry. engaged in. [-ED .] 1. . [Lat. [imp. charge. fr. far. I. n.m To have or exercise supreme C6m'E-dy. 2. comet. [Amer. ( [-ED.] A command[ments. €om-mea§'UR-a-ble (-mezh'ur).] marking the smallest gramand det'oVij/. comical. n. commerce. haired. fr. [comical. a friend consoles un.] sorry for to pity to compassionate. To exercise supreme €6me'ly (kum'ly). Syn. an envelop. for con. pare. To order with to. or 6. Y. n. A 3. con and mandare. being comfortable. blend. ask. €6m'FIT.™. [From Lat. fr. €6m'fort-er. — Praise. affable. COMBINER COMMISERATE 78 and two. mensurate. To fntruot for care or preservation. all. people. and minari. authority. n. confior control. One who combines. n. [mercial manner. v. A member hair. Capable of binus. Worthy to affliction. Act of com€om-bus'ti-bil'i-ty.] . commemorare commemoratus to remember. To draw of shij-). v. usually moving a very eccentric orbit. [-EB. [-ED -ING. and a tail. a festal procession'. £.u. t'oM'ET. Strength and a. To n. n. for con. An officer next above a lieutenant. 1. gether. To be con and miserari. . selves. to suit or be suitable. €6m'ment. CAME (-bflst'yun). Relating to the €OM-MEN'SU-RA-BIL-I-TY | (-men'[A. J In a comical mending. from com. ) Tending pre- to serve in remembrance. long- KO/u^Tr. €om-mend'a-TO-ry (50). to cut off. p. Serving comitia. being commensurate. — . t. i. . Without com- a. 1.a. comminuere. to to- €6m'mi-n€te. One who com- Spirit. ble. v. 3. or mercantile. and ypa<beii' to write. 4. heavy. 71. dise. authority. two — €6M'FORT-LESS. VEIL. I. verize. mendable manner. -ING. 2.] A dry sweetmeat. €om-m£r'cial-ly. n. combustus. popular assembly. €om-MAND'ER. Solace is a thing we make or find for our- COM-MEN'SU-RA'TION. ?.] [Lat. — annotation. Threatening or denouncing punishment. t. i.] To mingle together in one mass To mix or unite v. /co/ur. ^om-bin'er. 3. adv. the solace of books. forts.] 1. to originate. order. diverting. Syn. €6m'fort-a-bly. I.] ic composition. combustible.m. ular tlOM'ET-OG'RA-PHY.] I. double. woolen A. in the sense of sphere of influence.-EST. . ) €6m'fit-ure in €OM-MEN'SU-RATE . An 1. €OM-MENCE'. Act of reducing pulverization. under Com-mem-o-ra-ble. for con. t.] become. "Com-MAND'ment. To unite by affinity. confortare.— Consolation. . State of n. n. . short.] [Lat. Exercise of authority. FIRM. and burere. . [Lat. -ING. A state of quiet enjoyment. 2. being commended laudable praiseFitted to excite merriment. to commit to. i. -ING.] v.] To explain by means of remarks. 2. 7i. ire.] Having a common measCo-me'di-an.— — .

a. O. adv. fellowship. 2. . — — a commissary. [-ed. I. To have interafurse or the meansof intercourse. n. committere to commit. [-ED. . In a com- . re. €OM-MODE'. 3. COMPANY COMaLTSEKATION Act of com- fc'OM-Ml'2'ER-A'TION. Syn. €'om-mix'. for con. Held in com. A military department charged with the supply Body of provisions. and pangere. 1. fellowship. from ro?«. V. Hence there is something more intimate in imparting intelligence than in communicating it. — An agreement a covenant. 2. Syn. -ING. a. 2. fc'OM-MfT'MENT. being commutable. -ing. for con. public. ground. Common possession. 1. AS) E£IST. Closely united. others. n. 2. of people having common interests. for trying civil actions. 5. Common sense. A mitting some charge to a person. &c. €. the gross separate trips. familiar. to most part. goods. A [Fr. re. or i. silent . To obtain 2. correspondence. as information. | commotio. its purpose eoMM6D'i-Tv. re. Capable of being a. frequent. re. ha- — — bitual. mvnicate is generic. i. Usually gener[communism. e6M'MO\-WEAL'. it diction. — v. [-ED -ING. re. small ter- France. Act of communicating. COM'MON. 3.n. €om-mu'ni-€ANT. Quality re. re. 2. 1. A member of the House of Comcommission to execute some business. gosNGj THIS . 1. communitas. miserating. in distinction from the written or Common Jleas.. €OM-MUN'ION. prop- er. t. . State of . re. Impart is move specific it is giving to others a part of what we had held as our own.&. the instantaneous decision of unperverted reason. fr. fit. n. GoM-MU'Nl-eA'TiON. vulgar. or is associated with. commissarius. €6m'mon-place -bo'ok / book in which things (27). PyLL J E.a. of officers in €6m'mjs-sa-ry. 3. 2. re. v. A re. common. re. WOLF. . A company of persons joined in the exercise of some duty. [Lat. density. To board tocommunicate ready to impart to gether. €'om-mit'. from Ital. for another. pi. communicare.] joint or seam line of junction point the second rank at Oxford. 4.] An officer having charge of a special department.] -Com-pXn'ion-shIp. . tOM-MlXT'URE (-miksfyyjr). panium. [Lat.— Charge authority mandate. Office orem. To unite or connect firmly. adv. Substitution of onepenalty for another. the liturgy of the Protestant Episcopal church. -I ng. part for joint possession. 2. adv. often with shelves. €om-mu'ta-ble. re. or to reduce to general heads. To have a joint right with others in £'OM-MU'Nl-€A-TlVE. secret. pactus. communis. f. TOO. That which is communicated or imparted. t. Barter. Quality ship in a fleet of merchantmen of being communicable. re. communis. Community A in common ground. Lat. mutare. 2. Not distinguished by rank or character.] motion agitation. n. [Prob. the land of another. nis. 2. Right of pasturty of being communicative. Allowance made to an ageut. Means of pass- 1. re. CRN. One who par- €om-mtj'TA-bil'i-TY. Lower house of parliament. €om-mu'ni-€A-bii/i-ty. —Commerce. Celet'OM-Mis'siox-ER. commodus. of our property. €om-mu'ta-tive. That which n. used refiexively. re. do to perform to perpetrate. pledge or bind . ism. 1. €6m'MON-al-ty. [-ED 1. re. 3. to connect. having one common faith. and movere. of being communicable. Common. One not noble. mixing. to send to. re. fr. customary. v. RUE. re. parts . To give. 2. [mon.i. &c. Right of taking a profit Syx. To pay less for in than would be paid for the to substitute. Close union of . to mix. .] [Lat. that department. re. To impart. ) Whole body of 2. commun. €om-mu'ni-€A-ble. To comSyn. v. 1. 1. to impart our feelings. . — ^OM-MIg'ER-A'TOR. general idea applicable to different subjects. re. Act of mixing. To reveal is to disclose something hidden or concealed. and miscere. 2. A student of fr. communisme •eoM-Ml's'SURE (-mish'ur. €'6m'mon-a-ble. . 2. pledge. sometimes has criminal juris- Staves. State of 1. t. Com'mis-sa'ri-al.for con. re. ness for . A trite remark.— Common prayer.] [Lat. €6m'PA-NY (kum'-). €oM-MU'JVl-TY. compassion. ting. €om-pX€T'ly.] v. . bered are recorded. v.] One who accompanies. An uninclosed tract of pubing from place to place. €om-mute'. 2. commiscere. t. re.-GoM-MU'Nl-eA-TlVE-NESs. €'OM-MIT'tee. 1. General. compingere. fr. f'OM-MO'Dl-OUS.€OM-MU'NI-€ATE. of committing. Syn. Mass formed by . fr.G. Common law. OR DO. To give in trust. exchange. Lat. Suitable- hence. Often tret with. 3. for con. 3. ployment of a commissary. A 1. Affording ease suitable. The common course. I. . t. . Pity. €oM-PA€T'. COM-PAN'ION. One who has a bration of the Lord's supper. 2. 3. One who has a joint right •Gom'mu-nism. . €6m'mon-wealth'.] «. — fr. Sy>\ condolence. to move. it is allowing others to enjoy in common with us. a. . of union. A society being common or usual. a mess. [-ER -EST. to communicate. €6m'mis-sa-ry-ship. Leading Com-mu'ni-ca-ble-ness. -ing. added.corncom. Common a representative council for the government of a city. re. common.] A A select number of persons appointed to attend to any business. re. 3. and mutakes of the Lord's supper.] [Lat.] 1. A body of Christians mission to to empower or authorize. [-ed. y . reveal. commutare from com. free state. Com-mo'di-ous-ly. ready to be of service. 2. modious manner. [From L. Closely densely. Mutual intering on a common. in v. [Lat. An advocate for committere. 2.] affords convenience A remem- to be To converse together familiarly. 2. practical judgment. for con. sound. mode. re.] [Lat. communicare. the unwritten law. as in a system. Act of committing. a pop- re. [association. com. and Vo exchange . sociable. a court statute law. Inclined to common ground. To partake of the Lord's supper. Pertaining to a comCOM-MUNE'. Union in religious faith people the commons. [-ted.] A chest of drawers. fix. that of subsistence.] To im 1. the law that receives its binding force from immemorial usage and universal reception. 4. trite. Change. [From commit.— . esp. . -ING. A thing to be done as agent for another. measure. a. t'OM-MiT'TAL. ship. [See Commode. 1. 9. €6m'MIS-sa'RI-AT. cor^. The public. violent .] [Lat. u. 3. To consolidate.\ commit. convenience. re. Capable of comandatore. — . Agreeable as a companion fit for good fellowcom. Quali•€6m'mon-age. — .L or pities. 95). One who com- miserates. ru — . ally ordinarily frequently for the €6m'MU-n¥st. compound. 4. — hackneyed. €om-mis'sion (-mish'un). sympathy. mons. comviixtum. comfortable. mander of a squadron. Pertaining to a. actual or implied. [-ED.] 1. €om-mo'tion. v.] 1. €oM'MON-ER. another. [L. Food at a common table. — Act of commit- re.S0/£. 1. [Fr. of property among citizens social€6m'MON-LY. 200K. t. a. and modus. -ting. In the United cottncil. ordinary. lic Act warrant comw. as a — — . for con. 2. — make an arrangement pay in to gross. . communicatus. exchanged or given €6m'MU-TA'TION. to change. €OM-PA€T'NESS. mind. To €oM'MON-PLACE. people in a state.] ritorial district in 1. To enter in a commonplace-book.] 1. Brief. . popular tumult. €om-mun'AL. a. luxrd. re. €6m'mo-dore'. 2. 2. &c. To €6m'mon-ness (109). and convenience.] 1. a. n. Combeing communicated. €6m'mon§. committal. n.] To mix or mingle to blend. merchandise. commander. fr.a. i. Relative to exchange interchangeable. ular government. 2. ' Quality of re. 1. 1. as. €'om-mo'di-oCs-ness. ^bM'MUNE. [Lat. usual. or people in general. [Lat.] To give a com3. 1. t. ple. €om-p!n'ion-a-ble. n. a. A com. .t. To or bargain for exemption. Perturbation of [mune. Be. to fasten. Mass of the peo2. Fellowship longing equally to more than one. .— Convenient.

for a Finished ended concluded. -ing. from com. An 2.€6M'PLE-MENT. Oom-pAr'a-tIve a.Com-pIle'. A simile or similitude. i. con and plec- twist. €!om-pAs'sion-ate (-pash'un-. Having the power of comparing.I. CoM'PLEX. To surround Syn. n. congruous. a. €0M-pXt'I-ble. — Sympathizing. [Lat. v. Inflection or adverb. . pleting. Pity sympathy commisera- — of existing in harmony.] [Lat. €om-plete'. 2. and partiri. . 2. end. urbanity . Kindly a. a compilation. / PLE-MENT'al. CARE. being ) J n. to weigh. compassion mercifully. bility [sistently.] To pity to commiserate. To examine 2.— €6m'pend. [-LED -LING. a.] Sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another. Quality of €om-ple'tion. qualified.— Compare thing is compared with another to learn their relative value or excellence.] [Lat. supplies a deficiency something re* Syn. €OM-PLAIN'. a deficiency. . complacere. adequate. 3. €om-pend'i-ous. Act of compiling. to comprise. [-ED. of the same country. n. as rivals. COMPARABLE being a companion.. 1). complexus. €om-PLA'cence. [-ED -ING. ) . fr. n. . €6m'pe-TENCE.) Expressing a greater or less degree than the . suitable . adv. affable. n. ( positive. - Sufficient fitted . 3. — Lamentation. To compose out of ma- from other works. . a.] [L. fr. — To constrain oblige neces. 1. -ING. n. cirinclosing limit n. requital €6m satisfaction. grief. €6m'pe-tent-ly. A magnetic instrument. . s6N 5 . €om-pen'sa-to-ry. . Manifestation of pleasure. [Lat. To associate. To give an equivalent to. fr. to drive. short. or resentment. 2. €oM'PE-TEN-CY. Capable of being compared worthy of comparison. the total amount. compart iri. •C6m'PASs-e§. 6oM-pAr'i-SON (-sun Act of comparing timate. Civility Syn.] [Lat. — make amends.] Som-pAre' (4). cjmparare. tere. n. Supplying. Cause of pleasure. To v. [-ed. 1. up €om-PEND'i-oOs-LY. Making complete. Act of dividing into parts. €om-plain'er. atten[vility. a. or -sn). 3. adv. See Complete. VEIL. n. complangere. gratified. 2.. adv.Y. con and plan. within narrow limits. . Com-plAin'ant. -ing. compellare. One who is an equal Syn. . Syn. V. compensare. n. satisfaction. es- of an adjective 2. 3.^ t. fr. 2. To inflect according to degrees cf comparison. 2. and pelcomplacens. fr. 6. con and plere. A plaintiff. extent capacity. tion. v. to lere. civility. i. . courtesy — . partire. [Lat. Serving tr making amends. to bear. i.] 1. — . €6M fidM'PASs (kum'-). as. 6. See Complacent. — Gratification. €6m'plai-sAnt'. €om-P£l'LER. — Recompense reward remuquired to make a thing complete. ful. Sum- [ness brevity. as. Common strife for the same object €om-plete'ness. has reference to parts. seek.] Obliging compliance with the wishes of others. i . FIRM. £!6m'pa-ra-ble. Having adeall requirements. To purpose to intend to plot. bridgmentor epitome. A. -£om-part'me\T. ing compelled. -ing. To express distress. . A Partners 5. J. Syn. One of the separate parts into which any thing is divided. competentia.] ner of address . To drive or urge please. State of being . Fulfillment . €OM-PETE'. . quate power or right. Estimated by comparison. entire sets aside parts. To bring an accusation.] That which alent. passus. Lat. n. €OM-PART'. A subdivision of a regiment. and regards a thing as continuous or unbroken. to perfect ficiency consummate. 1. €om-pla'£En-CY. €OM-PLAlNT'. to fill. compar.] 1. [Fr. com. appellation. affability. is no deficiency.— Whole Syn. €om-pAt'i-ble-ness. ALL.] 1. One who com- plains. Syn.] parts.n.] An a. merci- complete. environ . . pi. Syn. to share. Capable bilis. Fitly conJ Com-pa'tri-ot. To . — regret. capacity. boundary. censure. A fellow-patriot ure. for con.] [Lat together and t.A. A book compiled. makes a complaint. to accost. 4. Expression of pain. — Emulation . a. power. fAr. €6m'PEN-sA'TION. to beat the breast. V.V. . . €OM-PEL'.] [Lat. Cause of complaining. . adv. To murmur. [placent manner. Answering to 2. circle. r£?J30. fitness. €om-peer'. compel- n.. Compati- n. To take by force. .] To contend. €om-pAt'I-BLY. CJom/pi-la'tion.] 1. State of competent. close contrive gain go around. compali. 2. accomplish- ment.] . . 1. . a. 1. adv. ease a disorder. complere. [-ED -ING. v. n. as. for con. worthy to be compared. n.] 1. t. like or equal to another. In a comsitate. One who 1. Summed a. Ask. — prize. adv. Bides. A dis- . E. With ci- Act or prin. . . complemenciple of compensating. To inclose on all besiege or invest. fr. com1. compendium. To bring to pass.t.] One who claims what another claims a rival. In a manner lage of persons.] A brief compilation an abridgment. in brief. 2. €om-pAs'sion-ate-ly. To repthe mutual relations of resent as similar to liken. a companion a peer. 6 . [-ed. Sufficiency. lament. entire. 2. To get within one's power. n. . a. Full of compassion. — v. compati..] To bring to a state in which there 1. 2. With €om-pet'i-tor. 4. n. or censure. . •GOM-PAS'SION-ATE. n.] Accompanied with pleasure. total.long. complecti. . An instrument for describing circles. compelled. n. used to determine the north and other cardinal [-ed. compensatus . o. [Lat. One who compels. To be like or equal. 2. In a comparative manner relatively. —*. an entire year: complete supposes progress. Syn. A feeling of quiet pleas1. compassio. 3. rivalry . compendere. \n. €om-PlA'cent. 2. or €om-pen'sAte. t. completum. [Lat. adv. 4. E. . . adv. . a complete victory. €6m/pe-tPtion (kom'pe-tlsh'un). t. €om-p£l'la-ble. with a view to show their similarity. Capable of beLat. In a complete manner fully. adv. (-pash'un). [Lat. d. &c. — . a firm. V'HAT . to: COMPLEX 80 . [See COMPEND. bewail. suffer. . [L. Short€OM-PEN'DI-UM. or €om-PEN'SA-TiVE. a comparative 1. [-ED -ING. 3. strife for superiority. pain. Consistent carry .D. -ing. or object. compare with. [-ED. tender. Man- n. complete. neration . Affording tending to supply. 8. €6m'pa-ra-bly. . repine. 45). suavity. Gram. €om-pet'i-tIve. / PAR-Tl'TroN (-tTsh'un). COM-PEN'DI-UMS. to another. Composed of two or PIQUE. t. A An An inclosed space. corporation 3. circuit.€om-pla'cent-ly. An equivtum. from con and peter e. marily gere. To points. I. to scrape €om-pil'er.] cumference.] 1. Adequately. a. €6m'PEL-la'tion. whose names are not mentioned in the title of the firm. n. €6m'plai-§Ant'ly. Free from decompetere. especially of property. 1. €om-pAr'a-tive-LY. a. €OM-PEND'l-o0s-NESS. consistency. accordant. -ING.t. n. 2. terials One who makes n. n. pi. €om-PLETE'ly. a.] [Lat. V. sorrow. ble. insecure obtain. Whole. tive.— . irresistibly. Pertaining to : being compatible. Syn. 6. contention. to weigh. €6m/pe-tent. off. . competition. See Compassion. [Lat. a. as. to more ERE. €6M'PLAi-§ANCE'. 2. agreea- . Range of notes of any voice or instrument. total to parts taken collectively. 2. Syn.Y. contest struggle. €6m'pen-sate. from con and placere. [-ED. Lat. €oM-PLE'TlVE. j compensation €6m'ple-MENT'A-ry. Syn. €om-pAT'I-b!l'i-ty. assemb- Guests. v. latio. [Lat. grief. [Lat.] compilare. i. — A Syn. [L.] To divide to mark out into parts. n.. euitable . n. a whole week. com and pati. To be equivalent to in value or effect. n. CoM-PAs'SION fr. v. fr. fr. Act of com- 1. a. accuse.

State of being [-ED. v. 3. of comprendre. to prick. press. Belonging to an order of architecture made up of the Ionic grafted upon the Corinthian. . [-ED -ING. Syn. Inclined to comply. [0. from con and portare. comprehensive manner. p. adjustment. componere.OT'. from Lat. 2. or praise €6m'PLOT. a. n. or force of one body pressing against another.] To n. linen. com- a. n. . t. . . an accomplice. €6m'pro-mis/er. n. p. PULL 6 incloset arbiter. a. Complication of lines. 4. others. TOOK. 2.] [Lat. silent . a. manner. .] compelling. .— Work production mixture €om-pos/i-tive. compulsare. compounded. — To — delicate flator gratify . Act (-presh'ijr). t.] Com'pre-hen'sive. To constitute. sting. agree. to fold ] 1. [Lat. . ity. 2. That which is comtOM-POSJS'. complicare. controller. To use or pass i..s . compositum. plying. from compromittere. . Bending 1. €om-pOn€'tious. N as NG. To set at rest. adv. equiv. £'om-PL. 136. DO. imply. State of being €om-po§'ing-sti£:k. ) by Operating To €om-pul'sion. praises. € O M-P O S 'E D-NE SS SrN. bear. compulsion is the use of overpowering force. a. [-ED -ING. componere. conduct. URN. To form by uniting two or more things. prehended.] of elements. dense. settle by compromise. Expressiveof civil- a. ing) is anguish of soul under a sense of guilt. TOO.] Act of justify ing a man's veracity by the oath of others. E. p. v. OR. 1. n.] To . complicare. Intricate or confused blending of parts complexn. or acquiesce. type. 2. €'OM-plic'i-ty. Including much within narrow limits. 1. State comportarr. €OM-PtJI/SA-TO-RY. adv. By compul. — v. — . complex intricacy. (-zlsh'un). pliant. squeeze. to make due pressure on any piece of music.] Composed of elements. to I*. a. or parts. . n. -ING. plot together . RUE. €6m'pli-€A'tTve.. — Constraint — restraint. set. 2._ promises. n. -TING. Capable of beone thing with others. . hard. t. . by mutually to abide by the decision of Syn. t. C.I-CATE elements. to conspire. Pertaining the polyglot edition of the Bible •Gom'pound. regard. flatter. include by construction or implica<Jom-p5'nent. One who composes Com-PLEX'ion-a-ry. COMPRO- [See To promise. gnaw- pungere. ingredients. . [-ted: -ting. . Syn. — Remorse. €6m'PLI-€ATE. to put together. f OM-plex'ure. [Lat. Act of composing. 1.] 1. con€om-plex'ion-al. or having the power of compounding. Reback from some act. £. v. — Extensive wide large full. in which {Jom-press/i-bii/i-ty. €om-p6s/Ite. v. 3. Eng. or state of being comSyn. €om-port'a-b:le. . from con complexio. from con and ponere. comprekendere. €oM-PtJL/SO-RY. €om-pul/sive. Act of comconduct.] [Fr. to ac. ( J . p. com. (45).] 1. . Syn. ^om'PRE-hen'sIve-ness. . Forcing. within narrower limits or space. n.] €OM-PRESS'I-BLE-NESS. 5. Comply or yield compliant. Consistent.] hazard One who com[-ED. I. [-ED -ING. To beSyn. — To construct settle quiet being complex. G. I ) . €6m'pl.] [See tion. compressum. €om-PLEX'ed-ness. agreement . adv. A folded piece of plexion. compromissum. n. COMPLEXEDNESS COMPURGATION 81 come the author of. [Lat. EXIST . compromise 1. n. & ?'. as type. compur- gare. Act fiOM-PLl'ANCE. General appearance or aspect. a. Compelling conLat. 1. a. €6m'PLI-ment. -TED. 2. complicatus. civil. n. Tending a. . . . Mixture C'OM-PLY'. J to the coman author especially an author of a Com'PRESS. [-ED -ING. Act of comdistinct parts or of compressing. OOM-POKT'. a. €om-press'URE Composite Order. a. 2. ingredients. compunction is pain from a wounded and awakened conscience. Act of compelState of being compelled. V. O. unite. straint is a holding constraint is a driving one into . in 1522. €. to put. €OMP-TROl/LER A (kon-). to bend or from complete. . fr.] [Lat.I'a-bl. v. €om-pris/al. cord .] 1. . v. In a plicated. . G_ soft. €OM-PRESS'. One who sets Manifestation of up. n. . complex oj* intricate. Composite number. €om-PUI/sive-LY. [Fr.] 1. n. €OM-PRISE'. See Compose. €6M'PLI-eA-CY. to complication complication. n. . [From n. a cabal. To manure with . n. n. to fold up or together. n.— To embrace. to inn. 1. comprekendere from con and to till up. [pressibility. compone. i. Lat. compris.] Poignant grief.] To bring 2. prehending. pressure.] [Lat. [-ED -in'g. from con and ponere.] [Lat.— To crowd. [Lat. compositum. one which can be measured exactly bv a number exceed- To render complex. adv. — . 137] izing land. Color or hue of the face or skin. ing compressed. to compel. 2. V. . 2. Inclined to com[See Compose. compliments.n.€6M'PRO-MIT. to press. ling. To adjust by mutual concessions.] [Lat. €om-plex'ion (-plek'shun). eoM'PLI-MENT'A-RY. Calmness tranquiln. V. or . [straining. 2. n [From from con and pungere. [-ED -ING. €om-po§'ed-ly. €om-pui/sa-tive. An instrupart. contain. com- — . Connection of parts. . complicated. A conspiracy €OM-PL. A}. [-ED. / [Lat. it by an urgency which overrules the will.t«. €oM-PUNe'TlON. b\ To place n. to suit. n. €om-pound'. calm appease allay. 2. MISE. COMPOSE. comprise. . compost. €om-po§ed'.e. con plicare. n.] A mixture for fertil. Compounded. n. Qualiin order for printing. To combine or 2. 142. To fold or and CoM'PLl-eA/TION. to €6M'PRE-HEND'. 1. to promise composing. 3. published at Complutum. To take into the mind Serving or helping to form. a. n. -eoM/po-sjf'TlON twist together. Lat. to purify wholly.— a title of certain officers.] [Lat. ment of adjustable width. To behave to €6M / PRE-HEN'siON. To settle amicably. v. v. a. Complex. To reduce to ^om'pre-hen'sIve-ly. Capable of being comprehended. In a composed and premere. force. 1. Act of comprising or comprehending. -ING. fr. to fulfill. [-ED. t.€6m / pre-hen'si-ble. . constraining compulsatory. —Composite. t. [manner.] fill regard or admiration tery. or Alcala. Act of composing. A €'OM-PLl'ANT.] To agree. n. n.] Adjustment of differences by mutual concessions. of compowne. Condition of being ity. . constituent part an ingredient. compowned. €6m/pre-hen/si-b1l/i-ty. order. -ING.t. ) a. That which is formed <36m'pro-MI§e. t. To put 2. To put to hazard. Assemblage. complicitum. i. t. to plere. I. -ING. — Remorse (lit. disposition to yield to a. to grasp. collection.€om-po§'i-tor. €om'PLI-MENT'al. seize. to to . €om-press'i-ble. [volve. — an — €om-po§'ure. . sion. with. componere. . In a complex types are arranged iuto words and of being compressible. or parts. Pertaining COM-POg'ER. A to apprehend the meaning of. t. in Spain. comprimere. v. n. €om-PLEX'I-ty. — . Quality t OM'PLEX-LY. Capacity of the mind to perceive and understand. To to accord. a. Tills. to put. State of being composed. Lat. a. Calm quiet. Quality of ty of being comprehensive. to of being comprehensible. lity. n. n. Attended with compunction €6m pur-ga'tion. n. a. WOLF. or that which is composed a composition. : . Made up of €om-pres'SION (-presh'un). a.] [Lat. p.] To yield assent prehendere. oOM'PEU-ten'sian. Syn. €6m'p5st. comprehend to include. ing unity. 3. t.

