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040 FE india inuae Tax Hato 1981 | Sale yer Tansy recor 3,101, ote tx Yt enn. Barn era ie oa ge = = tis | Ra hoe st men oe i ‘esse | car pt ot, oe] eer 4 este Daren at Sh. v0 a haat ee ee a eat seseampsin Pt olnt return dove your spovee want $1%6 goto thi fund? «12% leu Ino | doe Jour rnd 7 Sing fo ivy ht sd Pape Revco et Dai, TG ‘Ang Stetes | 2 1SZ acres ning Joint retum (oven it only one had income) nea or 2 [O] hare og sopsate ret. Ente spas sel satya howe 8 fi BON De 4 ad of household (with qualifying Baron). (Se page Gof Ista) If he or she is your unmarried chi, anwar chits's rare De ses a 5 Qualifying widow(« ind i San pais 6 of insulins) [SZ] oureat J] serene Bind} Ee ae — Denes chess Exeaptions > Li) Spouse 65 oF over Bling (on 68 and DD 2 tore cree | | First names of your dependent chien whe ved with you beta, Maclle..} wads [> ‘Yourself, meee: Meted on Se > Sec nee : Sere, [omrepgee 7 Total number of exemotions calmed v2 os 7 Wages, sala, ips ve a {Intro income (‘uta eseetaen | y Dividends (attach Schedule B If over $400) Fame Tare, |e Total Ads tines 8a and 8b « Eoronn: iM you do nat nave | 4 Exclusion (See page 9 of Instructions)... . - « a Wo, se «Subtract line Ad from line Be (but net less than z0r0) Paver 9. Refunds of Stats end local Income taxes (do nat enter an amount unless you de- ducted those taxes in an earlier year—see page 9 of Instructions) « » 40 Alimony rocelved «ve eee es 1 Busines Income or (ous) (attach Schedule C) 32 Capital gain or (lose) (attach Schedule D) « . 18 40% of cepitel gain distributions nt reported on tine 12 (See page 9 of Instructs). Supplemental gains or losses) (attach Form 4797) « 15 Fully txabla pansions and annuities net reported online 16. be Other pensions and annuities, Total received . - 'b Taxable smount, Hany, from worksheet on page 10 iene mae 17 Rents, royatties, partnerships, estates, trusts, etc, (attach Schedule E) . 18 Farm income or (loss) (attach Schedule F). « 1182 Unemployment compansation (jmoranct). Total recalved 'b Taxable amount, If any, from worksheet on page 10 of Instructions, « . : « 20 Other income (state nature and souee—oee page 11 of Instructions) D> TT RUT TTT ‘Moving expense (attach Form 3903 or 3903F).... « Employee business expenses (attach Form 2106)...» ‘Payments to an IRA (enter code trom page 12 eanu) « Payments to 8 Keogh (H.R. 10) ratrement plan. « « + Interest penalty on early withdrawal of savings « « « « ‘imony pald . : Disabil incorne excision (attach Form 2440) «+ sueseuser|e one ‘Subtra irom Earned i inca cache ine 87) tax, sae page 3 of Instructions » be form todo nen 3 Amount from Uine 31 (adjusted gross ineome) . « {Pew 2 Coane: 428 It you do not Hemize deduction, ertar aaro» =» : eae} "hyo toi, compl Sched (oe 140 and ear he ant om Sedan Ai hs 2 > tation Caution: 1f you have unearned Income and con be clalmed as a dependent on your on parant'sraturm, check bara D> [and see page 12 of the instructions, also a paga 22 frie ff the instructions I: tee a © You ee eared Ming 8 coer ron and you spews Romie austen O# A © Yow te Form a84%, Om i (© You oe a donttaun an, ‘¥e Bubtract lng 326 from line $20. eee eee eee eee |-s22] lay 39 Maitiply 32,000 by the total number ef exemptions eisimed on Form 1040, ine 6 - - [32 lao ‘M_Texeble