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Straw Man Construct for TLW Final Battle

Rules for bases:

Bases can only be made of cardboard, tape, and plastic
Invading players can only remove health and plunder, not
Invading players cannot manually destroy bases, but can
throw water balloons at bases.

Medics cannot take health from enemy bases.

Invading players may not destroy enemy water balloons. If
you jump on them, dump over the bucket, or in any way disturb
them, consequences can be administered by the Queen.
Items cannot be hidden inside the walls or under bases due
to rule 3.
Invading players may remove 5 health or plunder, or 1 flag.
Per person, per ride
8. Invading players may not set fire to enemy bases.
Rules for Camps:
Each team will have at least 1 base and may establish as many
camps as they want.

A camp can be placed anywhere.


Soldiers cannot resurrect from camps.


Teams may place as many supplies as they want in camps.


Medics can remove health from camps.


Camps can be made of cardboard, tape, and plastic sheets.

Camps must have at least 1 flag to be constructed, or used
by the medic.
Up to 500 water balloons. Empty water ballons will be supplied to
the team 2 weeks before the scheduled battle.
Each team will receive 15 health bands.
Health band must be displayed on the arm or neck of any active
When hit, player must drop health band currently in use as well as
any other supplies on the ground and return to base to secure
another health band before he can be actively back in play.

Each team will receive 20 units of Plunder. These may be traded
in for health or extra ammunition with the Resource center.
Plunder may be exchanged for 1 health or 5 water ballons. Each
plunder must be redeemed in a separate transaction.
Rules for flags:

Each team will start with 5 flags.

Flags are the reward for taking a base/camp and must be
dropped if hit the same as other items.
If a team has 8 flags at their base than they win, adding
more ways to win.

Flags may be used to establish field bases.


Each camp must have 1 flag.


Each base will start with 5 flags.

Players may take one flag per person, per ride, instead of
health or plunder.
Playing the game
1. Throw water ballons. If you are hit, you must drop the
health youre using along with all other resources you have
with you on the ground and return immediately to base.
(Does splatter attack count?)
2. Anyone may pick up dropped or undefended resources.
3. Plunder may be traded at the resource center for additional
healths & ammunition. One trade per transaction. Must
return to base before coming back to trade again. Players
may not be attacked when within the trade center boundary.
4. Captured or purchased resources may be stored at your
base, with your players, or hidden elsewhere. However,
remember # 2.
The game ends when
1. One team is entirely out of ammunition and unable to
purchase more
2. One team is entirely out of health and unable to purchase
3. One team has 8 flags at their base.