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Home to numerous communities and civilizations from the beginning of history, Anatolia is also the

harbor of the magnificent Turkish culture.

Karagöz and Hacivat are the lead characters of the traditionalTurkish shadow play, popularized during
the Ottoman period.

An Oil wrestling tournament in Istanbul. This is national sport of
Turks since Ottoman times.

For generations men have gathered in the coffee house to talk over matters of the day. When coffee was introduced to the Ottomans in the 16th century.COFFEE HOUSE CULTURE Coffee houses are another mainstay of Turkish life. smoke hubblebubble pipes and play backgammon. . The coffee house is the preserve of the Turkish male. another traditional pasttime. or tavla. it became an instant hit and coffee houses and stores were opened everywhere to grind the beans.

The charm deflects this. According to folklore. hotel or even a taxi you will see the boncuk nazar. or charm. . Mothers pin small beads on their children’s back or hang them over a crib. whether it is a restaurant. They are also found at the entrances to homes. They can be blue glass beads or pottery with a black eye painted in the center.EVIL EYE Wherever you go in Turkey. when something is praised it risks attracting the evil eye of jealousy. to ward off the evil eye.


Döner kebap .

İskender kebap .

Adana kebap .

Şiş kebap/ Lahmacun .

Dolma/Sarma .

Mantı .

Cacık .

Ayran .

Rakı .

Turkish tea .

Simit .

Baklava Helva .