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A. Read the passage below and answer TRUE or FALSE for the statements given.

B. Read the passage. Then write T for true statement and F for a false statement.

Camping is fun. I remember sleeping in tents. I remember cooking food over a

campfire. Even rice with sardine sambal and nothing else tested delicious! I
remember sitting around fire, telling stories. I remember the millions of stars in
the sky twinkling good night.
Wherever you camp, respect the environment. Take nothing but
photographs. Leave nothing but footprints. Never leave an open fire burning.
Always pick up your rubbish and take it away with you. Dont throw rubbish into
rivers or streams. Do you know that climbers of Mount Everest left a ton of
rubbish behind!
When you camp, you bond with nature. You enjoy fresh air, clean water
and beautiful scenery. You feel natures breath in gentle winds. You learn to
appreciate nature. So do not spoil it by leaving rubbish behind. Leave the camp
grounds clean for someone else to enjoy them too.


The writer recalls reading about a camping experience.

The writers experience about camping is most pleasant.
The writer remembers camping on a dark cloudy night.
Paragraph 2 tells you about the dos and donts of a camping trip.
Paragraph 3 tells you about the benefits of being outdoors.
The writer is angry with the climbers of Mount Everest who left behind a lot of rubbish.
We respect the environment by stepping on everything and leaving footprints.
We respect the environment by taking our rubbish home.
Bonding with nature means appreciating nature.
10. The main idea of this text is to go camping often.



C. Read the poster below and answer the following questions.



Are you the kind of person who enjoy and love reciting poems?
If you are, and you are good at it, how about taking part in our contest?

Venue: Dewan ACE

Date: 18 May 2013
Time: 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Group A: Form 1 to Form 3

Group B: Form 4 and Form 5

Students are judged on their presentation, poem content, pronunciation and poem values.
Group A

Group B

First Prize - RM200 and a trophy

RM300 and a trophy

Second Prize - RM150 and a trophy

RM250 and a trophy

Third Prize - RM200 and a trophy

RM200 and a trophy

All participants will be given certificates.

The champion in each group will represent the school in the Inter-School District Poetry Recitation Contest.
Our guest-of-honour, Mr Ramani Subramaniam, the President of the Old Boys' Association,
will give out the prizes to the winners.
If you are interested, please give your name to Mrs Mah Kim Seng before 9 May 2013.
English Language Society.

10 April 2013

1. What is the poster mainly about?

2. Who prepared the poster?
3. How much is the first winner in Group A will receive?
4. Who is the guest of honour?
5. When is the poetry recitation going to be held?

D. Fill in the blanks below with the given words.

fresh milk

security guard




I spent my last school holidays with my grandparents in Seremban. One day, I noticed a man
delivering (1)

to the neighbours. He walked with a slight (2)


asked my grandma about him.

Grandma said, The mans name is Lingam. Hes a man you should (3)
involved in an (4)

. He was

in 1991 and his right leg was amputated just below the knee. He

now walks with the help of prosthetic limb. Mr. Lingam holds (5)

jobs to support his


. During the day, he delivers fresh milk to customers. At night, he works as a


at one of the factories.

I learnt that although Mr. Lingam lost his leg in the accident, he (8)
life. He tells people, I (9)

to give up on his

in myself. Others may give up, but I want to move on.

That is his admirable philosophy. Mr. Lingam has changed his (10)
His present one is sponsored by the Bandar Sunway Rotary Club.

limb three times.



A) You want to buy the latest novel by your favourite author at the bookstore near your house. However,
you are not sure whether the book is available. You make a phone call to the bookstore. Complete the
conversation by filling in the blanks.

: Hello, is this XYZ Bookstore?

Sales Assistant

: Yes, this is XYZ Bookstore. How may I (1)


: I would like to (2)

something. Is the novel The Time Keeper by
Mitch Alborn available at your bookstore?

Sales Assistant

: Hold on, Miss. Let me (3)

yesterday. Would you like to (4)


: Thats awesome! Yes, I would like to buy it. How (5)

Sales Assistant

: The price is RM 71.90, Miss. Do you want me to reserve the book for you?


: Yes, please. (6)

Sales Assistant

: You are welcome. Can I have your (7)



: My full name is Ika Medina. My phone number is 018-9886884.

Sales Assistant

: All right, Miss Ika. May I know (9)



: Im (10)

Sales Assistant

: Yes, certainly, Miss. When you come here, you just go straight to the Customer
Service and look for me, Miss Rita.


: All right, I will do that. Thank you very much Miss Rita for assisting me.

Sales Assistant

: My pleasure, Miss Ika. Thank you for buying books from us.


: Youre welcome. Goodbye.

Sales Assistant

: Goodbye.


for you. Yes, the novel just came

is the price?

very much.
and (8)

are you coming to purchase the

there tomorrow after school. Is that fine?

B. Based on the route on the map, fill in the blanks to complete the directions from your house to the LRT

C. Complete the dialogue below.

D. Read the following notice and answer the questions that follow.

1, How many days will the trip to Pulau Langkawi be?

2. How much is the total fare for the bus and ferry?

3. Why are the students required to wear school uniforms and name tags during the trip?
4. What time do they need to be at school?
5. How many teachers will be going for the trip?