n. conception idea. adv. concavus. camera. n. A. . that the mind has the power of form1. or hollow on both surfaces. or state 2. think. to 2. accordance or harmony. con and cludere. To to. a. 2. discourse. . t. t. far. Concave a. affair. A series of successive series of n. and catena. Importance . hollow. abstract general 1. fr. 6. ALL. a. — Laconic terse brief. on one side and convex oh the other. t'ON-^Eiv'A-BLE. of a hollow rounded body €on-€A'vo-€on'€Ave". spacewithin suchjjody. a things depending on each other. a. n. €oN-C1L'I-ATE. a. public musical entertainment.-ing. (Mus. estimate account. Having the pow- er of digesting or ripening. computare from con and putare. To plan to devise. n. A 2. €ON-CERN' long 3. Act of conciliating reconciliation. To form in the mind. to mix together. ^ON-eXM/ER-A'TlON. con . .€on-c£rn'ing.] To bring to a common (enter. concamerare. To form a final judg- 1.] To arch over to vault. Brevity in speaking or writing. [-ed. €oN-eA'VO-€6N'VEX. as in a sieve.] [Lat.] To mature or perfect. estimate. Capable of beof computing. comprehensive summa. concernere.long. n.I. to shut. [sion. v. . -NING. n. n. -ING. of €6n'€AVE [Lat. terminate decide end. Con-cIse'ly.n.. or the a. [Gr. A theory concelare. V. t.] ing. Act of granting. a. busi- moment. regard €on-ceal'ment. (82). [-ED. 4. 2. ^ON-eXT'E-NA'TION. conclave. State €on-€AV'1-ty.] Expressing much ia a few concentrating. 4. Power of concentrating the intellectual force. a. adv. to be able. [-NED. -Ing. 1.— To apprehend. Y.i. n. To yield or suffer to pass. er To 1. receive into the womb and breed. Formation in the mind of an idea or notion. To contrive. €ON-€0€T'. con and celare. -ING. €on-<^en'tra-tive-ness. 2. 1. WHAT. concentus. : €ON-GXT'E-NATE. n. seize. . . to disguise or dissem- is conceal by assuming some false to secrete is to hide in some man may conceal sentiments. 3. imagine rade.] €oM-PUT'ER. clavis. . The thing granted a boon.] i. surrender. t. Syn. [-ED. Syn. . t. cook. n. or €on-£EN'TRATE. Concave. concipere. ness. €ON-<?EDE'. In a conceitcomputed. — n. n. reckon. came(22). Inaconceiv. ) €ON-(. ry. 6. low an arched vault. CONCOCTIVE 82 One who bears €ON-£EIT'ED. to center. ment. [-ED -ING. — Reckoning calculation. to peruse. €on-€!LU'sIve-LY. A 2. pitch generally adopted for a given tone. adv. to €on-CEIV'A-BLY. Koyx-q. . declaration. ing for itself general conceptions of 2. o. and by which the other tones are governed. To link togethto unite in a successive series. Act or process €ON-£EIT'ED-NESS. con and cavus.] To win over from a state of indifference or hostility. dissemble feelings. pose more closel/ to combine.conatus. n. cr -ING. Anxiety solicitude interest. attempt- [Lat. Geom. or care for. €0N-€h6l'0-GY. 2. To withdraw from observation. n. VEIL. s6n .0. Entertaining a a. form. a.] t. (14). t^ON-COC'TlON. Over-estimation of one's self vanity. €6n. . Digestion.] 1.— To grant. regarding with respect to. Quality of [-ED. 1. links united . dissemble generic to conceal .«. definitively. reckon . to set in order.] 1. 2. . To take an disturb. t. to plot. . 3. from con <36n/cen-tra'tion. €on-9Es'sion (-seWun). private meeting. . n. [-ED. €ON-9ERT'. to 2.] 2. adv. V. €on-€LUD'ER. Syn. -natum. to increase the strength of the remainder. any thing. [Lat. Capable of be- ing concealed. hollow. [Lat fcJoM'FU-TA'TiON. To come to an end. Eng.€6ngh'oid. concatenate. : €6n'£en-trate. n. -ING. n. To picture to the imagination.] K °yXVi shell.'EN'TRE. . Place of hiding. €ON-€L. n. . clean fig.] [Lat. ['siVE. €on-9Es'sive. individual or single objects. or secrete stolen goods. t. n. Decisively. 2. short compendious. [-ED -ING. To make a final deter- . n. ble is to appearance . f ON-CEIT'. V. v. to arch. 3. 2. To digest. to digest. adv. admit.] Hollow €on-€EN'TRI€. /coyvoeioVjs. V. fXrm. To plan together. €on-cern'ment. Final decision. [-ed. cealing. any person or thing. Volatilization of short. One versed in the natural history of shells. €on-€Xm'er-ATE. Assembly of the cardinals. 1. shell. €on-€A'voOs. €6n'cert. ERE. Lat. — To hide secrete. Affair.] [Lat. 1. . 2. — v. n. yield. 1.] Concert of voices harmony. One who concludes. . Koyxnl of being conceivable. t €om-put'a-ble. ( .] [Lat. 3. — . v. Con-CEIV'a-ble-ness. . A place of secrecy. succinct. — To calculate. [conceited. 2. .] [Lat. £. A cutconcentric manner. [conception. Agreement. ASK. A marine shell. €on-€h6l'0-GIst. n. .) A curve of the fourth order. A hol. — To infer finish interest in. To think. facts. — . or to unite €on-Cil'i-a-to-RY Tending (50). to €on-€Hoid'al. . €on-oen'ter. tering opinion of one's self flat- vain. or depressions like the valve of a bivalve shell.] [Lat. -ING. 1. 2. . n.] 1. A n. n. terminate.t. n. believe .] t. Anxiety. A quaint fancy. simply not to make known what we wish to keep secret. PIQUE. concoguere. . Faculty of forming €6n'CEPT. Pertaining to of being concealed. . V. Capable of being €ON-CElT'ED-LY. — To hide . To relate or be- mination Mu3.] 1. Putting an end to debate or question. [Lat. Con-ciVi-a'tion. n. A €on-€LU'sive-ness. 2. To close. n. a. belongs to one. State of being conceived.-S. [-ED -ING. Endeavoring to attempt. | v. To bring to an end. testimony to the veracity of another. 1. Quality €6n€H (konk. 3. In few words. a. allow. To admit to be true. prep. — v. from Lat. to hide. ed manner. [Lat. is . Implying concesSyn. To withhold from utterance or €6n'€LAVE and [Lat. 2. Having a common €on-cise'ness. €ON-9EAI/. TERM. being conclusive. Consent'. To come or cfntrare. Syn. chamber.] Doctrine or science of ^hells. t. concisvs. .] 1. a. Contriv- bringing to maturity. Interest in. sup2. Con-^il'i-a'tor. fr. . Interposition.] . [0. Internal surface ^ON'^EN-TRIC'I-TY. Syn. State of being concessio. One who conciliates or reconciles. as an argument.] €on-9EPT'u-al-I2M.] To determine by calculation. Last part of That which 3. Having elevations Syn. to know. con . n. number count. to contend. ance. from con and capere.€ON-CEN'TRI€-AL-LY. and \6yos. to i. . 82). Consequence or deduction. An arch or vault. ing conceived imaginable. words. . €6n'9ert-pitch.] 1. fr. To become pregnant. One who computes.«. from able manner. conciliate. key. [Gr. [Lat. by inferring. An Concave €on-£ep'tion. fr. concedere. to bring together. yield.] bring to a point. 1. and [-ED [Lat. [-EDJ-ING. r . CON-€LUDE'. [center. conari.] A companion or associate. n. . In a €on-9I§'ion (-sTzh'un). of. cAre. [L. .) sical o.. disguise his liia €on-CEAL'a-BLE. concludere. t. n. claudere. Act of €on-91SE'. €ON-€0€T'IVE. [-ED. [Cir. part of a liquid. l». from con and coquere. €5'NA-TIVE. conciliates. €om-pute'. 3. Circumcision. 3. 3. K short. from con and cedere. Act of con. cunnan. n. from con and ca?ntrare. v. Idea or notion formed in the mind. v.] To €6m'rade Syn. and curved or rounded. €on-£ei ve% v. chain. 1. cut off. a. study over . A 1. -ing. t. a. n. ideas. Persons connected in business. disguise . t. concertare. and ei6os.u. 2.] [Lat. €ON-€LU'gION.] [A. being concentric. COMPURGATOR €6m'pur-ga'tor. to conciliate. Act of conceiving. ting off a faction. The n.136. determine .

. 3. or the like. plicatus. Syn. -ING. . Implying conditions not absolute. demning. trol. €on-dense'. — v. [-ED -ING. 3. 109). [Lat. — A . [-ed. n. [-ED. ters. One who. Having the power . condensare. n. reprobation.] A very large bird of the vulture family. a. Having a tendemnation or censure. €on-den'sa-tive. leading. [-RED -KTNG. [-ED. . " 83 conipanying j — . Aeonsonant chord consonance.] nying. n. [See CONCRETE. from con and damnare. WOLF. concubare. a tricity. Con-duct'ress. . blame. from concurrere. Transmission by means of a conductor. canal. of carrying one's self. -Gon'DI-MENT. €ON-€UE'RENT-LY. ». conduict. pickle. €oN-DEMN'(-dem which must €on-di'tion-al-ly shock. — . €on-dP*tion-al L (-dish'un-).] . to condense.] 1. €ON-DEN'SATE. to grow together.€on-du'cive. To form into a mass. ku>vo<. [Lat. la. Skillful guidance. . — Con-crete'LI" In a concrete [concrete. p. 2. p. To unite. lus. 2. . €on-€ORD'ANT. E. [Lat. To promote. To unite in [one body. con and descendere. v. cause. To become more . Syn. Act of cont'ON'€OURSE (82). C. A woman who n. TOO. condtlere. to shake violently . junction. 2. ableness to deserts . To relinquish 2. concursus.] [Lat. Quality of . terms. Syn. } dency to conduce. W ith_certain limitations. management. n. -ING.] [L.G. from con and dolere.] To stipulate terms. [Lat. tion.r. Act of making more dense or compact. condenses. — panion . i. [Lat. O. To pronounce to be wrong. In a concordant manner. condescend ere. a.] 1. To blame .] 1. . Syn. That . -ing i'. Acting in cona. i. a. a. . . . V. n. from con and densare. n. adv. adv. concussio. a. n. n. n. or other like natural process arJv. to speak. . from con and Cone. n.] A pipe. Expressing a condition or supposi- 2. v. [Lat. concordia. to feel pain. CON'DE-SCEND'. junction co-operating. 2. mass formed by abstract. to long for. 2. 2. €ON-DI'TION (-dish'un). a. n. n. conductus. fr. 2.] A cohabits with a man woman who €on-€U'pis-cence. (-dln'lyO. ral union. That which leads or brings dense. to preserve. or further an An assembly a crowd. €on-du'ci-ble. [-ED i. €on-»one'. ing to merit. into a mass. fr. Act or method of 1. 2. to act. I. Lat. one mass or body. J a. [-ed. con and cor. ) n.hard. With con. Agreement in opinion. conducts. €on'duit (kon'dit or kun'dit). very worthy. or hard. disciple. €ON-DU'PLI-€ATE. 2.] 1. RUE. v. -Gon-dign' (-din'). Con'dis-ci'ple. Joint rights. condemnare. Con-duce'. to forgive.. fr. station ). n.] To express sorrow at the distress of another.] 1. close. 3. safely. answer. adv (-dish'un-). i. make to -IN&. or conjoined. <3on-€U'pis-cent. Having power ited 2. Capable of being -Con-du'cive-ness. n. tract. Act of concreting. One who con. 3. Conjoined associate. ) spontaneous union. 1. adv. Sin. [Lat. to double. t. n. [-ed. irregular desire -eoN/DEN-SA'TlON. judgment. N as N& . 136. con comitari. suitableness. ty 3. fr.] . TOOK.] run together. . Unlawful or n. EXIST . a.G. condemnation.] i. Mass formed by concretion or natu€on-DEM'NER. condvplicare . Harmony union. Promoting con- a.. To recede from rank or dignity. cedar. €6n'€U-bine na. silent. To act jointly. condimentum.] Act of shaking or agitating agitation v. 1. as separate particles. [Lat. 4. . A minute verbal index to [monious. €oN-€Us'siVE.] [Lat. [-ED -ING. Mass formed by congelation. suitable. A leader. . [Gr. a work. grief ) the for sorrovy of another. n. [currence. [Lat. €on-€RE'tive. manner. -ING. I. p. €on-€RETE'ness. a circular base. carriage deport- 3.] [Lat. Qualiproperty attribute. Expression of r. fr. to put or join together. v. Behavior . €on-du€t'ive. n. a. confabulatus.] 1. — v. €on-1)EM'na-BLE. €ON-€UR'. eoN-€OM'i-TANT. n.] 1. CoN'Due-Tlv'l-TY. i. DO. from Lat.) [Lat. a. n. Con-cres'cence.— Libidinous: lustful. Lat. a. to make thick or dense. Conical fruit of the pine. concurrere. T-HI3- . C'ON-€OR'PO-RATE. lust. or that which. 1. cuntur. n. a. n. . State or situation as to A . v. or state of being confoundin the Andes. . c/ON-com'i-tan-'cy.] A moving or running together. . €on-cord'an£E (82). [Lat.a.] A solid body. 3. [-ED /. (-kiish'un). t. . To prodicial sentence against. n. Agree- without being his wife. to condemn. conducing. forgive ] condonare. p. State of being 1. JStc. or dense. -CoN'DOR. a. t. t. To condense. concretus. — . lecherous._ Manner €ON-DU€T'. nounce unfit for service. e6N'€RE-MENT. 2. or guide. Power of giving passage to some molecular action. Union con. [0Fr. of conducting. both a quality and the subject in external circumstances. eON-€RETE'.sq/"*v 2. cere. concupisconcupiscens.] €on-dem'na-to-ry. by or coales- cence. Worthy a. To become close or more compact. [Peruv. eoN-€OR'PO-RATE CONFABULATE €on-cDr'rent. dignity. censure reprove. [-ED. to lie together. . Existing in a subject not 1. concutere. condu- a.vow.] [Lat. n. €ON-€UR'RENCE. -ING. . of concr esc ere. United in €6n'dem-na/tion. €ON-€RE'TION. — Syn. V. fc'ON-CU'Bl-NAL. V. con and n. See supra. to To meet . n.] Desirous of unlawful pleasure. Gon'crete. as. Grammatical agreement of words with one another. condigDeserved mernus. €'ON-FAB'U-LATE. €on-dens'er. to run together. 2. — To agree combine unite v. A which it exists. of case. 1. (82). v. Con'de-scen'sION. condensed. to accompany. . State of ac- and AccompaA coman accompaniment. [Lat. heart. ment . from condire. or quality of shaking. a director. i. Gon-dign'ness (-dm / -. to concubinage. condiscipudiscipulus. from condere. one's rights to stoop. i. conditio. concubi(82). demeanor . n.] 1. — . 1. fabulari. accompaniment. To direct to conto regulate. ) €on-€U'bi-na-ry. €on-«u'bi-nage n. . manager. A growing by €on-den'sa-ble. An agreement between the pope and a government for the regulation of ecclesiastical mat- €OxV-€OR'dat. i. 66N'€ORD [Lat. T Con-dole'. PULL . n. €. Agreeing har€on-€6rd'ant-ly. coincide. i.] To for a violation of the marriage. [Lat. n term designating concretion. United in growth united in a solid form. €on-dole'ment.] Doubled together. Bearing conend _to tend [demns. A substance capable of forming a medium for the transmission of heat or elec- €on-DU€T'or. Agreement. doom.— Sentence. in the same point. n. 2. of confabulari. 2. demned.-ing. tapering Something to give relish to food regularly to a point from seasoning. To conTo impose conditions on. *.] To talk familiarly together to chat. close. conducere. or just claimjs to equality with another. V. con and ducere. Joint and equal in auJoint or contributory thority. sentence. CONCOMITANCE c ON-€OM'I-tance. To behave GoN-DUe'TlON. To To manage lead.] fellow-disciple a school-fellow.] €6n'du€T. Voluntary descent from rank. to lead. -ing. [concubine. t. . To unite in opinion. [-ed -ING. URN. — Circumstances. To pronounce a ju3. compact. €on-do'lence. Gon-dign'ly Accord- 1. State of being a Pertaining to a concubine or cretioji. . CONE.] To make more v. — €ON~eiJS'siON [Lat. i. Having the power / exist as the occasion of concomitant of something else. 2.

ing conferred. v. A brother- hood. body . adv. con and frons. To be a conformist. {36n'fu-ta'tion. preparation of fruit. i. v. ) A to prepare. — To bound. Appropriated. Ratification. A priest who hears the confessions of others. Con-form'. confound. n. . cotifluere.] fixed. To stand in direct opposition to. like.] United in a league. €on-fTrm'er. One who conforms. con and formate. 1. With a comfit. To stand facing. con nndfate- . Pertaining to the rite of confirmation. eoN-FUT'ANT. long. feiture. : to make firm.] To shape in accordance with . carry. a. possession.] undeniably. [-EDJ-ING. v. sweetmeats. — . sion for confidence. -ING. n. a. to trust.] Flowing together running one into another. 1. A league . CARE. or €on-fis'€ATE. n. n. Liable to for(50).n. «. to a confederation. Con-found'ed. ftcere. [-red. sins to a formulary of articles of disclosing priest. i. restrict. A 2. 2. 1. One who confesses. disconcert perSyn. u. . Con'fra-tLr'ni-ty. con and fundere. Relative fr. To own or recognize. n. 2. €6n'fis-cate. n A small stream which flows into a large one. Very great. O. of conf scare. in confidence. 2.— To to. makes and sells candies. veri- fy.€oN-FiG'u-RA'TiON.) adv. n. An unlawful combination a conspiracy. €6n'fi-den9E. n. n. n. . Capable of being . mingling together. to strike. n. establish. state treasury. t. To administer 1. a. [founds. A large assemblage . . confrica- tio. n. cr admit. to border. a. or €on-f!s'€ATE €on-front' (-front').i>. €6n'fla-gra'tion. AgreeStructure of a n.] [Lat. [-ED -ING. -ring.] AconCon'FI-dante'. strengthen. 4. or certain ing confirmed. [Lat.] Act of rubbing against or together .] 1. 3.] [Lat. promiscuous Loss of self- Overthrow. Consigning to €on-fus'ed-ly. Act of con€QN-FU§E'. V. €ON-FLt€T'. To intrust to give in charge. 2. [From Lat. €6n'for-ma'tion. To acknowledge. 2. Act of confut- ing or disproving. [dence. confess. place where are made &c. as against opposition or obloquy. grare. To »'. candies. a. 2. r. . n.] dash together. €6n'fis-€A'tor.] -ING. configconftgurare to form.-ING] [Lat. con. basket. confiscation. arrange in a certain form or shape. harmony. €on-fvt'a-ble great scale. v. . €oN'FLU-ENCE.-ing. to [-ed: -ING. -Gon'FIR-MA'TION.] t. [Lat.] [Lat. conformare. fr. limit. ALL. €on-f£r'. adv. manner. .] Common bound- ary €on-fess'. we avow with solemnity. t>on-fus_'ion. congruity. €on-f£r'RA-ble. Having confidence trustful. adv. To throw into disorder. v.1 [Lat. public use. ] fidential friend.n. assent. €on-fed'er-a tive. One who confisCon-fis'ca-to-ry. Con-form'a-ble. [Lat. con[From Lat. bordering. v. united by a league.r. To throw iuto con- Act of con- fusion or disorder. €6N'FlNE. confundere. 3. t. [-ed. or states. versing seriously. t.] [Lat. To engage in strife. [confusion. fr. . €on-fed'EE-A-CY. 2. A tions candies. €6n'fi-dent. In proper or appropriate form. Detention within doors by sickness. SON. €6N'FlNE. . In a confused €6n'fis-€ATE. 4. 3.] &c. 2. 3. To render valid 3. defeat. confluens. ri. . firming. known. n. to pour.] 1. a. [Coltoa. plies €oN-FOR. To assent to. or sold. V. Seat where a priest sits to hear confessions. Act of conA meeting for €on-fIg'URE. eoN-FUTE'. Confec. See CONFOUND. n. I with sugar cess of assurance. to yield. Hav- ing the J serving to confirm corroborative. The act of apobscure. agreeably consistently. Resemblance. n. Right of confirming baptized persons. A person or nation engaged in a confederacy an ally. fr. . One who confirms. 1. To discourse or converse in a •serious manner.. 2. 2. to make like. and fscus. to the 3. 2. Avowedly. Restraint within limits imprisonment. ly Confused. v. €ON-FIRM'A-TO-RY Meetingoftwo 1. Suitably. to ar> WHAT. confla- con and flagrare. 2. lic use. t. fr. 2. p. To render indistinct or €6n'fis-€A'TION. E. 1. ado. conjiteri. €on-fe€'tion-er. . €ON-FUS/ED-NESS. n. confinium. p. [Lat. to How. fr. conferre. 2.] €on-fes'sion (-fesh'un). .— To avow. as our sins or errors. consultation . CON'FRON-TA'TION. the rite of confirmation Syn. fr. [Lat. FIRM. confidere. n. as our principles . Parties to a league.f. €6n'flux. . A striving to oppose or overcome. 3. To acknowledge 2. ASK. pare. [-ED. by formal To make firm. PIQUE. con and firmare. confidence Enjoying 1. 6. a. con an&fidere. <* a. bring. [fronting. confuted. 1. . External form or figure. \a. from conftnis. . 2. €on-fess'or (113). TERM. 1. . . ment. [-ED.M'l-TY. y.€on'FLU-ENT. Gon-fess'ed-ly.] To t. conficonfi- €6n/fi-den'tial-ly.?t. 2. 1. Con'FI-dant'. to pour together. €6n'fer-ence. confusum.>. more streams place of meeting The running together of people. 2. To comknowledgment. n. 1. [-ED con fligere. fisratus. we confess what we feel to have been wrong. To strike or fligere. Y. — . f. from con 1. a. €oN-FOUND'. short.CONFABULATION€on-fab/u-la'tion. talk or conversation. Act of confiding. €on-firm'a-t!ve. n. To mingle and blend. position of the planets. €on-fe€'tion. con and futare. 4 Syn. 1. I. €on-fes'sion-al. as a penalty. as public use. League alliance coalition. — . — . ?. [-ed. One who com- n. avowal. agreement. . €on-FIS'€!A-BLE. [-ED €ON-FED'ER-ATE. uration . of confaderare to join by n. v. Having an ex. confession. Disposed to compliance. n. friction. form €on-form'er.€6n'FI-DEN'tial. 2. €oN-FOUND'ED-LY. Capable of be- confined.] [Lat. One who makes a profession of his faith in the Christian religion. 1 Similar. €on-FLA'GRANT.I. fire on a €6n'flT€T. [-ed. -ING. E. n . n. assure. state of A n. \ [0. — To abash plex. CON-FIDE'. Syn. confricare. as a penalty. t. Fr. a crowd." Persons covenant. A. €on-Fed'er-a'tion. n. propriating. v. power of confirming . . from con and 1. municated Giving occa- 3.] Burning together in a common flame. dence positively. 2. 1. 2. conflictum. [-ed. fr. VEIL. to form. to the . trustworthy. -ING. or a. a. A league or 2. i-. a league. 1. penalty. Con-found'er. One who con- n. [Lat. 1. with the worship of the church of England. 1. (117). 3. 3. t. Convincing testimony. 2. confundere. to blaze. a.] [Lat. or ». to €on-f!ne'.*. 1. .i. Capable of being 1. &c. limit. €ON-FINE'. make. n. €on-f1n'a-ble. One who n. FAR. Com. a. Capable of be- a. €6n'fe€T.. V. -Con-fokm'IST. -ING. ERE. One n. €on-fIrm'A-ble. 1. To restrain within limits. 2. confutare. as one's sins to a priest. €6n'fri-€A'tion. an interview. t. We acknowledge what we feel mnst or ought to be made — as a fault or a favor . so as to be indistinguishable.] [Lat. [-ED the forehead or front. — .] To bestow to award. m. . t. fr.] To put faith to believe. confirmare.J To unite in a league to ally. t. distract. enormous. 1. CONFUTE S' Familiar n. Compliance with the usages of the established church. to the pub[cates. 3. / Pertaining a.] [Lat. confxderatus. v. submissive. Feeling of security. -ING. p.] border . Ac2. confectum. Act of . In who €6n'FI-dent-ly.u. [-ED. Enormous- greatly. To appropriate. A n. a. or in front of. €on-form'A-BLY. Syn. to rub vigorously. Con-fTrm' (18). Con-fec'tion-er-y. . Tiolent collision.] 1. p. n. €on-fed'ER-ate. an alliance. from con and ftuere. -ing. -ING. That in which faith is put. from con anilfcrre. adv. 1. 2. A flowing together 2. To comply. have a common boundary CON-FiNE'MENT. confutes. A faith.

