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Maritime Petagram 2015_04_24 15_43.rtf

Inder Kumar (to Everyone): 2:12 PM: cant hear u properly
Lax (Private): 3:31 PM: hey Inder
Lax (Private): 3:31 PM: can we give him access to tresvoyage
Lax (Private): 3:32 PM: instead of brochure
Lax (Private): 3:32 PM: as demo
Lax (Private): 3:32 PM: for a week or so
Inder Kumar (to Lax): 3:32 PM: wait let me think
Lax (Private): 3:32 PM: yea yea
Inder Kumar (to Lax): 3:32 PM: let me talk
Lax (Private): 3:32 PM: yes
Lax (Private): 3:33 PM: he is not allowing anyone to talk :(