Incama, Subtract lie $3 from line 32.» « afaisotalecitese ote) ab leg 58. Tax. Enter tax hora and check If from [) Tax Table, (7 Tax Rate Schedule X,Y, 6rZ, 4 Schedule ©, [3 Schedule @, or [] Form 4726+. +e sveesseeeseee 2] 177 |ee:" % Adeitions! Taxes, (Se page 13 of lnsztoa) Enter hare and check If rom [] Form 4970. }|-38 75 sae Form 4972, [1] Form 8544, or ((] Section 72(m)(S) panalty ax. «o>. ss. SIZ os 37 Total. Add lines 35 and 36. vs tole, Greate | Crd for contbutons to candcetas for puble aes « «| 139 Credit forthe elderly (attach Sehedules RARP) (en 49 red for ehld and dependent care axponsea( rc Sat). s trseve | G1 investmant credit (attach Form 3465) vss serves. e Stasi | 42. Foraign tax ered (attach Form 1116)... se vse ee = {8 Work incantive QWIN) eredtt (attach Form 4874) “ «| Jobe ereait (attach Form $884)... eee ccs ed | 6 Rational ono erat (atath Form 8658) ‘Total credits, Ade tines 38 through 68. eres [a loo 7 Balanes, Subtract line 46 from line 37 and enter diferance outnot ees an zor). [AT a Dhar | & Settampioyment tx (otioch Schedule $8). « ceeeeee es PAE oe : ‘8a Minlmum tax. Attach Form 4628 and check here e [J vss vs ss ie fax08 | 490 Altarnative minimum tax. Attach Form 6251 and check here De CJ... [as] tpawana | 20. Tax trom recomputing prior-year investment credit (etch Form 4255)... ..... [30 i Be Sia Social security (FICA) tax on tip Income not reported to employer (attach Form 4137), . |_Sla} | Payments) | stb uncollected employee FICA and RATA tax on tpe (Irom Form WH2) seve + a —_ $2 Tax on an IRA (attach Form 5329). . ws enet sie tine | '1_Advanca earned tncome credit (EIC) payments received (Irom Form WZ) os 96 THe Total tax, Add fines 47 trough 53... AT —_ ‘Total Federal income tax Withhld «sess e eens Payment |g sen esmates tx permonsond enous spe me 1980 rtum ‘tach | 57 Earned Income credit. H line 32a 1s under $10,000, s00 ARE WEF | page 18 of instructions «eee ee e+ War“ | sa amount paid with Form 4860. se eee fo front | gy Excess FICA and RRTA tax withheld (wo or mo 2 Credit for Federal tax on special fuels and lls (attach Form 4136 of 4136-T) vee ve eae ve ess {Regulated Investment Gompany credit (tiach Form 2439) 2 Total Add lines 88 through G1. wees eve e eee s sess BS Tafuad oy | © Wine 62s argar than tine 4, nteramount OVERPAID. vse e eee eee sD Hutte © | 64 amount ot tin 68 to be REFUNDED TO YOU... ee yes a tee een tee (Aout of a 63 tobe oped ta your 1982 ested tc. = p> LBS (08 If i $4 large on le 62, err BALANCE DUE. Attach check or money order for fll mount pay ‘ble to “otal Reva Serva.” Wet your soi! security number and 1981 Form 1040" on HB (hack > [Form 210 210M ie atached. See pane 16 of Istractions.) D> 3 ay eae Sas rac a ea Mae se ‘si"atemetan ot Ichedules, ALB Form 1040) ‘spre a ae SORA om ‘on Ferm 1000 “an e A Schedule A—Itemized Deductions ‘ebdsl Bl 0 boc) ‘Donel include expenses ra HEE or bald by olbers.) (Soo page 17 of laxtructlons.) 11 One-half (but net more than $180) of ine fsuranea premiums you pald for medical ‘aro, (Be sue ts lcd In He 10 below). D> erie. 5 0M, ie of, 46 suntrit tne 3 rom tne 2H tne 3 18 more than line 2,enterero. + =, lance of Insurance premiums for medi: 1 care not entered on line Ls» .