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Hugo Vargas Daz

IA3 12:00 1:00

Martha Iniestra

Dear head teacher,

I am a teacher from this school, I am writing to help my students to get a better
education and I am concerned that half of my students are failing because they
have a cell phone and the most part of the time, they are playing video games and
chatting in a social network. Therefore, I want to do something to resolve this
Scientific studies have shown that in a school where it is forbidden to bring cell
phones, students have shown an improvement in their grades also they have had
more dedication to their work and participations in class.
Furthermore, I have done a small survey to know who of my students have a cell
phone and to my surprise, 70% have replied possessing these devices and my
students who are failing only one of them does not have a cell.
In conclusion, I think that the better recommendation that you should follow is to
implement a new academic plan where prohibited entry to the institution with cell
phones for the own benefit of the students, this will help them to have a better
Yours faithfully
Hugo Vargas Daz