Group 3

Solving Sudokus
Aaron Kahn, Yifan Hu, Zhouzhou Zhang, Hongfei Long

• Originated in the United States • Japanese publisher gave it its name • すうどく •

• Fill every 3x3 square, row, and column, with numbers 1-9 • Each puzzle starts with numbers as clues • The level of difficulty is seen by how many numbers there are to begin with, the more numbers the easier the puzzle and visa versa •

Human Solver
• Humans use logic to eliminate possibilities of where numbers can go • Process of elimination is often used • Here is a simple example… •

Matlab Solver
• Matlab cannot use logic to solve a problem like this • Uses brute force method • Basically solving the entire puzzle for each possibility until it is done correctly • Made possible by the almost infinite speed and memory capabilities of a computer