« 6 Other modieal and dontel expenses: ‘a Doctors, dentists, nurses, ote. b Hospitals © Transportation. s+ + Other (hemize—include heering elds, dentures, eyeglasses, 646.) Prem 7 Total (add lines 4 through 62)... + 1B Enter 3% of Form 1040, line 31... 9 Subtract tine & from line 7. If ine & I more than line 7, entor 7070. + + 20 Teal medial and ental expensse (dd tines 1 and). Enter bre and on faa 33 C Ta of Instructions. 11 State and loeal Income. 6 = es AMIE D> toe Ferm O40, Soo lastrctons for Schedles ond © (orm 1040) (See pore 1 i, s4s-co 1081 Tastructions.) ‘21 a Cash contributions (it you gave $3,000 (or more to any one organization, re- ‘ort these contributions on line 21) . Cash contributions totaling $3,000 or more to any one organization (show to whom you gave and how much you gave) D. ‘22 Other than eash (+80 page 19 of instrue- tons for required statement)... 23 Carryover from prior yoers. 2A Total controwtons (264 lines 218 through 23), Enter hera and on Hine 36 D> 6 oo (You must attach Form 4684 it Tine 29 is $4, (See page 19 of Instructions.) 25 Lees before relmburement. . . 26 Insurance or ether reimbursement you received or expect to rece... 27 Subtract line 26 from line 25. tf line 25 {Is more than line 25, enter zero... 28 Enter $100 or amount from tine 27, ‘whichever le amalior.. ‘or more, OR if cartain other situations apply.) 29 Total camuaty er theft wale) (att ia tne 2 from i Etro Ue 37 > Geo page 19 of Tnatrartons) 30 @ Union dues. bb Tax retum properation fee . 12 Realestate, sw s+ [SCO | | a2 other itemize) Pete 0ee, 20x 13 a Conan cles (coo wsies wx table) » [3G | ae B General sales on motor vehicies «|__| ieee 14 partonal property + ss + + + ————t | ‘13 Other (itemize) D>... | scone “ we j}— inn ee uncommon |_| —| 32 Total” minelloneacs Geducions (odd a —————| los 208 trough 81). En Ha tot Secreto hsilnenamnennennmn in 38 a 2 [50 16 Tou taxes (odd fines 13 through 15). mE , Enter here and on line 34... 70 (See page 20 of Instructions.) Bae 18 Cf TARTS, ‘33 Total medical and dental—from tine 10. 2 37 Home mortgage «s+ + s+ ee + | ALOE [OM] 96 Total taxee—trom ine 18... . . | ZO 26 Gretand ener cards.» WASZA | RE 14S] 38 Total interest—trom tine 29... a» 19 cue ante PrennGes CARLOav| 220 | ‘36 Total contributione—from line24, . . |___1 2) tai [32501222] 37 Testy ota fe) te 29» | Tak ZE 113] 50 total macateneour—tom tre 82. nner) |] 89 Ad Hae 39 through 38... 7 ion 2 [40 ig eta fo 00 ing Sa bee = fheawegs: cr}. ..L aisles iba eee: 3 sa—atren| 41 ee rom oy ane aah Cte FO = vd ties 7 RSeee SSL T 3 cola] mise | lo sm er Fo Paperwork Rsdation Act Notice, ono Ferm 3040 inetrtion®. Schedule B—Interest enedu ALB (Form 1040) 1981 “Hame(s) en shown on Form 2040 (Oo not enter name and social secur” pombe i ghown on har ss) Interest Income if you recelved more than $400 in interest or you received any rom on Al-Savere Certieats, you must complete rt | and lot ALL Interest recatved. Also complete Part It Frou received more than $400 In Interest. So poge & of tha Inatructions to fing out what Interest to report, Then anewor ‘the questions in Part ll, below, If you received interest as a ‘nominee for another, or you received or palé accrued Interest on ‘ecurties transferred between Interest peyment dates, please fee page 20 ofthe Inatructions. and Dividend Income Dividend Income IH you received more than $400 In gross dividends (Including ‘caphal gain distebutions) and other dletrbutlons on stock, complate Par and Part Il, Please se0 page 9 ofthe Inetruc- Mond Than anaver the euetions In Par i, below. W you mine for another, pl 2i ofthe Instructions. ibdheelaed ‘Name of payer Teckee Anount ‘Name of payer “Amount Ye Interest income (other then qualifying interest trom Al-Savers Certifeates). " Houstea Fire Saarieya | a Een cael p— (Os~ ah 4b Total. Add above amounts . 