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Breast Cancer and Early Contact with Bovine Milk

The Change in Risk Factors for Breast Cancer, if one looks on Breast Cancer Patients only

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Looking for risk factors predisposing women for breast cancer, scientist often compare those with to others without breast cancer. But if a
researcher would for example look in a mouse to find out what would promote breast cancer development, he would do that with a mouse which by
infection and genetics has at least the possibility to develop the disease.

That means he uses infected mice and than test influence of diet, parity or hormonal influences.

In watching a group of breast cancer patients only [i],[ii] a collective similar to those used in animal experiments was built. Being affected with
breast cancer, they shurely had the possibility of developing the disease. In this groups parity showed to have promoting effect on age of diagnosis
with breast cancer. This resembles the induction of tumors in the mouse infected with the mouse mammary tumor virus MMTV, where parity
promotes tumor development[iii],[iv],[v].

If risk factors are studied by comparing affected and never affected women one possibly compares infected and not infected populations. That may
be the reason that risk factors in man and mouse look so different at first glance

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