•eoVGRE-GA'TlON.CoN-JEt'T'UR-A-BLE. to v. . congratulari. sembly. to freeze. TOt>li . Cox-ge'. to collect •Con-joint'. glomerare .] To eo. a. United in pairs. in some part of the body. freeze. i. hard. too. [Lat. n. to CON-GLU'TI-NA'TION. 2. conjoined. CON-GLA'Cl-A'TION (-gld'shi-). join. we prove it to be positively false. yoyypos-] A large species of eel. To form into a ball. In union con. n. v. n. [-ed. congruere. n. -ING. Indicating. r. In a concongealing.] Bearing cones. ronjitngere. Akind of black tea.] United. To put — To gether. — -ING. €6n'&RU-ous-LY. . his. congressus. _ ffers congratulation. in the same manner.] to stiffen with Co-NiF'ER-ous. i. from con and jungere. fr. conglutinare. In cou€on-jljN€T'ly. A system of church government which Con-gest'ive. — We may felicijectural manner. gratulate. [-ed.] To colt'ON-GES'TlON (-jest'yun). — [-ED. Conjugate diameter. tate a friend on his marriage. to CON-GEVI-TAL. . Syn. An assembly of senators a verb. con- co'lected. €6n'ju-gate.CoN-GRAT'u-LA'TOR. Serving to unite. Formation that we wish him all joy. One who ofjectures. we prove an assertion to be untrue. t. congratulate that rival on such an event.con~ the two years during which the reprejunctus. J . but to congener. nature or feeling. Lat. 1. n. One who con€o\4e'. Sri*. «. To grow hard or the pine. sive of congratulation.G. to bear. [Lat. i. .] 1. V. [Lat. n. a. silent . A scheme in which are arranged all the parts of tives. body of senators and representatives for -GON-JUN-eT'. ». ! ! . Union. t. i. [-ed. €on-glom'er-ate . A €ON-GLU'TI-NATE. n. [Lat. 82). as of representa- Con'gress (82). -eoNMU-GA'TlON. to yoke.] 1. one mass. To join together. a. [See supra. conglobatus. GoJf-GLO'BATE-LY. -ING. to throw. as from the effect €oN-GLU'Tl-NA-TiVE. A man whose mistress lias married €O. v. absurd.] congelation. a curved line formed by civilities. v. ing into a ball Con-globe'. i.Con'uou.] [Lat.] To inflect. congruentia. a.] [L. Conjugal. n. belongs church or . o. g. To freeze ing together junction union. To stiffen. 1.] A healing. t. as . A gathering into a mass ^collection. con and gratuiari. Gr. a. t. Capable of be. occasion or crisis N as NG. Natural af. [Lat. c. flecting. being conjectured. Act of forma round body. n. ft.from con and -ING. Having the form Act of taking leave farewell. 'choose a bishop. CON-GRAT'U-LATE.a. of a cone. an accumulation of brotherhood of each local church. 1. wife. adv. 82). €6n'JU-GAL-LY. congerere. — . a. conglaciare. them up. : . v. sembling. bow or a courtesy. v. labor. fir.r. a. THIS . in confuting. ball. €6n'ju-gate. E. adv. 1. husband. Eon-fut'er. esp. nare. 2. it. defective evidence. v.n. •CoN-GRU'l-TY. 2. [Lat.] Formed or gathered into a ball. from Lat. Actof condence tojsurmise to guess. ly — .Vge-la'tio\. natural accumulation of blood. con and genialis. €on-GLOM'ER-a'tion. CoN-jaNe'TlVE-LY. Process of some happy event. composed of pebbles. 3. n. to go or come together. n. One (k m'jee). 1. tum. A member Con-Jitnc'tive. to gather into a ball. manner. joining. Expres.] To take leave with. — Accordant €ON-GLU'TI-NA]NT.a. n. gratulating. gather into a . and ellipse. — To felicitate. cemented to- WOLF. t. & Con-ge'ri-es.€on-join' } v. €o>T-GEAL'A-BLE.] €o'ni-form. or €ON-GEN'IAL his rival may felicitate. a. [-ED -ING ] €6n'I€. [Lat. Collec- 2. .] To gather into a ball or round body. [Fr. Capable of mission to a dean and chapter to latus. v. €6n'GE I . Suitable. adv. (-3"al). join. Closelv united.* €o\-geal'. 2. joy. €on-GRES'sion-AL (-gresh'un-). tion. Thing congealed. To come together. [-ED cone corneal. a.] 1. OR. Congeniality. 2. Act of conCongre&t. conger. customary glue together. conjux. as verbs. To t'ON-GEN'ITE. ness agreement consistency. Being suitable or pertinent. 3. Con-glom'er-ate. ice changing into [-ED . ing to a cone.] Gathered together in a mass Belonging matrimonial n. sing. born. «. heals wounds by closing who n. t. stiff from cold. congeni.CoN'GRE-GATE (82). One 7 who Act of [Lat. into a flock.] 1. [Chin. In a congru- ous manner. To unite to join. to a Congregational society.] In form of a COXGE D'ELIRE (kon'jl-dl-leer'). a. finity Con-GRAT'U-la-to-RY. of the United States Congress. to bring together. shape.CON-JOINT'EY. to unite by some glutinous or tenathe intersection of a cone and plane. Meeting of two or more Pertaining to a congress. — . ». little . conge. disprove. . from con and gregare. . t. is called one €on-jun€'tion. a. &c. To 2. or atblood vests all power in the assembled tended by. ) to assemble. £.] meeting of two or more. I.] to the marriage state rtte. Quality df being congruent fitness consistency. conjugatus. Pertain[-ED [Lat. conglomcratus. round mass. or to Congregationalism. PULL . a. In a conjoint •Con'ger (kong'gur. €6n'I€-al. con and jacere. meaning Con'GE-ner. fr. A rock. congredi.. To gather stars or planets in the same degree €on-gr£s'si ve a. adv.v-GLOB'u-LATE. t. 1. a. An assembly of persons. Dating from birth. [junction. conglutinatus. n. agreeing consistent. adv. -na?is.] To wish joy to on account of €ON-JE€T'UR-AL. -ing] [Lat. pi. connubial.] To collect into an as.. V. Svx. conv.] collection of particles or bodies into [lect into a mass. [ing congealed. of the zodiac.In the United States. a reiigious assembly. Cox'gre-ga'tion-al (82). €o\-JE€T'ur-al-ly.] [Lat. fr.] Suitablefr.] To infer on slight evigenial. [Lat. into a . fit appropriate . EJIST . n. conjugnre. Con'ju-GAL.CONFUTES gue.] 1. -ING.a. Pertaining to a congregation. In refuting. from con and Con-ject'ure (53). CoN'GRE-GA/TION-AL-ISM. kind. -ing. 1. t. as glue or other like substance. fr. i. conglobare. (53). but can hardly jecturare.] [Lat. to wish [conjecture. means to unite our joy with same kind or nature. ) . the whole GON-JU'GI-AE. a verb. A class of verbs inflected and representatives.] [Lat. €6n'GRU-ENCE. Con-jegt'ur-er. n. v. adv. congregarf. 2. and forma. cone. a. | ) ) . . to agree. from con and jugare. Act of as- A collection of separate things. leave to choose. COn'glo-ba'tion. 1. A connecting word. One of two or more words of the same stock. genitus. •eoN'GRU-ous confutes. refute. a. conjugalis. ©S. 2. CON-GEST'. 2. -ing. CONJUNCTURE 85 to silence. . a. n. adv. In a round or roundish form. Naturally suited. An As. conglutiServing to unite closemedicine that n. €6n'gru-ent (82). €6]V/GRE-GA TION-AL-iST. URN. n. [Fr. congratu. — I C6n'ger-eel [Lat. &'i-ty.i. accumulation. 2. Con-jOnct'ure connection. [Lat. la. The conic sections are the parabola. from con and gelare. 1. kung-foo. Un- A 2.XTyu-LA'TIONjn. [-ed -ing. [Lat. n. . Depending on €6.] [Lat. congregaassociate. a. [Lat. Partaking of the same •eoN-GR. V. cold. 1. Uniting by andferre. soft. [-ED. Agreeing in — derivation with other words. a diameter parallel to a tangent at the vertex of the primitive diameter. I (150). Act of inn. n. hycongelare. 2. conus. 2. [-ED. n. birth. 3. . (kong'gryj-us. Con'go. Begotten together. 3. to roll together. 2.] To glue together Conic section. Connubially. of terror.] King's per-ING. . Coming together. suitableness. do. consistent. rws. jointly. €6n'gress-man (45). cious substance. conns. eonjungc re. Act of gluperbola. 1. cone. 2. a. [Lat.N-GE'M-AL. sentatives hold their seats. A formal assembly. United associated. €'ON-GLO'BATE.] A thing of the of an opinion on.. A CON-GLO'BATE.

not being strictly cause nor yet a mere sequence. to charm. ably consistently. To v. •6o-noid'I€'-al.] To fasten together to unite. One €on-jure'.Cos-serVANT.1. €6n'se-QUENT.] To call on in a solemn man. 1. t. adv. [-ed. . A public place of instruction in some branch of learning or the fine arts. a result is still more remote id variable. n.\-NE€T'. : €6N One who (ktin/jur-er). fr. si tions. a. think. to bewitch.ra. v. consequence. connubium [Lat. . CON'SE-QUEN'TJAL-EY. . — n. conical. €on-n \tu-R. One who conjures. Knowledge €on-SERV'a-BLE. [Fr. (kun'jur).af/r. a. by intention. i [-ed. rov and sen-are. . solemn entreaty. 2. opinion. suming an air of portance. consentire. -IN&. . 1. . €on-NE€T'or. to 1. t^ON-SCRiP'TlON. €on-serv'a-to-ky (10). €6n / sci-Ln'tious-ly. to see. Governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience. €6n'SE-€RATE. A compulsory enrollment of iodU Conoid. eiSos. n. per qualities. [Lat. One or connection. -ing. €6N'SEN-TA'NE-oCs-LY. or rational deduction. 1. by blood or birth. t. n. sacred. €6n'scious-NESS. the form of a conoid. €6n'se-QUENT-ly. n. [-ED. a. To s«-:ve to keep. ceive. a. to bind. J a. adv. "With knowledge of one's own mental operations. but not exactly. . Asconsequence. Following by necessary inference. To suhduc vanquish subjuAgreement in n. A word that of connecting. In accordance with the directions of con[iot. ject whatever. a. to enroll. who conquers. €5'noid. fr. consecntus. as a foe to Co-noid'ic.i. Characterized or regulated by a regard to conscience. registered. To prepare with sugar. successive. . 1. 1. •€on-nex'ion (-neVshun). to serve as a sol- viduals liable to draft.] [Lat. 2.] preserve. agreeable or accordant. €on'SCIENCE 1. as is to bring as the effect of a concurrence of cir- subdue cumstances. €6N'NATE. mony of consecrating. To make. a. a. Possessing knowledge. conscius. ^ON'sciotJs-LY.] 1. of what passes in one's own mind. to feel. One who connives. Reasonableness. 2. adv.. &c .S.] [Lat. €on-s£rv'a-tism. [Lat. to adjure. tJon'se-quen'tial. €!6N'S€RIPT. that which. ity of [Lat.t*ON-s£RV'AN-CY (14). 3. [Gr. Following as a result or inference. Con-nat'U-RAL. 63). -£on-JUR'ER.] 1. ho preserves from injury. connects. One \. To practice magical arts. conquirtre to seek for. or state of being united. Intentional failure lawfulness or unlawfulness of our actions and affection?. &e. guard. science. one's enemies . in a train to bring together. Or "C6n'SER-VA / TOR. con. 5. or declare to be. K<avoei- cone. PIQUE.] lot. n. -ING. [-ED. Capable of being kept or piescrved. assent agree. f having C6n'se-€RA'tor.] To fail or forbear. Following. f. . 1. 2. Act or cere- Nearly. Correspondence in parts.] ing to marriage corjugal . Ca-ing.t.] (14).short. a. a. (kon'shus. a. [See Consent. CON'SER-VA'TOR. €6n'se-quence. is to conquer by fighting. Having a. connects other words. marriage. — . Brought Forbearing to close together. 2. Immediate knowledge of any ob. -ING. Preserva- vative. . 2. and solid formed by the revolution of a conic section about its axis. : CARE.] [Lat. subjecGon'sen-ta/ne-oOs-ness. A ) €o-Nom'AL. [Irregularly formed from conscience. <:"on-NE€T'ive. Consecrated Con'se-cra'tion. continuity. adv. n. n. €o. n.s regard to conscience. or succession. n. To enchant. Con'jure •€6n'JUR-er — . n. con and sanguis. Inborn . Syn. By connec. A logical conclusion inference deduction. Act of uniting. la. To agree in opinion.] 1. a. 2. figs. Enrolled writscriptvs.] [Lat. . rt. connatus. Agreeconquered. n. 1. Participation of the same nature. One who. FAR. 1. Having the power Con'nois-seur' (kSn'nis-sjjr' or of preserving from decay. n.Con'QUER-or (konk'er-ur). Same as €ON-Nlv'ANCE.] Governed by conscience reasonable. SAN-GUlN'E-Ot.] Born with another existing Con'san-guin'i-ty. €6n'quer (konk/er. 82). ERE. A registering. adv. . connectere. v. Followirg 2. 3. 2. may conjecture but can rarely discover ces. ASK.Y. from birth. [practices magic or entreats. . or that con- I being consistent. 1. FIRM S6N. Qualtriumph. . consecratus. Act of preserving.— Union. U. to swear together. A the quality of preserving. consanguineus. €6n'se-€RATE (45). or results a conclusion or inference.— — — CONJURATION CONSERVE 86 bring completely under. To subdue or €ON-SE€'U-TiVE-LY. n. 2. By natural or logical sequei. as fruits. t. €5'NOID. 2.] A critAct of pren. or innovation. t. &c. With assumed im- as a consequence or result. conservare. tion ner. fr.] Agreeing in opinion. — Effect. One connected by family ties. [Lat. to follow. [Lat. To enroll among the gods or saints. serving. fr. t. tion. n._a consequence is more remote. .] 1. €on-N1V'ent. conscire. or forbearance to see a fault.] 1. X. i. blood. n. One who consents. [Lat. €on'quer-a-ble (kor. [sacred. ConOu-ra'TJON. Possessing the power of knowing one's own thoughts. n. 82). — v. n. V. from con an J natus. That which is of conquering. €on-nO'bi-al. 2. . . 3.] [Lat. -Con-sErv'a-tIve. To dignify. spiinging directly froir. 2. €ON-SEN'TIENT (-sen'shent).k'er-). TERM. 2.r. n. 2. €ON-NE€T'ED-LY. consequi. 1. — . to consecrate. . We may foresee the effects of a measure. n. coherence. Pertainnuptial. Having the power n. / or -CON-NATE' (114). Syn. [Lat. That which naturally follows n.] 1.e taken by -Conner. [Lat. some cause . Participating of the same nature. born. Gon-NIV'ER. •Con/quest (konk'west. ALL. Incantation. result. n. Consistent.] The faculty which decides on the €6n'SCION-a-ELE junction. n. which. to subjugate under the yoke of bondage. [-ED eoN-SE€'U-TlVE. Syn. Voluntary accord ance with what is done by another. Syn. see. By way of overcome by mental or moral power. Theestimate or determination of conscience. v. .¥. €on-NE€'tion. is to — Earnest or 1. but flowing out of and following something on which it truly depends. long. a. ical judge or master of any art.] Belated by birth. ten. 2. consecrare. 1. or that [Connection. — To yield. preservation. Following -ING. . a. Persons or things connected together. con and scire. Act €6n/sen-ta'ne-ous. r. preservation. 3. preserves. conscribere.— Victory subjugation. connicere. n. a. acquire by force. to conspire. to know. 2. By consequence.] kon'nis-sfir'.] V. or ing institutions. Or. I. . 2. in- herent natural. To have a close relation.— An effect is the most immediate. to shut the eyes. its consequen- its final results.] is 2. fr. Pertaining to a [secrates. v. 2. One who — desires to maintain existing institutions. violation. fr. i. [Lat. n. 1. consequi.s. con and sacrare. a. i. €ON-sERVE' [-ED -ING. 2. [From conserDisposition to preserve what established. n. fr. To gain or as a consequence or result. /cowos. . like the nbound of an elastic body which falls in very different direc- €6n'scious nects sentences. Connection vJon/sci-EN'tioDs-ness. One who conconoid. To give assent. Made the object of consciousness. €on-sent'ER. and compelled dier or sailor.Xl'I-TY. from con and sentire. gain the victory. form. gate. 3. n. 1. to know. VEIL. n. a.'tion. 2. a. 2. a.6. v. — Conquer is generic to vanquish €on-sent'. conscitntia. . €oN-NivE'. [-ed pable of being conquered. Disposed to maintain existtive. intercourse. 33). i. Relationship (kon'shenss). Syn.%. conjnrare. from con and nectere. 1. connubiah'. That which follows something on which it depends. green-house for tender plants. of cause and effect. WHAT. Scrupu(-shun-). covseqvens. 3. tJon'sci-en'tious (kXn'shi-). a.

— change. do. constilutiim. fate. urn. [Lat. consonans. See master of the horse. €on-sole'. i.] [Lat. to overcome.— Fixedness stability. Remaining unchanged or invariable. To think on with consolari. Syx. comestabultts. a. In. 3. 2. 1. -GOX-SO'CI-ATE (-s5'shT-. t. spicuous manner. fr. t. accord of sounds J produced simultaneously. Serving . as various parstars. a wife or hus- a spouse. illuscordance with the constitution of a trious. formed by the consolidation of different annuities. 1. to make firm.] A bracket . a. others. n. —Distinguished. power. 1. That which is not subject to €6n'STANT. and statuere. [Lat. €6n'SORT. fr. constringere constriction. prepared with sugar. adv. -ING. A body €ON-STIT'u-ENT. exist . to subsist. To — Intimate unio i. A component part an element.] [Lat. V. 2. . t. silent . conspicere.] C' OX-SIGN' (-sin'). n as ng . A state of agreement. To form an association. 1. 4. to a solid mass. €6N'STI-TU/TiVE. is to commit . v. -iXG. In a congovernment or societj'.] 1. ticulars. t. V. [constituents. A concurrence or general tendenhaving power. €'ON-si d'er-e R. tf. n. Gon'so-NOUS. n. sion.] stabuli. To hold back by spires^ 2. Agreeing in sound. To concur to one end €on-strain'er. con .] To •eoN-SPie'U-OUS. . [Fr. consequence or importance respect- . 1. from con and sors. 2. To establish to enact. [-ED. 2. To reflect to deliberate.J [Lat. to comfort. &c. 3. To compose to form. influregard.] [Lat. .] 1. deliver.] 1. this. o.] [Lat. [-ed. or a projecting ornament on the keystone of an arch. (50). consociation. -ING. a.] 1.] To cheer in distress or deprescare.-ing. constipatus. [associate. See Alakm. [Lat. . o. . Agreement or harmony. . comes €ON-STRl€T'. €6n'sti-tu'tion. CONSTRICTION 87 A sweetmeat made of €on-sol'A-to-RY Tending €on-stXb'u-la-ry. Possessing . Lat. €6N'soLE. unshaken 1. v. .] 1. COtlunite and become solid.'ON-SIGN'OR (-sin 7 -). 2. harmonious gruous . consonare. [-ED t'OXSlST'.] [Lat. consternare. . To take into view or ac- count. CON'STI-TU'TION-AL-LY. One who consigns. The €5n'STI-PATE. . Any solemn assembl'. A spiritual court. consignare. Act of con— Syn. fr. to constitute. Syx. 3. [-ED. To render costive. ing. €on-s6l2'. €on-sol'i-date (45). 2. adv. Act of constrainGon-spir'er. rue. lot. [-ED -ING. 1. ing constant. v. manifest. n. resolution. Act of constituting. per1. 1. Pertaining to constables. a. the same Having agreement. a. of constare.-ing. may intrust a child to his friend. v. Having harmo. To stop. ii. One who considers. n. Ag. t'ON-SO'CI-A'TION (-so'shi-). constringere.] [Lat. That which comforts. )n. €ox-sign'er (-sin'er). Agreeably. ii. To GoN'STER-NA'TlON. 2. n. deliberation. 1. 1. a. 2. €6n'sti-tu'tion-al/i-ty. A pleasing €6n'so-nax-cy. 2. p. €6n'so-nant-ly.] [Lat. con and stringere. — Harmonizing together. 1. a.n. and claims. A high offiConstrain. fr. adv.] leading English funded government [Lat. [Lat. With constaii1. or. €6n'so-NANT. to stand. count of the stable. n. One who conspires. form 2. to €on-spir'A-tor. Capable of receiving consolation. To be to exist. . . €'ox-sign'.] and stipare. I. v. In a con- siderable decree. To urge with irresistible force. OON'SIS-TO'KI-AL. 1. as a passage. to intrust. being conspicuous. ii. from con and spirare. 2. ness. ing or stuffing. sistent. Not liable or given to change. con and sister?. Gon'sti-tu'tion-al. State €"ON SPIO'U-OUS-NESS. ii.] A companion or partner band . t. 11. — v. [Lat. adv. C'OX-SID'ER. c. adv. or state of being constrained. Motive. adv. : to think. constipare. a. steadfastness. n. i. To To give in a formal manner. n. €on-s6l'i-date. Pertaining to :i €on-sis'to-ry (113). To unite. consors.] 1. to behold attentively. into one body. adv. constans. College of car- dinals at Rome.] 1. n. con and sociare. To give into the hands of an agent for sale. fr. : ( ny among its parts.] associate. n.] To unite together into a compact GoN'STEL-LA'TION. Tending. too. State of of being constitutional. [Lat. Gon-sid'er-a'tion. con and solari. ronsociare. 3.l. i. In a con[consistory. conspirare.] 2. A combination accordance with the constitution. 2. . 1. t'ON-SIST'EN-CY. €6n-'sti-tute (30). 2. Combination plot cabal. -ING. to real or sign. In GoN-SPiR'A-CY. 1. Formed inperplex. n. g. of misery. is manner. con- uniform. Syx. especially. n. n. One who conto agree. hard. €6n'so-nance. — To commit. may consign goods to an agent. consolidare. t. Natural condition. €6n'stant-LY. v. a letter representing such a sound. . a. [L. 4. [-ED. set. slernatio. . i. eminent. 1. Act of consigning. Appre3. n. ing. Of importance or value. <E. celebrated. or €6n'sols. Possessing firmness or fixedness. 2. One whom goods are delivered in trust. -Con'sta-ble (kuVsta-bl). orig. considering. rjnsidernre. Clearly or extensively known. con and stellar e.] A cluster of fixed stars. Compensation equivalent. 2. 2.] 1. v. €on-s6l/i-DA'tion. or state of being constricted. Belonging to the constitution. steadi. [Lat. fr. Syn. conspiciuts. -ING. . cheer. Capable of together for an evil purpose to plot being constrained. .— Accordant. An authoritative ordinance or enactment. a.CONSERVE £>6n's£rve. — To commit is generic to intrust. feelings of €ox-slD'ER-ATE-LY. organized bodv of men. [-E3 . 2. g. together. 2. ceived. to crowd together. . v. Gon'sti-pa/tion. A confederacy or union of neighboring churches. fr. Cox-sTd'er-a-bly. 2. V. Condition €ox-siST'ENOE. Obvious to the eye . pi. An €on-str!'€'tion. to sound at time. determination. n.i. pr. t. to for sale or superintendence. consolidation from Syn. ence. n. [-EU . 63). 3. able. €on-straint'. 2. One who condraw tight. a. prominent. to set with mass. n.] To contract or cause cer in the monarchical establishto shrink. 3. [-ED.\iext (-shy-). . €ON-SPlRE'. con security. Act of n. To unite or covenant €on-strain'a-ble. breathe. To estimate 3. trust or deposit to deliver over in a formal to consign A man may commit a lawsuit to his attorney. 11. In acSyx.] Amazement or terror that [solidating. intrust. . -CoN-spfe'tJ-OUS-LY. to give consolation. : commit as a .E. An articulate sound. 2. -ING. confounds the faculties. €6n'stan-cy. cy to one event €ON-STRAIN'. took.] 1. Having the power of electing or ap. — To soothe solace comfort encourage support. fr. Act of constrictofficer of the peace. n. . E. usually combined with a more open sound called a vowel also. 2. €6n'SIGN-EE' (k5u'sT-nee'). Degree of firmness or density. i. Act of crowdcondensation. n. To be consistent or harmonious. n. of two or more for an evil purpose. fruit. [•ED. a.] 1. to S yx. -ing. . sustain .-_To compel force drive impel. compatible s' ?tent manner. consiellatio. to place. soft. Fundamental laws of a state or other . That which constrains. [See Consist. The person or thing that constitutes. constabulus. [-ed -ing. con and solidare. €on-s6rt' (25). 2. One who consigns or makes a consignment. ments of the middle ages. wolf. 11. reason. v. In a con- siderate manner. l. 1. €on-stit u-en-cy. 2. Thing consigned. €ON-sOL'A-Br. — pointing. of to t component elemental. Alleviation Gon'so-la'tion. of standing together. [strains. cona. to stand firm. 5. pull — . 2. or 2. Quality of beSteady. t'ON-s'lST'ENT. [Lat. noted. Mindful of (45). V. . constituere. [cy firmly . a. 2. €ON-SIST'ENT-LY. One who assists to elect a representative. to join. fr. &c. Gox-sid'ER-ate the rights. . To appointor depute. ii. [-ed: -ing. €ox-sid'er-a-ble. a. consister*. Costiveness. Claim to notice or ciative regard. 1. n. a.