6 Qualifying interest trom AlSavers Cart. leates, (List peyers end amounts even if $400 or less.) S00 page 20 of | structions. U id Tout, Je Exclusion (See page 20 of Instructions) . Subtract line 20 from line ‘Cautlon: No part of the amount on line 3¢ ‘may be excluded on Form 1040, line 8d. 2 Total Itarest Income (acd tines 1b and 2, Entar hare and on Frm 2040, tne 2 esi _¥ Foraign Accounts and Foreign Trusta ‘you recelved more then $400 of interest or dividends, OR If you {tr trunt you met onewer bth questions | 75 cepal, gain, sal wl “4 Total, Add above amounts . distribu here ang fn line 13, Schedule D. SteiNote below » 6 Noneasabie, leu: See Instructions, foradfostment t bes) 7 Total (add lines B and 6)... 8 Total civdand Income (eubtrct ine 7 from tine 4). Entar here and on Form 1040, tine Bb feece Note: if you received capital gun distributions forthe year ond you do nok noad SehedulD to raport any other fal of hoes orb compte te atwnthn ae rte tat Schedule. nstaug, orto 4096 of your capa! gen citibu tons _on Form 1040, line 13. = . account or wore a grantor ef, or atransteror to, a for inant Pane ae pege of te insuctions ‘9 At any time during the tax year, did you have an interest in ora slgnature or ather authority aver a bank account, ea- | Yes curites eecount, or other financial account in a foreign country? « 10 tore you the rata oo trenferor to fragn trust whieh ated ring te ure tax your, ‘whether or nat you | ZZZAl ZA ‘Schedule re ao), | Sed gains (But nat lesa) on personel eres ae fa nome oe Jowett.) ra] pe Aracn to Forms 3040." > Seo netructons for Schedule 9 (Ferm 1080). EDULE D | Capital Gains and Losses (tsamslee ot mupery to be mpened ae - Ins and Losses cs, bonds, ona aimier iwestmerts, | OQ 14 TIRES Short ww amie | 8 Tome team ie et | Suita | eet ec ete | eed is a eso a wae “ened “Bad | oie ene alte ey | Seta “eo ene | ee id Pg | Seer — | -| 7 held one yeet or less, from Form TToain from sale or exchange of a principal residenes 29, ees Tortds eee ee ees e tb startterm captal gale from installment sala from Form 6252, ne 190" 27 «+ 1 SRet your anere of net shorttarm gain or (ou) from partnerships nd duces» | nad lies 2 tough 3 ln column fand coma gs soos es st + Combine tna 4, elumn fan tine 4 column gand enter the nat goin of ss) =» } Srovttirm capital losa ceryover trom years beginning afar 3969 + + + + + 7 wex snortoem gain or Gots), combine nes 5 ond 6. [REIT Long-term Capital Gains: ‘and Lasses—Assets Held More Than One Year z CO cAPsius| zi aa az. i L302 9 F¥7 4 [23 32.30) FP /6 | Ie mI | o.2 En | Sior 0.29} |__| —— |__| tee a Gain Tom sale oF exchange of a principal residence held more than one year, from ica en torie, tines 7.2, 1600 1B- ee ee es et bs ty oneterm capa gain trom lastarnant aia frm For 6252, tie 19 oF 27 =» aes 10” Chu your stam of net longterm gain or Coss) trom partnerships and fiducarleg» —_ By Agatinee Bthrough 10m