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Driver license Guide

Driver license Guide

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Published by: geotekdemir on Feb 17, 2010
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Try to avoid turning around on a busy street. It is better to circle an entire city block. However if
you are on a narrow street when traffic conditions are light, and you find it necessary to turn around,
here are the steps you should follow:
•Stop close to the right edge of the pavement.
•Look over your left shoulder and check traffic behind you. Do not depend on your rear view
mirror alone; be sure that the street is clear both ahead and behind.
•Signal for a left turn. Then, follow the numbered steps in the drawing.

If you must turn around, the proper way to do it is by making the “three-point” or “Y” turn shown
here. (A) Turn all the way to left side of the street, exercising due caution. (B) Back toward
opposite side of street, turning your car toward the direction you want to go. (C) Pull your car into
proper lane and continue on your way.

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