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Assignment 1


Apple Inc. in 2012



And over Here, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Strategic Management

Beast: Strategy Safari, Henry Mintzberg

Crafting Strategy, Henry Mintzberg, Harvard Business Review,
Case Preparation Questions
1. Analyze the Personal computer industry. Why did Apple struggle historically in PC?
2. What advice would you offer the new CEO Tim Cook?

Assignments should be typed, single space, 12 Times New Roman Script. The cover page should
consists of the name of the case, the number of the group, the names of the group members, and
the section. Assignments should not be more than 3 pages. Only hard copies submissions are
allowed. Deadline for submission is 24th January, 2015, 6-00 PM. Group 1 to make the
presentation. All groups except the presenting group are required to submit the assignment. The
presentation group to mail me a soft copy of their presentation ( by 6-00
PM 24th January.

Points to be noted for preparing the presentation

Refrain from stating the case facts at the start of the presentation. All group members need not
present. However, questions can be directed to any member. Pliz restrict your presentation to 2025 minutes