capacity from con and temperare. €ON-T£M'PER-A'TION. terpretation. 1. 2.] [See Construct. denoting either a generous abhorrence of what is hisc.. To strive in debate. €oN-TA'Glous. . [Lat. n. contaminarr. One who con- templates. i.] To and struere. : — . the — n. [-ED -ING.] . — . €on-ta'gion. and pitij'vl than paltry. contumely. €ON-sfJM'A-BL. 2. con and stuprare. or unwarrantable pride and haughtiness. 2. 1. to n.t. contemp1. n. €oN-T£ND'. To waste away slowly. €)ON-struc'tion-al. while an infectious one supposes some entirely different cause acting by a hidden influence. That which con. V. make. [-ED. That which contents. Syn. a. Y. common substance or nature. To put together the constituent €on-sDm'MATE (45). 2. Propor. Act of contemning. . €6n sum-ma'tion.] 1.E. The faccontempcraneus. V. to hold. n. €ON-TEM'PLA-TlVE-LY. studious €!on-struc'tion-'ist. togethor fire. infectious. t. ron and Umpns. At the same tin. GON-SULT'ER.] con [Lat. . short. Con-TEM'ner. fIrm.g time. [-ED . .b. [-E L> indicates €on-tempt'u-ous. constupratus. tainted.e. tending to consumption. €ON-TEM'PO-R A'NE-otJS-LY. To devise and arrange. consulere. V. despicable Syn. To regard with deliberate care. Act of con- n. [Lat. moderating moderation. or contracts. erect form. of continere.— These words have been used in very diverse senses. €6n'sub-st Xn'tiate (-sh!-at) v. a. .] n. tits See Contemn.] A Con-tem'po-ra'ne-ous. waste. V. disdain. stricts. ron and terpret. Having abil€ON-sUMP'TlvE-EY. chief magistrates of the Roman republic. n. [Lat. lavish. — To meditate.] corrupt bv defiling contact. A man or wicked is . o. cotisultutri. PLATE (117). dissipate. 2. as tionate mixture.a-TIVE. 1. Act of con- fabrication. p. of a consul. With contemplation. adv. Pestilential. In a conTo temper to moderate. — To —SYN. t'ON-TENT'. Con-Tam'i-na'tion. fr. To consider and t. to construction. -ING. n. n. a. ael. in general.long. to ponder. Capable of be. one to another.] y. 2. To ask advice of. paltrif when low and worthless. One who contends.] To destroy. despise. €on-sum'mate-LY. €ON-STRlNGE'. continere. infecting the system with disease. — Contemptuous meanness and timidity. n. adv. An officer appointed by a government to protect the commercial and other interests of its citi[sul. zens in some foreign country. A gradual decay of the body especially a disease seated in . In a way 2. -ING] . to look around carefully. con and substanTo ujite in one tia. Act of rare. i. a. t. contempe- . u. n. To deliberate upon. by bodily effluvia. 1. 2. thoughtful. [Lat..] treat with disdain. t. [Lat. per. Syn. a. of marshes.] . Syn. constrnctum. to -ING. acting. €'on-tEm'pjl. 1. stretch. — . [Lat.Polluted. €on-struct'iVE. Living. fr. pitiful. Having the a. Act of ravishCon'sub-st^m'tial. €6n'sul. €6n'sul-ship. n. — To destroy. [Lat. quality of contracting. t. To €oN-TEJVlPT'u-oDs-LY. con and tenere.— Despise . One who €oN-su.viP'TiVE. n.] [Lat. 1. absorb. . dissipation. a 1. to study. from lives at the same time v>ith another. it temptible manner. to take. [ing. as of a sentence to in- fc'oN'STRUE. 2. to intend is stronger. [See 1. when pollute. 2. late the person of. CoN'TEM-PLA'TION.] 2. Structure Syntactical ar3. Wc — meditate a design when we are looking out or waiting for the means of its accomplishment. t'ON-SULT'. One who consumes. satisfied.€ON-SUME'. t. 3. waste. to pile up. Actual. to inclose. Having the same substance. const uprare. to comprise. One of two deliberate. A.] [Lat. [-ED [See Constrain. jurisdiction. &c A thing is pitiful Pollution.] by contact or approach catching. v. Syn. Con'stu-pra'tion. To please or gratmo<lerato 1. contemplari. <3on-stru€T'ER. .] To reek opinion or advice. State of being consumed. 2. Syn.— Contagious. n. €on-sum/er. Power of containing in the pi. €ON-TEMN' (-tgm'). a. Office. 1. to tem. 2.h. by contact. n.] . a. V. 3. Derived by inity to construct. (Fr. templating meditation.taminatus. Act of termination consuming. . than contemptible. . construere. Contact. [-ED -ING] [Lat. €on-strtjc'tion. Act of consulting.Con-tent'ed. Satisfaction happiness. r. a. or residence. substance. by the breath. unbecoming. €on-tempt'i-bl. consult. One who consults. [Lat. contingere. Syn. V. [-ED. To satsatisfied. contemplates. v. adv. [of construction. n- State of being contemplative. -ING. . to ravish. n. €on-sDmp'tion (84). a. "Worthy of contempt. 3. a. t. contemnere. to slight. or €on-tem'v. V. To think studiously. 1. expend^squander.To build. 1.ate. Office or term of office of a consul. to contract. t. a. cor. substantial presence of the body of Christ with the bread and wine of the Lord's supper. expressing a quick. or inconstrues a public instrument. a. adv. Capable of be- CON-TAM'I-NATE. conformation. wasting.E.0. usually That which is contained 2.— Contemn is generic. n. far.1. To decide or to act in favor of. parts into a whole. contentus.] To vio- [-ED. GON-TEM'PER. sum.Con-tempt'i-bly. 3. to meditate on. n. con and taminare. Communicable €ON-TEM'PO-RA-RY. veil. or€ON-SDM'MATE.] con and lemnere. to despise is to regard or treat as mean. care. 3. despicable for what is base contemptible for what is weak. 2. €6n'tem-pla'tor. n. but. €6n'tent. To strive in opposition. we contemplate it when the means are at hand. -ING. a contagiovs disease is one which is caught from another by contact. 2. By way €on'TA€T. €ON-TAlN'. 4. er .] To explain the construction of. contemplation . fr. i. Pertaining n. fr. €on-t ain'a-ble . isfy ify. 1. To beable to hold . Spreading from [Lat. ERE. •€ON-STRU€T'. mind of.«. n. V. Pertaining to. or worthless: to scorn is stronger. contendere. p.] [Lat. CON-STRC'eT'iVE-NESS. -ING.] at the same time. term. foolish. adv. Destructive. consumption. &c. Hist. . to touch on all sides. — v. defilement. Interpretation .'t. draws together. tented manner.) One of three supreme magistrates of France from 1799 to 1804. To comprehend . Pertaining to a con€6n'su-l. State of being despised. 1. ask. One who 2. V. joyment . n. In a confabricate.] bring to completion to perfect. In a contemptuous manner. Affected with. €oN-TiiND'ER. One who contemns. GON'STU-PRATE. of or belonging to time. close union of bodies a touching ulty which leads to the formation of CoN-STRUCT'iVE-LY. to consider. v. v. defile. Carried to the parts of. 2.] Hav- ing the desires limited by present env.] Contemporaneous. . a.a. from consulere. indignant contempt: disdain is still stronger. Completion perfection. a. e with some other event. One who con/ . [-ED. . Communication of a disease from one person to another. from con and tendere. — ing consumed. Con-tempt' (84). . i [-EDI-ING. — Disdain: scorn. €on-t£m'pla-tYve-ness. DespicaKle is stronger palry.—— CONSTRICTOR CONTENTEDLY 88 €ON-STRl€T'OR. t. To look forward to. summate manner. or given to. Pestilential influence. €6n'tem-plate.] 2. to hold together. like the miasma of prison-ships. &c [Lat. €on-strin'gent. [Lat. €ON'SUM-MATE. cr Con-tent'. €on-tent'eb-LY| adv. 1. the lungs. A. I. corrupt. arff.] .] To draw .] [Lat. consummate. fr. CoN'SUB-STAN/TI-A'TION (-shl-aV- shun). consummatum. CoN'su-LAR. pique. L6. t. structing . contactum. &c. intend. set in order. -ING. scorn. adv. [-ED -ING. sense. utmost extent complete perfect. v. A meeting of persons to consult together. fr. structs. rangement. what . Con'SUL-TA'tion. In a con- ing contained. or trantpirir. [-ED -ING. [Lat. con and summa. consumere. t. clined to. Content. and our decision is nearly or quite made. to violate. Expressing contempt or disdain scorniul. temporarius.] by decomposition. a. s6n.

I n. n. ._ooustitution. to deny. Accidental- ly or incidentally. 1. from con and tour. Very often. 2. abode. -ING. €6n'TI-nen-'cy. Something which is contrary to something else.— — CONTENTION Con-ten'tion. it iscontinual when. Pertaining American colonies in the time of the Revolutionary war. V. continere. petual. to hold together. tradict. reduce. beparties. Any thing in a state oi often repeated. as. €on-TRA€T'I'le. to stand. a. Composition eoN-TiN'u-oij's. [-ed. €on-tra€T'oe. Quality of eoN-TlN'GEN-CY. )?i.) Part and against. n. to draw. I. n. €ON-TR\L'TO. €6n'TRA-b. a. Dis- tinction by contrast. [Lat. €ON-TlN'U-AE. 1. its whole course. Con'tra-ri-ly. Con'TRA-digt'o-ry. Proceeding with2. forbidden. . continuous 1. Main laud of Europe.and. strive earnestly to hold or maintain. a continuous discourse or traiu of thought. border. 2.] [Lat.] €ON-TRACT'. quarrel. To shorten condense. with a view to show the superiority of one thing To be or stand 1\ i over another. debate. To betroth to affiance.] -Con-tort'. strife. Con'tra-dance. trary to another.] To twist together. n. That which 1. . conterminus. tween two or more in which concurrent vowels word are contracted. An agreement 1.] To set in opposition. 2. . Covenant compact stipulaSyx. 3. of being contracted. adjoining when they meet or join at some point. adv. [-ED. 2. silent . or interruption. V. . contrarius. V. o. n. a. De- pendent on what is unknown. 2. In a man- €on-tig'(J-ous-LY. adv. a. Opposite tradictory. habits. a stipulation is one of the articles or parts of a coutmct a compact is a mo-e solemn and binding _ cur possibility. adv. A covenant is a mutual agreement: a contract is such . n. [-ED. Syx. as. n. falls to one in an ap- a quota.soft. t on-ten'tious. and venire. — A — €6n'trast. Opposition of things or qualities. with perhaps brief interruptions. €ON-TlN'UE. [-ED -ING. 2. AS J EXIST. n. 1. .. Strife is generic. . Strife: contest. . Uninterrupted CoN'TRA-DIS-TIN'GUISH. [Lat. N as NG. : (kcrn-tobr/).Q. speak. — €on-tents' Content.] 1To assert the contrary of. Strife in arms. or n. abbreviation or contraction. contrabannum. distinguish by contrast. — Adjoining. To One who con- n. prop. perpetual mo- affords satisfaction. to the 3. 1.. adjarent — Things twist. a. Distinprolong to persist in. a. {b. contra. XUE. 1. perjietual applications sometimes for continuous and lasting. -INC. t. E. Inconsistency. contorquere tenor. fr. Without To cessation. tractibility. WQLF. of a discourse which precede or fol. Dition of the contrary conincongruity rect opposition . adv. 2. of contingere. 2.] 1. €6n'ti-nent. tend. Constant Syn. per. an encounter as of condition.] To t'ON-TEXT'URE (53). Syx. CON'TRA-DIS-TINCT'IVE. Con'TRACT. adjacent fields. tinuous manner. to happen. [Lat. 1. n. n. to touch on all sides. — tion. [Fr. adv. and stare. continual showers. A trench guarded with a parapet. a sudden and hostile meeting. To remain in a given place or condition. co ntexere.] One who makes a contract. €6N TRA-Dl€T'IVE. . — — . That which €6n'tents. -ING. (. contestari. writhing undetermined or A contingency. t. To be steadfast or constant to endure. 2. Very frequent 1. Affirming Inconsistent. contrary to public .] Prohibited by law or n. n. wry motion. To be drawn To make an agreement together. adv. 2. ity CapabilM. n. adv. n. A dance in n. continens. Con'tra-ri-wise. Strife in argument. "Gon-tin'u-a'tion. 1. 1. of parts . ». State of Voluntary straint put re- 11. "€ON-TEST'.] [Lat. for. ropvos. 2. a. as. 1. 1. of mind acquiescence . to bargain. GoN'TRA-RY. A . Conflict combat encounter. To draw together or nearer. 2. as. See n. which the partners are arranged in opposite lines. €on-ti'n'gent. [-ED. Perpetual is sometimes used for continual in a stronger sense. THIS- . . Con-tour' — — : : : c ntract. . 1. 1.€on-tra€'tion. tON-TIN'GENCE. one's desires and passions I on chastity. €6n'TI-NENCE. To make a bargain 4.E. In a contrary — manner. Without break. I. [-EB low a sentence quoted. I. as. fr. portionment .>n agreement reduced to writing. Con-tig'u-ous-ness. Inclined to con€on. TOO. n. . €6n'trA-val-la'tion. Chastelv. To bring on to be liable to. to vie. t. [contraction. [contiguous. <:'ON-TER'AJI-NOUS. cessation. TO~OK.a. contradicere. [Lat. lathe. a. come $. . [-ED. as.) Propare adjacent when they lie near to each t'ON'TEXT. €on-tent'jient. contortum. [Lat.€6n'ti-nu'i-ty. : . 2. t.] make a subject of dispute. Capable of being contested. [tests an opponent. to come. — sension . i.] Restraining the indulgence of desires or passions. Lat. 2. On the In a contrary order.] Possible. to knit together. Given to opposition. To be permanent or durable. Strife in debate.] [Lat. temperate: chaste. €on-tor'tion. conieztus. Other without touching. in opposition. negro slaTe. Gr. 2. contra. -GoN'TRA-Dl-e'TIOUS. a. tion. 2. ited merchandise or traffic.] [Lat. 1.ji. from con and terminus. Filled with That which extends or increases.] 1. contiguous buildings. a.tract. or . &c. 2. 1. a. Permanence. from con and trahere. . Inherent force by which bodies contract. contrary. . €6n'T[-gu'i-ty. An asser denial. €on-tTn'u-ance. Lat. In a consung by the highest male or lowest €oN-TIG'U-OJS. 5. . contradictum. State of being €on-tin'u-ous-ly. Tending to conCON'TRAC-TII/I-TY. A violent strug- Syn. . CoN'TI-NENT-LY.] Bounding line outline. [Amer. €ON-TRAST'. from contra. One of the larger bodies of land on the globe. to call to witness. A thing of contrary or opproposition conposite qualities. 2. €6n'tra-vene'. being contingent. contravenire. . proclamation. fTON-TEST'A-BLE. contingent. guishing by contrast. a. in contrast or opposition. alto. thing is flows on without interruption through Satisfaction content. variance. contradictions. conti^uus. [Lat. -ING. n. i. €on-tKn'gent-ly.) (a. n. ing Syn. continuare. CoN'TRA-Die'TION. v. 2. but of which the falsehood of one does not establish the truth of the other. n. 2.. Syn.&. pi. 3. [contact.] [L Lat. OR. v. opposed in quality only. from n. Capable of €oN-TRA€T'l-Br. 2. 1.-tin'u-a tor. disagreement. 1. n. contingere. 1. i. 1. a. One who con[contradiction. a combat is a deadly conflict of two or more. CoN'TRA-DlCT'. fr different: concontra.] To in conflict with. dis- gle. —To dispute. controvert. V. a twisting. formed by the besiegers between their camp and the place besieged. Unintertrariety. — main land of Europe. from con and torquere. Con'TRA-DIS-TINC'tion. [It. Pertaining to the .] [Lat. opposition. €ON-TRA€T'I-BLE-NESS. pgainst. 2. voices the alto or counterfemale fr. v. t. A . n. 2. connection cohesion. contra and dicere. v. To contend €6n'test. —A Con.] (Mus. n. Prohibtreaty. [L. / tinues. CONTRAVENE 89 2. 1. to say. PULL . Pertaining to a continent. ner to touch. State of beositions ing contrary to. 1. -ING. as. Containing a. €. n. v. 2. Uninterrupted succession continuation. To unite into one long vowel or diphthong. a. A n. contrakere contractu??!.] Bordering contiguous. (Logic. Act of concontinuous which tracting. t. against. it steadily recurs again. €6n'tra-rie§. [Lat. the contrary. €6n'ti-nent'al. To oppose.. adjoining farms.] Parts — . CoN-TRXcT'1-BIl'I-TY. n.DQ. (114). is contracts. Syn.«.) Voice or singer performIn actual or close contact touching. pr. rupted extension or succession. v. 2. to this part. V. To Con-tin'u-al-ly. fr. — — - .hard. Apt to conRelating to contention. 2. URN.] 1. -ING. &c. or liable to occur. out interruption. a conflict is a violent meeting of the parties. p. An event which may ocI : [Lat. . €on-test'ant. Con'TRA-RI'E-TY. contiguous when they are brought more continuously in contact.

to bring together. A radical change of heart. Office of a Con-trol'ment. pique. to v. to be €on-vers*:'. adv. con and versari. In a con. v. . or the like. control. 2. from con. €6n'vert. n. and vertere. and rOle. restrain. 1. veil. n. n. Act of beating deportment. Lat.] [Lat. which is convenient. -lino. tributing. One who excels in conversation.and venire. €on-VEX'i-ty. a pervert is one who is drawn off or perverted from the true faith. live.a. Eng. €on-ver'gent. To bruise or injure by relation. controls. of which the answer is or inttoN-TRl'TION (-trish'un). n. Quality of being convertible.] 1. [Lat. of controlling state of being controlled. — . n. Capable of being exchanged ble. To cause to assemble. counts of other officers.] [-ei. . a. Syn. V. from con and vertere. [-ED. €ON-VEN'TION-AL-l§M. [See Convene. 1. care. Pertaining a. -ING. eontumux. n. An oflicer to oversee. A person who is converted from one opinion or practice to another. A turning or changing from o>-e state to another. . €on-trol'la-ble. convergere. Con-vert'i-ble. contrives. tives. ingenuity. t. fr. n. €6n'TU-ME'li-ous-ly. a. a. An informal or preliminary compact.a«/i\ Inaconventional manner. against. Having frecontundere. Behavior. adapted. To beat or tundere. Act of coming together. t. An abbey a nunnery. €cw-VENE'. •eoN-VERT/i-BiL'i-TY. a. 2. as adaptedness. Con'tro-vErt'IST. veniens.— To Tendency to one point. contribuere. chat more so. [convened. €on-vent'i-€le. v. con and valescontinuous state of grief and self-conrepentance is nn act in demnation cere. conne. Tending to one n. 1. €oN-TRiv'A-BEE. transmutable. n. State — State of n. A — €6n'TRO-v£rT. That ». n. — To contradict j obstruct . One who [controller. [itence. of convenire. p: pr. n. to turn ] To change from one form. short. €on-v£rt'1-ely. €on-TRIB'u-tor. 3. n. . One who con: convrnire. [-ED. Capable of being to find. . [-ed -ing.u. Familiar dis- €o-nun'DRUM. €6n'tro-ver'sy. ac. E. n.] To exercise a restraining influence over. devise . contributum. and refers to n change of mind or feelings.] 2. being conventional. €ON-VEN'TiON-AL-LY. of health contrived. ) n. A See body of monks or nuns. 1.] [Lat. 1. Convent.m. One who con€on-trib'u-to-ry. — — Convert is generic. v.— Stubbornness.] Syn. Con'ver-sa'tion-al. 1\ i. far. Capable of being Con'va-les'cjence. : . converter e. Capable of susceptible or being converted change. 3. a. In a con. In a converse €on-v£r'sion. — .] Syn.t. . with sorrow for our sins. fr. Havii g pound. 2. leaving his former sect or system.] Con-ven'tion-al'i-ty.r. convexus. -ING. -ING. pervert. or hinder. a. €on-trib'u-tIve. against. Qualified for €on-tuse'.— Penitent repentant.u. 3. ness and a.] A puzzling ques€6N'TRiTE-NESS. a. Familiarity. catalogue. ) . n. to company . €ON-TROL'LER-SHlP. colloquial.] by use or study versed. [Lat. J suitableness. 1. Con'verse-ly. €6N'TU-MA'cio0s. to grind.VERGE'. Exterior surface of a convex body. to grow strong.] [N. co?ivalescere. of being contrite deep sorrow for sin. pose. from obstinacy. a. [-led. tributed. 0. a. contribute. and which is received or established by informal agreementtloN'TU-MA'cloC's-LY. — Fit. .] Swelling into a rounded form. -ING. an accommo- dation. Conversation. fr. conlumelia. a part to_lend assistance or aid. €on-ven'ient Convene. con and tribuere.CONTRAVENTION Syn. contra. n. covering from sickness. In a contrite . n. intended use. . n. t. €ON. Restraining influence. [-ED -ING. 2. vertible manner. con- (-yent). [conversation sociable.] To incline and approach nearer together. /'. chat. to come. That which is con€6n'tu-ME-LY.] [Lat. €on-ven'ient-ly. 2. remain. €on-vert'. to bruise. €6n'vex.] pecially for religious worship. invent. -ING. a. n. a monastery [See Convent. to Assembly of delegates or representa- [Lat. conversari. adv. [manner.] Persistent [Lat. A turning CoN'TU-MA'cioGs-NESS. Formed by Sanctioned by usage. to another. 1. conrerxation i> more continuous and sustained. or interchanged reciprocal. *.L. One who carries on a controversy. ute contributing aid. In a con- venient manner. n. is still familiar. Contention. 3. That : 4. a councontre-rvle. quaintance 2. Tending to [tributes. Ask. n. turn. [Lat. t. ) J Rudeness compounded of haughtipoint. a. Repentance. 1. as between commanders of armies. Act of conrudely proachfully insolently. One re<30N-TRIVE'.] [Lat. call together. To keep to commune. CoN'TRO-vliRT'l-BLE. 6. beating. . fr. €!ON-TRiv'ER. t. €on-ver'gen-cy. from con and quent intercourse.] 1. A proposition which is the reverse of another. and versatile. €6n'tra-ven'tion. perverseness. of place.«. obstruction. i. n. to know. i. suitable. [-ED. roll. €on'verse. . To give to a common stock or for a €6n'tu-me'li-ous. That which serves to check. a conference i» held for the discussion of some important topic. n. Syn. A. Syn. ter register. n.] 1. &c. l. ere.long. adv. ObstieoN-TRi'B'U-TA-RY. or verify the ac- Con-trol'ler. Relating to ^Jon'tro-vEr'sial-ist. and strength after disease. strife.] 1. Recovering triving. One who n. [Lat. V. turned. reversed in order. — v.] [Lat.ra. a. fIrm. €on-ver'sa-ble. eon- a. [Lat. substance. conference. Contrition is a ^ON'VA-LESCE'. n. n. party. Broken tritus. is governed by conventionalism. Capable of being controverted disputable. 1. v.] trary custom conventionalism. what. n. <3on-triv'ance. cunne.'. t\ t. i. See Adapted to an end. all. troverts. Contributing to the same stock or purpose. €6n'VENT. Arbi[-ED. n. ject . contreuver. Freedom from discomfort. Willfully perseveringly disobedient. €6n'ver-sa'tion. €6n'trite-LY.] To recover which. 2. . [Fr. \. 1. 138. from eon and treuver. 1. An assembly or gathering. to beat. €on-ven'ience. €6n'ver-sant. To form by an exercise of €on-ven'A-BLE. 2. €on-tu'£ION. .— Talk being volves a pun. Capable of being controlled. [Lat. protracted contest or dispute. [Cf. ) Syn. Opposition n. adv. conventvs. contumacia. [disputes. a. to turn. and of 2. becomes the adherent of another.] down with grief or penitence. contre. X. To give contemptuous insolent. [Obs. we rehealth and strength after sickness. Gon-tr5l. ReCon/tri-bu'tion. 2 Acquainted 1. [-ED -ING. religion. Thing contrived device. 2. Paying tribnacy stubbornness. Overbearingly common purpose. manner. impart.€on-ven'tion-al-Yst. agreement. adv. bruised. v. [-ED. Fr. insolent. course informal talk. . to grant. time. transforma2. y. n. 2. Recovery €6n'va-les'cen-cy.£. tJON-TRlB'UTE. suited. a. CONVEXITY 90 op- [to the opposite side. Act of coneoN'vA-LES'CENT. —Talk. — . CoN'VER-SA'TION-AL-IST.] To contend against in words oi writings to denv. a. ^ON'TRA-vfiR'siON. es- €on-ven'tion. nounce them.] fr. neophyte. is broken. to conversation — .] [0. €6n'tu-ma-('v. 1. 2. con and vfrgere. One whc tumacious manner. fON-VER'GENCE. health and strength. . Contrition pention. t£rm. convehere. 2. . familiarly . Promotive of comfort or advantage. contusitm. conterere. State bruising. Proselyte. 2. £>6n'trIte. incline. Power or act n. pro- plot.?j. Syn. To talk to chat. Turned about. wrangle.6. s6n.] To come together to meet. •eoN'TRO-vfiR'SIAE/a. Fitness or €on-ven'ien-cy. cont/Cle. plan . fr. Syn. a proselyte is one who. adv. -ING. €on-VEN'TION-AL. a.

