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Key Capabilities include: + Electrical consultancy, design & drafting + Power System studies « FEED Studies + Cable system design + Remote Area Power Generation + Underground transmission lines + Design of Substations, MCCs & switchgear panel assemblies * PLC logic design * As-built verification & checking of new / existing works * SOLUTIONS ELECTRICAL/ EPLAN / ECAD/ETAP softwares « Historical Electrical drawing conversions + Energy efficient design to BCA standards Phone: +61 (0) 73219 4927 Mobile: +61 (0) 416 165 428 E-mail david.batterham@besst.comau Website: Industrial Electrical Engineering and Drafting Services oer With the demand increase in Electrical design and CAD Drafting, many com- panies are finding it difficult to complete the projects they have worked so hard to get. This is both due to a lack of manpower and the timescales that are set by clients. We also realize that many small to medium sized busi- nesses do not have the time and resources to run an in house Electrical de- sign and CAD department, but still require professional presentations and working drawings for their clients. That's where we come in. B.E.S.S.T. Pty. Ltd. provides the perfect solution for such times, with no need to expand your office or recruit more staff; you can now easily outsource your projects to be drawn with the highest of standards. Partnering with us reduces your overhead, increases your profit, and helps you gain more pro- jects and contracts over your competitors. Whether you are outsourcing all of your CAD work or simply need dependable expertise during peak work flow, you can rely on a consistent approach, every step of the way. Having a combined proficiency in both electrical engineering and design, B.ES.S.T. Pty. Ltd, have the skills required to produce design schematics ‘and documentation that adhere to the stringent conditions outtined in client specifications and national standards. David Batterham leads the B.E.S.S.T. Ply. Ltd. engineering and drafting team. His core skill-sets are in designing for power generation, transformation, transmission and device specification for all applications. Phone: +61 (0) 7 3219 4927 Mobile: +61 0) 416 165 428, E-mail: david.batterham@besst.comau Websit www-besstengineering.comau AC Network analysis Protective co-ordinat selection ‘Transformer sizing and tap optimiza- tion Cable system sizing and design nand devices Scope of work development Power system modeling, Calculation Specification Concept design & design basis Estimation and budgeting Operation philosophy lant equipment and schedules Project execution and commissioning plan and procedures Presentation Drafting - schematics, terminations, cable schedules, general arrangements 4 + Communications, lighting and underground Completion to all required client specifica tions and standards with site presence and sup- port ‘+ Historic electrical drawings renewal and ar- chival '+ Electrical schematics '* Electrical Terminations '* Power specifications for LV, MV & HV ‘+ Generators, power station, sub-station & remote power plant design Distribution board design Power fault and protection design Communication layouts + Intelligent MCC systems * Power Monitoring Systems * PAC, PLC and SCADA de- sign and configuration + PLC and DCS systems ‘+ An important requirement of the Standard is to ensure that installa- tions are maintained in a satisfactory condition and shall be subject to regular Electrical Equipment in Haz~ | ardous Areas (EEHA) inspections. + We have the capability to conduct these inspections and design the ap- propriate Hazardous Zone Diagrams. + Design for real-time Smart Grids + Identify and specify tools to manage deployment, operation Phone: +61 (0) 732194927 - and maintenance of advanced Mobile: +61 (0) 416 165 428 metering infrastructure (AMD, Email: and other systems EMER «Design tht reflects servce- ‘Website: oriented architecture (SOA) stan- dards, www-besstengineering.comau RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer Queensland) ‘The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland administers the Queensland Professional Engineers Act 2002. The Act provides for the registration of professional engineers to practice in Queensland. Registration as a professional engineer in Queensland (RPEQ) is recognition of the qualifications and competencies of an engineer. An engineer plays a critical role in the design and construction of major infrastructure as well as providing critical engineering services to the mining and growing resource sector in Queensland. By having a registration system, this ensures a high standard of engineering exists within Queensland. ‘A Code of Practice is made by the Board for the guidance of Registered Pro- fessional Engineers (RPEQs). ‘The Act prohibits persons who are not registered from providing professional engineering services in Queensland. The only exception is for individuals who practice under the supervision of registered professional engineers regis- tered in the same area of engineering Clients or third parties may require professional engineering services to be certified by a registered professional engineer. If the certification is required to be made by a registered professional engineer, then the certification can only be provided by an individual registered professional engineer. Reports and Investigations: Clients or third parties may require an independent report, review or investi- ‘gation for a particular project or installation. They may require the profes- ‘sional engineering services to be certified by a registered professional engi- neer. David Batterham is able to provide RPEQ certification services for ‘electrical engineering, oS Beceem ees = emi a Ree e~* ae nea Bap i ALVOWILIAD @ Contact us : Corporate Office: B.E.S.S.T. Pty.Ltd. PO Box 271 Sunnybank QLD 4109 Australia Website: www. David Batterham—RPEQ Elect 7828 Tel: +61 (0) 7 3219 4927 Mobile: +61 (0) 416 165 428 Email: Skype: david_ie4u Sales: Nancy Batterham Tel: +61 (0) 7 3219 4927 Email: Skype: n.batterham