column fandeoiumn gs + + + a a? 2 caertns tne 1d, calm f and tine 11 column g and enter the net gain oF Com « <2 ea Be Bann aces nie uers recA ms ot oS See Te rela trom Form 6707, ine BOY) sve se eT se ere iy har ot nt longa gan from ama busines corporation (Subchept SD» 7 = sa ieaser aan aise ele OP ee see eee ec thee eters vee es ef 17 Longetorm capital lous earyorer trom year beeing Totes Complete this form on reverse. However, if you Comets arts Il or V. See Form 4798 instead. For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, wee Form 1040 Instructors Sepadte 0 oor 1049 181 ned NTMI Summary of Parts and 19 Combine lines 7 and 18, and entar the net gain or (oas) heres NOTE: If line 1 18 2 geln complete Hines 20 through 22. If ling 29 Is @ lass complete lines 23 and 24, 29 Uline 39 shows a gun, entar the malar of ina 28 0 fine 19, tar zaro there Yous or noanty online 3B. see ee ee ee ee LS 21 Enter 60% of tse 20. 22 Subtract line 21 trom line 19. Enter here and on Form 1040, line 12... 23 14 1ine 19 shows» lose, enter one of the following amounts: "itn 7 zara ant gat antes 203% ofine 18, i) Hine 18 te zero or w net gain antar ine 19; or. tine it losses, entar amount on tine 7 added to 50% of the amount on line 18. 24 Entor nero, mallow eeancnren iota é $5000 (S180 tartas and Wing a separa return); Faxable income, as adjusted. os ests ee TETAS (Compete ths partite 26 tar Form 4798, line 8) shows a ga rem (ooo ine 20 (or Form 4798; lin) shows a gala Sparpour tax tae s above 5095. S00 instructions page 23)" 25 Nat shortterm gain or Goes) from tne 8 fom oaln or exchanges eter June9, 1981... 26 Net long-term galn or (loa) from ine 16, from asl or exchanges after June 9, 1961... 27 I na 26 showa 2 gain, combina line 25 and Ra 26.1 tna 26 or this ine shown a les oF zero, enter sero and do not complete rest of Wis pats eee ee 28 Enter the smatier of tine 26 ering 27. . 29 Enter the amalier of tina 20 (or Form 4758, tine 6) oF Hoe 28... 30 Enter your Taxable Incama trom Form 1040, ine 34.0... BM Enter dOyoflne2. ee ee 132 Subtract line 31 from line 30, I line 31 19 more than fine 30, entar sare. + ‘33 Tax on amount on tine 32. [Tax Rate Sehedule X, 34 Entar 20% of lina 29... 38 Add tines 83 and 34, Ifthe roaut in lose then your tax using other methods, enter tis emount on Form 41040, line 38 and check Schedule D box ait i tion of Post-131 Tas, my 1961 to 15 MEUM (Givipote tis bart ithe lens on line 2518 Tore than tha oss Co ne 24) Section A—Shortorm Capital Love Carryover TTT] 136 Enter loss ahown on tine 7; i none, enter 20r0 and skip linee 37 through 41—then go to line 42 37 Entar gain shown on line 18, f that line la blank or shows a loss, enter zero ‘38 Reduce any loss oa lina 36 tothe axtent of any guin online 37... 1) Fy 39 Enter amount shown on ne 26. eve ee ee arate ore 40 Ear smatier ote 3809. or cs 41. Subtract tne 40 trom line 88. Tha Is your short term capt! les caryover fom 2981 to 1982... ‘Section B.—Longtarm Capltal Loss Carryover ‘42 Subtract ling 40 from line 39 (Note: f you skipped lines 37 through 41, enter amount trom line 24) 463 Enter loss from line 18; # none, enter seco and ship lines 44 through 47... 4 Enter gain shown on line 7. If thot line ls blenk or shows a loss, exter 2er0. °. $8 Reduce any loss on line 43 to the extent of eny gen online 44... . . W Mutipty amount on tine 42 by2. 