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Fwd: Document required for CEIG - RBPL - reg - - Gmail

Dear sir,
Kindly provide the Following documents (Highlighted in yellow color) for submission of Drawing and
getting approval/safety certificate from CIEG Karnataka,
1. Power sanction letter.
2. Government Agreement letter
3. KSPCB – NOC Letter
4. Tax paid Receipt
5. Switchgear yard plan (Thermax & RBPL)
6. Cable Route marking Plan (Thermax & RBPL)
7. Cable size, Make & Cable purchase bill & PO copy.
8. Earthling details & Diagram (Thermax)
9. Power evacuation infrastructure details including sending and receiving end equipments.
10. Single line diagram of incoming supply, tapping details from EB 110/11 KV supply, topographical map
showing location of the power details and approval letter from CIEG for the same.
11. 110KV single line diagram details and approval letter from CIEG for the same.
12. Distance between 110/11 KV switch yard to Karnataka EB using cable or over head.
13. Local body approval letter.
14. Land purchase letter or KAATHA Copy.
15. Power plant over all Electrical drawings and overall Plant layout soft & Hard copy.
16. SLD of your scope of work. (length of the cable has to specified in the drg.
17. Key Plan of the Project.
18. T.G. Room Plan & Section
19. Application form has to be filled and duly singed by the client. Forms attached with this mail
20. Covering letter addressed to CEIG Bangalore for Drg. Approval.
21. Two sets of Photos of the person who is authorized to sign in the application form.
Thanks & Regards,
S.Raghupathy Rao