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26th June - 9th July 2015 The Most Popular Freebie in North Norfolk.

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The Mundesley Soap Box Derby

Because Lis & I were away in
France on Saturday 13th June
when the Soap, we missed this
amazing event which had not
been held for over ten years.
However we were delighted
to see these photos from Paul
Damen and Eduardo Garcia
on our return.
With Mundesley High Street
closed to traffic, crowds of
people were there, ready to
watch the races which
started at 1pm.

Soap Boxes of all makes, shapes & sizes

took part with about thirty competitors
taking part in the event, many of whom
were wearing fancy dress.

Prizes of first, second and third place were

awarded in the different age sections and
for best soap box in the various races.

Continued On Page Six

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From The Editor


Over the past two weeks the weather

has at times been wonderfully warm
then incredibly cold for the time of
year, but night after night we have
been treated to some absolutely
stunning sunsets.
I wish I could take even a half
decent photo to capture all the
fabulous colours.
The beginning of summer brings
out all the mad English ideas and
none more so then the revival of
the splendid Soap Box Derby in
Mundesley on the 13th June.
Thanks so much to Paul Damen &
Eduardo Garcia for providing us
with the photographs on the front
page and page six.
Irrespective that there was a drop or
two of rain during the afternoon,
you can see from the photos that
everyone had a great time, either
watching the races or taking part,
plus 1000 was raised for the
First Responders.
The organisers, the Scout group
of Mundesley, should take a well
earned pat on their backs, plus



thanks to all who came and spent
while supporting the competitors.
We are all hoping for another Soap
Box Derby in Mundesley next year.
As usual loads of Special Events
coming up this Summer, see
pages 17 & 18 of this issue.

Enjoy Your Crab Tales

Liz King



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Dear Liz,
Do I win a prize for spotting a deliberate
mistake (possibly not deliberate) !!!
29th May - 11th June 2015. ISSUE 062.
12th - 25th June 2015. ISSUE 062.
Shouldnt there be an ISSUE 063?
From Lis Keddell
My mistake entirely, even though three of us did
the proofreading before the paper went to the spotted it! My only excuse is
that apart from getting ready to go off to France
as soon as I had finished, the computer decided
to close down numerous times in the middle of
my typesetting. I must also apologise to Cindy
Johnson for leaving her name out of the thanks
for her review of Copacabana. Sorry!

Dear Editor,
Northrepps Aerodrome, situated just south of
Cromer on the Nth Walsham Road, are holding
an Airfield Open Dayon Saturday 18th July
(or Sunday 19th if weather bad on 18th).
This is an oportunity for local North Norfolk
residents to came and have a look at the
different aircraft that fly in and out of the
airfield and chat to the Pilots.

Club members will also be offering some

taster flights for those who are up
(literally up) for it.
The Northrepps Model Flying Club will be
displaying and flying their aircraft as well
and the airfields Diner will be open on
the day for refreshments. will have further
information in the days leading up to
the 18th regarding weather.
Chris Gurney

Dear Editor,
This is just to say a big thank you to the team
and the owners of Huckleberry Caf!
I was the lucky winner in a recent edition of
the Crab Tales and yesterday my husband
and I enjoyed some scrummy cakes and
lovely pot of tea!
Such a surprise to win and now we know
where Huckleberry is located we may be
seen there again.
We enjoy reading the Crab Tales and although
we are out of area we pick up a copy whenever
we can!
Again thanks
Sue Bensley

Letters continued on Page 4

All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALES are
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be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published by The CRAB TALES.

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Letters Continued From Page 3

Dear Editor,
Thorpe Market Church History Project
When there are events at St Margarets Church
we are constantly approached by visitors who
delight in telling us that they were married at
the church and in preparation for a future local
history day, we would like to be able to have a
display of Weddings through the years.
If any of your Crab Tales readers have such
an affinity with our village church PLEASE
encourage them to contact us on:

With modern technology there is no need for

anyone to part with cherished family memories,
a simple scan is all that is needed.
Early 20th century, or who knows, even late
19th century would be a wonderful discovery.
All the wedding registers are held at the County
Records Office so we have access to details of
all the weddings, even pre-dating photographs.
We have even had mention of wedding dresses
still lurking in attics. Any reminiscences,
anecdotes and especially pictures would
be very welcomed.
This will be quite a big project and if there is
anyone with family connections who would
like to be part of collating and preparing
material for display, please do contact us.
Margaret Hunter
The Crab Tales recently received the letter
below and forwarded it on before printing.

Dear Editor,
I read your magazine regularly & would like to
bring to the attention of all readers on the back
page, which shows the full page Sandy Gulls
Caravan Park advert in the bottom right hand
corner The David Bellamy Gold Conservation
Award presented to the caravan park.
I would like it to be known to all readers that
despite this wonderful award they received
I would like to ask why the caravan site
constantly allow all types of rubbish to
be thrown over the cliff behind their site.
This would also include the 2 recent heaps of
stone chippings they left on the cliff top after
their entrance roads were resurfaced which
had to be cleared away by NNDC
I am sure they must be proud of their award
particularly in view of the way they allow
the cliff top to be treated behind their site
which resembles a rubbish dump.
It is a complete disgrace that makes a mockery
of such an award from a great conservationist
such as David Bellamy.
Yours Faithfully,
Julian Mintz, Historian
Response from Sandy Gulls: Thank you Liz for
giving us the opportunity to reply to Mr Mintz
letter. Kind Regards, Sam.

Dear Mr Mintz,
Thank you for your letter to the Crab Tales
mentioning the rubbish over and on the Cliff
Tops of Sandy Gulls.
As a long established family run business of 35
years plus, we pride ourselves in the environment
we provide for our customers, we have over the

years worked towards achieving our Gold David

Bellamy award which we are very proud of and
gained and have maintained since 2011.
We have a park policy to recycle all the waste
produced on the site and advisory information
is given to all visitors and caravan owners as
to the recycling and disposing of their waste.
Recently we had the site road resurfaced and are
aware that the contractors stored temporarily the
Stone Chippings & Turf on the cliff top behind
our main site which we are entitled to do on our
own private land - this was removed by them
(not NNDC as you wrote) as soon as convenient
for the contractors. The grass and wild flowers
are now flourishing in the area.
We are also aware that none biodegradable items
have been dumped over the cliff and in conjunction with NNDC have put up signs in an effort
to stop this re-occurring. We also have a huge
problem with Dog mess & plastic bags being
thrown over the Cliff edge & Cliff Top which
again we monitor and clear up where we can.
The Cliff top path is privately owned by Sandy
Gulls, we have always maintained the path for
our customers and ramblers to use. We are now
proud to be a part of the coastal path. Therefore
unable to stop access to the particular part
mentioned by you in your letter.
We thank you for your concern & would welcome
a helpful friendly discussion with yourself as to
what else you believe we can undertake to stop
the dumping of permanent waste on & over the
cliff. Could you please contact us direct on:
01263 720 513 or visit reception between
9am & 12 noon where we will happily
welcome your thoughts and ideas.
Kind Regards
Samantha (Park Manager)

Dear Liz,
My Pilates class takes place every Monday
at 10am at East Runton Community Hall.
I hope to reach the local people and holiday
makers by offering a gentle class that is
suitable for all ages and all abilities.
As Dr Angela Hallatt said in your last issue
Exercise leads to healthier & longer lives
and lowers the risk of chronic disease.
Pilates is mainly mat based so no high aerobic
or intensity exercises, people can work at their
own pace and rest as much as they need to.
The community is very friendly and the group
work very well together. Classes cost 4 per
session and are suitable for all ages, abilities
and to both men and women. I have been a
Fully Qualified Instructor since 2002.
Please contact me on: 01263 588 935
Or Mobile: 07900 733 832
Many thanks.
Teresa Harman

Dear Editor,
Since 20061 have been assisting a teacher of a
Polish High School to bring a small group of
her pupils to Cromer each July for a 2 week
summer holiday.
The purpose of the visit is twofold, to enable
the students to have a holiday by the sea and
to practice their spoken English.
The sad news is that in 2015 the pattern has
been broken and no students will be enjoying
our hospitality and improving their language
skills this year.

