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Motivation Letter

Abdallah Ahmed Mohamed

Ebn Mosleh crosses Malek hefny st, Miami, Alexandria

-My dream always is to be a doctor, to build the biggest hospital in

the middle east, or a series of hospitals to help patients and
manage it as well, but unfortunately the circumstances here
prevented me to achieve my dream, and I told to myself (the
dream must be achieved) so I applied here for Physical Therapy
collage to allows me to be graduated after 6 years as a DPT
(Doctor in physical therapy), but my dream was always to be an
Orthopedic... Yes I have a wonderful future here, but in JLU (JustusLiebig-Universitt Gieen), the situation is completely different,
the University of Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen (which discovers the X-Rays) I
think there are no comment afterwords.

-Besides, I have some good basics and a lot of training in many

hospitals here in Alexandria (as a laboratory Technician), in
addition to the perfect handling with my chiefs orders to deal with
things which I never experienced before, for example: I have
worked in Mabaret El-Asafra laboratories, in sampler unit, which
handling with over than 60patient in only 9hours work/day, I was
the youngest person there, but the actively as well.

-Why I chose Germany in this field?

frequently question asked by a lot of my friends, and my answer
is : simply I found myself in Germany, I like the way which others
treats me with. The meaning of discipline, time respect, excellent
workforce and the quality of life for sure.

-After I get accepted in JLU, I was in a state that cannot describe

by words, and that was in 30-March, so I fought to get the B1Zetifikat in 22 April from Goethe-Alexandria, and I did it easy.

-Its a big idea!!!

Me and a friend of mine (Mohamed) have decide to sit this
statement (Its a big idea!!!) to achieve our target and never give
up. (Its called mission statement in 7habit of highly effective
people to Mr. Stephen Covey), so we decided to put such a
statement always in front of our eyes. With the same name, we
have made a lot of videos about study in Germany, how students
life in Germany will look like, work, expenses and the activities in
daily life.

-This is me in a small letter, written by my naked hand, especially

for you.

Place, date.

Steps to write brilliant one:

1-Be crazy while you writing your own letter.
2-Use you imagination.

3-Put your touch.

4-Be yourself.