6 ee 2 4 tine 48, This 1s your long-term capital loss from 1981 to 1982, thi Part Only If You are Electing Out of the Installment Mathod Ard are R ‘ther Oblgntion at Lose Than Full Faea Value = oe Ty Check here if you elect out ofthe Installment meted. {Enter the face amount ofthe note or other oblgntion Deion seeennenennt nnn fs of val the nate or other obi H | TTT 3 a SCHEDULE G {Form 1040) eames, Income Averaging ‘> fee instructions on back, fa) cag Eee re eR SRNR pie 2 @ Multiply $750 by your total number of exemplions each year, 1977 and 1978 5 'b Multiply $1,000 by your total number of ‘examptions each year, 1979 and 1980 + 3 Terabe income oubtract ing 2a 2 from Ime 1), tess than zero, 4 Income earned outside of te United St fof within U.S, possessions and excluded une Ger'sections SIL and 931 ye eee 5. Base pend income (add lines 3 ond 4). « Computation of Averageable Income 6 Texable Income for 1961 from Form 1040, line 34 5 se ee ee te 7 Certain amounts received by owner-employees subject to under section 72(m)(5) . 8 Subtract line 7 frome ee et ee tt 9 Excess community Income. 10 Adjusted taxable income (subtract line 9 from line 8). If less than zero, enter zero... ss 11. Add columns (a) through (@), line 6, andenterhero. 6 2. se =. LLY 958A AZ Enter 30% TMD ve ee ee eee eee eee nettle 13 Averagenble income (subtract ine 12 from ling 10). ss se If line 13 is $3,000 or less, do not complete the rest of this form. You do not qualify for income averaging. Computation of Tax ¢ Amount from NOIZE. yp ss espe eee eee ee ee ee ee «Le ip ebaeiet bow Wortite selec (se pina sera ie aac Geers cee fae 16 Total (20d fines 14 and 35). ee ee ee eo [3S] 17 Excess community income trom ine. vse ee ee ee LB 18 Total (edd nes 16 ANGIT) oe ee ee eee [28 439 Tax on amount on ine 18 (see caution below). 2 st ey [a8 20 Tax on amount on line 16 (see caution below)...» . . » « [20] 26x | BHF 21 Tax on amount on tine 14 (see caution below). 5... se ee of 2ET ZOVD Ie I 22 Subtract line 21 om line 202 ee es LL GSD lta 23 Multiply the amount on tine 22 by4 . . . ook et uec se oe og ota: If no entry was made online 7 above, ship lines 24 through 26 and goto line 27, 24 Tax on amount on line 6 (see caution below). se ee of 2I SEIS I Eh 25 Tax on amount on line 8 (see caution below)... 2... s,s [SL SOIT (a 26 Subtract line 25 from line 28... oF tiem ei a wf 27 Add lines 19, 23, and 26... see 28 Multily line 27 by 0128. 2s fered see neers pee 29 Tax (subtract line 28 from line 27). Enter here and on Form 1040, tine 35 and check Schedule G box. | 29 S177 lee. Caution: Use Tax Rate Schedule X ¥, orZ from the Form 1040 instructions, but do not use the Tax Computation Worksheel on that page. Do not use the Tax Table. ‘For Paperwork Reauction Ret Noties, sea Form 1040 instructions. 4. 