The reason the visit has had to be cancelled this

summer is simple. Not enough host families !
The teenage students are normally accommodated
with families in Cromer and a payment is made
to the host family to cover their costs.
There is a programme of instruction for students
and on weekdays they are fully occupied from
9am until teatime each day. Hosts do not need
to have any knowledge of the Polish language.
The Polish teacher concerned, Mrs. M. Strazla,
is visiting Cromer in early July to try & recruit
some additional hosts to ensure that in 2016
the Course may continue.
She will personally be available to speak to
anyone interested in becoming a host.
In the meantime, although I am not now directly
involved with the organization, should you wish
to know more about this project I would be more
than happy to explain things more fully.
I can be contacted on 01263 512 692.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Frank Chesterfield

Dear Editor.
I note that Mr H. Mouse is at it again (issue 062)
- hes quite an old mouse you know so I suggest
he dusts off his bus pass and takes a trip on the
bus with the blacked out windows - he will
certainly NOT be able to enjoy our beautiful
Norfolk countryside and hes bound to end
up with a headache.
Talking of buses - just lately there have been quite
a few disgruntled passengers - mainly because
Sanders Coaches dont seem to be keeping to
their end of the bargain - i.e. they just dont
turn up, leaving passengers stranded with
no information whatsoever.
Moreover it appears theres nothing we can do
- we really are the poor relations where travel
is concerned.
Janet Munro,

Dear Editor,
This years Crab & Lobster Festival was a super
smashing success, magically supported by superb
sunny weather! The opening concert at the Pier
Pavilion Theatre was played to a packed house.
The entertainment offered something for everyone
Pat Nearney, Marlenes Dancers, My Bad Sister,
Backdrafts and The Sheringham Shantymen.
The weekend continued in Cromer - top chefs
with seafood dishes, market stalls, live music,
crab sandwiches, Punch & Judy, giant fishtank,
heritage demos, crab dressing & entertainment.
In Sheringham the village fete atmosphere
attracted the crowds with local chefs, ethnic
foods, crab dressing demonstrations, morris
dancers, street entertainers, beer, bees, sheep,
music, boats, coastguards, Shantymen - and
Razz the Clown entertained in both towns!
On Sunday charity walkers & Cromer Walkers
are Welcome linked the towns, and there was a
new Crazy Crab Competition from the Pier.
Record crowds enjoyed the weekend and local
accommodation was booked up weeks in advance.
The best news of all... dates for next years
festival are 21st-22nd May 2016.
Siri Taylor

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Continued from Front Page

The Soap Box Derby was held to raise funds
for the 1st Mundesley Air Scouts, funding
activities for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Winners: The Tom Bloxham Memorial Cup

(Best overall Soap Box)
1st - Team F1 (Noah Gray & Luca Wrana)
2nd - Flying Without Wings (Wesley & Karl)
3rd - The Bumble Bug (Kaly & Catherine)

Under 8 years
1st - Fast Fox (Flora & Rachel Hale)
2nd - Beaver 1, Beaver 2
(Thomas Hollis & Miles Rondel)
3rd - Izaac & Mat Hamilton
Under 11 years
1st - Flying without wings
(Wesley Pearce & Karl Bumfrey)
2nd - Bacton Youth FC
(Katie Hollis & James Green)
3rd - The Menaces (Ophelia & Ashley Hale)
Under 14 years
1st - The Slug Bucket (Minnie & Simon Michlmayr)
2nd - Ellie & Catherine
(Georgia withdrew after a fractured hand)
3rd - The Magic Flyers (Jack Wait & Thomas Rooke)
Senior 14 - 18 years
1st - Cool Runnings
(Hunter Force ESU - Leestan Drake & Charlie Jefferies)
2nd - Sam & Charlotte Roberts
Senior Ladies
1st - Elaine Roberts & Lara Clare
2nd - The Bacton Belles
(Anna Hollis & Mireille Hogger)
3rd - The Vintage Chicks
(Emma Cutting & Stacey Studd)
Senior Men
1st - Mundesley Hardware (Chris & Bryan Pearce)
2nd - The Renegades (David Cletheroe & Marcus)
3rd - Team 25 (Tim Wright & Luke Robson)

History Tales

Thorpe Market & Lord Suffield

The King Of Thorpe
In 1841 the noted gardener & nurseryman James
Grigor toured Norfolk recording the fine estates,
gardens and trees he visited. One of his favourite
trees was an oak in Thorpe Market which excited
his wonder and astonishment and which he
described as the oak of the county.
It is altogether a wonderful tree. It soars to a
height of about 70 feet, it has a trunk 42 feet in
length, its circumference being 21feet, 6 inches.
A party who visited it lately, consisting of four
ladies and two gentlemen, with hands joined,
could with difficulty clasp the trunk.
The tree was situated on Lord Suffields Gunton
Park Estate, near to Mr Days garden.
Mr Grigor said that it was impossible to look upon
the tree without emotion. Surrounded as it is by
lofty trees of various character, it rises to a great
height above everything else of the vegetable kind
in the neighbourhood, and claims the proud
distinction of being the king and chief of all.
The oak reveals the perfect appearances of the
species ... well was the foliage of such a tree
chosen by them as the symbol of the highest
dream of nobility, of imperial authority,
and civic distinction .

Proudly rearing itself above all the pigmy tribes

that are about it, it has become to the villagers an
object upon which they look with veneration and
awe, their children know it, and run eagerly and
proudly to show it to us: by them it is very
appropriately called the Great Oak,
the King of Thorpe.

Suffield, were severely wounded. At the Norfolk

Assizes, six of the poachers, were found guilty
and sentenced to death. Lord Suffield pleaded
that their lives might be spared and the sentence
was reduced to transportation.
When the gang was being conveyed by coach
from Norwich to Portsmouth, the convicts got
free from their chains and made a desperate
attempt to escape, but they were too
heavily ironed.
They attacked the coachman, and one of the
guards presented a pistol, which missed fire;
Johnson, the gaoler, rushed amongst them
with a cutlass, and subdued them.

St. Margarets Church

Crime And Punishment

In January, 1805 a murderous poaching affray
occurred in Thorpe Wood, near Aylsham, when
several game watchers, in the service of Lord

In 1796 Lord Suffield demolished the crumbling

church at Thorpe Market and replaced it with
the present building.
The new parish church has inspired
much comment ever since.
A visitor in 1819 criticised the stained glass in
the church; which instead of being concentrated
in such a manner as to throw devotional gloom
into the church ..... is scattered and in greens,
purple, reds and yellows, giving to the whole
an appearance of too much gaiety.
Bob Wilkinson

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If any one is interested in acquiring any of these, please contact me on:
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Cromer Pier Show

The Cromer End of the Pier show is now the
ONLY one of its kind in Europe and no other
Pier Theatre in Europe can boast the same
This year sees the return of comedian Paul
Eastwood whose cheeky humour made him
a firm favourite with audiences last year.
Also making a welcome return is Ben Langley
who first appeared in the 2012 Pier Show with
his very own brand of visual comedy.
Making her very first appearance at the Pavilion
Theatre is the Multi-Instrumentalist, Rachel King.
Her versatility in Violin, Alto Saxophone, Soprano
Saxophone, Flute, Panpipes & Piano has given
her the chance to work for some of the worlds
most prestigious hotels and cruise companies.
Male vocalist Luke Walsh makes his very first
appearance in Cromer and is looking forward
to a summer season by the sea.
Vocalist Jane Watkins appeared in last years show
and is looking forward to meeting up with her
friends and fans.

New Art & Fashion

Show Venue
Paston Sixth Form College new Griffon studios
& theatre were opened this month, by Rob John
an ex Paston Vice Principal & playwright who
has written numerous plays for Radio 4.

The Seaside Special Dancers will be working

as hard as ever and displaying their talents in
all forms of dance from tap to ballet and with
colourful costumes, stunning sets, lights and
music, you have a show to remember.
The very talented Di Cooke returns for another
year as devisor, director & choreographer to bring
her wealth of experience to the show.

The Cromer Seaside Special

runs to Saturday 19th September.
Show times 2.30pm & 8pm.
Matinee Performance Tuesday 7th July then
each Tues, Weds & Thurs until 17th Sept.
Saturday Matinees from 11th July 4pm
Show One opens 20th June - Show Two
opens Saturday 4th July. Best of Show
opens 8th September.
Tickets from 10 - 23.50. Groups of 10+ from
just 15 per person (advanced booking).
Tickets from the Box Office in person,
or on the phone: 01263 512 495
or online at:
incredible range of clothes
they had designed throughout the year.
This was followed by the
drama students giving
a performance of the
Boy Preference which
had received outstanding
reviews from the press.
Over 3 days hundreds of
visitors packed in to the
new studios to see the
work on display.

