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CEP Lesson Plan Template

Teacher/s: Sabina Simon

Level: Advanced Writing

Date/Time: 3/6/2014

Goal: Understand and produce the elements of an introduction

Objectives (SWBAT):
Students Will Be Able To
1. Write an interesting and intriguing hook for their paper that draws the reader in by
creating an advertisement
2. Write a thesis statement that is specific and has an in-depth argument
3. Identify the parts of a sentence within simple sentence structure
4. Use articles and determiners correctly in their writing, and make their writing more
Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure/Stage
Review or Preview (if Linking & Transitioning to rest of lesson: Go
over new schedule, review Warm up 3 and
Assignment 2
Warm Up:
Recommending a
book (review for

1.1 Pre-Stage: This warm up is designed to

imitate very closely how the midterm will be
designed. Take a few minutes, and discuss with
your partner what you think your favorite book
is. Come up with a favorite book that you want
to talk about. (5 mins)

1.2. During Stage: You will have twenty

minutes. I want you to write a recommendation
Transition to #2: I am for this book. You are going to try to answer
going to pass out last these questions (listed on powerpoint).
weeks warm up now.
We are going to do
You might want to do a brief brainstorm before
something a little bit you start writing. (20 mins)
different this time. We
are going to edit and 1.3 Post-Stage: This is a practice for your
revise this warm up in midterm. Share your warm up with a partner,
class in groups.
and make have them tell you whether they think
you answered all of the questions. (5-10 mins)
Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer
feedback: Peers give feedback for midterm.


example: SS- 10:15

Activity 2: Writing
effective hooks

4.1 Pre-Stage: How many of you ride the

subway on a regular basis?
How many of you look at the advertisements on
the subway while you ride?
Do you recognize this ad? What company is it?

Transition to #3: A
number of you said
you were still
confused about how to
write a thesis, so we
are going to practice
that as well.

Seamless is a ridiculously popular app for

iphones and android phones. Have any of you
ever used it?
Discuss with your group why you think these
ads are so successful. (5 mins)
Advertisements are the most successful when
they are memorable, direct (concise), and they
grab your attention.
Hooks in an essay work in a similar way.
I gave these warm-ups from last week check
pluses. This is very close to what I want you to
produce today. Look at these in your group, and
tell me why these are interesting. (10 mins)
We go over sample warm ups, I tell them that
the hooks are very captivating.
4.2. During Stage: In groups of 2-3, choose one
of your warm ups that you want to work with.
You are going to turn that warm up into the
introduction for an argumentative paper.
First: What is your product? Give a description
(background info)
Second: Who is your audience?
Third: Why should they buy this product and
not other? (thesis)
10-15 mins to come up with this info
Then, try writing a sentence that will really


interest your reader in your product (the hook)

Take another 15-20 mins to write your hooks
and then add your background information (the
product description)
*Groups share hooks (if time)
4.3 Post-Stage: Look at your Assignment 3.
Now, take a few minutes to write a hook for
that. If you already have a hook, try writing
another one. (10 mins)
Try to remember.what are the three aspects
of a thesis statement that I wanted you to learn

Clarity, specificity, argumentation

The third question that I had you answer was
like a thesis statement for your advertisement!
-Its the main idea of why you should buy this
Now I want you to formally write a thesis
statement for your advertisement.
(10 mins)
Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer
feedback: Teacher will collect these at the end
of class.
3.1 Pre-Stage: Go through powerpoint. Have
Activity 3: Examining students work on worksheet, and try to figure
Sentence Types
out subjects/verbs, etc.
3.2. During Stage: Give students worksheet
number 1, continue going through powerpoint.
Then give students the second worksheet and
have them work together.
Transition to #4 or



3.3 Post-Stage: Go through each worksheet.

Answer any questions students have.
Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer
feedback: Students will work together in groups
to solve these.

Lesson Evaluation Procedures: Go over

midterm. Hand out rubric.

Materials: Make copies of:

~ p. 7-8 in Great Writing 1
~ Sample sentences
~ Midterm Rubric
~ Revised Schedule
~ PowerPoint
~ Lesson Plan
~ Sample Warm Ups
~ Student Intros/Warm Ups
Anticipated Problems & Suggested Solutions: If students do not understand concept of
what a hook is, have them pull out the reading that they did for last class and identify the
hook there to describe the persons opinion (also discuss whether all pieces of writing
need a hook, why not, etc.)
Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): if we finish early, students
can look over rubric and discuss each part with a partner, and try to figure out what Im
looking for on the midterm. Students can also discuss how to prepare for the midterm,
Post-Lesson Reflections: Students really loved the hook activity, and got really into it. A
lot of them had written hooks before, and if they hadnt, other students in the class were
able to explain it. They loved making an advertisement for something, and some students
even really created one on their computers and showed their classmates!
Warm up was great for students, because it adequately prepared them for the midterm.
Students did well with examining sentence types, and I think I should have led with this
during the first day, rather than spending so much time picking a type of essay. Next time,
I will start with grammar much earlier.