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Super Charge Your

Real Estate Inner Circle

Coaching... for Results!

Sales Performance!
Uncover The Key Principles of Success

Come and Participate Featuring Steve Gutstein

with the Company that Certified Real Estate Inner Circle™ Coach.
Coaches Some of the
As an Attorney, Real Estate Broker and Consul-
Nation’s Top Producers! tant, Steve has been dedicated to coaching people
to higher achievement for over 30 years.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 THE AGENDA:
TIME: The 8 Mistakes REALTORS® Make...
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM And How You Can Avoid Them!
We’ll uncover the 8 mistakes agents make, almost daily, without even
LOCATION: realizing how it affects their bottom line. You’ll discover the specific
principles that will super-charge your sales performance immediately.
Keller Williams Realty You’ll discover:
2901 PGA Blvd. Suite 100
• How To Invigorate Your Selling Habits.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 • How To Become the CEO of Your Business.
• The Actions You Must Take Each Day To Guarantee Peak
Your Call To Success™ –
Prospecting and Lead Generation Reluctance
How to Identify It And Overcome It – Forever!
SPONSORED BY: Almost all real estate professionals have some form of prospecting
and lead generation call reluctance. The key to learning how to
make calls fearlessly is in identifying what form(s) of reluctance is
holding you back and then overcoming it.
• We’ll reveal the 12 types of prospecting and lead generation
• What are prospecting and lead generation “disguises.”
• Discover how to identify your particular type of reluctance
and overcome it permanently.
• Learn how to become a Prospecting and Lead Generation
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