Rob also writes & directs many local plays and

set up the award winning Far East Youth Theatre
Group based at Paston.
Rob said the new facilities were amazing and
provide brilliant learning environments for
current and future students.

After the opening the audience was treated to a

Fashion show with students modelling an

Students in the new photography studio demonstrated how the dark room was being used to
create some stunning photography work.
In the new Graphics area there was some brilliant
design work. This year the show expanded to
include Media work which showcased a number
of different films, including animated films
made by the students.
Principal Kevin Grieve said: this was the best
Art show we have ever had and what a time to
open up our new facilities to continue to develop
the brilliant artistic talent in this region
Photos : Greg Hayward


tel: 01263 512 190

Jarrolds Top 5
Bestsellers From Fiction
Buy one get one half price offer
applies to all these titles.
1) Monogram Murders: Sophie Hannah (7.99)
2) Miniaturist: Jessie Burton (7.99)
3) Elizabeth is Missing: Emma Healey (7.99)
4) Paying Guests: Sarah Waters (7.99)
5) Twisted: Lynda La Plante (7.99)

Book Choice
The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka
Review by Mrs Rita
Reid of a recent book
read by Sidestrand
Book Group.
This book is a remarkable account largely
unknown to Europeans,
of a period of history
from the early 1900s
to the middle of the
Second World War.
It is not a novel in
the true sense, but, but more of a documetary
based on the collective memories of Japanese
women who, unable to find husbands in their
own country, were driven to embark on
a hazardous journey to California.
In dreadful conditions they set out, clutching out
of date photographs provided by unscrupulous
marriage brokers, of future husbands (Japanese
men who had already emigrated to to the U.S.A.)
Unfortunately many of these photos bore little or
no resemblance to the men.
Instead of having well established jobs many of
these men were expecting their wives to work
in hot dusty fields or as domestic sevants to
American women.
It is unbearably sad to think of the plight of these
women who had eagerly been looking forward
to a bright new future..... Unable to speak the
language, they were isolated for most of their
lives, whereas their children soon became
integrated in school and made local friends.
The disgrace of being an unmarried woman in
Japan would appear to outweigh the disadvantages
of a life of drudgery in California. Having been
cruelly deceived on their arrival & realizing that
there was no escape from their bleak future, the
wives wrote glowing letters to their parents back
in Japan, saying how happy they were - too
proud to admit the truth .
Their unhappiness continued when Pearl Harbour
brought America into the Second world War.
All Japanese nationals were regarded as possible
enemies and whole families living on the western
seaboard were uprooted overnight and transported
to camps hundreds of miles away from the coast,
where they were interned as prisoners.
Recently the American Government has
offered an apology for the way in which
they treated these Japsnese families.

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SPLASH in Sheringham ( 2 Adults & 2 kids)

If you are under 12, tell us your name,

age and address, also in which advert
the Crab is hidden and the page number.
Please Note : Entries should be written by
the child themselves, at least their name.
OR - If you are a pensioner,
SPOT THE COD and win
now at Huckleberries

43 Church Street, Cromer

Hand in your Entry, with your name & where you

found the cod and the page number please,
to: K. Hardware in Cromer, or post it to:
Crab Tales, 30 West St, Cromer NR27 DS
before the next issue comes out.

The first entry out of the hat wins !


Congratulations to Florrie & Polly Robins,

aged 6 & 3yrs, from Leicester, who found the
crab in North Walsham Windows advert
on page 7 and to Joan Jones, from Trunch,
who spotted the Cod on Page 11
in HG & Sons advert.

If you are reading this, so too are

your future clients
To advertise in the

Crab Tales
phone Liz King on:

01263 834 965

I recently visited Liz at Selbrigg Lodge for a

Luxury Spa Manicure is really amazing
my hands have not been that soft in years
and they stayed soft for days.
Liz has a beauty studio in her vibrant garden
which is alive with many birds and occasional
squirrel, fascinating to watch while she is busy
pampering your hands, feet, head or every part
of your body you could be treating with one of
her beauty treatments.
Liz first worked in the hair and beauty industry
when she left school, then moved into hospitality.
In 2011 when her husbands work moved the
family to Norfolk, Liz decided to re-train her
beauty skills, to which she is constantly
adding more treatments and updating
her many techniques.
The studio built in Lizs garden offers peace
and privacy, plus no problems with parking.
Liz offers good value and special promotions
as shown on the adjacent advertisement.
Visit Liz Facebook page to check out
the range of treatments she offers.

Spot The Mermaid

Liz@selbrigg Special Offer

A Prize of a Free Luxury Manicure or

Pedicure will be given to the first entry
to be drawn out of the hat, telling us which photo the
Mermaid is hidden and on which page in this issue.
Add your name & address and post your entry to:

30 West Street, Cromer. NR27 9DS

by Friday 10th July

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965


Sunday Carvery
served 12 - 3pm.
4 Different Meats &
6 Seasonal Vegetables
All for 9.95

Some Thing To Start

Large Battered Field Mushroom
with a garlic mayo dip ~ 4.75
Soup of the Day with Roll ~ 4.75
Italian Garlic Bread ~ 3.75
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons,
golden fried chicken goujons, served
with bbq & ranch dips ~ 4.79
Course Pork Pate, delicious pate
served with toasted brown bread &
a generous dollop of pickle ~ 4.49
Sweet Chilli King Prawns, crispy
battered king prawns served with
a sweet chilli dip ~ 5.79
Chicken Wings (6) served with a
choice of piri piri or bbq sauce &
a crunchy salad mix ~ 4.79
Classic Prawn Cocktail, delicious
prawns in a cocktail sauce served
on a bed of crisp lettuce with
brown bread & butter ~ 6.95

Filled Ciabattas Served

with Salad Garnish & Crisps
Hot n Spicy Chicken Deep fried
chicken with piri piri sauce ~ 6.99
Fish Fingers 4 crispy fish fingers
served with tartare sauce ~ 6.79
Tuna Mayo with Red Onion &
Celery ~ 6.99
BBQ Chicken Melt BBQ sauce &
melted cheddar cheese ~ 6.99
Steak & Onion -mmmm ~ 8.99



Steak Night

These Offers Are

Friday 3


All Steaks
min 35 days Matured
All You Can
Served with all the
Various Sauces
12 Different variations
Rump / Sirloin,
Rib Eye / Fillet,
of Chicken Dishes
Chicken Curry,
From 10.50
Chicken Pasta Bake,
Sandwiches Served with
Chicken Kebabs,
Salad Garnish & Crisps
Bacon/ Sausage/ Ham/ Cheese/
BBQ Chicken,
Tuna ~ 5.75.
Prawn ~ 6.75
Chicken Mushroom Pie,
Smothered Chicken grilled chicken
Chicken Stir Fry,
breast topped with bacon & cheddar
with chips, coleslaw, garlic bread,
Roasted Chicken,
salad garnish & bbq sauce ~ 10.99
Steak, Mushroom & Guinness Pie
Chicken & Noodles
delicious short crust pie with creamy
mash, peas & gravy ~ 11.50
+ Many More
Grilled Gammon Steak with 2 fried
eggs or 2 grilled pineapple slices or
+ Salad Bar
1 of each with chips & peas ~ 10.50
Ultimate Sausage & Mash in giant
+ Hot and Cold
yorkshire pudding, caramelised
onions, peas & carrots ~ 10.25
Side Dishes
Chicken & Vegetable Pie, chicken
& vegetables in short crust pastry
+ Chips etc.
with chips peas & gravy ~ 10.50
Chicken & Chips a half roast chicken
with chips, peas & gravy ~ 9.29
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with
creamy mash, buttered cabbage
& a rich mint gravy ~ 11.99
Sausage, Egg & Chips a classic,
served with chips, peas or baked
beans ~ 7.99

