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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Bulbs

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Published by Barbara E. Volkov
The summer flowering bulbs are many but not as many as the flowering bulbs for spring. The best part of the summer flowering bulbs is the fact they will start to bloom right after the spring flower bulbs have died off.
The summer flowering bulbs are many but not as many as the flowering bulbs for spring. The best part of the summer flowering bulbs is the fact they will start to bloom right after the spring flower bulbs have died off.

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Published by: Barbara E. Volkov on Feb 16, 2010
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Summer Flowering Bulbs
The summer flowering bulbs will add some interesting sights to any garden landscape if planted in the right spots. Some of the flowering bulbs have small flowers and should be planted together at the front of the flower bed in order to show them off. The bulbs with the larger flowers can also be grouped together but should be planted in the back of the flower bed as a backdrop for the smaller flowers. Many of the larger flower bulbs will need to be staked in order to stand tall. Most of these summer flowering bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers will give a garden the feeling of the tropics. The gardeners who live in the warmer climate zones can leave their bulbs in the ground year round. Those living in the colder climates can still enjoy these flowers but will need to grow them as annuals. They will have to dig them up and store them over the winter and replant them again during the warmer days of spring. These summer flowering bulbs will bring more color to a garden at a perfect time, when spring flowering bulbs have died down.

Caladiums are generally grown for their bright bold leaf and will do well in any part of the garden, but they will most likely perform better in the shade. Their leaves are broad and shaped like an arrow and have outstanding color combos of white, pink, red, green, and bi-color. Many gardeners will remove the flowers from the plant when they are first seen because they are trivial compared to their leaves. Insects are not a problem for this plant.

Canna flower bulbs have bright leaves with cream, orange, pink, and red flowers. The canna rhizomes usually produce plants that stand anywhere from three to eight feet tall. They are quite colorful and exotic and will provide a tropical look to a flower border.

Dahlia flower bulbs produce plants that range from two to eight feet tall; the flowers can range from eight to 12 inches across. The dahlia color range is quite vast except for the blues and they will bloom from July to October. The dahlia is a very popular flower for competitions. The smaller dahlias are grown as bedding plants. Dahlias come in many beautiful colors and will bloom in late summer into fall. Aphids, spider mites, stalk borers, leafhoppers, virus and wilts can cause a problem. A serious gardener is always on the lookout for these pests.

Gladiolus come in a wide range of colors and could possible grow as tall as five feet. They will make a gorgeous background plant because there is only a single flower

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produced per corm. The best time to plant gladiolus is early May and continuously for about 2 months, this will extend the bloom time. The blooms will start to appear in only a couple of months from the time they were planted. They also come in a vast array of colors and are generally found in cutting flower gardens. It would be very difficult to find a more popular cut flower. The thrip insect can be problematic; this insect will damage the buds and stems.

Tuberous begonias
The mass of color that the tuberous begonias offer will liven up a shady corner of a garden. Their leaves have a very succulent appearance. Begonias will vary in size and shape and their flowers will range from white to pink or red. These beautiful plants are excellent in flower borders, containers, and in hanging baskets. The lily of the nile has bright blue or white flowers, tall stalks that could reach five feet and will bloom in the middle of summer. The lily-of-the-valley plant is so short that you could miss their bell shaped flowers. The scent of the flower makes it easier to find. Lily bulbs have large flowers that are trumpet shaped. They are available in just about every color and can reach a height of 6 feet or more. Once they have become established in the garden, gardeners will find them very hardy and will require very little care. The varieties of the lily have beautiful aromas along with plenty of color. The calla lily is a very hardy plant and it looks quite tropical. Their flowers are generally white, but are also available in pink, red, and yellow.

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