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Sarah Mar

8018 Stoneyway Dr.

Houston, TX 77040
713-339-0257 (M)
713-893-5357 (H)

EDUCATION Background

M.S. Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

Buffalo State College, State University of New York, May 2007
Certified k-12th grade English as Second Language Teacher
Region IV Education Service Center at Houston, December, 1999
Certified Montessori Method of Education
The University of Texas at Arlington, April 1997
B.A. Degree in Teaching English as Second Language
Tunghai University at Taichung, Taiwan, June 1982

Leadership and Highlights

1. Collaborate with divisional administrators and Chinese teachers to
rebuild the K-8th grade Heritage and Non-Heritage Chinese
2. Taipei American School lower school Chinese Department Team
leader (curriculum mapping & common assessment)
3. Communicate with parents through phone greeting, individual
meeting and students project sharing
4. Coordinate the Chinese New year special events (assembly & interact
with local community)
5. International School in Beijing Chinese department Placement test
team leader

6. Presenter at 2014 Taipei American School Chinese Articulation

7. Presenter at 2010 International School Beijing Chinese Articulation
8. Presenter at 2009 Hong Kong International School Articulation
9. Presenter at 2007 EARCOS conference in Bangkok
10. Mentor for the Beijing Normal University internship
11. Over 25 years K-12 language (ESOL & Chinese) teaching experience
12. A warm and friendly heart for at risk and learning support student

Concordia International School in Shanghai

Chinese Curriculum Consultant
K-12th grade Chinese Curriculum Design, Grade level Assessment and
Teaching instruction

Taipei American School

LS (K-5th) Chinese teacher & team leader


Teach Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing

and typing) to k-5th grade students
Develop the LS Chinese curriculum and assessment with team
Design the placement tests for each grade levels
Work as a community liaison between Chinese department and
International School of Beijing
UE, MS and HS Chinese Teacher


Head of grade level placement committee

Teach Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing
and typing) to k-8th grade students
Coordinate Chinese New Year Celebration event

Singapore American School

High School Chinese Teacher


Teach Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing

and typing) to 9-12th grade students
Develop the project-based for each grade level with team members

The International School in China

Mandarin & ESOL teacher from K-8th grade


Teach Chinese and English language skills (listening, speaking,

reading, writing and typing) to 9-12th grade students
Develop the project-based for each grade levels

The Cy-Fair Independent School District, Houston, TX

ESL Teacher for the Chinese Population
Teach the Chinese ESL student from Pre-K to 5 grade.
Work with parents in issues related to the school environmenttelephone contacts, conferences etc..
Assist the Special Education Department with referral and testing as
Work as a community liaison between the school and the
neighborhood in issues related to educational needs.
Visit between 10-12 schools to assist the ESL students from basic
phonic skill (pre-k) to TAAS reading and math.

The Cy-Fair ISD, Houston, TX

Pre-k Teacher's Aide
Assist with management of students' behavior
Assist with keeping classroom and material orderly
Assist with physical needs of students

West Montessori School, Houston, TX

Teacher's Assistant


Kids For Me Day Care Center, Houston, TX

Director and Owner
Supervise the entire Day Care with 15 employees and about 120
Personnel administration.
Work with teachers and parent related to educational needs.
Design the curriculum to meet the students' needs.
K. C. Financial Service Co. Arlington, TX
Insurance Administrator & Customer Service Assistance
Assist to develop the Chinese market
Assist to satisfy the customers' need
Translate the documents


Morrison Academy and other private school in Taiwan

Language Teacher
Teach the Missionary Kids to learn the Chinese language and culture.
Teach the Missionaries in Taiwan to speak Chinese.
Assist the missionaries to acquaint the Taiwan environment.

References upon Request