A copalli. €ook. con and table. V. Moderately cold. Con-vey'er. and vincere. €on-vix'ci-bl. n. n. [-ED. CONVEXLY — COPULA 91 65N'VEX-LY. t. -ING. (26). n. [-ED -ING. Act or means which frequents lakes and other still Any violent and irregular motion. Act of convictSee COLD. is done. n.-1ng. from excitement by free covering for the head. Calm. II. t. — Calm. i\ t. Art or practice of est or concern in any matter. One who convinces. to take. ». coper. adv. Operating language of the Copts. opera. v. . to roil. con and volvere.-S. xaA. [-ED. A property. renowned for its copper mines. 2. 2. 1. [Lat.] To convoke. Any thing regarded as extended over the head. concorare. hard. 3.] copper. -ING. 1. of koekje. convolver?.cappe. nere.-S.. n. defined with respect to certain fixed other. ordinatus. Svx. a. pull . Somewhat cool. Co-pai'ba. n. ( n. Srx.— . Co-par'ce-ner.arff. liquid. convulsion or spasms. CON-VINCE'. CoN'VOY. or a print taken from such a plate.] The convoyer. €6'PI-OUS-LY. ciimb. -ING.j A grated box or a cage for keeping small animals. victed. way. porter. n. contain-Gon'vo-lu'ted.] To call together. coitper. [Am Cop'PER-PLATE. n. composed repulsive . Partnership To prepare. communicate. i. State of being convinced or con- ing. a. n. €o-pai'va. of the will or feelings. made of. {'oo'LY.] Equal in rank or order. tus. Con-vey'ance. metal of a reddish color. €OOL'EE. t'ON-voV. n. [both sides.] [Lat. for con. Convex reference. kupa. Cool'ly ner In a cool man- (109).] [Lat. v. Act of calling or assembling. n. CoN-vOKE'. n. (Church of Eng. [Lat. plentiful to allay. A joint heir. A -ING. A i sin. -ing. In a convex form. to reg€6lf'VEX-NESS. Producing. of conveying writing by which property veyed to another. v. n. To prove for the table. See Convey. n. 2. Act of convincing of error. a. n. for service in — Convention. Mixed with. €o~ol'ish. n.Cop'PICE.] winding together.] 1.:er. felon. n.] [Fr. council.] 1.] up convey. One who man- ufactures copper utensils. The mirth indulged in on festive occasions. Joint interguilty of an offense or crime. [-ed &c. work n.] Large in quantity or amount. 1. sliow by evidt-nce. roasting. One who makes barrels. short. [-En. or planes. €ON-vi€'TION. -ing. [Lat. northern sympathizer with the southern rebellion of 1861-65. 2. Con-volve'. n. Cop'per-y.] table. by boiling.] an ancient Egyptian race. n. [-ED. 2. . together. Cope. [-ED. hard. or cold. to cut. n. -ing. 2. koek. ploys himself in drawing ances of property.— To convince is an act of the understanding. To moderate the excite- t. Cyprian brass. alienated. Co-par'ce-na-ry. from co. 2. To roll or wind together. n. [-ED -ING. Cop'i-er. t.] A rolling or To act or operate Copse. To become more moderate. with coolness. baking. silent . n. a. [Gr. a. — .- Svx. sition of any point.] /. IOOK. [Lat. Cyprus. €o-6p'er-a-tive. [Lat.v-vey'a\-(. and concave on the Con-vOlse'. | synod. A joint partner concincere. An assembly or meeting. n. con- a. coin made of copper. kidl. A [-ed . n. C6p'u-lA.] ened . [0. seize upon. 2^ festal. self-possessed . co. ?'. n. 1. Cop'per-head. [D. to pluck. as food for the in inheritance. 2. €o\-V£x'0-ej\'€AVE. small. Co-part'ner-ship. is on one side. [-ed. When we say. To impart €oot 77. Capable of be- a. Curved or rolled CO-OP'EE-ATE. Con'VICT. large boiler of copper. as pigeons.] To contend. or other elements of convex convexity. \ | — . V. vellere. i. n Highest course of ma- n. adv. [-ed. To persuade. vice by the clergy. State of being copious. n. or entertainment. a.) A general assembly of the clergy.] 1. ment of kind. €o-6p'er-a'tor. passion Svx. €o'NY. a. ing convinced. do. fort or labor joint operation. c. this . or attenled with. n. N as NG. a. Concurrent ef. [Lat cuniculus. Cox-vfeT'. A cloak Avorn during divine ser[-ED. an associate. [Brazil. copper-flower. Ger. A protecting force con. o. abundance. sweet- cake. wolf. Relating to a feast CON-vTv'I-AL'I-TY. A 2. con- Co'Pi-ous. ii. assemble. — Festive .G. -IN&. waters. cular parts of an animal body. n. e. flat. convictum. i. cony.G. social. to To overcome by argu- convincere. bear [W.] 1. [-ed. One who labors and apere. To prepare food for the Co-PART'NER. 1. 3. — — A cake. -ing./cav0O5. Plentifully.] Sulphate of iron.] 1. Convex on lines. Co or'di-nate (45). so/*/ €. jovial. Co-op'er-A'tion. n. [Icel. Syx. v. OR. n. To cover with -ing. [-ed. dim. or €6n'Y.] [Lat. €6n'vo-€A'tiox. — — n. To make cool 2. State of being cool. er's work. same order or rank. by means of which the poThat which is convoyed. CON-VlVl-AL.] To accomjointly with others. rabbit. 1. a.] A resinous juice used in medicine.] To confine in a coop to shut up.] A laborer transported from the East. [A.] [A. copper. 1. from con conquer. to work. ] Cop'per-smith. for con. t. n. [-ed €o. by proof. fr. 0. The [Lat. r. v. adv. a.] To make a low cry. x«Afos Kun-pios. convulsum.€oo. bob-tailed. COOK'Y. or one thing on jointly with another." there is a degree of feeling mingled with the conviction which gives rise to the expression. 2.f. An engraved plate of copper. a /cu/uj3o?. urn. " I am persuaded it is so. some other country. [sonry in a wallCop'ing. 2. [Lat. A vessel for cooling. E. . vene. (kobm). A violent and to transfer. €o-6r'di-nate-ly. to Gr. ii. €o"OL.f.] resinous substance used in the manufacture of varnishes. too. That which cools. •Goop'er-age. To become less hot.] jointly to the same end. [Hind. Syx. .e. cob. A wood of small growth. copiosns. -ins. Co'pi-ous-ness. To summon. ) [Mexican n. To carry to CoN-viJLSiON.] 1. -GoP'PER-AS. A person proved guilty a criminal. fr. i. and operari. rue. v. or 3. t. n. v. a. — : . from Con'vo-lu'tion. cliuofa. from con €'on-vex'o-€ON'vex. [cooking.] To draw or eonCON-VEY'. . . frigid . : is A Con-vul'sive." " I can not persuade myself of the fact. cup. a One who copies transcriber. t. or like. A water-fowl. -Cox-vey'an-cing. €6n'vo-€ate. the other by motives. E^cist . to satisfy — Svx. cOl. for predicate of a proposition. cupauba. badry measure of four bushels. Act or practice of drawing up conveyances of . Fr coppiz. [From its color. to persuade. casks. The one is effected bv argument. cuprirosa. and ordinare. a Iiborer. State of being accompanying ships or property on Lines.] [See Convocate. A§. i.] . To €ook'er-y. n. One who prepares food vincere. ulate. or green vitriol. or involuntary contraction of the musfrom cwta. liquid measure. r. A.]' 1. t. . 2. Cop'PER. 3. — Ample.] ing. tract violently and irregularly. Gr. r.] [Lat. word which unites the subject and pany for protection. . €o~oi/ness. C'OO'LIE. as passion of any exuberant. especially on equal terms to match. Price for coopplace where cooper's Business of a cooper.-S.] [Lat. abundant. from copia. 2. transmission. of a crime : convej^s. €oomb Cobp'ER. pi their way from place to place.. Con-VIN'CER. 2. fr. A . . n. In the con and cia. cvjtiar.] [Formed from the sound.] ment . ii. One who h. [W.] A poisonous American serpent. v. and convellere. another. impudent. -ING. co. &c. Relating to the Copts. 1. to conquer. A . A — v. Coop. p. as of a curve. [-er -est.t. ' — dispassionate. One who ema_ rabbit. Co'pal. I. coq- A stupid fellow..€6p'Tl€. equiv. A moderate state of cold. 1.— Milefaetor: culp>-it.

KOpiov. Manuscript placed in a compositor's hands. An ] deduction €o-RO'na. 2. coroU €'o-r6i/lA. equiv. Y. firm. 2.] n. [Fr. To furnish with cork. or €6rd-ial'i-ty. Eng.) Land held in copy-hold. .COPULATE €6p'U-LATE. n. [Fr. €o-quet'ry. Cor'ner-wise.] jection which crowns the part to which it is affixed. a. €6r'ne-a — Hearty. v. Kopis. — . 2. — orate. plenty. A series of military posts. corn-fields. n. £.] 1. n. a luminous A circle body. .) Vase of the Corinthian colcorbis. — n. corded or ribbed on the surface. To secure by copyright. Proceeding from the cor. pi. €6r'net-cy. €'6r'NE-o0s. Containing corn or grain. any thing curved.t. u. n. heart. . . Fr. €6rn'y. CoR'AL-LOID'AL. . barley. €0-RO>- pi.] One of a religious order founded by copulatum. — . v. [Lat. coral. A . J or form of a heart. : €OR'NU-€6'Pl [Lat. €6rk'-Jack/et. cornu. corticis. or to coronation. -ING. cor- a. heart. 3. from .] A thick cotton stuff. [Lat. KopdWtov. Tending to cheer or invig- Syn. n. ere. to Lat. horn. — n. who endeavors to gain matrimonial offers. A model pattern. or the space between thenn 2. Having orates. with corb. cAre. mOrvran. servant. n. €6r'ol-LA-ry corolarium corolla. A . One of a series of repetitions of an original work. [In this sense it has a pi. corkstopper cut out of cork. JE.u-t of a flower. The point where two converging lii:es n let. J [-ED. n.] Outer bark of — — of plenty an emblem of abundance. sale by the cord. (or kor'dong). unite.a n.] 1. Gr. 142. . [Lat. warm. corde. t. €6r'al-line. or hard. [Lat. n. or small rope. forms the corner of a foundation. Embrace of the sexes in the act of generation. form. €6rk'Y. admiration or love. v. or <3or'dial. with the intention to reject her suitor. n Ropes or €or'DATE. cornu. inference a a (omeqnence.] (Music. horn.] 1. various grains which grow in ears.) Carved ^i end of a piece of timber or stone proCorbel (6). n. cor. some particular object. Heartily. t. basket. cornu.) tenure of estate by copy of courtroll. [Heb. [-ED place. horn. [Lat. To preserve and season with salt.] 1 Strong. fr. — OoP'Y.] heart. C6p'y-ER. n. A €6r'di-al. n.\t. the t. n. €o-quet'tish (ko-ket'tish).) A spe1. €6p'u-la-tive Serving to couple. [Lat. [ED -ING. to give to another. or resembleather. A. Gr. n.. Commission or rank of a cornet. 2.] grain.- Stone which n. copulare.] The horny transparent membrane in the front part of the e\e. A writing like another writing a transcript. jecting from a wall.. called ) i petals.-S. as a book. 11. Diagonally with the corner in front. A conjunction that unites the sense as well as the words.] 1. A crown wreath garland. angle. [Lat. . quents tionate. end.] thing. To stop with corks. y.£. . [Lat. Corinthian. horn. [From Lat. u. n. or in copies are written for learners to imn. maize used collective* ly.] 1. 3. Pertaining to Corinth. .] . short. (b. cornu. to couple. < on posed of one or more leaves. Corolla.] 1. -ING. Corb. €6r'nu-€0'pi-a. cornevs. . A [-ED . < member large. equivalent to 128 cubic feet. Goth. The horn — . Sincere affection and kindness. fr. bug-like smell of its leaves. [Gr. copier a transcriber. — A. €6rn'-€RAKE. attract vanity. €6r'al-loid. tORD'IAL-LY.) A wind instrument blown with the mouth. Lat.) (a. ^Zip^F ^iip^ 1 -A^^W^W- umn. ou account of the plant. [-ED -ING. To get control of. horn. trifle . Cornucopia. [I'robably fr. €6p'y-book. nu.long. [A. To granulate. n.: . mCr. coquettish. pique. . The solid secretion of zooph\ tes. corbis. i.] branching like coral. of the pelican glutton. a. marshy places. around as the sun or moon. rope or girdle worn by that order. corbicula. g*^JSJ NJK. n [Fr.] vain. .] Horn-like horny. Heart or inner part of a n. bird which fre- Cor'nel. Fr. j Having the form of coral. n. n. Francis. a. a. like coral. 2. [Lat. . L.) (a.] To imitate to transcribe to model after. €6p/u-la'tion. pleonastically prefixed. o. bug. far. [Lat. fr. Corduroy roach a roadway formed of logs laid side by side across it. Cop'Y-ist. The officer who the standard in a cavalry cies of carries troop.. 2. €6p'y-right (-rit). n. To do a thing in imitation of something else. horn-like induration of the skin on the toes. raven. ask. a corruption of Cordovan. esp. said of stocks. Gr. [L.] basket used in coaleries. n. Cor'ni'ce. — .] A shoemaker.. [Norm. and bran. 3. chorda. pea. or gluttonous family. Laic. An alms- A vow 2. Producing corn or grain. 2. A solid measure. affec thing that cheers or invig- n. flat cornice. . V. A a cord. a and copia. n. produced within the tissues of the polyps. 1. 2. corium. Affectation of amorous advances trifling in lone. 3.] 1. as in Cor'DON corde. corntvs.] The inner p. 2.] To attempt to Core. of seeds which A horny. raven. [Gr. KopwAny molded provi/Sf a curved line. tree. like a horn. icopdWwv.] 1. la. To pile up. One who n. [-TED -TING. n. which €6lt'DI-AL-LY. coroi. . 2. corn. -ING. n. small. Practicing or exhibiting coquetry. €0-RlN'TIII-AN. stiff. n A jacket having pieces of cork inclosed within canvas. CORD'WAIN-ER. €6rk. A €6rn. rye. . sincere. dim. A kind of screw used for drawing corks. and etoos.] 1. Consisting of. t£rm. xopS^l 1 A string. sincerely. v. — v. leather CO'RI-AN'DER. cornu. cordwain.] [See Coquette. v. €6r'ol. (Jewish Ant iq. €0-QUET' (-kef). 4. of a petaled. 2. A book itate. (147). n. [Lat. the shape <36r'da-ted. and are used — €6rd'aGe. [Lat.] 2. corvus. [-ed -ING. €6r'du-roy'. t. ling. A the have a 2.. all. dim of oro na. fr. crown. 2. basket. To render in- a. (*. cordel. A genus of sea-birds. originally strutting like a cock. (44). €o-QUETTE' (-kef). Fr.t. ) a.] leathery. ko. n. or Cor'du-roy'. of n. copia.] 1. or connect. for food. Any adv. for [used collectively. a pattern for writing. transcribes. €'6r'net. oats. or to a certain order of architecture. corde du roi.] A shrub and its fruit the dog-wood. €6r'o-nal. from 0. [Lat. €6r^AL. To drive into a corner.] .I. €6r'mo-RA. n. A A plaything made of coral.( la. a kind of leather. CORONAL 92 v. [Lat. Icaurn. copies or A €6p'y-hold. a. as wood. gle seed of certain plants a grain. ? n7~ pwr. [W. A secret or retired v. t. A cords. toxicated. [Lat. strong smell. from Lat. [Lat. 1.] To unite in sexual embrace. (6. Exclusive right of an author to print and publish his own literary works for his own benefit. adv. from its hardness. €6r/de-lier'. Pertaining to cork.from See Cord. a. The o. cortex. a.) by which a person bound himself not basket. A [Lat. a medicine which does so. COR'NER. Cor'di-al'i-ty. 4. t. a. I. The projecting coping of a scarp-wall.. what. Lat. abundance.) (a. from cornu. crown. coronis. n. Any part. Co'ri-a'ceoOs. veil. 2. a sea-raven. v. Consisting of coral . trumpet. €6RK'st'REW (-skrjj). [Gr. [From 0.] <= Arch. hard particle a 3. 1. horn. €6r'ban. i. horn. Lat. hard. Pertaining to the kingly ciown. KOpiavvov. €'6r'ner-stone. or to receive from him. To bind with €6rd. v. n. To from in love. s6n. king's cord. trifling woman. granum. eoR'BEL.] 1. (Eng. as wheat. n. and used to aid in swimming. sinallied with Lat. comolivm.

from con and roborare.-ing. [Lat. 2. -edR'RE-SPOND'ENT-L. a. €OR-RUPT'LY. of fretting or vexing €or-re€T'Ive. corpusculum. Worthy of being chas-Gor'set.Y. 2. Suscepti.] An organized part or division of an army. or resembling. of rays in one point. Lat. -ING. adv. court. rundum stone. — — GoR'RE-SPOND'ENCE. cr re- a. correspond ere. . exactness. fr.. One who. Lat. [Fr. or state of being corrupt. pirate. Cor're-spond'. Possibility [ing corrupted. ( — . [L. or belonging to.] cors. Cor/re-la'tion. fr. corpus. [Fr. 60R-RECT'. as found native in a crvstalline state. wolf. 3. caporal. n. Con. €6r'pu-lence. . CoR-RiJPT'I-BLY. a. corruption from con anti rumpere. from Lat. We correspond witli a friend by letters. j . a. or tending to corroborate. In a correct •eoR'RU-GANT. One who corresponds. €OR-RODF" V. n.. Tending to rectiLike a corThat which has the power €OR-RO'SIVE-I. rectitude. sq/i. . €or-re€T'ness. Lat. piratical vessel. adapted. Action of eating or wearing away by slow degrees. ) j made of bark. fr. In. . odv fy.. t. Having the quality of giving strength confirmA medicine that strengthn. adv. 2. 2. regularity . €. To have intercourse. to answer. n. Cor-rod'i-BLE. . crown. €OR-ROD'ENT. . n.] 1. Taint or imanswercongruous conformable purity of blood. [Lat. n. adv. pi. [L. bark external. Having the power Cor-RE€T'ly. Corroborating. — Corporal bodily. corporeal substance or .] An officer whose duty is to inquire into the manner of a violent death.] ing. Cor-RUPT/i-BIL/i-ty. of corpus. amended. corrects. 1. cors.\ Resembling bark. n. dim. (kor'tes). or composed of. C6r'po-ral. A fellow-rival. to lose purity. Titiated depraved debased perverted. In a corporate capacity. Cor'PO-re'I-ty. €6r'TI-€OUS. a.] [Lat. co- The earth alumina. [Lat. [competitor.— Bodily is opposed to mental . Tending to Cor-ro'sIve a. Lat. correct the figure CORTE <?. Pertaining to. . of 0. by sending and receiving letters. corroboratus. Fr. ness obesity. [manner. C.a.] The legislative as- corte. sing. t.It. [Lat. head. caput. or that n.] To make more certain to confirm. to .l'J. i.] 1. [L. corona.. large. 3. passage-way to apartto run. adv. j ! I I -Cor-rupt'i-ble-ness. do. a. fr. EJIst . as. rust. €or-rOpt'er. coronarius. . 2.hard. n.— Stout. In or with the body bodily. ty of corrupting. One who.] An article of €or-rI'val. or CO-RtJS'CATEjV. n. n. suitably. [Sp. -ING. €or-rupt'ness.y. pi. fr. . a. 1. corporare. -ing. corroborare. bodih/ affections. OR. a. (kor. 2. crown. Lat. ?'. To speak of cor/joreul punrupting.e. Any substance that €OR-RE€'TlON.] 1. v. gnaw. k5rz). .J place of what is wrong. a. correctum. fr. — — . politic or corporate. dim. Having the quali- — . corroborating confirmation. a.] Having an excessive quantity of flesh obese. corrugare. To correspond with: corresSyn.n. n. TOOK of moral / stays. Cor-RUPT'I-ble. E. Crn. A body n. 2. body. Excessive fatCor'PU-len-cy. Product corruption. Capable of be- a. bility So as to be now used. correction vexing. n. . n. discipline. ishment is now a gross error. Pg. Syn. Cor-ror/o-ra'tion. 1. [L. of being corrupted. - . Corporal. or A A €orse A corpse. more j to the exterior. lrom con and corrode:. tion €or-rupt'. One who corrupts. tazh'). [See Corpse. corrigere. n.. pi. Materiality. to correct. v. 3. n. from corpus. €6R'0-NET. n. Act of correctamending change for the better 2. To change from good to bad. -ing.] 1.] . adv. Upper part of a horse's hoof. corporalis. I — ! . corona. to putrefy. Lat. Having a body or substance not spiritual. corsarius. Capable of be- a. [Fr.] t. ) / n. 2. A train of attendants. €6r'ri-dor/. rosive in a corrosive manner. Having or indicating a reciprocal relation recipn. rocal. State of being n. : COR'PO-RA'TION. [Lat. Cor-ra'di-a'tion. n. [Fr. a women worn to support or dress by €or-rob'o-RANT. t. [Hind. Syn. [Lat A ] word or thing to be corrected. [-ED. €6r'ru-gate. as frame. body. a crown. As. from con and respondere.] To form into wrinkles or folds. — To canker. corporal pun1. [Corrupted from Fr. correct. Cor'o-NER.n. To be 2. Lat. Mutual adapta- tion of one thing to another. to strengthen. right: exact. Punishment. asNG. as. To become vitiated. or that which. Dead corpvs. Perversion of Suitable €or-PO're-al-ly. a. 4. pursy. — — . €6r'ru-ga'tion. 65). a corporation. A member of a corporation. bark.(Sr.} Conformable to truth.CORUSCATE CORONARY €6r'0-NA-ry. form or manner. formed and authorized by law to act as a single person. n. one thing corresponds to another. e. Belonging to the body. €JOR'PO-RATE. fleshv. [See infra. 2.] A kind of 1. [-ED. n. into wrinkles. corrodes. Having the quality corrective. Act of corLetters which pass between corre. body. corpus. n. or propriety free from error. bilis.] 1. 1. ment. to break. . body. Icurand. to shape into a body. — . A GEN'DA. €6r'o-na'tion.] 1. — Accuracy Syn. Accurate. sembling. rue. corpulentus. Changed from a sound to a putrid state spoiled tainted. of 0. con and regere. of correcting. n. 4. .] [Lat. To obviaror remove to counteract or chan^. pond to. body of the army. ) Gor're-spond'ing-ly. An inferior crown. action of what is hurtful in its effects. tf i. €6r'pus-cle (-pus-1. or small particles. . 1. €6r'po-rate-i. putrid. [-ED -ING. consisting of. adv. a. this . That which is substituted in the €or-ro'si-ble. from con to wrinkle.€or-rup'tion. €or'ri-gi-BL. : Cor'ti-cose'. corpus. n. Cor're-spond'en-cy. answerably J formably. } To eat away or consume by legrees Syn. €o-R0s'€ANT. corpus. to lead straight. Corpse. To punish for faults. tised( Lat. body.. corporatus. ion. n. €OR'RI. spondents. Lat. €6r'PU-LENT. ) ing corroded. corrigi€6rse'let. . n.] [Lat. €o-RUN'DUM. of corruption. 3. PTJLL .] Lowest officer of a company of infantry. contraction precis- . To make . fat. and rugare. t'OR-PO'RE-AL (89). [Lat. corpus. To become putrid to rot. & €orps ~€orps-DAR3TEE (kor'dar'uiii'). a. fjOR-RE€T'OR. correlaReciprocal or mutual relation. body. pi. In a bodily €6r're-spond'ent. esp. a. ens the body L €OR-ROB'0-RATE. Fr.] A portion of a grand army possessed of all the constituents of a separate or an in- dependent army.] body of a human being. [-ed t. In a corrupt State of being corrupt. & semblies of Spain and Portugal. 2. €oR-pDs'€U-EAR. Act or ceremony of crowning a sovereign. €or-rob'o-ra-tIve. €6r'PO-ral-ly. corri gere. . — [-ed. a. worn by noblemen. Counter. . Cor'sair. cur sum. 1. too. 2. to run. . €6r'po-RA'TOR.€oR-Rt)PT'lVE a. A minute particle. refers Intercourse by means of letters.G. answers to it. Relating to. [Lat.] Cortes corte.] [Lat. next below a sergeant. Belonging to. I. <3orse n. Lat. [manner. currere. body. That which corroborates. fr.€OR-RO'glON. 2. from Lat. n. to wear away. corticosus.. A n. silent . [Lat. [Lat. Corporeal refers to the interior animal structure as. corpuscles.] United in. [Fr. Cor-rec'tion-al. Act of . waste. n. n. corrugatus. . acrimonious. c. stands in a reciprocal relation to some other person or thing. -ebRi RI-GEN'DUM. Conjunction n.. able. dim. which. [Fr. n.Y. adv. of corrugating. court. o. v. a. 1 ishment.] . To make or set right.] ments independent of each other. corrumpere. €oR-REL'A-TlvE. currere. n. body. Having a material body or substance material.] €"OR'Tl-eAL. Eating away. n. rodere. [-ED. Glittering by flashes- €6R'US-eATE. n. i. gnav. Capable of being set right or light breastplate worn by pikemen. . a. cortex. Syn.] [L. Lat.

