Drug name: Ampicillin/sulb actam

Action: Destroys bacteria by inhibiting bacterial cell-wall synthesis during microbial multiplica tion. Addition of sulbacta m enhances drug’s resistanc e to betalactamas e, an enzyme that can inactivate ampicillin.

Indication Precautions: and dosages: Intra Use cautiously abdomina in: l, • Severe gynecolo renal gic, and insuffici skinency, structure infectio infections us caused mononu by cleosis susceptibl • Pregnan e betat or lactamas breastfe eeding producing patients strains. ADULTS AND CHILDRE N WEIGHIN G 40 KG. (88lbs.) or more. 1.5 to 3 g. (1 g ampicillin and 0.5 g sulbacta m to 2 g ampicillin and 1 g sulbacta m) I.M. or

Contraindications : Hypersensi tivity to penicillins, cephalosp orins, imipenem, oe other betalactamase inhibitors

Adverse reactions: CNS: lethargy, hallucinations, anxiety, confusion, agitation, depression, fatigue, dizziness, seizure EENT:blured vision, itchy eyes GI: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gastritis, stomatitis GU: hematuria, hyaline casts in urine, vaginitis, nephropathy, instertitial nephritis RESPIRATORY:w heezing, dyspnea, hypoxia, apnea SKIN:rash, urticaria,diaphor esis.

Intervention: • Monitor for sings and sympto ms of hypers ensitivi ty reactio n Check for signs and sympto ms of infectio n at injectio n site. Watch for bleedin g tenden cy and hemorr hage. Check pt. temp. and watch

Patient teaching: • Instruc t pt. to immedi ately report signs and sympto ms of hypers ensitivi ty reactio n, such as rash, fever, or chills. Tell pt. to report signs and sympto ms of infectio n or other proble ms at injectio n site. Advice

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