Just go step wise step 1) Check the recruitment process in your current companyRecruitment process just keep separate

book for that how recruitment process starts in your company notify end to end process. • Recruitment Process starts when new project starts,Promtion,Enlargement of the organization. • costing-manpower requirement for project-sourcing the resumes----• scheduling the interview date and time to the candidates• Reference’s with available candidates• collecting the resumes• conducting the test• Paper Evaluation• segregating according to the marks• short listing the candidates through the preliminary interview• Technical round interview• Salary negotiation• collecting the certificates• Verification of the certificates• Joining formalities-ESI & PF Benefits-Bank Account to the new joiness• Security introduction about the organization-H.R Induction about the Leaves and Comp off’s• Issuing the ID Cards to the candidates• H.R Introduction• Assigning on the project• Managing the data base of the employees according to ID,Files• Managing the data base of the employees who didn’t submitted there certificates. .And Observe the performance Appraisal March – April is a performance Appraisal Period. After complete budget march 31 The benefits where shared to the employees based on the performance. Suppose total period counted as 12 Months..A new joinee comes under performance appraisal period when he comes Before November it differed from org to organization. Ex: Calculation of performance Appraisal: Candidate Name:Pawan EMp ID 233 Duration Project Name Self Rating Appraiser Rating

7 Months AT & T 90/100 80/100 5 Months IBM 95/100 85/100 12 Months (90*7+95*5)/12 (80*7+85*5)/12

Suppose if u divide Appraiser Rating you will get some 80% rating so the hike will follows as usual…where the 80% ratio will lie 30% Hike 90%----100% 20% Hike 80%----90% 10% Hike 70%----80%

Based on these performance appraisal is counted…it varies 180 Degree type and 360 Degree type… Those who lie below 10% Level we have to identify the training needs to the employees. Learn about Employee welfare. Learn about the pay role. Learn about the Claims,Leave policy,ESI and PF commission Ratio’s These are the important aspects learn carefully during the internship which will fetch you to good H.R. Meet Superiors in the Organization. Go through the existing files. Analyse the development of the organization from to time. Finalize wht actually organization needs. You need much patience for all these.. i am jotting down some o fthe topics which would be useful for your internship project... 1. T&D 2.Performance Management System 3.Employee Welfare Measure 4.360 degree Appraisal 5.Quality of Work life 6.HRD Practices 7.Factors determining Job Satisfaction of Employees

8.Stress Management 9.Employee retention Techniques 10.Settlement of Grievance(Do it in Manufacturing concern) 11.Workers Participation in Management. 12. Effectiveness of Training (Do it as Research Project) 2. 1. All HR Activities 2. Social Responsibility 3. Training and Development 4. Performance appraisal 5. Organizational Culture 6. International Organizational Behavior 3. Emotional Intelligence How it effects the interpersonal relations Behavioral Event Interviews, their Prominence in Selection Knowledge Management Talent Management Linking to Succession Planning Online training its effect on Employees Productivity ROI on Behavioral Training. 4. . OD 2. 0% attrition 3. JD & KR for performance Management 4. Staff Succession 5. Change Management 5. competency management employee satisfaction company corporate responsibility (CR) work environment 6. Knowledge Management & Organizational development

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