n. order. . portion. Fr. of Lat.) 1 Cozy. cXre. arate the seeds from cotton. Co'-sine. cosmography. a. n. To require to be borne or suffered. . 2. Coun'see-or n.— CORUSCATION A bis. 6. Pertain- Cot'y-led'o-noOs. corvinus.] Science of the world or universe or a treatise relating to its structure and various Co§-mol'o-GIST. fr. [Gr. A machine the verb. n. [Gr. n.] [-ed [Lat. j [At. long. n. Cos/mic-al. all. •Cot. Amount paid Coun'te-NANCE. A. kitchen.] the lesser flower-stalks are produced along the common stalk on both sides. •Cou'GAR (koL'gar). ) a. esp. Co§-m6p'o-LITE. -ing. To agree to adhere. [-ED. couch. Tcel. In opContrary. crow. to beget. coruscatus. for beasts. . n. Indicating an equa'i(ko-tll'yun). Favor aid en[-ED -ING. Count. n. fTrm. . Coun'ter-bXl'ance. Any external application to improve the complexion. J 1. aslow Cor-vette'. n. One who counCoun'sel-lor. state. [-ED. by means of a needle in order to v. [From . See a. 2. companiou. n. [Lat. cote. [-ed. 3. v. CoR'Y-PHE'US. To eject by a cough to expectorate. CO-TID'AL. CO£-m6g'o-NY. 1. fr. Cor'vet. Gr. Cor'us-ca'tion. Koa/uijriKo?.£. to from Lat. Cos/mo-pol'i-tan. A place for reft or . numbering reckoning. a. root of bed gether. favor. and bearing pa.os. 0. ing to cosmography. 2. Co-tem'po-ra-ry. Cos'TAL. 6. grow . (kded). and yiveiv. al(kot'tn). [Gr. t. — To sanction. It. constipare to pi ess closely together. 2. To number to . Cos. . . esp. 3. CoS/MO-RA'MA. poem. costij/a- t'os/MO-GRXPH'ic-AL. statue. a. San. koo-lio7roAiTT}5. Ko<r/u. ¥. or other lesting-place. To depress. Living a. to breathe. €o'5Y. of opinions.-ING. Deliberate purpose. [For co. and ypa^eiv. Exercise of deliberate judgment 3. [Fr.] Retaining fetal matter in the bowels constipated. [A niodif. and rise to the same height. or Cos'TUME. n. I'.] familiarly cire. from II. 2. custard -apple. — from its Cos'set. KOo-^oyovCa. 2. M. consilium. koct/u. — — merce. ) a club.a. complementi tanThe tangent of the complement of an arc or angle. n. member of a \ n. 6upport. An established mode or style. Result of deliberation. To require to be given or expended for. Koo-ju-os. 1. veil. .] cj/te. Cot'TA-ger. n. A large apple.) standing at the head. from 0. comitis. sudden flash or play of light. [Fr. opposite. fr. To consider or esteem as belonging to one. One who lives at the same time with another. Lying down. Coun'sel. — n. a [From One who A a cottage. Couch. Cos^tard. citi- residence. 4. CoUN'CIL. 3. Co'sey (ko'zy).] 1. place. One who gives advice. Cot'TON . t. to phrase. taining to the universe. costa. so called n. Antiq. world.] To make the violent effort just described. n. any chief or leader. 1. [Contr. or LED. computare. Acarnivorous Cost'LI-ness. n.] or raven. n. corbita.u. fr. constate. to sep- . ] Sine of the complement of an arc or angle. One of several charges in an indictment.] j 1. 1. contenance. 1. or being at the same time.] Co-TEM'PO-RA'NE-oOs. n. b sounded).os. Loss of any kind detriment pain. 2. the world. for consuetudo. — [See . rib] Relating to the side of the body or the ribs. 1 See PerRising a. COUN'TER-XCT'. n. imp. 137-] To advise or instruct. order. Cost (21). To express.CO-TIL'ION Co-TiLL'lON ] cotillon. n. cover for a sore finger. CpUED kot. Statement of a plaintiff's case in court. . 1. [cosmology. Cor'YMB sloop of war. n. A 1.J To act in opposition to. tangens. and Aoyo?. n. to cost. the world. A basket. tivo. Action in op. (45). Lat. to swell the number. A pet in general. [Lat. j and from 7toActt)s. 1.acup. cote. See Cozy. ) the I [Fr. p. con- A €oun'cil-or.-S. [-ED. a. to write. resistance. conciere. I bed. Of great cost dear ext'os-TUME'. To Cloth made of cotton. .] couragement. Coun'TER-Xc'tion. n. share. a.] I. j — cottage or hut. comte. To encourage by a favoring aspect. to the time. harmony. v. conttnir. as a cataract in the e>e.t. COUN' Cotton-plant. n.t. /cd<r(u. a sight. to add strength or influence. n. Inflorescence. I A description of the world t. n. n. n.] Improving the beauty of the complexion. t'Og-MOG'RA-PHY. Living or being at the same time.] 1. [ting. n. A To depend. A lamb brought up CoT'Y-LE'DON. position . kichen. bring forth. to lay.ue6s. in which Kopuit/3os. n. 3. or universe. ) a. j sailing ship. Tending to counteract. down upon — used contemptuously. A downy vegetable subresembling fine wool. [D. 2. Cot'ton-wool'. [Gr. n. v. fr. PIQUE. from Lat. 4. [pensive.e as COLTER. fr. cottage. of Can. n. To be counted. C6§'MO-grXph'I€. [For co. fr. of dress. t£rm. . Koo-fxos. -ING. Cote. . and op%ing in warm climates.] . hindrance 'OUN'TER-XCT'IVE. v. to rely. [Gr. shop-table. A 2. v. discourse. a. to consult. Cot'ton-plAnt. [Fr. cote.] A violent effort of the lungs to throw off irritating matter.-mog'ra-pher. put. . [Gr. In. 2. v. To lie down or recline. in an opposite direction. Constipation. J ornament. to Assembly J a bedstead which can be folded €o-TAN'GENT. to- [For co. €6t'ter.] 1. place. Cog-MET'IC. through a lens or lenses. Adaptation of accessories. s6n. The head Cos'TIVE. 21). what. Co-SE'€ANT. pense. a. seed-lobe. fr.os. in legal matters. Cog-MET'IC-AL.i. COST. consuetumen. v.. n. . continere. ^Mutual interchange A set of persons who meet Cot'tage assemble together. comes. rise with a regular nap. coruscare. n. gens. One versed in <_'os_-mol/o-gy.] Science of the formation of the world or universe.t. COUL'TER. To lay or in a bed. . concilium. The features. 2.i. [ty in the tides.y. ere. as in a picture. .] An exhibition. 2. 2. coU . fr. [Lat. 2. X. charge expense.] One of the seed-lobes of a plant. — Syn. secans. To lie down for ccncealment. [Gr. Having a o.] stance. custom. an abbrev. (f>ia. i. consulere.] 1. qoton.] removal. 1. to flash. Cott. ) sels an adviser.] A nobleman on the continent of Europe. Koo-fioypa.] lives in cot. Great cost.] The leader of the dramatic chorus hence. Co'te-rie'. [imp.] To throw off vivid hashes of light. leather or heel part of a boot. a shed or inclosure RA'MA. short. — drawings or paintings. also. -LING. aids in counting cates a number. Cost'ly. 2. or setting with the sun. sinus. 5. to reckon. or exAmerican quadruped. the world.] Cor'vine. v. Cosmos. [Gr. /eoCT/AOs. by hand.-S. [Gr. fr. .] person ) n. 2. n. [Gr. i. Coun'^il-lor. kveh. complementi secans. complementi sinus. tunic] A brisk dance of eight persons a quadrille. cyte. -ing. E. & p. C6s/MI€. a. »c6o>Jios. parts. who has no fixed at home in every Cot'ton-gIn. an abbrev. cor- position . hence. — — Coucil'ANT. [A. COUNTERBALANCE 9* [Lat. of a number 01 the cotton of com- 2&§r MOS. of Lat.] for consultation or advice. . but is place a citizen of the world or €5s/MO sleep. Cotton in its raw perfect arrangement. [Gr. [-ED -ing. *eoTvA>7. — . (the 75 ( .] [Lat. One versed in — v. from Lat. — . to stand at. n. (Mus. Cough (kawf. the world. I. squatCos'TiVE-NESS. locare. n. n. n. of Lat. [Lat. Cot. Ger. 4. n. to gasp. cor- Pertaining to the crow vus. enumerate. 2.] [Lat. — cole.] The secant of the complement of an arc or angle. One who counts. qoton. adv. of custard. [A. t.] The universe. A plant . A little . its fr. t. or that which indi- CoUN'TER. small dwelling A council. Backa.] expression of the face aspect mien. far. or other circumstances.] 1. n. A zen.) Counter-tenor. cot. an abbrev. Kopv^aios. n. [Lat. &c.i. »c6or/«. Appearance or hold together. kotvAtjSoSv. ask. V.

3. behavior. of couple. of courir. 3. on re. An impostor. 2. [-ED -ing. t. n.] To oppose by means of a countermine. 2 i To make a courtesy. Cou-ra'geous-ness. Two lines of a bed.— Civil. Coun'ter-mo'tion. re- [counter and Lat.. i. — — . n. n. 8. A movement in opposition to another. One who 2. corre- — A Cou-ra'geous Pos (ku-r. contra. To oppose. 6oun'ter-€UR'rent. A piece of music in triple time. . A n. cor. as a former «. A cover for Coup'let.] To march back. . Conduct 6. Court'. and ac- . CSURT'IER (korfyer). a copy . i. salesman . 4. A change of the wings or face of a battalion. n. v. [count. itates. v. of the middle parts. In a cou* rageous manner. . V. the country. contree. or effect to balance.D^WQLFjTOO. n. . stop. to voke. A tool [Lat. daring. a t. One who counterfeits a forger.. n. . Cours'er.sofl. against. . Quality of Cou-RANT'. Exchange. €ount'ing-room. Elegance and politeness of manners. . In a courtposition. from Lat.] 1. or force. courage. Favor or in- (kurt'sy). [bed. n. fc'OUN'TER-BAl/AN9E. V. COURT'E-OUS-NESS. v. [a plea. a state [Fr. civil. contrefait. ) ) counts. . 2. Revocation of a former command. ace. n. to . verse dim. t. . PULL . A lively dance. c. to make. fr. for V. n. [-ED. papers. eoUN'TER-CHARM'..] 1. t OUN'TER-GUARD. 3. To run To run as through or over. 2. courier. or methodical action. A replication to Coun'ter-plot'. as distinside-] guished from any other. as another plot. To hunt or v. To command. [sponding signal. n. Line of progress. n. power. O. power. [-ED -ING. . — .] 1. t'OUN'TER-FEIT-ER. [From Lat. 2. pr. «. those of an enemy. cohors. contremander and mander. . fr.] An interest certifi cate attached to a transferable boud.] rhyming with each other. i. intrepidity . [Fr. n. n. 2. posing weightj equivalent. and fake. A from that of the main current.hand. An attendant on travelers. against. . A cheat a forgery. to reciprocate. [-ed -ing. charm V. A ment from the Coun'ty. low work before the salient point of a bastion. q. v. .— v. COUN'TRY-DANCE. n. if in a race. n. A poison n.p. See CONTRA. To seek . Count'ess. courtesy. stated. or A — A . i.] 1. deceitful. 2. 6oun'TER-JUMP / er. A suc. Coun'ter-check'. [courage. dulgence. valorp boldness. 1. [From court. to run. That which rc.] 2.] To form. complaisant inhabitant of a country. from courir. COUN'TER-FEIT. Consort of an earl or . To oppose. reciprocation. [Fr. I. €oun'ter-mand'. Retinue of a sovereign Conduct designed to gain favor 6politeness. Cou'PON (ork6Vp5ng). A fellowSyn. t'OUN'TER-MARK'jB. and with a personal pronoun. p. frequents the courts of princes CoOrte'sy sion little — — . with a view to deceive. t. Cour'age. or . NasNG. n. 3. Count'less. hard. military. xoprd?. To to. n. used. t. as a depression. n. Part of a meal served at one time. legal tribunal. sex- ual union. silent .— COUNTERBALANCE power or effect.COURT'E-OUS (kurt'e-us). power. [being courteous. 2. A betrothed or married pair. between the tenor and the treble. Coun'TER-PLEA. [Fr. n. n. . forge. bolt below the surface. V.] 1. -ing. [-ed. Connection . [rebuke. 3. 1. Goun'ter-point. L.As. «. To the head of a screw. OR. Session of a judicial assembly Any jurisdiction.. €oun'ter-change'. A region. has the power of opposing the effect of a charm.Coun'try-seat. To come together as male and fe- — . House or roomforthe keeping of books. (kiln'try).ed. in a reversed or- Incapable of being counted innumerable numberless. A A in a shop . COUN'TER-VAIL'. A likeness a Usual. 8. cop- (kup'l). mark on goods. . (Mus. n. A gallery uning to. f'OUN'TER-CHECK^n. valere. a.. swift or spirited horse a racer. -ing. THIS- . 2. COURT. n. 1. cohortis. [Fr. . COURT'E-SY. PertainDANCE. 2. t. n.^. Gr. n. used as a place of retire- ing motion. 2. courrier. One who < solicits favor. Coun'TER-pane. A rustic. — . COURTIER 95 To act against with equal -CdUN'TER-POlgE/. n. n. A current COUN'TER-SIGN . 5. Manner of writing used in records. der ground to reach and destroy CoBn'TRY-MAN (150). .] the reception of the head of a screw or messenger sent in haste an express. eous manner. t. Act of moving from one 1 To put on a semblance of. fr. -ING. contrefaire. Two things of the same kind. CotJP'LE city. [See Court.] 1. v.] {Fort. a.] To sign in addition and opposite to the signature of a principal or superior.. from Lat. Quality of Court'e-§. rior slope COUN'TER-CHARM'. adv. [Point against point. chase after. t. n.] one to meet danger and difficulties. Lat.] To connect together to join. n. RUE. €oun'ier-move'ment. change v. t. a. revolution reversing a former one. Pertaining to the country rural rustic rude ignorant. A private military signal or watchword. obliging. Lat. . Act of civility. cursus. couper. Count'ing-house. v. [Fr.Xn (kfirt'e-zSn). [-ED -ING. To destroy the -ING. consisting of a slight bending of the knees and inclination of the body. sessing. CoOn'try der. to be strong. — used contemptuously. 1. designed to be cut off for payment when interest is due.) Exte- n. by Coun'ter-plot'. 2. Equal op. [-ED. n. . {r'OUN / TER-POI§E'. Quality of mind enabling heart. . t. Coup'ling. -ing. Having the appearance and manners of the country rustic rude. Ground or path uxitate. . [Fr. [Fr. [Fr. v.] Art of composing music in parts harmony. 2. €oun'ter-work' (-wGrk'). t. cession of acts or practices. That which serves to connect one thing with another.] To act against with equal weight. Cou-ra'geous-ly. comte.b. TO*bK URN. 1.] To act against with equal force. well-bred. To [-ed. . acting in opposition.] to pay court in marriage to woo. t. An additional Coun'ter-mXrch'. [ ed . on the opposite 1.Vjus). Check. from n. a. n. . n. Coverlet for a tOUN'TER-PART. To frustrate by secret op1.] for forming a depression to receive Course. or in hunting. Coun'ter-mine'. of the ditch covered way. t. fice plotting. GOUN'TER-MANlV. — Bravery Syn. ula. The judge or judges in any case. n. adv. n. gallantry. point to another. plot or arti«. n. Equal weight. Rural regions. or characterized by. -ING. made in squares.CoUN'TER-POl'gON.. An expresnowof civility by women. [-ED -ING. Coun'ter-sig'nal.] — — (-Sin). -ing. 1. CoOn'tri-fi. A dwelling in Court'e-oOs-ly. of a sovereign or nobleman a pal4.'U. a.] command. 2. effect of on. comSee Count. n.] contre.) One Similar forged false traversed. male opposed to another. inclosure.«. See Copula.] 5. An inclosed space. COUN'TER-MARCH'. n. that destroys the effect of another.] A prostitute a strumpet. n. n. fr. to pursue. Residence 1. Fr. a. counterpart. or expressive of. To t. the whole . . Counter-mine'.€ou'RI-ER(ko"o / rT-er).g. currere. crowd. An oppos. strive to please ecclesiastical. . 87. .] A division of a shire. continued level range as of bricks. [-SUNK -SINK. to run. ING.. — embrace. v. [0. A newspaper. 7. Signature of a subordinate officer to a writing signed by the principal or superior. A 1. [-ED -ING. polite. region of one's birth or residence. To work in opposition to. or effect. €oun'TER-change'. running in an opposite direction COUN'TER-SINK. solicit. EXIST. . p. to check. ex- COUN'TER-REV'O-LU'TION. to COUN'TER-TEN'OR. n. part corre- A sponding to another part a duplicate an opposite. n. 2. to run. 2. n. to cut. €oun'TER-S€Arp. [-ED. E.

v. Goy. [-ED t. W. v. [-ED -ING.] 1. €ox-€6mb'H!-al (-kom'-). €rAft 1. [others. [A. n. (6). sour. With craft or guile. €oy'ly. v. €oW €ow'-pox. ttapa- crusta- animal. from cwr. species of prim- (kra'dl). sly. n. Snug. Covered over set._ conceited fanciful. ea^er. 2. In the man- A strong frame n. coveiter. ¥. or sister. p. n. dastard is one of the strongest terms of reproach in our language. €6v'et-oOs-ness. Leather made of the hide of a cow. [0. a. to talk. [-ED. . by One a fellow- .] A deceitful agreement between two or more persons to prejudice a third. I. [-ed. wily. to agree. n. [A. Syn. rose. quiet. n. cavity. Very or inordinately desirous excessively . Gr. fied CRAM 96 Quality of being n.] One collaterally more remotely than a brother a mother's related — Avarice. having ten legs. cradol. A craig. A small fiock or number of bird. An — Cunning. coy. 2. [L. digniand elegant. contract. cousin. of €rafts'MAN several species. In a crabbed adv. . Lat. Wanting courage 2. A boy or man. short-tailed.-S. cwrian. cooperire.] . n. trade. 1. Unwillingness from come familiar.-S. tail. kind of movable bed for infants. PIQU^. — together. u. I.Ick. €rXm. €rXck'le.] To beat with a cow. used for money in the (kuv'ert). €rXb'bed Harsh (60). case for a broken bone. 4. room. cucullus. fr. convenant. coi. couverte. rough. shelter [vate. make to . t'o'ZY. v. (kuv'y). of a coxcomb. Gourt'-yXrd. A contrivance tree producing it. [A. Fr. guile. Inclosure round love. €ow'hIrd. sour.] ceous fr. covine. of convenir. . n. covert. slyly. €ow'ard. €6v'EY courtly.E. 2.EN-AGE (kuVn-). bargain.] Shrinking proach or familiarity.] €rXg'ged (60). . Conditional promises of God as revealed in the Scriptures. Fr. cavum. — nant. n. cover of a bed.] [Fr. -ING. n. or over another.] Table furniture for the use of one person at a meal. Cowardice. tus. [A. ERE. GoOs/jtn-gEr'man A [Slang. 4. like a crab-apple.] n. . set. 1.-S. A sound as of any thing suddenly rent. Proceeding from — adv.] [Cf. 2. liebkosen. A court for the trial of offenses against military or naval laws.] [0. . — G6VER-LET. Hide of a cow. a. writing. short. or upon. defense. causer. €6v'ert . Lat.-S. [Fr. A or ships of any kind. t. [A corrupt. Fr. €o'zi-LY. n. [W. ping noises. n. cove.] — n. cover.] apple. [0. coitvee. t. sycophantic. craquer. . p. €rXg'gi-NESS. Ask. child of sister. t. a. n. hide.] 1.] One who lacks courage to meet danger. abrupt. genus of animals. To hide from sight to conceal. n. A laborer. A 1. ALL. A /3o?. t. as an epithet of the hare. artificer. spread 1. To protect to defend. cofa. Uppermost bed.] To wish for with eagerness or inordinately. A wild the or Crab. €6v'ET-otJS (kQVet-us). n.t. €rXb. trick fraud. crabba.] fortable easy. 3. A tuft of hair turned hood. €ow'ard-li-ness. 2. n. 1. €raft'i-ly. €ourt'ly. n. rug- €rXg'gy. &c. COY'NESS. €ow'ry (kou'ry). n. €owl. €6V'ET-o0s-LY. a contract. pr. framework to support a vessel about to be launched. €6x'comb A in. artifice. — €rXb'bed-LY. or from Ger. Full of crags or broken rocks. cracks v. (kuVet). Lat. One who makes or who subscribes a covenant. rough. To lay or rock in a cradle. 2. . 2. protection. com- . n. €OZ'£N (kfiz'u). austere. eager. especially through fear. [ariciously. 2. a. A fr. Cunning . reserved . 3. A coarse riding-whip.€OW'ER. €6x'€OMB-ry (-kom-). -ING. A company 2. to face danger. acerbus. [0. fear of danger. [-ED -ING. — . i. ku. creek. to account for or solve. Cover. [Akin to W. n. 2. fop. Fr. to and lit.] To stuff. Snugly comfortably. Act of soliciting favor by complaisance. See hid. adv. small firework. 2.] To cheat to defraud to deceive. couve. [Hind. to veil.] pretender. consobrinus. €RXcK'ER. Syn. Any thing which veils or conceals. eouRT'SHlP. A cousin in the first generation. y.-S. greed. corner. Craven poltroon dastard. [-ER a. — — . Gove . E. . 136. €ow'HlDE.— To agree. Condition of a during marriage. n. kauri. Obsequious a. 3. orig. garv. Female of the bovine Skr. t. licked if €o'-work'ER (-wfirk'er). cradel. •edz'. n. — . n. €rXck. cows. €ow'ard-ly.i. [A. to . To v. -est. 142. bearing red flowers.-S. 2. cave. v.n. of hard A kind 3. go. Fr. v. A chink or fissure a crevice. 2. Act of fa house. covoiter.fXr. . adv. p. a. from convenir. Fr. Covering.] 1. n. garw. cracks. and lajing it evenly. up over the forehead. 2. Manners a mechanic.COURTLINESS €6urt'li-ness. or bay. A n. steep. contraction of Cousin.' t>OURT'-MAR'TIAL contr. [Fr. 2. cugle. cupidity. A One who 1. ner of a coward. manner. 6. 3. or shrinks at the approach of danger . sels J coc&s comb. Syn. hood. Icel. or . [0. €ow's/-lIp. 1. to be- A (kuz). [craggy. 1. €6v'ert-ure (53). [0. Want of courage. harsh. — out breaking to pieces. from couvrir. cAre. wooing in 2.a. of being State Full of crags . A 3.i. [-ED -ING. To cut and lay with a A A A — . of couver.] To sink the spirits or courage of. long. Ves- Cunning. fr. covrelict. A woman •G6VET . about. 6. (150). . With reserve 6. equiv. cuhle. A. open in a fissure. such as . pustular eruption of the cow the vaccine disease. n. artifice. Lat. eft. Somewhat coy. (155). — Shy shrinking modest bashful. cauda. n. kosen. -MING. adv. [A.] defense. in pri- Secretly. a.] To enter into a formal agreement. . €ow'l. D. adv. v. To make i. covaine. cap. Sticking-plaster made of silk. Any thing laid. a slight small. v. 1. n. plant €RAFT'Y. V. a.] To crouch. [-ED -ing. to couvre-lit. n. n. High-bred. To cause sound abruptly and sharply : snap. 1. small inLat. from Lat. C6VERT-LY. . Syn. v. a. X. -ING. (155). Dexterity. Court'-PlAs'ter. quie- . Gow'slip. To comprehend or in- cover. biscuit. as a cow. Foppish . €oy'ish. superficial A Graft'i-ness.] €6v'E-NANT. to depress. One who cheats. n.-S. Skillful at deceiving ged rock. n. cosinus. (-kom). Gael. cupidus. kraken. Sheltered. .] p. Lat. t.] [Lat. morose. 2. [-MED crammian. . of vain.] . in front of a locomotive for catching or throwing off obstructions. t. to sit or brood on. To grant or promise by cove. fr.] [Tcel. covenant. . To put the usual head-dress on. a poltroon is a mean-spirited coward. to mutual agreement in n. of covrir. s6n. agree.] [Either fr. 4. clude. to deceive through pretext of relationship. 3.n. 2. [A. €6v'ER. to to To be fractured with- v. Icel. 2. €6z'22N-ER. 1. . kuga. n.] 1. Eagerly avStrong or inordinate desire of gaining some supposed good. craft. adv. Peevish. (kou). n. from ap- a. WHAT. abound- ing with broken rocks. monk's A cowl-shaped cap for the top of chimneys. crac] 1. To overspread the surface or whole body of. [-ED -ING. 3 for launching ships. €ow'-€^TCH'ER. 1. Syn. to cower. [Fr. from con and operire.] A small shell. let. One whose occupation it is to tend cows. n. artful. €6v'E-NANT-ER. framework for receiving the grain as cut. . as a shelter a Under authority or married woman. who works with another n. €rXg.— A crai'en is literally one who begs off. Lat.] East. €Jous/ZN (kuz'n). €ow'ARD-1ce. n. €6z [-ED -ING. snap- €RA'DEE kraptr. €6v'in (kOVin).FIRM. Fr. . to wheedle. TfiEM.] 1. chat. Artifice.] 1. p. Syn.I. n. couard.u. [0.