Adults only 9.99

Kids 11 & under 5.00

7, Beach Road, Mun

telephone: 01

Crab Tales web site:

e Available From
3rd July


All You Can

Eat Buffet
A Meat Feast.
All the meat you could
possibly imagine.
BBQ Giant Ribs,
Baby Ribs,
Beef Burgers,
Stir Fried Steak,
Steak and Ale Pie,
Beef Bourguignon,
Hot Dogs/Chilli Dogs,
Chilli Con Carne.
+ Many More
+ Salad Bar
+ Hot and Cold
Side Dishes
+ Chips etc
Adults Only 10.99
Kids 11 & under 5.00

ndesley. NR11 8BG

1263 720 309

Pie & A Pint
Homemade Pie
with Mashed Potato
or Chips
Peas and Carrots

All For 8.95

Grilled Fillet Steak (35 days matured)
with salad garnish & chips ~ 19.90
Grilled Ribeye Steak (35 days matured)
with salad garnish & chips ~ 18.00
Grilled Sirloin Steak (35 days matured)
with salad garnish & chips ~ 17.00
16oz T-Bone Steak, with choice of
peppercorn or diane sauce ~ 17.50
Mixed Grill 4oz steak, pork sausage,
half a chicken breast & gammon
steak topped with fried egg ~ 14.50
Chicken & Rib Combo with side
salad, crunchy coleslaw, chips &
smoky bbq sauce ~ 11.49
Full Rack of BBQ Ribs with a bbq
sauce, chips, crunchy coleslaw &
salad garnish ~ 11.79

Pasta & Salads

Main Meals

Beef Lasagne, with a side salad &

chips or garlic bread ~ 10.99
Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne,
topped with melted mozzarella &
cheddar cheese with a side salad
& chips or garlic bread ~ 10.99
Salmon Salad with boiled potatoes,
salad leaves, tomato, cucumber,
red pepper & celery with lemon &
herb dressing ~ 10.99
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad
with cucumber, red pepper, tomato,
red onion & a drizzle of lemon &
herb dressing ~ 9.99

Hand Beer Battered Cod, Chips,

Peas, salad garnish & homemade
tartare sauce ~ 11.25
Wholetail Breaded Scampi, Chips,
salad garnish & homemade tartare
sauce ~ 11.25
Homemade Chilli Con Carne with
Rice ~ 10.95
Manor Madras Curry with Rice
~ 10.95
Fish Pie white fish, salmon, prawns
and smoked haddock with garden
peas in a creamy sauce, topped
with mashed potato ~ 10.99

Vegetarian Meals

Hot Dogs & Burgers

Nut Roast Caramelised Red Onion

Sauce with chips/new potatoes &
mixed salad ~ 9.50
Homemade Mediterranean
Vegetable Tart with tomato
& hollandaise sauce served
with new potatoes &
mixed salad ~ 11.50
Mushroom Stroganoff
with Rice ~ 10.50

Classic Hot Dog an american style

classic topped with fried onions,
mustard, tomato sauce, & gherkin,
served with chips & crunchy
coleslaw ~ 8.49
Chilli Cheese Dog spicy chilli with
melted cheese, jalapenos, a drizzle
of tomato sauce served with chips
& crunchy coleslaw ~ 9.49
Manor Burger a choice of beef or
chicken burger & chips ~ 7.50
with cheese add 50p
Manor Tower Burger a Burger,
cheese slices, bacon, onion rings
then a burger, cheese slices,
bacon, onion rings & chips
~ 11.25

Childrens Menu
Pizza & Chips ~ 4.25
Chicken Bites & Chips ~ 4.25
2 Giant Fish Fingers & Chips ~ 4.25
Pasta with tomato & Cheese
Sauce ~ 4.25

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965


North Walsham

North Walshams first town festival continues

with local school children, musicians, artists
and performers all lined up to take part.
Highlights of the week, organised by Arts North
Norfolk, will include big talent and variety shows
on Saturday and the festival parade through the
town on Sunday leading to a Fun Day on the
memorial park.
Joseph Ballard, director of Arts North Norfolk,
said:We want to use the arts & Festival setting
to inspire local people to develop the sense of
community in North Walsham.
People often share memories of the towns
activities, and attitudes of townsfolk of the
past and we want to rekindle that spirit.
North Walsham is a lovely market town with
lots to offer and the Festival can help profile
this to residents and visitors alike.
Its the Festivals first year and were planning
for growth and the ability to respond to what
the town would like in its namesake festival
going forward. Were relying on them to get
involved and support the biggest event of
the towns calendar year!

Festival Events

Daily to Saturday
10am - 3pm: St Nicholas Parish Church
Open art exhibition of paintings, photography,
sculpture & textiles and chance to vote for
the peoples choice.
Thursday 25th - 27th June
10am - 3pm: The Atrium
North Walsham & District Community Group
Archive exhibition. Free entry.
Thursday 25th June
7pm : The Atrium
Local historian Brian Hedge presents another
of his popular slide-show talks on the North
Walsham and Dilham Canal and the
Norfolk Broads. tickets 5.
Friday 26th June
1pm: St Nicholas Parish Church
Bands and choirs from local schools will
be showing off their musical talent in a first
Schools Festival Concert. Free entry.

Friday 26th June

7 - 9pm: No 1, Market Place
Catch 21 the new hub for 13-17 yr-olds
Free Club Night, smoothie bar & dance music.
Saturday 27th June
from 11am-2pm: Nth Walsham Town Centre
Street theatre & entertainment.
4pm (sold out) & 7.30pm: The Atrium
Big Talent & Variety Show
tickets 6/concessions 5.
Sunday 28th June
11am - 2pm: Nth Walsham Town Centre
The popular monthly farmers market.
11.15am: from Vicarage Street car park
The Festival Parade will make its way to the
Memorial Park for a Fun Day from noon-5pm.
6.30pm: St Nicholas Church
The Festival will end with a Choral Evensong
with the St Nicholas Choir.
There are many ways to take part in the Festival
from having an entry in the first parade for many
years (all entries will be on foot/non-motorised
vehicles) to performing in the talent show.
Tickets for Festival events available from Arts
North Norfolk on: 01692 218 060 or visit:
or from No. 1, Market Place, North Walsham.
For more information get our brochure from
No. 1 Market Place or visit

An Old Geezer...
....who had been retired for a long time, became
very bored and decided to open a medical clinic.
He put a sign up that said:

Dr. Geezers Clinic.

Get your treatment for $500,
if not cured get back $1,000.
Doctor Young, who was positive that this old
geezer knew nothing about medicine, thought
this would be a great opportunity to get $1,000.
So he went to Dr. Geezers clinic and this is
what transpired:
Dr. Young: Dr. Geezer, I have lost all taste
in my mouth, can you please help me ??
Dr. Geezer: Nurse, please bring medicine from
box 22 and put 3 drops in Dr. Youngs mouth.

Dr. Young: Aaagh !!-This is Gasoline!

Dr. Geezer: Congratulations! Youve got your

taste back. That will be $500.

Dr. Young gets annoyed and goes back after a

couple of days figuring to recover his money.
Dr. Young: I have lost my memory, I cannot
remember anything.
Dr. Geezer: Nurse, please bring medicine from

box 22 and put 3 drops in the patients mouth.

Dr. Young: Oh no you dont, that is Gasoline!

Dr. Geezer: Congratulations! Youve got your

memory back. That will be $500.

Dr. Young (having lost $1000) leaves angrily

and comes back after several more days.
Dr. Young: My eyesight has become weak
and I can hardly see !
Dr. Geezer: Well, I dont have any medicine

for that so ... Heres your $1000 back.

Dr. Young: But this is only $500...

Dr. Geezer: Congratulations!
You got your vision back!
That will be $500.

Moral of story...........
.......... Just because youre Young doesnt
mean that you can outsmart an old Geezer !!
Thanks to David Thorne for this.

Motorcycle MOT Testing


Motor Engineers

MOT - Cars and Vans

Service and Repairs
Body Repairs and Welding

Tyres, Batteries etc.

10 Cromer Road
NR27 0NX

Tel 01263 579 253



Crab Tales web site:

The Ship Inn

21 Beach Road, Mundesley
Beautiful Seaview Restaurant

Fantastic, locally sourced, New Menu

Sunday 5th July

Playing in our Garden from 3pm
Thursday Evenings 'Curry & A Pint' 9.95
Quiz Night 1st Tuesday of each month.
Rooms Ready for Booking!