7* stan of Tay (at rete ert 0) ‘te Do not Include expenses you a ‘na(@) 8 shown on Ferm 1040 QOhn Fa Go) Date former residence sold > Sale or Exchange of Principal Residence > Sa Instructions on Beck. > Attach to Form 1040 for year of sala (e80 Instruction Ch. deducting 85 moving expenses. ch a sere 1981 {b) Enter the face amount of any mortgage, note (for example second trust, or other Financial Instrument on which 1s will receive. ments oF principal or interest from this sale De TE Have you ever postponed any goin on the sale or exchange of e principal residence? ss = se se (@) If you were on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces or outside of the U.S. after the date of sale of former res- dence, enter dates. From 0 Tet Date you bought new residence. (Wf none bought, 20 state). D> (b) Hf you constructed new residence, date construction began D> Gate occupied Be () Did you use both the ofd and new properties es your principal residence? swe ee ee (@) Are any rooms in either residence rented out or used for business for which @ deduction Is allowed? «|... fon the rented of Business portion in line 7; Instead include in income on Form 4797.) ‘do not include gi ‘Computation of Gain and Adjusted Sales Price Naan ee cmc bere tne ttyl pmena ecu) 1S ec icc ae tsa saan sce te ona poate sarprmem ec 1 ecco i) tes nat Selec neler erie ert ar Tomei reac os reget eeuemimanm me Or | | ¥FEO Fee eae Sc aeons win pene = (iver ov nnn 9 en eat tn tin) = en em i ‘Computation of Gain to be Postponed and Adjusted Basis of New Residence Stadia, suk es cde tts ss te se es + « Ee 4 Gain taxable tis yar (Subtract fine 10 from line 9. Do not enter more than line 7.) If ine 10s more than Tine 9, enter zaro. Enter any taxable gain on Schedule D (Form 1040), line 2a or Sa. If you were 55 or over se ce ake el ua wos ere tee seers sata als eee eee ecse eee 2 Gain to be postponed (subtract ine 12 from tine 7). 0 ee ee ee + (RLY REO Nsted basis of new residence (subtract Hine 12 from ine YO). 2 8 Tatiowof clusion. Gain to be Reported, and Adjusted Basis of New Residence Ga) Were you $5 of over on dete of sah? ee ss (h) Was your spouse 55 oro” on Gate of Pe ey we {Qryau anowered "No" to (a) and 14(0) dono complete th rest of form.) Te) It you answered “Yeu” to 14(a) or 14(b) did you owm and use the property sold as your principal residence for total of at least 3 years (except for short temporary absences) of the 5-year period before the sale? it you are 65 or over and 1(a) is before 7/26/81, see Instruction D.) (@ It you answered "Yes" to 14(0),. (Gt oYaa” check yes box end complete the rst of Pat HL “Ro etn to Part ine 12 above) Fr tre nienes owed BY Lye [Jur spouse, Oat oF Foe (0) Social security numberof spouse, at time of sale if different from number on Form 1040 P {Enter “none” if you were not married at time of sale.) _ ‘do you elect to take the once in » lifetime exclusion ofthe gain on the sale? TB Ge thine 1 bo 1721/8, ee he sale of 7 3100000 (950000, mae ing spurte tun) «2803 as {@) iting 1a is aar 7/20/3, exe te sur fn 7 or 125,00 (5250, mand ng spate eta). ESC} a as port of gain cluded (nbtratloe Saorbtomine. se ee ee ee ee PEL OL 17 Gout of new residence I you did not Buy 8 new principal residence, enter “Nona.” Then anter the sin from line 16 on Schedule D (Form 1040), line Sa, and do at complete the rest of Form2t19 . . . . | 47 | \7500g__ 48 Gain taxable this yea. (uti hum of ines 1 nd 1 om ine 8. Thu rest atot be mar tha i 18) If ie 17 icon 15 ls moe wel Eta ny tal ann chad Dorm 104), tre 92 «+s + + [AB = 19 Gain to be postponed (aubuact ine 18 fromIing 16). ww we ee ee es LS fesse 3b Ralusied beats of mew reshince (eubtract ine 19 fromilae 27). 22. 0 TS poN Form 2119 cen For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see back of form,