3. O. first n. n.] One born in tropical America. 4. clattering sound. cran. curl. Reputable . n. Reputably Cred'it-or. hay n.-S. to believe. Full of cream inCrXsh. [Fr. n. ) and moving heavy weights. Sound of many things mark in — .] A mark To break to pieces violentlv. Cred'it-a-bly. [-ED. to burn. .] To crayon. and forma. Cre -du 'L i-t y Disposition to believe on slight evidence.] To prepare Crass'A-MENT. Cre-a'tive Cre-A'tor. as crisped.] Having the form of a goblet.] A thin stuff. grown up. To fawn.] 1. — Craw. form. of krabben. fuse . n.] n. fr. H._ A burning fr. A which forms a scum on milk. To long for to belief.] 1.&. sour ber1. kripor open frame for Cre-ate'. Cray'on. n. circle. formation. v. Creel. A drawing made with a pencil or ING. 3. 2. A£5 EglST.] The . A superior kind of CRE'NATE. [-ED -ING. -ing J [Goth crease. measure. Crinkle. n. pi. One who gives credit in business matters money is . Constitution 2. credere. crash. as a ship. In a manner that Cra'v. n. crepe. Quality of being credit. adv. .] 1. — to believe. A red. [-ED €RAPE. lower- 2. v. . Mouth of a volcano. kriiistan. [Lat. from Gr.- interest. n. Cre-A'tion. cre- To bring into being. resembling the lobster. for raising bowl. To afflict with cramp.] [D. kringr. v. That 3. summary of religious belief. .] To run in a winding grating sound. imposed upon unsuspecting. being van. krausen. Trust given or received. [with credit. of things falling and breaking at [-ED -ING. for use in drawing.] A neck-cloth.] 1. . — OR.. n. A A or brook. crassamen- A re- tum.] of any crooked. pi. 2. .] An infor measuring skulls. t. of tho [violin. small small river inlet. prop". .] To cause its slender crush with the teeth to crunch stalk has been Cra-vat'. crampon. created. A vessel. To ask with earnestness ry used for crqftan. crustaceous animal. poltroon. 3. [Gr. &c. secret. 1. harsh. chalk. cream. fr. to originate.] Cra-ter'1-form. a. sauce. C. A painful spasmodic ber. 2. 1. Kparrjp. Kpaviov. grate.PULL •. of any color. crecca. a. with spiritless. title CrEd'1-p. a. credit. One who creeps any 2. credere. v. v. or chink. cranium. To CREPT. A bent pipe. An [Gael. has craved fr.] To make a sharp. n. A manger pea. Influence 3. €ran'ber-ry. or Cra'ZINESS. To be the occasion are. crates. crispus. — — . NasNGj THIS. t. n.-S. CrA'ter. Brisk Creak. to creep. RUE . . [0. —v. Cre'dent. [Lat. n.] [A. [Cf. used for mourning garments. n. Cred'i-bil'i-TY. . animal .] 1. satiety. v. 1. v. CRED'U-LOfis. Notched in the form ) of a scallop-shell. the island Crete. [Lat.] 2. Ger. together. creatum. as a handle. A bent sane. crane. . CREOLE 97 with food beyond fill i. A — Coward. eat greedily 2. [-ed.?'. n.] [Lat. be. jfeREAT'URE (53). n. a. skull. One versed in a phrenologist. n. : — — . move in a stealthy manner. and fxirpov. i. his life of his antagonist. winding. or broth. CRAMP crowd. ) Cray'-fish. Hooked pieces of iron. a. science whichiavestigaces the structure of the skull phrenology. i. Decrepit broken. allied to Gr. Cream'y. TO~b. having a long. 2. [-ed -ING. n.] 1.] move along. 1. v. -ing. Lat. n. Crossness (53). CRA'ZY.le. p. restraint. Having the power to One who creates the a. notch. [-ed. H. Ger. [Lat. n. crooked. . from whom compared to the this article of dress was adopted in long legs and neck of a craue. meanness. Ger. [-ed.and of crack. crater. A fixture worn creeping thing on a shoe to prevent slipping.t. A ciiramph breaking at once. v. To grow. Cred'i-bly. . State of being crazy. [Frftm Fr. Cre'ole. In a crazy manner.??. n. E. &c. boxes. for an examination by a hasty view of studies. to gnash. t. to draw liquors out of a cask. criollo. Kpaviov. [O. contraction of muscles. Cra'NI-ol'o-gIst. earthy substance. to believe. German Crass'i-tude H. an animal a man. n. [osier basket. v. Lat. CRE-MA'TION. To constitute to make. crcdentia. sketch as with a crayon. adv.] [imp. . With credu. n. [deserves belief.i. stones. to crisp.??. [-ed. . [Lat. 3. n. H.] France. Kepavvvvai. To 2. as a worm to crawl. CRAW-FISH.] falling and crussus. Creta. creditum.] Easily convinced or . to grind. 3. Liable to be Deranged weakened shattered. thick. Amount due from one to another. turn. To conIcel. dim.] portion of an axis. [sembling cream. A [Lat. or cove. or a — n. satiety. thick juice CrAN'ny. Crop or [D. CRA'NI-OM'E-TER. To put' trust in. krabbelen. Creed. Worthiness of and humility. 1. [Cf. Crate. . to trust. Lat. 2. i. Worthy of belief.] Skull of an strument brain-pan. t. CrXmp. 5. . notch.] 1. crematio. n. Best part of a thing. retired place.] 1. n. [lity. Cowardly a.] Cre'na-ted.] [From 1. Creep. Act of creating.. a. To render into impair. made by folding any pliable subTo make a loud. yepavos.-S. [Gr. [L. Any bend. [N. [A.] To take off by skimming. .??. 2. €. which is . bay. t. [Prom crane. n. 5. 2. creopaii. v. Belonging Crane the to crauiology . Crave. To move slowly or feebly.] An iron instrument to hold together pieces of tim3. €RA'NI-A. . The oily substance A fissure. overset. fr. To 2. serving Cra'ZjI-ly. H. — . n. [Gr. 1. 1. Any thing of wicker-work for crockery. That which gives a claim to credit.] [A. to mix human being. CREAM. adv.-S. \a. t. [0. To hold tightly pressed krampf. 3. discourse. crept. nursed. -ing. loan. a clot. [-ed t. A servile dependent. credulus. kraag. p. Cre-mo'na. chramph. i. A soft. [Lat. cremor. and machine for straight long legs and neck. A wading bird. creta. [A.] Thick part [coarseness. t.-u. esti- mable. created. n. from 0. Lat. krebiz. CRAZE. credo. n. Cra\vl. silent . credere.] [A modif. [create.Craunch. skull.] 1. a. 2. I. Belief. craie.-S. Crane. 2. I believe. [See Crank.] 1. v. course. 4. n. in form of a cylinder. €RA'NI-UM. [Fr. and Aoyos. Icel. as a worm . lively.Cred'it. crena. Cre d'it-a-ble . kind of coarse linen. Cred'u-loOs-LY. -ING. Believing.] 1. a mixing f^ created. set to the credit of. . . Giving a title to That which gives credit to confidence.en. raising. €rank'le. [Fr. Kpaviov. a. It is much with cream. n.SO/i!. [Lat. made of raw To become covered v. one to whom due. A verbal conceit. -ING. Syn. bill. dastard.] krausen. v. of. adv. quished in trial by battle. 2. kramp. 2. Crane (1). as a vine.hard. 2. 2. . fr. weak. [Lat. n. (2). &c. : An instrument with iron claws for dragging the bottom of any water. Ger. crassus. -ing. v. a. Cred'i-ble-ness. [Lat.] To make a crease or once. cremare. CRATCH. CRANK. crena. krassa. . Jcrippa. .WQLF. require or demand.— — . ing. [credible. [Lat. [D. [-ed -ing. crevice. [Sp. tion.] A hamper 1/ Supreme Being. . To 2. stomach of fowls. as stance any similar mark. EOOlt ^fjRN. loan. A bend or turn. 6'RA'NI-AL. or beyond To 1. Ger.DO. Lat. Cravate. t. n. Cre'DENOE. n. Esteem honor reputa- .] A slowly. Cre-den'TIAL. Belief. or the adjacent islands. 1. 2. in contempt or endearment. One who. 2.G. [A. pi. cratera. craidldeag. n. silk gummed and twisted. CREEK. . n.] dead..] ©RAM-POO N§'. an inhabitant of Croatia. 2. [-ed -ing.] n. faith. Creep'er. To move CRA'NI-OL'O-GY. a. a crib. To have a sensation as if insects were creeping about the body.] 1.

of Crow. n. turn or curve. caviler. [Gr. Art of judging of a^Kterary performance.] n. One who croaks. CrIsp. State of being crisp. n.m. n. 2. Cro'ny. or crow. CRIN'GLE fr. To — v. Crest. [Colloq. deep-red color. . 1.J. . 2. i. Decisive. n. . A. Crook. growing to the length of sixteen or eighteen feet. pi. which in themselves are innocent. [Fr. [For cleivel. fr. a.-S. [Cf. spasmodic and painful affection as of the neck or back. [Icel. Croak'er. kpoko- Crin'o-liNE. Croak. A red color. dejected. Ger.. 1. n. lady's skirt expanded by hoops. c/armaz. . [-ED. to seize with the claws or 1.] An intimate companion. To disable. crone. [Fr. -ING. hecause beacons formerly had crosses on their tops.] To crepitatum. an assemblage. bent (krmg/gl).] To furnish with a CRfrtt'gON (krmVzn). n. n.] large reptile. A small inclosed bedstead. [-ED — . Lat. v.] soot.-S.] Pertaining to j glimmering. from cernere. 3. crutch.] smell of smoke. CRINK'LE. CRIT'IC. 3. croft. to make round. pr. [-ed: -ing. t.] or inclosed field. plaits. Cro-mor'na. Quality of being dicious. or involving. Crep'i-tate. to fawn. [-ED:-ING.] A standard of judging. curve. krokr. Icel. crevasse. p.] [Of.] [A. creta. 2.137. snap. [A. . Crim'i-nal-ly. [A. either divine or human. State of being critical . and a liquid crest to serve as a crest for. v. adv.p. nicely ju- 1. i. Crimp'le. impeach. Crit'ic-al-ness. With a con- [It. To run in and out in little — foliage. [ Crock. 2.] or split. 3. n. [-ed. twiliglit I or [See supra. Cress.] A small insect. crdsta. hook. CrIck. v.] A kind of a small To perform the kind of netting called crochet. An CRE'tin. n. 5. hair. or coloring matter of cloth. v. [Lat. fr. GRES-pEN'DO. vice. [-ed. a ball of thread.— — — CREOSOTE CEO OK 98 CRE'O-SOTE. -ing.] [D. imp.characterized by a chirpA. i. CROFT. [Lat. Y. L-ed -ing. . A snapping n. W. the quali- idiot in [Fr. [-ED. Crib'BAGE. Gr. cross. Cres'set. Ger.] v. 2. cricket.] [Icel. n. i. n. €RE-VASSE'. One who plays at [makes proclamation. n. flesh. Crest'-fallen hanging head .] One who creeps. In a critical 2. Crick'ET-ER. of clew. generally (cpe'ws. manner. short. as in a glacier. and strong antiseptic properties. crispus. The moon in her n. or i. pi. or carried on a pole. Low. fr. [Gr. [A. v. Crisp'y.] The decisive moment. A tuft the comb of a cock. To v. having the serve. crimson to blush. Full of indentations.] coarse sieve or screen. crooked staff. Servile civility .] 1. cretaceus. Formed into stiff curls. of Creep. A trick or PIQUE. & p. —v. n. accession. A 1. n. ALL.] of chalk. n.] Crescendo* increasing indicated as in volume of voice the margin. 4. 1 A genus of plants. v. Crimp. harsh sound. t.-S. n. One who Crjsp'ly. — a. [-bed.— Sin With tJRisp'NESS. To curl. [Fr. as of a frog or raven. — . -ing.] narrow opening a fissure. cricc. . lamp-black. kringla.] 1. Crev'Ice. Crit'ic-al-ly. . Cre'TIN-isjm.f. Cri'er. A A CrIck'ET. cretin. or of a proCRIM'I-NATE v. Relating to criticism. KpCveiv. t. Skr. on which is a figure of the new a. Cri'sis.-S. cracetav. Cro'cus. A 2. [Prop. ing note. to L^duction in the fine arts. adv. [-ED. Cringe. To wrinkle n. t. of croix. Act of accusing Cri-TIQUE' (-teek').] 1. the turning point. A certain reed stop ] in the organ.] of law. V. . erepitare. /cpiVi?. [criminal guiltiness. [Gr. n. vice from the inordinate indulgence of natural appetites. sometimes leading to the crime of murder. Lat. n. ) An imitation of curved and hook. — To pilfer. €RI-TE'RI-A. v. t'.] Worsted yarn slackly twisted. n. [A. icpniKos. [Cf. See supra. A box. bracing wickedness of every kind. v. the low valleys of the Alps. KpiTTjptov. Crock'er-Y. Seamen belonging to a vessel. . mineral powder of a yellow or kunkuma. or 1. Having chalk. cried as a critic Crit'I-cism. A — t.] Earthen-ware pottery. 2. A sort of low stool. crepare. -ING. round cake. -ing. n. Of a deep red To dye with crimson. crybb. i. [Gr. a crime. from kringr. a krCkr. criciad. orb. croisette. 1. cri'se§. FIRM S6N. 2. [Gr. 2. 6. cochineal insect. n. (ki-u). decide. of crescere to increase. one that must CRIP'PLE. 2. n. 2. cricell. i. to animadvert. [See CRITIC] A critical examination or estimate of accusation. having its end formed into a ring to secure it to a sail. crispness. hoarse noise. hook.] tinged with blue.] To draw color. Relating to crime. bend. moon. n._ Crit'i-cise.] 1. Any violation to decide judicially. [Fr. [-EDJ-ING.] krimmen.. ASK. 2. Wickedly. cricellu.] (27). — an old ewe. Inclined to find fault. A game at cards.] deprive of the use of the limbs to lame. of netting CRO~OK WHAT. dim. 2. .] An open lamp placed on a beacon.long. . To limps. <cpeas. CREPT. CRIB. 3. met hence.] 1. CRE-PUS'CU-LAR. to grumble. exactly. Kpw^eiv. ties [Lat. a. a. Crock'et. n.] To Cro-ciiet' (kro-shu'). . Guilty of. Kpv7rT09. — . ductions of art. The Turkish flag first quarter. concealed. imp. 4. qermez. Crim/i-na'tion. [L. I. a. I . kringi.] A plant of various species used as a salad. confine in a narrow habitation.] A game with a bat. 2. . n. One who has committed a crime. [Fr. 3. To pinch and hold. Brittle. (-fa win). and 1. is o. 2. To form into ridges or frog. — Sin. TERM . [Fr.U. Kpvimj t small close. smut. One who decoys Plume or other decoration on a heling officer. Lat. as the hair. Crime is a violation of law. crista. catipous. t. crooked horn A [Ger.-S. cm- generic. cresse. t. dim. [-ED -ING. [Ar.] .] . company. One skilled in judging of literary works or pro- death.. the helmet itself.] n. To act .] To accuse or charge with a crime. to creep. &c. Icel.] 1. small The rising part of a horse's neck. [sorious. or by being made of hair cloth. — v. Gr.-S. 3. creep. . stantly . to separate.] n. n. CRIM'i-nal. VEIL. as a beak. n. n. adv. judge. . To make a low. n. hence of doubtful issue. fr.] examine and judge as a critic. and springs from our passions.-S. Crocodile. To become v. n. one who [Lat. -ing. n. halts. Manger or A A A . -ING.] An old woman. one's self together as in fear or timid servility.E. to chirp. 4.] To form with short turns or wrinkles. ball. FAR. [crackling. cover.] A rope. A stall. [-ed. in contempt. bends. Intemperance is a vice. t. 4}RES'cent. Cre-ta'ceous. v. CrIt'ic-al. n.. n. [W. increase. crue. "With hence. A — Crew'el rack of a stall. CARE. a crime punishable with Syn. v. n.] [Cf. Exact. — The foamy top of a wave. ERE. (kru/el). Crock. CRIME. Brittle. to separate.] (Arch. 2. -ING. CrIb'BLE. a. CREP'I-TA'TION.] 1. t. criblus. into the power of a recruiting officer. a. Frizzled. to preAn oily liquid. krummhorn. kresan. t. crescens. and wicket. -BING. and cr&gciv. [A. t. . Capital crime. n. — . A oeiAo?. generally afflicted with goiter.] Increasing 1. growing. [A. crackle . . contract to curl to corrugate. to wind or twist. obs. species of idiocy. Effervescing made by means €r6CO-D1LE. Kpd^eiv. a. . -r-n.] To blacken with soot. To forbode evil 3. The Turkish power. CRI-TE'RI-ON. /cpd/cos. V. Crim'i-na-to-RY. 4. decide. krinkenel. To decoy into the power of a recruitn. A detailed examination and review. circle. deep crevice to crack. Crone. crin. croeg. a. »/. [See Crone. cricket. from npiveiv. 2 1. n. to separate. [Gr. Accusing cena work. t. crisp. Kpivetv. an earthen vessel. n. to burst. sparkling. Cre-pOs'cu-loOs. — [Lat. CriM'I-nXl'I-TY n. crimen. mean bow. E. n. Crew A expressed from it._ to [-ED.

to fix. Act a low tone to sing softly. n. Highest part of throat. -ING. 2. royal dignity. 1. a. A bow put cross. [-PED. i. Having the form of a See Croup. [-ed. Coarsely colored. n. . Crown'-saw. n. croupiere.] dim. T . 1.crudli. cross. from rections which cross one another. ing-pot. press or drive together. A mixing of breeds or n. t. 1. . Causing pain. i.] To press into Cross'-breed. . To pass from one the head. krilp'per in Eng.] 1. so that they look in dicrux. a leg. the cards and collects the money at Cru/EL. and Crook'ed-ness. Fr.] 1. t". 2. form. pass from one side toward the other. [Lat. [0. n. 2. Yoice of the cock. -ing.] A chemiIn a cross way. t-. in the A crotch. or a ship that. i. a bishop. j another. v. A species of tubuto wrinkle. n. To thwart to interfere with. 1. crux. €ROOK'ED-LV. To shrink wrinkles or folds. Cru/el-ly. See Cruse.] [Lat. Jigere.t.-S. [cruises. 3. exist. or ~f. . stock. 1. — . . Ill- kroos. window-glass.] 1.] 1. — — — .] A cross. Ofgrief. Inhumanity. 1. 2. A large black bird. a. See Crude. 2. v. . 2. -ing. cruris. timber placed on one another.] chairman at a public diuner party. a horse. side to the other of.. cross. . soft.. fr. Any thing cut off or harvest. croupe.] tion to half a minim. Cross'-ex-am'I-nI'tion. 1. to Cross'ly. [-ed -ing ] To chew with a cross. CRURAL 99 shepherd"s or a bish[-ed. jar. To turn from a straight line cal vessel or meltCross'ness. Cro'sier Buttocks of a horse hence. n. or f. cruchette. A wheel with with violence and noise. E. [-ed -ing. crux. verse.] 1. Fork. A Crown'-glAss. That which is cropped [Lat. cross. Cru'CI-form. Cf.— — .] A kind in a chancery or equitv suit. A caltrop. Not reduced to order oi C. 2. i.way. adv. [A. The prince royal Crimp and Cramp. n. from crook. [See 2. In the form of a ion: deformity. -ing.] 1. t. crudelis. Devious Crucibles.] v. 2. To gathered. A bun or cake marked lar saw. 1. G. 3. crowed. One who. Crowd. n.] — .hard. consisting of two pieces of 2.ROP'-EAR-ED.G. so named Savage. Crow'-foot. Crou'pi-er long-handled mallets. . -PING. Crumb. a. Adverse contrary. n. An iron lever. i>. buttocks. In itf surface. n. or any ornament worn on [Written also r. Lying. . to torture. with Cross'wise.] A throng Cruis'er. Full of crumbs. n. bloody. from L. adv. a. RUE. n. 45. and hence. A 1. a gaming-table. 1.] Crouch. An from open-air balls and wind-pipe. — v. A vojage made without settled 2. 3. Cross'-eyed (-Id). Rawness unripeness immaturity. symbol. cr'us. croda. silent . Crotch'et. ficial staff of an Crow. [A. A note. certain denomination of coin. .] 1. . n. v.the cruriare. of crumb. to 4. irregularly Cross'-bOn. The finest sort of of soft cake. called by one CRU/CIAL. 4. capable of Cross'-PUR'pose (pGVpus). form. A small bottle. 1. a. Crutch. Mark.] Belonging to. which is in a crude state.] Having the leaves ar. v. croock.i.] [Cf. v. — — . fr. adv.. A breed produced who inherits the crown. n. To of Christianity. 4. 1. Cro-QUET' croc. crawe. cross Croon. 2. (kro-k. straight. To appear above the natural state raw. croaking note.-S. A sovereign. enduring great opposing. v. English cruse. 2.] [Dim. [Fr. the figure of Christ crucified upon it across. cumber. With cruelty.-S. t. €rook'ed (60).€ru/CI-fix'ion (-iik'shun). zher). or from its cry. v. as a bed of coal. from cruis. Cross'-road. A defendant's bill dignify. equal in dura. A v. To make the CRU'ET. [Contr. cruman. not sweetened.Cru/ral (32). crudus.2. — the power of. jar.-ing. Cross'-bow. go back and forth on the ocean. in to_brag. crume. Crop. Affliction as a test of patience or virtue. vent the saddle from slipping forward. Chjef or topmost part of any thing. [Lat. pastoral staff of having a harsh. i. cruciatus. WOLF. as of the head. [Gr. t. 2. or from place to place. ranged in the form of a cross. [Cf. . (32). of cruche. CrOmb (krum). cut off the ends of to pluck. n. 4. barbarous. barbarity.] pieces. fr. [wise on a stock. 1. [-ed. 2.] crooked [Fr. . 3. 2. To put. kind of bird. — — — . To press together n. O. n. a.] A small fragor draw across. cruralis. 2. Crude'ly.Cross'. — . n. [-ed. Cru'el-ty. 1. To bend obseprop. t. game played with wooden . or ornament. 1. 2. crux. [Prob. TOO. 32). [Lat.«. 2. Crop. Having the Cru/CI-ble. To invest with a crown. eyes turned. URN. adv. cruris-] 1. CRuOK-BACK A 3 artifice. n.] 1.] of crop.ed. n. To en[I). Ger. Crup'per (krdbp'per in Amer. [-ER -est. A small glass bottle for vinegar. to fix. crew or crowed 2. a.95). mag. . To adorn to Soft.] 1. . Upper €ROP. 1. t. Crown. or €ross'-grain. crux. n. Lit. jug. JIErum'ble. and Jigere. . [-ed -ing. -ING. a. Interchanged.] 1. : . kruus.] Cross-shaped. by the opposite party. &c. .] To break into small v. lay. [Lat. Quality of being cross.] any thing. 1. oil. Having. n. To break into crumbs. or X.] An inflammatory affection of the . Having the end Croup. a. Symbol of Christ's death. fr. natured contrary. 2. 2. /copwir/. of fastening a person to a cross. t. Crunch. Unripe imquiously to cringe. . crudus. n. A genus of plants. — . n. PULL. or power. course.] gibbet. To urge forward.. kruisen. 2. to break into small pieces. 5. Crochet. To pervert. v. v. To mix the breed of. [Cf. shaped like. jug. Cru/CI-fix. As. receptacle of food of a bird. €. n. transajnultitude. An To be bent or curved. piece ings a trunk. amination of a witness. CrOm'PLE. ?'. group. Rump of CROSS'-EX-AM'INE. 2. &c. v. [Lat. from parents of different breeds. To fasten to a cross. inhuman. v. (kro'[L. the place behind the saddle. a. 142. [Lat.] To sing in Crotch.] Eng. .athwart [2.t grain crossed or irregular. especially of bread or cake.-S.). I . TOOK. In a crooked One who crucifies. [Cf.] 1. To cancel erase. 2. Crum'pet. i. 3. A whim a conceit. Cru'ci-fPer. cross. One who watches (krob'pi-er).?i. n. NasNG.] cross. 9. sfoop lie low. cruris. [imp. t. cruriarium. [-ED -ING. n. A wreath. Excogs at right angles to its plane. -ing. To come to light. [Fr. Rawness. cross. n. [-ED -ING. [-ed. n. of the ears cut oil. 4.rum. — OR DO. n. perverse. n. A forked cropp. 4. {Print. . A cruel deed. [-ed. 4. 3. To destroy bracket. To exult shrill sound of a cock. party. as A bar of iron used Cruise.Crown'-prince. Cross (21). cross. or with Crum'my.] To 3. n.Cru/ci-fy.] 1. esp. bend to curve. adv. 2. 5.purpose inconsistency. Peevish fretful. crux. op's staff. n. [A. archbishop. Cru'di-ty. p. That groupe. fruit. 2'. n. i. 2. p. leg. [Fr. Cru'CI-ate (krn/shl-.n. [Lat. v. mature.t. as a badge of dignity ment. CROWN'-WHEEL. cross of wood. various forms. Strap of leather to preTo subject to cross-examination. A road that crosses manner. To fall to decay. p. a. ». Cross'-biex. 3. situated and forma. t. [-ED.] Pleased to give from An assistant pain to others. t. 3. n. To complete to perfect.] CRUI§E (kruz. a cross. To Crude (32). .Jixum. Crow'-bar. [A. Bent not Cross'-Ques'tion (-kw£M/yun). stick. n.7'). in form of a in numbers. To cross-examine. Trying or searching. Curvity inflex. Syn. from To place a crupper upon. In a crude manner.) A or gathered from a single field. Crude'ness. crux. garland. I. to bend. v. To v. or misery. a. To lie or be athwart. [as a lever. .