HG & Sons
Redecoration to Restoration
07980 528 027
01263 510 978

Competitive Rates Apply

Seaview Function Room available

for ALL occasions.

5 million commercial & public liability

To book or for further information

phone us on:

Waste registration (upper tier carrier)

01263 722 671
or e-mail :


painting and decorating

tiling and wallpapering
bricklaying and pointing
cherry picker hire
waste removal
loose shingle and sand delivery
full bathroom & kitchen installations
total renovations
ground work including digger
roof and gutter repairs
property maintenance & servicing
All Trades Covered

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965


23 Church Street, Cromer
01603 736 238
Back & sciatic pain
Neck & shoulder pain
Trapped nerves
Sports injuries
Babies to adults treated
Arm, leg & hand pain
Barbara Shearing Hip, knee & foot pain
BSc (hons) Ost
GOC Registered
Jeanette Robson
Fully Insured

Help for Heroes

Written by Miranda Marshall
Director at Hayes + Storr

Q: Why is the Duke of Westminster one of

the richest men in Britain?
A: Because his late fathers estate was

exempted from Inheritance Tax due to

the death on active service exemption.
The 4th Duke was shot in the knee during the
Italian campaign in WWII. It was held that the
injury accelerated his death 20 years later.
It was a major reason behind the Grosvenor
Estates being saved for the family.
Death on active service exemption is the
oldest exemption in the long history of death
duties (now called Inheritance Tax).
It dates back to the reign of William & Mary and
to the Probate Duty in 1694. It applies where the
taxpayer died from a wound inflicted, accident
occurring or disease contracted while on active
service against an enemy or on other service of
a warlike nature or involving the same risks.
The death does not need to be on the battlefield:
it is enough that the wound, accident or disease
was inflicted, occurred or contracted when on
active service. It does not need to be the only or
direct pathological cause of death; it simply
has to be a cause. The thinking is that those
who give their life for their country should
not pay tax to their country on their death.
This relief has been substantially extended and
the reliefs increased by the Finance Act 2015.
It now covers the death of emergency personnel
and also the death of constables and service
personnel targeted because of their status.
The old legislation had only exempted relief
from the death charge but this has now been
widened and includes lifetime gifts. In order
to claim the exemption a certificate must be
obtained from the MoD.

This article aims to supply general information,

but it is not intended to constitute advice. Every
effort is made to ensure that the law referred to
is correct at the date of publication and to avoid
any statement which may mislead.
However no duty of care is assumed to any
person and no liability is accepted for any
omission or inaccuracy. Always seek our
specific advice.

The death of emergency personnel exemption

covers search-&-rescue services such as coastguards & RNLI, the police, fire brigade, medical,
ambulance & paramedic services; it also covers
humanitarian aid workers. The person must die
while responding to emergency circumstances.
The death may occur later and relief applies if the
injury sustained was one of the causes of death.

If you require advice on this matter please

telephone our private client department
on: 01263 825 959.
For advice on any other legal matter please
telephone our Sheringham office
on: 01263 825 959 or

Sainsburys North

Danny Willcox from SERV Norfolk, added:

Wed like to thank the customers, colleagues
and the community at Sainsburys in North
Walsham for their support over the past
year to keep our wheels moving.
It has made such a difference to SERV Norfolk
and were extremely grateful for the donations
and awareness weve been able to raise.
Vote for one of these charities before 28th June
in-store or visit:
Arts North Norfolk
North Norfolk Community Transport
The National Coastwatch, Mundesley
All three charities will be displaying posters
to showcase the work their group does in the
community on a board at the front of the
store for at least a week before the vote.

.... has raised 3070 for SERV Norfolk, as part

of the Local Charity of the Year scheme.
The charity provides an out-of-hours motorcycle
and car response service without any charge to
Norfolks NHS hospitals using volunteer riders
and drivers.
They operate 365 nights a year and deliver
urgently needed supplies of blood, blood
products, donated human breast milk or
take samples for urgent analysis.
The group, chosen by customers & colleagues
last June, has received support from the store
for the past year.
Activities included monthly 2nd hand book
stalls, colleague canteen cake, craft days and
a quiz night. One of the stores colleagues is
a volunteer coordinator with SERV Norfolk &
takes calls from hospitals requiring the
service then contacts the rider on duty
to set them out on their job that night.
Neil Grainger, Store Manager of Sainsburys
Nth Walsham, said: Weve had an excellent
year supporting SERV Norfolk, our customers
& colleagues have got involved with a number
of fundraising activities. Wed like to thank
everyone at SERV Norfolk for making it
such a brilliant partnership.


For the constables and armed services personnel

targeted because of their status exemption to
apply it is immaterial whether the individual
was carrying out his duties when attacked.
It applies to both serving & former police officers
and service personnel. The case of Fusilier Lee
Rigby is a good example of such a death as are
many Royal Ulster Constabulary officers killed
in Northern Ireland over the years.
This surely must be the one tax relief which
no political party will seek to overturn.

From Petes Pen

Crab Tales web site:

20 High Street
Norfolk NR27 9HG

17 - 19 West Street, Cromer.
With our additional provisions for the Community,
we are able to take on more new clients.
This includes new NHS customers of any age.
We welcome all enquiries
Contact the Reception on

01263 515 229

Blue Plaques

He was followed as coxswain by Henry

Shrimp Davies, the nephew of Henry
Blogg (born in 1914 and died in 2002)
in 1947 who served as coxswain until
1976. (He got his nickname from his
size as a youngster).

For Cromer Lifeboat Legends

Three legendary Cromer RNLI Coxswains
were honoured on Saturday 13th June.
The humble houses they had lived in had
distinctive blue plaques erected on the
outside of the buildings.
Cromers association with RNLI and its history
of lifeboats, is full of stories of bravery and seamanship & the town Council, along with other
interested parties were keen to recognise this.
The plaques were unveiled in honour of Henry
Blogg, Henry Shrimp Davies & Lewis Tuna
Harrison by members of their families. These
3 men had many years of service to the RNLI.
Henry Blogg was born in 1876 and died in
1954 and was coxswain from 1909 to 1947.

Lewis Tuna Harrison was born in 1913

and died in 2006; he was coxswain of
Cromers Number 2 boat from 1953
to 1967. (His habitual whistling as a
youngster earned him the nickname
Tuner which was later adapted to
fishier Tuna)
John Lee and Teresa Smith, the grandchildren of Shrimp are pictured on
the left, unveiling the blue plaque at
the house at number 5 New Street,
Cromer, where Henry Shrimp
Davies once lived.

The Tides Sponsered By

The Best
Fish & Chips
in Cromer

01263 512 316
TIDES For Cromer
26th June - 12th July 2015
For Mundesley Add 15 minutes

Visit for current Weather & Tides
Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965


Brians Handyman Services

Painting & Decorating / Tiling / Woodwork / Assembling Flat Packs
Odd Jobs etc / Putting Up Shelves / Curtain Poles & Pictures
Small Electrical / Changing Light Switches, Sockets & Fittings
Clearing & Repairing Gutters / Small Plumbing Work
Fencing & Gatework & Lots More.

All plumbing work, bathroom and kitchen installations undertaken,

tap repairs, blocked drains, blocked toilets, overflowing cisterns,
overflows, burst pipes, showers, immersion heaters, radiators,
wall and floor tiling, guttering, new installations. Free quotations.


Call Brian Anytime : 01263 512 644

Mob 07789 634 817


High Quality Work, Friendly Professional Service
All Aspects of internal & external plastering
& rendering, new builds, renovations
and period restoration work.
Tel: 01263 834 572 Mob: 07867 777 938

What, When & Where All Phone tel nos. are code 01263, unless otherwise stated.


