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26 June 2015

The Course Instructor
Thesis 3
School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering
Mapua Institute of Technology
Dear Dr. Jennifer dela Cruz
Subject: Thesis
We feel immense pleasure in presenting to your good self, the thesis report as part of our
course requirement. We found this study to be truly challenging in many aspects, indeed
very interesting in relation to the various interpretational and engrossing exercises.
Finishing this study itself was truly comprehensive learning experience.
We have tried our level best to complete the report with respect to the desired
requirements. However, if any explaining is required, we would be honored to oblige.
Kindly accept this humble effort of bringing forward our research and findings on the
subject matter.
Yours sincerely,

Canare, Anrol Sarah A.

Escaño, Lyra G.

Mapanoo, Dianne Claudinne E.

Suaviso, John Phillip D.