n. Lat.Y. discourse. crux. /cpum-os. a [-ED. — The inarticulate Pertaining a. 1. Cube. [L. [From Lat. of a cube. marriage. €ruse in [small cup or bottle. cuisse.] Secret Cu'CUM-BER. cove. rind. n.] Art of [Lat. To reach secret. €UL'MI-NATE. KpvoraWos.U. a cube. 0. €u-c0r'bite. goldsmith's crucible. Crys'tal-li-za'tion. E. . it.] One of the classes of the articulated animals.] A flowerStalk or stem of corn and stem. •Crush. n. [Gr. 2. €fi'LI-NA-RY. form of queri. to bear. . Regular lorni whicii a substance tends to assume in solidifying. t. Loud expression of triumph or wonder. A subterranean chapel hence. i. a. or having. €rust'i-ness. kitchen. Lat. 2. [Fr. . To press and bruise between two hard 2. to knock. 4. cross.] To bring forth — ?'. A [See Crucible. leather. a. pure sound made by an Cu-BOID'AL. freq. Cu'bic-al-ness. to hide. shrimps. ice. [Lat.-ING. . Peevish Like crust. Cryp-tog'a-mous. [Lat. first Cue Process of finding the cubic contents of a body. hid1. 1. a. or crust. who lays her eggs in the nests of other birds. from Lat. 136. — -ING. n. n. Kpva-- raAAos. and crabs. A hint or intimation. from cog. 1. cucumis. v. &c. coe. In a crusty manner. hood. surly morose. [ward. gourd. and Ireland. v.U. of a 2. to ruin. 2.] The small. method. . by ruminating €RYS'TAL-LiZE. V. n. Cu'cul-la'ted. v. CUB. k6kkv£. Cu'bic-al-ly.] Defensive armor. to lie down. now fr. Cu'Bl-FORM. short. [-ED -ING. [Gr. fr. K I. To overwhelm by presbodies 3. )a. t. A Cu'i/ras-sier'. . [Prob. [Lat. TERM.] Science which treats of the €RUS-TA'CEOt)s. wife is false to his bed husband of Culm. kras- A W. [-ED -ING.CRUSADE Gru-sade'.] 1. n. animals from their stomach. and Aoyo?.] [See Crucible. fr. coej/e. the highest point or position. [Gr /cv/3oeiSrjs. CUL-DEE'. 1. [Gr. — said of animals. n.a. a. crystalline. Belonging or like. a. Cuck'ing-stool. n. One who beats witu -LING. fr. coui lion. . to grind. 2.] AnCuck'oo (k6W6~o). from Kpvos. I. 3.] To strike with the flat of the hand. knot. tail. ice. [W. call. fr.] €ryp-tog'RA-PHY. 2. cuddiaia. n. €rus-ta'ce-an (-she-an). t. n. Lat. Clear. crusta. Pertaining to the cubit. n. a. the melon and cucumber. tcpvirTos. n. be converted into crystals. n. Crust'y. crust.Y. Cu'l'-RASS' (kwe-ras' or kwe'ras).] Food brought up into the mouth COd. fr. coratia. €U-€UR'BIT. . The Cu'BlT. kababat. . n. To gather or contract into a hard crust. top. Pertaining Skr. [Lat.] Defensive armor for the thighs. t. having a crust-like shell. In a cubical C u'BIC. staff with a cross-piece at the head. ) .] To cover with a hard case. . de[Lat. . and yajaos. to. . coillon. to push. CtJD'DY. -ING. or enigmatical language. n. to Crys'tal. (45) / cullus. Bearing culms €u-cul'late. less plant. €RYP'TIC. or [-bed -bing. 6. €RYP-TOL'o-GY. clear pellucid. of ducking-stool. cucurbita. form. cealed secret. aclub. v. scrotum. eUL'MI-NATE (45). culmen. well-known plant and its fruit. n. [Lat. To subdue. with a cuirass. stalk. and ferre. civlm.] (32). n. n. Having the form or Cti'Blc-AL. a cuckoo. hard. cube.] A short.] 1.] Crustacea. WHAT . [-ED. A straight rod used in playing billiards. of pain. den. covering the body from the neck to the girdle. CtJD'GEL. — v. 3. Growing up[Gr. ) having the Cu'cul-late. quiritare. corivm. Cry'ing. n. [-ED. [0. or exclaim loudly. or \ a. or . n. cient monkish fraternity in Scotland Cu'BlT-AL. To d<ceive. the female cuckoo. sa. fr. and ypd<f>eiv. cud . ) ) vessel in the shape of a gourd. n. n. To speak. n. kOkila.] stalk. shell. CRUTCH. Fr. a corAn instru- out. an inspector who selects wares -Cuck/old.] 2. fr. frost.] [Cf. Fr. [Lat.] CU-GUL'LA-TED. 2. [A. i. in allusion to the habit of Cul'ly. elkitchen. [-ed -ing.] (ku). culevs. and etfios.-S. v. Any thing resembling crystal. crusta. CUFF. [-ED To cause to form crystals. [Gr. Crash. W. 2. 2. 4.] A small cabin in a lighter or boat. n. t. [Icel. crystal. — . CARE.] Relating to the kitchen. to hide. worshipers of God. [Fr.] A young animal. 1. €u'BA-TURE . n.] 1.] 1. An animal belonging to the Crustacea. Hidden. Outcry 2. The fore-arm. especially the young of the bear. n. head-dress. w. a contr. -ing. including lobsters. and Gr.] A person easiv.] [Perh. a. culinarius. a.] To lieclos* [Prob. Quality oi Lcing crusty. kvjffa. n. a mass or lump. bow. A regular solid body. cuculus.] The hard. A tine kind of glass. A person engaged a crusade. cube. . cabin.— v. n. To utter loudly.] writing in secret characters. Kpvmos. I. sure. 1. Attainment secret. [Lat. — Srvs-ta'ge-a (-ta'she-). Having the form a. a breastplate of leather. [-E D -ING. a vile fellow. cuimus. . . f /cv/3o?. Covered. n. [Gr. Cru'set. Lat. adv. cubitum. to be leather bag. €RUST. fr. A mediaeval military expedition to recover the Holy Land. a hiding-place. VEIL. n.] [Sw. €tJLL.] Having nearly the form of a animal. Quality of being n. v.] a cudgel. [rious heinous. Cultores Dri. A Crys'tal-l'ine. thracite coal in small masses. 142. croccia. crier.] a A chemical Cu-CUR'BI-ta'ceous. a. n. €RY.] [Fr. [Gr. harden by heat. ) a. 1 a. thick stick . CULMINATION 100 cube. n. [Gr.] 1. and chewed a second 2. to collect. n. [From Crustacea. n. to write. v. €ryp'TO-gXm. discourse. 5. [ to cryptogams. or ( cap. sides.r. external covering of any thing hence.] One of an anDistance from the elbow to the extremity of the middle finger. Cru-sad'er. n. Glass of a watch case. with six equal square (53). a crust-like shell. Belonging to the Crustacea. ) a. COl/mi-na'tion. hood. -ING. 2. — . n. i.] 1.] ly deceived. Ao-yos. coleus. time.] A [L.Gull'ER.n& forma. Kpvmeiv.] 1. cavda. V. To multiply into itself twice.] 1. kajuit. Having the shape of a hood. transparent. COd'dle. ASK. spicy berry of a tropical plant. Cu'BEB. Any fanatical enterprise. fructification concealed. curacia. [-ed t.^n^/ A. con€ryp'tic-al.] Science of crystallization. or to cookery. orig. A piece of chewing tobacco. leg. n. hut.] A well-known bird. cahute. CuiSH armed soldier (kwTs). Style of cooking. or coif] Fold at the end of a sleeve. 2 [W.E. [-ED. cucontaining culm. pi. [Ar. suitable for market. I. FIRM S6N . Cf. form. to complain. riving its name from its note. cubus. PIQUE. Kpvm~q. as a man. stem.] an adulteress. 1.7i.-ING or-LED. as with a hood or cowl. like twist cf hair at the The part one is to perform._ grasses. i. [Lat. — v. cubitus. Pertaining to. a cubical die. FAR. One who culls especialing them into water. [Lat. n. cross. Lat. cubical. 2. A blow with the open hand. cubare. . coijffe. thigh. to chew.] . ERE. Cryp'to-gam/ic.I. 2. rupt. . Fr. [Lat. CUBE. Product number multi- plied twice into self. cogel. kv'/Sos. [Lat. cubit. ment for punishing scolds. ALL. crest. ly. crystal — cresu. violent collision or compression. Act or process of becoming crystallized. J properties of a cube. v. . A subterranean cell a vault under a church used for burial purposes. of the highest point of altitude. colligere. ceoivan. .] To . by plung. crystal. A. 137. croisade. €*RUST'I-L Y adv. €rys'tal-log'ra-phy.] To select or pick culina. to write.?i. Cu'BOID. from D. 7. ridge. clamor. Fr. fr. Cul-mif'er-ous. to. A tailback of the head. n. Calling for notice notoCRYPT. A man whose hatched by them. To beat with a cudgel C0d'Gel-er. crux. -Sryp / TO-ga'mi-an. €rus-ta'ce-6l'o-Gy (-ta'she-). n. placed under the arm.] 1. any concretion. [Perh. 3 queue. To advertise by outcry. To weep and sob. cuimus.] [Lat. like. ell. Cuisine (kv/e-zvn'). ) cowl. [Fr. and ypufyeiv. t.

] Having the form of a wedge. extinguish lights. as.] Of or like copper €u'ri-ous-ness. crafty. t. n. — . serving blame. €URD. Remedy 1.&. Syn. way. €t/R'RANT. [cian. €u-NE'l-FOBM. kam- matic seeds. courlieu. cupiditas. n.] A spherical vault edifice. to run. roof having a double €urb'-stone.CULPABILITY CURRENT 101 1.] 2. Lat. n 1 J Quality of being blameworthiness. cup. €!ure'eess. bear. 2.] — twist or v. silent €0rl. as a device. A small vessel to drink from 2. A wall within a well or form. tj as ng. a talent for the use of stratagems. 2. n. n. .& cot. 2. churlish fellow a miser. ful more ingenious and inventive. [Lat. small cask. to crisp. 1. n. n. . 1. krul- To curl. dwarf plant. adv. dog of a Ger. cruth. i. €uL'VERT. Burdensome. etJP'BOARD (kub'urd). tive. a crafty manager. corrupt. Fr. . . from a supposed 0. Current value. to Burdensome.] To heap together.] 1. Lat. A cordial.] A minister employed as an assistant to the rector or vicar. r inserted).€up'-bear/eb. Having curls or a tendency to curl. a. One who fills and 2. Fostering hands the cups at an entertainment. . fr.] cumulatum. Cultivator. Artfully constructed. office . adv. a tub. 1. to take care of. thaim. A n. To thicken change into curd. €u'mu-ea-tive. to cultivate.] An arched drain under a road or canal. &c.] [L.. cask. care. / Rl-6s'l-TY. a. Act of heaping [Lat. . tub. flavored with orange-peel. [-ED -ing.n. colubrinus. a heap of earth. . eDi/PA-BlL'l-TY. eu'MU-LA'TiON. accused.] A worthless or degenerate dog. urn. colere. €u'ni-form. [Icel.] Cul'ti-va-BLE.] To to congeal. 3. &c. CultiLat. art . . n. €nR'A-BLE. Office or employment Cu'RATE. A €kJ-PID'I-TY. koter. adv. Singular odd. cupa. Corinth. [-ED. — n. — wily crafty. and retire to rest. [Lat. •Gu'PEL. this. silver. covetousness lust. [of a curate. to cherish. curatus. . a wedge. cura. strain by_a curb. n. together . Refinement. . In a curious prum. round the mouth of it. •CULT'URE [Ir. [-ED -ING.?i. . ?nft«. closet for cups. Cu'NE-AT're. Disposition to inquire inquisitiveness. 2. As. 2. 4. €0l'ti-va'tor. 1. cumulus. gem Faculty or art of using stratato accomplish a purpose deceit .] [Fr. To presmall serve by drying. . €tiR'RENT. €um'ber-s6me-l. a. €url'i-ness. Ger. 2. One who cures n. like a serpent ] A long. to [-ed.] Eager desire to €u possess something. pull . tion . [Gr. One 1. as of the acorn. Augmenting. this class being accused of withholding bread from others.] 2. [-ED: -ING. n. undulating or curving line. 2. L. wily. fr. used in letting blood. from couvrir. To move in curves. t. [0. copper. Forming a 1. MedRestoration to health.i. 3. V. n. Encumbrance n. To v. curd. mass. fr. 2. fr. cuppa. trustee a guardian. fire.] be burdensome or oppressive to. . convicted of crime a criminal. with a long bill. . art. cuppa.€0rb'-r6of. A glass vessel Eager to learn habitually inquisi[manner. cupella. . worship. An — n. corn-mudgin. 3. curve. €UR'FEW -eu'PEL-LA'TlON. cuneus. See Comfrey.] A wading bird. K. [manner. €ui/VER-lN. koth.] Contain- A little [Lat. c. longing. [-ped -PING. sure worthy of blame.] 1. in a cupel. an ancient form of culped. from cupidus. and ferre. . n. a heap. (53). . Spirit- of a curate. Cul/ti-va'tion. <3u'ne-al. t. a sern. €iJL/TI-VATE. n. E£IST. State or quality coppery. Artfully deceitful. i. 3.^. To €u-prif'er-ous. like a cup. civilization. <30ri/y. ] . Giving trouble. Arrival at the highest pitch of glory.] . Gfrp.-S. -ING. 1. cuprum. a €urb. . Result of cultivation vation. Capableof being cured. to cover. To remedy to remove. dove-tailed joint. culpare. OR. as. Eng. fr. . a heap. a corrupt. 2. care. Relating or tending to cure. pent. care.fv. . for culpit (with €ftL'PRlT. €UM'BER. [Lat. ther. to be able eOl/PA-BLE. form into ringlets or coils. [Prob. cupida. Contents of a cup. v. • (ku/ra-so'). n. Tillage pro. to till. €ur-mDd'geon (-jun). incurable. 133. <3Dn'ning. A superintendent. n. cupa. cupula. €!u'RI-OUS. Quality of being .n. couvrefeu. 3. n. Lat. fr. n. [Lat. €up'ping-glass. duction by tillage. [Lat. k6common dog. a. Possibility of being cured.-S. To restrain Deserving cento perienced. — v. cultivate. coluber. salting.] 2. culpable -ING. of corn-merchant. Fruit of a wellknown shrub. having aro. of being curious. n. as a trick. n. v. o. slope. t.] An avaricious. n.] Hav€u'NE-A'TED. €u'PO-LA (147). t.] 1. n. . milk or of any craft. copper. espcially wealth curious accuracy scrupulousness. €0lt. State of being current :' circulation 2. ) . ^ urb r°ot. n. That which is in circukv Greece. change into curd. -ING. ment 1. being cumbersome. [Prob. n. In a culpable -Gul'PA-bly. study._ [Lat. cunnan. a. Capable of being cultivated. refinement.€u'ri-ous-ly. t. fr. t. 3. [Lat. 2. a. [-ED -ING. cruCoagulated part of [From curd. That which is curious. to accuse. cu. State of being curly. Syn\— Wrong blamable censurable. [L. verb toculpe. Quality of deCunning is usually low. and mace so called from the island of Curacoa. plates. a. . money.] 1. €tJR'REN-CY. cinnamon. €u'ra-cy.hard. curiosus. [-ed . Incapable of cure. one charged with the care (Lat. power. €rT3i'BER-s6ME-NESS. cask. a. Cum'frey. One accused of a crime. a. To till to fertilize.] 1. a. To bend into curls or ringlets.G. Homage ence. •Gu'PRE-oDs. sly implies a turn for what is double or concealed. Any thing formed like a 2. United by a a. ) a.] v. of earth.— v. culpare. cuneus. [From n. a.] 1. &c. a. and forma. Solicitous to be correct with cupping-glass. n. liquid. curvare. 2. ing or affording copper. n. a physi- (kuViu). 1. to blame.] . from Lat.] wedge . €UR. die. restorative. a wily politician. To furnish with or reIngenious curious. used in cookery. slender piece of ordnance.] ical care. a. icvfjuvov. t. Eng.•CyRA-COA' eO'MU-LATE.. a. orig. <3u'ra-Tive. 2. rever- [Lat. 4. currens^ or moving rap- Running €. A DOjWQLFjTOCsTOOi. prop. cumbrus. [Lat.] To gruth.] bell at night-fall. . cultus. formerly in use.n. Lat. 3. rue. currere. Fr. — Artful sly A GuL'PA-BLE-NESS. — .] metals. [Lat. a signal to cover fires. ii. cura. n. 1. — ©URE. a sly evasion. cot. a. encumber. a talent for dexterously deceiving. [A. [SeeSuPRA. colere. fr. stone placed edgewise against earth to prevent its giving €UR'DLE. 2. . [Contr. blood a careful. [Lat. part of a btv [Lat. Cu'PULE. 2. 3.] ual charge 4. €U31'IN. 3. annulare.] Wedge-shaped cuneiform. to bend. A wall to hold back a mass wedge. cura) of souls. adv. . GiJm'broCs. cuneiform. cupreus. as. To produce by tillage. Lat. [Lat. 1 One who cultivates A n. in A small dried gi'ape. convert. on the top of an Operation of drawing <30p'ping. Skillful exto know.] t. n.[From A. Lat. To restore to health. sly humor.] confine. . covered. &c. ( ing the shape of a . la. culpubilis. cultivare. courber. 3- . . orig. n. €ur'a-ble-NESS.] To To improve by care or bleed by scarification and a cuppingglass. The refining of gold. [!. Quality of [hindrance. COl'ver-tailed. To foster cup. Eng. A ringlet. A .— v. 1. 1. fr. A check. €un'ning-ly. €u-RA'TOR. from curare. cullura. -eOM'BRAN^E. V. [Lat. [L.-ING. n. I milk. Agricultural imple to loosen the surface of the earth. n. So as to n. . [Fr. . care . n. [Lat. Ar. <3Dm'BER-s6ivie. A small cup used in refining precious €UR'ER. h. €u'ne-ate. and feu. &c. . With cunning.y. cvpp.] 1. €UR'LEW (kur'lu). [0. a.

CARE FAR. adv. . ^ bending /" . cut short to abridge to diminish. J S. ing. 2. — .] tents. Deserving a curse. n. court. which. Lat. 1. [Fr. kbtel. J. and tailler.] A dense membrane. A keeping or guard. -efJR'VA-TURE (53). cudcurrere. Ending in a point. Cur'vate. Fr. t.] To dress by a particular process. [-ED -ING. To make a curvet. leather. The building yard. To comb or rub the as leather. adv.i. 102 idly. linea. One who cuts. V. curulis. Miserably.f. [L. cursum. Cy'a-nom'e-ter. p. commonly tion General recep- ii. €ur'ry. sin. custos.] 1.-eOs'TOM-HOUSE. imprisonment. knife._ fish. courbette. curva. t. 2. €u>RULE. €urt'ly. tom conventional. n. throws 1. [Gr. t. COr'va-ted. CURRENTLY 2. €u-Tfe'u-LAR. to cur. curt. A stream. TJERM. {imp. [Lat. fr. [Gr. out a blackish liquor to tice. Customary toll or tax. cursorius. curved. . [Gr kvkAos. prob. currus. n. detestably. Having a sharp rigged nearly curse. or from a later secCurst. curto curve.] f}US'TOM-ER. adv. According to cuscyanogen with some other element or and parapet between the flanks of compound. & p. n.] (Rom. CUR'RY-COMB ment for CURSE. A notch or channel made by cutting. cultellus. [Lat. a.] currency. m. Part of the rampart Ct)s'TOM-A-RY. Confinement..] [Fr. &c.] Characterele.] Like a cur [Lat. dim. as of the sky. dirt performed superficial careless. 5. ASK ALL. eral. &. j a curve. See CURVE. cursian. n. n.) Belongtail. gles Bent without an- curved. short. n. n. or guard. cotu. Fore pi.Cy'CLE.] 1. . cultellus. : feelings. 1.U. n. v. . An interval of time marked of chair. culter. cutis. little rib. A projecting point in arches. \a.CUT'TLE-FISH. Duties on commodities. cusceler. of Curse.] One who has custody of manner superficially. and /merpov. Hence. Y. To admit of incision or severance. to run. kottel.^. [An abbrev. n. point. Cut'ting. nitrogen and two of carbon. . age. Habitually. Briefly. 2. I. [Lat. 3. 142.] dermis. 1. v. sharp. cortile. Business of a cutCutting instruments in gen- CDt'ler. measure. mously. cuspis. 3. n. W. cut. knife. 2.] instru. One who curries. of A dealer in cutlery. kettle. to execrate. from Lat. Cut'LASS. . Cuttle-fish. a €UR'so-Rl-LY. 1. . cursare. (. . rapid. broth.€0r'vi-ty. keen . -ING. \ a. To furnish with cushions. Pertaining to the Cu'tis. Generally received common. [attention. corroyer. J J CYCLE Bent in a regular form curved. n. Cure. Blasted by a COsp'i-dal. [A. a. Lat. to swear. 2. [L. adv. State of being curved. skin. Cusp'i-da'ted. c. [N. cut out. a.-S. a flex- A . cotelette.Cus'tard.-S. — (-kom). A stew of fowl. from €us'to-dy. ring or circle. against. . 2. 5. v. for the sake of stealing their con harass. i. n. A plant grower an assasCUR'SIVE. €ur-va'tion. n. line.] 1. Fr. v. n. That — which wounds the . In a cursory cuts. Common j|€UR'TAiN (kuVtin. circle of a theapillar which eats young plants. €0r'rish-ly. To carve. CtJT'TER.] [A. Subject to the payment Cut'-worm (-wGrm). 1. n. some public building a superin€fJR'so-Rl-NESs.] A molLat.orAny caterhabitual. Cur'rent-ly. Point or horn of the crescent. from Ger. or CURST. Belonging Cute. A portion cut off. said ot a horse. €urs'ed-ly. n. Lat. 2. Lat. €urs'ed (60). An engraved block. to sit upon.] An included within the same fence. CURSED t. €UR/vi-LlN'E-AL. to beget. 1. and its yelsin a ruffian. a pickpocket. Ger. to. Lat. A kkiirdi. of acute. V. To intersect.] first to imprecate evil in the name of A piece of meat. dim. CDsp'i-date. n. 2. . [Lat. COrve. er [Lat. [Lat. of Lat. 2. To utter a wish of evil ded surface. Curve> line of which ure.] any place for buying what he wants GUR'TI-LAGE (45). or . 4. tina. n. Cut'ler-y. . . ondary form consuetumen. corium. dim. . a. bounded by.] [Norm. n. flowing. [Fr. cuticula. Cutter. . curtile. n. consuetudo. Cu'ti-cle. tendent.] Short conwhen pursued. to run hither and thither. An injury or wound. Fr.— — . 2. A movable cloth screen or €0s'TOM-A-Rl-LY. cultellacius. . [-ED. as wood or by the recurrence of certain events. allied to Gr. [Lat. Cy'a-nide.] 1.] To bend to crook to inflect. Act of one who [Lat. curtus. n. . custom. Churlishness. curtia purchaser. a. a. n. a. to cut.] €urt. 1.[-ED -ING. €u-ta'ne-60s. KvpTos. 2. Continual bending of a line or surface. skin. Syn. manner. fr. 2. and Lat. curving sword. enor. One who cuts purses v. panels. CUr'rish-ness. a. E. [Per. 2.] vatus. Cut. circle. 2. n. i. quarrelsome. 1. Ger. Like a cur. . Kvavos. €0s'TOM-A-BLE. n. n. n. ) like a sloop.<3UR'so-RY.CDt'-throat. luscous animal. [Lat. V. p. the cross. [A. snarling. . cut. 1. at Cush'ion (kdbsh'un). [Lat. . execration. abruptly. A stuffed case dim. — — .] A dish com. [-ed -ing. cursivus. curriculum. profane language. €us-to'di-an. from ing in the West Indies. v. One who frequents Cy-an'o-GEN. n. . tion A vessel 2. To use [Lat. n. [L. . rib. To serve in dividing. kussen. Any stuffed or padcut for broiling. n. — — mow and reap. ote. 1. Act of bending. \imp. Now passing or present. without angles two horses. court. in which all his legs are in the air at once. cut off. 4. v. In a current — . fr. To vex.] 1. 2. To separate the parts of ing to a chariot applied to a kind with a sharp instrument to divide ens. adv. & p. Business support patron€UR-TAIL'. or wood-pigeon. adv. .] 1. To hew. 2.£. dresses. 1. and root of yevvdav. a. An imaginary circle in the heav1. ized by haste hastily or superficially •Gus'TOM.] Cut'pOrse. i.] a chariot. conceal itself. two bastions. [cuticle. kuttel-fisch . to run. no three consecutive points are in [-ED the same direction. to sever. n. juicy meats. — . Leap of a horse. SON. Antiq.] The l'ing-dove. — . A cleft a gash.6. — .] Consisting of. or torment. imp. Y.lotlg. a. FIRM • .] A yard or piece of ground where customs and duties are paid.] lowish pulpy fruit. blue. a frolic. n. One who utters a curse. VglL. 3. n. curvus.t. ©Gr'ri-CLE i [Lat. short.-COt'eet. cot/s. n. instrument for estimating degrees of cleared. n. a. 3. of The outer skin epi. Hasty view or Cut'tle. )n. . and and where vessels are entered or dark blue. A basic compound of covering. 1. & p. n. from the guts. [a.] [0. General course._abrupt . n.] kind of sauce. 2. curvare . cleaning horses. Cf.] Clev- a. n. posed of milk and eggs. 2. curved lines. of culler. . part of a ship's prow. chaise drawn by currere.«. Execrable hateful detestable. of duties. costuma. [L. . : . . p. 4. Wish of evil malediction impreca&c. €ur'vi-lin'e-ar. pertaining to a dwelling-house. A gas composed of one equivalent of lagium . PIQUE. •eUR'VET. 42). Shape style fashion. A prank. of cote. 2. ter.] To COt'-wa/ter. To leap and frisk. Something cut. crusty. cwtau. skin of. or an impression from it. n. cutis. a. augm. t. ©UR'RI-ER.] A broad. COs'TARD-AP'PLE. ordinary procedure. Kvavog. [0. leather. next below the cuticle. 2. or affecting. to cross.] A and CUR'RISH. . Habitual or long-established praccise . A murderCUrs'er. n. the skin. dark To inclose as with curtains. 7. [-ED -ING. n. €ur'rent-ness. [Fr. WHAT ERE. A . Cusp. An €ush'at (kobsh'at). -ING. end. Running. blueness. 6. . colors tanned [See Cur.

n. and Tep-veiv. v. n. [From a supposed 0. [Russ. n. Da€-tyl'I€ . to roll. dseges-eage.] n. Kvvoaovpd. [Gr. A short sword a poinard. A n. Dai'ry (da'ry. the first strain..Kv'/cAos. 9. ) 1.] The circle of the arts and sciences. Eng. distinctness. Act of dallying.fios. Qy'pher. Dac'TYL-ol'O-Gy. A lewd woman. per.] A bage. bag. Da-guer're-an (-ger'T-an). — 3.] A bank of earth.] Square part in the middle of the pedestal of a n. and eLSos.] 1 Delicious to the A method two unaccented. massive. PULL . n. .] [Gr. A superficial medd. I^DIE. KvixfiaXov. [It. Father dammr. swan. KVfj. To represent by photo.H. A