Bridge Club 7pm Fri 7.15pm t: 761 308

Broadland Junior Chess 8.30am term-time Sat.
t: 735 740
Country Market each Friday 8.50-noon
Cricket Club indoor Sun 3-5pm t: 510 102
Evening WI 7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall.
Extend Over 60s Exercise Fridays Jubilee
Family Centre t: 01692 407 851
Farmers Market 9am-1pm 1st & 3rd Sat.
F.I.T. group 2nd & 4th Weds t: 731 177
Flower Club 2nd Wed 7.30pm Town Hall
Fitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & Thurs
Friendship Hall t: 01692 538 569
Gym Club Fri 5pm. High School t: 576 609
Inspired Gardeners group. 2nd Thurs 10.30
- noon. Methodist Church Hall. t:733 535.
Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm
Sutton School Of Dance, Mill Row.
Meditation Classes Thurs 12.30 -1.30pm
Friends Meeting House, Peggs Yard
Monday Stall Parish Church 8.30-noon
N. N. Mental Health Users & Carers Forum
2nd Weds Jubilee Centre 1- 3.30pm.
RBL (Womens) 1st Mon Salvation Army Hall
N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt.Wed High School
t: 01692 402 662
Scalextric Club Presto Park Weds 7.15pm.
t: 01603 754 319
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Peggs Yard
Yoga Tues 7.30pm Peggs Yard. t: 732 426


Age Concern Fri 10am The Cottage.

Aqua Therapy Classes Mon 11am-12pm
Wed 7pm Country Club t: 078855 501 914
Air Training Corps 7pm Mon & Thurs,
High School t: 515 452
Baptist Church 1st & 3rd Sat Coffee
morning t: 576 524
Bridge (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822 778
C.A.B. Appointments: t : 01692 405 847
Christian Fellowship Sun 10.30am former
Gospel Hall t: 838 180
Cromer Orchestra meets 7-9pm The Belfry
Arts Centre. Overstrand. t: 511 600
Diabetes UK 4thThurs 7.30pm Methodist
Church Hall. t: 01692 405 492
Elderberries Badminton 3-5pm Mon & Fri
Cromer sports hall. t: 761 142
Elderberries Short Mat Bowls 3-5pm Mon
& Fri Cromer sports hall. t: 511 246
1st Suffield Park Guides 7pm.Weds. info:
Flower Club 7.20pm 3rd Mon Junior School.
t: 513 408
Folk Dance Club 7.30pm Tues Community
Hall t: 578 224
Garden Society 7.30pm 2nd Weds
Community Hall t: 514 399
Hockey Club Mon under16 6.30pm Adults
7.15pm Sports Centre t: 01692 404 440
Korean Martial Arts t: 07765 282 981
Lip reading classes Thurs 10 - 12noon
Methodist Church Rooms t: 0344 800 8002.
N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm Tues
Merchants Place.
N.N. Mencap Society Thurs 1pm Merchants
Place. t: 578 116
Parkinsons Disease Society 10.30am 2nd
Wed of month St. John Hall, Bond St.
R.E.M.E. 2pm. 1st Wed Halsey Hse t: 512 450
RBL 2pm 1st Wed. The Cottage t:510 146
RBL Womens Section 2.30pm 1st Thurs
Sing for Joy Singing Group Thurs 10am.
Community Centre. t: 570 117
St John Ambulance Adults Tues 7.30pm
Cadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall, Bond St.
Tabletop/Craft Sale Sat 10am-4pm Parish
Hall. t:649 441 t: 649 441
Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711 824
Tennis Club Sun, Weds & Fri t:513 741


The Wheel of Light 1st Thurs 7.30pm

Orchard Gardens Pub. t: 721 484
Victory Explorers Weds evenings
14 - 18 yrs t: 01692 406415
Walsham Writers Group :
Acorns Parent & Toddler Group 1.30 -3pm
Thurs (term-time) Belfry School. t: 579 275. Weavers Morris Dancers Wed 7.45pm
Gardening Club 2.30pm 1st Tues Parish
St Nicholas Room t: 01692 404 447
Hall t: 576 437
Carpet Bowls 2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hall
t: 833 369
Railway Quilters & Craft Group 2nd & 4th Beetle Drive 3rd Tues.7.30pm St.Josephs Church
Bridge The Morley. Duplicates Thurs 7pm
Tues.10-12 Parish Hall t: 576 986
Strand Club 2nd Wed of month (except Aug) Beginners Fri 2pm t: 822 087
Bounce & Rhyme under 5s & parents/carers.
2.30pm The Pavilion t: 579 433
Tues 10.15-10.45am : Library. t: 822 874
W.I. 3rd Wed 7.30pm Parish Hall t: 834 242
CAB. YESU,Thurs 10-2pm t: 01692 402 570
Chess. All ages & abilities. 7.30 Fri.
Morley Club. t: 576 575.
Badminton Tues & Fri am: Coronation Hall. Christian Spiritualist Church Tues 7.30pm
Tel: 722 835
Oddfellows Hall t 513 067
Bowls Pavilion Bingo: Sun 7.30pm, Whist English Country Dancing Mons 7.30pm
Drive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721 815
Methodist Church Hall t: 01692 404 447
Cafe Church 1st Weds 10.30am Church Rooms. Evening W.I. 2nd Mon. St. Josephs Church
Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hall Hall t: 823 889
t: 720 344
Gingerbread Fri pm. Friends Meeting Hse
Come & Meet Club 3rd Weds 11am. Royal t: 0785 9364 702
Hotel, Coffee Bar t:720 558.
Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pm
Community Choir Tues 7.30pm Methodist
Tyneside Club.
Church t: 722 022
Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon.
Craft Club 10am - 12pm 1st & 3rd Mon
Age Concern.
Coronation Hall. t 720 549
Ladies Fellowship 7.30pm 2nd Tues
Creative Writing Group 1st Fri 2.15-4.15pm Salvation Army.
Library t:720 702
Lip reading classes Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm
Knit & Natter Tues 4-5pm Library t:720 702 Health Centre t: 0344 800 8002
Library Mon & Sat:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pm MS meetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Wed. Robin
Fri 10-1pm & 2-6.30pm. t: 720 702
Hood Pub, t: 823 392
Luncheon Club for over 60s & disabled.
Morris Dancing. Oddfellows Hall. Weds
Mon &Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721 984 7.30pm t: 837 693
MADRA t: 07734 689 978
Old Shannocks 2.15pm last Wed of month
Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30am
Community Rooms.
RBL 4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722 238
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Cremer St.
RBL Womens 3rd Weds 1.45pm Coronation RAFA. 11am 3rd Tues of month. t: 519 684
Hall t:721 021
Saturday Super Sale First Sat 9-11am.
Scrabble Club Fridays t: 720 663
Salvation Army Hall.
Table Tennis Club Thurs 7pm Coronation Hall. Sheringham & Cromer Lions Club 2nd &
t: 722 930 or 07828 175 493
4th Tues.The Morley Club. t: 821 276
Village Cinema 7.30pm Coronation Hall 2nd Sheringham Lace Makers. Mon 1- 4pm,
Tues Info:
St Andrews Church Hall. t: 822 075.
W.I. 2nd Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 720 744 Sheringham Singers Ladies Choir Tues 2-4pm
Lighthouse Community Church t: 768 126
North Walsham
Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd Thurs
AgeUK 4th Thurs 10 - noon Drop in for info Community Centre t: 01692 500 550
& advice. Library t: 01692 402 482
Sheringham Youth Choir 11-18yrs.Weds
Animal Magic Dog Club t: Kathy 720 730
7pm (term time) Baptist Church
Beginners Tai Chi & Qigong. Tuesdays
The Fellowship Choir 10-11.30am Mon
St. Benets Hall. Qigong 6.30pm. Tai Chi
St. Andrews Church. t:761 482
7.30pm. t: 01603 466 120
The Runtons
Bipolar Self Help Group 3rd Thurs 2pm
Saddlers Shop t: 0854 434 9872
Bingo Sun & Wed 7.30pm Bernies Social
Charity Bingo Weds 8pm Community Centre. Club East Runton
t: 01692 407 214
NN Amateur Radio Group 7- 9.30pm 2nd
Chess Club 7.30 Mon. Orchard Garden Pub. Thurs East Runton village hall t: 519 485
All abilities. t: 01692 404 649
N.N. Chess Club Fri 7.30pm. W. Runton
Extend Over 60s Exercise Mon. Methodist Social Club t: 823 814
Church Hall t: 01692 407 851
Pilates Classes All ages, abilities, male /
Judo Tues from 7pm. Millfield Primary School. female. Mon.10am E. Runton Community
t: Hazel: 579 345
Hall t: 588 935 or Mob. 07900 733 832
Lions Club 7.30pm 1st Mon. Community
Philatelic Society 2nd Mon 7.30pm
Centre. t: 01692 400 702
West Runton Church Hall.
N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt. Weds. High
Cromer & Sheringham Probus Club
School t: Gillian :01692 650 250
12.30pm 1st Tues, Links Hotel t:824 306
Parkinson Support Group 2nd Tues 10:30am Rotary Club Weds 6pm except 5th Weds
Sacred Heart Church Hall. t:01692 406 486 Dormy House W.Runton, t: 578 194
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Meeting
Sequence Dancing Mon 7.30-10pm
House, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield.
E. Runton Village Hall.t:01692 403 071
RAFA 7.30pm First Tues. Bluebell Inn
West Runton Scouts info : 712 288
Reading 4 U 3rd Wed 9.45am St.Johns Hall W.I. 2.15pm 2nd Wed. W. Runton Church Hall
t: 768 164
Short & Sweet book group 1-2pm Tues
every 3 weeks in Library. t: 01692 402 482 All at Pilgrim Shelter. Free Parking
Spiritualist Centre Sun: 6.30-8pm
Whist Mon & Thurs 1 for1.15pm deal 1.50
St Johns Ambulance Hall.
incl. Raffle & Refreshments. t: Liz 834 965
The One Oclock Club over 60s.1-2pm
Thurs. Barkers Herne.
W.I. 2nd Thurs 2 pm, Garden St.

