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Kandoshi Village, Tal. Khed, Dist. Ratnagiri.


Edited by Mahendra Shankar Ganjekar

Kandoshi Village includes in Taluka Khed and District Ratnagiri, State

Maharashtra . Surrounded by Sahyadri hills range and another villages
such as Kinjale, Kalmani, Birmani, Vadgaon. East zone is surrounded
by Ghat Matha i.e. Kandat, Uchat, Devli, Ghonaspur, which comes
under Mahableshwar Taluka region.

HOUSES & WADI : Kandoshi Village have four Wadies. They are
Sutarwadi, Dukkardhond, Boudhwadi, Raowadi. Now within eight years
all wadies are connected with roads. Houses are built according to
climate. We can see here many interesting things like verandahs, small
(Oti), ii) big (Padvi), iii) bigger (Angan), Persavan (place behind house)

In this village way to raowadi was small bridges called sakavs over the
river, which villagers built themselves were artificially from the materials
which produce in the village itself. Now Kandoshi have two concrete

CULTURE & HERITAGE: The Gram Devta Mandir is old monuments at

Kandoshi. It might be a Shivkalin period ago. temples opposite side,
there is water percolating cow statue called as "gaimukh", which can not
dry in any season. During holly festival villager gets together for gram
devta palkhi mahotsava. Research work has to be done by Department
of Archilogy by Maharashtra State. Youth performs Balya Nach (Folk
Dance) for Godess Gouri, Ganapati, Holly Festival. Even Bharud,
Bhajan, Kirtan, Naman (Lokkala) are presents during Ceremony.
Villagers life mostly depends on Agriculture and Balutedari system.

Kandoshi is surrounded by Shivkalin fort such as Rasalgad,

Mahipatgad, Sumargad, Makarandgad, which is inspires for nature
tourism and river sport tourism in future. Khed – Satara High way will be
beneficial for Konkan and Ghatmatha districts.
FOREST: The forest is covered by different trees and medical herbals
i.e. Ain, Alu, Karvand, Amba, Anjani, Apta, Awala, Biba, Wavali, Kinjal,
Shihekai, Hirda, Chiwari, Khair, Sag, Sevga, Jambhul, Karvi, Kadipatta
etc. under tropical climate.

Chitha, Bibatya is predator of this forest, Various other animals like

Bhekara, Dukkar, Rabbit, Mongoose, Bhatai Jungle cat, Vanar
monkeys, Mongoose lives in these jungle. Bird Species specially
Lavha,Kavada, Peacock seen sometime.

Best wishes to Kandoshi villager from Mahendra Shankar Ganjekar.

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