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Sanctioned Students Enrollment Process

Students with a Sanctioned alert in SAS have either been long-term

suspended or expelled and have not yet completed their requirements,
or are being case-managed for a violent or sexually-motivated crimes
or incidents. They may not be assigned until referring to or consulting
with appropriate staff first.
1. If a student has a Sanctioned alert and does not have an active
assignment, assign the student to Interagency only. Interagency
will then determine the students final assignment.
2. If a student has a Sanctioned alert and already has an active
assignment, do NOT make a new assignment. Contact the
Interagency enrollment specialist (Jowell) for review of the
student. If the student is eligible for a new assignment, Jowell
will reassign the student according to standard procedures.
Note: There is no need for Enrollment staff to review a students
Incidents prior to assigning the student or referring them to
Interagency. If a student has a Sanctioned alert, he/she must be
reviewed and assigned by Interagency.