Trimingham continued
Yoga Mon 7.30pm 4 t: Linda 834 349
Slimming Club Tues 2pm t: Val 579 797
Computer Class Thurs 11am 6
t: Liz 834 965


1st Suffield Park Guides Weds evenings
Acol Bridge Club Tues 2pm. All abilities.
Weybourne Village Hall. t:515 588
Badminton Thurs. Gresham Village Hall
t: 07917 596 797
Beachcombers Dining Club 1st Mon 7pm:
The Feathers Hotel, Holt. t: Hazel 838 566
Cash Bingo Tues 8pm Aldborough
community centre.
Cantamus Choir 7.30pm Thurs. Southrepps
Church. t: 07785 782 498.
Crazee Kidz Club 7pm 2nd & 4th Fri. term time.
Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs. t:768 138
Cromer & Sheringham Brass Band 7.45pm
Thurs Upper Sheringham Village Hall t:733 638
Cromer Air Rifle Club 9am -noon Sundays
Near Sheringham. t: 570 223
Extend exercise for over 60s Mon 2.30pm
Northrepps Village Hall t:768 159
Farmers Market 1st Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm
Aldborough Community Hall t: 768 766
Fit Together Health Walks t: 07766 259 999
Fit Together Tea Dance Tues 2-4pm Briston
Copeman Centre - 2 Info: 07766 259 999
Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1st
Thurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham t: 761 620
Gym Club Thurs 5-8pm Northrepps Village
Hall t: 576 609
Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm
Village Hall t:720 908. 1st Tues Womens
Own Methodist Church t: 721 439
MS Group Mon 10-2pm Southrepps Village
Hall t: 823 392
Nordic Walking Tues & Thurs 11am
t: 07825 773 368
Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band 1.30pm 1st Sun
Goat Inn,Skeyton.Free. t: 01692 538 600.
Norfolk Submariners 1st Wed 12noon Kings
Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511 758
N.N. Minni House Club 2nd Thurs 2-4pm
(except Aug) Bodham Village Hall t: 826 970.
N. Walsham Cage Bird Club 8pm 3rd Tues
Felmingham Village Hall. t: 01692 404 750
Northrepps Pre-School Mon-Fri Term-time
t:579 396
Northrepps R.B.L. 1st Mon. 2nd.Mon. BHs.
7.30pm. Northrepps Cottage t: 579 633.
Nth Norfolk Model Engineering Club
1st Fri 7.30pm High Kelling Social Centre
Prize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Fri
Gimingham Village Hall
Roughton & District WI. 2nd weds of month.
7.30pm Roughton Village Hall t: 768 106.
Roughton Under 5s Playgroup t:07553 456 083
Rubys Prize Bingo. 1st Sat of month
7.30pm. Lower Southrepps Social Club
Seniors Swimming Mon & Weds am., Fri pm.
Greshams Swimming Pool, Holt. t: 711 123
Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist Drives
Tues 2.15pm. Fri twice monthly 7.30pm.
Traditional Catholic Latin Mass 4th. Sun
5.30pm Mission Rooms Horsham St. Faiths
(opp. Parish Church) t: 01603 788 873
Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t: 720 931
Trunch Friends 2nd Tues 2pm Trunch
Village Hall t:721 570
Trunch Methodist Church 1st Sat 10am - noon.
Coffee Morning. Stalls Cakes t: 720 145
Weybourne Folk Club 3rd Sun 3-6pm
Maltings Hotel, Weybourne.t:588 781
Woodlands Pre-School Mon am,
Tues - Fri 9am-3pm t: 834 148

Crab Tales web site:

Jake Neale's Scrap Metal

& Recycling Services

Your local licensed scrap metal collector

FREE Collection on: Washing machines, dishwashers,
tumble dryers, cookers, car batteries, radiators,
anything metal we will collect.
We will pay for large quantities.

Please call : 0777 586 8378

Special Events

Saturday 27th June

9am -12pm: Bodham Playing Field
Car Boot sale ~ set up from 7 30am. For 5 pitch
contact : 588 228 no need to book. Sorry no dogs.
10am - 5pm : Community Hall,Cromer.
Armed Forces Day ~ Service & ex service organisations & large collection of militaria & equipment
on display. Entry Free & refreshments available.
All enquiries to John Needham t: 510 146.
10.30am : Mundesley Bowls Club
Bric-a-Brac Sale
11am : New Hall Field, Trimingham
Next to Woodlands
Car Boot Sale ~ 5. a pitch. Set up from 9am.
Sorry No Caterers. Dogs Welcome.
Book with Liz on: 01263 834 965

No problem!

Reliable, friendly, efficient service in the

comfort of your own home.

Andrew Benn 01263 761 133

Silver Surfers Computer Services

Lost Data Recovery
Free Advice Tuition

A J B Builders
All types of Building work undertaken.

Plastering, Roofing, Brickwork, Installations,

Damp Proofing & Timber Protection work.
35 years experience.
Phone: 01263 649 347 or 07887 671 141
Sat 27th & Sun 28th June
10am - 5pm : Erpingham Church
Flower Festival ~ Part of commemorative events of the
600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt. Musical
entertainment. The Erpingham Embroidery depicting
the life and times of Sir Thomas Erpingham and the
battle. Refreshments available.
Sunday 28th June
11am-5pm: Honing
Open Garden Day ~ Maps from Village hall 5 p.p.
Refreshments & Tombola in the hall. Tractor taxi
around the village from village hall. Fund raising for
Honing & Crostwight churches. Plant sale for Village
Hall funds. Bar open from 12pm. t: 01692 536 205.
Sunday 28th June
11am - 4pm : Erpingham Village
Open Gardens ~ Alongside Church Flower festival
lovely gardens of all shapes & sizes. Entry Tickets
4 from the Village hall & refreshments all day.



Nigel 07798 608 743


01263 588 488


07747 444 976



Senior Citizen Services

For All The Odd Jobs You Hate

Painting & Decorating

Grass Cutting & Gardening
Fencing & Shed Repairs

01263 515 250

All Odd Jobs Large & Small

Fast & Friendly Service

07836 227 490

12 - 5pm : Nth Walsham memorial park.

North Walsham Funday ~ Live music at the main

arena. Walking parade from Vicarage St. car park
to memorial park, Tug of War competition.Classic
Cars. Info: Andrea: 01692 406 415
2pm: Pretty Corner Woods Car Park, Sheringham.
Fit Together Walk ~ Pretty Corner Woods, 2 miles.
Info: 07766 259 999 Arrive 20 mins early if new.
Monday 29th June
10:30am: West Prom Slope, Cromer
Fit Together Walk ~ Cromer Happy Valley, 2 miles.
Info: 07766 259 999 Arrive 20 mins early if new.
Tuesday 30th June
10:30am: Potter Heigham bridge, NR29 5JE
Fit Together Walk ~ Potter Heigham Candle Dyke,
3.85 mls.t:07766 259 999 Arrive 20 mins early if new.


