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Calum Durno

2D platforms and their limitations: This would be the console a
2D game would be played on such as, Nintendo 64, mobile
phone, pcs etc. The limitations are what the platform
(console/phone) are capable of. So the graphics card would only
allow it to do so much or how much memory the game takes
up, along with what you can do on the game. (Can you play
online with other players on the game?)
Isometric Shapes: This is a shape that when put with more
duplications of the same shape to make a representation of an
object in the real world.
Sprites: Spites are graphics that are created to look like an
object. When being put into the game theyre coded to
commands in order for them to move. For example, PacMan is
just a graphic but is imaged to look like a character to add
effect into the game. Its the same with every game.
Graphic assets; backgrounds, colours: This would be the
specific colours of an object making it stand out from
something else and possibly more enhanced to add effect the
game to make it look better in game. This could also be the
interpretation of a shadow that is being cast by an object or
your player.
Sound assets; effects, music, dialogue: This would be how
realistic or how well the sound fits into the game. So at the
main screen of the game there is normally music playing
quietly in the background. Or if there is a crowd in the game or
traffic, does the sound fit into whats going on around you when
playing the game.
Behavioural Assets: These are how the sprites react through a
command. So if we have a solid sprite (wall) and moving sprite
(enemy) the enemy will be commanded to curtain movements
and can only do so much and if it comes into contact with the
solid sprite it will change direction not just stop. It also is how
your sprite can be commanded by you through the touch of a

Calum Durno

mouse or keypad because you have set it to react to those

specific controls.

Gameplay Log
2- Ok
3- Alright
4- Good
5- Very good
Candy Crush


Cube Field




2D Platforms
Graphic Assets
Sound Assets

Candy Crush: Candy Crush uses all of the above assets

relatively well. 2D platforms and limitations are an example of
the multiple different levels that are available to play. The
isometric views are pretty good as everything is a different
shape and colour. Sprites are the little candies that are all
different shape and colour and when controlled by your touch
they can be moved up and down, left and right but only one
space. Graphic Assets are pretty good and its a smooth game
to play which can make it enjoyable. Behavioural assets are
when the small candies are controlled (moved) side to side/up
and down they swap positions with that candy up or to the side
of it. Sound Assets are good as we have different music playing

Calum Durno

and different sounds when the candies are destroyed and when
you gain points.
Snake: 2D platforms and limitations in this game arent very
good as its all just one level and once the snake gets too big
you cant physically go on any further. Isometric views arent
great either and its all just one standard shape throughout the
game and gets a bit boring. The sprite is simple and its in the
name of the game its a Snake; there isnt any other sprite
apart from that one sprite. Graphic assets arent good as its
just a plain grey background and its all bland. Behavioural
assets are good its very responsive but can only be ordered in
4 directions; up, down, left and right. Sound assets arent good
as there isnt really any sound at all in the game.
Cube Field: 2D platforms and the limitations in the game are
relatively good as the game will randomly place cubes in front
of you and you have to dodge them and the game will go on as
long as you can last until you hit a block the game will also
speed up at certain points. Isometric views of this game are
very good as you are playing as what can be made out as a
little space ship and the camera angle is slightly raised behind
it and it plays very smoothly. The sprites of this game are good
but they get very repetitive and you can only play as one sprite
but the solid sprites (cubes) will change colour at specific points
during the game. Graphic assets in the game are good as the
cubes will change colour and so will the background depending
upon the colour of the cubes. The behavioural assets of the
game are very basic which means you can only make your
sprite move left and right. Sound assets to this game arent bad
but got a little repetitive and started to get boring after a while.
It would have made the game better if there was different
music playing.
By Calum Durno