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v Boone became a noted marksman just by exploring his

surroundings and hunting. Some say his shooting was

so good that he could, shoot a tick off of a wildcats
nose from one hundred feet, Nancy Allen
Much of Daniel Boones early life
UNCONFIRMED: Growing up hunting all his life,
and adventures are misunderstood
Daniel did have a very good shot but the exact extent of
by the public because of the media.
his talent is unknown.
Looking at Colonel Daniel Boones v Though not formally educated, Boone would record
some of his adventures by carving in poorly spelled
own written story as well as quotes
inscriptions in trees like, D. Boon Cilled a bar on tree in
from an interview of Nathan Boone
the year 1760. FACT: Trees with Boones inscriptions
(his son) reveal myth and fact
were found throughout the known territory traveled by
behind the American legend in this
him (see picture to the right).
short introduction of Boone and
Boone is considered to be the first man to settle
the settlement of Kentucky.
Kentucky by leading an exploration party to form the
first road from Tennessee from Kentucky, now known as the Wilderness
Road. FACT: After completing the 200 mile road, Boone was given 2,000
acres of land and Fort Boonesboro was built in his honor. Countless
other places throughout Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and North
Carolina have been named after the pioneer.
v His image as the brave frontiersmen and land surveyor with the
coonskin cap was mainly established by his courageous defense of the
fort and determination to settle more land in the West. FALSE:
Surprisingly Nathan Boone, his son, explains otherwise, [He] always
despised the raccoon fur caps and did not wear one himself, as he
always had a hat. His actual bravery and smarts are confirmed.
v Later in life Boone, helped settle what is now Missouri and lived there
for the rest of his life. Countless biographies, childrens books and
adaptations have been made about Boones life to pass on the best
Fess Parker played Daniel Boone
in the 1960s television rendition
qualities in the American legend but can sometimes be misleading
of the pioneers life, creating the
when it comes to the facts . FACT: Daniel Boone is an example of a
popular but false coonskin
hero who has become a legend. Most people would like to be as brave
image associated with Boone
today. Image courtesy of
as Daniel Boone The stories grow more unreal and charming with
Liberation Entertainment.
each telling. Marianne Johnston

This beech tree holds the

last known carving made
by Daniel Boone from 1776
(inscription unknown) and
is on the registry of
historical trees in
Tennessee. Image courtesy
of Tennessee Urban
Forestry Council.

Daniel Boone, age eightyfive, painted from life by

Chester Harding. This is the
only true portrait of
Boone. Illustration by
Chester Harding, courtesy of
Kentucky National