Wednesday 1st July

9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am. Info or
to book: 01263 720 603.
7.30pm: The Swan, Stalham
Weavers Morris ~ Dancing for charity BREAK
Changing Young Lives




Friday 3rd July

10am 3pm: Cromer Museum
Norfolks Deserted Villages ~ Deserted villages
in Norfolk became depopulated for a number of
reasons, even in the 20th century. Ian Groves will
examine some of these settlements & the causes
behind their desertion. Cost: 18. Museums Pass
15. Pay when booking Info t: 513 543

More Special Events on Page 18


24 West Street
01263 512 275
The Best Pub in Town

Stylish En-Suite rooms. Free Wifi.

Lovely home-cooked meals

Tues - Sun 12pm - 2.30pm & 6pm - 9pm

Sunday Lunches :12noon to 4pm

Voted one of the Best Lunches
in Cromer . Booking advisable

Sunday 28th June: 8pm

Grumpys World Famous Quiz
Friday 3rd July: 7 for 7.30pm
Cromer Open Darts
Saturday 11th July: 9pm
Steve Pyevarotti
Friday 20th July: 7 for 7.30pm
Paul Hurn Darts
Saturday 25th July: 9pm
Music by Frankly My Dear

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965


Special Events

Saturday 4th July

9am -12pm: Bodham Playing Field
Car Boot Sale ~ set up from 7 30am. For 5 pitch
contact Mike Sayer : 588 228 no need to book.
Sorry no dogs.
10am-3.30pm: Coronation Hall Mundesley
Craft Fair ~ Lots of unique crafts made by local
people. Charity Stalls & Tombola. Refreshments
Available. Free Entry & Parking
Saturday 4th July
10am - 1pm : From Cromer Museum
Geology Walk & Workshop ~ After a walk along the
beach to study cliff face, fossils & rock structures,
return to the museum to examine their collection.
This course is free. Limited numbers, booking
essential on 01263 513 543.
From 10am : Sheringham Potties Festival
Weavers Morris ~ Dancing for charity BREAK
Changing Young Lives
10am-3.30pm: Coronation Hall Mundesley
Craft Fair ~ Unique crafts made by local people.
Charity Stalls & Tombola. Refreshments Available.
Free Entry & Parking
Sunday 5th July
From 10am: Gresham Village Park
Car Boot Sale ~ Pitches 5. Set up from 8.30am.
Refreshments on Sale in the Pavilion.
Info: 07765 633 549
12- 3pm: Catholic Church, North Walsham
Summer Fete ~ The Castaways, Pimms from The
Summer House, Fr James Heavenly Hot Dogs
Cream Teas & Ice-Creams, Grand Raffle - Auction
Of Goods, Punch & Judy Show, Games & Stalls
Proceeds to the Organ Fund Of The Sacred Heart
Church & North Walsham a dementia friendly town
1.30pm: Oakhurst, Top Common, East Runton
Garden Fete ~ in aid of Seizure Alert Dogs. BBQ,
Live Music, traditional fete games as well as raffles,
tombolas, white elephant and clothes.
Sunday 5th - Thursday 30th July
10am - 5.30pm: Blakeney Church Rooms, The Quay.
Annual Exhibition & Sale ~ the Blakeney Guild of
Crafts. Admission 50p. A wide selection of handcrafted items by local people.
Wednesday 8th July
9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am.
Info or to book: 01263 720 603.
10am -12pm: Merchants Place, Cromer.
The Keeping Abreast Group ~ Coffee & Chat Drop
in Session - find out more about Breast Reconstruction following Breast Cancer. Volunteers on hand to
offer support, provide info. and chat in an informal
and relaxed atmosphere.
7.30pm : The Butchers Arms, East Ruston
Weavers Morris ~ Dancing for charity BREAK
Changing Young Lives
Friday 10th July
7.30pm: Overstrand Parish Hall
Songs From the Musicals ~ A Musical Evening.
Tickets 10. Concessions: 8. include refreshments.
Saturday 11th July
10am - noon : West Runton Church Hall
Sale Of Second-Hand Books ~ Free teas &
coffees. Dogs welcome!
From 11am: Cliff top gardens, Cromer Rd, Mundesley.
All-Saints Church ~ Annual Summer Fete. Cake,
stall, refreshments, BBQ, Live Jazz Band, Bouncy
Castle, Clown, Face Painting, Dragonfly Beads.
Bookstall, Tombola, Raffle, Demonstration rescue
by Mundesley Inshore Life-boat (12 midday), Fire
Engine, Local Police, !st Response. plus plus plus.
Any donations towards prizes or cake stall, gratefully
received. I can collect. t: 720 852


Mundesley Museum Always Popular

Open 11.30am - 1pm & 2.30 - 4pm
Every Day except Saturday
Further Information from 01263 720 603

Saturday 11th July

2 - 5pm : Rectory gardens, School Rd, Erpingham
Church Fete & Dog Show ~ Dog agility course 2pm
Childrens Fancy Dress Competition 3pm. Dog Show
3.30pm. Teas, refreshments, stalls, games. Entry 1,
under 12s FREE. Free parking in School Field. Only
Disabled parking at the rectory. In aid of Erpingham
& Calthorpe Churches. Enquiries 01263 768 209
Wednesday 15th July
9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am.
Info or to book: 01263 720 603.

Soup & Pud

On Friday 19th June, Lis and I popped in to

enjoy the Mundesley Church monthly lunch
some 90 yards along Hilda Road.
This is always an enjoyable and tasty lunch of
a choice of home-made soups and puddings,
followed by a cup of tea or coffee. Some 30
souls enjoyed this lunch.
At 5.00 each, that includes tickets to a raffle,
it is good value for money, that goes to the
Church funds.We won a box of chocolates
this time round.
Sadly, until Friday September 18th the Church
takes a break from running these great lunches
as the summer takes over.

Saturday 18th July

10am - 5pm: Colby Church NR11 7EE
Annual Open Day ~ Enjoy a visit to this interesting
Church, with no electricity or water supplies, with a
cup of tea or take home some delicious cakes, jams
or marmalades etc. Set in the heart of the country
with a lovely walk from the Church, about 40 mins
for a relaxing day with ample parking.
Sunday 19th July
10am -4pm: Trunch Village
Open Gardens & Scarecrow Event ~ Guide/Wristband for entry Adults 3 (U16`s free) from Village
Hall & Methodist Church or a week in advance from
Trunch Corner Stores. Also Classic Vehicles, Gun
Dog Display, Dog Agility Demo, Dog Show. Flower
Show & plant stall, Radio Ham & Static Model
Aeroplane displays, Quilting display & refreshments
in Methodist Chapel, Art & refreshments in Church,
Ploughmans Lunches etc in Village Hall, BBQ at
Social Club. All proceeds to Trunch Village Projects
Tuesday 21st July
6.45- 8.30pm: From Cromer Museum.
Ghost Walk ~ Legends & ghostly tales of old Cromer
& atmospheric sights with Kate Banks. Suitable for
older children & adults. 4, Museums Pass 3.
Suitable footwear/clothing must be worn.
Advance booking essential t: 513 543.
Wednesday 22nd July
9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am.
Info or to book: 01263 720 603.
Saturday 25th July
10am - noon : West Runton Church Hall
Sale Of Second-Hand Books ~ Free teas & coffees.
Dogs welcome!

The lunches are all run by this jolly bunch of

local volunteers (Above).
See you all again on the 18th September.

Mundesley Festival
Coronation Hall Mundesley
NR11 8BE

Sunday 2nd August

The Sound of Musicals with
Upper Octave. Seats 12

Monday 3rd August

Jonathan Wyatt Big Band & singers in
a tribute to The Rat Pack. Seats 13

Tuesday 4th August

Perry Dennis & the Twilight Shadows
Tribute to Cliff Richard. Seats 13

Wednesday 5th August

Tony Jacobs, Louise Cookman ~ A
Swell Party with seven piece Jazz
Group Seats. 13

Thursday 6th August

Katy Setterfield as Dusty Springfield
with 6 piece backing. Seats 13

Friday 7th August

Olly Day & Nigel Boy Syer~ If its
laughter youre after. Seats 12

01263 721 189

Mob:- 07867 632 998


Doors open 7.15pm

Shows commence 7.45pm
Supporting Papworth Hospital Charity

Crab Tales web site:


If your property has started to look drab, if the pebbledash has

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Fixed price contract
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Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 834 965



Crab Tales web site: