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Shopping for a New Brace . . .With Great Results.

By Charlotte Clarkson
One of our biggest concerns as Polio Survivors is bracing. It is so important that we get the
correct fit and that our needs are met. We all would like to move around a little better and easier
which is why I would like to share my latest experience.
My last brace (received by a sizeable long-standing company in the Philadelphia area) was so
difficult to manage and caused pain in my ankle and tendons. I was dragging my left leg instead of
lifting and stepping. I endured this for three years. I thought my leg was simply getting weaker.
At the recommendation of my peers in the Delaware Valley Support Group, I went to see Dr.
Rosenstein who recommended a new brace. So I went in search of a supplier. I first went to the
same long-standing company because they were so close to my house. After spending almost two
hours explaining why my present brace was not working for me, they made me a brace that was
heavier, bigger, and of the same style as the old one. I was so disappointed that I refused to take
it. (I am glad to share with you, our ability to do that. I just called my health provider and told
them that I was not accepting it so that they did not pay for it.)
Eventually, I found a provider from Delaware who had recently opened an office in
Philadelphia and made an appointment. On my first visit I was welcomed with concern, caring,
and the desire to make what I needed. The owner, John Horne CPO, C.PED, recognizes that each
Polio survivor has an individualized need in bracing. He was determined to make me a lighter,
more flexible brace. He researched and found a new lighter material. It took a few visits, but the
results were amazing and worth the wait. Rather than just seeing me once and making a brace,
he compared different options and included me in the process.
I now can lift my leg to walk and have much better balance. I dont use my cane as often
and I dont get so tired out from walking. John also determined that my shoe lift was not
appropriate. He then redid my lifts on all my shoes which made a huge difference.

So now I would like to introduce you to this amazing company.

Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics, Inc. has two offices in Delaware , one in Delaware

County and one in South Philadelphia on the Riverfront. They are opening a fifth office at the
Science Technology and Research Campus of the University of Delaware where they are actively
engaged in education and research projects.
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Shopping for a New Brace


John Horne, the founder, lost his right leg below the knee due to cancer when he was in
high school and has since focused his life on helping others overcome physical obstacles in
spite of the challenges they face. At Northwestern University he graduated with a degree in
Orthotics. After graduation, he spent 4 years working at Roosevelt Warm Springs, GA from
2004 to 2008. This inspired him to open his first office in Delaware. (The Philadelphia office
opened in 2012.)
Independence has their own laboratories and also perform shoe adjustments including
lifts. Their in-shoe orthotics are precisely and effectively constructed. I didnt even realize that I
needed one in my right foot, however it has made a huge difference in my stance. IPO
specializes in all aspects of pedorthic care including Diabetic and extra depth shoes, custom
shoe designs, and foot orthotic solutions.
(Pedorthics is the practice of addressing medical conditions related to the lower
extremities (i.e., below the knee). Pedorthic devices are splints and braces that can be worn with
or without footwear, and footwear that is pedorthically modified.)
All of the facilities are accredited by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics,
Orthotics and Pedorthics, Inc. which is the highest national standard to be bestowed on this
profession. They accept Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.
Im writing this article to let my friends know that there are more options for excellent care
available. We dont have to accept results that do not work for us.
For more information go to
31 Meadowood Dr, Newark, DE 19711 (302) 369-9476
200 Banning St, Dover, DE 19904-3485 (302) 744-9476
2711 Edgmont Ave, Brookhaven, PA 19015 (610) 876-4935

1500 S. Columbus Blvd., Floor 2., Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 271-9476